Tomorrow With You Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Can our couple escape their predetermined fate?

Tomorrow With You Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Present, February 2019…

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) writes another email to So Joon:

It has been two years since you disappeared. Ohri Ramen is no longer trendy. Ryu Sun Gwang really did become president. I saw the In Yo Hwan game with Se Young and Ki Doong.

Ki Doong and Ma Rin drive Se Young nuts with their knowledge who will win the game.

I knew who would win, so it wasn’t fun. All the future items you brought for me are now all things of the past. I’m worried that our time together will become a thing of the past. I feel lonely lately. February 2019. Your wife, Ma Rin.

Ma Rin selects 2022 as the date to send the email.

Future, February 2022…

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is in a coma and hooked to IVs. He moves his finger. He opens his eyes. He wonders where he is. He sees he is in his house. I wondered about that at the end of episode 15. I’m curious how he’s in the house and Ma Rin isn’t there. His caretaker comes in the room. She asks if he can see her. But So Joon can only wonder where Ma Rin is. He tells himself it must be dream.

Ki Doong bursts through the door. Yes! I’m happy to see that So Joon’s care is under Ki Doong’s purview. Se Young enters too. The caretaker tells them that it was a temporary condition and the doctor is examining So Joon right now. Se Young is hopeful that So Joon repeatedly opening his eyes and moving his finger means he is on the road to recovery. The question is, where is Ma Rin? I’d imagine that she’d never leave a comatose So Joon’s side. Have Ki Doong and Se Young kept this from her?

The doctor exits So Joon’s room and tells Ki Doong and Se Young that So Joon’s experience a medical twitch. Se Young counters that for 2 years there was no movement, now there have been 4 instances this month. The doctor says So Joon’s case is a mystery. He doesn’t know why So Joon is in this state. There’s no brain damage. His body is healthy. When he was found in subway he was bleeding profusely. There is no heart issue. Why So Joon is in a coma stymies the doctor.

Ki Doong and Se Young leave the house. As they walk down the road, Ki Doong says that So Joon isn’t a normal person. He should be in the past, but he’s been here too long. Se Young wants him to wake but wonders if the coma offers So Joon a respite. She wonders how So Joon will deal with reality when he wakes. Oh no, that doesn’t sound positive. If he learns what happened to Ma Rin, he’ll freak. Ki Doong recalls that Ma Rin’s death anniversary is next month. That’s not good. Ki Doong says that Ma Rin has been dead for 3 years. Yikes! What happened? They agree there is hope that So Joon will wake. Then he can return to the past or live in this time. They agree So Joon deserves the chance to live his life.

The caretaker hears the monitors again. She enters the room and finds So Joon’s eyes flickering again. He coughs!

The doctor and Ki Doong hover of So Joon’s bed. He recognizes Ki Doong! Awesome! Ki Doong is stunned. Great reaction by the actor. So Joon asks what year it is. Ki Doong can’t believe So Joon can see and hear him. Ki Doong asks again what year it is. Ki Doong tells him it is 2022.

One month later, March 2022….

So Joon is riding the subway. He thinks “It is one month since I woke. And I failed again today. I don’t know why, but I cannot time travel back to my time.”

Ki Doong tells So Joon that on November 30, 2019 after Director Kim stabbed him, he appeared 3 years in the future. He was passed out. So Joon mutters that he was finally able to time travel past day he previously was to die. Ki Doong doesn’t understand the reference. So Joon can’t believe he’s been comatose ever since. So Joon admits he intermittently heard things but thought he was dreaming. So Joon congratulates Ki Doong on his marriage to Se Young. Ki Doong smiles and laughs that So Joon did hear some things. So Joon admits he was surprised. Ki Doong asks if So Joon knows about Ma Rin. So Joon doesn’t want to talk about Ma Rin.

We see Ma Rin bumped into the street and hit by the car. Recall this happened BUT So Joon intervened stopping the incident (and Ma Rin’s early death) from occurring.

While So Joon walks the streets alone, he hopes that if he can regain the ability to time travel, he’ll be able to see Ma Rin once again. He knows the clock is ticking for Ma Rin. It will only be a matter of days before she dies.

I love that we’ve come full circle. So Joon saved Ma Rin in the beginning of this series. Can he save her again? I’d love it if she could save him.

March 2019…

Ma Rin stares at her first photo exhibit. So Ri finds her and declares that time travelers must exist. That gets Ma Rin’s attention. So Ri says there a woman named Flower (OMG). Ma Rin can’t believe the woman uses her nickname. So Ri says the woman predicts the future with uncanny accuracy.

Ma Rin watches a promo for Flower. LOL! It’s Assistant Hwang (Director Kim’s former assistant) promoting Flower as a time traveler. Ma Rin can’t believe that Assistant Hwang is doing this. Ma Rin rejects the possibility. So Ri cites many instances that Flower predict things correctly. So Ri says that Flower has been quiet of late posting things predicting the future on the internet.

Assistant Hwang greets CEO Wang. Recall So Joon appointment Director Wang as his successor. CEO Wang is irritated that Assistant Hwang suspects his activities. He reminds Assistant Hwang that he is nothing like Director Kim. Assistant Hwang balks at the name of his former boss. Ha!

Ma Rin can’t get over So Joon’s loss. She recalls posting the future to warn people of bad things happening much to So Joon’s chagrin. Ma Rin declares she can’t sit silent, she has to tell what she knows. She wonders how he was able to deal with knowing things but not sharing them. Ma Rin feels that So Joon must have suffered not being able to help others. Ma Rin listens to So Joon’s heart. She pretends to communicate with the heart telling So Joon that his heart was sad and lonely sometimes. Ma Rin tells So Joon that his heart demands that she never let him go. So Joon chuckles. Ma Rin tells So Joon that his heart loves her. So Joon confirms that is true. Yes! Love it! What a sweet scene of them snuggling on the couch. Their easy rapport and chemistry was evident.

Ma Rin, Se Young, and Ki Doong share laughs over Flower’s predictions. Ki Doong concurs that keeping silent is difficult. Se Young chides him for keeping secrets from her. Ki Doong wishes So Joon was there. There’s a pause, then Ma Rin says that So Joon would not be happy to learn she was Flower and sharing her knowledge of the future on the internet.  She says her knowledge of the future is exhausted. She knows people want more predications from Flower. Se Young changes the subject and asks if Ma Rin is nervous about her first photo exhibition. She claims utter confidence. She admits she’s been thinking about So Joon. She wants So Joon to know her life has purpose and have him be happy for her. They drink beer and celebrate her upcoming photo exhibition.

After dinner Ma Rin refuses Ki Doong and Se Young’s offer to walk her home. She watches her friends leave arm in arm. She wishes she had So Joon back. She stops by the convenience store for beer and watches a couple interact. She wishes she had So Joon back.

March 2022…
So Joon rides the subway crying and hoping that he’ll time travel but to no avail.

March 2019….
Ma Rin drinks and talks to the robot vacuum.

March 2022….

So Joon tells Ki Doong that he can’t time travel back. He knows Ma Rin will die soon. If only he could save her. Ki Doong wonders if So Joon should give up and accept things as they are. He worries that So Joon won’t be able to handle not saving Ma Rin. So Joon asks if Ki Doong could give up on Se Young. Point taken. Ki Doong understands why So Joon can’t give up. So Joon struggles with the knowledge that in 2 days Ma Rin will die and he’ll never be able to see her again. He’s at a loss on what to do. He knows Ma Rin must have been lonely without him. He wonders if the extended coma ended his time travel abilities. He wonders if being in the future for so long negated his time travel abilities. Ki Doong tells him there is nothing he can do. So Joon can’t live in the future. He must be with Ma Rin. If only for an hour, 10 minutes, a glance, he only wants to see the woman he loves again.

March 2019….

Ma Rin is at her computer. Is she sending another email to So Joon? She’s got the year correct.

March 2022….
So Joon returns to an empty house. He watches the robot vacuum and thinks of Ma Rin.

March 2019….
Ma Rin wonders what year to send this email to. She decides to send it to 2022. Yep, that’s the correct year.

March 2022….

So Joon gets an email notification. Is it from Ma Rin? So Joon reads her email:
Are you dead or alive? I’m a little drunk. Are you cheating on me in the future? Are you cheating on me with future Ma Rin? You said we’d see the fireworks together on March 25, 2019. That’s the day after tomorrow. You better come home, while I’m still able to be polite. We need to see those fireworks. Do you like the future better than the present?
So Joon smiles after reading Ma Rin’s email. He stares at the graffiti she left on the desk. “I really miss you.”

So Joon reads the flood of emails.

Awk! Tears! There is something achingly heartbreaking about their need for each other even across the bands of time. The tears of sadness by both actors, clutch my heart and squeeze. Truly, they have embodied their roles and I FEEL them.

So Joon visits Ma Rin’s memorial marker. Awk! Tears! He tells her that while it isn’t radically different in this time, he doesn’t think he can cope with living here.

The camera pans to another memorial marker for Song Doo Il, 12/7/64 – 3/25/19. Hmm, I don’t know who this is but the end date is the same as Ma Rin’s.

March 2019….

Ma Rin is nervous that no one will come to her photo exhibition. Someone comes. It is the photographer from the beginning of this series (the one that took the pictures at Gun Sook’s wedding party). The photographer tells Ma Rin that she was one of the judges that awarded her for rookie photographer. She asks if Ma Rin remembers when So Joon brought her to the studio. She tells Ma Rin she was talented back then though she was too insecure to admit that. She states it was good they didn’t work together. Ma Rin tells her she’s the first person to the exhibit. She’s honored (though Ma Rin doesn’t hear her say it).

Now the gallery is filled with visitors and friends. The photographs are from around the world. Se Young and Ki Doong arrive and greet Ma Rin with flowers. Gun Sook arrives and says compliments Ma Rin.

Is the 3/25/19 memorial placard from the person that will be the key to unlock the past for So Joon or save our couple’s future?

March 2022….

So Joon goes to the subway and finds it closed. He enters anyhow. A man tells him there is construction and he must leave. So Joon tells him he must go down. He offers the man money. The man tells him to leave. The man calls other works who try and get So Joon to leave. But So Joon breaks free and jumps into the subway tunnel. With the men in hot pursuit, So Joon runs with all his might.

There’s a montage of So Joon’s time traveling, Ma Rin wanting him to stay, So Joon seeing Ma Rin on the stretcher on 3/25/19, and Ma Rin asking him to stay.

So Joon runs and hits “the spot”, the time portal, and time travels!!! YES!!!

He reappears on the subway starting the other passengers!! He smiles when he sees the date. He knows there’s a chance he can save his beloved wife! Awk! Tears!

So Joon runs out of the subway station. Ma Rin isn’t there waiting for him. He runs to the street. He sees her in front of the memorial marker! OMG!!! She turns and walks away. He calls her name. She stops. She turns. She sees him rush towards her. Awk! Tears! He hugs her. She pulls away. She turns away. So Joon calls after her. She asks if he’s from the past. She tells him she doesn’t want to see him. She asks him to leave. She turns and starting walking.

But So Joon can’t let her go. He walks after her. He tells her he won’t break up with her.  He’ll never regret meeting her. He tells her he suffered because of her lies. Excuse me, that’s rich coming from him. He tells her he believed their relationship was doomed. He tells her she asked him to break up with her in the past. Then she asked him to return to her from the future. She turns and asks who he is. He asks why she’d send him a flood of emails. Tears spring to her eyes. She realizes that he’s returned to her from the future. He declares that he’s not cheating in the future. He says he received the email only yesterday, when he was stuck 3 years in the future. She sobs. He declares he told her to come back. She flings her arms around him. She asks him what took him so long. He cries and apologizes for taking so long. She sobs that she waited so long for him. He apologizes.

Wow! That was perfection! I was crying right along with our couple.

They arrive home. They smile. She kisses him. He kisses her back. He pulls her into the bedroom kissing all the way.

Wow, his smile and back hug as they walk into the bedroom…perfection! I wanted emotional payoff from this couple. They have delivered!

Ki Doong is in his office. He gets a text. It’s a photo from So Joon and text “I’m back. No phone calls. Will call you soon.” Tears spring to Ki Doong’s eyes. He utters “he came back.”

Loving it! Another on-point moment.

Se Young is working late. Her coworker asks if Ki Doong gets upset that she works hard. Se Young counters that Ki Doong cooks, cleans, and supports her in every way. As she words she hears Ki Doong’s voice. He rushes into the empty office a smile on his face. She holds out her arms for a hug. He stands there and tells her So Joon is back. Se Young stands stunned. Ki Doong rushes to his wife telling her he just got a text. He talks a mile a minute saying that he didn’t want to call and disturb a reunion with Ma Rin. Tears spring to Se Young’s eyes as she declares her relief. Ki Doong mentions there’s one more thing. He shows her a second text from So Joon with the winning lottery numbers! She’s thrilled.

Gun Sook and Assistant Hwang meet for coffee. She tells him that she’s been well running a coffee shop on Jeju Island. She tells him she’s in Seoul for Ma Rin’s photo exhibit. She saying the road to healing has been long. She asks how he is doing. Assistant Hwang admits he still suffers. He admits he’s doing an internet broadcast as a hobby. Gun Sook smiles and says she’s watched his broadcast. That embarrasses him. She says she’d like to meet Flower. He says he only knows her from the internet. He’s never met her in real life. Gun Sook says her future seems bleak. He tells her she’s young. She’s pretty. He calls her Madam. She chuckles that title was from long ago. They both chuckle. She admits that she relied on him during the hard times of the past. He offers to support her in the future too. They both smile.

Nice scene. My favorite moment of Gun Sook was when she and Assistant Hwang unknowingly danced with each other at the club. In that moment, they were two people attracted and having fun. This scene provided a sense of a survivor’s club.

I can’t get it out of my head, will the second memorial marker Song Doo Il that dies on 3/25/19 come into play in the last 20 minutes of this episode?

Ma Rin asks So Joon if he’s okay after 2 years in a coma. He tells her he’s fine. She asks if she was a good nurse. He smiles, lies, and tells her she was a good nurse. He tells her he’s back where he belongs. He believes the future has changed for the better. She likes that. He promises to tell her more later. He asks about her. She says her first photo exhibit was today. She brags about her award. He’s happy for her. She says it was hard without him. But it doesn’t matter because she’s happy now.

Is anyone else still uneasy? I can’t quite believe that this is over. Will the other shoe drop?

They go to the photo exhibit. So Joon stares at the pictures of him. He jokes this is a privacy violation. He tells her she was a faithful wife. She tells him that he came to her from the past and sent her a video message too. She says he brought her dumplings. She says they even ran into each other once. She says when she didn’t see him anymore, she went looking for him.

We see how Ma Rin would go to places So Joon went to often; their house, Ki Doong’s apartment, the subway station, etc. We see the scene where she meets So Joon from the past tipping him off that she learns about his time traveling abilities. She admits she forced herself to be cool towards him. He asks if she went looking for him. She admits it. They hug.

March 25, 2019, day of the accident…

Ma Rin’s parents head to Ma Rin’s photo exhibit together. Ma Rin’s mother asks if Doo Sik if he wants to get back together. He asks why she isn’t sick of him yet. Doo Sik admits leaving their family was a crazy thing to do, one that he regrets in hindsight. He puts his arm around her. She’s surprised and pleased.

Is it Ma Rin’s mother that dies today?

At the exhibit, Ma Rin’s mother is stunned to see So Joon and runs into his arms. Doo Sik stares at him in shock. Ma Rin’s mother tells him 2 years with no contact was too long. So Joon apologizes. Ma Rin’s mother says she was terribly worried. Ma Rin tells her mother to back off. Doo Sik tells So Joon they need to talk.

Doo Sik demands to know why So Joon has stupidly returned. So Joon tells him not to waste his breath. This is what he wanted. So Joon tells Doo Sik that today is his last day too. What? So Joon tells Doo Sik that he’s learned that he was at the subway accident too. So Joon says he will suffer the same fate he and Ma Rin will. What? Everyone that survived the subway accident dies today? Doo Sik retorts that he lives an additional 3 days. So Joon says that no one else in the world knows what will happen today.

So Joon admits that time travel freed him from worrying about his future. Today he’s at peace. He’s not resigned to death but feels that he’s lived enough. So Joon says putting his feeling into words is difficult. Doo Sik tells him not to give up hope. So Joon agrees that he won’t. So Joon says he’ll take Ma Rin to the fireworks tonight. Doo Sik tells him that if he gives up, then hope dies too. So Joon promises not to give up. He wants today to be a happy day.

So Joon asks Doo Sik if he’s grown closer to Ma Rin. Doo Sik shrugs saying there’s no point in attachments considering his future. So Joon notes that Doo Sik cared from the shadows. Doo Sik says he doesn’t want to hurt her twice by losing him again. Doo Sik promises to be a good father, if they can get past this last hurdle. Doo Sik reminds So Joon that he once told him he had a daughter, she met a man and lived a loving life. So Joon points out that Doo Sik threatened him if he didn’t marry Ma Rin.  Doo Sik admits his priority was to save his daughter and willingly manipulated So Joon to that end. Doo Sik believed they would suit each other whether for a year or a lifetime. He doesn’t know if interfering was the right thing to do. So Joon thanks Doo Sik for letting him meet Ma Rin. Awk! Tears! He promises to call him Father tomorrow, if they survive today. Doo Sik agrees. So Joon wishes him good luck and calls him Father. Doo Sik snipes to save that for tomorrow.

Ma Rin finds them talking. She asks if they need more time. Both men say they are done. Ma Rin tells her father that she and So Joon have something else to do today. Doo Sik urges them to leave. Ma Rin thanks Doo Sik for coming and suggests they share a meal soon. So Joon mutters she should say more to her father. Ma Rin mutters back they don’t have time. She tells Doo Sik they’ll share that meal soon. Doo Sik smiles and agrees. So Joon tells Doo Sik he’ll call him later. Doo Sik shoos them away.

Doo Sik smiles as he watches them walk away. He says he was right, they suit each other well.

Ma Rin takes So Joon to register their marriage. Ma Rin grouses that it is insensitive to put divorce forms next to the marriage registration forms. They fill out the form. Ma Rin films So Joon as he turns in the form. She urges him to smile through his embracement. She asks if he’s happy to register their marriage. He agrees it makes him happy. He tells her he loves her. Awk! Tears! She says she loves him too.

Ma Rin loves looking at their marriage certificate. She admits this feels different. So Joon chides her to stop staring. She loves that they are officially family. He has to smile. So Joon sees a quote on the table “It is an incredible thing for a person to come. That person…”

Flashback to Ma Rin’s drunk state where she cried about Bap Soon.

“And that person’s past”

Flashback to So Joon telling Ma Rin that she promised they’d live together.

“And the present. Also, that person’s future comes attached. A person’s entire life comes.”

Ma Rin comments that reminds her of their story. She notes it was written by Jung Hyun Jong. Another person tells them what they read was a poem titled “Guest” by Jung Hyun Jong. Embarrassed that they thought this was a guest entry, they leave, and laugh as they walk down the street.

Ma Rin says it’s time for fireworks. They agree to take a bus. She runs ahead. The man bumps into her at the corner. The marriage certificate flies into the street. Ma Rin goes after it into oncoming traffic. She picks up the marriage certificate and smiles at So Joon. He rushes towards her. He grabs her and hold on shielding her from the oncoming car…that swerves around them! They stare at the driver…it’s Doo Sik! He stares at them. He smiles. He takes the hit of the oncoming car.

So Joon says “I don’t want to discuss this any further. Like the time, I was riddled with guilt when I lost my parents, we would be in pain over this day more many days to come. Nonetheless, we would forget in time.”

Three years later…

So Joon and Ma Rin snipe at each other in the morning. They complain about money. She complains about his time traveling. She claims she can’t get pregnant because he’s gone so much. She disparages his sperm as being less effective due to the time travel. LOL! Didn’t see that coming! So Joon calls her harsh. Ma Rin reminds him that he promised not to time travel anymore. She’s disappointed he broke his promise. They bicker. Ma Rin says he’s changed. She can’t believe she waited 2 years for him and this is their marriage now. So Joon says he has to go to work. She strides past him in anger.

So Joon drives to work. He wonders why Ma Rin is always angry at him. He gets an email. He pulls to the side of the road. Nice future tech attempt from the props department with the see-through phone. He smiles. So Joon thinks “sometimes I get emails from the past Ma Rin who was waiting for me. Back when every second and minute felt desperate. ” So Joon gets out of the car.

Ma Rin walks to work. So Joon calls her. He apologizes and asks if they can go on a date. He calls her Flower. She smiles and asks when. He smiles and says today.

We end this series with our couple smiling over the beautiful first song of the OST “Flower” by Seo In Guk. The closing credit is a mix of behind the scenes moments, a montage of our couple’s kisses, with the final shot being our couple smiling on their wedding day

My Thoughts

This finale episode was NOT a victory lap. I felt uneasy the entire episode. I’ll have to rewatch it, now that I know how it ends. After the 15th episode I felt confident our couple would have a happily ever after. But happiness came with a price. And staying happy takes work.

I enjoyed this series. I grew to love this couple. I enjoyed the secondary couple. I respect writers that have a vision and keep that vision intact throughout the series. I would watch another series written by Writer Heo (Heo Sung Hye). While I didn’t love every plot choice Writer Heo  made, I was never bored and enjoyed that every episode peeled the onion of this story.

Gun Sook came to Ma Rin’s photo exhibit and reconnected with Assistant Hwang. This was the most palatable the Gun Sook character has ever been. And that was more do with Assistant Hwang who had a hard road to hoe, having crazy Director Kim as a boss and Gun Sook as his needy and demanding wife. I did enjoy the snippet of Assistant Hwang’s internet show talking about Flower’s predictions.

Doo Sik made the ultimate sacrifice for our couple. I was satisfied with his choice. He pushed them together. It was fitting that he saved them.

Ki Doong once again provided genuine moments. He was hopeful when So Joon fluttered his eyes only to be disappointed again. He was thrilled when So Joon woke for real but knew he had to tell his dear friend that Ma Rin was dead. My favorite moment was when he got the text then burst into Se Young’s workplace to announce that So Joon was back. They both were thrilled and their hug was one of happiness and sweet relief.

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) wrote a slew of emails that eventually reached So Joon (stuck in the future). Ma Rin soldiered on with her life after So Joon’s disappearance. But she couldn’t truly be happy. She waited and hoped. And when So Joon finally returned, she simply didn’t believe him thinking him a past incarnation. But when he mentioned her emails, she knew he had come back through time for her. That was a terrific scene for both actors. The realization, the affirmation of love was a beautiful to watch. There scene when they returned home had a sweet element of passion, something this couple delivered. It was subtle passion, but it was there. I find Shin Min A believable, likable, and an able partner effectively to any actor she’s paired with. She and Lee Je Hoon had chemistry.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) returned when he decided to run to the time portal from his initial time travel. That was the logical way for him to time travel again when the subway turned out to be a bust. So Joon admitted he loved Ma Rin. He decided returning to Ma Rin was his utmost desire, even if only for a couple of days. The evolution So Joon went through in this series was the most interesting. Guarded and detached, he met the woman that was the exact opposite. She wormed her way into his heart. Remember when they first married? It appeared So Joon was using Ma Rin’s love to his advantage with no intension of reciprocating. In the end, So Joon was her stalwart champion and defender. While I struggled with So Joon’s endless secrets, in the end, I had to accept that they came from a place of love. His devotion to Ma Rin was evident for all to see. This was my first time watching this Lee Je Hoon. He hooked me with a performance that anchored this show. His slow smile was a reward for viewers. His chemistry with Shin Min A rang true.

Did Writer Heo grant my wish list for the final episode?
* So Joon and Ma Rin reunite. Granted. I didn’t want a quick reunion and Writer Heo delivered. They had hurdles to jump in this final episode. I can’t say I was able to relish their reunion because I was worried until the last, if they would escape the expected fate. I found it realistic that our couple was testy with each other at the end. Relationships are hard and require work. Her email, his phone call to ask for a date made them smile at the opportunity to reset and reconnect. Fitting ending for this couple.
* Ki Doong and Se Young moments. Granted. Their moments have been minimal but enjoyable. Today we saw their support of each other during So Joon’s coma, and their unabashed joy when So Joon returned. I smiled when Se Young bragged to her coworker how fabulous Ki Doong was.
* Doo Sik and Ma Rin’s mother reunite. Denied. Ma Rin’s mother poked and prodded Ma Rin’s father until they found a mutual ground. But Doo Sik knew what his end game was. Because of that he kept his wife and daughter at arm’s length to spare them. Funny how that is the exact opposite of what So Joon learned to do. Guarded in the beginning, So Joon fully embraced his relationship and worked to preserve it.

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11 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 16 (Final) Recap
  1. Thurs says:

    It’s finished! Wow what a roller coaster, so tense and full of loving bits and moments in between. I felt like I was on a train ride stopping every so often at a station, waiting for an announcement of what was to happen to our couple’s fate but ultimately we arrived at our destination and got what we were hoping and dreaming of in the end! I am very happy with the entire play out of the series right down to the last minute.

    I just want to go back and start it all again now that I know what the future is like for our couple. Their chemistry held the show and gave us what we needed to push the story along in what could be quite a slow drama otherwise. Im so glad we could share the same experience, the frustration and anger and melt your heart sweet cringe couple screen times. ❤

    Will definitely miss looking forward to reading recaps right after the episode and seeing the comments agreeing and giving insight into the story every week! ❤ ❤ ❤ It's been a great jouurney together guys xoxox

    P.S: The grave next to Song Ma Rin was her dad's, I realised you didn't know who it was and it mustve been confusing trying to figure out who this new character was but once you know it all kind of made sense!


    • @Thurs, so glad you are pleased with where this series ended up. I am too. I was surprised how jam packed this episode was. I didn’t want a quick resolution and all filler scenes. That did not happen. Writer Heo gave more twists and turns than expected.

      Their chemistry held the show and gave us what we needed to push the story along in what could be quite a slow drama otherwise.
      Well stated. This drama was quiet, effective, and not showy. Our couple was the energy of this series.

      The grave next to Song Ma Rin was her dad’s, I realised you didn’t know who it was and it mustve been confusing trying to figure out who this new character was but once you know it all kind of made sense!
      Absolutely made sense that Ma Rin’s father’s memorial was near his daughter’s memorial. It nagged at me as I watched. Writer Heo did tie everything together. I plan to put Writer Heo on my watch list.

      Im so glad we could share the same experience, the frustration and anger and melt your heart sweet cringe couple screen times. Will definitely miss looking forward to reading recaps right after the episode and seeing the comments agreeing and giving insight into the story every week! ❤ ❤ ❤ It’s been a great jouurney together guys xoxox
      I loved the interactions we all shared throughout this series. I love not watching a drama alone but with others who offer opinions and analysis that enhances my enjoyment. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I hope we’ll watch and talk about another drama again.


  2. Kawai says:

    Can you tell me what does ma rin call her husband? It’s realtor in English, but i want to know the korean word thanks! Is it Dokpang?

    I so love this drama, especially the Ma Rin and So Joon’s relationship. Im not married yet but i think they nailed it on portraying a newlyweds who doesn’t really know each other so well. Every episode i keep guessing on what will happen or why everything happens and why is that Ahjussi meddling with their life lol I just love the concept that anything can happen on this drama, the scope is so wide and it’s really unpredictable. People are really missing out on this one.


    • @Kawai, I can’t answer your first question about realtor in Korean. I do not know.

      i think they nailed it on portraying a newlyweds who doesn’t really know each other so well. Every episode i keep guessing on what will happen or why everything happens
      I like the way you described that awkward newly married but more like strangers phase. And I agree, I was guessing what would happen up until the end. This drama was not predictable!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  3. Kay says:

    Great job at recapping this series. Overall, I was very pleased with the drama. I had some major issues with the pacing and slowness in the first half, but it really developed into a wonderful romantic thriller. And the chemistry between Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah was off the charts! Loved them so much! A very well thought out drama that ended up being very compelling.


    • So glad you enjoyed this drama too. It had a quiet start and began to really click when the couple did. I concur – the chemistry between Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah was off the charts. They were the heart of this drama.

      Writer Heo had a plan for the story and executed it. There were twists and turns up to the very end!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    When I saw the Song Doo Il marker, I assumed it was Ma Rin’s dad, despite the name difference. I 💭 hmmm, Ma Rin’s dad would fight to his dying breath to save his daughter. While I was sad 😔😞😢 for Ma Rin and her mother’s loss, what kind of death could be more noble? Honor and taking responsibility are crucial in Asian social mores.

    Ki Doong and Se Young were one of the loveliest secondary couples 💑 I’ve in a Kdrama. They had a sweet story of coming together after her father died, didn’t overshadow 👥 our OTP, and were supportive of Ma Rin when So Joon disappeared and then supportive of So Joon when Ma Rin had passed away. Their sweet 🍬, tender moments enhanced the story. Other side stories with Secretary Hwang, especially “the Flower time traveler” internet escapades, and Gun Sook added to the story.

    I was a bit optimistic thinking Mr Shin 👷 might be brought back. My desire for a happy ending found the logic to make it happen; but it was not to be. Overall I liked Writer Heo’s consistent vision of the story. I would watch another drama written by this writer 📝.

    I ❤ the persistance of our OTP to reunite! Ma Rin NEVER gave 🆙 on So Joon returning; waiting and sending emails to future So Joon. So Joon did ALL he possibly could to return 🏃 to his Ma Rin.

    I was not particularly fond of So Joon seemingly using Ma Rin, looking out for himself ☝in the first couple of episodes. Ma Rin deserved better than that. I concur with KJT that So Joon had a marvelous 🌟 evolution into a devoted loving 💞 husband.

    This was a romantic 💓thrill ride that kept us guessing about the future and wondering if our OTP could overcome their fatal 💀 fate. I’m VERY pleased they did overcome death. I had to laugh 😹 at their bickering and the reality of having to work hard to live happily 💖 ever after. (Ma Rin’s emails to future So Joon helped too)

    While the OST was short, it was nice. I ❤ Seo In Guk’s “Flower” 🌷🌸🌺🌻🌼🏵, I thought the feeling of the song was a perfect reflection on the yearning in the series.

    This was my first time seeing Lee Je Hoon in a drama and I was IMPRESSED! Initially I was not particularly attracted to him, his using Ma Rin may have influenced my opinion, but by the end of the series I wanted to be on the receiving end of those kisses 💋. I already liked Shin Min Ah. The chemistry between our OTP was FANTASTIC!

    I 💗 “Tomorrow With You”. It had that great combination of good writing, acting (did I mention the chemistry of our OTP and secondary couple?), direction, soundtrack and a happy ending!

    Thank you KJT for your awesome recaps 👏 and your forum for discussing our passion ❣ for Kdrama.


    • Ma Rin’s dad would fight to his dying breath to save his daughter…what kind of death could be more noble?
      It was fitting that he saved them because he’s the one that put their relationship in motion.

      Ki Doong and Se Young were one of the loveliest secondary couples 💑 I’ve in a Kdrama.
      I loved Ki Doong first. He was an awesome first to our couple. I so wanted his love to be returned. I grew to care for Se Young. She released her unrequited love for So Joon and opened her eyes to Ki Doong. Plus after losing her father, she didn’t wallow in grief, she saw that life was short.

      Secretary Hwang, especially “the Flower time traveler” internet escapades…
      I enjoyed the long suffering Secretary Hwang too.

      I liked Writer Heo’s consistent vision of the story. I would watch another drama written by this write
      I’m focusing on writers more and more. They are crucial components to dramas. Writer Heo was consistent and managed to keep me guessing the entire series. I too would watch another drama by Writer Heo. Beyond the Clouds, from 2014, is the previous drama from this writer. I may check it out.

      Ma Rin NEVER gave 🆙 on So Joon returning; waiting and sending emails to future So Joon. So Joon did ALL he possibly could to return 🏃 to his Ma Rin.
      Once they loved, they were all in. It was heartwarming to watch. 💑

      I had to laugh 😹 at their bickering and the reality of having to work hard to live happily
      Wonderful touch of reality in that moment. Love isn’t always be sunshine 🌞and roses 🌹!

      OST…I ❤ Seo In Guk’s “Flower”
      I loved that one too and have become a fan of “Fortunately” by Lee Se Ra. It evokes their relationship in a marvelous moody manner.

      This was my first time seeing Lee Je Hoon in a drama and I was IMPRESSED!
      I am now a fan of Lee Je Hoon! He wasn’t showy but he had presence.

      I already liked Shin Min Ah. The chemistry between our OTP was FANTASTIC!
      They had “IT”. Sin Min Ah seems to have a certain amount of sizzle with every male lead she’s paired with. She’s definitely a huge factor in this couple’s success.

      Thank you KJT for your awesome recaps 👏 and your forum for discussing our passion ❣
      Labor of love, JT. It’s wonderful to interact with smart, articulate, like minded drama lovers. It makes me enjoy the dramas we watch together even more!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I ❤ sharing the things I enjoy with kindred spirits!

        I looked up "Beyond the Clouds" and found it also named "The Full Sun", it looks interesting, but tragic – description includes "doomed romance". I'll have to be in a good mood to start that one. 🙂


        • Another drama penned was “Dream High 2”. Dream High was frothy fun but I never watched the sequel. Writer Heo only wrote the first six episode then was replaced (not a good sign). Googling reveals that Writer Heo was a 2010 KBS writing intern, did some drama specials, wrote ep 1-6 of Dream High in 2012, got replaced, Full Sun/Beyond the Clouds in 2014, then Tomorrow with You.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Dream High 2 wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as the original, the music 🎶🎹🎼 wasn’t as fun and the acting may have contributed to the deficit as well.

        Both series felt a bit like the primary purpose was showcase for JYP talent. 🙄


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