Tomorrow With You Episode 13 Recap

Will our couple’s future be derailed by an outside force?

Tomorrow With You Episode 13 Recap

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) writes to her future self “from what I heard, you are regretting your past. You want me to end my marriage.”

Flashback to yesterday…Ma Rin looks So Joon in the eye and asks what’s more important, a future you can’t touch or a present you can embrace? So Joon stares and says she’s the one he wants. He kisses her.

Ma Rin continues to her future self “How desperate you felt, how much excitement you felt, how much joy you felt, it was the brightest time. A time filled with love. How could you forget it? Even if I only live one day, I’m happy. Don’t her So Joon from the past. He’s my man. I’ll never become like you. Ma Rin from Nov-16.” Ma Rin sets the email to be sent on 11/25/16.

I love how Ma Rin sees her future self as someone other than her. Someone to battle for So Joon. I also love it when she called So Joon “her man”.

Ma Rin is thrilled that So Joon has promised not to time travel anyway. Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) isn’t thrilled with the couple pajamas she bought them. Ma Rin is already sporting hers and sexy it not the word you’d apply. She convinces him to put them on. Muttering that he’s life is too short to wear these dreadful pajamas, he puts them on promising himself that he’ll only wear them once. Ma Rin amps the horror by taking pictures. Ma Rin is firm, this will show her future self that they were happy. So Joon asks if she likes insulting her future self. Ma Rin states she deserves insults. She suggests they take cute pictures with their couple pajamas. So Joon agrees. He’s interested in removing the pajamas after the photos and talks Ma Rin into that activity.

Ma Rin asks if So Joon will be okay not time traveling. He claims he’ll live like ordinary people. “I’ll think about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.”

At work So Joon tells Director Wang now that Director Kim has been released from the company, he’ll need to step up his game. Director Wang concurs. So Joon asks him to keep quiet about Director Kim’s departure. Knowing he was just ranting that Director Kim should have been prosecuted as well as fire, Director Wang promises to do what he wasn’t doing moments ago. Ki Doong is surprised to see So Joon there that early (in fact everyone is).

Ki Doong tells So Joon that the internal audit team has found that Director Kim was skimming money off the top. So Joon can’t believe it. Ki Doong remarks the large house Director Kim bought should have tipped them off. Ki Doong wants to know what to do about Director Kim’s assistant. So Joon isn’t positive about the man that rumored they (Ki Doong and So Joon) were dating, and snooped in his background. They both chuckle. So Joon tells Ki Doong he’ll have to teach him how to work now that he’s not time traveling anymore. He doesn’t admit that Ma Rin asked him not to.

Director Kim’s assistant wonders what is next for him. Director Wang wants more dirt on Director Kim. Assistant Hwang refuses to spill.

Director Kim calls Chairman Choi the man he promised to sell company assets to. Director Kim states he’ll be able to push up the sale 3 months. Chairman Choi is pleased. Director Kim asks to meet him tonight and wants him to bring the contract. Chairman Choi agrees.

So Joon isn’t happy to learn that working isn’t as much fun as time travel. Ki Doong enjoys the moment as he schools So Joon in what he need to do. Ki Doong bets that So Joon won’t be able to handle real work and will start time traveling within 3 days. So Joon falls asleep at his desk, draws pictures, runs in place, in generally finding a normal work day isn’t fun. He’s thrilled for the distraction when Ma Rin texts and asks how his day is going. So Joon lies that working is wonderful but he misses her. Ma Rin returns that she wants to see him missing her. She texts she’s out to lunch with her mother. She wishes So Joon could come too. Knowing his mother-in-law frightened him the previous evening with her anger, So Joon passes on the lunch invitation. He also texts that her mother is scary.

So Joon gets a call from Doo Sik.

Ma Rin chuckles at So Joon’s text. She loves that her mother frightened him after she lied that he was having an affair. Her mother is a bit embarrassed about her behavior. She reminds Ma Rin that cheating pushes her buttons. Just like when her husband cheated. Ma Rin doesn’t want to talk about her father cheating on her mother. Her mother counters she should be able to talk about this. Ma Rin counters that her mother wants to unload on her without considering her feelings. She snaps her mother makes her resent her father more every time she brings up his affairs. Her mother gets angry that her daughter is stifling her and leaves. So ends the lunch.

Doo Sik is surprised that So Joon is giving up time travel. So Joon admits it worries Ma Rin. He knows he’s due to disappear soon. Doo Sik remembers that Ma Rin is supposed to get stuck in the future. So Joon admits he did travel to future to try and find out what happens. So Joon describes how his future self saw him AND he ran past another version of his past self. That will mess with your head if you think about that too long! So Joon states having multiple versions of himself was too dangerous, so he had to give up the time travel. He worries his disappearance cannot be altered like Se Young’s father’s death. Doo Sik blusters that he can change the future and stop So Joon from disappearing. So Joon gives Doo Sik his journal and asks him to get rid of it. Doo Sik realizes So Joon is serious and changing his perspective from the future to the present. He asks what happened with Director Kim. So Joon states the audit team found evidence of Director Kim skimming money from the top but the sum total is less than what he expected based on Doo Sik’ intel. Doo Sik promises to dig for information in the future. So Joon tells him not to bother. In fact, So Joon retrieves his journal from Doo Sik stating he’ll feel more comfortable handling it. It starts to rain catching So Joon by surprise. Recall he’d travel to the future to find out what the weather would be so this is shocking to him. Doo Sik and So Joon share the umbrella. Doo Sik jokes that So Joon will have to deal with sudden rains just like ordinary people. So Joon boasts his wife will bring him an umbrella.

So Joon spies Ma Rin in front of his office. He calls to her. Doo Sik (recalls he’s Ma Rin’s father who deserted her (and her mother) when she was a small child) doesn’t want to meet his daughter and says he needs to go. He flees. As Ma Rin shelters both of them with her umbrella she asks who the man was. So Joon explains that was his fellow time traveler. Ma Rin asks why he left quickly. So Joon says he’s odd like that. He invites her to see his office. So Joon is happy she brought him an umbrella. Doo Sik watches them stroll into his office arm in arm.

Doo Sik continues to mystify. His identity isn’t in question but what he’s trying to do is. We know he wants to safe his daughter Ma Rin and son-in-law So Joon. But HOW does he plan to achieve this? Will he ever reveal himself?

In his office, Ma Rin seeks a comforting hug. She admits she’s upset because she argued with her mother. When So Joon asks what the argument was about, Ma Rin shares that her mother discussed her father. She admits now that she’s here with him, she realizes her mother must be lonely. They share a sweet hug. Ki Doong comes into the office, but silently leaves when So Joon motions him too. Ma Rin realizes that Ki Doong came and went and is embarrassed. She declares the hug was worth it. She grateful and happy So Joon is in the present with her. She warns him not to leave her like her father left her mother. Ma Rin decides they shouldn’t have a daughter. She wouldn’t want her daughter to have the same issues she does. So Joon loves the idea of a daughter “my little flower”. Sweet! So Joon says her mother knows talking about her father is heard. Loving So Joon’s support, Ma Rin hugs him again.

Folks, that was an honest discussion between our couple. No lies, no evasions, just two people listening to each other and supporting each other. Lovely! Plus they are adorable!

Ki Doong psyches himself up to enter the office no matter what they are doing. Recall Ki Doong and So Joon share an office. But the happy couple exits. So Joon declares he’ll be taking Ma Rin home. Ki Doong says he’ll take her home. So Joon kisses her and tells her to take care.

Ma Rin suggests to Ki Doong that they go to his house. Why is Ki Doong’s question. Ma Rin declares that she needs to transfer So Joon’s things from Ki Doong’s house to their house. Ki Doong is thrilled.

As they pack up all the things from the future, Ki Doong grouses that So Joon never told him the winning lottery numbers. Ma Rin can’t believe it. So Joon won the lottery 3 times. They decide to share a beer to soothe their hurt feelings. They proceed to get drunk. They complain about So Joon knowing things from the future but not sharing the details. They complain about So Joon’s phone not being functional when he’s in the future. But when Ki Doong complains about gifts from the future, watching sport and TV shows that So Joon already knows what will happen, Ma Rin isn’t happy NOT to have experienced those moments. She pouts that So Joon hasn’t shared that side of the future with her. So Joon tells her she’s drunk. Ma Rin stands on one leg stating she isn’t.

Cute scene between the two people that know So Joon’s time travel secret. I love that they are leaning on each other. I love the So Joon had a drunk scene and was cute not strident. This scene worked!

As So Joon wraps up his work day, he stares at his journal. He decides to shred it. Thank goodness! I was worried he’d toss it in the trash and Director Kim or someone else would find it. So Joon decides to check the CCTV feed from Ki Doong’s apartment. He’s surprised to see his wife and best friend drunk and having fun. LOL, I loved Ki Doong’s balancing on one foot just like Ma Rin! So Joon leaves the office. The CCTV feed is on his computer screen. Will that come back to haunt him? I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. So far this has been a light episode. But Director Kim is out there.

So Joon finds Ma Rin drunk and happy to have bonded with her “boy” friend Ki Doong. They give each other a drunk high five. It ends with a Ma Rin on So Joon’s back (piggy back) and Ki Doong calling after a retreating So Joon that he better get a heft monetary gift when he gets married. A fun drunk scene!

So Joon puts a drunk Ma Rin to bed. She asks him to stay with her. He sits on the bed and holds her hand. He stares at the woman he loves.

Director Kim and Chairman Choi sign the new contract outdoors. Chairman Choi proceeds to get drunk. Director Kim says he’ll drive him home. Director Kim mutters that bowing to men with money gets old. He tells the drunk Chairman that it will take time for details about their deal to surface. Director Kim apologizes to the nearly asleep Chairman that he needs him to disappear. Director Kim tells him that he killed someone to hid his dirty dealing and he can’t stop now. He throws the CEO into the lake. With the heavy winter clothing the Chairman struggles and drowns. I always question in situations at the water’s edge, why doesn’t the victim at least attempt to stand up? But that doesn’t matter. Director Kim now has 2 murders under his belt.

So Joon makes Ma Rin soup to cure her hangover. He smiles unable to be irritated because she’s too cute. None the less, he orders that she never drink again. She agrees stating since he gave up time travel she will give up drinking. He asks if she’s happy he gave up time travel. She says she is.

Flashback…Ma Rin cries that she wants So Joon to bring her cool stuff from the future just like Ki Doong got. Ha! Love it!

Ma Rin defends herself saying she was drunk and talking in her sleep. So Joon proposes he get her something from the future. Ma Rin orders him NOT to go to the future. So Joon comments she was adamant last night that she wanted future items.

At the business meeting, So Joon tells Director Wang he needs to cut costs of the project before he will approve it. Everyone is surprised at So Joon’s firm decision.

Ki Doong tells So Joon he was impressive. So Joon basks in the praise. When Ma Rin calls worried that So Joon might have been distracted because of her state last night. So Joon decides to have some fun and claim the meeting was difficult. Worried, Ma Rin assumes she affected his performance. So Joon sets the trap and claims the perilous state requires him to travel to the future. Ki Doong’s look of disgust is priceless. Ma Rin counters that So Joon should keep his promise to her. So Joon lays on the guilt about how drunk she was. Ma Rin caves and agrees to the time travel. So Joon gets a big smile on his face and suggests he could get her a gift. Ma Rin snaps that he better not see “that woman” (future Ma Rin). She tells him to keep his focus on business activities. After Ma Rin hangs up, she puts her head in her hand and mutters that alcohol is her enemy. That scene was perfect.

Ki Doong knew So Joon couldn’t stay away from time travel. He tells So Joon to get some info for work. So Joon retorts he’s not time traveling for work. Ki Doong reminds him that’s what So Joon told his wife. So Joon counters that Ki Doong made his wife want future things so much that she cried for them in her sleep. He grabs Ki Doong and tells him not to make his baby cry. Ki Doong reminds him that Ma Rin is 1 year older than they are. So Joon counter she’s his baby. He strides away a big smile on his face. Ki Doong declares him a psycho. Another perfect scene.

Ma Rin can’t believe that she put her husband in danger by her drinking.

Future 2018…So Joon stocks up on a wide assortment of goodies for Ma Rin.
Present…Ma Rin is thrilled with all the presents from the future.
Future 2018…So Joon gets a top-notch camera for Ma Rin.
Present…Ma Rin is thrilled with the camera from the future.
Future 2018…So Joon stocks up on a wide assortment of goodies for Ma Rin.
Present…Ma Rin is meets So Joon at the subway thrilled to see him and all the bags of goodies. They skip down the subway path. Cute, cute, cute!

At the charity, Se Young gets two free movie tickets. She stares at her phone. Looks like an LG V6. She’s startled when Ki Doong calls. He asks her to a movie. She declines. He’s disappointed. She’s firm the answer is no. She hangs up and shakes her head. When her co-worker asks her to a movie, she asks how would a man feel about a woman that had been in love with his best friend but it was over now. The co-worker confirms the woman is no longer in love with the best friend. Se Young confirms this. The co-worker says that he’d feel weird about it. Disappointed, Se Young hands back the two free movie tickets. Excellent. Now we know that Se Young has feelings for Ki Doong. We’ve been waiting for this day.

So Joon pulls a USB drive from his computer and puts it in a small box with a bow. He puts it in his desk drawer. Are these the pictures that future Ma Rin shows in her exhibition?

So Joon gifts Ma Rin with tickets for next Christmas eve. Ma Rin is thrilled. He tells her to go with her mother. She asks why she won’t be going with him. He claims if he’s busy, then she can go with her mother. So Joon suggests he time travel to get them yummy dumplings. He says tomorrow is the last day he’ll time travel. He leaves. Ma Rin is nervous about how generous So Joon is being.

Future 2018…So Joon gets the dumplings.

Future Christmas Eve 2018…Ma Rin finds the box with the USB drive and dumplings outside the door of their house. Little does she know that So Joon watches her take it in the house. He leaves. What? Inside the house, Ki Doong and Se Young are jazzed about the performance they all saw together. They suggest grabbing a bit to eat. Ma Rin says she’ll eat the dumplings So Joon left for her. Se Young asks why they can’t meet with So Joon. Ma Rin tells them to enjoy the rest of their Christmas Eve together.

Present…Ma Rin and So Joon watch a future show on DVD and enjoy the dumplings.

Future Christmas Eve 2018…Ma Rin eats the dumplings. She cries. She watches the video on the USB drive. So Joon apologizes for not being by her side. He admits he may not be able to change their future. He tells her he’s decided to make present Ma Rin as happy as he can for as long as he can. He tells future Ma Rin that one day she’ll forget him. Awk! Tears! He thanks her for marrying him, for completing him. Hey, I used that line in my recap last week! He tells her he loves her. Future Ma Rin cries. Awk! Tears!

Present…Ma Rin thanks So Joon for treating her like a queen. She says he’s acting like someone that may be leaving soon. She asks for the winning lottery numbers so she can fund So Ri’s piano school. So Joon refuses to help anyone but Ma Rin. As they watch the evening new together, Ma Rin comments that it seems silly when she knows the future. So Joon agrees that he once felt like the future was set and the present didn’t matter. They see report of an accident. Ma Rin feels bad for the victims. So Joon cries knowing that is their future. Ma Rin asks why he’s upset. So Joon says those people left someone behind and that person will be missing them. She hugs him and tells him he has a kind heart.

Wow, that time slicing between present and future was perfect. The ache that this couple may not have a happy ending is palpable.

Ki Doong tells Director Wang and former Director Kim’s assistant, Assistant Hwang, to work well together. Assistant Hwang pledges his loyalty to Director Wang. He’s surprised when Director Wang declares the Director Kim is finished.

Ki Doong and So Joon discuss Director Kim. So Joon suggests that Ki Doong investigate the leases that Director Kim handled. He hopes that Director Kim didn’t sell one of those buildings.

So Ri and Ma Rin visit Gun Sook who declares that she’s divorcing her husband (Director Kim). He’s scaring her more and more. She calls him a psycho. She believes he’s up to something. Ma Rin wonders if Gun Sook is being hypersensitive. Gun Sook says her husband flipped when he learned she threw away the pen. Recall that the Se Young’s father’s pen that Gun Sook found in Director Kim’s car. Gun Sook says that her husband deleted the car’s black box video. She says that’s suspicious. So Ri agrees. So Ri asks if Gun Sook has checked the navigation logs. Gun Sook realizes the car is at the house.

They rush outside. Gun Sook looks at the navigation logs. Ma Rin takes a picture of the logs with her cell phone. She notices the Charity construction sites are listed. Bingo! As they get out the car, Ma Rin stares at the white sedan. She recalls seeing a white sedan pass by at the Charity construction site. Bingo!

Director Kim meets with a man who tells him the building site has been moved. Does this mean his deal is destroyed? Director Kim gets angry. The other man says the site next to Director Kim’s site may be chosen instead. Isn’t that the site Director Wang proposed? Director Kim gets upset when the man laughs that you win some, you lose some. Director Kim yells. The man calls him a psycho. That riles Director Kim up even more.

Director Kim gets more bad news when another investor accuses him of fraud. Director Kim is adamant that he invested his money too, there is no fraud. He pleads with the investor to trust him. He recalls So Joon suggesting the site next to his site in a meeting. He can’t believe it. He throws his tie to the ground. He wonders why So Joon was so confident about his site location. We knew this would happen. Director Kim must suspect So Joon’s uncanny ability to be right in real estate.

So Ri suggests to Ma Rin that Director Kim may be having an affair with a charity employee. The light dawns for Ma Rin. She tells So Ri go ahead. Ma Rin runs in the opposite direction.

So Joon tells Ki Doong this is his last time travel. He leaves.

Director Kim follows So Joon to the subway. They both get on the subway. Director Kim slowly walks to So Joon who stares at him in shock. Director Kim grabs So Joon when he tries to move away. The subway lights go out.

Gun Sook walks outside to meet Ma Rin who tells her there are places that can restore black box data. Ma Rin tells Gun Sook to give her the black box.

So Joon asks Director Kim what he’s doing.

My Thoughts

The tension ratcheted up at the end of the episode! We knew Director Kim would suspect So Joon one day. Today was the day. The time was right. The world is crumbling around Director Kim. He couldn’t believe the site NEXT to his site would be selected. All his money, all his investors’ money, thrown into land that wouldn’t be selected. I’m not sorry for Director Kim but I am worried for So Joon. When Director Kim got on the subway, I thought that So Joon would disappear in front of Director’s Kim’s eyes and this would be the big reveal. Instead Director Kim boldly approached Doo Sik surprising him. He grabbed Doo Sik. Then the lights went out. What happens next? Will Director Kim stab So Joon and then when he transports to the future he dies? I can’t believe Director Kim transports with So Joon because that didn’t work when Ma Rin held onto So Joon (and her father is a time traveler).

Before the tense final minutes this episode had a fun tone. The interactions between all the characters was fun. Our couple sparkled. They amped up the cute this episode. What’s great to see is their cute is rooted in love, not infatuation. They love each other. I love this couple. They’ve won my heart.

Ki Doong is the good friend to So Joon and Ma Rin. Writer Heo has the perfect touch with playfulness in the scenes with Ki Doong and So Joon, or Ki Doong and Ma Rin. We saw Se Young admit she no longer cared for So Joon. She fretted that Ki Doong couldn’t care for her because she had been stuck on So Joon for so long. Honey, talk to Ki Doong, he’ll set you straight!

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) reaped the benefits of time travel. She got major booty for the future and loved it. Her intuition told her that So Joon was too generous and was acting unusual but he managed to assuage her fears. Ma Rin put the pieces of the puzzle together and suspects Director Kim. Will this put her own life at risk?

Gun Sook nudged Ma Rin’s memory when they looked at the navigation logs in Director Kim’s car. When Ma Rin realized that Director Kim visited the charity constructions sites, and remembered seeing a car similar to his, you knew she’d figure it out.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) wanted to make everything okay for present Ma Rin knowing he was hurting future Ma Rin. His video message to future Ma Rin was touching. He loves Ma Rin past and present. But with the future playing out as it is, he can’t make both of them happy. He’s chosen to make present Ma Rin his priority. He truly has learned the present is more important than the future. Can Doo Sik help or is he only hurting their chances of changing the future? Would revealing himself to Ma Rin alter the future?

It is difficult to remain optimistic this couple will avoid the bleak future that has been foretold. This episode offered little hope this can happen. But I won’t give up on my belief that a happy ending can happen. But will it?

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14 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 13 Recap
  1. Thurs says:

    This episode made me laugh, cringe throughout all the cute scenes and shake with tension in my seat at the very end! I can’t believe we only have 3 more episodes and I really hope they do something to turn this around and make it work! I think I would honestly cry if it all goes to hell.

    A matter that keeps rising in the back of my head is idea of having a child. That’s really the only thing they haven’t tried and at the very beginning, Doo Shik suggested that they do so to change their future after they got married. We already saw how the future shifted when they got together, a creation of life surely could save them! And even if it didn’t, at least Ma Rin would have a child of hers and So Joon to love and remind her of him! What are your thoughts ??


    • kjtamuser says:

      When we initially saw how sad our couple was in the future, I theorized that maybe they had lost a baby in their past. Frankly, I’d forgotten about the possibility of a child revising their fate. With 3 episodes to go, a child would be a game changer. Does Writer Heo plan to play the child card or focus on their love and willingness to live in the present to change their future?

      You won’t be alone crying if we close this series with a sad resolution. It won’t happen. You’ll be happy with the ending, I’ll be happy with the ending, we will all be happy with the ending.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I ❤ Ma Rin competing for “my man” against her future self. They have such a lovely romance now So Joon’s time travel is out in the open. With all their activity sans PJs, who’s to say @Thurs that Ma Rin isn’t pregnant already? I’m just saying…it is possible.

    Ma Rin is close to connecting the dots from Director Kim to Mr. Shin’s death. I shudder to think of the danger she is putting herself in. How will her actions affect the future? When So Joon left dumplings with future Ma Rin, it was clear So Joon was still missing. Not a happy thought. One thing I was glad to see was Se Young being knowledgeable about So Joon’s ability to time travel and that she and Ki Dong were there for her.

    When So Joon is seeing multiples of himself in the future, I am mystified that he keeps riding the subway up to the date he disappears. I’m pretty sure the So Joon we saw running on the subway was being pursued by Director Kim—the question is when? It is where the episode leaves off in order for So Joon to keep Director Kim from seeing him disappear or will Director Kim see So Joon disappear and stalk the train until So Joon reappears?

    I’m still hoping for a happy ending, even though I have no idea how So Joon going missing or being dead is looking very likely. We know Director Kim was known to be a bad guy in the future—was he caught? Is he dead?


    • kjtamuser says:

      With all their activity sans PJs, who’s to say @Thurs that Ma Rin isn’t pregnant already? I’m just saying…it is possible.
      JT, you and @Thurs are both right, a child is a possibility. I’d considered this early in the series but had forgotten about it.

      One thing I was glad to see was Se Young being knowledgeable about So Joon’s ability to time travel and that she and Ki Dong were there for her.
      I was glad to see that she had the support of her friends in the future too. Her loneliness and sadness living a future without So Joon is something I hope doesn’t come true.

      When So Joon is seeing multiples of himself in the future, I am mystified that he keeps riding the subway up to the date he disappears
      I was surprised that he didn’t start to disintegrate when he saw each version of himself, something that had happened in an earlier episode.

      I’m still hoping for a happy ending, even though I have no idea how So Joon going missing or being dead is looking very likely
      Writer Heo is leading us to believe our couple won’t have a happily ever after. But I reject this option. Our couple has learned to love each other and live in the moment. They deserve a happy ending. We do too!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        If I recall correctly, So Joon nearly disappeared 💨 while in the presence of himself​, who belongs to the time period he is visiting. But with multiple versions of himself running around – who’s who?

        Director Kim would either melt down or become even more homicidal if he encounters multiple versions of So Joon. I wonder what Director Kim’s reaction would be if he encountered​ Doo Sik?


        • kjtamuser says:

          I wonder what Director Kim’s reaction would be if he encountered​ Doo Sik?
          That’s a good question. Could Doo Sik help short circuit Director Kim?


    • imberreader says:

      I think they’re taking precautions, but nothing is 100% sure. I was sure they were foreshadowing something, at least major angst and pain, with kid clothes in the package, but that turned out to be the couple pajamas. Still could be foreshadowing, though…

      I keep wondering, if So Joon went to his death date now, would he still see himself die, or is he already dead in this future they’ve crafted? There are only few events that have actually changed over the course of all his attempts and that is Ma Rin’s saving and the route to wedding/marriage with still unhappy end. But I might be wrong about timemap, but wasn’t he told he had disappeared before he had that one last phone conversation with future!self? I would need to re-watch to be sure, though. It’d mean Director Kim hasn’t killed him, then, but how would he escape whatever he was stuck into to die on that date?

      Honestly, all of this is so mindboggling I will probably need to rewatch, or at least skip through the series, after it’s all done.


      • kjtamuser says:

        There are only few events that have actually changed over the course of all his attempts and that is Ma Rin’s saving and the route to wedding/marriage with still unhappy end
        I keep wondering what will change the future for our couple. Good point that it was saving Ma Rin’s life and marrying Ma Rin that had the impact. Does that mean that she’s the key to all of this? Her actions will make the difference? Does she have to make a bold choice?

        Honestly, all of this is so mindboggling…
        True, time travel can get convoluted quickly. It also gives the writer lots of latitude.


  3. imberreader says:

    Perfect start, but painfully reminiscent of So Joon swearing and cursing at future!self and saying he won’t become jaded like that.

    Welp, I was tricked, those weren’t baby clothes. Dammit. Give me Ma Rin who considers having babies with him in their happy days.

    I did snort at his embarrassment at the state of undress, however. Cute nerd. The suffering face at having photos taken was still relatable, though. Annnd then she roped him right in. Good job, Ma Rin. Get your hubs!

    Also, I totally expected her to finish taking off his pajamas at start of scene, reminiscent of Oh My Venus moment, lol. But this:

    was even better. I laughed out loud at their faces and the lines.

    The ex-director is truly creepy. I have bad feeling about all of this.

    Loved So Joon ‘learning’ job and the interactions with Ki Doong. I do side with Ki Doong, to be honest. *shakes head slightly* While it is amusing to see him suffering over work, it also reminds of how he’s not properly worked a day in his life, probably.

    But the “I missed you Ma Riiiiin” to his phone bits are just precious. He is either most precious puppy or this angsty lone wolf. There’s basically no inbetween.

    The exchange between Ma Rin and her mother was interesting. It put light on some issues they hadn’t touched openly before and also made more sense of her sudden anger flare over So Joon’s ‘cheating’. Who *is* she supposed to talk with, if not Ma Rin? The miscommunication and welting wound being poked from worst angle is large.

    Ki Doong cracked me up with the barging in and basically everything. Both his and So Joon’s expressions at some points are just omg what are you doing, what if your face sticks that way, I’m dying of inner laughter.

    There was a lot of honesty, acceptance and understanding in the conversation between So Joon and Ma Rin, loved that. As did I love their contemplation about Little Flower, d’aww.

    Ki Doong and Ma Rin’s bonding that backfired a little eventually because of her drunk crying was just plain adorable and funny. While also cringey, because… drinking too much again. But oh well! The way they were both hug!!!! SO JOON!!! was worth it. As was the replay of taking care of drunk SO scene.

    I am quite sure ex-director Kim drugged his business partner. I had a bad feeling about the phone call earlier and kind of guessed this would happen, but damn. That’s what they call one lie/crime spiraling to create an avalanche of them.

    I was surprised neither of them recalled his shopping trips for her when she was in hospital – she should’ve figured what they were now that she knows truth.

    Genuinely lost it at the Flower reveal and ‘not-piglet’ as well as So Joon’s maniacal happiness. He’s addicted to the subway, ahaha. At least this time it’s for a good cause, I guess. (But I also wanted to punch him a little for his I suffer at work play!)

    I loved the movement from one scene with blooming relationship to another where there’s longing for a bloom, but also doubt. Though I am probably overthinking the scene placement. But with So Joon’s words ‘maybe it is just too far to travel in future’ – it felt poingant both for him and Se Young & Ki Doong. Two years can change so much – two years ago she still loved So Joon, but now there’s definitely something vibrating between her and Ki Doong and two more years later, they’re to be married.

    The way he made gifts and plans for future Ma Rin was so bittersweet. In a sense, it for me, was pinnacle of realization how deep his care for Ma Rin is. He thinks of her past, present, future. Not as a vague term, or means to reach a goal, or just a wife, but someone who he truly, wholly always wants to take care of and love, even when/if he cannot be physically be there by her side. But as such, I also understand how she couldn’t go to what she had thought to watch with HIM.

    Her tears over dumplings, his message… It all tore into my heart, as the sense of impending doom closed in even further. Their happiness is always walking on the edge of a blade and it is both painful and more beautiful for that, to me as a watcher. I suppose for that we watch things like these, the beauty of tragedy or when it looms close.

    At the end, So Joon’s panic was palpable… Really well acted scene. In a sense, the very ending is what I feel could lead to the Unhappy Ending we all fear. Both the impending reveal to Director Kim about So Joon and Ma Rin’s decision.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      @imberreader you are spot on about So Joon being “precious puppy” 🐕 or “angsty lone wolf” 🐺, he doesn’t seem to have an in-between; I wish he did.

      I really 💞 Ki Doing. I’m not sure So Joon appreciates what a valuable friendship he has. I’m glad to see Ki Doong not being rebuffed be Se Young; he deserves to be loved. 💓 I also like that he is a good friend to Ma Rin in the present and in the future.

      Liked by 2 people

      • imberreader says:

        He’d find himself dealing with some things easier, if he had a middle ground, as both sides have something important. And in some ways, I think he’s learning – he puts the dark and painful thoughts that take over him in angsty wolf phase and apply a little optimism to them and focuses on living in the now, which we saw him mostly do when he just didn’t have as much care.

        And yes, Ki Doong is precious and must be protected. As @Jane Tilly said, I also really like that Se Young is in the know about the whole thing in the future and is a sincere friend to Ma Rin. She and Ki Doong are really good couple together, I believe in their happiness!


        • kjtamuser says:

          As @Jane Tilly said, I also really like that Se Young is in the know about the whole thing in the future and is a sincere friend to Ma Rin. She and Ki Doong are really good couple together, I believe in their happiness!
          I agree with both of you!

          Liked by 1 person

      • kjtamuser says:

        Ki Doong does deserve to be loved, it’s good to see Writer Heo give Ki Doong emotional content and not have him be merely a sidekick. 👍


    • kjtamuser says:

      It put light on some issues they hadn’t touched openly before and also made more sense of her sudden anger flare over So Joon’s ‘cheating’. Who *is* she supposed to talk with, if not Ma Rin?
      Agreed that Ma Rin’s reaction to the other woman, future Ma Rin, is better explained by the reveal that her father had affairs. I differ on a mother discussing a father’s affairs with the daughter. I would want my mother to discuss that with a peer, not me.

      I was pleased we got a piggy back out of the drunk scene.

      He thinks of her past, present, future. Not as a vague term, or means to reach a goal, or just a wife, but someone who he truly, wholly always wants to take care of and love, even when/if he cannot be physically be there by her side.
      Beautifully stated.

      Their happiness is always walking on the edge of a blade and it is both painful and more beautiful for that, to me as a watcher. I suppose for that we watch things like these, the beauty of tragedy or when it looms close.
      Another perfectly stated observation.

      Liked by 1 person

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