Tunnel Episode 8 Recap

More truths are revealed…

Tunnel Episode 8 Recap

Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) stares at Lt. Kim Seon Jae (Yoon Hyun Min) and says his name. Seon Jae’s father, Kim Hwan, stares at Kwang Ho and asks if it is really him, Detective Park. Seon Jae asks his father what he’s saying and what’s happening with his step-mother. Seon Jae’s father starts to explain that 30 years ago Kwang Ho was the detective that investigated his mother’s death…but Team Leader Chun (Jo Hee Bong) interrupts and say he’s mistaken. Kwang Ho is only 30 years old. Kwang Ho stares from Seon Jae to his father, still reeling in shock. Seon Jae’s father declares Kwang Ho looks like Detective Kwang Ho from 30 years ago. Team Leader Chun leads Seon Jae’s father away saying a cup of coffee will help soothe him.

Kwang Ho shakes his head unable to believe what just happened. Wanting to know what just happened, Seon Jae steps forward and demands to know how Kwang Ho knows his father and his mother’s name. Kwang Ho pauses, collects himself, blows out air to further gain control, and states he investigated Seon Jae’s mother’s case in 1986. Seon Jae grabs him and declares that makes no sense. He asks if Kwang Ho is claiming to be from the past. He demands answers. Kwang Ho apologizes for not catching his mother’s killer.

Wow! Apologizing for not catching the killer was the perfect thing to say. That’s what a cop that worked that case would say. I know the PD told him to do so, but Kwang Ho gathering his wits before speaking felt real.

And that simple statement resonates with Seon Jae. Yes, yes, yes! Seon Jae asks if Kwang Ho really investigated his mother’s murder. Kwang Ho doesn’t have to say anything. His eyes speak the truth. Seon Jae turns and leans against the wall saying it can’t be true.

Team Leader Chun enters the room, saying a hand on Seon Jae’s back and tells him his step-mother is in the hospital and he needs to go to her. Seon Jae gives once last look and Kwang Ho, then leaves for the hospital.

I was worried that Team Leader Chun’s well-meaning interference would derail the truth but Kwang Ho spoke with truth. Seon Jae instinctively believes him though his logical self rejects the truth. Choi Jin Hyuk has soulful eyes. I’d believe him if he looked at me with those imploring brown eyes.

Team Leader Chun releases Kwang Ho from the handcuffs. He can’t believe they met Seon Jae’s father again. Kwang Ho demurs, but they did meet him again.

Seon Jae’s step mother is grateful he is visiting. She assures him this is nothing. Seon Jae apologizes. She pats his hand.

Glad to see Seon Jae receive simple human touch. I would bet that is lacking in his life.

Seon Jae’s father says he visited Seon Jae’s mother’s grave this morning. He brought his wife to hospital when he returned. Seon Jae’s father says he can’t seem to care for the women he loves either dead or alive. Seon Jae asks his father if the detective that investigated his mother’s murder was named Detective Park Kwang Ho. His father confirms this. Seon Jae’s father heard that Kwang Ho died while investigating a case. Seon Jae’s father says his partner can’t be the same man. With visiting Seon Jae’s mother’s grave, he was in that timeframe mindset and got confused.

Team Leader Chun and Kwang Ho digest what just happened. Team Leader Chun says the irony of fate is amazing. Not only need did they meet the husband of the 1986 murder victim, but his son became a police officer and works with them. Kwang Ho remembers Seon Jae declaring he only wanted to see his mother’s killer admit their guilt in court and pay for the crime. Kwang Ho says Seon Jae become a police officer to catch his mother’s killer. Kwang Ho says if he’d caught the killer in 1986, Seon Jae never would have become a police officer. He asks what hospital Seon Jae is visiting his step-mother at.

As Kwang Ho arrives at the hospital, Seon Jae exits. They stare at each other. Kwang Ho steps forward and with a soft smile and voice tells Seon Jae’s he’s all grown up. Seon Jae’s sighs, he can’t fight those truthful eyes.

Good grief, that was absurdly touching to me.

Kwang Ho and Seon Jae go to the tunnel. Kwang Ho explains he went forward in time when he was trying to catch the killer of Seon Jae’s mother and 5 other women. Kwang Ho turns on his flashlight and tells Seon Jae to follow him inside the tunnel. Seon Jae turns on his flashlight to illuminate the tunnel. Kwang Ho takes him to the spot where the killer killed inside the tunnel. Seon Jae asks if it was a serial killer case. Kwang Ho admits that term wasn’t used 30 years ago. They interviewed everyone the victim knew but came up empty. Other women died. Kwang Ho recites the victim’s names. Seon Jae picks up on Kim Young Ja (the victim whose leg they found in 2017). Kwang Ho confirms the dots on her heel (the killer’s calling card) told him that she was an intended victim in 1986 but survived. Seon Jae says investigating his mother’s murder was almost impossible because the case records were destroyed in a fire. Seon Jae had never heard of the dots before now. Kwang Ho states the police withheld that fact from the public. Kwang Ho tells Seon Jae Team Leader Chun worked the case with him, that’s how he knows the details. Seon Jae shakes his head the Team Leader Chun’s connection. He asks about Kim Young Ja. Kwang Ho states they realized the 5th dot victim was missing. They searched but never found the body. Seon Jae asks if Kwang Ho saw the killer face. Kwang Ho admits the killer knocked him out from behind so he never saw his face. Seon Jae can’t believe that Kwang Ho doesn’t know who the killer is. Kwang Ho snaps that if he knew, the man would be in prison. Team Leader Chun told him there were no more murders. Kwang Ho is sure the killer is still alive. Kwang Ho believes he is in the present to catch the killer. Kwang Ho knows that being partnered with Seon Jae is further proof of his mission in the present. Seon Jae asks who killed 1988-born Kwang Ho. Approvingly, Kwang Ho says that’s the right question to ask. Kwang Ho wonders how 1988-born Kwang Ho found out about the murders 30 years ago. Kwang Ho surmises that 1988-born Kwang Ho deduced who the murderer was and died because of that knowledge.

Good scene, our partners are on the same page with a single purpose.

Professor Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young) confirms what the female serial killer told her about her friend’s murder 30 years ago.

Officer Kwak Tae Hee (Kim Byung Chul) and Officer Song Min Ha (Kang Ki Young) enter the station wondering what will await them. They heard about Seon Jae bring Kwang Ho to the station in handcuffs last night. They can’t believe their eyes when they see Seon Jae and Kwang Ho working together and Team Leader Chun reading the newspaper. Officer Song comments about Kwang Ho being brought to the station in handcuffs. Kwang Ho says it was revenge for his handcuff incident. Officer Kwak doesn’t believe that. Team Leader Chun says it’s the truth. Professor Shin calls Seon Jae who apologizes for not taking her call yesterday. He listens, hangs up, and tells Kwang Ho they need to go.

Kwang Ho recognizes the house that Professor Shin told them to meet her at. Kwang Ho says that the house is where a suspect lived. Seon Jae says this is where Jung Ho Young lives. Kwang Ho recalls interrogating a young Jung Ho Young 30 years ago. Kwang Ho excitedly tells Seon Jae he interrogated the 18-year-old Jung Ho Young believing him to be the killer. Seon Jae can’t believe that Kwang Ho interrogated Jung Ho Young. Kwang Ho asks what proof Seon Jae has that Jung Ho Young is the killer.

Professor Shin opens the gate and invites them inside. Kwang Ho comments that Jung Ho Young killed dogs and buried them when he was in high school. Professor Shin they know that Jung Ho Young committed his first murder 10 years earlier than any suspected when he killed his wife. She adds that she just recently was told and confirmed that Jung Ho Young liked women in skirts. Professor Shin notes all the victims were wearing skirts. She shows them an article from 1985 about the murder. Kwang Ho recognizes the victim surprising Professor Shin. She reveals her belief that Jung Ho Young started murdering 30 years ago. Professor Shin produces two other articles about murdered women. Seon Jae looks at Kwang Ho who can’t believe that Jung Ho Young, his first suspect, was the murderer. Kwang Ho tells Seon Jae they have to find the man that killed 1988-born Kwang Ho. He doesn’t believe that man is Jung Ho Young. Professor Shin asks what Jung Ho Young admitted to Seon Jae during his interrogation that isn’t in the records. Seon Jae states that Jung Ho Young admitted to additional victims that no one knew about. He asks Professor Shin why she wants to know. Professor Shin isn’t forthcoming stating once she’s certain, she’ll share. Seon Jae is distracted by a phone call from Team Leader Chun ordering them to a scene of a crime.

Should Kwang Ho consider the possibility that Jung Ho Young time traveled too?

They arrive to find Officer Kwak and Team Leader Chun waiting for the fire fighters to complete their job. Team Leader Chun says this is the 4th case of arson in this neighborhood. Officer Kwak suspects serial arson. Kwang Ho grouses that serial criminals are too prevalent in his life. Seon Jae and Kwang Ho enter the shop. Kwang Ho guesses where the fire was started. The fire fighter confirms stating the fire was lit with a lighter. Kwang Ho hears a sound. He spots an open gas line and flames underneath. He yells to Seon Jae they have to leave. Seon Jae doesn’t hear him. Kwang Ho dives on top of shielding him from the explosion with his body. They hurtle onto the pavement. Seon Jae shakes it off and sees an unconscious Kwang Ho next to him. He calls for medics. He calls to Kwang Ho.

Flashback…In his unconscious state Kwang Ho remembers eating dumplings with his wife, Shin Yeon Sook (Lee Shi A). He tells Yeon Sook the young lady that lives on the first floor also likes dumplings. He tells Yeon Sook that he met Seo Yi Soo’s son and he longs to catch the culprit. He wonders if Seon Jae is okay. He notices he’s fine. He asks Yeon Sook where she’s been. Yeon Sook says to find that out, he’ll have to wake up. Kwang Ho asks if he’s dreaming. She confirms it and leaves while he yells at her not to leave.

Kwang Ho pops up from his bed in the hospital. Officer Song and Officer Kwak are relieved he is okay. Kwang Ho asks if Seon Jae is okay. They point to Seon Jae on the bed across the room. Kwang Ho and Seon Jae stare at each other. Seon Jae quips he can’t be hurt. Team Leader Chun yells at the fire fighter leader stating his team could have been killed by the fire team’s blunder. When he looks up and sees Kwang Ho is awake, he rushes to his friend and tells him not to do that again. Kwang Ho smiles and asks if Team Leader Chun is showing the proper tone. Kwang Ho apologizes. Team Leader Chun pushes him irked that his fear of loss was exposed. Officer Kwak says the head wound from the splinter of glass is the only issue with Kwang Ho. Team Leader Chun orders them all home to rest. Kwang Ho wants to find the arsonist. Seon Jae says he’ll handle that. Kwang Ho reminds him to focus on other matter. Seon Jae suggests they work together. Kwang Ho agrees. The team leaves.

Seon Jae spots Coroner Mok who was worried that Seon Jae was injured. Seon Jae says Kwang Ho saved him from injury. Coroner Mok asks if Seon Jae has determined who Kwang Ho is. Seon Jae says it’s complicated but he’s sure that Kwang Ho did not murder 1988-born Kwang Ho. He apologizes for not being able to explain fully.

Professor Shin tells the dean that she had a déjà vu moment recently. The dean says some say it is a memory of something you deemed unimportant previously. The dean asks if it was a memory from Korea. Professor Shin confirms this. Changing subjects, the dean asks if Professor Shin found that 30-year-old connection. Professor Shin confirms that she found victims from 30 years ago that create a connection. The dean asks if Jung Ho Young is the killer. Professor Shin says there are similarities but also differences.

I’m over thinking the dean as nosy. Rather she’s a mentor / surrogate mother (as others have pointed out – thx). The dean asked a good question on if the memory was from Professor Shin’s childhood in Korea. Professor Shin’s response makes me curious. Is there a single serial killer at play (Jung Ho Young) or is there another? I assumed Jung Ho Young time traveled to 1986 before Kwang Ho, but didn’t his interrogation with Seon Jae discount that? Seon Jae interrogated a man, not a young man.

Back at the police station, the team reviews the 4 arson fires. All were started when the store was empty. All were started by a lighter. Kwang Ho asks about the video they took of the crowd. Team Leader Chun orders Officer Song and Officer Kwak to identify everyone in the video. Team Leader Chun orders Seon Jae and Kwang Ho to interview the victims of the arson. Before Kwang Ho leaves, Team Leader Chun confirms he’s okay. Kwang Ho smiles at Team Leader Chun’s concern. But Team Leader Chun raises an excellent point, what would happen if he died in 2017? Kwang Ho says everything will be okay. He tells Team Leader Chun since they couldn’t catch Jung Ho Young in the past, they owe Seon Jae their protection now. Seon Jae overhears this. When Kwang Ho exits the conference room, Seon Jae is there startling him. Seon Jae thanks Kwang Ho. Surprised, Kwang Ho asks him to repeat that. Seon Jae walks away. Kwang Ho smiles. Love it!

I’m enjoying Team Leader Chun’s blatant concern for Kwang Ho. I’m enjoying Kwang Ho’s blatant concern for Seon Jae. I’m enjoying Seon Jae realizing that he has a protector in Kwang Ho. I’m enjoying Seon Jae showing gratitude (though only for millisecond. It’s wonderful to watch. Writer Lee is showing us the positive side to having partners.

The store owner suspects the man that reported the blaze (a rival store owner) could be the arsonist. They all watch the rival store owner step out for a smoke. The store owner points out that a lighter started her fire. The rival store owner is irked at the accusation. Her quick call saved her rival.

At the police station, Officer Kwak and Officer Song work on identifying everyone in the video. Seon Jae and Kwang Ho return. Kwang Ho notices the man in the hoodie with his back to the camera appears to be laughing at the point of the explosion. Unfortunately, there aren’t other camera angles to show his face. Seon Jae gets a call from his father.

Seon Jae helps his step mother into the car, concerned she’s leaving the hospital too early. She tells him she can’t rest here and home is where she wants to be. Seon Jae offers to drive but his father tells him not to bother. His step mother tells him to go. But Seon Jae watches his father drive away.

Seon Jae seems to realize that his father has fragility and it bother him. That’s good. Seon Jae is feeling more and more.

Professor Shin watches the crowd video that Kwang Ho shows her. He snatches it from her hand. She notices the head injury. Kwang Ho says it’s nothing. Professor Shin counters that nothing means something. Kwang Ho asks if the man was laughing. Professor Shin confirms this. Serial arsonists like to watch the blaze. She comments that arsonists like attention and wonders if there is another video like this. The doorbells rings but no one is there. Professor Shin steps out to survey the street, but sees no one. Kwang Ho joins her not happy about the prank. He tells Professor Shin to go inside. He heads up to his apartment. Little do they know that someone is watching them.

I’m loving that Kwang Ho routinely stops by Professor Shin’s place to seek her opinions. I like that she’s comfortable with him. I’m disturbed if someone is targeting Professor Shin or both of them.

At the police station Seon Jae realizes the rival owner could not have seen the fire as described because of the line of sight from the store. Kwang Ho agrees. They wonder why she lied.

Under interrogation, the rival owner is surprised to be accused of lying. She admits she did not see the fire as described but Hee Joon told her that’s the way it happened. Kwang Ho asks who Hee Joon is. Her son is the response. They all think that same thing. Is Hee Joon the arsonist?

The arsonist starts another fire. He loves it! But it goes down in flames when Seon Jae and Kwang Ho put out the fire after recording him setting the fire. The foolish kid tries to run. He finds himself between two immovable police officers. Kwang Ho handles the physical part of the arrest and they both handles the rights. Kwang Ho reminds Seon Jae to note in the police report that the arsonist said they ruined his day when they put out the fire. Seon Jae smiles! Kwang Ho smiles! I smile too! I love the partnership finally clicking!

Professor Shin, Officer Kwak, and Team Leader Chun are watching the interview of the arsonist. Team Leader Chun sees Seon Jae and Kwang Ho come in. He tells them this is the arsonist. Then they notice Seon Jae and Kwang Ho have the arsonist in tow. Professor Shin makes the point to Kwang Ho that she told him that arsonists like attention and guessed there was another video like this. Professor Shin tells Seon Jae he looks okay. She lives. With a smile, Kwang Ho tells Seon Jae that Professor Shin came to see him. Seon Jae considers it. LOL!!

The team brings to the arsonist back to the scene to take pictures and ask questions. He tries to set another fire with the provided lighter.

Kwang Ho walks around the store. He spots a picture of Yeon Sook!! The picture is dated 2007! He can’t believe it. Seon Jae finds him and asks what’s wrong. Kwang Ho strides to Team Leader Chun and shows him the picture. Seon Jae overhears Team Leader Chun say the women is Kwang Ho’s wife. Kwang Ho yells that Yeon Sook was right here!

Kwang Ho and Team Leader Chun ask the owner about the woman in the photo. She smiles and says she was a wonderful seamstress. She asks how they know her. Kwang Ho starts to say he’s her husband but Team Leader Chun cuts him off stating he worked with her husband. The owner says Yeon Sook’s husband was dead. The owner doesn’t know where Yeon Sook is. She comments Yeon Sook was a private person. The owner shocks the men when she says later she heard that Yeon Sook got remarried and moved to Seoul. Her new husband is a tall and handsome pharmacist. Kwang Ho says that she shouldn’t have gotten remarried, that he was still hers. Kwang Ho rushes away. Team Leader Chun asks if the owner remembers the man’s name. It was Yoo Seon Jae.

Team Leader Chun sees Kwang Ho sitting on the steps, trying to grapple with the news. Kwang Ho asks if Team Leader Chun knew this. Team Leader Chun assures him he did not know this and if he’d learned this, he would have told him. Kwang Ho says intellectually he understands that it’s been 30 years and he wouldn’t want Yeon Sook alone but emotionally it’s only been a separation of a couple of months, so it hurts. Kwang Ho cries. Team Leader Chun hurts for his friend. He asks Kwang Ho if he should track down her husband now that he has his name. Kwang Ho worries he’ll upset her happy life. Team Leader Chun tells Kwang Ho he should see her from a distance. Kwang Ho admits he’s worried that Yeon Sook has forgotten about him and their life together. He cries more. Team Leader Chun can only stand by and watch his friend feel the pain.

Good scene. I’m glad Yeon Sook was addressed and not left unresolved. Kwang Ho should go see her. We’ve all worried that she met foul play. I want to see her for myself. Team Leader Chun was a supportive friend. Kwang Ho’s pain was on multiple levels – his loss, the loss of his marriage, the loss of his wife, and perhaps the loss of returning back in time. I felt his anger being stuck in the present.

Team Leader Chun drives Kwang Ho to a pharmacy, hoping Yeon Sook’s husband works there, but he’s not there. There are several pharmacies to visit on Team Leader Chun’s list.

Professor Shin notices the victims were displayed or buried and that’s an unusual variation. She wonders if the killer changed his methods.

Professor Shin shows the discrepancy to the Dean who agrees things did change. She wonders what was the stress that could have caused the change. Professor Shin says Jung Ho Young was caught on CCTV outside the victim’s office. They both agree the murders 30 years ago committed by Jung Ho Young displayed the bodies differently (in the open) will present murders had burying. Professor Shin wonders what caused Jung Ho Young to begin burying his victims. Professor Shin wonders if the displayed bodies were done to gain notoriety.

Jung Ho Young returns to his house. He stares at the back yard.

Flashback…a young Jung Ho Young being given direction to lie that he was with his mother when the murder was committed.

Jung Ho Young walks to where Seon Jae’s mother was murdered. He recalls her pleading that she had a child. He sees a young woman walking to the bus stop wearing a skirt. The look on his face show he’s considering murder.

Team Leader Chun and Kwang Ho end up at the pharmacy where he works. Team Leader Chun asks about his wife. The man claims his wife is traveling in Europe with their daughter. Kwang Ho walks out. Team Leader Chun asks his wife’s name. Team Leader Chun bursts outside and tells Kwang Ho that his wife is not Professor Shin! Back inside the pharmacy Kwang Ho and Team Leader Chun hear the pharmacist admit he had a crush on Yeon Sook. Team Leader Chun asks why they didn’t marry. The pharmacist admits the Yeon Sook rejected his offer of marriage. Kwang Ho is stunned when the pharmacist says Yeon Sook had a child. Yeon Sook also said she wanted to wait for her husband to return. The child’s name was Yeon Ho. Kwang Ho is thrilled to learn he has a child and a wife that waited for him. The pharmacist directs them to a medical clinic where Yeon Sook rented a room.

At the medical center the owner says her husband liked Yeon Ho. She points to the room Yeon Sook and YH lived in. Kwang Ho asks where she moved to. The owner is surprised and tells them Yeon Sook died in a car accident. NO! Kwang Ho is stunned. Team Leader Chun is stunned. The owner says Yeon Sook died 20 years ago. Kwang Ho can’t believe and can’t accept it. The owner says Yeon Sook was coming home from work. They took her to the hospital but it was too late. Kwang Ho can’t take it. Tears fill his eyes. Awk! Tears! Kwang Ho demand to know the hospital as tears stream down his face.

At the hospital, Team Leader Chun and Kwang Ho learn Yeon Sook was in a taxi hit by a drunk driver in 1992. The records state she died the next day. Grief stricken Kwang Ho grabs the man. He says it can’t be. He slumps to the floor, ripped by grief. Awk! Tears! Team Leader Chun asks about Yeon Sook’s child. There aren’t records about the child. Kwang Ho stands to leave. Team Leader Chun grabs him. Kwang Ho declares Yeon Sook is waiting for him. He has to go home. Team Leader Chun gets a call as he watches Kwang Ho walk away. It’s Officer Kwak. He says Jung Ho Young has murdered again.

It’s the young woman in the skirt that is the victim at the crime scene. Seon Jae, Officer Kwak, and Officer Song are at the crime scene. Team Leader Chun arrives. Seon Jae asks about Kwang Ho. Team Leader Chun says he can’t make it today. Team Leader Chun asks for the victim’s cell phone so the family can be notified. He sees 57 missed calls from the young woman’s mother. Awk! Tears! Team Leader Chun tells the dead young woman that her mother is waiting and he’ll take her home. Awk! Tears! Team Leader Chun asks Seon Jae if he thinks Jung Ho Young committed the murder. Seon Jae states it is the same method of murder. He thinks Jung Ho Young is the killer. Professor Shin calls Seon Jae.

Impactful scene with Team Leader Chun’s words to the victim. I’m telling you the pain of loss is crushing my heart in this series.

Coroner Mok watches a police report about the latest victim. He hears the police suspect Jung Ho Young. Coroner Mok says that he counseled against chasing Jung Ho Young but instead waiting for him.

Without preamble Professor Shin states that Jung Ho Young changed how he buried the bodies because of Seon Jae. She says the 1st crime Jung Ho Young committed after Seon Jae caught him was also by the river. She states Jung Ho Young wants Seon Jae’s attention. Professor Shin guesses that Seon Jae triggered him to remember something from the past. Professor Shin says Jung Ho Young will kill again. He wants a reaction from Seon Jae. Making sure he’s got it straight, Seon Jae repeats that Jung Ho Young will murder and leave the body for him to find. Professor Shin thinks Seon Jae’s interrogation triggered him. Seon Jae remembers Jung Ho Young staring at him intently. Seon Jae can’t believe that Jung Ho Young is killing again because of him.

At the medical clinic, Kwang Ho sits next to the owner.

Flashback…the owner finds Yeon Ho blowing on a whistle repeatedly. She’s got a skinned knee. Yeon Ho says she wanted her mother to come. Yeon Ho says her mother told her to whistle when she was in danger. Yeon Ho says her mother promised to always be listening. The owner tells Yeon Ho she there on behalf of her mother. Yeon Ho says the whistle was a present for her father.

the owner tells Kwang Ho Yeon Ho blew the whistle when something happened to her. Kwang Ho puts his hand to his neck. He remembers Yeon Sook putting the whistle around his neck. He realizes it isn’t with him. He left it in the past. He cries. The pain overwhelms him.

Professor Shin is at home. On a picture…hangs the whistle!!!

My Thoughts

This show delivers another emotional episode! It all seemed innocuous with the arsonist. But things got serious when the search for Yeon Sook came to an end. The knowledge that Yeon Sook is dead gutted Kwang Ho. The knowledge that his child is out there crushed him. The knowledge that the last item his wife gave him isn’t with him but his daughter Yeon Ho. Finally the crucial reveal, that has been speculated, that Profession Shin is Kwang Ho’s daughter. Frankly, I’m glad. But does all of this end Kwang Ho’s chance to return to the past? If he goes back doesn’t everything change in the future?

What stood out in this episode:
* Seon Jae cares about Kwang Ho. He saw without a doubt that Kwang Ho saved him from injury when he shielded Seon Jae from injury in the explosion. Seon Jae thanked Kwang Ho in one brief moment (not to be repeated). Seon Jae overheard Team Leader Chun and Kwang Ho talk about his wife and he was concerned for his partner. When Team Leader Chun arrived at the murder scene, Seon Jae was concerned for his partner. I love it!
* Professor Shin realizes that the serial killer changed how he treated the bodies. In the 1986, murders they were left in the open to gain attention. Almost like an arsonist craves attention, Jung Ho Young craved attention for his murders. But then he changed his methods and began burying them. Professor Shin says he reverted back to leaving them in the open after Seon Jae interrogated them. That’s a heavy burden to place on Seon Jae. I’m not sure I completely believe that interrogation was the trigger.
* We know the serial killer is Jung Ho Young, and we saw him murder again tonight. But it’s more than Seon Jae. It’s Kwang Ho/and or Professor Shin too. Jung Ho Young is watching Kwang Ho and/or Professor Shin. Is it Professor Shin because of Seon Jae’s relationship with her? That seems like a stretch as they aren’t really a couple. Is it Kwang Ho? Does Jung Ho Young know that Kwang Ho is in the present and hunting him? Did he ring Professor Shin’s doorbells to see them both? To stalk them both?
* Seon Jae demonstrated caring for his step-mother and father. His obvious concern when they left the hospital proved he is expanding his heart and feeling a connection with his father. Their estrangement is lessening.
* Kwang Ho and Seon Jae are truly partners. We’ve waited for them to click, trust and care. It happened in this episode. It was worth the wait.
* Touches of humor, flashlight and whistle utilization. Writer Lee gave moments of humor. Seon Jae and Kwang Ho jointly catching the arsonist in the act was amusing. Seon Jae and Kwang Ho used the flashlight to illuminate the tunnel that lead Kwang Ho from the past to the present. Finally, the long-lost whistle appears in the present, in the hands of Kwang Ho’s daughter Professor Shin.
* This show has dense meaningful dialog. It takes a while to write these recaps. Writer Lee doesn’t spare a word. Everything matters that our characters say. Each episode is populated by interwoven moments. It’s a pleasure to watch knowing there aren’t throw away irrelevant scenes.

Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) knows what happened to his wife. We all worried that Yeon Sook might have been killed by Jung Ho Young. I was relieved that didn’t happen. The cruelty of that would have been hard to swallow considering Seon Jae already carries the burden of his mother being murdered by Jung Ho Young. The journey Team Leader Chun and Kwang Ho took tracking down Yeon Sook had highs and lows but ended in devastation when Kwang Ho learned that Yeon Sook died in a car accident 20 years ago. The positive was he learned he had a daughter and that Yeon Sook waited for him. I don’t know how hard it will be to track down Kwang Ho’s daughter. Will Kwang Ho find the whistle before he gets empirical proof that Professor Shin is his daughter? I like Professor Shin and Kwang Ho. They are so different. Yet Kwang Ho has a dogged determination to find common ground with Professor Shin. Is Kwang Ho doomed to live in the present and not return to the past? Is Jung Ho Young killing again because of Seon Jae or Kwang Ho or Professor Shin or a combination therein?

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4 comments on “Tunnel Episode 8 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It feels like we finished connecting the dots⚪ between the characters. In the 1986 flashback we saw Jung Ho Young seeming to be the one who killed Sun Jae’s mom, or at least was there. I can’t get out of my head the victim calling the murderer “ahjusshi”; I just don’t think an adult would call a high school 🎒 kid by a moniker used for a man older than you. Was Jung Ho Young responsible for ALL the Dot serial murders and/or was there a mastermind ho started the process and/or mentored the 🐩🐕 killer turned murderer?

    When you consider the murderer’s MO changed twice, it made me think there could be more than one perpetrator of these serial murders. I am curious 🔎 as to whether or not the contemporary murder victims have dots on their ankles. KJT asked a thoughtful question about wondering if the serial killer is aware Kwang Ho is in the present and hunting him.

    There is something off about Coroner Mok. I can’t​ help but wonder if Coroner Mok could be the original serial killer and/or mentor to copycat Jung Ho Young. When Coroner Mok said “I said not to follow him. Just quietly wait for him to make a move. It failed.” I wondered if Coroner Mok was referring to Sun Jae in regards to Jung Ho Young or vice versa (referring to murderer Jung Ho Young in regards to Sun Jae). Maybe I’m wrong and the perpetrator​ of all the murders was Jung Ho Young. I just don’t see a teenage Jung Ho Young perpetrating 5-6 murders on his own and managing to elude the police.

    I 💞 to blossoming 🌼 bromance​ between Kwang Ho and Sun Jae. I’m glad to see Sun Jae lose his prickliness 🌵. They are watching out for each other and Kwang Ho seems fatherly towards Sun Jae.

    I felt bad for Kwang Ho when he realized he was dreaming of Yeon Sook while unconcious from the tailor shop blast. I was a bit surprised how upset Kwang Ho was at the thought of Yeon Sook remarrying 10 years after his disappearance. I suppose from his perspective their separation was months ago rather than years ago.

    It was heart 💔 wrenching for Kwang Ho to discover Yeon Sook was deceased​. While Kwang​ Ho was devestated, he did discovered he has a daughter. Daughter Yeon Ho has been revealed to us as Jae Yi, who now has the whistle. I can’t help but think the whistle will be necessary for Kwang Ho to return to 1986. Who rang Jae Yi’s doorbell 🔔? Was the ringers after Jae Yi or Kwang Ho?
    Was the ringer Jung Ho Young?


    • When you consider the murderer’s MO changed twice, it made me think there could be more than one perpetrator of these serial murders.
      I agree there could be two killers working. It felt like Writer Lee was deliberately shining a direct spotlight on Jung Ho Young. But changing how you handle the body after killing seems odd. Jung Ho Young seems to want the spotlight (just like an arsonist). Burying a body doesn’t seem like his style.

      I 💞 to blossoming 🌼 bromance​ between Kwang Ho and Sun Jae. I’m glad to see Sun Jae lose his prickliness 🌵. They are watching out for each other and Kwang Ho seems fatherly towards Sun Jae.
      It’s been worth the wait to finally have these two click. They are both ethical, hard working, smart, police officers. While Kwang Ho’s intuition and emotional intelligence is superior, Seon Jae’s logical mind and focus ferrets out key details. What I like best was Seon Jae feeling Kwang Ho’s concern for him. It touched him. Lovely!

      I can’t help but think the whistle will be necessary for Kwang Ho to return to 1986.
      Concur. Because Yeon Sook gave it to Kwang Ho and then gave it to her daughter, it is a prized powerful item.

      Who rang Jae Yi’s doorbell 🔔? Was the ringers after Jae Yi or Kwang Ho? Was the ringer Jung Ho Young?
      I think it was Jung Ho Young that rang the doorbell. But was he after Kwang Ho or Professor Shin? I don’t know.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I am cringing at my grammar courtesy of autocorrect. My apologies on my sloppy proofreading before submitting. 😣😥😮


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