Chicago Typewriter Episode 6 Recap

Se Joo implodes a relationship…

Chicago Typewriter Episode  Recap 6

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) cannot believe what he’s just seen. The press conference footage shows an empty chair next to him, NOT a chair occupied by Jin O. Startling him, Yoo Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) asks if Se Joo can handle the shock. Se Joo leaps to his feet and resorts to his “grab and yell” methodology. Jin O reminds him that he told Se Joo that he was a ghost. Se Joo stares and asks…are you a ghost? Jin O nods in the affirmative.

Jin O says he’s been stuck in the typewriter for 80 years. Se Joo recalls the typewriter speaking to him on his book store (where he first saw and wanted the typewriter). We now the flashback to Jin O and Se Joo interactions. Then we see Se Joo interacting with Jin O in the public’s eye and it looks like Se Joo is talking to thin air and mystifying those around him. Se Joo can’t believe what a fool he’s made of himself. But he can’t cope with the reality of having a personal ghost. He faints.

I love the twist in perspective, watching the scenes with Jin O invisible. LOL!

When Se Joo wakes, he screams and runs from Jin O. But Jin O won’t be ignored. More running from Jin O. But considering Jin O can walk through walls, Se Joo can run, but he can’t hide. Se Joo yells some more!

Calm enough to chat, Jin O confides he was shocked that Se Joo could see him. Now we see the flashbacks where Jin O was surprised when Se Joo would see him. Se Joo worries he’s going crazy. Jin O is like an unwanted imaginary friend. He asks Jin O if he’s the only one that can see him. Jin O confirms that Se Joo is the only one that can see him. Then Jin O realizes one other person can see him too. Eagerly Se Joo asks who else can see him.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) acts as the transcriber to her friend Ma Bang Jin (Yang Jin Sung) who dictates a scene from the story she hopes to submit to a writer’s contest. It’s dreadful and Jeon Seol lets Bang Jin know it. Irked, Bang Jin goes outside to pray for writing powers. Her mother, Bang Wool, finds her promising anything to get the writing skills and hits her. The likelihood of Bang Jin becoming a successful writer is so low she wants her daughter to consider other options. When Bang Jin greets someone, Bang Wool spins and sees no one. We see that Bang Jin sees a ghost but Bang Wool does not. Bang Wool hopes her daughter doesn’t follow in her footsteps and becomes a shaman.

Jin O explains the shaman’s daughter can see him. Se Joo wants him to leave. Jin O wants Se Joo’s help to become human again. He wants to confess his love to Jeon Seol. That gets Se Joo’s attention.

Jeon Seol watches the footage of Se Joo’s press conference. Her heart goes out to Se Joo. She’s touched that he asked the press and fans to leave her alone.

Jeon Seol goes to Chef Ricardo to make a to-go box. He’s thrilled to feed the object of his affection. He’s not happy when Jeon Seol informs him the food is for someone else. Jeon Seol says the food goes to a man that asked others for a favor for her. Chef Ricardo realizes his food will feed Se Joo. Jeon Seol thanks him and leaves. Later he cries.

Jin O tells Se Joo that too many men like Jeon Seol. He feels compelled to reveal himself soon. Se Joo asks if Jeon Seol can see him. Jin O doesn’t know. Se Joo realizes if Jeon Seol could see Jin O, this would be good for him. Jin O asks if Se Joo likes Jeon Seol. Irked, Se Joo declares there are three things in life he doesn’t need – a ghostwriter, a woman, and a ghost.

Jeon Seol rings the doorbell. Se Joo groans but Jin O is thrilled. Startling Jeon Seol, the door unlocks. Se Joo can’t believe it and Jin O tries to look chagrined. Se Joo realizes Jeon Seol’s easy access to his house came courtesy of Jin O. When Jeon Seol arrives, Jin O waves his hand in front of her but she doesn’t see him. Se Joo yells at him. Jeon Seol assumes Se Joo is yelling at her. Jeon Seol can’t see Jin O and is confused by Se Joo’s anger. Flummoxed by Jin O’s presence and Jeon Seol’s ignorance of that, Se Joo starts to mutter a response. Jin O says Jeon Seol can’t see him and exits the room. Se Joo tells Jeon Seol that coming to a man’s house late at night is unseemly. Jeon Seol smiles and replies that Se Joo isn’t a man in her eyes. Insulted, Se Joo starts to respond but then asks why she’s there. She holds up the food. Jin O reenters the room and urges Se Joo to invite her for tea. Se Joo tells Jin O to get lost. Jin O slinks out of the room. Jeon Seol doesn’t understand why Se Joo told her to get lost. Se Joo claims to be distracted. He invites her inside.

At the table, Jin O and Se Joo peer at the package expectantly. When the food is revealed, Jeon Seol admits she was worried that Se Joo wasn’t eating. Absurdly pleased, he smiles. Jeon Seol thanks him for asking the reporters and his fans to stop bothering her. She says no one has called or emailed since he made the request. She thanks him for spending time with her and calling her by her first name. Jeon Seol extracts a book to read Se Joo a passage. Jin O coos that Jeon Seol is beautiful inside and out. Se Joo tells him to be quiet. Jeon Seol thinks Se Joo is telling her to be quiet. She pushes the book to him and tells him to read the passage later. Se Joo claims to be tired. Jin O whines that he shouldn’t send Jeon Seol away. Tired of Jin O’s presence, Se Joo yells at him to get lost. Se Joo is shocked that Se Joo is upset with her. Se Joo yells at Jin O to stop interfering.

Jeon Seol stands, apologizes, and says she’s leaving. Both Jin O and Se Joo reach for her to stop her. Jin O grabs her cloth bag and it rips. Jeon Seol stares shocked that Se Joo ripped her bag. Fed up with Se Joo’s rudeness, she flees. Glaring at Jin O, Se Joo takes off after Jeon Seol.

Outside, Se Joo stops Jeon Seol. He sees the tears sliding down her cheeks. He takes his hand off her. Jeon Seol knows he’s had a hard day, but she has feelings too. She’s tried to understand his mood swings. But he can’t treat her like she doesn’t matter. She admits that liking him could put power in Se Joo’s hands. She says she loves his talent but she’s not sure she likes him. She promises not to bother him again. She runs away tears streaming down her face again. Se Joo helplessly watches her flee.

Terrific series of scenes. I adored the playful humor of Jin O being in the scene with Se Joo but no seen by Jeon Seol. Se Joo was truly touched by Jeon Seol’s kindness and wished he could share the moment with Jeon Seol but couldn’t because of Jin O’s presence. Angry that Jin O spoiled the moment he yelled at Jin O. This is turn, spoiled the moment with Jeon Seol who fled. Se Joo rendered helpless by her tears and unable to say that he wanted her to stay and that she was the only calming influence in his life.

Se Joo storms around the house and rages for Jin O to come out. He eyes the typewriter. He puts the typewriter on the desk and threatens to crush it. The painting of Eugene O Neill is Jin O’s hiding spot. Se Joo faints when he sees the painting morph.

Loving the humor!

When Se Joo wakes the next morning, Jin O isn’t in his room. He strides into the main room surprised to see Secretary Kang and his home staff there. Secretary Kang’s voice quivers when she says they won’t leave him alone. Once they saw the press conference, they realized he needed them in the house with him. Love it! Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin) bursts into the room thrilled that Se Joo’s bold move has swayed public sentiment back on his side.

Publisher Gal can’t believe it when Se Joo says he wants to stop writing Chicago Typewriter. Publisher Gal doesn’t understand why. Se Joo says a ghostwriter wrote the first 2 chapters. Se Joo says the ghostwriter is a real ghost. Publisher Gal runs out of the room and calls the Se Joo’s doctor.

Se Joo stares at the painting of Eugene O Neill and tells Jin O to come out. Publisher Gal watches Se Joo shake the painting and yell. He shakes his head and tells the doctor he thinks Se Joo is having a breakdown.

The doctor tells Se Joo that without fully healing from the first incident, adding the pressure of a new manuscript, has tipped the scales again. The doctor recommends relaxation and stress avoidance. The doctor asks if Se Joo still fears abandonment. He notes this fear leads Se Joo to reject others to avoid rejection. He wonders if Se Joo deliberately hurt his career by admitting to using a ghostwriter to avoid his fans’ rejection.

The stylist nailed that outfit / eye glasses selection for Se Joo. He looked fabulous!

Flashback 15 years ago… Writer Baek Do Ha finds Se Joo living alone, abandoned by his family. Writer Baek invites him to live with him. His son, Tae Min, is welcoming. But Tae Min’s mother warns Se Joo to live like a ghost in their household because he is the embodiment of shame.

Wow, Tae Min’s mother has a cruel, dark side to her. Based on Tae Min’s interaction with the cat last episode, I’m guessing he has a similar side to him.

Present…Se Joo’s doctor asks if he’s still having the dream where he’s hanging from a cliff and the person that offers their hand to save him withdraws it at the last minute causing him to plunge to his death. Se Joo spots Jin O in the room. The doctor asks Se Joo if he sees the ghost. Se Joo claims not to see the ghost. Se Joo leaves.

As Se Joo drives home, Jin O asks Se Joo to complete the novel. Se Joo pulls to the side of the road. He can’t stand everyone treating him as crazy. Jin O tells him that Se Joo didn’t commit the crime of having him as a ghostwriter. Jin O tells Se Joo he wrote Chicago Typewriter 80 years ago!! Se Joo can’t believe it. Jin O explains in their past life they were both writers and friends. Se Joo has to complete the novel. Se Joo yells at him to stop lying. But Jin O is gone.

Awesome! Writer Jin hits a homerun with that reveal. Se Joo couldn’t cope with using a ghostwriter for the first two chapters. Jin O has taken that burden away. Of course, Se Joo can’t believe him…not yet anyway.

When Se Joo returns home, he finds Secretary Kang rehanging the Eugene O Neil painting. The eyes are covered with sunglasses! LOL! Se Joo tells her to leave promising he isn’t suicidal. Reluctantly, Secretary Kang complies. Se Joo sees the book Jeon Seol left at his house the other night. Se Joo recalls Jeon Seol telling him she loves his talent but she’s not sure she likes him.

At the vet clinic, Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang) rushes in with his cat, claiming that the cat fell from a high height. The vet and Jeon Seol x-ray the cat and realize the leg is broken due to high force. They set the leg. Tae Min brings the team lunch from Subway to thank them for caring for his cat. Tae Min asks Jeon Seol if she’s available after work.

Tae Min takes Jeon Seol to his writing office and asks her to be his assistant. She reminds him that she turned down that offer previously. He asks again noting that she’s only part-time at the vet clinic. Jeon Seol says she’s not a ghostwriter. Tae Min says he needs an assistant not a ghostwriter. He stares hopefully at Jeon Seol. She caves and agrees. He gives her a signed copy of Fate. The inscription hopes they will build a positive relationship. She smiles. Tae Min smiles the smile of a man on a mission to win her.

Tae Min gives me the creeps.

Se Joo reads the book Jeon Seol left at his house. The highlighted passage is “I put my hand on your forehead. You lived diligently. Put your hand on my forehead. A hand to the forehead is comforting. Then silence can embrace us. You’ve done well so far but true happiness still waits for you.” Se Joo walks the street and thinks. He sees a pretty handbag. He snaps a picture with Galaxy 8 and uses Bixby to locate where he can buy it. He walks to the vet clinic. He sees Tae Min dropping Jeon Seol off. Ducking behind a car, Se Joo watches Tae Min says he looks forward to working with Jeon Seol. She replies she may not be much help as his assistant. Jeon Seol tells Tae Min to go home. She spies the shaggy dog from the first episode.

Tae Min watches Jeon Seol feed the dog and comments how she’s friendly with a stray dog. Jeon Seol shares the dog forged her first interactions with Se Joo. Tae Min offers to take the dog home with him. Tae Min leaves with the dog.

Se Joo walks up and says Tae Min must be too busy to write. Tae Min asks why Se Joo is there. Se Joo asks why Tae Min is there. Tae Min says this is the clinic he brings his cat to. Tae Min asks if he’s jealous that the dog was a gift. He thinks Se Joo’s relationship with Jeon Seol is more than friendship. Se Joo comments that Tae Min’s interest in him never wanes. Tae Min demurs that he’s always cared about Se Joo’s well-being. Se Joo counters that Tae Min only cares about what he has, not him. Se Joo says that if he has it, then Tae Min tries to take it. Tae Min counters that if Se Joo lost something to him, that means that Se Joo did not protect it. Tae Min states not protecting something is the same as throwing it away. Se Joo says that’s an interesting nuance. He promises Tae Min that he’ll never have anything taken from him again. Tae Min asks if Se Joo considers Jeon Seol his. He laughs when he sees he hit a nerve. Se Joo take the dog from Tae Min. He leaves. The smile fades from Tae Min’s face.

Tae Min keeps giving me the creeps. How long did it take Se Joo to realize that Tae Min was no friend? After Tae Min stole Fate?

  Se Joo walks with the dog. He hears Jin O’s voice. Jin O tells him he’s possessed the dog. Se Joo stares in shock as he sees Jin O not the dog. Se Joo recalls his encounters with the dog. Now Se Joo sees Jin O versus the dog. He orders Jin O to exit the dog. Jin O comments that the public will love Se Joo talking to a dog.

Se Joo goes to strike Jin O. Jeon Seol calls out and tells him to stop. She grabs the leash from Se Joo. She asks if he wants her to call the animal protection agency. Se Joo says there’s more to this than what she sees. Jeon Seol says at least Tae Min would treat the dog well. Jeon Seol says that Se Joo will neglect the dog because he only cares about himself. Se Joo is taken aback. Jin O tells him to stop.

Se Joo yells at the dog shocking Jeon Seol. She tells Se Joo that she doesn’t want to see him again. She walks away with the dog. Jin O calls out that he’s sorry. Se Joo watches them leave knowing he’s blown it…big time.

The hurt puppy dog look on Se Joo’s face relayed so much. The constant injustices that he’s endured made him build a wall around himself. The misunderstanding with Jeon Seol force was created by Jin O’s actions. Then Jeon Seol reached the breaking point and ordered him out of her life. The one person Se Joo doesn’t want to leave him is Jeon Seol. But he played his part to create the situation.

When Se Joo returns home, Jin O is there. Se Joo announces he’s going to sell the house and send the typewriter back to Chicago. Se Joo tells Jin O what he does is not his concern. Tae Min asks if Se Joo will allow Tae Min to steal Jeon Seol just like he stole Fate. Desperate, Jin O implores Se Joo that finishing the novel is important. He admits he can’t write it by himself. He admits he doesn’t remember how he died. Se Joo laughs and says he doesn’t care about what happened to Jin O. He strides past him, into his writer’s lair, and to the typewriter. He picks up the typewriter and holds it over his head. He’s drawn back into the past…

Flashback, 1930…Jin O and Se Joo look at the new typewriter in the store window. Jin O comments that all successful writers use a typewriter. Se Joo says it is cost prohibitive to purchase. He smiles and says his pen is sufficient for his writing needs. Se Joo says the pen is mightier than the sword and can change the world (adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839). Jin O tells Se Joo he’s cool, slings an arm around his shoulder, and they walk down the street together.

Present…Se Joo wants to destroy the typewriter.

Flashback, 1930…
Se Joo writes on the typewriter. Jin O and Jeon Seol watch. Jeon Seol is impressed that Jin O bought Se Joo the typewriter. Jin O says that Se Joo is writing a novel, not the normal prose he produces for his job. Thrilled that Se Joo is using his talents, Jeon Seol grabs a stack of freshly typed papers and rushes off. Se Joo yells at her to return the papers. He takes off after her but Jin O stops him. Se Joo asks if Jin O is choosing a woman over their friendship. Jin O admits it. Se Joo smiles.

Se Joo looks ridiculously handsome in that scene.

Jeon Seol reads Se Joo’s work. She’s entranced.

Se Joo is anxious about the feedback Jeon Seol will give him. Jin O tells him she’ll return the pages when she’s ready. Jeon Seol takes the stage. She says that their world is dark but today she found a ray of light. She announces that a great writer has been born. She raises her glass and announces that Se Joo will be a great writing star in the future. Everyone looks at Se Joo and claps. Jeon Seol smiles. Se Joo looks down. Jin O muses that she’s cute. Then Jeon Seol announces drinks on the house courtesy of Jin O. The crowd cheers. Se Joo smiles. Jin O is surprised. Both men laugh.

Jeon Seol approaches them with a bottle of champagne in her hands. She shakes the bottle. Realizing Jeon Seol intends to spray the champagne on them, both men dodge her. Jeon Seol follows. Jin O hold Se Joo in front of him. Jeon Seol sprays Se Joo with champagne. The crowd cheers. Se Joo puts Jin O in front of him and Jeon Seol sprays him.

It’s a moment of pure joy. I loved it!

Present…Se Joo stares at the typewriter. Jin O asks if he believes him now. Jin O begs Se Joo to complete the novel. Only then will he know how he died. Only then will he know why he was sealed in the typewriter.

Se Joo asks if Jeon Seol is in Jin O’s past life. Jin O confirms this. Jin O says her past name was Ryo Soo Yeon. Jin O declares that she was their comrade and lover.

My Thoughts

Stellar episode. Writer Jin has crafted a story that grips me, intrigues me and touches me. Se Joo is the heart of the show. Goodness he’s been through the wringer in his current life. Abandoned by his family, brought to a household where the mother despised him and the son coveted and stole from him. Fast forward to the shell that Se Joo built around himself, to keep people away so he could not be hurt again. But Jeon Seol has touched him. He cares for her. Tae Min sees it and wants to destroy it.

Writer Jin makes product placement palatable. From Tae Min bringing Subway sandwiches to the vet clinic to thank them for saving his cat to Se Joo using the Samsung Galaxy 8’s assistant Bixby to search for the purse in the window, these moments work within the story and don’t jar me away from the story like most product placements.

Jin O isn’t Se Joo’s ghostwriter but rather typed the words Se Joo wrote in their past life. I love that Writer Jin provided Se Joo the “out”. He didn’t use a ghostwriter because what was recreated was his past work. Clever! It doesn’t absolve Se Joo from pretending that he wrote the chapters when he believed Jin O did but it does technically release him from the “how low can you go” shame of having a ghost writer.

Jin O revealed WHY he needed the story to be completed. Stuck as a ghost, he’s desperate to change his present fate and Se Joo can do it. This is why he’s pursued Se Joo with abandon. I wanted more substance to Jin O and Writer Jin gave it.

The humor that Jin O being invisible to everyone but Se Joo (and Bang Jin) created some funny moments. It also ended Jeon Seol’s belief in Se Joo.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) reached the breaking point with Jeon Seol. She was sweetly supportive of his struggle. Bringing him food and touching prose was the perfect way to show she cared. But when Se Joo yells at her to leave (though he was really yelling at Jin O), she fled hurt and crying. When she told Se Joo that she respected his talent but not him as a person, that stung. I have to admit there are many talented people whose true nature doesn’t match their talent. Everyone wears a mask and plays a role. Who the talented are in real life may not match their image.

Tae Min played on Jeon Seol’s love of literature, her schedule availability, and need of money, to get her to agree to be his assistant. That doesn’t strike me as a terrific job but I’m not Jeon Seol. What surprised me was how the vet and Jeon Seol saw the cat’s injuries were severe and didn’t line up with Tae Min’s story of the cat’s accident. But they didn’t question it. That bugged me.

Finally, Jeon Seol’s belief that Se Joo would strike the dog was the breaking point. As a vet, cruelty to animals is unacceptable. So Se Joo’s raised hand to strike the dog was an egregious act. Jeon Seol could no longer accept his talent and ignore his actions. She told him they were finished.

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) was misunderstood, then understood, again and again. Jin O’s story was fantastical. But Se Joo’s own flashbacks forced him to see the it was real. He tried to run away from the truth, but he couldn’t. Will writing Chicago Typewriter be Se Joo’s salvation?

Wasn’t it wonderful to see past Se Joo pleased with past Jeon Seol’s support of his writing? Isn’t it wonderful that Se Joo has her support in the past and present?

Se Joo was obvious that he liked Jeon Seol. She felt it. But his erratic actions caused a rift. She walked away. His fear of abandonment came true…again.

Se Joo knows the Tae Min wants to steal what he loves. But does he realize that Tae Min is as evilly vindictive and unstable as his mother?

Yoo Ah In kills every scene he’s in. From over the top anger, fueled by the outrageous forces squeezing Se Joo, to the sweet longing in his eyes for Jeon Seol, I FEEL his portrayal. He makes this series sing.


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13 comments on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 6 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser – you know I tend to pick apart every little thing in Kdrama even though I love them. But this episode was PERFECT! Every single little thing. Even the way Dog Woo jin kept turning back to Seo joo. I swear that dog needs a tiny honorable Daesang award. 🙂

    I’m actually glad Seol’s blind fan worship is broken. Now she can really fall in love with who Seo joo really is as a human who’s been harmed by those who claimed to be his rescuers.

    “…adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839).” kjtamuser
    Thanks for the reference. Always heard the adage but had no idea when or with whom it started.

    I hope Dog Woo jin does go back to live with Tae min. Then he can report on the evilness happening behind closed doors and warn Seo joo not to leave Seol alone with him. I agree with kjtamuser about Tae min giving off the worst vibe (even if we hadn’t seen him sling the cat – which wasn’t the first time based on the previous fractures they saw on the xray). But I kept thinking Tae Min was going to drug Seoul’s tea and keep her like the budding serial killer that he is.

    I hope Tae min’s words goad Seo joo into literally protecting Seoul from Tae min. The gall to tell someone you shared a room with and supposed “family” that they were negligent because they should’ve protected something from you. That makes it obvious Tae min was already warped (genetics or environment – probably both courtesy of Crazy Mom). He’s raised in a household where his father is a writer, he would know that plagiarism is the worst crime a writer can commit. (Well, not counting regular crime but you guys know what I mean. )

    I have a suspicion based on Seol’s backflashes that the person she “shouldn’t have killed” is past Woo jin. If I’m right, it means she killed him to protect the underground freedom movement, in which case, (Oh No!) It means he became a traitor! And what would cause a leader in such a movement to betray it? It doesn’t seem like he’d be moved by money so that leaves jealousy because perhaps Seoul chose past Seo joo.

    To the questions you pose in your summation – yes, yes, and YES!

    Plus, Yoo Ah in’s butt is filling out those jeans soooo well. I can’t wait until he goes into the army and they make a man outta that boy! If he’s like this before he goes in… lol

    Hey! I’ve expounded again and again on his thespian stills and the intellect behind his choices as an actor so I’m allowed to go a little … 😉

    Okay, one nitpit, like kjtamuser mentioned, it’s unlikely the vets wouldn’t have confronted Tae min about those previous fractures the cat has. I’m going to chalk that up to it probably had to be cut for time.

    This was an excellent recap of an excellent episode.

    • @Beez, so glad you loved this episode too!

      I’m actually glad Seol’s blind fan worship is broken. Now she can really fall in love with who Seo joo really is as a human
      Excellent point.

      I hope Tae min’s words goad Seo joo into literally protecting Seoul from Tae min.
      It should be interesting. Tae Min is a trigger for Seo Joo. But Seo Joo wants to avoid him and the past baggage. Will he be willing to engage for Jeon Seol?

      I have a suspicion based on Seol’s backflashes that the person she “shouldn’t have killed” is past Woo jin
      This theory seems plausible. Like your term “backflash”!

      Yoo Ah in’s butt is filling out those jeans soooo well. I can’t wait until he goes into the army and they make a man outta that boy! If he’s like this before he goes in…
      You always put a smile on my face!😁

  2. Beez says:

    FYI – news off Dramabeans:

    “tvN’s Chicago Typewriter will not air this Friday, April 28 due to presidential debates. Thankfully you won’t have to wait too long, because both Episodes 7 and 8 will air as a double-header on Saturday, April 29.”

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Poor Seol took all the abuse Se Joo meant for Jin Oh when she delivered the 🍱 that chef Ricardo prepared for her with TLC. Se Joo simply could not control his temper and let it get the best of him. He needs to deal with his anger issues. Se Joo has certainly burst Seol’s fandom bubble 🎈📍💢.

    Hopefully Seol and Se Joo can clear the air later and get a fresh 🌱 start. I think when the time comes that they realize the are both having flashbacks 📸 of their 1930s lives the story will move forward

    Just the sight of Tae Min sickens me now. We have seen his cruelty to 🐈 and Se Joo. I was also hoping Tae Min would​ take the 🐕 possessed by Jin Oh 🏡, so Jin Oh could rat 🐁 him out. Hopefully Seol will catch on to his anim abuse and evil streak soon and be done with him.

    • Beez says:

      “Se Joo has certainly burst Seol’s fandom bubble 🎈📍💢.” Jane Tilly
      First – yay! You have a pin emoji! I was looking for one (just snurched yours) while writing a post about Se ju needing his arrogance bubble popped (don’t remember which ep recap I needed it for though).
      Second, I am so glad that Seol had a pin stuck in that so now she can fall in love with the real man (which I think she kind of did already before his success but she still needed that pin!)

      The subject of Tae min and the cat – I need to throw a rant. This frustrates me no end because there were people saying they dropped the show because of it. First of all, these same people watch characters, a/k/a PEOPLE, mundanely killed/murdered by guns, throttling, etc., on tv/film ALL THE TIME.

      I understand dropping a show like Saimdang (I didn’t though) because of REAL animal abuse/cruelty (they had a scene where a horse was wire tripped and it was reported that it was real). But we see Tae min pick up the cat and toss it (or probably toss a stuffed animal) and we are given the IMPRESSION that he threw it against the wall. I didn’t even hear a thud (although I admit my hearing’s not the best). If they didn’t, they SHOULD’VE added the sound effect because some people just said he “threw the cat”. I felt pretty sure they were showing us what an azzhat Tae min is, with serial killer tendencies, by letting us know, without being too graphic, that he threw/slammed the cat against the wall.

      The same people who say they dropped CT because of this scene (and I see these type of people all the time) will watch scenes of rape and murder without cringing (or at the very least, I know they continue to watch these types of shows.

      I’m an animal lover but I “love” people too – this irks me soooooo bad. grrrrrr

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I thought the 🐈 slinging event was tastefully done…for an abuse scene; we did NOT see an actual animal being thrown across the room. It was clear what occurred without actually showing it, but got the point across enough to make me feel sickened and thoroughly disgusted with Tae Min. If he abuse his cat when it annoys him, what will he do to Seol when she angers him⁉ I concur with your sentiments on people and animals; people abuse is routinely depicted in Kdramas and apparently accepted by the masses, which bothers me, especially when it comes to children 🚸, who I think area bit more vunerable than the general public.

        • Beez says:

          @JT – exactly! Although I wouldn’t limit out to Korean dramas but all film and tv shows, unless there’s a country that’s censoring to that extent… maybe N. Korea.

      • I can’t believe that someone would drop this fine series over implied cruelty to an animal. Implying is preferred over outright showing.

        • Beez says:

          @kjt I do believe people should take a stand for what they believe in, but it just shows that sometimes people “stand” without thinking it out. (Or, as some have outright told me – they care about animals more than people.)

          I care abut both but firmly believe people should come first.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I’m on the same page 📃 as Beez, I care about people and animals, but people come first for me too‼. Studies have shown cruelty to animals 🐈🐩🐒 is usually the gateway ⛩ to human 👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 cruelty.

        When it comes to abuse I concur with KJT “Implying is preferred over outright showing.”. I’m good with getting the idea; I don’t want to see abuse – I don’t want that imagery in my head‼

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April 2017
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