Tunnel Episode 4 Recap

This episode had more emotional depth.

Tunnel Episode 4 Recap


Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) walks home and spots a fire in the lower unit of the building he lives in. No one answers the door. He breaks the front window and enters. He spots books on fire on the stove. He puts the fire out with the facet sprayer. Professor Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young) steps out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. She shows no reaction to the smoke or Kwang Ho being in her apartment. Kwang Ho can’t believe she lives there. She heads to the stove, swipes it clear of the charred books, and puts the kettle on for tea. Kwang Ho can’t believe it. Professor Shin takes impassive to a whole new level!

The next morning Kwang Ho sees Professor Shin as she leaves for work. She won’t stop when he calls her, so he grabs her arm to stop her. He states that he’s uncomfortable living above her. He says she’s weird. He speculates she’s uncomfortable too. Professor Shin tells him she’s not uncomfortable at all. She strides away ignoring his calls. Kwang Ho wonders if “not responding is a thing” in 2016. That’s a 2016 phrase from a 1986 guy. Kwang Ho doesn’t know if he’ll be able to cope with both Sun Jae and Professor Shin. Ha! I was just thinking the demeanor of Professor Shin and Sun Jae will drive Kwang Ho nuts.

Kwang Ho reports the fire to the land lady. She says that Professor Shin told her everything and he owes her a front window. Kwang Ho strides off frustrated. Team Leader Chun (Jo Hee Bong) follows him. Kwang Ho stops by a community center and leaves frustrated. Team Leader Chun asks what Kwang Ho wanted. He learns that Kwang Ho wanted to know about a woman called Shin Yeon Sook (Kwang Ho’s wife waiting for him in 1986). The woman doesn’t understand why Kwang Ho called someone born that long ago his wife. Team Leader Chun can’t believe it.

Kwang Ho returns to the old neighborhood. He stares at his house which now a high rise. He doesn’t understand why he can’t find information about YS. He wonders if Team Leader Chun could help him. He worries that Team Leader Chun wouldn’t believe his crazy story. He turns and finds Team Leader Chun standing there. Team Leader Chun calls him sir, just like he did when he was a rookie. Kwang Ho decides to pretend that he said too much last night due to the alcohol. Team Leader Chun hugs Kwang Ho fiercely. Kwang Ho pulls back, stares into Team Leader Chun’s eyes, then hugs him back. Nice!

Kwang Ho tells Team Leader Chun about his tunnel time travel experience. Kwang Ho wants to know if the 1986 police caught the killer. Team Leader Chun shakes his head. There were no more murders. He believes the killer is dead. Team Leader Chun asks if Kwang Ho can tunnel time travel back to 1986. Kwang Ho shakes his head saying every attempt has failed. When Kwang Ho goes to playfully hit Team Leader Chun (as he used to do), Team Leader Chun blocks the hit. Team Leader Chun reminds Kwang Ho that one of his dreams was to become a police chief which would make Kwang Ho like a son. Kwang Ho is impressed that Team Leader Chun remembers. Kwang Ho doesn’t understand why he’s in 2016. He thought solving the 5th dot limb case would allow him to return, but that didn’t happen. He wonders if he must solve the original 1985 killer case. Team Leader Chun asks what happened to the 1988-born Kwang Ho expected transferred to the violent crimes unit. Kwang Ho says he’s missing. Kwang Ho admits that living someone else’s life feels wrong. He asks Team Leader Chun what happened to his wife. Team Leader Chun claims not to know where she is. He promises Kwang Ho he’ll find out where she is. Kwang Ho states he’ll looks for the 1988-born Kwang Ho. Team Leader Chun states he’ll search for information too. Team Leader Chun gets a call and has to leave. He reiterates his promise to find YS. He tells Kwang Ho not to disappear again. I’m pleased that Kwang Ho has someone to talk to about this. Team Leader Chun has tons of connections, so he can only help.

Officer Kim Sun Jae (Yoon Hyun Min) plays chess with Coroner Mok. He gets a call from Officer Kwak Shin Yeon Sook (Lee Shi A) asking if he knows where Kwang Ho is. When Sun Jae states he doesn’t know. Officer Kim shares that Kwang Ho got drunk at the team dinner. He tells Sun Jae to find his partner. Professor Shin texts Sun Jae to meet her at the school. Coroner Mok beats him in chess. Irked but amused, Sun Jae smiles when Coroner Mok tells him to tend to his business. Sun Jae tells Coroner Mok he wants a rematch before he leaves. Nice to see Sun Jae smile!

Kwang Ho walks the streets and muses that 2016 isn’t so bad. As he steps into the cross walk, Sun Jae pulls up with a hard brake. Kwang Ho murmurs that Sun Jae isn’t one of the good things about 2016. Sun Jae tells him to get in the car. Kwang Ho surmises there must be a new case.

Stuck in traffic Officer Kim complains to Officer Song Min Ha (Kang Ki Young) about the bad guidance the GPS provided.

Sun Jae is an aggressive speed oriented driver and gets to the scene of the crime first. Sun Jae ignores the security guards. Assuming the security guards are fellow officers Kwang Ho says they should all work together. The security guards find that odd. Inside the large house, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho (wearing shoe booties which mystifies Kwang Ho) learn the crime scene is in the master bedroom. It appears the crime was a robbery as all the jewelry boxes are ransacked. Sun Jae asks the officer in charge what happened. The officer states the security guards came to the house after the alarm went off. Kwang Ho doesn’t understand why the security guards were called, not the police. Sun Jae ignores him and asks if the escape route was checked. He looks pointedly at Kwang Ho. Not enjoying Sun Jae telling him what to do, Kwang Ho balks. The officer offers to check but Kwang Ho grouses he’ll do it.

Kwang Ho checks the back of the house and finds nothing. He guesses this was the only other way the criminals could have gone.

When Sun Jae and the officer to the second floor they run into a youth dressed in school clothes leaving his bedroom. The officer is surprised anyone is home. The boy tries to leave. Sun Jae stops him. Sun Jae stares pointedly at the athletic shoes the boy is wearing. The boy takes off. Sun Jae gives chase.

Outside Kwang Ho joins in the chase. Down the street they go. Officer Kim and Officer Song finally arrive at the scene and watch Sun Jae and Kwang Ho pursuing the boy. Kwang Ho and Sun Jae overtake the boy and subdue him. Officer Kim and Officer Song arrive after the boy is handcuffed.

The boy has a list of previous crimes. He claims he only entered the house to see what was going on. Team Leader Chun puts him in a holding cell to think about telling the truth. Team Leader Chun believes the boy was the lookout for the robbers. Sun Jae starts investigating the victim. Kwang Ho suggests investigating the boy. Sun Jae scoffs that is a dead end. He tells Kwang Ho to use his brain. Kwang Ho doesn’t like that. Team Leader Chun stands and calls Kwang Ho sir. Everyone notices. Team Leader Chun manages to bluster through an explanation. He assigns everyone tasking on the new case, which refocuses the team. Sun Jae’s disdain for Kwang Ho is starting to bug me a bit. I was hoping for more comradery.

Professor Shin and the Dean reminisce about meeting each other 15 years ago. The Dean remembers that Professor Shin used to go by the name Jae Yi.

Flashback to a young Professor Shin (Jae Yi)…
She sits alone in an interrogation room. The Dean asks the officers if she’s Korean. The officer note that Jae Yi was adopted when she was 6 years old.

I’m interested in background on Professor Shin. She’s so controlled. She’s intriguing.

Sun Jae meets Professor Shin at the university. He’s surprised to learn she wanted to ask about his comment that she was only “partially right” about the breakup theory. He explains they were never a couple. Professor Shin states that in the man’s mind he was in a relationship with the victim, the facts did not matter to him. She suggests that he try talking stalking someone to understand the mindset. Sun Jae asks her to have coffee. Is this what the intellectual call dating?

The boy finally realizes that Kwang Ho won’t let him go home. Desperate to leave, he offers to tell Kwang Ho everything he knows, if he can go home. He tells Kwang Ho he knows who the next target is. That gets Kwang Ho’s attention.

Officer Kwak Tae Hee (Kim Byung Chul) and Officer Song Min Ha (Kang Ki Young)  return to the station without much progress in the investigation. Team Leader Chun can’t take his eyes from Officer Song’s eclectic outfit. Officer Kwak complains about it. Officer Song claims he was inspired by Kwang Ho. LOL! Team Leader Chun walks away. Officer Kwak looks at his partner with disgust.

When they enter the bullpen, Kwang Ho tells them he knows who the next target is. Officer Song doesn’t understand why the boy would confess. They realize the boy is gone. Kwang Ho assures them the boy provided his address. Officer Kim and Officer Song cringe at the mistake. Sun Jae arrives and isn’t surprised Kwang Ho was fooled by the boy. Kwang Ho maintains they should investigate the next target. Sun Jae tells him to use his brain (again). Kwang Ho doesn’t like that (again). Kwang Ho tells Team Leader Chun they need to talk. They head into a conference room. Officer Song and Officer Kwak can’t believe it.

Kwang Ho isn’t happy at his treatment. Team Leader Chun says young people are different. Kwang Ho stalks away.

Taxi Driver Oh drives Kwang Ho to the next target location. It’s a nice house. Taxi Driver Oh is excited to learn they will be catching robbers today. As the boy stated, the robbers are in the house stealing the jewelry. Kwang Ho rings the doorbell. The robbers run. Kwang Ho sees the robbers when they exit the house. He chases them. They get away on a motorcycle.

Officer Song tells Team Leader Chun there was a robbery at the location Kwang Ho stated. Sun Jae is stunned. Team Leader Chun angrily orders his men to investigate.

At the house, Sun Jae notices the same security company as the first robbed house. Kwang Ho retrieves a backpack the robbers dropped in the chase. It’s full of money and jewelry. Officer Kwak tells Kwang Ho there was no way they could know the boy was telling the truth. Kwang Ho reminds them their job is to investigate not assume. They all look chagrined. Sun Jae says he’ll investigate the security company.

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae go to the boy’s house but there’s no answer. They enter the apartment. Sun Jae smells blood in the dark apartment. Kwang Ho and Sun Jae turn on their flashlights and search. Kwang Ho finds the bloody boy. They hear a sound. They find the boy’s sister in the closet. We saw team work between Kwang Ho and Sun Jae!

Team Leader Chun, Officer Song, and Officer Kwak arrive at the scene. They see the dead boy and the forensics team gathering evidence. Officer Kim says the boy was killed at 3pm. They shake their heads knowing the boy and his sister lived alone. Sun Jae sits in the closet the sister was in. He looks through the opening in the door which shows the dead boy. He wonders if the sister saw the murder. I LOVE that Sun Jae put himself in the position of the victim. He took Professor Shin’s advice and applied it in his own way.

Coroner Mok says the boy was knifed and bleed to death with the time of death between 2pm and 6pm. Kwang Ho says the sister was in the closet for a long time that day. Sun Jae says she saw the murder. Kwang Ho is surprised. Sun Jae gets a call from the hospital. He walks away. Kwang Ho grouses that Sun Jae discounts him. Coroner Mok notes that Sun Jae is capable. Are we witnessing Sun Jae showing empathy for the sister?

The sister refuses to speak. The doctor says she’s in shock. Kwang Ho and Sun Jae visit anyhow. The girl says nothing.

Sun Jae calls Professor Shin to come to the hospital. He will give her the details when she gets there.

Professor Shin arrives and Kwang Ho isn’t impressed that Sun Jae called her. Professor Shin doesn’t understand how she can help someone that won’t talk. Sun Jae tells Professor Shin that the girl watched her brother be killed and die. He asks for her help to learn the details. Kwang Ho tells Sun Jae that Professor Shin won’t be able to help. Sun Jae leaves. Kwang Ho follows his partner not happy at being ignored…again. Professor Shin sighs and looks at the girl. I LOVE that in this instance Kwang Ho’s prejudice against Professor Shin discounts her abilities. Just like Sun Jae discounts his.

Outside the hospital, Kwang Ho literally hits Sun Jae’s head. Sun Jae can’t believe it. Kwang Ho tell him to hit him if he wants. He barks if Sun Jae had listened to him maybe the boy would still be alive. He angrily states the Sun Jae can’t see the victims in these crimes only the criminals matter to him. Incensed, Sun Jae hits Kwang Ho. Sun Jae reminds Kwang Ho that he just told him to hit him. Wiping the blood from his nose, Kwang Ho punches Sun Jae. They start in on each other. Two officers pull them apart. They keep trying to fight by kicking each other. LOL! Love it! They needed to do this. Turning to the case, the boy’s death isn’t Sun Jae’s fault. Kwang Ho played a part when he let the boy go. But we know the boy was desperate to get home to his sister.

At the police station, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho glare at each other both with tissues in their nostrils. Team Leader Chun stares at the two men. He gives Kwang Ho a wink. They go into the conference room to talk. Sun Jae sighs.

Team Leader Chun tells Kwang Ho he can’t fight with other officers. Kwang Ho reminds Team Leader Chun he partnered him with Sun Jae. Team Leader Chun counters that Sun Jae has an impressive record catching criminals. Kwang Ho counters that emotions matter and Sun Jae doesn’t have any.

Sun Jae studies records. Kwang Ho sees that a record of a criminal worked for the security company at both houses. He stares at the picture. He realizes this could be one of the robbers. Sun Jae calls an internet café that the boy used to frequent. They both stand to leave. Neither of them will admit what they intend to do.

The little girl wakes to find Professor Shin in her room. She turns from Professor Shin when she speaks. Professor Shin simply tells the girl her name. Then she waits.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho arrive at the internet café. Kwang Ho stares in amazement at the sea of kids staring at computer screens. Kwang Ho asks the manager if he knows this man (and shows a picture of the potential robber). The manager confirms the man comes there often. Sun Jae asks about the boy.

Back at the station Team Leader Chun, Officer Kwak and Officer Song discuss the boy. Officer Kwak says the boy’s teacher and classmates had nothing negative to say about the boy. Officer Song says the boy didn’t get into trouble and cared for his sister. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho return. Sun Jae states they found someone paid for the boy’s access at the internet café. That someone was the potential robber Kwang Ho identified. Kwang Ho says that the robber used to work for the security company the house utilized but was fired for theft. Sun Jae says there’s another person involved. Officer Kwak notes there were 2 sets of footprints at the boy’s house and the house that was robbed. Team Leader Chun directs the team to find the potential robber they know first.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho interview a security company employee that used to work with the potential robber. The man tells them that he was contacted about the routes he works. He hands them a tablet of the routes. Kwang Ho is amazed that the tablet is like a hand-held computer. Sun Jae realizes the routes overlap with the robbed houses. They thank the employee and leave. We just witnessed Kwang Ho and Sun Jae working together! We just witnessed Sun Jae’s tolerance for Kwang Ho’s tech ignorance. I like it.

Team Leader Chun, Officer Kwak, and Officer Song stake out another home that may be targeted. Meanwhile Sun Jae and Kwang Ho arrive to stake out another home. Kwang Ho chides Sun Jae to park behind the home, that’s where burglars exit. Sun Jae listens and moves the car per Kwang Ho’s recommendation. Nice!

Professor Shin visits the little girl and brings her chocolate. The little girl still won’t speak. Calmly, Professor Shin tells her she’ll be back tomorrow.

It’s morning and nothing has happened at the home Kwang Ho and Sun Jae are watching. Kwang Ho can’t believe the Sun Jae said nothing the whole night.

Professor Shin returns to the little girl’s room. She sees the chocolate was untouched.

Burglars are stealing money and jewelry. Which house are they at?

The burglars flee over the wall and onto the street where Kwang Ho and Sun Jae see them. They exit their car and apprehend both robbers.

Professor Shin watches the little girl. She leaves the room to take a call from Sun Jae. He tells her they have suspects. He asks about the little girl. Professor Shin says she’s made no progress. Sun Jae tells her the suspects will admit to the robbery but not the murder. He asks Professor Shin to call if anything changes.

Sun Jae interrogates one of the suspects. He asks about the boy and why the man paid for his internet usage. The suspect claims he doesn’t know the boy. Sun Jae shows him the murder scene. The suspect says he’s there for robbery not murder. Just as Sun Jae predicted.

Kwang Ho interrogates the other suspect. The nervous man claims to know nothing about the murder. Kwang Ho asks if the other guy killed the boy. The suspect denies this. Kwang Ho asks if he killed the boy. The suspect denies this. Kwang Ho warns the suspect that protecting his cohort will backfire. He promises his cohort will blame him soon to save himself. He tells the suspect he’ll rot in jail. Kwang Ho leaves the room.

Kwang Ho tells Team Leader Chun one of the suspects committed the murder though they won’t confess. Team Leader Chun says they didn’t find the murder weapon when they searched the suspect’s things. Team Leader Chun asks if Professor Shin has made a break through. Sun Jae shakes his head. Kwang Ho scoffs that Professor Shin is a waste of time. Team Leader Chun stills Kwang Ho. Sun Jae leaves without Kwang Ho.

At the hospital, Professor Shin tells the little girl that she’s not used to doing the talking. She spends her time listening to murderers brag. Professor Shin shares her secret with the little girl…she saw her own parent’s die.

Flashback…a young Professor Shin watches her home go up in flames. The fire fighters fight the blaze. Professor Shin is helpless and knows it.

Professor Shin says that people wrongly assumed she set the fire because she watched it burned. Sun Jae open the hospital’s room door and hears Professor Shin. Her back to the door, she doesn’t see him at the door. Professor Shin states for years there were rumors she killed her parents. Professor Shin admits she wishes she hadn’t watch the house burn. Professor Shin doesn’t know it but the little girl has a tear running down her cheek. Professor Shin admits she asked herself why didn’t she do anything? Professor Shin tells the little girl she can do nothing or she can do something. Sun Jae retreats to the hallway and listens through the cracked door. The little girl says her brother’s name. She says he told her to hide in the closet.

the boy sees something from the window. He tells his sister to stay in the closet until he says she can come out. The little girl asks if her brother is in trouble. He puts her in the closet. He says he’ll get a couple of punches and it will be over. There’s a knock at the door. He tells her to stay in the closet. He takes her hand. She promises. Awk! Tears! He shuts the closet door. He lets the men in. It’s the two suspects! They ask if he’s alone. He confirms this. The little girl watches through the peephole in the closet. Kwang Ho’s suspect starts towards the closet but the boy stops him. Sun Jae’s suspect asks the boy how he got out of police custody. The boy says he’s in and out frequently because he’s a minor. He told the police he snuck into the house to see what was happening. Sun Jae’s suspect asks why there was a cop making inquiries. He kicks the boy. The little girl stifles a cry. The boy begs for his life. Sun Jae’s suspect tells the boy that one of his friends was caught by the cops because of him. He pulls a knife. He stabs the boy. The little girl sees this. The boy slumps to the ground. Sun Jae’s suspect orders Kwang Ho’s suspect to stab the boy. He doesn’t want to. The other man promises he’ll die if he doesn’t. Kwang Ho’s suspect stabs the boy. The little girl sees this. Sun Jae’s suspect leaves. Kwang Ho’s suspect staggers out and leaves. The boy tells his sister not to come out. With his life ebbing away he tries to shut the door so she doesn’t see him die but he collapses. Awk! Tears!

The little girl sobs her pain. Professor Shin places her hand on the little girl’s back and pats. Awk! Tears!

At the police station Kwang Ho’s suspect rages at Sun Jae’s suspect. Kwang Ho whacks them and tells them to be quiet. The suspects are taken away. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho looks at each other. Kwang Ho breaks the eye contact and walks away. Sun Jae leaves.

At the hospital, a police woman comes to take the little girl away. As she starts to leave the room, the little girl runs back for the chocolate Professor Shin brought her. Awk! Tears!

As the little girl is driven away, Professor Shin is outside the hospital and waves. The little girl waves back. Awk! Tears! Then we see the young Professor Shin waving to the little girl. Awk! Tears!

Sun Jae walks up behind Professor Shin having seen the touching moment. He simply watches her deal with the emotions that are obviously there. Another stellar moment!

It’s night at the river bank. The killer walks away from a dead woman.

At the crime scene, the police officers know that Sun Jae will come.

Sun Jae does come. As he arrives at the precinct, he ignores a phone call from his father. As he walks through the halls the two officer from the crime scene physically detain him. He tells them they can’t solve the crime. He needs to see the body. Other officers drag Sun Jae away as he yells that he must see the body.

Team Leader Chun, Officer Kim, Officer Song, and Kwang Ho sees the news report on the murder. Officer Kim states Sun Jae moves to other precincts in hopes of catching the killer he couldn’t catch before. That gets Kwang Ho’s attention. Officer Kim says they don’t know how many women the murderer has killed. Team Leader Chun says the murderer got away not because of Sun Jae but his partner’s mistake. Lightbulb goes on! This is why Sun Jae won’t/can’t trust Kwang Ho!

Outside Kwang Ho asks Team Leader Chun if he’s found where his wife is. Team Leader Chun recalls learning the record trail of YS ends and there are no further records in the system. He looks at his friend and assures him he’ll know more soon. Kwang Ho is relieved. He also wants to know what happened 1988-born Kwang Ho he is impersonating.

Kwang Ho goes to the precinct where 1988-born Kwang Ho used to work. They tell him Kwang Ho transferred to another precinct. Kwang Ho claims to be a friend who is worried that Kwang Ho hasn’t responded. The police admit that Kwang Ho hasn’t called them back either. The police say Kwang Ho didn’t recently go through anything bad. The police give Kwang Ho the mail for the missing 1988-born Kwang Ho.

Outside the police station, Kwang Ho rifles through the mail and finds a motor vehicle report, with details of a white car. Kwang Ho recalls the license plate number. He recalls the man (1988-born Kwang Ho) that almost ran into him in the cross walk the first night he was in town. He wonders if the man driving was the 1988-born Kwang Ho. Bingo!

The killer confesses the last words his victim said to him to a priest. The killer recalls a 1986 murder! He tells the priest he can’t get it out of his mind. And he can’t stop murdering. The killer leaves the confessional. He strides through the church and into the light.

My Thoughts

This episode had emotional impact. I am loving this show. Things that stood out:
* The common ground between Professor Shin and Sun Jae. I loved that he called her for help with the little girl. His intuition told him she could connect with the little girl. I loved that she went out of her comfort zone and shared personal details with the little girl to achieve a bond. The little girl responded and shared her burden of seeing her brother’s murder. I love that Sun Jae understands gets Professor Shin more than anyone else. They validate each other like no one else does. I look forward to seeing their relationship grow.
* Props – whistle and flashlight. Both Sun Jae and Kwang Ho used their flashlight’s in the boy’s home to find his body. Then they found the little girl in the closet. No whistle this episode.
* The boy guarding his sister touched me. When he elicited her promise to stay in the closet no matter what, I was touched. When she witnessed both men stabbing her brother, I was horrified at what she saw. I was appalled that the one suspect forced the other to stab her brother. The was vile. But when the boy tried to shut the door, so she wouldn’t see him die, that gutted me.
* The wave scene was beautifully produced. That was another moment that got me. Professor Shin waves AND smiles at the little girl as she’s driven away in the police car. The little girl smiles and saves back. Then we see the vulnerable young Professor Shin waving at the vulnerable little girl. That was superb! Sun Jae observing Professor Shin from a distance was respectful. I like these two!
* The 2016 violent crime unit officers are distinct and likable. They definitely picked up on Team Leader Chun calling Kwang Ho sir multiple times and seeming to take direction from Kwang Ho.
* 1988-born Kwang Ho’s fate is still a mystery. Why did he have the registration of the white car he was driving the night the killer pursued him and Kwang Ho almost got hit by him. Wasn’t that his car? His license was in the glove compartment.
*Yeon Sook’s fate is a mystery. You must be wondering too, was Yeon Sook killed by the killer? If not, where is she?
* Team Leader Chun had the reunion with Kwang Ho and confirmed Kwang Ho was from 1986. I loved that Team Leader Chun believed Kwang Ho’s time travel story. He implicitly trusts Kwang Ho. His deference to Kwang Ho multiple times caught the eye of the other officers. I like Team Leader Chun and Kwang Ho’s relationship. What does it mean that Yeon Sook’s trail of records has gone cold?
* Sun Jae connected with Professor Shin and I connected with him. Sun Jae’s continual dismissal of Kwang Ho’s obvious skills was irking me. But with the context that his former partner’s mistake let a serial killer escape, it all makes sense. Sun Jae can’t let his guard down with Kwang Ho. The same thing could happen again. The emotion that Sun Jae showed at his former precinct shows that he’s as desperate to catch the serial killer that has eluded him as Kwang Ho is. And wasn’t it interesting that he ignored his father’s phone call?

Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) proved his intuition and solid detective work could catch criminals. Kwang Ho got the boy to confess the details. Unfortunately, when he let the boy go in exchange for the information, the boy was murdered. It was unfair of Kwang Ho to blame Sun Jae for the boy’s murder. No one is correct every time. No one treats everyone fairly every time. Yes, these two detectives are very different, but they found a smidgen of common ground in this episode. Kwang Ho is blind and unfair to Professor Shin’s skills. He was rude to Professor Shin when she came to the hospital. He doubted Sun Jae’s wisdom in summoning Professor Shin. Kwang Ho doesn’t “get” Sun Jae. Kwang Ho is a people person and more of an extrovert. Sun Jae is a detailed introvert. They don’t mix well. They don’t grant each other the right to be who they inherently are. I look forward to both men accepting each other as is, and recognizing their individual strengths and working together. I hope that Kwang Ho can help solve Sun Jae’s serial killer case. Do we have 2 serial killers at play? Or are they the same killer?


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9 comments on “Tunnel Episode 4 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    WOW what an episode! If snitches get stitches, why did this poor boy get stabbed to death? What a poignant story.

    More kinship between Sun Jae and Prof Shin now he (and we) have some of her backstory. Since she was adopted, it could strengthen the case for her being KH’s daughter, but what happened to Yeon Sook?

    Kwang Ho reconnecting with Team Leader Chun, now KH has some to trust and help him in 2016. I’m relieved he discovered he had come face-to-face with Rookie KH. I’m concerned for the Rookie.

    The Dot Serial Killer striking in 2016–is he the same killer Sun Jae is after? Was the serial killer confessing in 2016 or when?

    It is too late to think straight, I’ll write more tomorrow.

    • WOW what an episode! …What a poignant story.
      Glad you felt the tug of this emotionally sad story. That little girl forever alone…💔

      The Dot Serial Killer striking in 2016–is he the same killer Sun Jae is after? Was the serial killer confessing in 2016 or when?
      I too am wondering if we are dealing with one or two serial killers. I believe the black hoodie dot serial killer is in 2016. Is he stuck there just like Kwang Ho?

  2. Selenette says:

    Not sure if this was discussed before but some viewers think Sun-jae is the son of the killer’s victim (he was the baby boy whom Kwang-ho hugged).

  3. Lady G. says:

    Kwang Ho wonders if “not responding is a thing” in 2016. That’s a 2016 phrase from a 1986 guy.

    Oops, come on writers, check your idioms and slang for the appropriate era. Then again, phrases like “The next big thing” “The plays the thing” etc. have been around for many decades. But for something to be “a thing” is definitely 21st century lingo. Mid-2000’s.

    I just loved Team Leader Chun and Kwan Ho’s little reunion there. I’m so glad it came sooner than later. They can have a lot of fun with it and I see they already do in ep. 4.

    “Sun Jae’s disdain for Kwang Ho is starting to bug me a bit. I was hoping for more comradery.”

    The camaraderie is definitely lacking between them. I find their uneasy partnership *too* aggressive at times. I think that will change when Kwang Ho realizes Sun Jae is the baby of the 1st victim. I came to that conclusion simply because of the name. And Sun Jae is proving it by his deep obsession and knowledge of the dot killer case (which he shouldn’t really know about because the files were destroyed.)

    Both guys are aggressive, driven personalities, it’s like rubbing 2 pieces of flint together. But as you note throughout the episode, they are working together so well.

    Kwang Ho’s reaction to the Internet cafe is so priceless. Choi Jin Hyuk is so good at those subtle, yet funny faces and reactions!

    I’m glad people are showing concern about the modern day Kwang Ho, because the whole situation with him is weird. It’s like “time” displaced him for now so that 1986 Kwang Ho can take his place for a little while.

    Yep I caught the flashlight prop this time. As much as I find her a paper-thin character, I’m worried about Yeon Sook’s disappearance off the radar. I still believe she’s caught up in this mess with the the killer.

    ” Kwang Ho doesn’t “get” Sun Jae. Kwang Ho is a people person and more of an extrovert. Sun Jae is a detailed introvert. They don’t mix well. They don’t grant each other the right to be who they inherently are.”

    I like that statement! It’s true. Once they come to an understanding, they’ll work together so well. This episode had me crying for the boy and his sister. Very sad. Like something you’d see on the show Cold Case.

    • Both guys are aggressive, driven personalities, it’s like rubbing 2 pieces of flint together.
      You nailed that description of our partners.

      Choi Jin Hyuk is so good at those subtle, yet funny faces and reactions!
      He is nailing the reaction scenes to 2016.

      modern day Kwang Ho, because the whole situation with him is weird. It’s like “time” displaced him for now so that 1986 Kwang Ho can take his place for a little while.
      2016 Kwang Ho is more forgotten than remembered. I could quibble with the writer on this plot point. Doesn’t he have family or friends?

      I still believe she’s caught up in this mess with the the killer.
      I’m concerned for her too.

      This episode had me crying for the boy and his sister.
      We had similar reactions which shows the story was spot on and the acting stellar to make these minor characters touch our hearts.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I just finished watching the first episode and the child of the married victim was named Seon (Sun) Jae – I concur with Lady G that the modern day detective is that child all grown up. Another evidence of confirmation was the man Sun Jae was playing chess with asked fatherly questions and resembled the married victim’s husband.

      When the other detectives​ mentioned the name of the serial killer who got away from Sun Jae was Sung Ho Young, which was the same name as the creepy kid who killed 🐕🐩.

      Incedentally, at the end of episode 1 Hwang Ho’s flashlight 🔦, which had stopped working, flickered on to shine on the whistle just before Kwang Ho passed out – coincidence? I think not, could the combination of the flashlight 🔦 and whistle be the catalyst for time travel?

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