Suspicious Partner Episode 2 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 2 Recap 

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) waits for class to begin at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Her class already knows about her one-night encounter though Bong Hee doesn’t know it included sex. A rival classmate, Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won), is condescending about her loose morals.

Society doesn’t approve of women doing what men do…when Bong Hee encounters her cheating ex-boyfriend Jang Hee Joon (Hwang Chan Sung) he condescending about her loose morals. He strides away. Bong Hee can’t believe she’s been judged by the cheater.

Bummed Bong Hee is glad for her mother’s support when she gets home. When she admits that her relationship is over with Hee Joon her mother approves saying he wasn’t good enough for her. Grateful Bong Hee hugs her mother and promises to become the best lawyer with sufficient income to take care of them.

3 months later…

Bong Hee calls her mother happy that she’s about to begin her internship with a real prosecutor. When she spies Hee Joon with Ji Hae, his latest girlfriend, she grouses that she was the one labeled for having a one-night stand but she decided to flip the script and become the crazy girl. She plows through them and wishes a curse on them. She strides away. They stare.

When she enters her new office she cheerily declares good morning. Everyone is buried behind stack of a papers. When the lawyer stands, the smile turns to horrified as she recognizes No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook), her one-night stand. Is it just me or it Ji Chang Wook looking ridiculously hot in those glasses?

Playing with her, Ji Wook asks if they’ve met before. Bong Hee denies this. Ji Wook asks if she take a particular subway line (the one she falsely accused him of sexual harassment). Bong Hee denies this. Ji Wook asks if she goes to hotels. Bong Hee counter she uses motels. That earns her a smile from Ji Wook.

Sigh, I love his smile. Get grip KJT!

He asks why she left in the morning. She murmurs an excuse. He has the upper hand until she comments about the sexual harassment. Irked Ji Wook inches closer while Bong Hee demurs she wasn’t implying he did it. Ji Wook can’t believe that his kindness to her on that night isn’t appreciated. He reminds her in this office, he’s the teacher. Bong Hee agrees that she’s at a distinct disadvantage.

She has one question but wants to ask it in private. Ji Wook puffs that he has no secrets. Bong Hee directly asks if they slept together. The assistants stand stunned, Ji Wook stares stunned, and the gong sounds. Ji Wook tells his assistants the question wasn’t about him. What? Then Bong Hee asks if he hit her face. Ji Wook doesn’t like that question any better.

Ji Wook’s assistants step into the hallway and tell each other not to gossip about this. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) asks what they are talking about. He puts his ear to the door and is rewarded with the door being opened into his face. Bong Hee is apologetic but Ji Wook snarls not to be. Ji Wook wonders why Lawyer Ji visit when they have no business. Lawyer Ji quips this is why he won the dubious honor of worst prosecutor. Ji Wook glares and strides away telling Bong Hee to follow.

The comedic timing of these actors is decent.

Bong Hee struggles with a mound of paper while Ji Wook strides down the hallway irked that everyone knows about her accusations. Bong Hee asks THE question. Did they sleep together? Ji Wook raises a brow, then feigns not to remember.

I’m enjoying him toying with her.

Bong Hee is warned that Ji Wook is a dreadful boss. Even though he piles on the work, she perseveres. He tells her that he’s helping her when he tells her know she needs to learn how to handle disputes. Ji Wook manages to smile and give it a go. But you can’t control the participant in disputes as Bong Hee finds out…the hard way. When comes face to face with the man that sexual harassed her on the subway, she can’t believe the ripple effect that has had on her life. In a rear window type situation, the man claims he witnessed a murder. Bong Hee doesn’t believe him.

He does have heart…
Ji Wook overhears Hee Joon and Ji Hae belittling Bong Hee, he steps in and tells Bong Hee that he missed her at work. Struggling to complement her, Ji Wook says even though she needs a shower, she’s still pretty. Hee Joon and Ji Hae are surprised. Bong Hee gapes at Ji Wook. He even goes so far as to stroke her dirty hair.

The backlighting washed out Ji Wook in that scene. Note to the lighting director, JCW is the star and should be properly lit in every scene.

After Hee Joon and Ji Hae leave, Ji Wook sits next to Bong Hee surprised that he was willing to do that. Ji Wook tells Bong Hee the best revenge she can get against her ex-boyfriend is to rise above it and be happy. When Ji Wook shakes his hair in the falling blossoms and the sunlight caresses his face, Bong Hee can only stare.

Bong Hee is almost passed out at the bar. Ji Wook tells her that questioning if she did something wrong is understandable. He admits he has felt just like her. Ji Wook declares they aren’t to blame, the cheaters are.

Ji Wook realizes that her impression of that night might have been wrong.

Back in the office she stares at Ji Wook realizing he knows the sting of betrayal. Before she leaves for the day, Bong Hee declares when she completes her internship with him next week, she’ll buy him dinner. He reminds her not to curse her ex-boyfriend. She thanks him for complimenting her in front of her ex-boyfriend. He tells good work is all he wants from her.

Outside Bong Hee runs into Hee Joon. He believes she wants to see him. In a nitty move, she wrenches his hand behind his back and calls him trash from her past. As she strides away, Hee Joon tells her to admit she still has feeling for him. She scoffs at the notion.

As she heads to the convenience store a blackout occurs in the neighborhood. She pays in cash. The CCTV camera aren’t working. When she arrives home, she trips over Hee Joon. He’s dead!! She touches the body and bloodying her hands. Freaked out, she rubs the blood on her clothing to get it off her hands.

That’s a surprise and a bit jarring from the light-hearted fun these first two episodes have been.

Next, Bong Hee gives her statement in at the police station interrogation room. Ji Wook arrives to act her prosecutor. He reminds her that know she’ll learn why he’s known as the merciless prosecutor.

My Thoughts

Suspicious Partner surprised me with the turn into murder. I don’t watch trailers or read lengthy descriptions of shows so I watch without preconceptions. Ji Wook and Bong Hee were doing the love / hate dialogue well. The switch to murder was jarring.

Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) suffered betrayal at the hands of his last girlfriend. He was a witness to Bong Hee’s discovery of Hee Joon’s betrayal and helped her through that first night. Because of their similar experiences, he had empathy for Bong Hee. Because of this empathy, Ji Wook intervened to save Bong Hee from an embarrassing situation with Hee Joon. Now he sees her as a potential murderer to prosecute.

Ji Chang Wook’s portrayal of Ji Wook is working for me. He specializes in infusing his characters with warm and humanity just below the surface. He’s looking great in the suits, the glasses, and his swept back hair shows his handsome face to perfection.

Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) went from cliché to likeable. Give me a leading lady with moxy (and I don’t mean cutesy spunk) and I’m happy. Bong Hee’s decision to not be embrassassed by seeing Hee Joon with another woman, followed by her willingness thank Ji Wook for his support scored with me.

I’ve seen articles that declare that Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun have chemistry. I would have to agree. It’s not amazing, but it couldn’t be only 2 episodes into the series. I’m glad that Ji Chang Wook decided to dip his toes into the romantic comedy genre though maybe the murder will wipe that genre away. We shall see.

Why are the episodes only 30 minutes long? What advantage does that give the network? Can they fit more adds in back-to-back 30 minute episodes versus a 60-minute episode?


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9 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 2 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I’m wondering about the 30 minutes too.
    Btw, kjta, I know you don’t watch previews so you may have missed eps 2 and 4 have epilogues (I think those are the right eps.) Ep1 may have an epilogue as well but I dozed at the credits so I’ll have to go back to watch. Ep 3 may or may not have an epilogue because DramaFever interrupted the credits and automatically began to play the next episode so I have to go back and check the ending of ep3 as well.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Was Ji Hae the woman at the 🏨 with cheater Her Joon? Why does actress Kim Ye-won who plays Ji Hae, always a mean 😠 girl? She was a 😠 girl most recently in “Tomorrow with You” and “Jealousy Incarnate”. It was be nice to see her cast in a different type role.

    Bong Hee got off on the wrong 👠 with Ji Wook at the prosecutor’s office, continuing to embarrass 😳 both of them. KJT mentioned how smexy JCW looked in 👓. Color 🖍 me suprised to see the reflection or actual (anti-glare) lenses in the frame. In case you were wondering: NO, you were not the only one who found JCW ridiculously hot‼

    The 📸 flashback let us know that Ji Wook experienced a cheating significant other too. I 💖 Ji Wook for trying to look like Bong Hee’s boyfriend even if it was awkward.

    It was as if Ji Wook was a harbinger ⚠ when he advised Bong Hee not to curse the cheater, Hee Joon with death 💀, but to live well as the best revenge. While I knew there was a murderer in this series, I had no clue 🔎 Bong Hee would be accused. It does cast a shadow 👥 on this Romantic Comedy. I didn’t realize until I had seen this episode that the beginning of the first episode started with Bong Hee giving her statement that immediately went to the day of the subway 📸. Who gave Bong Hee the anonymous tip about cheater Hee Joon being at the 🏨? Just how premeditated was cheater Hee Joon’s murder? Who else was he cheating on⁉

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Not sure if it is me or auto-correct but “It was be nice to see her cast in a different type role.” Please replace “was” with “would”.

    • Beez says:

      I don’t remember Ji Hae being in Jealousy Incarnate?

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Kim Ye Won was the competing weathercaster who got our leading lady drunk and spilled 🍖. BBQ on her 👗, so she did the weather ‘channeling’ a tipsy 🍸 Daisy Duke. Later she ‘shared’ the forecast with the mean girl on a jaunt away from the hospital after surgery.

        • Beez says:

          Ahhhhh. Thanks. I thought the mean girl was the female news anchor. That’s why I was thinking “I don’t recall her liking like that actress.”

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