Tomorrow With You Episode 15 Recap

The fallout hits our couple.

Tomorrow With You Episode 15 Recap

Director Kim intercepts Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) in the street. Not good!

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) calls Ma Rin’s phone, worried about his wife. Director Kim answers. He says he has Ma Rin with him. We see her unconscious in the back seat. So Joon’s anger spikes. He offers the black box chip. Director Kim warns him not to call the police. Director Kim relishes his power and declares he’ll call So Joon again. Not good!

Upset, So Joon runs into Doo Sik and gives Ma Rin’s father the news that his daughter is in the clutches of Director Kim. Doo Sik declares he knows what happens next. He offers to retrieve Ma Rin but So Joon knows that Director Kim wants to meet him. He suggests while he meets Director Kim, Doo Sik whisks Ma Rin to safety. So Joon wants to get the black box chip to the police. So Joon asks Doo Sik will he go on the subway? Doo Sik states that So Joon will be forced to comply with what Director Kim wants him to do. So Joon declares today the future will be altered. He will switch things up. Doo Sik is afraid for his son-in-law. So Joon is adamant. They must change catch Director Kim now or tomorrow will be too late. So Joon implores Doo Sik to save his daughter. He rushes away. Doo Sik runs to save his daughter.

So Joon calls Ki Doong and tells him Director Kim has kidnapped Ma Rin. He gives Ki Doong the black box chip with instructions to get it to the police. So Joon admits he doesn’t what the black box chip will reveal but he suspects that Director Kim was directly involved with Se Young’s father’s death. Ki Doong demands to know what So Joon means by that. But So Joon doesn’t answer instead imploring Ki Doong to get the black box chip to the police. Even if the black box chip is empty, Director Kim must be caught. Ki Doong doesn’t fully understand. So Joon is adamant that if they don’t catch Director Kim now, he’ll slip through their grasp forever. So Joon’s plan is to get to Director Kim first then allow the police to arrest him.

Director Kim drives to a remote location and switches cars. He leaves the car with an unconscious Ma Rin behind.

At the police station, the black box chip reveals the conversation between Se Young’s father and Director Kim. That gets their attention. I’m relieved the black box chip had valuable data!

Director Kim calls So Joon and demands to meet. So Joon knows Director Kim wants to meet at the subway station. Director Kim can’t believe that So Joon has the power of time travel behind his ascent of wealth and status. He yells that he’s worked hard and suffered without the same results that So Joon achieved with an unfair advantage. So Joon soothes Director Kim by telling him that today he will win. Today Director Kim will rid himself of So Joon and escape consequences. Director Kim is relieved. But So Joon cuts that short when he declares he’ll change the script. Director Kim reminds So Joon that he has his wife. He warns So Joon that even if the police catch him, Ma Rin’s whereabouts will never be known. He screams she’ll starve to death, freeze to death, because he’ll never reveal her location. That’s a bold statement that assumes quite a bit. With icy calm, So Joon tells him the time to meet as come.

Ma Rin starts to stir and whimpers for someone to save her. Doo Sik arrives. Thank goodness! He breaks the car window and extracts his daughter. He carries her piggyback style away. She asks who he is. Relieved she’s with it, he states he is her father as he curries her away. Nice!

A determined So Joon strides through the subway station replaying Doo Sik’s words that Ma Rin was found and is getting treatment at a local hospital.

Director Kim calls So Joon and directs him to get on the next subway and find him. He calls So Joon a lazy punk whose time has come.

Two police officers are waiting with Ki Doong just down the platform from So Joon. He texts Ki Doong stating he’ll disappear 90 seconds after the train starts moving. They’ll need to catch Director Kim in that window of time. The friends nod at each other and get on the train.

The police break away from Ki Doong.

Director Kim calls So Joon and directs him to meet him in the middle of the train.

As So Joon rushes to meet Director Kim flashes back to seeing two versions of his past self on the train. Much to his dismay, he turns and sees one version of his past self. He internally fumes that this complicates matters.

The police can’t believe their eyes when two versions of So Joon run past them. They follow them.

So Joon and Director Kim meet. So Joon takes an aggressive approach and hits Director Kim repeatedly. The other passengers scatter. So Joon declares that a failure like Director Kim won’t defeat him. They grapple again. Director Kim starts choking So Joon. He manages to get out the chokehold. But he can’t avoid the knife Director Kim plunges into his side. Blood gushes from the wound. Director Kim falls to the ground. So Joon disappears leaving only a puddle of blood behind. Director Kim gasps.

Ki Doong and the police break through the crowd and find Director Kim on the ground. They handcuff Director Kim and demand to know where So Joon is. Ki Doong stares at the blood and sadly moans So Joon is gone. The police don’t understand. Ki Doong falls to his knees and sobs. The police yell at him to explain where So Joon is.

Nice touch having the bloody hand print next to the pool of blood. I was surprised that So Joon physically attacked Director Kim but he seemed to have the physical advantage until the last. I’d suspected that Director Kim would wound So Joon just before the time travel. Unfortunately, that proved to be correct. Now we are faced with a version of the predicted future. So Joon is gone. Will he die in the future and never return? Ki Doong’s look of horror and immediate grief worked for me. He knows what’s at stake. He knows that So Joon will likely not return. Did anyone in the crowd film the altercation between So Joon and Director Kim with their phone? Is So Joon’s disappearance captured?

The nurse tells Doo Sik that his daughter will wake soon. Doo Sik watches his daughter relieved that she survived the ordeal. He recalls future Ma Rin telling him to meet her. As he turns to go, Ma Rin asks him how he knew where she was. She calls him father. Doo Sik dodges the answer and tells her to rest. Ma Rin wonders if she’s dreaming. Doo Sik tells her it’s not a dream. He’s here and sorry for everything.

The police officer arrives. He tells Ma Rin that they arrested Director Kim. Doo Sik stops further questioning and corrals the police officer into the hallway claiming Ma Rin needs rest. In the hallway, Doo Sik tells the officer he is Ma Rin’s father. He asks what happened to So Joon. The officer says it’s hard to describe. Doo Sik asks if So Joon disappeared. Stunned the officer asks Doo Sik how he knew. Doo Sik doubles over. He asks the officer to let Ma Rin rest and return tomorrow. I’m surprised that the police officer doesn’t question Doo Sik more thoroughly. He obviously knows something.

Unaware that So Joon is missing, Ma Rin texts her husband asking if he’s searching for Director Kim. She tells him that Director Kim was arrested, she’s in the hospital, and her father found her. Doo Sik enters her room. He chides her sitting up in bed. Ma Rin states she was texting her husband. She admits to being worried about her husband. She asks what the police detective said. Doo Sik lies and says that So Joon is at the police station giving a statement. Ma Rin is relieved. She tells her father that her husband is a good man and she’s happy. She asks how he found her. Doo Sik again defers answering her questions. He says they can talk later when she’s better. When is lying ever beneficial? Doo Sik is as evasive with the truth as So Joon used to be. It must be the time traveler’s code of conduct.

At the police station, Director Kim admits to killing Se Young’s father and Chairman CEO. But he refuses to admit to So Joon’s death. He declares without a body, they can’t call it murder. Incensed, Ki Doong jumps Director Kim and applies his fists. The police wrestle Ki Doong off. They pull Ki Doong away. Both Ki Doong and Director Kim scream at each other.

Ma Rin sleeps in her hospital room. She’s not heard from So Joon.

The next day Doo Sik arrives at the hospital to find Ma Rin’s bed empty. The note states she’s gone home. She gives her phone number and asks her father to call.

Ma Rin arrives home and calls for So Joon. All she hears is silence. The police call Ma Rin and inform her that So Joon is missing. She informs them they are wrong. But a realization washes over her.

In the closet, she frets that the police don’t know the truth. Upset, she calls Ki Doong. Crying she tells him what the police said. She begs him to tell her it’s not true. She cries that So Joon is searching for Director Kim. She implores him to tell her the police are wrong.

At the police station, Ma Rin explains to the police officer that So Joon was a time traveler. He doesn’t believe her. He tells her that wound was severe. She’s sure the future’s medical treatment will save So Joon. As the leaves the police station she rushes past Ki Doong and Se Young. The police officer follows and tells them that Ma Rin is traumatized and spouting the nonsense that So Joon was a time traveler. Se Young is surprised. Ki Doong is grim. He makes the point that police officer saw two people that looked like So Joon on the subway. Se Young stares at Ki Doong and asks what he means.

At Ki Doong’s apartment, Se Young examines all the items from the future. She tells Ki Doong she knew that So Joon had a secret. She accepts that So Joon is a time traveler. Ki Doong apologizes for keeping it from her. Se Young asks if it’s true that he attacked Director Kim in the police station. Tears in his eyes, Ki Doong says he was ineffective but he really wanted to kill Director Kim even if it means prison. Se Young cries and hugs Director Kim. He cries and hugs her back. Se Young says what matters is that they have each other. She asks if So Joon will be found. She asks what will happen to Ma Rin. Ki Doong shares his fear that Ma Rin will wait forever for So Joon to return. He cries and hugs Se Young. That was a low key but important moment for our secondary couple. Quickly, Se Young saw the truth of the time traveler. She saw the burden that Ki Doong had born alone and instead of anger she felt empathy. Lovely.

Ma Rin rides the subway looking for So Joon. She doesn’t find him. She waits at the station for So Joon to appear. He doesn’t. When the worker tells her that was the last train for the night she cries.

The lawyer provides Ki Doong So Joon’s directives. Director Wang is interim CEO. The lawyer hands over So Joon’s contingency plan. The plan directs the company to a safe growth path.

Ki Doong sits alone in his office. He cries and remembers So Joon asking him to be at home on a certain day.

Ma Rin sits alone in her bedroom. Ki Doong calls and states he knows a way to see So Joon. He says that a past version of So Joon will be visiting tomorrow. Ma Rin grasps this. Ki Doong recommends that she tell past Ki Doong about the Director Kim and the danger he poses. Ki Doong speculates that if past So Joon learns this, the future can be altered. Ma Rin agrees to come tomorrow.

Doo Sik arrives at the house and asks to see her. Ma Rin shares that she’s not in a sociable mood. Doo Sik bluntly tells her that So Joon will not return. She stares at him stunned. Doo Sik admits that he and So Joon have been in each other’s lives since 2009. He admits he was also on the subway before the accident. Wow! That surprises me. He admits he saw Ma Rin on that fateful day.

2009, the day of the subway accident…

Doo Sik hands out toothbrushes to subway passengers for a store promotion. So Joon’s father buys three sets of toothbrushes from Doo Sik.  We see So Joon, his father, and mother standing together. Doo Sik tells So Joon’s father that he’s not a beggar. He moves to the next car and hears Ma Rin’s voice confronting So Joon about filming her, followed by his denial. He stares at his daughter. He sees her get off the subway with So Joon following. On the platform, he staggers towards his daughter overcome seeing her after all this time. He watches Ma Rin and So Joon argue. Then the subway explodes as it enters the tunnel. He sees So Joon run to the flaming subway.


Ma Rin asks Doo Sik to confirm he was the other time traveler So Joon referred to. Doo Sik confirms this. Ma Rin asks if Doo Sik pushed So Joon to meet her. Doo Sik confirms this. With tears, Doo Sik tells Ma Rin that So Joon won’t be coming back. He tells her that So Joon knew this would be the outcome. Ma Rin asks the logical question. Can Doo Sik go the future and find So Joon? Or even better, can Doo Sik go the future and save So Joon? Doo Sik shakes his head sadly. He’s been to the future and he can’t find So Joon. He apologizes for the unhappy news, but So Joon isn’t coming home. Ma Rin cries, reeling from the revelation. She can’t believe it. She can’t do as he says. She can’t believe that his 20-year absence ends in him saving her and then stating that her husband is forever gone. She declares the he should have saved So Joon not her. She screams “Why did you leave So Joon alone?” Good question. Is it as simple as a father choosing to save his daughter over his son-in-law? The both sob their pain. Ma Rin declares she needs to see her husband.

Gun Sook wakes at So Ri’s apartment from a bad dream. Like the selfish person she is, she wakes So Ri and says she is scared. So Ri recommends that Gun Sook see a psychiatrist to deal with her fears. Gun Sook can’t believe her husband kidnapped Ma Rin. Gun Sook, you are the one that told your husband that Ma Rin had the black box chip. You are culpable. Gun Sook worries that Director Kim will come to kill her. She tells So Ri they should run away. So Ri points out that she doesn’t have to flee. Like the selfish person she is, Gun Sook says she couldn’t flee alone. The phone rings. So Ri tells her to answer it. Gun Sook talks to Ma Rin. She asks if Ma Rin is okay. Ma Rin asks who else knows about So Joon. Gun Sook says that So Ri knows. Ma Rin tells her that she and So Ri need to keep it a secret. Ma Rin warns her not to tell her mother. Gun Sook promises. Ma Rin hangs up.

Ma Rin sits alone in the living room. She cries. She ponders. She cries. She thinks about what Ki Doong told her.

Ma Rin arrives at Ki Doong’s apartment. He tells her that past So Joon hasn’t arrived yet. Ki Doong believes they need to convince past So Joon not to follow the same path. Ma Rin quietly states that Ki Doong needs to see past So Joon by himself. This surprises Ki Doong. Ma Rin believes that telling So Joon about Director Kim won’t change anything. Their fates are entwined. She tells Ki Doong to lie to So Joon that he went abroad and that’s why no one could reach him. The fallback position is to lie. Has this ever helped? Ma Rin tells Ki Doong to lie that their marriage was awful and he went abroad to escape it. She tells Ki Doong to tell So Joon that he should break up with her. Ki Doong can’t believe what he’s hearing. Ma Rin explains that So Joon once told her they were never meant to meet and get involved. It’s because of her, all this happens. Ki Doong implores Ma Rin not to blame herself. But Ma Rin won’t be swayed. Even when So Joon knew the truth he got hurt. She can only try and change their time together. The sooner So Joon ends his relationship with her, the higher the possibility that he can be saved. She tells Ki Doong to recommend that So Joon break up with her. Tears streaming, Ma Rin tells Ki Doong to do this for her. This is the only option she believes will save So Joon.

While I appreciate that Ma Rin has put her thinking cap on and believes that lying to So Joon is the only way to save him, it’s short sighted considering the depth of feeling they have for each other. I know she’s desperate to save So Joon, but her plan to do this has slim odds of success.

Ma Rin walks alone in the snowy night.

Meanwhile past So Joon visits Ki Doong. We know how this goes. We hear the voiceover of their conversation as Ma Rin walks. So Joon knows he disappears. Ki Doong dutifully lies that So Joon went abroad after breaking up with Ma Rin. Now we are back first person in the scene. Ki Doong tells So Joon that his marriage was difficult. So Joon can’t believe that he’d ever break up with Ma Rin no matter how bad things got. He’s positive he would never leave her. Ki Doong apologizes and tells So Joon to breakup with Ma Rin. So Joon can’t believe the advice his friend is giving him.

The third song of the OST plays as So Joon sees Ma Rin walking. He follows her. She almost gets hit by a drunk guy. So Joon tells the drunk to back off as he watches Ma Rin hurry away.

At home, Ma Rin second guesses her decision not to see So Joon.

So Joon stands outside their house, the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Ki Doong texts Ma Rin with the news that So Joon came and left. He believes that that So Joon will live because he is only allowed to time travel within times where he is alive. That’s an interesting point. Ma Rin clutches the phone hoping So Joon’s hypothesis is true. She cries tears of relief. Yet the sadness isn’t far behind.

One month later…

Ma Rin’s mother is secretly happy that Doo Sik keeps contacting her.

They meet. It’s awkward. He offers her a treat from the future. It’s the ramen. She’s not impressed. She wants swag NOT food. Ha! Like daughter like mother. Doo Sik reminds her that he did not seduce her when she was an innocent twenty something. Ma Rin’s mother looks at him seeming not to understand. Doo Sik counters that he was on 17 and she seduced him! He declares she was a bully. Ma Rin’s mother snaps that she doesn’t want to hear that she is older than him. Ma Rin’s mother declares she sees through his smoke screen of caring about Ma Rin when he truly wants to be close to her again. Doo Sik can’t believe what he’s hearing. He declares his concern is their daughter not them. Ma Rin’s mother snaps that their daughter is terrific. Her husband is in the US making a land deal, she’s doing shows and is too busy to even see her mother. Doo Sik snaps that even so, their daughter needs phone calls and visits from her mother.

Cute scene. Had to laugh when Doo Sik declares he was the innocent 17-year-old boy seduced by the older woman. What a relief that Ma Rin’s mother is much more palatable than she was in the early phase of this series.

Ma Rin sits alone in her bedroom looking at photos of So Joon. Her mother calls. Ma Rin lies that she’s just leaving for a photoshoot. She denies that she’s avoiding her mother. She promises to call another time.

Ma Rin gets the mail. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Is it THE letter that So Joon wrote in the past for future deliver? Yes! Ma Rin opens the letter.

To Ma Rin of the future. Hello. It’s October 2016. We are on the trip before Se Young leaves for Japan. You just sent me a cute picture of yourself. You do not know that I’m a time traveler. We are happy. I wish my ability wasn’t to travel to the future but rather to freeze time. I pray that when you get this letter, you don’t hate me. Even if our future days are unhappy, I’m satisfied with our life together now. If I had to go back to the past and choose again, I’d still pick you. Don’t forget our beautiful memories. Your husband, So Joon.

Ma Rin rushes to the computer and wonders why she didn’t think of this earlier. She can send an email to the future that he can read. Ma Rin composes the email.

Hello. I just received the letter you sent while we were at the sea, and this is my reply. Will you be able to read this if I send it one year in the future? Two years in the future? Later?

We see cute couple moments – cooking ramen, reenacting their wedding photo, then switching the pose. While she writes, we see more cute couple moments. Just darling these two! Back to the email.

I told you in the past to break up with me. Yet I’m waiting for you in the future to return to me. Even if it takes 1 or 2 years, I will wait. I think of the wait as my time loving you. I’ll treasure memories of our past. I’ll dream of meeting you again. I pray you aren’t hurt. Even if you are 10 years, 20 years, 30 years away, I will wait for you. I love you. January 2017. Your wife, Ma Rin.

Ma Rin selects 2023 and hits send.

That’s an interesting premise. So Joon went further in the future than he ever had. The inference being that getting back to her is difficult.

Two Years Later, February 2019

Ma Rin works on setting up her photo exhibit. So Ri tells her she has visitors. It’s the coworker from the charity and Se Young wishing her well on her first photo exhibit. So Ri takes full advantage of having an able bodied (and hopefully single) man and asks him to help her. Ma Rin shakes her head at So Ri’s boldness. Se Young is pleased that many of the photos promote the charity. Ma Rin states she has many photos from the charity. They both chuckle that Ma Rin is a successful professional photographer. Ma Rin steps away leaving Se Young to explore. Se Young stares at photos of So Joon.

Ma Rin steps outside and looks at the exhibit banner. She thinks message to So Joon…

It’s 2019. I will be opening my first photo exhibit soon. It would have been great for you to see it. Where are you now?


So Joon is in a coma and hooked to IVs. He moves his finger! He opens his eyes!

My Thoughts

Director Kim was dealt with quickly, it was over by the 20-minute mark. I’m glad that So Joon gave the black box chip to Ki Doong to take to the police. I’m glad that the black box chip implicated Director Kim as Se Young’s father’s murder. I’m glad the Ki Doong got physical with Director Kim. I’m glad the So Joon got physical with Director Kim. But the knife in the subway was predictable. Regardless it created a scenario where the often-used coma could save our couple. It was hard to imagine that if So Joon shot forward into the future, that he couldn’t time travel back to her. I was thinking maybe the subway So Joon used was replaced with a new subway line that closed the time travel door. I’m not going to quibble over some logic gaps. Time travel is tricky and therefore Writer Heo gets latitude. Some time travel reveals were surprising and inspired in this episode. I’m looking at the big picture. Can this couple I enjoy beat the odds and have a future together? We now know they can. In the final episode, we’ll get to see it happen.

Gun Sook received more kindness from So Ri and Ma Rin than she deserved. I’ve never been a fan of this character.

Doo Sik was on the same subway car as So Joon’s parents, So Joon and Ma Rin. That was a clever tie-in by Writer Heo.

Ki Doong had several emotion laden moments that all felt genuine. I like the support Ki Doong provides to So Joon and Ma Rin. He has their back. He supports their choices. He argues when he disagrees, but in the end, he supports. He is a true friend. I was glad we got to see the scene where Ki Doong reveals to Se Young that So Joon was a time traveler. Nice moment between these two. Their path to romance has been slow and subtle but satisfying.

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) came to the realization that living would honor her love for So Joon. Ma Rin has always had belief they were meant to be. Today she faced the rude shock that they weren’t meant to be. She wallowed in unhappiness as she had every right to do faced with the hopeless situation of So Joon’s disappears and potential death. She became the woman past Ma Rin told herself she’d never be. But she found a way to deal with it. Two things triggered her belief that all was not lost. The text from Ki Doong pointing out that seeing So Joon on December 2, proved that he had survived to this point as he could not travel to a timeframe where he was dead. That plot point was a surprise and a welcome one. My hats off to Writer Heo for that. Then the past letter from So Joon helped. It gave her the glimmer of hope. That maybe, just maybe, So Joon was out there further than she expected. With that she was able to live life not just exist. Finally, the scenes with her father were good. While I’ve gotten irked by the constant “lie to protect” decisions these characters make, the underlying truth is these choices are based in love.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) boldly decided to change his response but didn’t shy from directly confronting Director Kim. I was pleased to see his grim, direct, physical confrontation with Director Kim. You can say that So Joon didn’t make the smartest choices in dealing with Director Kim and you’d be right. But he did make choices and followed through. He didn’t cower. He committed to a plan to change their future. The other element of this episode was a quiet sadness over the loss of So Joon. Ki Doong, Se Young, Doo Sik and especially Ma Rin grieved over his loss. Whether it was permanent, they didn’t know but each character felt his loss and portrayed it in an authentic way. On the lighter side, I enjoyed the past moments of our couple. I was pleased to see So Joon behind the camera many times. I had wondered why So Joon was taking the majority of the photos in the opening credits when Ma Rin was the photographer. Now we know he enjoyed snapping sweet pics of them. I did like the reverse wedding pose.

I’ve stated my optimistic this couple will avoid the bleak future that has been foretold. This episode offered me solid hope this will happen in the final episode.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
* So Joon and Ma Rin reunite. Color me crazy but I don’t want their reunion to happen in the first 5 minutes of the episode. I want build up, payoff and time to relish their reunion.
* Ki Doong and Se Young happy moments. I’ve enjoyed the slow build of this couple. Some moments showing their transition to love and maybe the marriage proposal would be lovely.
* Doo Sik and Ma Rin’s mother reunite. I’m not hard over if this doesn’t happen, but they seem like they have decent chemistry at this point, they have a daughter they love, and Ma Rin’s mother is the most mature she’s ever been. She’s eschewed men after her husband left. Doo Sik could use some grounding too.


Asian drama fan

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4 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was relieved Ma Rin’s dad was able to rescue her in a timely manner. Doo Sik and So Joon’s time travel common denominator was the subway 🚋 accident, why doesn’t Ma Rin have the ability? Is it her gender that excludes her?

    The detectives 👮 had to have their minds blown seeing two other Do Joons running past them wearing different coats than the So Joon who just got on the subway 🚋! This scene was evidence of the extraordinary number of outerwear garments Kdrama characters wear. Have you ever noticed 🕵 even financially disadvantaged characters seem to still have a large wardrobe, including outerwear that they manage to fit into a suitcase 💼 as they get evicted?

    Anywho, my heart 💔 broke when Director Kim stabbed 🗡 So Joon. @KJT, I also wondered if any bystanders it subway CCTVs captured So Joon’s stabbing and/or disappearance 💨. Director Kim is in police custody, but will he be incarcerated or possibly executed for serial murder? Oh the anguish on Ki Doong’s face when he saw So Joon’s bloody handprint 🖐, knowing he disappeared into the future as So Joon foresaw.

    The question is how far in the future 📆 did So Joon travel? Was So Joon able to control the time period of his destination or not? I wondered of So Joon was able to get medical treatment in time.

    I was extremely irritated 😾 Doo Sik lied to Ma Rin about So Joon’s disappearance. While I’m sure Doo Sik’s fatherly intention was to keep Ma Rin from worrying so she could make a speedy recovery; Doo Sik has proven himself to be a liar. I kept hoping Ma Rin’s mom would show up and beat 🏏 the truth out of him.

    I 💖 Se Young for empathizing with Ki Doong about the time travel reveal. Se Young may not fully grasp 💡 the implications of this ability include So Joon and Ki Doong’s​ foreknowledge of her dad’s death. I am sooo pleased the writer gave So Joon’s loyal friend his dream 💓 romance with Se Young. I appreciate 😁 how supportive this secondary couple is towards both Ma Rin and So Joon!

    I was astonished 😯😮 a foreknowing Ma Rin repeated her plea to Ki Doong to lie to So Joon about his disappearance and to break it off with his wife. Did Ma Rin realize she just became the future Ma Rin that she asked So Joon to choose between, in the past? What Ma Rin doesn’t realize is So Joon had a hidden CCTV 📹 at Ki Doong’s house…Will So Joon view that footage in the past and mitigate his disappearance? Could he possibly prevent Mr Shin’s murder? Am I just too stinkin’ optimistic?

    Am I imagining or was So Joon waking 🛌 up *SQUEE!* in his and Ma Rin’s house? Ma Rin must have found So Joon…When? Did Ma Rin’s parents get back together… I thought they had chemistry. 😋

    @KJT, as usual I concur with your wish list. I would add saving Mr Shin, even though it’s not very likely… It’s a wish list right? 🖖

    • JT, you used 21 emojis!

      Have you ever noticed 🕵 even financially disadvantaged characters seem to still have a large wardrobe, including outerwear that they manage to fit into a suitcase 💼 as they get evicted?
      Yes I have. 😆

      Oh the anguish on Ki Doong’s face when he saw So Joon’s bloody handprint 🖐,
      I felt Ki Doong’s pain in that moment. I did a double take when I saw the actor’s name was Kang Ki Doong. 😲 Was the character named after the actor or was that coincidence?

      Doo Sik lied to Ma Rin about So Joon’s disappearance.
      Both of our time travelers lie to protect. It never works as intended. Will they ever figure this out? ❓

      Did Ma Rin realize she just became the future Ma Rin that she asked So Joon to choose between, in the past?
      I had the same thought. 💡

      Am I imagining or was So Joon waking 🛌 up *SQUEE!* in his and Ma Rin’s house?
      I thought it might be their house but wasn’t sure. 😕 We’ll find out in the final episode.

      If Mr. Shin were to avoid permanent death, I would be surprised.😲

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