Voice Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Voice Episode 16 (Final)

Chapter 8: For the Last Golden Time, Part 2

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” Helen Keller

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) and Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) arrive at the villa. Kwon Joo sees a car and realizes it is the car that Mo Tae Gu drives. She tells Jin Hyuk it is Mo Tae Gu’s car. They draw their weapons and approach the front door. The surveillance camera watches. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo go through the courtyard front door. They spy the trail of blood going into the house. Jin Hyuk says the blood is fresh. Jin Hyuk believes Mo Tae Gu brought someone to the villa. They stare at the door into the villa.

In the basement, Dae Sik kneels horrified when Mo Tae Gu turns on the lights and reveals blood stained walls and a table of instruments of death (including the kettlebell). OMG!!! It is a vast array of kettlebells!!! Dae Sik stares in horror. Mo Tae Gu calls him a rat. He picks up a kettlebell. He turns and stares at Dae Sik. Mo Tae Gu clicks! He asks Dae Sik how he wants to die. Dae Sik can only beg for his life. Mo Tae Gu smiles.

Kwon Joo says her conversation with Hyun Ho reveals what happened at the villa 25 years ago.

Flashback…a woman who lived at the villa (the woman is Mo Tae Gu’s mother) reported to the police that her husband murdered someone. Her husband came to the police station and dismissed his wife’s statement stating her sleeping pills had messed with her head.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo that he checked all the records. Transportation CEO Park Jung Nam was found 3 days later in coastal waters. The case was closed after the death was ruled accidental.

Jin Hyuk states the villa is the murder location. Kwon Joo believes Mo Tae Gu and his mother saw the murder of Transportation CEO Park Jung Nam. After that CEO Mo’s transportation company merged with CEO Park’s transportation company to become the biggest in Korea. That’s what you call a hostile takeover! Kwon Joo states CEO Park fought again the merger. He died at the villa on the day Mo Tae Gu and his mother arrived for their vacation.

Flashback…a young Mo Tae Gu and his mother arrive at the villa. Mother is surprised to see a jacket on the couch. The villa isn’t empty. Mo Tae Gu hears sounds emanating from the basement. In the room, CEO Mo watches while his henchman beats CEO Park. Mo Tae Gu creeps down the stair to see what is going on. CEO Mo yells at CEO Park that he won’t tolerate his infringement of his territory. The henchman beats CEO Park more. Mo Tae Gu creeps towards the room. CEO Park tells CEO Mo that he’ll be accountable for this and even his children will be cursed. Love the karma (what goes around comes around) of that statement! Livid, CEO rants and raves and stabs CEO Park with his knife. Mother comes down the stairs calling to Mo Tae Gu. CEO Mo realizes he killed CEO Park. He looks at the doorway into the room. Mo Tae Gu is standing there, stunned at what he just witnessed. Blood splattered on his face, CEO Mo yells at his son. Why is he here? He screams to get lost. Mother appears in the door way, putting her arms around Mo Tae Gu and takes in the scene in the room. She covers Mo Tae Gu’s eyes. Too late for that! Mo Tae Gu can still see the carnage through his mother’s fingers.

Kwon Joo states she believes Mo Tae Gu suffered a psychotic breakdown on that day. Kwon Joo says the person that turned Mo Tae Gu in a murderer was his father.

Mo Tae Gu picks up a small kettlebell (with blood on it) and strides to Dae Sik stating that secrets should remain secrets. Dae Sik tries to get away but his hands are tied behind his back and he can only scoot away. Mo Tae Gu states the truth is draining. He crouches near a whimpering Dae Sik. He asks “how do humans become complete”? He drops the kettlebell and pulls out a curved knife. He cuts his own hand with the knife. He answers his own question “through pain”. Mo Tae Gu’s pleasure in the cut and subsequent blood makes me squirm. Mo Tae Gu drops the knife, picks up the kettlebell, and swings it striking Dae Sik in the face. Can I watch this? Mo Tae Gu walks towards Dae Sik who lies on the ground blood spewing from his mouth.

Jin Hyuk states that Father Mo covered up the murder and felt guilty about what his son witnessed. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo it’s time to go into the house. The front door is locked through a security system. Jin Hyuk applies a plier and the door opens. They enter the house.

Mo Tae Gu goes through Dae Sik’s pockets retrieving a card. Dae Sik asks if Mo Tae Gu killed everyone in this room. Mo Tae Gu is surprised by that question at this point in Dae Sik’s life. He says Dae Sik will be punished in the afterlife. He swings the kettlebell again and again. I can see why the Korea standard board rated this 19+, this is gratuitous violence which is exactly what Mo Tae Gu does (he enjoys this) but it is difficult to watch.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk ease down the hallway upstairs. Jin Hyuk turns on the lights. Smart, how many times do you wonder, why don’t they turn on the lights? They split up to search separately. The security camera watch.

Mo Tae Gu pokes Dae Sik’s belly to rouse him but he gets no response. He drops the kettlebell and walks towards the table. He sees the security camera feed in the computer screens. Stunned, he grips the tables. “How did they find me?” When he sees Kwon Joo he laughs in pleasure. He declares he was going to invite her to play.

Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo reconnect. Neither of them have found anything. Jin Hyuk is sure that Mo Tae Gu is watching them and wants to play with them. Mo Tae Gu turns the lights off via the computer. Jin Hyuk murmurs he knew they were being watched. Kwon Joo goes to call for backup but there isn’t a cell signal. Jin Hyuk finds his radio doesn’t work. He states a jammer must be block the signal.

Now Mo Tae Gu locks the doors via the computer. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo run to the doors and find they are locked. Mo Tae Gu is giddy with glee. Kwon Joo wonders where the basement is. Mo Tae Gu makes sounds come from upstairs. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo rush upstairs. Kwon Joo starts to say the voices sound strange but Jin Hyuk hold a hand up to silence her. The sounds are behind a door. Jin Hyuk opens the door. A covered body is inside. Jin Hyuk believes that Dae Sik could be under the sheet and hesitates pulling the sheet away. Kwon Joo spares Jin Hyuk the burden and pulls the sheet down herself. It is a body wrapped in plastic. Most likely the proprietress of the club. Kwon Joo crouches down and declares it is the proprietress of the club. Kwon Joo spots the source of the sounds, a phone playing recorded sounds from movies. Jin Hyuk declares Mo Tae Gu is playing with them.

Mo Tae Gu laughs with glee as the security cameras watch Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk. He wonders if he should invite them to play. He strides to Dae Sik’s body. He picks up the kettlebell. Dae Sik moans.

Kwon Joo hears the kettlebell! She declares she heard a kettlebell and that Mo Tae Gu is near. Jin Hyuk asks where the sound came from. She says it is lower than their location, likely in the basement. Jin Hyuk knows Dae Sik is likely there.

Hyun Ho is frustrated. Eun Soo asks if the signals from Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk’s phone are still blocked. Hyun Ho confirms this.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk find the entrance to the stairwell to the basement (hidden behind a door that looked like part of the wall). They rapidly descend the stairs. Jin Hyuk sees the blood stains on the floor. He spies an open door. He states that Mo Tae Gu left the door open to lure them inside. Jin Hyuk opens the door further. He sees Dae Sik lying on the floor. Jin Hyuk rushes to Dae Sik. Kwon Joo yells that this is a trap. Mo Tae Gu comes up behind her with a rifle in his hand. He strikes Kwon Joo down. Jin Hyuk stands up. Mo Tae Gu aims the rifle at Jin Hyuk who aims his gun at Mo Tae Gu. Kwon Joo’s gun is kicked out of the way. Jin Hyuk calls to her and asks if she’s okay. Mo Tae Gu points the rifle at Kwon Joo. Then he points the rifle at Jin Hyuk. He asks if Jin Hyuk got the gift he sent. Kwon Joo calls him a psycho. Mo Tae Gu points the rifle at Kwon Joo. Mo Tae Gu tells Kwon Joo that they are special not like common scums like Jin Hyuk. Mo Tae Gu points the rifle at Jin Hyuk. Kwon Joo denies his claim calling him mental. She states that Mo Tae Gu only lives because his father facilitated. She promises he’ll get what is due him. Mo Tae Gu asks why Kwon Joo doesn’t understand. He states he’ll switch the order and kill Jin Hyuk first.

Jin Hyuk rolls as Mo Tae Gu fires. Jin Hyuk fires back at Mo Tae Gu (hitting him in the arm) who in turns fires at the rolling and firing Jin Hyuk. He charges the door. Mo Tae Gu runs. Jin Hyuk asks Kwon Joo if she is okay. Jin Hyuk tells her to tend to Dae Sik and takes off. Kwon Joo runs to Dae Sik and asks if he’s okay. A groan is all Dae Sik can manage.

Now the chase in the house begins. Up the stairs Jin Hyuk trials Mo Tae Gu who fires a shot to buy from time.

Kwon Joo rushes to the computer (smart girl!) and disables the jamming (which conveniently is a large red button (turning brain off at that plot point)). She calls Hyun Ho informing him they caught Mo Tae Gu in the act. She demands backup. She states Dae Sik is badly injured and Jin Hyuk is fighting with Mo Tae Gu. Hyun Ho goes to code zero and calls for backup and medical to the villa’s address.

Jin Hyuk and Mo Tae Gu fire at each other at opposite ends of the hallway. Mo Tae Gu smiles with joy. Jin Hyuk asks if this villa is his playground. Jin Hyuk states that Mo Tae Gu concealed the truth by murdering his wife. Jin Hyuk vows that Mo Tae Gu will die today. Mo Tae Gu smiles in ecstasy. Mo Tae Gu tells Jin Hyuk not to resent him. She was Jin Hyuk’s wife. He states the truth was concealed by his friend, Dae Sik, not him. He giggles in glee. Jin Hyuk calls Mo Tae Gu a monster and warns him not to say Dae Sik’s name again. Being dissed angers Mo Tae Gu. They exchange more shots. Mo Tae Gu leaves through a door.

Mo Tae Gu walks purposefully ratcheting his rifle as he goes. Jin Hyuk pursues until they face each other through the front door. It’s a stand-off. Jin Hyuk walks towards Mo Tae Gu. With encouragement Mo Tae Gu tells Jin Hyuk to dig down and find his demon. He says Jin Hyuk isn’t any different from him. Jin Hyuk asks if he’s scared and covering it up with idle chatter. He tells him to fire. The police arrive and burst into the courtyard behind Mo Tae Gu. Jin Hyuk fires at Mo Tae Gu’s feet. The police surround Mo Tae Gu. Mo Tae Gu starts to lower his rifle. This angers Jin Hyuk. He calls him a coward and afraid of death. But Mo Tae Gu enjoys the moment and raises his hands in surrender. As Jin Hyuk yells to raise the rifle, Mo Tae Gu puts it on the ground. The police handcuff Mo Tae Gu. He smiles at Jin Hyuk. This is not the ending Jin Hyuk wanted. Kyung Hak steps forward. Jin Hyuk tells him to get out of the way. Jin Hyuk vows to give up his badge for the satisfaction of killing his wife’s murderer. Mo Tae Gu smiles and practically blows kisses to Jin Hyuk infuriating him. Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk to lower his gun but Jin Hyuk is locked in rage and desire to end the life the murdering man who now mocks him with his smile. Gently Kyung Hak puts his hand on Jin Hyuk’s hand and lowers the weapon. The police take Mo Tae Gu away. He stares and smiles at Jin Hyuk while he’s lead away. Jin Hyuk can’t tear his gaze from Mo Tae Gu.

Wow, let me take a breather. This isn’t what I expected. We are 20 minutes in and Mo Tae Gu is captured. I have no doubt that the next 40 minutes won’t be a victory lap. I feel the same lack of closure that Jin Hyuk does. Mo Tae Gu must die. There is no other option. Writer Ma, don’t disappoint me.

They take Dae Sik out on a stretcher. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that Dae Sik’s head and face have serious injuries. They will send to him a hospital where a neurosurgeon will attend Dae Sik. Dr. Lee from Beautiful Mind (who Jang Hyuk portrayed) comes to mind. With tears in his eyes, Jin Hyuk tells the EMTs to take Dae Sik to the hospital.

Jin Hyuk reports that Mo Tae Gu has been captured and Dae Sik is on his way to the hospital. He tells Kwon Joo to come with him to the hospital.

Kyung Hak watches Mo Tae Gu getting treatment in the ambulance. He tells the police that Mo Tae Gu only needs minor medical care. He orders Mo Tae Gu brought to the station after that. Two police officers get into the ambulance with Mo Tae Gu. He smiles the smile of a man that isn’t done playing the game. He chuckles too.

Father Mo gets the news that his son was arrested at the villa. The assistant tells Father Mo is son was shot in the arm. Father Mo orders his assistant to send me and get his son moved to another hospital.

Father Mo calls the director of the hospital and tells him he’s calling in the favor he owes him. The director states he’ll buy Father Mo time but he’ll have to handle the details of extracting his son. Father Mo promises he if brings his son, the hospital will be completely in his power.

The news outlets report that Mo Tae Gu is under arrest for multiple murders committed in his lair. The reporter outside the villa states perhaps 30 murders were committed there.

The police commissioner ends a phone call. He is told Mo Tae Gu is a time bomb that could explode at any minute. The police officer saying this states he must disassociate himself with the Mo family. He wants option. The officer says there aren’t any. The bus accident and the murder spree cannot be ignored. The police commissioner waves the man away. Alone in his office he mutters that all his hard work to achieve this level was destroyed in a moment. He says he should have listened to Jin Hyuk. If only Jin Hyuk could have heard those words!

Mo Tae Gu seems to be in distress. The EMT in the ambulance tells Mo Tae Gu that his father sent him. The two other officers look on unaware.

Jin Hyuk isn’t happy to learn that Mo Tae Gu is being transferred to the nearest hospital due to his pressing medical condition of seizures. Is it the hospital Jin Hyuk’s son is at? Jin Hyuk calls the serious crime unit and states that Mo Tae Gu is faking a seizure to be transferred to a different hospital. Jin Hyuk states he’s going to that hospital. Kyung Hak replies his team will make further arrests. Kyung Hak states that Father Mo try and get his son released and they must not make mistakes.

At the hospital, Mo Tae Gu is rolled into the emergency room. The doctor his father called rushes up and tells the EMTs to follow him. The police wait outside the treatment room. They report that Mo Tae Gu is being treated. Jin Hyuk responds that he is near the hospital.

In the treatment room the doctor tells Mo Tae Gu that his father called. He tells Mo Tae Gu told to the cheesecloth with safflower seeds in his mouth. The doctor states it will appear the Mo Tae Gu committed suicide. He will smell like cyanide. He tells his team to prepare for the surgery and the switch. Mo Tae Gu flatlines.

Now at the hospital Jin Hyuk asks for status. The officers report Mo Tae Gu is still in the treatment room. Then they state the doctor is coming out of the treatment room. The doctor claims Mo Tae Gu took cyanide and has died. He tells the officers to follow him to the treatment room. They find Mo Tae Gu “dead”. The doctor says the body must be moved to the morgue and his family contacted. Upset, the police officers leave the treatment room. They report that Mo Tae Gu has committed suicide. When has that statement ever been true in this series? Jin Hyuk can’t believe what he’s hearing. The officer states Mo Tae Gu took cyanide. The officer states he checked and Mo Tae Gu was no longer breathing. He says the body is being moved to the morgue. The officer states Mo Tae Gu smelled like someone that took cyanide. Kwon Joo doesn’t believe it. She tells Jin Hyuk something is wrong. Jin Hyuk agrees. Mo Tae Gu would not have committed suicide. Jin Hyuk orders Hyun Ho to find out about the hospital’s director. Hyun Ho lets his quick fingers fly and determine the basic details of the doctor. Jin Hyuk tells him to find a connection to the family Mo.

The doctor directs his team to move Mo Tae Gu’s body quickly.

Eun Soo learns that the doctor owes his medical degree due to a scholarship from the Mo family. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo that these pawns of the family Mo are helping Mo Tae Gu escape. Kwon Joo hears something. She alerts Jin Hyuk and listens again. It’s not a stretcher moving the body. She hears an elevator going underground. She realizes that Mo Tae Gu is being transported to the underground parking lot. They run to the stairs.

In the elevator, the doctor ascertains that Mo Tae Gu is okay. They help Mo Tae Gu into a car. The assistant drives away with Mo Tae Gu in the back seat. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo arrive at the empty parking lot. Kwon Joo is sure this was a setup to transfer Mo Tae Gu. Jin Hyuk asks for the CCTV footage of vehicles exiting the parking lot to be reviewed.

The assistant tells a still groggy Mo Tae Gu that his father has a fake passport and a ticket on a boat to Japan waiting. Love the irony that Mo Tae Gu gets the same bon voyage package harbor boss received. Mo Tae Gu stares at the new passport and the ticket.

Father Mo tells his son that he’ll take care of everything while he hides in Japan. Mo Tae Gu questions the plan. His father states the situation is dire. Mo Tae Gu reminds his father that he’s one of a kind. He states his father pretended not to know he had a mental disorder. He demands to know if this is funny. Father Mo pledges to do whatever it takes, bribe whoever he needs to, to keep him safe. He urges his son to go into hiding. Mo Tae Gu tells his father to shut up. He screams that he doesn’t need his father’s help. He loses it as he screams Kwon Joo’s name, then Jin Hyuk’s name. Good screams! The psycho label fits!

Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo that Father Mo saved his son by faking his death. Kwon Joo states that Mo Tae Gu must flee Korea before the borders close. Hyun Ho calls stating that Father Mo’s secretary paid for a boat ticket. Hyun Ho states the name it was booked under was a loner Japanese tourist that came to Korea but went missing. Kwon Joo asks if Mo Tae Gu will travel under this name. Hyun Ho confirms this stating the ship leaves at 7pm. Jin Hyuk calls Kyung Hak and tells him that Mo Tae Gu will flee via a 7pm boat to Japan. He states he and Kwon Joo will be there and invites Kyung Hak and his team to be there too. Kyung Hak agrees.

Father Mo meets with Prosecutor Park and asks him to close the investigation into the Golden Time team. He claims it is a drain and coupled with his son’s difficulties it’s too much. He asks Prosecutor Park to help him cover the mess up. He promises Prosecutor Park whatever he wants. Prosecutor Park warns that he and his son are in serious trouble. He recommends Father Mo turn himself in. Desperate, Father Mo asks could the investigation be cancelled if his son died. Father Mo says two dead bodies could be switched and his son could be declared dead. He implores Prosecutor Park to certify the death and he’ll make it happen. As Prosecutor Park walks away from the meeting he calls someone and says that cleaning of the rich’s messes made his career but the Mo family mess is too big. He won’t sink his career by helping them anymore. Rats always know when to jump off a sinking ship.

It’s broad daylight now…

Father Mo’s assistant drives Mo Tae Gu to the harbor. As they enter the area they see police and Jin Hyuk/Kwon Joo descend upon a car. Mo Tae Gu tells the assistant to back away. Jin Hyuk sees the car reverse its course. He runs after it. The serious crimes unit van comes into the area their sirens blaring. Mo Tae Gu and the assistant get out of the car and make a run for it. Jin Hyuk calls Kwon Joo on the walkie talkie and tells her Mo Tae Gu is running for his life among the shipping containers. She runs to join the chase.

Mo Tae Gu and his assistant run down the railroad tracks. Kwon Joo hears this and reports it to Jin Hyuk. The police pursue them. Mo Tae Gu and the assistant enter a small harbor. The police arrive and search for him. Kwon Joo arrives. They can’t find him. Mo Tae Gu and the assistant watch from the dock or a boat near the dock. Mo Tae Gu eyes the assistant and forms a plan. He whacks the repeatedly with a metal pipe. He tells the assistant he’ll go to the afterlife knowing he sacrificed his life for him. Mo Tae Gu pushes the body into the ocean. Kwon Joo hears this. She calls Jin Hyuk about the noises near the boats. Jin Hyuk and the team run there. As they run past, Mo Tae Gu takes off in the opposite direction. They see a body in the ocean. They wonder if it’s Mo Tae Gu. Not wanting a delay Jin Hyuk jumps into the water and dives after the sinking body. He can’t find it and must wait for the harbor police to secure the body. They learn the body wasn’t Mo Tae Gu, it was the assistant. The serious crimes unit leaves.

Standing by the dock Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk. She has a plan.

Jin Hyuk’s white car barrels down the road. Kwon Joo appears on TV stating that Mo Tae Gu is the murderer of her father and Jin Hyuk’s wife. Mo Tae Gu staggers down the street, stops and watches her interview. Kwon Joo explains that psychopath doesn’t mean murderer. She stares into the TV and offers an example. There’s a man that as a child witnessed his father kill someone. His condition worsened and he turned into a murderer. Kwon Joo says that society doesn’t want to believe murderer are created at a young age. She stares into the camera and smiles. Mo Tae Gu watches her mesmerized.

The reports flood the airways about the Mo Transportation bus scandal, CEO Mo’s murderer status, and the Mo family’s connection to gangster organizations. Father Mo puts his head on his desk, reeling at the aftershocks of being fully exposed to the public.

Kwon Joo returns to her apartment. Mo Tae Gu waits for her with a knife. As she turns, he runs at her, posed to stab.

Father Mo tells himself (again) that Mo Tae Gu’s problem is his fault. He wishes that he had “fixed” Mo Tae Gu when he was young. He says it’s his fault his son is a monster. He considers suicide. He blows his brains out just as Kyung Hak and his team arrive to arrest him. Father Mo’s last thought (after he blows his brains out, turn your brain off to accept this) is “my son, see you in the underworld.”

Mo Tae Gu flings Kwon Joo down on the rooftop. He asks if she came back hoping he’d be there. She tells him he doesn’t get it. Mo Tae Gu snaps that he’s let her live time after time. Kwon Joo scoffs that he thinks he’s great. She counters that he’s small and fragile. She declares he doesn’t have the right to judge and punish others. He moves towards her and she scrambles away. Mo Tae Gu asks what’s wrong with killing the useless? He yells that dominated slave-like people don’t understand life. He grabs Kwon Joo. He screams that it was like this 1000, no 2000 years ago. Mo Tae Gu stares down at the prone Kwon Joo and declares he gave her chance after change but she blew it. He tells her it’s time for her punishment. Kwon Joo says that he asked earlier why she came back. She states she came back to catch him. She’s willing to do anything to catch him. Mo Tae Gu smiles. But then when she learned at 12 years of age, he lost his mother and lived with his murderer father, his transformation to hideous monster murderer escalated. She admits she wanted to become a monster like him and kill him with her own hands. But she changed her mind when someone taught her that the police are there to catch the bad guys. She states in Mo Tae Gu’s next life, instead of choosing to become a murderer, he should choose love as his weapon. Kwon Joo hopes he’ll give himself a better life next time. Mo Tae Gu stares at her. He’s affected. But he shakes that off and asks if she’s done. He raises the knife. Kwon Joo chuckles?? What?? Mo Tae Gu asks is she’s laughing.

The camera pulls back and reveals Jin Hyuk walking onto the roof. Mo Tae Gu turns and stares at him. Jin Hyuk raises his weapon and fires. Mo Tae Gu falls away from Kwon Joo onto the rooftop. Kwon Joo scrambles to her feet. Jin Hyuk draws even with her. They look at each other.

Flashback to the phone call earlier…Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk she has a plan to lure Mo Tae Gu to them. She says she has an interview shortly. Jin Hyuk asks if she’ll be okay. He knows that Mo Tae Gu will react. Sweet! Jin Hyuk smiles the smile of a man with a plan to end Mo Tae Gu’s reign of terror.

Back on the rooftop, Mo Tae Gu struggles to his feet and greets Jin Hyuk. Without warning, Jin Hyuk shoots Mo Tae Gu again. He falls down. That’s what I’m talking about! Mo Tae Gu struggles to sit up. He declares when he killed Jin Hyuk’s wife, it was thrilling to hear the sound of her skull cracking.  Jin Hyuk shoots Mo Tae Gu again. Mo Tae Gu deserves this. But I’m betting that Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo do not kill him. After Kwon Joo’s speech to Mo Tae Gu, I’m guessing they will let him live. Once again Mo Tae Gu tries to pull himself up. He tells Jin Hyuk that hearing his wife’s cries for her life made him feel good.  Jin Hyuk shoots Mo Tae Gu again. Exalted Mo Tae Gu yells this is what he wanted. Jin Hyuk stands over Mo Tae Gu. He looks up at and says the law they respect is easy subverted. He tells Jin Hyuk to do as he wishes.

Jin Hyuk crouches and puts his gun to Mo Tae Gu’s head. Kwon Joo yells “don’t do it”! Mo Tae Gu tells Jin Hyuk to do it. Kwon Joo cries and implores Jin Hyuk that he need not become a monster to catch one. Jin Hyuk stares into Mo Tae Gu’s eyes. He closes his eyes to prepare for death. Jin Hyuk pulls the trigger. He’s out of bullet and we only hear the click. How poetic, the clicker murderer only heard the click. But wait there’s more. Jin Hyuk tosses the gun aside. He picks up Mo Tae Gu’s knife. He holds it against Mo Tae Gu’s throat. Then he pulls the knife away. He asks Mo Tae Gu if that was what he wanted. He’s sorry but he cannot meet his expectations. Jin Hyuk says “I’ve thought about you frequently Mo Tae Gu. I’ve killed you many times in my head. I thought about ways to kill you, with pain and brutality. I thought about ripping your flesh, breaking your joints, and grinding you to dust. But I realized yesterday that is was hopeless. It would be better to abandon you in a place where there is no one to torture.” He runs his hand through Mo Tae Gu’s hair. He calls him a poor soul. Mo Tae Gu reacts. Mo Tae Gu smiles and says that’s what he wanted. He holds the knife to his own neck. He tells Mo Tae Gu not to forget him, ever. He tells him to think of him every day. Jin Hyuk puts the knife in Mo Tae Gu’s hand. He puts Mo Tae Gu under arrest. He calls the other officers to come and get Mo Tae Gu. Unable to believe this turn of events, Mo Tae Gu yells Jin Hyuk’s name.

At the hospital…Jin Hyuk visits his son. He strokes his head. He tells him that he kept his promise. He stares at his sleeping son, lays his head next to him, and settle down for quiet time with the most important person in his life.

The haunting second song “Voice” plays…

Jin Hyuk puts a flower at his wife’s memorial marker. He recalls her positive words to him. He tells her he brought what she likes. He tells her it took him a long time to visit her. He admits he was silly and cowardly not to.

Kwon Joo puts a flower at her father’s memorial marker. She tells her father that they caught him. She reminds him he was worried when she admitted she heard all the sounds. She says she caught the guy using that ability. She smiles.

Jin Hyuk looks at his wife’s picture and says it’s good to see her smile. He tells her he won’t look back anymore. He’s going to move forward. He says their son needs to move forward too. He laughs, smiles, and apologizes for holding on to her for too long. He says it’s embarrassing. Awk! Tears!

With tears in Jin Hyuk’s eyes he says she can go now. He struggles through his tears to say goodbye my love. That was beautiful and moving.

Kwon Joo tells her father to take a good rest. She promises to live her life with a smile. She tells her father there’s one more thing to say…I love you. Awk! Tears! She cries and smiles at her father’s picture.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk go the hospital and watch Dae Sik sleeping on the operating room table. His finger twitches. The doctor says he’s unconscious but breathing on his own. He advises they hope and wait.

Jin Hyuk thinks to Dae Sik “How dare you sleeping when I’m visiting. I’ll let you off today. But tomorrow you’ll need to be up and talking.” He hits the glass, then puts his hand against the glass and smiles at his friend. Lovely!

In the hospital, Mo Tae Gu is prescribed medicine to lower his violence. The orderly mention his jaw makes noise. The doctor notices the stains on Mo Tae Gu’s shirt. He tells the orderly to make sure Mo Tae Gu takes his medicine. He tells him to get him freshened up. The orderly wheels Mo Tae Gu down the hall. In Mo Tae Gu’s mind, he’s put back into the basement where he killed so many. As he sits under the spotlight, he hears their voices (appropriate considering the title of this series). He imagines that the dead surround him. The classical music underscore the crazy. The doctor walks into the light. The murder victims surround him and stab him repeatedly. Mo Tae Gu falls out of his wheel chair. They continue to surround him and stab him. They are giddy with glee. Bloodied and quivering Mo Tae Gu lays on the floor. The doctor approaches with a meal tenderizer mallet in his hand. He stares at Mo Tae Gu. He smiles. As the choral song ends with “Amen”, the doctor raises the mallet and strikes.

Kwon Joo’s voiceover “Later, I learned Mo Tae Gu was killed by a patient in the same hospital. Most of the officer in the police squad were replaced. The police commissioner is being investigated for taking bribes. Golden Time team has been reinstated permanently. My ears used to be a curse. Now I appreciate that my ears help people. I dream of a world where there is no crime. There’s light and shadow. Correcting our mistakes may be what we need to do. So I listen to the people that call me in their desperation.

We see the Emergency Call Center running efficiently. Hyun Ho, Eun Soo, Officer Cheon, and Kwon Joo at its center. The next case comes up. Kwon Joo calls code zero. She directs the officer to the location.

The end. The closing credits thank us for watching. There is hope that the healing can begin and the shame can end. We get some outtakes that show all the actors smiling and enjoying each other. The credits transition to still images of the actors. It ends with Jin Hyuk, Dae Sik, and the serious crimes unit smiling at the camera.

My Thoughts

This final episode was satisfying. It wasn’t epic like the previous episode, which was the pinnacle of the series for me. What this episode did was quell the blood lust for vengeance yet metered out enough that you didn’t feel short changed.

The pacing of the episode and the plot was anti-climactic at times. When they caught Mo Tae Gu at the 20-minute mark, there wasn’t much left to do. I felt the Writer Ma could have beefed up the confrontation at the house. After Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo found Dae Sik in the basement and Mo Tae Gu fled, it ended up being a chase and not a riveting one at that.

Then Mo Tae Gu’s escape from the hospital, the chase, and the second time he eluded the law felt a bit like filter.

When Mo Tae Gu confronted Kwon Joo at her apartment, you knew finally it would resolve one way or the other.

On the rooftop, my bloodlust was quelled. I’d wanted Mo Tae Gu to die. I’m not sorry he died in the hospital. But Kwon Joo was right, Jin Hyuk didn’t have to become a murderer himself. Jin Hyuk’s stroking Mo Tae Gu hair and telling him not to forget him was effective.

The scenes at the memorial markers were touching and offered closure for both our leads. They were ready to move on.

I found it odd but not terrible that the series ended in the Emergency Call Center where the Golden Time team worked in harmony to save the victims. I was glad that Kwon Joo recognized her hearing as a gift. I was a bit surprised that when Kwon Joo went to code zero we didn’t see officers scrambling to respond. Yes, I wanted to see Jin Hyuk one more time but that didn’t happen. We ended VOICE with the character that heard all the sounds and used her voice to help the victims. Justice was achieved.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) kept her promise to catch her father’s killer. I am unabashed in my respect for this character. She was wonderful.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) completed his quest to avenge his wife. What mattered was Jin Hyuk got the closure he needed to move on with his life. His memorial scene was stellar. With few words Jang Hyuk provided closure to the woman he loved and opened the door to his own future. Jin Hyuk came to life in the final quarter of this series. He caught the tiger by the tail.

Mo Tae Gu was caught and sentenced to his own thoughts forever. The ending scene in the hospital satisfied me. He was at the mercy of his own thoughts and the voices of those he had killed. Kim Jae Wook brought Mo Tae Gu to life. I enjoyed his performance.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?
* I’m not sure it’s possible that Dae Sik can live, but I want him to. Granted. Dae Sik did not have much to do but he survived and I was pleased that he did.
* Murderer Mo must die. Granted. He died off camera killed by another patient. I’m a bit surprised to say that if Mo Tae Gu hadn’t died, I was satisfied with the endless torture of the voices of his victims.
* Kwon Joo must live and get the satisfaction of vengeance for his father’s death. Granted. She found her own voice this series and I loved watching it happen.
* Jin Hyuk must live and get the satisfaction of vengeance for his wife’s death. Granted. His half a life ended and he closed the chapter of grief that kept him stuck. It was fitting that he ended the series visiting his wife and son.
* I’d like Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk have a drink at Grandma’s eatery after they wrap this case up. Denied. So be it. Their implicit trust on the rooftop (and throughout the final episode) was their best example of how far they had come.

I enjoyed this series more than I expected. Police dramas typically don’t interest me because of the “case of the week” aspect. But Writer Ma improved that formula. The 8 chapters of this series had villains shocked and repulsed me with victims who were survivors. Each chapter built upon the former, finding the path to solve the origin murders of episode 1. Writer Ma had issues with the “devil is in the details” parts of the plot as well as nonexistent character growth for most of the series. Our lead characters were limited emotionally until the final 4 episodes when their voices rang out.

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155 comments on “Voice Episode 16 (Final) Recap
  1. A.D. DO! says:

    @kjtamuser. Hey, I truly admire what you do…a great job with the play by play and not being one sided in your comments…but how can you condone this piece of tripe in any way? Just on artistic value alone it is way sub par. I thought I had found a wonderful new outlet in Korean Drama when I discovered Jang Hyuk, but his last three works have been boring beyond belief…and this one sadistic, puerile, frustrating, disgusting…this is heartbreaking to me. It’s just plain bad film making on every level, although I know they worked their hearts out on this. Really sad,, trying to do too much, too fast.. But this might be my last venture into Korealand.

    • kjtamuser says:

      @A.D. DO! I’m glad this series is done. It has been draining. I understand your point of view branding the series tripe.

      I see it another way. Writer Ma amped up the gritty, the violence, the relentless abuse of the poor through shockingly amoral abusers, while a network of complicit people threw roadblocks in front of the pursuit of justice because they were bribed or threatened by a rich powerful man. Stripped down, this was revenge drama.

      I did not enjoy the cruelty or the violence. It was difficult to watch and hear.

      Writer Ma doesn’t appear to have any other writing credits in a kdrama (per Asianwiki). If this is the first kdrama script, it delivered on some levels and failed on others.

      Writer Ma shined a light on the abuse of the poor and ignored. Most revenge dramas have rich, pretty people fighting to keep their status and wealth. Voice wasn’t pretty it was gritty. It was relentless in showing rampant corruption at all levels. There was no faith in the system.

      I watched this drama for Jang Hyuk. I chafed watching his character muzzled for the majority of the series. I relished when his character was unleashed and he explored his own need for vengeance through violence. He released his rage that had been his life’s fuel for the last 3 years. Jang Hyuk was superb in the closing episodes of this series. If he chose this series because he’d never played a police detective, I’d imagine he got more (good and bad) than he expected.

      I have to say one last thing. Writer Ma showed clearly the abuse and marginalization of women in a male dominated society. Kwon Joo was a beacon that never bowed or wavered or broke. I grew to love and respect this strong female character. She was the best element of the series for me.

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.Doh! You didn’t enjoy Beautiful Mind?

      I know I picked away at it for changing tone midway through but I really liked each half (just not necessarily together) and I attributed the weird shift to the episode cuts.

      Ka ji ma! I have no idea if I spelled that right but – please DON’T GO!

      I remember you saying you like dark dramas. I recently watched Bad Guys
      It was good and you know I’m more of a rom-com hotel. If you decide to stick around to see if you’d like it, make sure it’s the one starring Park Hae Jon, Ma Dong-Seok and Jo Dong Hyuk (cause there are a couple other shows with same title).

      I keep hearing Cruel City is good too. It’s on my watch list.

      picture me doing the *Korean begging with my hands rubbing together like I’m trying to start a camp fire*

      • Drama Fan says:

        @AD.DO Yeah! I second Beez on this! Don’t Go! BTW I loved Bad Guys although I don’t remember the ending. I also liked Signal but I don’t remember the ending *scratches head*. Both are highly recommended in the crime mistery genre. I dropped CC Beez, I found it slow even though I like the actor who played Paksa. But yeah some people loved it.

  2. prettysup says:

    The scene at the memorial place was so touching, I started crying even before Jin-hyuk did. So sad, can’t believe that he actually did not visit her grave for the past 3 years at all, coz he was too ashamed to see her. Alas! Good job Jang Hyuk!

  3. prettysup says:

    And about that scene in the mental hospital which Tae Gu got killed by the doctor, I am glad that you interpreted it the same way as I did. Many people were confused over that scene and thought that it really happened. But I am quite sure it was all part of his mind, even though I was thinking that a psycho actually shouldn’t feel remorseful about his deeds at all? But maybe its the medicine which awoke his humane tendency to feel guilty?

    • kjtamuser says:

      Certainly the camera work (black and white) indicated it was dream. Mo Tae Gu might have had some level of humanity for his mother (the only person that loved him with warmth) but he was clear that he considered his victims beneath him. I agree it was the drugs that made him hallucinate the endless nightmare of the unworthy crowding him, touching him and killing him.

  4. Lady G. says:

    Wow. wow, wow wow. I’m still a little stunned here. These last 2 episodes were so brutal. I hope Tunnel is not as sadistic. I need to give this genre a rest. And I don’t say that easily, because i like crime mysteries.

    I’ll cut to it – I’m shocked Dae Shik even survived. Yes, he twitched his finger, that’s good, but I can’t imagine him being much more than a poor vegetable of a man for the rest of his life. At least he’ll still have his hyung for support.

    Everything about MTG’s capture and Jin Hyuk’s apprehending him was pure savage.

    Superb acting from all the leads and and the actor playing Dae Shik was given a chance to really shine too.

    That final scene in the mental hospital weirded me out (It was one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen.) and I felt like the whole ending was nearly shot to pieces because of it. I feel like that should’ve came BEFORE Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo visited the memorials of their loved ones and Kwon Joo had that final exposition back to work.

    Something feels off and makes me think that ending in the Psych ward was real. Played up dramatically because it’s seen through MTG’s eyes. Look what happened through this whole entire drama — vicious, sadistic and cruel people doing horrible, ghastly things in secret basements. Those were very real.

    My theory is that those weren’t his victims attacking him, those were super disturbed mentally ill patients allowed to wield weapons. I think MTG’s murder was covered up, just like all the others were throughout the drama and the Golden Time Team may have another real psycho on their hands.

    Season 2? — Now we can carry on with the ship!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Brutal is a good word. Much of the violence in this series was gratuitous.

      I’m shocked Dae Shik even survived.
      I didn’t think about the extent of his brain injuries. The healing process could indeed be a long road. I loved the smile Jin Hyuk gave his partner when he watched him lying on the surgery table (Dae Sik lying on the table was odd in itself).

      I’ll agree that the Mo Tae Gu’s epilogue should have been placed before our leads epilogues.

      My take was the psych ward was a nightmare (black and white camera work).

      I don’t know what Jang Hyuk is considering for his next kdrama. I hope the next one is a bit lighter or at least less violent.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I like @KJT’s take on MTG imagining living the nightmare he purpetrated on his victims – it felt like true justice had been served without further sullying our protagonists. This episode did have the effect of “quelling the bloodlust 🔫🗡 for vengeance”. I felt Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk’s would find peace in their lives by letting their vengeance go with MTG being incarcerated in a psych ward rather than killing him.

        • kjtamuser says:

          This episode did have the effect of “quelling the bloodlust 🔫🗡 for vengeance”. I felt Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk’s would find peace in their lives by letting their vengeance go with MTG being incarcerated in a psych ward rather than killing him.
          Glad you had the quelled bloodlust effect too. You never know what you’d do in such a situation (and I hope never to find out) but I concur that the choice not to kill was the right one for our leads. And Writer Ma granted MTG’s death off screen.

    • kjtamuser says:

      @Lady G. wanted to let you know I remembered your comment That final scene in the mental hospital…I felt like the whole ending was nearly shot to pieces because of it. I feel like that should’ve came BEFORE Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo visited the memorials of their loved ones and Kwon Joo had that final exposition back to work. when I put together series video.
      I put the mental hospital image BEFORE Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo had their memorial moments. It was logical and let the video end on a positive note.

  5. Lady G. says:

    But then again, in the psych when the Doctor says make sure he takes his meds, most likely he did, and that put him into some kind of delirious stupor. I like my theory better.

  6. Fiesty_lady says:

    Thanks for writing the review. Today I finished watching Voice. Even though I wished to use this place to discuss this drama with all of you but in the end I find myself in depressing void. Even though there were few captivating moments in the final four episodes but still I haven’t developed any attachment to any character. If not for the director and the actors this drama would not be half as good as it is. I would like to join you for another drama where I would be able to unleash all of my emotions. There is only one thing that is good about this drama and that is it ‘ended’. I think we endured this whole torture for Jang Hyuk. I hope his next work is worthwhile.
    I said this ealier that the good thing about Hyukkie doing this drama is that it got popularity. Though we love to watch stuff with high artistic merit but in the end of day it’s show business where success is the most valued thing. So even though this drama made my brain fuzzy I’m still hopeful that it may bring better future opportunities to him. I ‘ll be glad if he gets to play warm,kind,nice and sentimental characters. He is a talented actor but he still needs to tap into his talent. I found him very irritating in the starting of the series. I don’t like it when he gets loud and too much energetic for my liking. But I find it puzzling when directors don’t correct him. Anyway he always nails emotinally complex scenes. Even in the voice I admit I was almost teary when he said goodbye to his wife. My most favoutite scene for him for the series was when he visits his son, shows affection to him and then peacefully close his eyes next to him.
    On the other note I’ve a feeling his upcoming both upcoming movies will be alright if not good.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady You keep expressing my thoughts about Jang Hyuk. We’ve seen him be brilliant, therefore we know he is capable of so much but he can also go overboard in a very irritating way. We need to remember, even “brilliant” actors need directors. They are not seeing themselves like the PD is. And yeah Im also puzzled as to why they don’t say cut sometimes. But I know some PDs don’t focus on acting and concentrate on other aspects. Or maybe this PD thought MJH was ok in being super loud, etc I also agree on your favorite scenes on this last episode and I’m right there wishing better roles for Hyukie. Despite the “success” of this drama, I don’t think he’ll benefit too much. How I wish people had not ignored Beautiful Mind to the extent they did. I much prefer him to be in critically recognized works rather than rating hits 😦 and I really wish Blind Swordsman turns out to be good for him.

      • Lady G. says:

        @Fiesty_lady & Drama Fan

        I like your comments about Jang Hyuk. interesting, I felt that MJH was one of his more subdued characters. He wasn’t as loud and irritating as Bok Sam in Merchant of Gaekju.

        Probably because MJH mumbled a lot with an interesting accent/dialect? As the series progressed he was like a smoking volcano, only containing his rage because he was a cop, speaking in low, threatening tones much of the time. Even his outbursts weren’t too alarming. Or rather they weren’t irritating because they stemmed from actual danger, or calling for backup, etc.

        Blind Swordsman will definitely test his acting chops again.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @LadyG He was definitely more irritating in Gaekju and some on SoGC. He was loud in FTLY but his loudness there was on purpose and he was meant to be irritating and weird so it turned out awesome when that OTT acting was revealed to be the character’s sort of “mask” and then you got to see his rich inner world and JH got to show his great talent with a very nuanced performance in that drama. I also looooooooved his performance in Beautiful Mind. I definitely love subdued Jang Hyuk more. I do like his energy, I fell in love with his super mercurial characters first but it needs to be reigned and not abused. It’s like Daegil’s explosions. They were tremendous, raw and had huge impact because they were only a few and made perfect sense in context.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @LadyG I really hope Blind Swordman is good but I also crave for him to be in a good melo now. I want him to play a regular man without super abilities or larger than life. At the time he did Robbers, Rabbit and Lizzard, etc Jang Hyuk said he was purposely looking to play normal guys, regular flawed human beings, common guys. I am missing Jang Hyuk more natural acting. I want him to show naysayers how good he is at those too.

          • kjtamuser says:

            play normal guys, regular flawed human beings…I am missing Jang Hyuk more natural acting.
            Agreed. Jang Hyuk a wonderful ability to shine in the quiet moments.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I felt that MJH was one of his more subdued characters.
          I concur. Jin Hyuk was a bit of a bore until the end of the series.

          As the series progressed he was like a smoking volcano…his outbursts weren’t irritating because they stemmed from actual danger, or calling for backup, etc.

          I’ve not watched Jang Hyuk in movies (dramafever or viki not a good source) but it would be great if this next film provided a challenging and satisfying role.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @KJT No wayyyyyy! You need to watch The Client! And Searching for the elephant! And even Rabbit and Lizzard (very natural acting) His short movie, “His Concern” (part of the collection of movies 5 Senses of Eros) shows very natural acting too. Should I find you links?

    • kjtamuser says:

      @Fiesty_lady, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I can understand not emotionally connecting to this drama. Most characters and certainly our leads had limited emotional content for the majority of the series. I like to “feel” a character. I struggled with “feeling” Jin Hyuk. He wore his anger and initially was negative with Kwon Joo. Even when he came around and found faith in Kwon Joo, Writer Ma trapped Jin Hyuk as a detective chasing criminals with little else of substance in his life. Of course, that single focus of work was part of what Jin Hyuk had to work through, along with capturing Mo Tae Gu. It took a while for me to feel a connection to Jin Hyuk. I connected to Kwon Joo early on. Her brave unwavering drive to help others and get justice hooked me early. I could relate to her marginalization by men, I see it every day.

      I don’t like it when he gets loud and too much energetic for my liking. But I find it puzzling when directors don’t correct him. Anyway he always nails emotionally complex scenes. Even in the voice I admit I was almost teary when he said goodbye to his wife.
      I agree that Jin Hyuk was hard to like initially and seemed nondescript in the middle of the series. The latter part of the series was the awakening for this character. Finally his heart and head were both engaged. I “felt” his bloodlust and need for revenge against Mo Tae Gu. I “felt” his remorse at how he put work before his family. I “felt” his grief for his wife.

      I don’t know when Jang Hyuk will return to a kdrama, but I hope his next drama provides a worthy vehicle for his talents.

  7. Holly Moon says:

    Well, I am looking forward to the special episode on March 18th. I am really hoping to see JH do a little rapping.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Will there be a special episode for this show? I thought ratings had to hit 8% to be treated to the rapping. Didn’t the ratings top out at 5.9%?

      • prettysup says:

        @kjtamuser yes there is going to be a special episode airing this Sat 18 march. About the rapping, they promised to do it if the peak rating exceed 8%, but the max we got so far was 7.5%. But since they already practised for it, maybe we can hope to see some snippets of the rap even though it did not reach the targetted number.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I was unaware it went to 7.5%. The source I looked had lower numbers. I hope that DramaFever or Viki or Boxasian picks up the special episode. The closing credits gave a taste of the cast having fun making the drama. I’d like to see more.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @prettysup They practiced? I always get the feeling they make the promises based on nearly unreachable numbers so they don’t really have to fulfill the promises. According to Gumi, the promise was based on the normal ratings? @KJT There is something called peak ratings, I suppose what we get as the “regular” ratings for an episode is some sort of average but it seems minute by minute is measured so I’ve see reports mentioning these peak ratings (the maximum reached at a given time (minute?) throughout an episode. I mean that’s how I’m interpreting it but I might be totally off.

      • prettysup says:

        @Drama Fan, the rating promise was based on the peak rating, not the average. At that time when they did the promise, the figure was already 6.6%, hence they targetted 8%.

        And yes, according to Yesung, they already ‘practised’ for it haha.. but I guessed it probably was just half-hearted ‘practice’ which they did for fun. Maybe we can see them practising during the special episode.

  8. Fiesty_lady says:


  9. Fiesty_lady says:

    @kjtamuser @lady g. @drama fan
    One more thing I would like to point out JH is never loud when the script is good he is just sublime. His characters are usually slightly better than a jerk. I always don’t like his choice but it is also possible that he has no choice at all. I also want to blame his agency. Almost all of the big k-stars were in his agency at some piont of their career but nobody remained there as long as him. They don’t know how to snatch a substantial project for their loyal actor.
    I crave to see him playing a charming, emotional and ordinary human being.
    Drama Fan I said it in my earlier comment that I would rather like to see him in an award worthy project instead of a frivolus stuff. I also know voice doesn’t worth anything for him. I’m generally a very positive person.
    I didn’t watch Gaekju and I’ve no desire to do so in any point of my life. Hyuk may have the same problem from which I suffer. People say I’m a good public speaker but on few ocassions I’ve suffered from public humiliation. When I’ve to say or do something in which I don’t believe I loose my confidence or become very akward. I equally blame PDs for giving thumbs up to bad acting. In the voice he had no character to play but still he shone at some places.
    I think the fate is still not favourable to him but he is a hard worker and is not afraid of trying new things. So maybe he will recieve a good script soon. In my dreams he is in a travelling drama where he moves with a leisurely pace pondering over life making new friends acquring new knowledge.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Feisty_lady You are absolutely right. We all need certain circumstances to work in order for us to shine, external and internal (our state of mind for example). And we can’t expect every one of our projects, in whatever field we are in. To be always inspired or successful. So yeah let’s cut him (and ourselves) some slack. After all I don’t know many actors who have nailed more than one character in their careers. Many actors live off of one successful role and they build their reputations based on that. Actors who do work after work, often get taken for granted. Jang Hyuk could’ve easily lived off the reputation of Chuno for a few years but he didn’t. He took on another drama right away. And you know? The more roles he takes on, the bigger the possibility of “failing” but also the bigger the possibility of winning. Hopefully his next roles will be winners.

      • prettysup says:

        @Drama Fan, yes I agree that the best way is to take on as many projects as suitable because you never know which one will turn out to be a winner.

    • prettysup says:

      @Fiesty_lady, i dont think the agency can be blamed much as it is not easy to judge what is a good project to undertake, there are only about 4 eps of scripts available for Kdramas before they start filming. What that seem a hot project may end up a flop (eg Uncontrollably fond which went to another actor in his agency).

      His character in Voice may be mediocre but it was a surprise hit with its ratings. BM was a good showcase for his acting skills but that went down the drain ratings-wise. And in Korea it is impossible to win any award regardless how good your acting is if the ratings suck.

  10. Fiesty_lady says:

    @prettysup @dramafan
    I love that he continues to work instead of living off his fame. He keeps trying new things. Sometime they work sometime they don’t. But what is use of wasting your energy and time on useless things. Four episodes are more than enough to know how project is going to be shaped in future. Include the writer,director,co-actors, production values and you can get an idea of worth of the project. I blamed the agency because it’s their duty to lure better things for their actors and save them from the potential harm.
    You mentioned UF then you can see how much Suzy’s agency pushes her forward even though I don’t think she is talented.
    Actor Hwang Jung Min also works non-stop and he has also tasted faliure a lot of times but in the end things worked out for him and he became superstar in his 40s. I read his interview where he said while choosing a script instead of thinking about length of his role he prefers to see how whole story is going to take shape and what’s his role’s importance in the story. I think he is smart.
    @drama fan
    You made me laugh earlier so I want to return the favour. Have you seen this little gem. Very ‘arrogant’ Hyukkie.

    @kjtamuser Sorry for being too off-topic.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady Yes, I saw it! Hyukie acting all spoiled ahjussi 😂 The three ahjussis have been so adorable in these promoting interviews. I really wish Ordinary Person much success and our Hyukie some recognition please!

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady HJM is great but he hasn’t done many dramas. Movie stars are regarded differently. They have a higher “status” than TV actors and also, in a movie (a good one) actors have an easier way to shine. TV is much more demanding, especially with live shooting. Much worse if the drama has action scenes. I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be for actors, especially for the leads who are in most scenes. It is a miracle they have energy left to learn lines and emote. Jang Hyuk has not had luck in movies, unfortunately. I hope this changes.

    • Beez says:

      Thanks for posting the video. Of course he had to admit it. When you’re sitting there looking that good it would reek of insincerity to deny it. 😉

    • kjtamuser says:

      Darling video, thanks for posting! I love chatting Jang Hyuk!

  11. Fiesty_lady says:

    @drama fan
    No I didn’t mean to compare HJM with Hyukkie. I said he got his luck after very long time while working without break and I think he got success because of his approach of selecting the scripts.
    On the side note despite being a huge movie star HJM’s tv debut drama was super flop. It was supposed to be 24 episodes but ended up being 18 episode.

  12. Beez says:

    @DramaFan – I thought Hyukie hit all the right nits in Shine or Go Crazy. Just thinking about him calling her name “KapuWAH!” makes me smile (phonetic spelling on my part).

    And if course I loved everything about Lee Gunn in FTLY.

    • Drama Fan says:

      LOL! It took me a few minutes to realize you were saying Gaebongahhhh!!! Anyway, I was bothered by the fact that his characterization reminded me a lot of Lee Gun. Jang Hyuk always has had a “weird laugh” but in the case of Lee Gun it was exaggerated even more and was showcased. So, after that, I felt that Hyukie was “repeating himself” every time he laughed like that. Before FTLY I had thought that most of his characters were very different from each other (I’m talking about his mannerisms and not the psychology of the characters which has varied from one to the other), but after FTLY I started seeing his characters kinda blending in. With Beautiful Mind I felt he created someone completely different and that’s one of the many reasons I love that performance so much. But yeah I know SoGC was loved, and I’m glad. I ranted about many aspects of it but I loved his chemistry with Gaebongah 😋

  13. Beez says:

    Again with the show reaction time –
    JH and Center Leader see fresh blood and instead of running in, they review the psycho’s medical history…poor Dae sik. He might’ve gotten rescured unscathed if only…

    As usual, late call for backup. You say you’re sure the killer’s inside but what’s different that once he turns the lights out on you, it’s time to call for back up?

    All that security yet no alarms tell Murderous Mo that somebody has breached…c’mon Writer-nim.

    MM’s mom is kind of ratchet too. How do you commit suicide and leave your 12-year old to deal with a man that you obviously can’t deal with so you ended your life? Unless, Pops killed mom because she was reporting the murder she witnessed but the show didn’t go they’re so…

    A lot had been said about Kim Jae Wook. I thought he was really good looking back in his Coffee Prince days but have never thought he was all that attractive since. When I compare him to Gong Yoo, the years seem to have been far less kind even though Gong Yoo is a few years older than him.

    MORE EDITING SQUAFAWS: How do you fake someone’s death, lower their buddy temperature enough so the gray monitor flatlines, then revive them all within 10 minutes? It took l longer to deal with the aftermath at the villa which said they’d been there 4 hours after rescuing Dae sik.

    The stupidity of having JH put the knife back in MM’s hand is just…so…stupid! We’ve established that JH had decided not to kill him so the purpose of that was what? So we’d all go “Oh no! MM is going to make one last minute attempt to stab JH!” Since he didn’t, all that did was cancel out the nice dramatic anti-climax of JH’s decision to let him rot in jail with “no one to play with”.

    The hospital “zombie” sequence weirded me out too even though I know it was hallucination.

    Speaking of hallucination – they never addressed why MM had a fascination with people’s mouths – remember him picturing the detective in the almost accident having his mouth disappear then become all gummy? His mom’s suicide and Harbor Boss’s clicking do not make for that type of obsession.

    @kjtamuser Well, another one wrapped. I’m always amazed at how many recaps you’re able to pull off each week because I know you recap other shows that I’m not watching. kjtamuser – FIGHTING!

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez The show didn’t make it obvious the mom was killed? She died after trying to report her husband to the police and no suicide in this drama was actually a suicide 😬 I was sure it was obvious that he killed her.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez Didn’t KGJ tell MTG that he had to witness his mother die at the hands of his father? (I’m now doubting my memory)

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez And they never explained the random clicking either. But, why did MJH put the knife back in his hand? Hmmm I saw a picture of the Special Crime Unit cops on the scene. Could it be so he could be found with the weapon in his hand? Or something like that? I’m not going to talk about fingerprints because this drama didn’t seem to care about those lol! Ash oh well, it’s over.

      • Holly Moon says:

        Yeah–I think the knife had to be in his own “useless” hand when the crime squad got there….to show that all of the shots Jin Hyuk fired into Mo was self defense. And I think it was a little of the “rub his face into it” that Jin Hyuk was doing to Mo.

  14. Holly Moon says:

    If you liked the previous spot of the 3 co-stars in Ordinary Person, here is one more place you might like to check them out. I have to say that putting 3 people in charge of a live spot–when none of them have had experience doing it, really makes for quite a few laughs. Not fully subbed, but certainly enough there to give you the idea of what is going on. And I enjoyed seeing Hyuk have a good time.
    http://www.vlive.tv/video/24854/ìž¥í˜ -X-ì

  15. Beez says:

    Also, I wanted to see more of a cat and mouse games played out in the last Elsie between Murderer Mo and Center Leader. We got it, but that was a quick lure and set up. I wanted them to have dialogue, alone, so I could watch his giggling as he enjoys it and her deadpan serious “I will stake you like the vampire you are” calmness.

    What we got was good, I just was waiting and anticipating a longer played out version.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez I think we got too much of them eek! I thought their dialogue was a bad combination of preachy + cheesy + contrived. The whole follow the lurrrrveee in your next life (I might be waiting for you there) speech was awww so wooomantic! I was nauseous 🤢 sorry. I never felt so relieved at seeing MJH show up to end the nonsense (and I usually feel joy to see him anyway 😋) Of course this fan service gave the “shippers” plenty of fuel for their ew fan fiction, I bet. Also, this was the LHN scene where I felt total lack of energy. Of course others saw “scorching chemistry” lol. I enjoyed MJH torturing MTG though. That was very satisfying (to me)

      • kjtamuser says:

        The impassive face while he fired multiple shots into MTG was satisfying. Can’t be too noble before you let MTG live. The one thing Writer Ma did right in that scene was easing the blood lust away. I was amped after episode 15 wanting MTG to die, considering it the only acceptable option. But in this scene as JH’s blood lust ebbed so did mine. Granted the multiple shots into MTG helped as some kind of retribution by Jin Hyuk. When he stroked MTG’s hair (that was a bit much for me) all the blood lust had cooled.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @KJT Yeah! I loved his sarcasm when he stroke his hair and called him a “poor soul”. It was the one thing that truly hurt MTG. As a psychopath all he had was his narccisitic pride.Being humiliated, the only way to “pay”. It’s interesting how we all reacted differently 😊

        • Beez says:

          @kjtamuser – I wanted JH to shoot Murdering Mo through the heart (JH wouldn’t have any repercussions because MM was in mid air stab of CenterLeader). That would’ve been great closure for me and the credits could’ve ruled right there as far as I’m concerned.

          I think monsters like MM get out of prison or wherever he’s being held far to often and then he’d be back after Center Leader. Monsters liked him just need to cease to exist.

          • kjtamuser says:

            No value to the world. But the “don’t become a murderer too” logic prevailed.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez But that’s what MTG wanted! MJH didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Leaving him paralyzed would’ve been my preferred revenge.

            • kjtamuser says:

              True that MTG egged JH to descend into hell with him. Egad, my next drama will be lighter and fun!

            • Beez says:

              @DramaFan – i do realize MTG wanted that and it is better for our heros to be righteous by not killing him, and while it is sweet (on my part) torture to have Mr. I’m So Special sit in a room with his own tortured hallucinations…but I do believe snakes heads need to be cut off. When you have a nut job that counseling is not going to be able to fix and the moment he gets a chance he’ll be causing mayhem (and smart enough to get away with killing lots of people for years)…chop chop.

              Sorry if that offends anyone.

              • Drama Fan says:

                @Beez Not offended here cause I agree. I don’t think he was that smart (only smarter than the cops who weren’t even trying but hey was that a challenge?) he was just a super lucky entitled bastard until his daddy was taken down. I hated him for that even more than for the killings I think arrghhh. I mean, if you are selling a character as smart, then show them being smart!

                • Beez says:

                  @DF “selling character as smart”
                  Very true. I used that phrase because I know we were supposed to believe he was smart but the truth was it was daddy’s money and Clickety-clack taking the blame and covering for him most of the time. *Lazy-azz mo-fo couldn’t even be bothered to move his own bloody corpses*

                  “Shall I draw your bath Young Master CEO Mo? I will fill it with fresh blood as soon as I finish wrapping the latest corpse up in plastic and hanging it where you can gaze and gloat over it.”

      • Beez says:

        @DramaFan In soooooo confused:
        “The whole follow the lurrrrveee in your next life (I might be waiting for you there) speech was awww so wooomantic! I was nauseous sorry”

        I went back and watched this scene and no dialogue like that. I rewatched it because I admit to dozing toward the end of the episode (I even missed the whole zombie part and woke up and rewinded and was SHOCKED! Like “I only gel asleep for a minute. What is this?!!! lol)

        Anyway, I’ll rewatch when I have time on DramaFever and Dramanice. (Dramacool.io has gone defunct again. I swear I’m so mad at them. They were doing just fine with Korean, Japan, Taiwan and some China content. When they brought in Telenovellas, THAT’S when they got caught and have a lawsuit in their hands. They should’ve known is less likely to be caught by countries that are so far away but Latin content is more mainstream here in the U.S.

        Plus, the lawyers keep tracking them down every few months despite them constantly changing their domain name.

        I guess this makes me a hypocrite because I always strongly state how much I HATE THEIVES! But for my own selfish addiction to Kdrama,I wanted them to keep operating.

        Yes, I have subscriptions to both DramaFever and Vicki, but sometimes you find out about a really older Kdrama and nobody has as much of that content as Dramacool. Although I think Dramanice are the same people because if I search a title on Dramacool, when I go to Dramanice, it seems to know I’ve searched that title before. But I get more of those virus alerts that scare me a bit on Dramanice so that’s why I always chose Dramacool.

        End of confession. *so ashamed but not willing to stop*😳

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez She said something like “in your next life, follow love or those who love you” or something cheesy like that. *whispers* I actually work in video content distribution and hence with anti piracy companies as well. Imagine my conflict 😑 I feel like Chief Jang all of a sudden 😬

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan Ahhhh, yes. that’s how Viki translated it as well. You threw me for a loop with the “I’ll be waiting” part. Whew.

            As to the personal conflict, I feel your pain. I’ve always preached to family and friends all the time about don’t buy bootleg movies and don’t take the free cable “hook up”. I hope I’m not deluding and justifying myself by thinking streaming old Kdramas from illegit sites “isn’t the same thing”. I mean, if there was a legit site, I’d gladly pay for them. 😦

    • kjtamuser says:

      I wish there had been more at the villa. I was thinking Murderer Mo would capture either Jin Hyuk or Kwon Joo and they’d have to rescue the other. He knew they were in the house. Coming up behind them while they tended to Dae Sik was his big plan? This was THE spot Murderer Mo killed everyone. They pop into the basement, fire a couple of shots, and run. It seemed like a wasted opportunity.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @KJT He was such a disappointment. He was presented as such a cunning villain and as soon as his dad couldn’t protect him, he was defeated. Although we can say he was also losing it. But, I actually thought he would at least be less cowardly. I had this idea that his real “fun” was hunting young healthy men. I thought he fancied strong opponents that challenged him both mentally and physically (and all the other murders were to cover this “passtime) But the way he attacked Daeshik? He gets his assistant to hit him from behind. That was no challenge! And he ended the “game” so soon! And then trying to kill MJH with a rifle? Such a loser! He totally deprived me of some action scenes I was expecting on their big showdown. And simply confirmed that was merely a daddy’s boy. Not too smart, not too strong.

        • Beez says:

          @DramaFan – Yes! This is partially what I meant. To see the intellect along with the crazy. And I did want to see his obsession with CenterLeader (but I have no such fantasy that she reciprocates. I just wanted to see him have a weakness for her which I thought was his admiration for her intellect in figuring out his next moves, etc. because he didn’t necessarily know it’s the super hearing that’s helping her. I wanted to see her outsmart him in a less conventional way than we got.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I hear you. Plus the suitcase of victim trophies was shown but it never amounted to much. Could have been more done with that.

  16. Drama Fan says:

    For a drama that frustrated us so much, we are sure talking it to death 😂 Anyway, while you are all still hanging out I want to say, that it has been an enormous pleasure, sharing another Hyuk drama with you all! @KJT thank you thank you thank you for your great work! And your hospitality AND your patience, especially with me who tend to talk a lot and go off topic way too often 😁 Kamsamnidah! To Beez, Prettysup, Feisty_Lady, Kay, Holly Moon. always a pleasure sharing and exchanging impressions with you. Anddd this drama was special because it brought us Lady G! With whom I had not been able to discuss a Hyuk drama in 4Ever! I hope to meet you during the next Hyuk drama (I don’t say kdrama because I rarely watch other kdramas live) and hopefully it will be a beautiful one that we all love! ❤

    • kjtamuser says:

      It has been my pleasure. These interactions enhance watching a live kdrama. Intelligent conversations with passionate viewers make my day, its like a reading club for kdramas. I appreciate every comment from each of you. Till the next Jang Hyuk selection…

    • Beez says:

      @DramaFan – I’m right with you DramaFan. I consider all of you guys my Kjtamuser Crew! And appreciate you all. 😀

  17. Holly Moon says:

    @ Beez–Good news is new web address for dramacool—– https://dramacools.io/

    and for dramanice— https://dramanices.com/

    They are shut down and just move to a prearranged new site. It takes about 24-36 hours and they are up and running again. Dramanice has more of the older dramas and movies, plus more variety shows that dramacool
    Most of the warnings you see about you getting a virus from dramanice are fake. But they make you have to deal with them anyway. Please never call the number they tell you to call. then you are being ripped off.

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – thanks for enabling me to indulge in my addiction! 😆

      Yeah, I know they’re fake but they tie up my device and sometimes won’t let me leave the page until I shut down so it still freaks me out.

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – I should’ve asked – how do you find them after each site moved?

  18. Holly Moon says:

    And good news is that they have decided to do 2 special episodes, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. We should get more behind the scenes and edited scenes, as well as interviews from the cast.

  19. Drama Fan says:

    Guys! You should all read this! Lee Hana spoke about her bonding with Jang Hyuk. https://instagram.com/p/BRsEwHlFfbu/

    • Beez says:

      DramaFan thanks for posting and thank Gumi from us for the translation.

      Always interesting to see the real personalities of our bias’es. Jang Hyuck never disappoints. There have been a few that I wish I had just stuck with their on screen personas. 🙂

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez I liked her story! One knows actors endure some stress went dramas go on live shooting but in a few words she allowed me to get a real feel what it must be like. His colleagues and especially his female leads have always said nice things about him but this felt so…intimate somehow? How I wish their characters had bonded on camera the way they seemed to have bonded behind the scenes.

      • prettysup says:

        After reading her interview, it seems that filming dramas really seem a tough job to do – no wonder many actors / actresses only chose to do one every 2-3 years. Only someone with the passion and energy like Jang Hyuk can do this continuously project after project. Kudos to him!!

        • Beez says:

          Ever since I heard of how the production schedule works, I’ve wished they would find a way to change the system. I don’t understand why, since it’s so pushed that they don’t only do 1 show a week? If they took some of the pressure off, they could do retakes of some godawful scenes, fix editing snafus, and most importantly give the writer time to come up with better endings!

          I should change that to “most importantly, protect the actors’ health.” But ya know *the shallow thing*

        • kjtamuser says:

          I got tired reading the interview!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Thank you for sharing! I’m pleased but not surprised Jang Hyuk was a mentor and leader on the set. I had hope our leads had a good working relationship. Good to know they did.

  20. A.D. DO! says:

    Haven’t read all the comments yet, but had to cut in after seeing Holly’s video of the three actors on the live spot..hilarious and JH looked especially yummy. A little Elvis hair falling over his eye, so relaxed, and not too much of the old bobble head he usually does in interviews..((someone tell him please). Anyway, this is how I’d love to see him in a movie…having fun, laughing, just being his adorable self. Thanks Holly, I so loved seeing this.

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.Doh! – WHEN? HUH? When was Jang Hyuk EVER a bobble head?! “Short arms”, “skinny legs”, and now “bobblehead”! I swear, if I didn’t know you guys really loved him… 😆

      Seriously though – whaddaya mean bobblehead? I’ve never noticed that (although I’m sure you’ve seen waaaaaay more interviews than me.) Does his head actually bob up and down a lot or are you referring to something else?

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        If A.D.Do! used the term literally then it’s true. Hyuk nodes his head a lot while listening or even talking. But if it means he is stupid/boring or anything like that then I don’t agree. I’ve seen lot of his interviews and despite being shy and akward I find him very relaxed and adorable. He doesn’t has conventional sense of humor but his cuteness makes him very funny. I also like his unpretentious atitude.
        Dear Beez please make peace with ‘short arms’ and ‘skinny legs’ those are the little imperfections which make him more human and endearing.

        • Beez says:

          @Feisty Lady – you have me grinning from ear to ear BUT, there’s something wrong with you guys’ eyes. His arms are absolute perfection. His legs I haven’t seen a lot of but what I have seen don’t seem thin enough to be called “skinny”.

          *ordering eye checks all around*

        • kjtamuser says:

          He is cute! He comes across as a nice guy. I note a smidge of shyness and self-deprication which endears him to me.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I second adorable!

  21. A.D.DO! says:

    Oh Lordy, you guys are totally off on the wrong tangent ..you should know by now I think JH is the sexiest man alive! I was referring to the habit he has of nodding his head up and down during interviews most of the time. He just overdoes it to be a wee bit of a distraction…can’t believe you haven’t noticed. I’m sure he’s so into what’s being discussed he is not even aware of it, but I think he’d be better toning it down a little. On this live thing (by the way, what the hell was that anyway?), he was so relaxed and enjoying himself, he didn’t do it so much. Listen, I love the guy and want him to always shine (or I go crazy!)

  22. Fiesty_lady says:

    I thought there is high probability you were referring to his habit of nodding. I said that in my earlier comment. Not just nodding when he stands during the interviews his legs keep swaying. I’ve noticed this from very beginning and even JH said about this in his earlier interview. His friends told him about his habit but he wasn’t aware of it.
    ‘Beez’ is a little bit sensitive when it comes to any negitive remark on JH and I find it cute so I was having fun with her. It’s good now you have cleared every doubt.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady And we haven’t even told @Beez about his slouching lolololol 😂😂😂

      • Beez says:

        Slouching? What slouching? I’ve never seen his slouch! Not once. Not ever! #theliespeopletell

        (BTW,I have no idea how you’re really supposed to use hash tags or how twitter works or how hashtags work on twitter so of its something that’s supposed to link somewhere, please don’t waste your time just because I misuse them cause I think it’s cute.)

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez Cute misuse of hashtags is totally fine by me 😋 I do it too! But hashtags are also used as “keywords” or “tags” for when ppl use search on TW. Also, where can I find you Beez? I’d like to keep in touch and not have to wait until the next JH drama.

          • Beez says:

            @kjtamuser, can you send my email address to DramaFan?

            I don’t mind the crew here having my email address but don’t want any lurking strangers, who might want an email address to spam their business to, stumbling across it.

            If kjtamuser can’t send it, then DF -I follow StuckonHyuck and receive automatic emails from there, so do you have a way of retrieving my email?

            If that doesn’t work, I’ll give you my FB page and then you can get my email that way. I rarely ever go on FB. It’s set up completely private. I only used it when I was living in a different state from my son and wanted to see pics. (he and my daughter-in-law are my only “friends” as I just usually tell people I don’t have an account. I’m not anti-social I just have some issues with the whole FB thing. #mysonsaysitsoldfogeyism

            *Hmmmm, I really should check it just because it’s probably been 6 months since I last looked at it now that I’m back living in Michigan (moving back to Florida in August. THANK GOD!)

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        @drama fan
        Not just slouching but there is a long list of cute things I’m not planning to divulge. I’m being considerate to beez and others(for the time being)😆
        How come you and I are always on the same page? 😊😊😊

        • Beez says:

          Well one quirk I love is the excessive blinking but I haven’t seen him do it in quite a while.

          You guys can share his quirks because I know you do love him after all. 🙂

  23. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser – I posted something with links earlier. It’s waiting your approval. (I don’t think it’s anything lude enough that it will get us kicked off the Internet 😉)

  24. Drama Fan says:

    Ok! I got the evidence @Beez Hyukie nodding nodding nodding and suddenly laughing https://instagram.com/p/BRqrNSaj3HM/

    • Beez says:

      @DramaFan -head nodding video – that’s just normal. In fact, it’s just more proof of what a great considerate guy he is by encouraging the speaker, helping them feel relaxed that he is listening. *hmmmmpft* and *mike drop* if I had one.

  25. Holly Moon says:

    I’m with you @Beez— Although I do know what they are referring to, but I like the feet movement, the nodding that he is understanding the question and considering the answer. But in all good conscience, I saw him in person, and if you think he has short arms, or big feet, or any other body problem– you are wrong. It always strikes me as funny, when I read someone saying, he is getting chubby, or he lost weight. And I do see this quite often. Does no one else realize camera angles play a big part in those misconceptions?
    Also, the hairstyle changes the size and look of his face. I know he is at least 5’9″ and yet, he does appear short next to those 6’2″. But I like the fact, that I have never seen him back down from being seen with those that are taller. His presence, his confidence, is still front and center.
    I liked it when Lee HaNa said that, as they were sitting there, she noticed his back was small. Now, she had been in close proximity to him for several months, but she first noticed this. Granted those big jacket-coats he was usually wearing could have hid this, but he had many scenes where he only wore the small, short jacket. I attribute this not realizing it earlier, to the fact that, he shouldered a lot of the stress and fatigue around him, and made the set a joyful, friendly, anger-free zone, in which the others could work. This is who she saw. A hero to her, and so his actual size did not matter. It was a nonfactor in the everyday life on the set.

    True, he is slight of build, but he still has made the most of it, and his presence on screen is that of a star. By the way, I simply adored Paul Newman, and was totally shocked when I met him in person. Hud, the Hustler, Hombre, a total hunk on screen, larger than life, was ”2″ shorter than me. Yes he was only 5’7″, and slight of build, as well. It just goes to show you what a good screen presence can do for an actor.

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon Funny how I didn’t come to realize how sexy Paul Newman was until he was in his 70’s. *weird*

      During Shine or Go Crazy, I’ll never forget the Squeecappers at Problematic of the Unproblematic (name of their site) said of JH – “that is one well put together little man”. Lol

      That always comes to mind because it was said in such an admiring way, posted under a gif of the bench scene where Gabowah keeps moving over and he moves in tandem and he’s shirtless and looks ever so delicious. I wish I remembered which episode it was so I could go to the Squeecap and snurch that gif.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I have never seen him back down from being seen with those that are taller. His presence, his confidence, is still front and center.
      Agreed that Jang Hyuk’s confidence erases any height differential. That was evidence in Voice with Murderer Mo and Prosecutor Park when Jin Hyuk went toe to toe with them and came out the winner in their exchanges.

      he shouldered a lot of the stress and fatigue around him, and made the set a joyful, friendly, anger-free zone, in which the others could work. This is who she saw. A hero to her, and so his actual size did not matter. It was a nonfactor in the everyday life on the set
      Beautifully put. Working with Jang Hyuk must be like a master’s class in acting.

      Paul Newman, and was totally shocked when I met him in person. Hud, the Hustler, Hombre, a total hunk on screen, larger than life, was ”2″ shorter than me. Yes he was only 5’7″, and slight of build, as well. It just goes to show you what a good screen presence can do for an actor.
      Wonderful that you were able to meet this iconic actor. His eyes, his smile, his charm…all wrapped in a person that was genuine. I see the similarity to Jang Hyuk.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Holly Moon Oh and let me raise my hand to declare that, I love all his quirks!

  26. Holly Moon says:

    And, one more thing. People have asked me many times, what was it like being on stage next to him. Or they tell about a experience they had, where they could not even get it out of their mouth to ask for an autograph, or a handshake, or a hug. A total out of body experience, and not even able to remember too much.
    For me it was somewhat different. I did not understand much of what was said, and so it did not distract me. I did have to spend time trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, but I also had time to really look at him close up. I mean really LOOK at him. I took away the thought,—this man is really just a very average looking man. But he is extremely photogenic. I mean, has there ever been a bad picture of him? And his presence on screen is larger than life. But in real life, he is a slightly built man with an average face. And yes, I remembered that was the truth about Paul Newman as well.
    Now I cherish those photos of me next to him, and when I look at them, I see that very average looking man, and I remember the kindness, the humility, and the concern that he had for others, that seemed to ooze out of him.
    My husband was also in the audience, and not even a fan of his, but was there for me as a place holder, so I could bring back any giveaways from the fan meet, –back to a friend of mine. Later he said to me, that JH was a really nice guy, humble and gracious, not full of himself, and able to laugh at himself. An alright guy.
    That is who he is. Just that.

    • Beez says:

      @HollyMoon – haha! Do you and your husband have one of those lists? You know, the celebrities you can have your way with if the opportunity arises? (haha, my swype keyboard had typed “arouses” instead of “arises”.)

      • Holly Moon says:

        Just going thru my mail and found this comment.. Wish I would have seen it earlier.. ..
        No @ Beez– we do not have such a list.
        My husband and I enjoyed a lovely couple of weeks in Korea, and the plus was for me to see JH at the fan meet.
        And as I pondered your list idea, I thought about the fact that that is not something I would do.
        And I also realized, that maybe I placed JH in the average category because of height. I am 5″9″, and have been since 15. My Dad, brothers, and son, and the 2 grandsons past 14 are all in the 6′ plus range. But before anyone says anything about this and my “love affair” with JH, I will say I did marry the love of my life, and although things haven’t always been the smoothest, am still in love with him after 45 years. And he is 5’8″, even though he always tries to tell people he is 5’8.5″.
        Although, he isn’t as slim as he was when I married him (and neither am I) , Lord knows, I thought him just as sexy as JH. And he still knows how to push the right buttons.

        • Beez says:

          @Holly Moon DAEBOK! And congrats on finding what sounds like a great guy.

          I was teasing, of course. Apparently the youngsters these days have a fad list (I forget what they call it) where the husband and wife have a short list of celebrities they can “have” since, in all likelihood they’ll never meet the celeb and if they do, who’s to say the celeb is willing? So it’s pretty much an unfulfilled impossible list for most people so if it happens, their spouse let’s it go.

          I know it’s crazy, but I was just joking around.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez @Holly Moon I remember this list from an episode of Friends, Ross had Isabella Rosellini on his list I think? And he actually met her and, it got awkward lol

            • Beez says:

              @DF – i do remember that Friends was the first time I heard of “the list” but now it’s just a “thing” I hear on tv shows all the time.

              I can’t remember any other details about the episode but I’m surprised that I don’t remember such a beauty guest starring. Wow.

              Ross was my secret crush. The stable, sensitive, love-you-til-I-die guy.

    • Beez says:


      Ya know, after reading your post about Hyuckie being an “average face” – I went and looked at more photos of him online and I just don’t see how that can be. I’m sure you’re telling me the facts *as you see them* *cough*, but I just don’t see how that can be when I’m mesmerized!

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez He wasn’t average to me! Holly Moon must be sorrounded by otherwordly beauties in her neighborhood? (Let’s move there!) what I would say is he looks very natural, not plastic.

    • kjtamuser says:

      JH was a really nice guy, humble and gracious, not full of himself, and able to laugh at himself. An alright guy. That is who he is. Just that.
      Lovely story. It was great your husband got to share that moment with you. It pleases me that Jang Hyuk is a nice person as well as a sublime actor. It validates my sense of him.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Holly Moon Oh my impression is totally different. I agree on most of what you said except on the fact that I was very impressed by his beautiful face. I think he looks better in person. I don’t think the camera captures it at all. But other than that I agree. He seems very down to earth.

  27. A.D. DO! says:

    @HollyMoon…thank you for that “up front and personal” description of JH…one of the most interesting insights of him I’ve read here. As a romcom fan I am hoping to see him in that genre again soon, although that might be wishful thinking…a girl can only dream, right? Here’s to JH crushing here with y’all in the future. Have a beautiful summer.

  28. Holly Moon says:

    Ok –to set the record straight– There is no one on this earth as beautiful and sexy as Jang Hyuk.. If I had known of him in my teens–Elvis would have had no place in my life. And I only gave up Elvis- when I met my husband. And I am NOT sure that I would have given up JH for my husband—hahaha.
    What I meant by an average guy, was that he isn’t 6’6″‘ tall and a huge hunk. He is a real person–a real size person…with mega qualities that shine out from him.
    And truly we all have our own inner thoughts that press our buttons….and in my case–press about a thousand of them.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Holly Moon Yeah I get that. Kind of like, he looks approachable not distant like some “celebrities” look although that “beauty” most times is not natural ha! But yeah if we are talking overall vibe, he feels like a normal “regular” guy, except that face of his looks sculpted so beautifully and yet not unnaturally so.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Well said! Your feelings for Jang Hyuk are clear. Does you husband know? 😉

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