My Secret Romance – Episodes 1 thru 4

My Thoughts — My Secret Romance — Episodes 1 – 4

My recaps are “blog while I watch” posts. While time consuming to write, my stream of conscientiousness recaps give me a in-depth perspective on a show.

I decided I was going to watch more shows for fun. One show I’m watching is My Secret Romance staring Sung Hoon (I enjoyed in Oh My Venus) on the OCN network that typically does not produce the rom-com genre.

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my thoughts. I just finished episode 4 of My Secret Romance and thought I share my opinions on this show. Shout out to Beez for the idea of sharing my opinions on a show without recapping the series.

My Thoughts

* Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) has never forgotten his encounter with Lee Yoo Mi. He was hurt when she referenced it as a one night stand. When she left him alone in the car the morning after and he was found by group of women, he was embarrassed and insulted at their laughter that he was insufficient lover because the girl ran away. He’s never forgotten that. But more important, he can’t forget her. On his desk in this treasure box, is a keepsake she left behind. In episodes 2 and 3 he enjoyed keeping her hopping to do make meals to his satisfaction. I like Sung Hoon in this role. His hair, his body, his eyes are his physical strengths. More than that is Jin Wook’s wish to reconnect to her, and Sung Hoon is portraying his longing and confusion about her quite well.
* Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun) is kdrama cliche female lead. Fresh, spunky, clueless, Yoo Mi is a standard kdrama female. She’s nice but not too deep. I don’t dislike her but there isn’t much to this character to latch onto. I do like her hiccups every time she is close to him. He doesn’t understand “her tell” that she likes him…yet.
* The production makes texting fun to watch and embraces kitsch. I remember the first time a show had two characters texting, it was boring to watch. Not so here. The sound effects, the pauses, the scenes all embrace a tongue in cheek fun. I especially enjoy how each episode begins with drawings of the characters giving it a webtoon or manga vibe. This show does not take itself seriously. This is cotton candy fluffy fun.
* Support characters I like:
** Jang Woo Jin (Park Shin Woon) is a dandy dresser assistant to Jin Wook. I love his no-nonsense ways. The stylist has fun with this character. The polka dot explosion suit, tie, shirt was over the top fun!
** Jung Hyun Tae (Kim Jae Young) is Yoo Mi’s friend who probably has feelings for her. I like their interactions. I’d love it if he could avoid the second lead trap of longing, interfering, and rejection. We shall see.
* Support characters I don’t like:
* His father, her mother, his wanna be girlfriend. The fact that her mother is an exotic film actress is the most interesting thing about Yoo Mi’s mother. Jin Wook’s father wants him to get married and produce grandchildren. He’s willing to foist Joo Hye Ri on his son. She’s willing to be Jin Wook’s girlfriend. Undoubtedly she’ll interfere in their romance. I don’t foresee liking this character.
* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-6) sees ep 1 as okay, improve in ep 2, reach a high in ep 3, and fall away in ep 4 as outside forces interfere with our couple and take more screen time than they warrant. My episode ranking chart is below.

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25 comments on “My Secret Romance – Episodes 1 thru 4
  1. Beez says:

    “(I enjoyed in Oh My Venus) on the OCN network that typically does not produce the rom-com genre.”
    Oh. THAT explains it. OCN must not have caught up to the fact that today’s Kdrama viewer hates a LAZY time jump as a cure for everything. *still mad at that show*

    “Jang Woo Jin (Park Shin Woon) is a dandy dresser assistant to Jin Wook.”
    Somebody else on the kjtaCrew pointed out that is the same actor who played Sung Hoon’s secretary in Noble, My Love.

    I think Yoo Mi’s mom is a hoot! (But wouldn’t want her for my mom though. Sympathize with kiddie-teen Yoo Mi having to grow up with her.)

    Haha! The chart is cute and professional looking. I skipped right past it thinking it was just a poster for the show and had to scroll back up looking for a typical boring chart before I realized…great job.

    Here’s what made me fall in love with Sung Hoon – his ability to take a right cross and make it look real. No worries about not looking pretty:!AvE2-hpAQD16ll5sAqQ5SdlTLbY_

    It’s a gif from Noble My Love. You may have to download it if it doesn’t move. (It’s stored in my Cloud but if I want to watch it, I have to download it myself.)

    Oh, I should give credit – I snurched the gif from The Unproblematics.

    Glad you’ve given us somewhere to discuss Sung Hoon – I mean – this show. 🙂


    • I think Yoo Mi’s mom is a hoot! (But wouldn’t want her for my mom though. Sympathize with kiddie-teen Yoo Mi having to grow up with her.)
      I was ok with the Mom until she moved in with Yoo Mi and brought her son. What?

      his ability to take a right cross and make it look real.
      His head snaps as if he really took the punch. It played fine via the link.

      Glad you’ve given us somewhere to discuss Sung Hoon – I mean – this show
      I like the look of Sung Hoon. He’s different and a good way. So many actors are cookie cutter images of each other.


  2. Beez says:

    Yeah, I honestly can’t tell the young actresses apart and can’t seem to remember their names (more than my usual forgetfulness). Funny how the ones with their own natural features also seem to be the standouts by way of acting skills as well. I luuuuurve Kim Seul gi and Go Ah-Sung. I also like Kim You-Jung, Oh Yeon-Seo and Yoon Eun-Hye. Maybe when there’s a bit too much surgery, it blocks little facial movements that we would subconsciously catch like ever so slight nostril quivers or forehead crinkles. (You can see I’ve thought about this, a lot.) lol

    Here’s a couple more links to Lee Byun Hun that remind me of Sung Hoon:!AvE2-hpAQD16yn2DHM2twesa96RL!AvE2-hpAQD16yn9RW9-4uJjNhFNf


  3. Beez says:

    Too funny – I’m always telling my family how wholesome and take Kdramas are. So my grand nephew-in-law is visiting and was curious about what is it I like about Kdramas. So he walks in just as the scene where the teenage girls are watching the “adult” scene so as I hit pause there were naked legs on the screen. SMH

    I quickly pulled up an episode of Secret Garden and he quickly became entranced with the main female character being a stunt woman. 🙂


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m watching “My Secret Romance” for Sung Hoon, but this drama is not the best vehicle to showcase his acting talent. This drama is a genuine “cotton candy fluffy fun” drama. That being said, I look forward to watching 📺 each episode as they air.

    Jin Wook is handsome and conflicted character, which makes him interesting. Beez, thanks for the young Lee Byun Hun pics…I can see the resemblance. I concur with KJT that Yoo Mi is a cliche leading lady; hopefully we will see her develop character depth. Secretary Jang’s Avant Gard fashion sense is fun! I’m on pins 📍 and needles 💉 wondering what he will wear next. I hope Hyun Tae comes clean about his feelings for Yoo Mi before too long.

    I find the would-be girlfriend and parents of the leads to be a bit annoying. I concur with Beez that I get a bit of a kick out of Yoo Mi’s mom, but would not want her as my mom. Did this maternal actress (Na Ki Ae) play (Eric Moon) Do Kyung’s horrible mother in “Another Miss Oh”? She was more reprehensible in Another Miss Oh. The moment we were introduced to Yoo Mi’s “little brother” Dong Woo, I instantly wondered if Dong Woo wasn’t the product of Jin Wook and Yoo Mi’s 1⃣ night stand.

    I’m happy I’m not the sole kdrama watcher in my circle ⭕. I converted my oldest sister to Kdrama and Kpop. We currently live together and watch watch a Kdrama several nights a week. Everyone else in our family rolls their 👀 if so much as mention anything to do with Korea 🇰🇷.


    • My friends and family tolerate me talking about my blog, though they don’t care about the contents. I shake my head.🤦

      You are correct that Nam Gi Ae portrayed Do Kyung’s mother (and she WAS horrible).

      I instantly wondered if Dong Woo wasn’t the product of Jin Wook and Yoo Mi’s 1⃣ night stand
      That did not occur to me. He looks older than 3 year gap would allow.

      I look forward to watching 📺 each episode as they air.
      I must agree. I’d been looking forward watching the next episode all day. But I got home from a long day at work I was bummed to find out that the presidential election preempted episode 8.😞


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I appreciate the heads-up on the preempted episode. Dong Woo was not at Mom’s wedding 💒 3 years ago; I think the writer is trying to make us believe Dong Woo is from her short-lived marriage 💍, when Yoo Mi met Jin Wook. If Dong Woo is Yoo Mi’s son, that makes her mom a very wonderful 😇 mom, who sacrificed who knows what to protect her daughter so she could finish school 🏫 and start her career… time will tell us what kind of mom she is.


      • Beez says:

        I think Dong hoo (Baby Boy) was discussed when Mom showed up and she and Yoo mi discussed why she was getting divorced. Of course I can’t recall clearly but i think Yoo mi briefly said something to the effect of why the marriage didn’t last was because pregnancy was the only reason for it.


    • Beez says:

      @JT -I’m pretty sure that the X-rated Mom and Yoo mi discussed that Mom got married because she was preggers. I can’t wait for Chang Wook to see the kid and do some mistaken math.X)

      I kind of hate that they’re going with a second lead guy who has said the kid is his because I’d rather see Chang wook freak out and see his annoying father switch his matchmaking if he thinks that’s his grandchild.

      Don’t forget to check out Sung Hoon in Noble My Love. Yes, he’s fine now, but I think he was at his prime there. plus, it’s the identical show, IMO, only Noble is better even though it’s only 15 minutes per episode. I’m glad to see him in the new show, but copycats tend to annoy me.

      Have you guys noticed the sets have no personalization? No pictures on the walls, no knick knacks, the office cafeteria has no employee notices, etc.

      Oh, has anyone figured out those epilogues? Every 4th one I go “that ONE was useful”. I think we’re missing some translating going on because there are some Hangul (?) captions happening as they play, that I don’t think are being translated. Anybody know if I’m right or not?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez, I went and watched episode 3 again when Yoo Mi’s Mom went to live with her. Mom said she split from her husband and did not offer any other explanation than she was tired of living in the sticks. I could have sworn I remember hearing mom say having Dong Goo was an issue in her marriage 💒 but I couldn’t find it in this episode. Maybe it was another I would call mom broke her husband over boo I presumed husband didn’t like the idea of taking on someone else’s child. However, I saw Yoo Mi’s interactions with Dong Goo in episode 3 and 4, it seemed like she treated him like an annoying little brother, not as though she gave birth to him 👶. Whether Dong Goo is Yoo Mi’s son or brother it will shake things up for Jin Wook. Jin Wook will either have a ripple 💧 of misconception that Dong Goo is his son or a tsunami 🌊 realization of Dong Goo being his son. Maybe that will get Jin Wook’s dad off his back.

        As for the epilogues, I think you are on 🎯. I have also wondered what we are missing with no 🇬🇧 captions on the hangul.

        I saw Noble, My Love last year – I liked it! I had to double ✅ to confirm the actresses were not the same. The episodes were so short character development took awhile.


        • Beez says:

          Hmmmm. Thanks for church checking, JT. I’ll recheck where I watched it to see if it’s a subtitle thing or if I just assumed becaused I do a lot of reading between the lines so maybe that was just my assumption.


        • Beez says:

          Ignore the word “church” in my last post. Please excuse all the swypos. My phone software updated and it seems it has to re-learn my swypes all over again. 😳


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Well, I’m religious about my ✔✔ing. 😅


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Where did we BOTH get the impression 💡 Dong Goo was an issue in Erotic mom’s divorce⁉ I could have sworn I remember hearing 👂 about Dong Goo. I appreciate the ✔✔.


    • Beez says:

      @JT – I’m so envious that you can share Kdramas with your sister. 😢


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