Chicago Typewriter Episode 5 Recap

Se Joo gets a big shock…

Chicago Typewriter Episode 5 Recap

The episode begins as the tail end of the confrontation between Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) and Yoo Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo). Se Joo yells that he won’t allow Jin O to be his ghostwriter. Jin O asks if Se Joo was once a ghostwriter himself.

Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang) recalls his father’s words that he needs to get out of Se Joo’s shadow. That’s tough to do.

Flashback…Tae Min is in Se Joo’s room reading his draft of “Fate”. Se Joo catches him reading it. Se Joo has no problem with Tae Min reading his work. He values Tae Min’s criticism or praise. Immediately Tae Min is gripped by the story. Se Joo misinterprets this and assumes the story is subpar. Se Joo says he won’t show it to Writer Baek (Tae Min’s father) though he requested to see the story. Tae Min sees an opportunity to steal the story. Poor Se Joo has no idea what he friend is thinking.

Present…Jin O asks if Se Joo was the ghostwriter for “Fate”. Se Joo declares that he can’t help it if someone stole his writing, but he’ll never steal anyone else’s. He burns Jin O’s latest chapter of “Chicago Typewriter”.

Writer Baek Do Ha (Tae Min’s father) returns home only to be immediately attacked by his wife for not helping promote his son’s latest book. Writer Baek counters that her methodology of hiring Reporter Song to slander Se Joo is beneath her and cruel. Tae Min’s mother defends her actions. Se Joo’s mother ruined her life. Se Joo is ruining their son’s life. Writer Baek yells that talent propels you forward. If their son excels by stealing another’s writing, then he should stop pretending he has any talent. Tae Min overhears his parents arguing.

Tae Min returns to his writer room and rejects his cat’s entreaty to play. He recalls Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) telling him his first book “Fate” was her favorite. He recalls the happiness in her voice when Se Joo called her. Angry, he stares at his cat. He flings that cat across the room.

That must be an unhappy house to live in. Writer Baek is burdened by his semi-crazy wife whose obsession with Se Joo is unrelenting. Writer Baek knows his son stole Se Joo’s writing and can’t write himself out of a white paper bag. Is there anyone in that house that is happy? I didn’t like Tae Min’s treatment of his cat.

Jeon Seol endures another call from one of Se Joo’s fans. This one is livid that Jeon Seol was seen with Se Joo in public. Jeon Seol’s friend Ma Bang Jin (Yang Jin Sung) listens to the phone ring and warns Jeon Seol not to answer another call from Se Joo’s rabid fans. Jeon Seol muses that she must be paying for her past life’s sins in this life. Bang Jin states if Jeon Seol fought for the revolution in her past life, then her present life is also hard. She notes those that sold out to the enemy in the past, have cushy lives in the present. Bang Jin recommends that Jeon Seol close her errand business and resume her work as a vet. Jeon Seol agrees. Bang Jin is thrilled and dashes out to purchase beer to celebrate with. Jeon Seol stares at the gold pocket watch Se Joo returned to her.

Bang Jin is thrilled to see Jin O when she steps outside. She is horrified when he points out she has a towel on her head. Bang Jin is hopeful that he’s there to see her. She’s disappointed when he asks about Jeon Seol. She goes to get her friend.

Jeon Seol stares at the gold watch. Just like the last time she held the watch she has a flashback.

Jeon Seol is shooting using bottles for target practice. Jin O helps her focus and improve her shooting.

Present…Jeon Seol shakes her head at the flashback she doesn’t understand. Bang Jin returns to the room not happy to inform her she has a visitor.

Jeon Seol steps outside, but no one is there. She hears someone whistling. The breeze catches her baseball cap and it flies up into the air.

1930…Jeon Seol rapidly walks away from her pursuers. She goes into the night club Carpe Diem. Jin O asks her if she was successful. Jeon Seol confirms that the military money will be delivered on the 8pm train. Jin O notices her hand is bleeding. Jeon Seol recommends they put distance between themselves as the police are following. The police enter the club. Jin O signals to a man behind the bar.

Jeon Seol find a gun to her liking from her stash. The police search the club. Jeon Seol tends her gun wound.  The police search the wine cellar. They pull the curtains back…and find women who squeal in surprise. In flawless Japanese, a demur Jeon Seol asks them to leave as a costume change is upcoming. The police leave.

Jeon Seol sings a pretty song on stage. Jin O smiles as she sings. She watches Jin O speak to a man who pulls out a gold pocket watch. Just as he turns towards Jeon Seol….

Present…Bang Wool finds Jeon Seol in a trance. She asks if the flashbacks have begun again.

Inside Bang Wool reminds Jeon Seol when she was 10, she said she’d killed someone in her past life, someone she shouldn’t have killed. Jeon Seol wonders why her mother brought her to Bang Wool after doctors said she had an active imagination. Bang Wool says her mother sensed the truth, that Jeon Seol was different. Bang Wool says when reflecting on past lives is common among the unsettled. Sometime fragments of past memories remain, making you uneasy. Jeon Seol asks if that’s why she has fragments of past memories. Bang Wool tells her to concentrate on the present not the past. Jeon Seol wonders if her past memories are there due to regret or desire to remember.

Good question! Is Jeon Seol trying to forget or remember? I’m thrilled to see Jeon Seol’s past life is more than a hired gun. She is actively working the resistance and Jin O is part of the resistance too. Of course, the man’s face that didn’t fully see was Se Joo. I can’t wait for Jeon Seol’s reaction when she remembers Se Joo in her past life. It certainly freaked him out when he recalled his past life with her. What will Jeon Seol’s reaction be?

Se Joo gathered up the burned papers in his writer’s lair. He can’t help himself. He reads a phrase “even though my country is controlled by Japan, they can’t take away my writing. If I can’t write, I’m not different than a ghost. Once Korea is ours again, I will write whatever I want, whenever I want.” He sees his past persona as these words are read.

In the club as Jeon Seol sings, Jin O asks Se Joo if he’ll watch the show. Se Joo looks at his gold pocket watch and declares his deadline is rapidly approaching. Jin O asks how long a top rate writer like Se Joo will write dreck. Se Joo notes he’s a blacklisted writer by the Japanese, dreck is all he has left. Jin O declares he’d prefer not to write under those circumstances. Se Joo says writing is his life, and he will not stop, even under the current constraints. He says if he can’t write, he’s no different from a ghost. Once Korea is ours, he will write whatever, whenever he wants.” Se Joo asks when Jin O will write again. Jin O says he’s going to concentrate on loving someone. Jin O points to Jeon Seol as the object of his affection. Se Joo stares at her too.

Present…Se Joo drops the charred paper like it’s still on fire after his past vision ends.

Jin O stands out Se Joo’s mansion and tells Se Joo to keep writing, the novel must be finished. That way, he can live.

Hmmm, is Jin O not fully human? Is caught between the past and the present? Is his like a ghost that Se Joo described he’d be like if he couldn’t write?

The next morning Secretary Kang tells Se Joo that Tae Min’s mother is paying Reporter Song to write slanderous articles about him. She asks if he wants to sue. Se Joo chuckles and says he won’t sue. She asks if Writer Baek is holding him back. Se Joo recalls Writer Baek telling him to rid himself of anchors from the past. Secretary Kang states that Publisher Gal is considering a lawsuit against Reporter Song using Jeon Seol. That gets Se Joo’s attention.

Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin) meets with Jeon Seol. He’s upset at the slanderous articles from Reporter Song. He assures her that she’s not to blame. He suggests they could teach Reporter Song a lesson. He suggests she sue Reporter Song. He’ll pay all legal costs. She’s saved Se Joo twice, why not make it three times? Jeon Seol wants to know if Se Joo approves of the lawsuit. Publisher Gal assures Jeon Seol he knows Se Joo’s opinion in the matter. Se Joo bursts through the door and declares he doesn’t want to sue Reporter Song. Se Joo pulls Jeon Seol out of the meeting. He warns Publisher Gal that stunts like this will end their relationship. Se Joo drags Jeon Seol away.

Se Joo takes Jeon Seol into a conference room and tells her not to listen to Publisher Gal’s schemes. He tells her not to sue Reporter Song. Jeon Seol wants to know why. Se Joo refuses to explain. Jeon Seol reminds him that her life has been upset by the article too. She says his fans harass her. Se Joo tells her to name a sum of money to compensate for the troubles the article caused. Jeon Seol suggests the lawsuit could shine a light on the lies Reporter Song has written. Se Joo doesn’t care. No lawsuit. Se Joo says he’s gone through this before. Experience tells him ignoring it is the best choice. Jeon Seol counters that Se Joo has to offer an explanation instead of ordering her to do his bidding. Flippantly she asks if he has a ghostwriter. But she doesn’t wait for an answer. She passionately says he needs to bring the truth to the forefront. Exasperated, Se Joo yells demanding to know why she feels a responsibility to help him. She yells back that she cares. Se Joo tells her to do what she wants, but their association is over. With calm voice, Se Joo says that her involvement in his life hasn’t led to positive moments. He urges her to pretend he doesn’t exist. She stares at him with tears in her eyes. He leaves.

Good scene! He’s a firecracker and she gave it back not allowing him to dominate. But Se Joo wouldn’t give an inch and reveal his true thoughts. He laid down an ultimatum…do as he says or their relationship was done. Jeon Seol’s obviously cares for her idol’s well-being, but he refuses to allow her closer to him. They are both frustrated.

Se Joo thinks about Jeon Seol, Jin O, Writer Baek; all the forces pushing him. He tells himself to put everything back where it was before. Then his life can reset to normal.

He goes to his writer’s lair determined to write. He begins to write.

The morning Se Joo is woken by a call from Publisher Gal. He’s read what Se Joo wrote. He’s honest that it isn’t good. The words are stiff and the story doesn’t flow. Publisher Gal says it like someone else wrote it. Publisher Gal tells him he’s going to defer the next installment. Se Joo lies and says he sent the wrong draft. Publisher Gal rejoices. Se Joo says he needs two hours before he can send the correct draft.

Se Joo rushes into his writer’s lair. He recalls the words on the burnt paper. He can’t get them out of his head. He looks in the trash can but the charred remains are gone. He even goes through the trash but the writing is gone. When he returns to the house, Jin O is there. Jin O asks if he wants the manuscript he burnt. Se Joo warns him he’ll call the police unless he leaves. Jin O offers him another copy of the manuscript. Se Joo reaches for it but Jin O snatches it away. He says he has a reason Chicago Typewriter must be completed. His price for the pages, it Se Joo’s concurrence he can live at his house while the novel is being written. Se Joo isn’t happy with the request. Jin O shakes the pages reminding Se Joo that this is the third installment of the novel, the one he needs to deliver today, the one Se Joo can’t write without his help. Jin O stares at Se Joo. Feeling the pressure of a promise to Publisher Gal that he cannot keep, Se Joo grabs the chapter and strides away.

Se Joo sits at his desk. He reads Jin O’s chapter. Inspired, he writes his version of the chapter his thoughts filled with the earlier vision of the past. He’s just about ready to hit send and email the chapter to Publisher Gal when he recalls Jeon Seol’s absolute faith in him. Her hope that any hardships are obstacles that will strengthen his abilities. He cries. Awk! Tears!

Terrific scene! Se Joo seemed to acquiesce too easily by grabbing Jin O’s chapter. He truly was on the brink of breaking his personal ethics and that was devastating. Jeon Seol’s belief in him gutted him knowing that he was just about to sell his soul.

Jeon Seol sees Publisher Gal’s announcement that the next installment of Chicago Typewriter has been delayed. Jeon Seol reads the negative comments. Jeon Seol posts a positive one. She shakes her head at her absolute faith in a man that seems to disdain her more often than not.

Jeon Seol leaves work at the vet clinic wearing a baseball cap, hoping she’s not bothered. She’s surprised to see Se Joo waiting for her. Irked at how he treated her last, she strides away. He follows. She spins and demands to know if he’s following her. Se Joo confirms he’s following her. He smiles. Swoon! She reminds him that he ordered her to stay away. Se Joo counters that’s why he came to her, to see her. She spins and walks away. Se Joo teases her that he’s cool to come to her. She asks what he wants. He admits he’s going through a writer’s block and needs a woman’s perspective. Unimpressed that he’s only reaching out to her for work purposes, Jeon Seol scoffs. Se Joo asks what Jeon Seol would do if her favorite writer were dying the next day and all he wanted was to do something nice for his nobody favorite fan. Irked but intrigued, Jeon Seol considers. She tells Se Joo that she might want to drag her favorite writer in front her best friend.

Except Bang Jin isn’t happy to see Jeon Seol with Se Joo. She’s courteous to Se Joo as she serves lunch but calls Jeon Seol a traitor. Se Joo has to smile at their exchange. Se Joo asks if she is a traitor. Jeon Seol says she believes she was in her past life. Se Joo doubts that. He guesses she was an assassin in her past life. Jeon Seol asks how he knows about her past life. Se Joo recalls moments of the past he’s dreamed. But instead of admitting that, he merely states that Jeon Seol is a fighter in the present, so she must have been the same in the past. Jeon Seol asks if she’s the inspiration for the man character in Chicago Typewriter. Se Joo confirms this. Thrilled, Jeon Seol asks if she’s his muse. He tells her to drop it and eat.

Later they walk the streets together each wearing a mask. It’s darling the way they remove and replace their masks as they talk and walk. Se Joo stops them. He apologizes. He stares in her eyes. Jeon Seol hopes he’ll admit love for her. Instead he suggests they play the shooting game. Ha!

Inside the arcade, Se Joo puts the rifle in Jeon Seol’s hands, and points out the stuffed animal he wants her to win for him. LOL! Love it!

Se Joo puts the rifle to her eye but she shakes. Se Joo grabs her and steadies her hand. Swoon! She snipes that she’s the shooter. He counters that his research has given him shooting knowledge too. She tries to brush him away, but he’s won’t release her. He tells her fear stems from self-doubt and anxiety of the unknown. Conquering fear requires one to believe in their abilities. He tells her to believe in herself and focus on the target. He releases her. Jeon Seol focuses on the target. She hits the target. She smiles.

Se Joo hold the stuffed animal Jeon Seol won him as they walk down the street. This time they aren’t wearing their masks. He asks why she stopped shooting. She says they’ll need to know each other better to share that secret. Se Joo says they won’t get to know each other better. Jeon Seol grouses this is the nicest he’s been and she doesn’t want it to end. Concerned, she asks if he’s dying. Se Joo laughs. He asks if that’s her secret desire. He smiles and tells her he’s got to leave.

He turns and walks away. Jeon Seol mutters that he’s a cad. Se Joo hears her (as she intended) and stops. He calls after her. She spins and looks at him. He thanks her for a lovely afternoon. He tells her he won’t forget she was his first fan. He hugs the stuffed animal and walks away. Jeon Seol is affected by his words.

Wow, Yoo Ah In looked ridiculously handsome in that moment. It was wonderful to see the charming side of Se Joo. More please.

Se Joo drives Jin O to a location. Jin O asks why Se Joo didn’t use the chapter he gave him. Se Joo tells him to find another place to live. Jin O reminds him he wanted to live at his house while the novel was being written. Se Joo says he no longer needs Jin O’s help.

Se Joo opens the doors to a press conference. He asks Jin O to join him on stage. The reporters buzz and take pictures. Se Joo and Jin O take their seats. Of course, Reporter Song is in the audience. Publisher Gal wonders what Se Joo intends to say. Se Joo tells the reporters he wants to address the rumors about him.

Jeon Seol sits in the eatery and remembers Se Joo saying he won’t die. The chef brings out a plate of food. But she can only think of Se Joo, his smile, and how her heart fluttered. She ignores the chef’s outpouring of affection. Instead she mutters about how her heart is fluttering. Thrilled the chef tells her to enjoy the food. Bang Jin rushes to Jeon Seol and tells her Se Joo is at a news conference to address the rumors that he has a ghostwriter. Jeon Seol, Bang Jin, and the chef watch the news conference.

Se Joo denies using a ghostwriter. Se Joo admits to suffering and trying to recapture his writing mojo. He says he clung to the fact that only he could write his work. Se Joo says the past rumors must be addressed today. He says the rumors were wrong before, but correct now. The room buzzes. Reporter Song asks if Se Joo is using a ghostwriter. He asks who the ghostwriter is. Se Joo acknowledges Jin O as the author of Chicago Typewriter. He says Jin O is his ghostwriter. No one can believe. Se Joo admits this is his fault and no one, especially the woman in the article, has anything to do with this.

Jeon Seol watches Se Joo declare that she’s his life saver and fan of his writing. He tells the reporters to leave her alone. He tells his fans to stop harassing her. Jeon Seol smiles.

Se Joo bows to the reporters. He says any questions to be directed to Jin O. He leaves. The reporters follow Se Joo. Publisher Gal can’t believe what he just witnessed.

Se Joo gathers his staff and tells him that he needs time alone with his own thoughts. He doesn’t know how long it will be before he needs their services again. He assures them he’ll handle the severance pay. He walks away.

Se Joo goes to his writer’s lair. He opens his laptop. He stares at the press conference. He sees and empty chair next to him, NOT Jin O!!! He stares in disbelief as he sees what everyone one else saw…Se Joo referencing the empty chair as his ghostwriter. Se Joo can’t believe it. He knows Jin O was next to him.

Jin O stands next to him in the room. He asks if Se Joo can handle the shock. Se Joo leaps to his feet. He asks Jin O “what” he is (not who but what). Se Joo resorts to his “grab and yell” methodology. Jin O reminds him that he told Se Joo that he was a ghost. Se Joo stares and asks…you are a ghost? Jin O smiles in the affirmative.

My Thoughts

Se Joo didn’t sell his soul and let Jin O write Chicago Typewriter for him. I love it. After multiple episodes of Se Joo refusing to accept Jin O as his ghostwriter, I was a bit surprised when it appeared that Se Joo would eat his words when he accepted the next chapter from Jin O. He even wrote a chapter inspired by Jin O’s words. But in the end, Se Joo couldn’t betray his personal ethics and succumb to the easy out. He went further than I imagined when he brought Jin O with him to the press conference. The shock when he saw the footage of the press conference was superb. It stunned me too. Now we’ve got absolute proof. Jin O is a ghost. Great cliffhanger!

Jin O wants to be Se Joo’s ghostwriter but Se Joo couldn’t take the easy path. I’m getting used to Jin O’s smirks and indirect answers. Now that it’s confirmed he’s a ghost, Jin O’s actions become clearer. This is why he discouraged Bang Jin’s interest in him. It didn’t’ seem to alter his affection for Jeon Seol though (either in the past or present). Finally, Jin O got a bit more back story and a bit more air time. I look forward to this character providing more substance. Right now, he’s more style.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) received an apology from Se Joo. She must have been stunned. Se Joo’s words were simple but rang true. I was completely under Se Joo’s spell in that moment. Jeon Seol must have felt the same. It is undeniable, Jeon Seol and Se Joo have chemistry. Their scenes together are enjoyable to watch. Jeon Seol’s flashbacks don’t clearly identify Se Joo…yet. I look forward to her realizing he’s in her dreams the way Se Joo already knows Jeon Seol is in his.

Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) touched my heart when he grappled with passing off the writing inspired by Jin O as his. But he couldn’t do that. In the past, he was forced into the involuntary role of Tae Min’s ghostwriter. In the present, he couldn’t put himself in the same position as Tae Min. Granted Jin O’s writing was the basis of the first two chapters of Chicago Typewriter requiring him to admit that Jin O was the ghostwriter. But little did he know that instead of having a visible person next to him, he had an invisible ghost next him. Yep, that would mess with your head!

I was pleased to see more scenes in the past. I’ll take more of them. I’m interested in this story. Writer Jin, feel free to ratchet up the scenes in the past even more.

The lovely third song of the OST has been released. Check out “Writing Our Stories” by SG Wannabe. The song is a letter about wanting to love again despite being hurt in the past. It’s written, composed, and arranged by Dona, Ricky, and Cuzd.



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4 comments on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 5 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Actress Lim Soo-Jung looks adorable in the 1930’s newsboy cap and clothes. I can’t say that for those horrid fitting jeans she wears in the present. At first I thought the show had lost its continuity after she was shown,in the past, bandaging her arm and then the camera showed bare skin part of her arms but then the long evening gloves were revealed. I like the dress she was wearing while singing but it seems a strange costume choice considering she’s performing on stage and the chorus girls had on elaborate evening gowns (with boas, I think).

    Tae Min’s mom is batsh*t crazy and I fault the dad for not getting her help and keeping her sedated or institutionalized. You can tell this is more than the usual “evil mother-in-law (step-mother) dramaland crazy”.

    Cat abuse! Now we see the real evil character. I knew something wasn’t right with Tae min’s nice guy persona. My personal experience is, when two people have a conflict, the one who seems to be the uptight one who wants nothing to do with the person who seems so calm and cool is usually the person being harmed and the ice-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-buttcrack person is the real culprit. But this proves my point that Tae min’s mom is bonafide insane because that stuff gets passed down through the genes, y’all. Believe me, the show just doesn’t want to deal with outraged animal lovers – from the look on Tae min’s face, we’re supposed to know that he slammed that kitty into the wall.

    Yoo Ah in’s palimino colored sweater is of gorgeous quality but I hope the purposeful moth holes don’t become trendy. I guess the character is imitating his writing idols or bought one of their sweaters at auction since he collects antique things. He just needs a pipe since he gave up cigarettes. (Side note – I find it odd that he has no Korean or Asian authors’ portraits on the wall.)

    Everyone thinks Seo joo is not pursuing a lawsuit out of consideration for his adoptive father, his facial expressions seem to say to me that he is finally fed up with the lot of them and wants to finally defend himself and reveal that he was the true author of “Destiny/Fate”, but he can’t because he thinks his adoptive dad saw the ghostwriter. (But we know he didn’t. Dad was looking through Yoo jin o at the first draft manuscript of Destiny that Yoo jin o was sitting on. Only the shaman’s daughter had seen Yoo so far because of her heritage. Although this makes me want to go back and check that that’s correct because there’s a scene where the publisher (or somebody in the audience) seemed to have spoken to Yoo jin and I thought Yoo jin responded. I want to go back to the older episodes and check to see if I was only led by the show to think the publisher (or reporter or whoever that was) interacted with Yoo jin.

    While Lim Soo-Jung is watching the press conference, she has one beige sleeve and one gray sleeve peeking out of her jacket. (I know nobody else cares about this stuff but me but I can’t help calling attention to it.)

    I knew Yoo jin was a literal “ghost”writer but because Seoul’s friend could see him, I didn’t realize others couldn’t. I began suspecting it after Dad’s visit when he made no mention of “why is a dude hiding under your table?!” But at the press conference, since the flashing lights bothered Yoo jin and the show continued to have us see Yoo jin at the table in the long shots, I wondered if I was wrong.
    So I think it was a great reveal to have the reporters in shock ( but us viewers waivering – in shock because they see him?/they don’t see him?) and the final reveal be to Seo joo by watching the broadcast.

    I love the fact that it makes it seem as if Seo joo is being dramatic in, from the publics’ point of view, telling them THIS, as in “nobody” is my ghostwriter. lol

    Also, Dad claimed to have come over to talk to Seo joo about his bad press. All I know is, when he saw the manuscript that we’re being led to believe he helped steal (or at the very least allowed the theft), all thought of helping or encouraging Seo joo vanished and he left in an angry huff. Man gets no sympathy from me. Go back to your own house with your cat-slinging plagarist son and where you’re virtually a prisoner having to sneak out from your crazy wife.

    @kjtamuser – The scene where Seo joo is agonizing on whether to hit “send” for the ghostwritten manuscript – that “thing” Yoo Ah in has, it’s drawing you in, isn’t it?

    The subtley Yoo Ah in has in most scenes but can still bring across an underlying intensity even when he’s being quiet…

    • Lim Soo-Jung looks adorable in the 1930’s newsboy cap and clothes
      I agree. The cap seems to make her smile even more beautiful.

      Tae Min’s mom is batsh*t crazy and I fault the dad for not getting her help and keeping her sedated or institutionalized
      She needs to be removed from society.

      Cat abuse! Now we see the real evil character.
      Concur, like mother, like son.

      Dad was looking through Yoo jin o at the first draft manuscript of Destiny that Yoo jin o was sitting on.
      Good point. At that point I thought he saw Jin O but he didn’t so he was able to see the first draft of Fate.

      I love the fact that it makes it seem as if Seo joo is being dramatic in, from the publics’ point of view, telling them THIS, as in “nobody” is my ghostwriter.
      Perfect interpretation of what the reporters thought.

      Go back to your own house with your cat-slinging plagarist son and where you’re virtually a prisoner having to sneak out from your crazy wife.
      You have a way with words!!!! LOL!!!!

      @kjtamuser – The scene where Seo joo is agonizing on whether to hit “send” for the ghostwritten manuscript – that “thing” Yoo Ah in has, it’s drawing you in, isn’t it?
      Absolutely. I’m under his spell now. Those eyes, you could drown in them.

      The subtley Yoo Ah in has in most scenes but can still bring across an underlying intensity even when he’s being quiet…
      He has presence. I love it.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Beez nailed 🔨 it with “I love the fact that it makes it seem as if Seo joo is being dramatic in, from the publics’ point of view, telling them THIS, as in “nobody” is my ghostwriter.”

    OMO, an actual 👻 as the 👻 writer. Last episode I thought that 👻 writer, Yoo Jin Oh, could​ have been a figment of Se Joo’s imagination except it seemed Jin Oh had been seen 👀 by several people:

    🔸Publisher Gal. Gal must have been talking to himself with the friendly neighborhood “👻” simply standing by his side.
    🔸Seol’s friend, Bang Jin. Bang Jin apparently has more shamanistic abilities than even she realizes and saw Jin Oh not realizing he was a 👻, who is likely the source of the “ominous” feeling Bang Wol had.
    🔸 Writer Baek. I suppose Se Joo’s mentor saw the “Destiny” manuscript under the table and not Jin Oh. Se Joo assumed his mentor saw Jin Oh and was referring to the manuscript as the item to get rid of.

    Jin Oh being a 👻 blew my time-traveler theory out of the water💦💣💦:
    🔸there is something ‘off’ about Jin Oh. YUP, 👻‼
    🔸when Se Joo inquired who sent him Jin Oh replied “I sent myself”. WORKS WITH 👻‼
    🔸Jin Oh’s hair and clothing could be from the 1930s or it may just have a vintage look; Jin Oh look virtually the same as in the 1930s ‘dreams’. YUPPERS, 👻‼. Who seems to be able to change his wardrobe.
    🔸Jin Oh stated he had “nowhere to go”. 👻 IN LIMBO; does Jin Oh need the story written to “go towards the light”⁉

    Is it any wonder Se Joo is messed up when he lived with the highly dysfunctional Baek family⁉. I was starting to feel sorry for Tae Min, until he threw kitty Seol across the room. Poor kitty Seol is taking the brunt of Tae Min’s frustration of having to live up to the reputation of his plagerized 📙, bat💩 crazy mom, snd perpetually disappointed dad, who was complicet in the plagerism. Tae min is dangerous and I worry about human Jeon Seol’s safety around him. She will eventually see behind Tae Min’s 🎭.

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