Video: Voice Series Video

Today’s video captures the series Voice in a single song.

With only a 3 song OST, it was straightforward to select the upbeat “I’m All Ears” by Chang Mo, to drive my reflection of this series.

Voice’s video features this gritty series from start to finish. It begins with the murder of Jin Hyuk’s wife and takes us on a journey to find the murderer. We follow the Golden Time team lead by two police officers, Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) and Kwon Joo (Le Ha Na) as they investigate a series of crimes with victims from the ignored lower rung of society. Each crime takes them closer to finding the murderer. Kwon Joo is equally vested because her father was killed only moments after Jin Hyuk’s wife trying to arrest her murderer. Follow their quest as we zip through 16 episodes in 4 minutes.

Check out the video (link) below:


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4 comments on “Video: Voice Series Video
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Another well done series video KJT! 🙂

    I like fast-paced OST selection with timing to skim through the events of the episodes. The timing seemed to resonate the fury of the crimes and remind us the relative success of the Golden Time Team’s mission to mitigate casualties by rescuing victims in a timely manner. The slowed timing of the last images with their assuaging content reflected the peace our protagonists found with bringing the killer of their loved ones to justice. I ❤ justice being served rather than revenge being exacted.

    I was slightly apprehensive about watching the video as there were images I did not want in my head again. I dived in hoping KJT would not show graphic images; I was happy to see my KJT intuition was spot on. Thank you for omitting kettlebells in action and the charred corpse of the rapist!

    • kjtamuser says:

      JT, appreciate the positive feedback. The recaps avoided graphic images as much as possible. I’m a believer of not putting that kind of imagery in my head so it won’t surface in my dreams.

      I enjoy making these videos. I watch them myself to bring back the essence of a series.

  2. Lady G. says:

    Cool video, that’s one way to show highlights from every episode. It had great timing with the song too. Putting the psych ward first did work it much better.

    • Glad you enjoyed the video. I was pleased that the imagery was in sync with the beat especially at the end. Thanks for the suggestion to switch up order in the final moments. It put the spotlight on our leads and their moment with their loved one. You’d assume these characters would live fuller future lives by obtaining justice.

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