Tomorrow With You Episode 12 Recap

What’s more important – the present or the future?

Tomorrow With You Episode 12 Recap

After arguing Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) follows Ma Rin down the street. He thinks about Ki Doong’s plea, break up with Ma Rin for both of your sakes. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) spins and chokes out that he disappeared right in front of her even though she held his hand tightly. She can’t believe that he doesn’t understand how upsetting that was. Of course, she had to wait for him to return. So Joon is firm – no matter what happens to him, she must live her life. He tells her not to get stuck on this. She reminds him she just recently found out he was a time traveler. They just went through a bad time that made her worry about him. She couldn’t even consider how to live their life. She can’t believe he doesn’t realize this is unsettling. So Joon asks what he should do. How can he appease her? Ma Rin asks him not to time travel again. It frightens and worries her. He says that marrying her may have been his mistake. He suggests they reevaluate their marriage. She stares in him in complete disbelief. He makes the point that she’s said many times she wished she had a normal marriage. He can’t give her that because he’s not normal, he’s a time traveler. Ma Rin takes that to mean that either she accepts whatever he gives her or she should leave if she can’t deal. She wants compromise and both of them work to make their marriage a success. He doesn’t think that will work. She counters that he isn’t willing to try. She can’t believe that he’s blaming her for worrying about him. He shouts that her worrying is a burden to him. She cries and stares at man who is rejecting their marriage.

At home, Ma Rin packs a bag. So Joon isn’t ready for her to leave. She says this is what he wanted. So Joon counters that she can stay in the house, he’ll stay with Ki Doong. But she doesn’t want to stay where her marriage blossomed then unexpectedly imploded. She asks if having a relationship with her is his mistake. He says nothing. She utters that they never registered their marriage (making it legally official) so he can break up with her without consequences. She leaves.

So Joon cries saying there was nothing else he could do. He remembers future Ma Rin telling him they should have never met, and they were never meant to be. He recalls her recommendation that he break up with her when he returned to the present. So Joon cries asking what else would she have him do?

Ma Rin walks away sobbing.

Excellent breakup scene. Neither of them wanted this but So Joon felt there was no other choice. Future Ki Doong had told him to break up. Future Ma Rin had told him to break up. He knows their future isn’t altered by all he’s done. He’s desperate. He breaks up. Ma Rin got a knife in her heart when he suggested they take a breather. Unable to accept a marriage on hold, she walked out, a woman with a broken heart.

Ma Rin ends up at So Ri’s door. She tells cries that her husband wants to reassess their relationship. She asks if she can stay with So Ri. Her friend glances at the bathroom. A man dressed only in his boxers exits, gathers his clothes on the bed, his cell phone and leaves. So Ri calls after him to text once he arrives at his house. Ma Rin is taken aback. She thought he was a burglar. So Ri says that was her lover.

So Ri thinks it is a battle of wills between newlyweds. Then she suggests that So Joon said things in anger. After they drink, So Ri tells Ma Rin to stay strong. Ma Rin vows he’ll have to beg her to come back. So Ri encourages her friend to not break first. Before bed she checks her phone but there are no messages. Turns out sleeping in So Ri’s bed isn’t restful.

Gun Sook continues to study Vietnamese until she can’t take it. She tells her husband Director Kim she’s not moving to Vietnam. She won’t live where she knows no one. She’d rather divorce. Director Kim tells her a couple of years in Vietnam would guarantee them riches and a life of leisure. Gun Sook declares she doesn’t care about money. Ha!

Doo Sik listens to an audio recording he made of himself and Director Kim negotiating about leaving So Joon’s company in exchange for cash. He stares at a calendar that his heavily marked. What are the upcoming milestones he knows about?

The next morning So Joon wakes up alone in the bed.

Ma Rin complains to So Ri that So Joon didn’t call or text. So Ri comments that Ma Rin will cave by the end of the day.

Ma Rin shows up at the charity and requests to use an empty desk. She stares at her phone. She vows to So Joon that she won’t be the one to break first. Looking for support she posts her situation to a chat room. But instead of support she receives feedback that her marriage is over and she made a tactical error walking out. Se Young walks up and jokingly asks if Ma Rin stopped by to use their internet. Se Young asks to speak with her.

Se Young tells Ma Rin as the power behind the charity So Joon needs to show up when the board votes for her father’s replacement. Without So Joon’s approval, the board cannot act. Se Young wants Ma Rin to talk to So Joon. Knowing this is the perfect excuse to call So Joon, Ma Rin readily agrees. She’s practically giddy as she calls So Joon. But So Joon ignores Ma Rin’s phone call. Instead he tells his lawyer that he wants to give half his assets to Ma Rin. He tells the lawyer to complete the paperwork by the end of the month.

When So Joon arrives at work, Ki Doong is on the phone considering a blind date. So Joon grabs the phone, tells the caller to arrange the blind date and hangs up. Ki Doong can’t believe So Joon’s cocky assertion that was what Ki Doong wanted. Ki Doong snaps that So Joon should go to the future and see how his love life turns out. So Joon blandly says he doesn’t care about Ki Doong’s love life. Ha! So Joon asks Ki Doong if he knew he’d turn out to be a burden to the woman he cared for, would he continue to pursue her? Ki Doong wonders what’s happening with So Joon. A text comes through on So Joon’s phone. Ma Rin tells him he needs to attend the vote for the next chairman of the charity. She tells him to call her.

Ma Rin snatches her phone when So Joon’s responding text comes in. She’s dismayed to read that he’ll call Se Young. Ha!

Director Kim’s assistant asks him about his investment in his latest project. Director Kim demurs it was a few investors and family that funded the project. The assistant says that a certain investor is a bit worried, Director Kim gets angry. Then he apologizes for his reaction.

Ma Rin frets that So Joon won’t call. So Ri sees her friend caving. Ma Rin comments that Spiderman’s girlfriend would be kicked to the curb if she gave him an ultimatum to stop shooting webs. Ha!

With the robot vacuum cleaning, So Joon takes off his wedding ring and stares at it. Ma Rin walks to the house and wonders if So Joon is inside. So Joon drops the ring and robot vacuum sucks it up. He retrieves the robot vacuum but is distracted from retrieving the ring when he gets a call. He tells the caller he’ll meet him.

Ma Rin enters the house and is surprised when So Joon walks into the room, coat in hand. So Joon asks if she’s come home. Ma Rin says she’s waiting for a package that will be delivered today. So Joon tells her to wait and starts to put in his coat. Ma Rin can’t believe he’s leaving. So Joon says they’ll talk next time. He leaves. Eagle eye Ma Rin notices that So Joon was not wearing his wedding ring.

Doo Sik urges So Joon to turn in Director Kim to the police. He warns that Director Kim will betray So Joon. Doo Sik plays the audio recording. Doo Sik explains Director Kim went forward with the project So Joon did not approve. So Joon is angry that Doo Sik interfered. Doo Sik explains that Director Kim will destroy So Joon’s company. So Joon can’t believe that Doo Sik kept him in the dark. Doo Sik explains he was trying to protect So Joon. But So Joon realizes that Doo Sik might have made things worse not better by engaging Director Kim on his own. So Joon snaps that Doo Sik’s interference changed the future. So Joon can’t believe everyone has to live their lives by a predestined fate. Doo Sik pressed the audio recorder in So Joon’s hand. He urges him to use it as evidence to put Director Kim in jail. He says So Joon need only look to find further evidence within the company. Royally irked, So Joon snaps that he’ll handle Director Kim going forward. Doo Sik urges So Joon to put him in jail. It truly looks like Doo Sik poked the bear and made matters worse by escalating Director Kim’s desire to achieve wealth and power no matter what it took.

So Joon finds Director Kim in his office and tells him they need to talk. In the conference room, So Joon stares at Director Kim. He calls Ki Doong and tells him to conduct an internal audit on Director Kim. He says he got a tip about illegal activities. Director Kim feigns ignorance. So Joon reminds Director Kim that he did not want the proposed project to go forward. He’s willing not to prosecute if Director Kim resigns effective today. Director Kim agrees. So Joon warns if they find evidence of additional illegalities then Director Kim will face prosecution. Director Kim feigns ignorance of anything else he’s done. So Joon says he hopes never to see Director Kim again. Director Kim asks why So Joon is letting him walk away. So Joon warns this is the last opportunity he’ll give him, don’t blow it. So Joon leaves. Director Kim mutters that he can’t even kill So Joon.

Director Kim’s office is boxed up. Ki Doong confronts Director Kim’s assistant to tell all. He pretends to know nothing. Director Wang appears and suggests it was the dismissed project that Director Kim pursued.

Director Kim tells himself they won’t find anything in his office. He thinks he should leave the company.

Ma Rin waits in the house. A delivery arrives. She walks away and into the night. So Joon arrives. He asks if she’s leaving. He urges her to stay. He offers to stay at Ki Doong’s place. That’s not the offer Ma Rin wanted. She asks why he removed his ring. He shrugs saying it’s not a big deal. Ma Rin snaps that it is a big deal. So Joon tells her not to rush to judgement without knowing all the facts. Ma Rin asks how he could ignore her and not call. So Joon tells his wife that she’s the one that came to the house and waited for a package. She hurt herself with her own actions today. So Joon states he needs time to think. Ma Rin snaps what does he need to think about. So Joon can’t believe that she can’t give him a couple of days to sort things out. Ma Rin can’t believe that he doesn’t feel their time apart is like an eternity, that’s what it feels like to her. So Joon counters this is why she’s a burden. He wants her to be strong and confidence when he’s not around. He’s frustrated that she isn’t that way. He snaps this only makes him worry more. He asks how she managed before they married. Ma Rin admits how she was before they met, is a lifetime ago. She wonders if she’s pathetic in his eyes because she doesn’t want him to see her that way. Ma Rin says there’s more to say, but they should table the discussion until later. She leaves.

They really got down to some truths in their relationship. She is dependent on him. She’s no longer independent. In essence, that dependence is like a millstone around his neck. But Ma Rin raised the point that she seems to be the only one that is fighting passionately for them. So Joon puts their marriage in a compartment and seems to continue his life with no apparent hardship. Are they both right? Are they both wrong? Can they reach an understanding?

Doo Sik can’t believe it when So Joon explains that he gave Director Kim the opportunity to change his fate from prison to a different life. Isn’t that what So Joon wishes someone could do for him? Yep, he said he wanted the same. He tells Doo Sik he’s to blame too. So Joon admits he is upset about the state of his relationship with Ma Rin. He wants to live a happy life. But he can’t destroy Ma Rin’s life to achieve that. So Joon wonders if cutting him out of her life is best for Ma Rin. He wonders if he should destroy her love for him. With tears in his eyes, he asks Doo Sik what he should do.

So Joon opens the package and sees new robes for the both of them.

Ma Rin hears the doorbell. So Ri is fast asleep. Gun Sook is surprised when Ma Rin opens the door. Ma Rin is surprised to find Gun Sook at So Ri’s door so late. So Ri can’t believe it, she has two unhappily married women in her apartment. She demands Gun Sook tell all. Gun Sook wants Ma Rin to go first. Ma Rin admits they had a fight and she left. Gun Sook admits the same happened to her. So Ri quips that her house it not a safe house for upset married women. Gun Sook starts to cry. She confesses that her husband has been acting weird. We see Gun Sook searching Director Kim’s car. She finds Se Young’s father’s pen (though she doesn’t know this). Director Kim sees the pen in her hand and asks what it is. She reads the name of the charity from the pen. Director Kim gets upset and yells at her for rifling through his car. He chases her. She gets into a cab and avoids his grasp. Gun Sook admits to Ma Rin and So Ri that her husband scared her. She shows Ma Rin the pen. Ma Rin recognizes the pen from the charity. She notes it was from the move-in event which not many people attended. Gun Sook considers then rejects the possibility that her husband was having an affair. His reaction was dark rage. Ma Rin asks Gun Sook the telltale signs of a time traveler. Gun Sook doesn’t understand the line of questioning. Ma Rin returns the pen to Gun Sook. So Ri says someone dropped the pen in his car. Gun Sook agrees stating that her husband over the top reaction was surprising and scary.

Ma Rin helps prep the conference room for the board meeting to choose the next charity chairman. She hears that the mystery backer will be at the meeting.

As Ki Doong and So Joon walk to the charity, Ki Doong asks how So Joon knew about Director Kim’s activities. So Joon defers that for another conversation. So Joon hesitates to walk in the charity. Ki Doong razzes him that he’s nervous. Se Young comes outside and jokes that she didn’t think So Joon would actually come. So Joon enters the building. He’s surprised to see Ma Rin. Se Young immediately picks up on the tension. She asks if they’ve fought. So Joon denies it but Ma Rin confirms it. The coworker is surprised and can’t quite believe it when Se Young introduces So Joon and his association with the charity. So Joon tells Ma Rin he’ll see her after the meeting. She walks away without agreeing. The other board members are surprised that So Joon is the mystery supporter. So Joon shares that Se Young’s father did such a terrific job that he only needed supply the funding. But now, with Se Young’s father death, he needs to support the charity by revealing his role.

Ki Doong finds Se Young crying at her desk. He knows this is hard for her. She says her father would be happy that So Joon finally revealed himself. Ki Doong says that her father would be happy to know that she was back at the charity too. She cries on Ki Doong’s shoulder. She admits she misses her father. Lovely moment. You could feel a shift between them. Not to romance, but to equality, the unrequited love fades away.

After the meeting, So Joon asks Se Young where Ma Rin is. Se Young suggest he call Ma Rin and invite her to dinner with her and Ki Doong. Seizing the opportunity, Ki Doong tells Se Young that So Joon and Ma Rin are fighting and they need time to sort things out. He puts his arms around Se Young and says they’ll go out to dinner together on a date. Se Young is surprised but doesn’t refuse. They stroll away from a smiling So Joon. I’m so pleased for Se Young and Ki Doong. I’m relishing their moment of happiness.

So Joon calls Ma Rin. She doesn’t answer. Her phone is on the desk at the charity. On the rooftop, she recalls So Joon disappearing on the subway. When she goes to exit the roof, she finds the door locked. So Joon sees all the charity employees leaving the building and asks if Ma Rin is inside. They think they building is empty. So Joon decides to check for himself.

Ma Rin pounds on the roof door. She calls for someone to find her. So Joon calls Ma Rin’s phone and hears it ringing. He finds it in the dark office along with her purse. He searches for her. Ma Rin thinks she might have to spend the night on the cold roof. She spies a box and makes a nest for herself. She thinks “if you get caught by a tiger, stay alert.” She hears So Joon calling for her. She calls to him. He tells her he’ll open the door. Ma Rin imagines he’ll bust down the door. So Joon calls a locksmith. Ma Rin frets that she’s cold. So Joon worries that she’s cold and urges her to jump to stay warm. He demonstrates on his side of the door. Ma Rin asks him what he knows about their future. She says she knows he wouldn’t hurt her without a reason. She believes he knows something terrible about their future. He admits it. That’s the right choice, she deserves to know. She admits that she doesn’t care about the future. She admits she wishes tomorrow wouldn’t come (nice play on words with the title of the series). She doesn’t want to worry about the future. She says he has the luxury of worrying about the future. So Joon finally admits that her future will be harder because of him. Ma Rin reminds him she doesn’t want details. But So Joon can’t stop now. He tells Ma Rin that he met the future Ma Rin. That gets her attention. With a quavering voice, So Joon admits future Ma Rin told him to break up with her. Now Ma Rin understands, you see her relax. Ma Rin asks if that’s why So Joon was so distant.

The locksmith opens the lock. So Joon opens the door. He tries to put his jacket around her but she stops him. She tells him he met another woman. So Joon is surprised by this statement. Ma Rin takes his hand, places it on her face and says “this is me. I’m in front of you. You can touch me.” Awk! Tears! “I’m looking in your eyes. Future me? She’s talking nonsense. That’s not me”. So Joon asks if she’s scared. He tells her the future will be hard because of him and she’ll regret the choice she’s making now. Ma Rin admits what scares her is So Joon’s ability to doubt them as a couple. Ma Rin lays down an ultimatum. Will So Joon listen to her or future Ma Rin? So Joon says it isn’t that simple. Ma Rin brushes that aside. He must choose, present Ma Rin or future Ma Rin, which one will he follow? So Joon struggles with THE question of this entire series “is the present important, or the future?” Ma Rin can’t believe that this is even a question to ponder. She tells him to choose and get back to her. She leaves. So Joon watches her go, stunned at her stance.

Ma Rin calls her mother. The mother radar kicks in and she knows her daughter is upset with her husband. She bursts out of the eatery angry with So Joon. She calls So Joon. She demands that he come to her house. She hangs up. She fumes while she waits. So Joon arrives. Immediately mother rips into him for cheating with another woman. So Joon is stunned. He tells her it isn’t like that. Mother snaps that adultery may not be illegal anymore but that doesn’t make it okay. She sits down. So Joon is asks what she’s doing. Mother declares she won’t move until he admits the truth. She’s got her daughter’s back! So Joon declares he didn’t cheat. She grabs him and wrestles him to the ground saying single motherhood was hard and she was kind to him. So Joon tries to calm her down. She ends up hitting him. He ends up hugging her saying that Ma Rin told her that to get this reaction. He swears he did not cheat on Ma Rin. Mother demands to know the truth. So Joon gets on his knees and swears that Ma Rin is the only woman for him. He likes Ma Rin. He can’t live without Ma Rin. Are you smiling too? Then it hits him. The answer to the question – what’s more important present or future? So Joon asks where Ma Rin is.

Color me surprised, I thought she’d be watching the whole thing but she’s waiting at the house.

Ma Rin wonders if she went too far. She tells herself tough love is the cure when your mind if muddled. She knows her husband is in big trouble with her mother.

So Joon bursts through the door demanding to know why Ma Rin sicced her mother on him. He complains that she hit him repeatedly.

Ma Rin is serene and calm. She maintains she told her mother the truth. Ma Rin says she now knows that leaving home is misery. She almost had to sleep on a roof. So Joon retorts he is the one that saved her. Ma Rin declares she won’t leave the house. Ma Rin states So Joon can leave it he wants to. So Joon asks if his misery is okay. Ma Rin looks him in the eye and asks what’s more important, a future you can’t touch or a present you can embrace? So Joon stares and says she’s the one he wants. He kisses her.

My Thoughts

And the master manipulator award goes to…Ma Rin! She was awesome when she realized why So Joon had pulled away. Her mind works differently from So Joon which is one of the reasons they miscommunicate so frequently. But it’s also one of the reasons why they are perfect for each other. I loathe to use this line but it seems to apply…”she completes him”.

Ki Doong’s patient waiting seems to be paying off. With her father’s death, Se Young can’t maintain the armor against her own loneliness. So Joon is a friend but there will never be romance. You could see Se Young accept that as her friendship with Ma Rin grew. They no longer want the same man. So Joon’s heart belongs to Ma Rin and vice versa. Se Young’s father’s death broke down Se Young’s veneer of not needing anyone. When you are hurting, you need your support system help you keep it together and deal with the pain. Se Young’s support system is Ki Doong and So Joon. With So Joon married and not as available, Ki Doong’s support grew and Se Young leaned into him (literally in this episode). I’m pleased this couple have found the germ of romance. I hope to see it blossom in the remaining 4 episodes of this series.

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) is fully committed to her marriage. Nothing has a higher priority. She didn’t see future Ma Rin as an all-knowing fortune teller but an interloper messing with her man. Who you going to call to help slap some sense into your man? That’s right, her mother. I have not been a fan of Ma Rin’s mother who seemed more interested in milking Ma Rin’s fame. But once Ma Rin married, the chains of worry over her daughter’s future evaporated and mother because more likeable. Mother’s dramatic ways were well suited to the moment forcing So Joon to admit what he hadn’t admitted before. He saw the answer to Ma Rin’s question. Even Ma Rin’s question was perfect – choose me or another woman. Her logic – if future me wanted So Joon to give up on us, then that’s no longer me –  was perfect.

Gun Sook left Director Kim when he freaked out over her finding Se Young’s father’s pen in his car. Gun Sook didn’t realize the significance of the pen and neither did Ma Rin. That’s good. This will all play out in the final four episodes. So Joon’s leniency irked and pleased me. He offered Director Kim the pass that he wanted himself (and he admitted that). Little does So Joon know that Director Kim is a murderer without scruples who wouldn’t hesitate to strike again if threatened. Back to Gun Sook, in So Ri’s apartment seeing her admit to the truth of her husband’s confusing reaction, in that moment, she wasn’t the mean girl that used Ma Rin and her friends to feel good about herself. Gun Sook was in pain and reached out for the support of a friend. She was surprised to find Ma Rin at So Ri’s apartment. She got two friend’s support when she only hoped for So Ri’s support.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) was paralyzed by fear of the future. I don’t blame him. He’s a time traveler. He’s obsessed with saving Ma Rin and himself. The future made him rich. Initially the future was a huge driver for him. But present Ma Rin changed that. She demands that he care for her. She wants him to have the same level of allegiance to their marriage. It’s more than he could give. But in today’s episode he unveiled several truths. He offered Director Kim a chance because he wanted one himself. He unmasked himself as the primary benefactor of the charity to support its future. He looked the woman he loved in the face and admitted he didn’t know what was more important, the present or the future. But through his wife’s unleashing his mother-in-law, So Joon saw the truth. He likes (though we know he means loves) Ma Rin. He wants to be with her now. We know the answer; the present will set them free.

I’ve stated I’m optimistic this couple will avoid the bleak future that has been foretold. This episode offered me real hope this can happen.

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10 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 12 Recap
  1. Thurs says:

    Yessss I’m so happy with this episode! I was dreading a heart wrenching ending with such a bleak future ahead, and I hated the suffering hero stereotype so I’m so glad that they managed to pull things around and be honest with each other. Once again Ma-Rin saves the day and steers our leading man back on course, finally putting his focus on the ever present romance! THAT KISS. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I just love how the episodes manages to keep things light and funny even though the situation is full of riddles and darker problems. I can't believe we only have 4 episodes left! I already know I will go back to watch this drama again.

    Also was I the only one scared shitless of Director Kim chasing his wife down the street? I hope Gun Sook doesn't return home and just stays out of his way. Does anyone else think Gun Sook and Director Kim's assistant make a funny/cute couple??


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    While I think it is kind of So Joon to Director Kim another chance, despite Doo Sik’s warning, So Joon is missing the crucial truth of Director Kim being a murderer. When will these time travelers realize the whole truth needs to be revealed to make informed decisions, which could literally mean the difference between life and death? Wouldn’t it be better for So Joon to live with a little guilt over chairman Shin’s (Se Young’s dad) demise than to die at the hands of Director Kim, who So Joon may have the evidence to put away?

    Gun Sook got a whiff of her husband’s ire for snooping in his car. Does Director Kim realize Gun Sook has the Happiness pen, the piece of evidence that links him to Chairman Shin? Will Ma Rin connect the dots to this murder before Director Kim comes after So Joon or her? I was laughing out loud when Ma Rin asked Gun Sook questions about her husband that might identify Director Kim as a time traveler. Too bad that isn’t his problem…on second thought, NO—the effects of an evil person being able to time travel would be devastating.

    Now Ma Rin is privy to So Joon’s time travels, see was able to conjecture the reason for So Joon breaking up with her. I ❤ ❤ ❤ Ma Rin for having the moxy to insist So Joon choose between the present and the future. I had to chuckle at Ma Rin for siccing her mom on So Joon to “help” him make a decision.

    Seeing Ki Doong and Se Young connect in the present was a hopeful change for at least this couple’s future. We got a smidgen of hope for our OTP when So Joon chose to live in the present; why do things have to be bleak for our OTP? I agree with @Thurs "THAT KISS" 💋…mmm…I'd like to be on the receiving end. Will staying in the present be enough to save So Joon and Ma Rin?


  3. imberreader says:

    First of all, I know it’s not my duty to post here and like, the chances of people noticing me not doing so are low, but I just wanted to say my life kinda took turn for worse (from previous worse state), with my dearly beloved cat suddenly passing away among other things, so I did not watch anything at all until I had enough mental energy to feel emotional investment with someone’s else pain.

    But now that I kind of do, here I am, ready to suffer with this couple again. And do I get to.

    I loved that Ma Rin didn’t take his offered break-up speech laying down and accepting. I understood where So Joon was coming from, for most points, too.

    The shot after she leaves, focusing on So Joon, flying past their wedding picture and then leaving him on cold colored and desolate background was beautifully shot.

    I laughed a little, though it was misplaced, at the ‘welp failure’ music at the morning when Ma Rin was little more than pile of clothes and disheartened sadness. She has no willpower when it comes to staying away from him, ah man. Look at her giddy smile when she has to call him for work.

    The conversation between So Joon and Ki Doong was so… Them. Not being direct about their issues, just trying to solve their issues via vague-talking. How dude-bro of them. Sigh. But better than nothing. There’s definite doubt in So Joon about rightness of this all.

    His response to her text was honestly just… Heartbreaking. Her sneaking in her home was both sad and funny, too. Dang the little rascal for eating his ring. How rude of you, I have a feeling you’ll be the indirect cause of more issue between your human parents! (I was right. sigh.)

    Ma Rin’s father really doesn’t learn from his mistakes, he should’ve known that talking with So Joon would be kicking another ant-hill of questions and suspicion.

    I was actually a little surprised she didn’t lie about the package… I did like that in a way, they ended up having a honest conversation at the car because they both have their own glasses on and it is understandable they don’t get the other’s. They really, truly need to talk it out. And it’s good they’ve learned to without getting straight to shouting and storming off.

    He called her out on being too dependent on him, making her life revolve around him, and it is true. Yet he also did admitting it just makes him worried for her. And she acknowledged it, while not accepting it’s all there is to it.

    The conversation with Ma Rin’s father over phone just went and wrecked my heart, but the tombstone was engraved by the baby clothes.

    I really love how every character is written. Se Young held it together remarkably, even scarily, well after her father’s death. Even when discussing meeting for next chairman to be chosen, she smiled quite naturally as if it didn’t relate to her. But then, when the day came, there came the tears. It was one of those little things (So Joon’s reveal), as they often are with mourning, that onset that crashing wave of sadness and grief.

    The door between them was such a beautiful metaphor. While waiting for it to be opened, they opened up their own doors to talk about the fears and doubts they have so they could have their confrontation once the physical door opened. I am sure the fear So Joon went through while Ma Rin was simply gone helped the honesty, too. Once more, we got a touch of the title in their conversation, of the tomorrow that can be both gift and torture.

    I surprisingly loved Mom who didn’t scold Ma Rin for being bad to such a perfect Son and to hold onto him no matter what, but went to nag on him instead. It was something I didn’t expect and a good surprise for once. (I won’t comment on her overdramatic actions, though.)

    Annnd then his confessions which started off as his usual charismatic over-appeals… And suddenly rang way too true.


    As always, amazing episode of a rollercoaster emotion ride.

    Loved your review, of course. I was wondering of the milestones on Ma Rin’s father’s calendar as well and hung on the moments between Se Young and Ki Doong with great love.

    ” Her mind works differently from So Joon which is one of the reasons they miscommunicate so frequently. But it’s also one of the reasons why they are perfect for each other. I loathe to use this line but it seems to apply…”she completes him”.” You put it so wonderfully I just want to cry. Thank you.


    • kjtamuser says:

      @imberreader, so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved cat. They are part of our families.

      The conversation between So Joon and Ki Doong was so… Them. Not being direct about their issues, just trying to solve their issues via vague-talking. How dude-bro of them.
      Love how you put that “dude-bro”. Their relationship is my second favorite on the show.

      I was actually a little surprised she didn’t lie about the package… I did like that in a way, they ended up having a honest conversation at the car because they both have their own glasses on and it is understandable they don’t get the other’s.
      Interesting you made the statement about Ma Rin not lying about the package. I originally believed she had. But no, the package was real. Your phrasing “they both have their own glasses on” is perfect!

      The door between them was such a beautiful metaphor. While waiting for it to be opened, they opened up their own doors to talk about the fears and doubts they have so they could have their confrontation once the physical door opened.
      Perfect analysis!

      When this couple kisses, it matters. They don’t have throw away pecks. Each kiss has a meaning.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Take care while you heal.

      Liked by 1 person

      • imberreader says:

        Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them so much. As I do all your replies and insights. You’re right, each of their kiss is a milestone in its own right.


    • Thurs says:

      You’re back! I’m so sorry to hear you had so much going on, but I hope you know that I actually noticed your absence and kept checking when you’d post your own review in the comment sections. I enjoy them just as much as the recaps posted above as they are always so well written and analysed, you have your own style and take on it that I always look forward to reading.

      Hope you’re doing ok, I am just another TWY fan from Melbourne, Australia who is supporting you! ❤ Hwaiting!

      Liked by 1 person

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