Man to Man – Episodes 4-5

My Thoughts — Man to Man — Episodes 4 – 5

I just finished episodes 4-5 of Man to Man (JTBC network) starring Park Hae Jin and thought I’d share my opinions on these two episodes.

My Thoughts

* These two episodes amped up the screen time for two of the three key figures to establish a romance. Agent Kim Sul Woo (Park Hae Jin) accomplished the first mission to retrieve the first wood carving. Thinking that he no longer needed to pretend to be a bodyguard for action actor Yeo Woon Gwang (Park Sung Woong), he quit. But when he learns that Woon Gwang’s manager Cha Do Ha (Kim Min Jung) has a ring that will likely lead to the second wood carving, he has to reverse his resignation, much to his chagrin but delight of Woon Gwang. Unfortunately, when he quit his job he had harsh words with Do Ha. Taking the direct path to muddle her mind about his actions, he kisses her. That proves to be an effective strategy. Now Do Ha can’t get Sul Woo out of her mind.
* Kim Sul Woo’s ghost agent status is still intact though the counter ghost agent saw his face. Sul Woo continues to be calculating,  controlled, and calm. But Do Ha bothers him more than he’d like to admit.  Park Hae Jin exudes a cool vibe and wears clothes like a model on his tall lean frame while deftly delivering comedic moments.
* Cha Do Ha was initially not interested in Sul Woo but his hot then cold interactions captured her interest. I had to laugh when she calls him (for not returning her texts) while he’s in the middle of being a sniper to neutralize the counter ghost agent and he calmly converses while aiming and firing. She gets a thumbs up for initiative the second kiss with Sul Woo.
* Both kisses have been the classic lip press. Really? These are two experienced actors and all we get is the lip press? Irksome! The first kiss doesn’t count, since it wasn’t mutual. But the second, should have been more than a lip press. While the second kiss was lame their thoughts were not. They both think “I knew it” as their lips meet the second time. Do Ha can feel her heart flutter. Sporting an opposite reaction, Sul Woo has a bad feeling. I’m guessing he’s not happy his heart just got a tug. Getting involved with his heart would not be good for the secret agent but it would be good for the man.
* Yeo Woon Gwang still longs for the “one that got away”. She’s married and has a child with her evil controlling husband, so longing is all these two can do (and they do look at each other with longing). Woon Gwang is in a no-win situation. The woman he loves is married to another. He can’t make a move. She can’t make a move. Woon Gwang also watched Do Ha show interest in Sul Woo. Watching the woman that adored him be drawn to another wasn’t easy.
* All the support characters are experienced actors you’ve seen and enjoyed in other series. Everyone is hitting their marks and delivering solid portrayals. Acting wise this show has minimal weak links.
* The mix of secret agent, bromance, and romance works. Writer Kim Won Suk, co-writer of mega hit Descendants of the Sun has a deft hand mixing all these elements with the right amount of humor. The production team weaves in fun sounds and camera angles to capitalize on the comedic moments. The first episode was filmed in Budapest, Hungary and episode four was set (but not filmed) in Russia. The international flavor spices things up. The baddie from Descendants of the Sun took a turn as a Russian army officer that helped Sul Woo. David McInnis acquitted himself better in this cameo than in Descendants of the Sun.
* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-6) have me rating both episodes the same with a solid 4. My episode ranking chart is below.

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