Tomorrow With You Episode 14 Recap

Can our couple escape their predicted fate?

Tomorrow With You Episode 14 Recap

Director Kim approaches Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) on the subway surprising him. So Joon states he doesn’t want to talk to Director Kim. But Director Kim won’t be ignored. He grabs So Joon’s arm. The lights on the subway go out. Director Kim tells So Joon he wants to know something. Poof! So Joon disappears. Interesting, there was no dissolve like with Ma Rin, only a quick complete disappearance. Director Kim spins looking for So Joon. He’s nowhere to be found. Director Kim can’t believe what just happened.

So Joon appears in the subway in the future. He knows Director Kim seeing him disappear isn’t good.

Director Kim gets off the subway and asks three logical questions 1) what just happened? 2) how could someone just disappear? 3) what’s going on with So Joon?

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) extracts the chip from the black box on Director Kim’s car. She warns Gun Sook to keep quiet about this or they are both in trouble. Gun Sook orders Ma Rin to bring the restored chip to her. She warns Ma Rin not to look at the data before she does. Ma Rin calms Gun Sook by saying they are trying confirm nothing is wrong.

As Ma Rin walks home, she stares at the black box chip wondering if this will reveal that Director Kim is involved with Se Young’s father’s murder. She startled to see Director Kim staring at her. Not having much of a poker face, she gasps and hides the chip behind her back. She might as well hold up a neon sign “I have something I don’t want you to know about”.  Director Kim approaches asking where So Joon is. He states So Joon isn’t answering his phone. Director Kim invites himself to wait inside the house. Ma Rin tries to dodge that but he presses and she can’t come up with a logical reason to deny him. Except that she suspects he is a murderer. Director Kim tells Ma Rin he ran into So Joon on the subway. He states So Joon vanished. Ma Rin chuckles. But Director Kim won’t deny what he saw. He asks if So Joon is abnormal. Ma Rin tries to laugh it off. Director Kim sees through her and states she must already know. Now Ma Rin tells Director Kim her mother will be there soon. She stands. Unable to stay, Director Kim leaves.

So Joon isn’t happy that Director Kim came to the house. Ma Rin states Director Kim told her that So Joon disappeared. So Joon can’t believe Director Kim came to his home. Ma Rin says she forced him to leave. So Joon doesn’t like that Ma Rin was alone with Director Kim.

Unbeknownst to our couple, Director Kim is listening to everything they are saying. He planted a listening device in their home! OMG! This isn’t good! Director Kim hears Ma Rin say that So Joon is a time traveler. Director Kim can’t believe what he just heard. Ma Rin says that So Joon travels to the future on the subway. Director Kim tries to grasp what is being said. So Joon says that Director Kim was fired. Ma Rin can’t believe she didn’t know.  She tells So Joon that Gun Sook stated Director Kim wanted to live in Vietnam but she doesn’t want to. Ma Rin says she might know the reason why. So Joon asks what the reason is. Ma Rin says nothing is firm, so she won’t say anything.  Director Kim can’t hear them when they move out of range.

In bed, So Joon pretends that Director Kim seeing him disappear isn’t a big deal. He argues that Director Kim knows nothing, and he’ll deny the incident. Ma Rin chides for pretending like this isn’t upsetting. So Joon admits he’s a bit worried. Ma Rin worries that scientist will take So Joon and dissect him to see why he can time travel. So Joon says he’s not an alien. Ma Rin decides this is an opportunity to let American’s know they don’t have the market cornered on super abilities. Ha! Ma Rin admits she’s worried. So Joon holds her tight.  He’s worried too.

So Joon calls Director Kim tells him that coming to his house was not okay. Director Kim asks if So Joon can explain today. So Joon counters the Director Kim should be worrying about his own life. Director Kim says So Joon isn’t normal. So Joon counters that Director Kim isn’t normal either. Touché! Director Kim pretends that he’ll forget the incident. So Joon warns Director Kim to stay away from him and his family. He hangs up! Director Kim does not like that.

The next day at work So Joon asks Ki Doong if any new evidence about Director Kim’s activities have been found. Nothing beyond skimming money from the top. Ki Doong says they are looking into the buildings Director Kim managed but haven’t found anything yet. So Joon shares that Director Kim is planning on moving or fleeing to Vietnam. Ki Doong says it’s time to take their evidence to the police. So Joon leaves it all in Ki Doong’s capable hands. He leaves.

Gun Sook and Director Kim’s former assistant, Mr. Hwang, discuss Director Kim. AH is uncomfortable talking about his former boss. Gun Sook says that Vietnam is looming. She states Director Kim is working a land deal. After that, they’ll move to Vietnam. AH realizes the deal that Director Kim is talking about. He tells Gun Sook not to call him again. She’s surprised that he won’t support her. Hmm, she doesn’t understand the concept of cash for service. Director Kim is no longer paying AH. They are both startled when one of Director Kim’s investors burst into the house demanding to know where he is. She’s brought her own repossession team with her. They start removing items from the house. The investor claims she put Director Kim in prison for fraud. Gun Sook is stunned. AH stands in front of Gun Sook and tells the investor what she’s doing is illegal. Gun Sook sinks on the couch. Things are even worse than she imagined.

Ki Doong isn’t making headway investing Director Kim and the building he managed when he worked at the company. He calls Se Young and invites her for coffee. She says she’s busy though she’s walking outside. They agree at meet at their usual spot for coffee. The problem is they are both NOT where they claimed. Now they run to get to the coffee shop. Ha! They are both panting as they sit at the coffee shop. Se Young claims she had to lift heavy items. Ki Doong claims he’s not feeling well. Se Young chides him to get coffee and make her drink cold. She smiles at the absurd situation. Ki Doong catches her smiling. She denies it. He guesses she wasn’t near work when he called. Se Young counters that Ki Doong wasn’t close to her work like her claimed. Ki Doong realizes what this means. He presses Se Young to admit she wasn’t at work. She caves and admits it. Ki Doong is thrilled. Se Young doesn’t understand his joy. Ki Doong tells Se Young to admit that she ran to see him. Smiling she shakes her head no. Ki Doong says he’s very happy. She smiles. He smiles.

Love it! So glad to see Ki Doong in the cusp of getting the girl. Se Young had grown on me during this series. She’s much better now that she’s over her unrequited love for So Joon. Plus, this scene was a welcome distraction from the tension of Director Kim’s impact to our husband and wife.

Ma Rin takes Director Kim’s black box chip to be restored. They can’t guarantee anything. They state if they can restore the data it will be done around the end of the month. Ma Rin writes down November 30 in her calendar. She decides not to tell So Joon about this until she has proof. She gets a phone call.

Ma Rin is surprised to learn from So Joon’s lawyer that he has authorized that she be given half his assets should he die. The lawyer jokes that So Joon loves her deeply to be preparing for his death when they are so young. He jokes that So Joon can’t know when he’ll die. Ma Rin stares and considers. She tells the lawyer she needs to speak with So Joon.

So Joon has dinner with Ma Rin’s mother and suggests they look for Ma Rin’s father. Mother is taken aback. She doesn’t want to be involved. She asks if Ma Rin is interested.  So Joon believes she would be. Mother states if Ma Rin is interested, then she’ll engage. So Joon asks for a picture, registration card, etc.  Mother is firm, talk to Ma Rin. Don’t do this behind her back.

After dinner Mother tells So Joon that she’s embarrassed for how she treated him when she thought he was cheating on Ma Rin. So Joon chides her saying as her son she’s allowed liberties. She hugs him declaring she likes him. He smiles.  Sweet! Isn’t it lovely to see So Joon have a mother’s love back in his life?

So Joon finds Ma Rin in the library when he gets home. He knows something is bothering her but she’s not forthcoming. He asks if she’d like him to find her father. She stares at him stunned. She wonders why he’s interested in finding her father. She goes outside. So Joon tells her not to be upset. Ma Rin asks if he’s planning on leaving. She asks him what’s going on. She says she met with his lawyer. So Joon says she should be happy he’s dividing his assets with her. Ma Rin asks why now? Why is he being so good to her? Why does he want to find her father? So Joon claims he didn’t always treat her right and he’s making up for lost time. He assures her nothing is wrong. Ma Rin says it feels like he’s getting ready to leave. So Joon scoffs at the idea. Ma Rin breathes a sigh of relief. So Joon breathes in pain knowing his time with his wife is short. Ma Rin tells him to stop with the gifts and assets. She only needs him. She only wants him to wake next to her, text her, see a movie with her, etc.

Ma Rin’s intuition tell her something is wrong. But So Joon manages to assuage her fears. His smile and sincerity might fool me too.

Ki Doong finally finds someone that knows that Director Kim has been meeting Chairman Choi. Ki Doong wants to meet with Chairman Choi. He’s surprised to find that Chairman Choi recently died after a night fishing accident.

Ki Doong tells So Joon. Ki Doong feels there is a connection between Chairman Choi’s death and Director Kim. He says that Chairman Choi bragged he’d own the building soon. So Joon believes contract fraud is at play. Ki Doong agrees. So Joon recalls Se Young’s father speaking about Chairman Choi. So Joon tells Ki Doong to call the police and have a warrant issued for Director Kim’s arrest. He does this. Ki Doong tells So Joon that Director Kim is fleeing debt collectors. So Joon leaves upset saying he’ll look into this.

So Joon asks Doo Sik about Director Kim.  Doo Sik confirms that Director Kim is an embezzler but there is no evidence, even in the future. So Joon asks if Director Kim was a murderer. He says that Director Kim was working with someone that recently died. So Joon says the man is a friend of Se Young’s father. So Joon starts to say more but Doo Sik cuts him off. He wants to know why So Joon is thinking along these lines. So Joon asks if Director Kim has a part to play in his disappearance. Doo Sik caves and tells So Joon that he became obsessed looking for evidence against Director Kim and time traveled to find it. Doo Sik reminds So Joon that tomorrow is November 30.  But So Joon’s mind makes the connection to Se Young’s Father’s death. Doo Sik tells So Joon to stop speculating and focus on serving the next two days so he doesn’t go missing. Doo Sik grasps So Joon’s shoulder and implores him to focus on staying put for the next 2 days.

As Doo Sik watches So Joon leave he wonders what Director Kim does to So Joon. He wonders what was on the black box.

So Joon considers Doo Sik’s plea to stay focused on not going missing for the next 2 days.

Ma Rin’s mother calls her from her house. Ma Rin is upset her mother is there alone. She orders her to leave. Her mother won’t. Ma Rin runs out the charity. Se Young and the coworker watch Ma Rin’s retreating back. Se Young says sometimes Ma Rin is great and sometimes she’s weird. The co-worker says Se Young is like that too. Ha!

Ma Rin’s mother goes upstairs to see what her daughter did not want her to see. She runs upstairs. She finds her mother enjoying future technology. Ma Rin says the standard line – these are research products So Joon’s friends ask him to try out. Mother points out the future newspaper. Ma Rin claims it is a prop. Mother admits she was worried So Joon was a spy. Ma Rin has to smile because she had wondered the same thing once.

Downstairs, mother tells Ma Rin that So Joon talked to her about finding her father. Ma Rin knows. Mother wants to know if Ma Rin wants him found. Mother admits she kept one picture of Ma Rin’s father. She shows it to Ma Rin. She admits she was a young mother. Ma Rin says her father threw her away when he left. Mother says that erasing all traces of her father hurt Ma Rin. She feels bad that she hurt Ma Rin by doing that. She cries. Ma Rin tells her mother get a grip. Mother grasps Ma Rin’s hands and tells her that one day she’ll have children of her own. Mother says it’s time to find her father. Mother hugs Ma Rin and promises to be a better mother if she’s her mother again when she’s reborn. Ma Rin cries.

Lovely scene between these two women. Mother has evolved to a point where she wants what is best for Ma Rin, even if it’s painful.

Ma Rin is crying looking at the picture of her father when So Joon comes home.  He asks why she’s crying. She says she has a picture of her father from her mother. She admits it’s weird seeing his face. She remembers feeling things for her father. So Joon asks if they should find him. Ma Rin says she’s not ready. She doesn’t want her mother hurt. What if her father doesn’t want to be found? She asks if he wants to see the picture. So Joon looks at the picture. Immediately he knows that Doo Sik is Ma Rin’s father. He remembers Doo Sik imploring him to trust him no matter what. He remembers Doo Sik pushing him towards Ma Rin. He remembers Doo Sik saying that So Joon was like a son to him. He remembers Doo Sik admitting he had a daughter. So Joon asks Ma Rin is this is her father. She confirms it. So Joon says he needs to step outside.

As they walk outside hand in hand, Ma Rin tells him that he’s made her life come to order. So Joon tells her they’ll live well together. Ma Rin agrees. So Joon admits there were not destined to meet. In the future, he was single. But someone said So Joon should date her. Ma Rin asks who told him to date her. So Joon says the other time traveler told him to date her. Ma Rin asks how that man knows her. So Joon pretends not to know. He suggests they meet him and ask. Ma Rin repeats, we weren’t destined to meet, but this man pushed you in my path? So Joon confirms this. So Joon says what happened after they met was between them. So Joon tells Ma Rin they changed fate when they met. So Joon says he doesn’t know what fate is anymore. He suggests they meet the other time traveler tomorrow. Ma Rin agrees.  Ma Rin suggests they register their marriage. Why wait? Ma Rin wants to register their marriage in the morning. She wants to marry him in the eyes of the law. She asks if he’ll marry her. So Joon smiles. He tells her they’ll get married in the eyes of the law. They pinky swear. Awk! Tears! Remember when So Joon made a nonplussed Ma Rin pinky swear early in their relationship? Lovely full circle moment.

Director Kim realizes his black box chip is missing.

Director Kim meets with Gun Sook (who is staying with So Ri). He asks if she touched his black box. She denies it. He yells and demands the card. Gun Sook says the card probably has evidence she can use against him in a divorce. He yells give me the card! Gun Sook says that Ma Rin has it. No, no, no! Gun Sook really isn’t much of a friend to Ma Rin. Gun Sook seems to get all the benefits from their friendship.  Now Director Kim freaks out. He pushes Gun Sook. He can’t believe that Ma Rin has the black box card. So Ri watches them yell at each other from her window.

November 30…
Ma Rin walks to get the black box card from the restoration team. So Ri calls her and explains the shouting match between Director Kim and Gun Sook yesterday. So Ri says that Director Kim scared her. Ma Rin tells So Ri to keep quiet until she calls her later. Ma Rin hangs up. She admits to herself this situation is unnerving.

At home, So Joon finds a note from Ma Rin saying she stepped out for a moment. She says when she returns they’ll go to register their marriage. After that they can meet the man that helped them meet. She ends with I love you.

Doo Sik meets So Joon outside the house. He’s upset and has something urgent to tell So Joon. But So Joon wants to go first. I must say this is a typical tactic used and always irks me. Especially here when Doo Sik is obviously upset. Isn’t that the important item? So Joon tells Doo Sik he know who he is, why he helped him, why he considers him a son. So Joon says Ma Rin wants to meet her father. Doo Sik is taken aback. But he gets a grip and tells So Joon they can talk about this later. Doo Sik tells So Joon that yesterday he met Ma Rin because she’s the only person that knows the secret about Director Kim. So Joon doesn’t understand what Doo Sik is talking about.

Ma Rin comes outside and sees Doo Sik. He asks if she knows who he is. She confirms she saw his picture. He apologizes for abruptly showing up. Ma Rin says she needs time. Doo Sik says he’s from the past. He says he’s the one that helped them. He says he’s here to save So Joon. He says he’s from November 29, 2016. He says there’s only one day left. He asks what happens on that day. She invites him inside.

Ma Rin doesn’t understand how there was no evidence against Director Kim. So Joon’s investigation was confidential. What happened to Director Kim? Ma Rin says he fled to Vietnam with tons of cash. Doo Sik asks for details. Ma Rin says she had Director Kim’s black box chip. But no one knows what was on it because Director Kim stole it. Ma Rin says he kidnapped her and embezzled money. Ma Rin says they never found proof that Director Kim was a murderer. Doo Sik asks if Director Kim kidnapped her when she had the black box chip. Ma Rin confirms this.

As he leaves, Doo Sik tells Ma Rin he didn’t know what she told him. He feels stupid. He tells Ma Rin he needs to leave to catch the last subway. Ma Rin tells him to stop it from happening. She asks Doo Sik to stop So Joon from getting on the subway. Ma Rin asks if he helped she and So Joon to meet. He confirms this. She tells him to meet with her when he goes back to the past. She believes that she wanted to meet again. With tears in his eyes, Doo Sik agrees. He leaves.

Doo Sik tells So Joon he knew that Director Kim hurt him in the subway. Doo Sik says he wrongly assumed that So Joon knew Director Kim’s secret. That’s why he tried to remove Director Kim from the company. Doo Sik says it was Ma Rin that had the evidence. He tells So Joon to go inside and stop Ma Rin. So Joon looks at him in horror. He says Ma Rin has already left. Doo Sik stares at him in shock.

Ma Rin goes to pick up the restored black box chip. Director Kim waits and watches outside the store. As the worker hands Ma Rin, the restored chip he starts to tell her something but cuts himself off. She thanks him.

So Joon drives hoping to find Ma Rin.

Doo Sik narrates what happens next…Ma Rin walks back home. Unbeknownst to her Director Kim is following her on foot. Director Kim kidnaps her and takes the black box chip. Director Kim lures So Joon to the subway with Ma Rin. He stabs So Joon on the subway before he time travels.

So Joon arrives at the store where the black box chip was restored. But he’s too late. Ma Rin has been there and left.

Ma Rin walks home. Director Kim follows her. Just as Director Kim is about to make his move to kidnap Ma Rin, So Joon arrives and hugs her. She asks how he knew where she was. She asks what’s wrong. So Joon asks if she’s seen Director Kim. Ma Rin says she has not seen Director Kim. She asks if So Joon came because of the black box chip. So Joon is not happy that she got involved and didn’t tell him. Ma Rin says that Gun Sook was suffering and she helped her friend. So Joon leads her away. Director Kim watches upset that he’s missed his opportunity. So Joon puts Ma Rin in a cab with strict orders not to leave the house. No, no! So Joon runs back and searches for Director Kim.

Ma Rin walks home from where the cab dropped her off. Director Kim is waiting for her outside. He appears in front of her. Not good!

My Thoughts

I’m irked that So Joon let Ma Rin go home alone with Director Kim on the loose looking for her. That is stupid. And he didn’t tell her that Director Kim was a threat. Forewarned is forearmed.

Lots of puzzle pieces fit together this episode. The reveal about Doo Sik. The reveal that Director Kim is the big threat to So Joon’s life. The reveal that Doo Sik did not realize that Ma Rin had the crucial evidence against Director Kim not So Joon. What did the black box chip show? What did the store worker want to tell Ma Rin? Was the chip blank? Our couple fails to tell each other the entire truth frequently and it never helps the situation. With the misguided belief they are protecting the other, they take actions the other does not know about and makes the other more vulnerable.

Ki Doong and Se Young had the best coffee date ever. I loved how they both lied where they were and literally had to run to meet each other. Chests heaving they continue to lie what they were doing before arriving. But Se Young’s smile was all Ki Doong needed to realize that the tide had turned in his favor. I adored it when he playfully badged her to admit it. Practically the highlight of the show for me. I was worried that all of Ki Doong’s investigation of Director Kim would put him in danger. But Director Kim instead targeted Ma Rin.

Gun Sook tattled that Ma Rin had the black box chip to an irate Director Kim. That made me mad. Gun Sook’s idea of friendship is not about give and take but only take. While I see her place in the story, I know that Ma Rin can do much better in the friend department. Gun Sook is a user.

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) intuited that So Joon was preparing to leave her. She confronted him. He lied. She accepted his lies. But her gut instinct wasn’t fully satisfied with his words. I loved the discussion between Ma Rin and her mother about her father. This was an adult discussion. Both of them stayed logical. Both of them were sensitive to each other’s needs. What a long way these two have come.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) prepared for his predicted disappearance. He made provisions for Ma Rin to have half his assets. He decided that Ma Rin would benefit from having her father back in her life. So Joon wisely went to Ma Rin’s mother for advice. Mother wisely advised So Joon to get approval from Ma Rin before initiating the search. We finally have an idea what happened on the day So Joon disappeared. Director Kim got the black box chip from Ma Rin and lured So Joon to the subway with the threat to hurt Ma Rin. So Joon had to come. Director Kim then stabbed or injured So Joon in what would be a fatal way. So Joon time traveled to the future and died never to return.

Only two episodes left to go. I’m still optimistic this will work out. We know that the predicted future can change. So Joon and Ma Rin found love when their initial futures did not include each other. But it is not obvious how our couple will beat the odds and prevail.

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5 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Director Kim’s grunts of disbelief when So Joon disappeared were priceless. I wondered if he could be convinced he was imagining💭? Why, WHy, WHY would Ma Rin let Director Kim into the house? Even if she didn’t suspect him of Mr Shin’s death, did she not know Director Kim had been fired for embezzlement 🤑? I wanted Ma Rin to call her mother to come over. Mom might be Ma Rin’s best bet for protection. Color me surprised Director Kim planted a listening 👂 device in their home. Director Kim knowing about So Joon’s ability to time travel is bad, VERY BAD!!!

    Gun Sook ratting 🐀 out Ma Rin to Director Kim about the black box was not a stretch for this weasel-like character. I was insensed 🐀 Gun Sook turned on Ma Rin, who helping to provide evidence for Gun Sook’s divorce 💔, although we know Ma Rin’s ulterior motive was to look for evidence in Mr Shin’s death.

    I concur with being irked So Joon sent Ma Rin home by herself with the homicidal Director Kim on the loose. Why didn’t So Joon send her safe, but unexpected? Why didn’t the taxi 🚕 take Ma Rin to the door? Where is Ma Rin’s dad? Why didn’t Ma Rin have the technician make a copy of the card? Ma Rin survived being kidnapped before and​ this time So Joon has the black box-or does that make it worse for Ma Rin?

    I am also still holding out hope for a happy ending for our OTP.


    • kjtamuser says:

      JT, each of your comments resonate with me.

      Why, WHy, WHY would Ma Rin let Director Kim into the house?…Color me surprised Director Kim planted a listening 👂 device in their home.
      Being polite can put you in mortal danger. I was relieved when she got him to leave without an incident. I too was shocked when Director Kim planted a listening device. He’s an atypical villain and one that suits this series.

      I was insensed 🐀 Gun Sook turned on Ma Ri
      I wanted to reach through the TV and give her a smack for that betrayal. Gun Sook is a loser and user.

      Why didn’t the taxi 🚕 take Ma Rin to the door?…Why didn’t Ma Rin have the technician make a copy of the card? Ma Rin survived being kidnapped before and​ this time So Joon has the black box-or does that make it worse for Ma Rin?
      I had the same thought about the taxi not dropping her off at the front of the house. Good point about making a copy of the black box chip. Good final question.

      I am also still holding out hope for a happy ending for our OTP.
      Me too, me too.


  2. Tilly A Day says:

    Knowing that the black box card holds important evidence (which is why director Kim desperately wanted it back), So Joon should drive straight to the police with Marin after finding her, rather than sending her off on her own and he dangerously going back to the quiet lanes to find Director Kim, with the black box card with him no less! He could have gotten himself hurt or lost the card to Kim if a struggle between the 2 ensued. The plot progression makes little sense and the writer makes So Joon into someone who shows little foresight despite being a time traveler himself.


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