Tomorrow With You Episode 11 Recap

Is time travel a good thing or a bad thing?

Tomorrow With You Episode 11 Recap

We begin with Doo Sik’s voiceover about his failed attempt to get Director Kim to leave the company and Director Kim’s murder of Se Young’s father. He won’t tell because it will put his daughter Ma Rin and son-in-law So Joon in danger.

The police tell Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) that Se Young’s father’s death was an accident. He knows differently but the police don’t’ have signs of a struggle, no CCTV footage, no witnesses, nothing to lead them to murder. They ask So Joon and Ki Doong why they are convinced its murder.  The police believe it was an accident after Se Young’s father visited both construction sites. That stuns So Joon and Ki Doong. They were on guard at the first construction site.

Ki Doong can’t believe he didn’t see Se Young’s father. He doesn’t understand why anyone would kill such a nice guy. What could the motive be? So Joon guesses that someone intended to kill Se Young’s father. That’s why their attempt to stop the death at the first construction site, forced the killer to the second construction site. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) arrives per Ki Doong’s request. She wants to take him home, but he declares he must find something out. Ma Rin questions whether he’ll go 1 or 2 years in the future. She asks him to come home with her. He apologizes and leaves.

Ma Rin is surprised to learn from Ki Doong that Se Young’s father went to the first construction site where Ki Doong and she was. Ki Doong asks if she saw a strange car. Ma Rin remembers a car (recall it was DK’s car with Se Young’s father in the trunk) but it wasn’t strange. Ma Rin understands that So Joon doesn’t believe in fate and knows this was not an accident. But still, it’s hard for all of them. Ki Doong concurs. I’m so glad they’ve got each other to lean on during this and because they are the only two that know that So Joon is a time traveler.

Walking home Ma Rin has a flashback to Director Kim’s car, but there wasn’t anything strange about the car, so she shrugs it off.

Over drinks, Doo Sik lies to So Joon that Se Young’s father’s death was an accident. He tells So Joon the more he tries to alter his future, more worse things will get. So Joon asks Doo Sik why he time travels to the future if knowing one’s fate is a negative. Doo Sik states all will be revealed when the time is right. But So Joon can’t accept his fate – he’ll disappear shortly and die two years later – and rails that not being able to change it, is unfair.

As they stagger down the street, So Joon complains that Doo Sik lords his knowledge of the future over him. He shoves him aside. Doo Sik sputters that if So Joon only knew who he was. But So Joon cuts him off. He declares he must save Ma Rin. She’s the only family, the wife, the only one he loves. He must protect her to the very end. Awk! Tears! So Joon sobs his pain. Doo Sik cries and hugs his son-in-law and apologizes for the state of things. I feel their pain and despair. These two men are desperate to save So Joon (who they both love) but can’t find a way.

So Joon comes home drunk. He hugs Ma Rin who immediately sees he’s drunk. Ma Rin’s mother is there too but So Joon doesn’t notice her. He only has eyes for Ma Rin. He kisses her. He hugs her. Ma Rin is well aware her mother (who hides her face from the affection) is standing right there. She pushes So Joon and he finally sees his mother-in-law.  He hugs her and sobs then tries to kiss her. So Joon takes Ma Rin to their bedroom.

As So Joon helps Ma Rin get situated so he can sleep, he says he’ll forget Se Young’s father’s death. He wants them to be happy. He promises to protect her. Wisely Ma Rin tells him that he won’t be able to forget easily. So Joon declares he’ll make her happy. Ma Rin completes tucking her husband into bed.

Se Young meets Ki Doong with a care package of food and books to take her mind off things. She thanks him for his help. He shrugs and says he’s her fool. She scoffs that he was fired long ago. Sweetly he declares that he’s her fool forever and she can ask him for anything. She smiles. He asks if she’s going to go back to Japan. She’s undecided because her mother is now alone. Ki Doong tells her to stay but then backs off the statement and tells her to do what works for her. What a nice guy. I wish Se Young’s heart could feel for Ki Doong.

Gun Sook is at a nightclub and brags to her friends that she’s still has what it takes to dance with the best male dancer on the floor. She makes her way to the man and dances behind him until he notices her and spins her around. She pulls back when she realizes it’s her husband’s assistant. He seems unfazed.

Later in the convenience store over drinks, Gun Sook asks if her husband is stressed at work. She mentions that he’s like a different person at home – no sleeping well, talking to himself, etc. The assistant confirms Director Kim is stressed at work and he’s difficult to work with. They both agree the nightclub was an outlet for stress. They console each other for having to deal with Director Kim.

The next morning a hung over So Joon faces Ma Rin who is determined that he return to work and start focusing on living. So Joon pleads for leniency, after all he is hung over, but instead Ma Rin shoves him out the door and drives him to work. Adorably she’s not much of a driver and keeps selecting the wind shield wipers instead of the turn signal.

Director Kim overhears Director Wang and another coworker discussing him and So Joon.

It takes a while but Ma Rin manages to drive to the office. So Joon and Ma Rin are both relieved. So Joon gets out of the car and thanks his wife for the effort to drive him. Ma Rin chides him not to time travel. She warns him there will be consequences if he doesn’t obey her directive. He doesn’t promise. Ma Rin lurches the car back into traffic.

Director Kim invites Director Wang to lunch which immediately makes Director Wang question why. Director Kim lies that he wants to support Director Wang’s project and that he wants to build trust with him. This surprises Director Wang, but support for his project is important and he’s willing to overlook Director’s Kim’s recent opposition and sudden change of heart.

Director Kim and Director Wang run into So Joon. Director Wang offers his sincere sympathies. So Joon thanks him and moves to the office. Director Wang notes that both So Joon and Ki Doong were upset by the death. Director Kim notes that So Joon is the chairman of a charity that the dead man managed. That news surprises Director Wang.

As Ma Rin waits at a traffic light, Gun Sook calls. Ma Rin tells Gun Sook to make it quick, she can only talk while the light is green. Gun Sook retorts her life is stuck at a red light.  She texts Ma Rin an address so they can meet. She practices Vietnamese.

At an eatery, Gun Sook uses her basic Vietnamese phrase. She tells Ma Rin that she needs her promise not to tell her husband what she’s sharing today. She claims to trust Ma Rin and considers her a friend. When Ma Rin won’t promise, Gun Sook isn’t happy. Ma Rin grouses she has too many secrets in her head and really isn’t interested in Gun Sook’s secret. Desperate, Gun Sook blurts out that she may be emigrating to Vietnam. She doesn’t want to go but her husband insists. She swallows her pride and asks Ma Rin to go easy on her husband. Ma Rin is surprised. She asks if anything is wrong at work. Gun Sook grouses that something must be bad because her husband wants to leave the country. She admits their husbands aren’t fond of each other. Ma Rin dispels that when she shares the So Joon calls Director Kim a hard worker. Even so, Gun Sook asks Ma Rin to speak to So Joon about her husband. She lies that she has a good marriage so it couldn’t be personal. Ma Rin only nods and comments that Vietnam would be lonely. Gun Sook agrees.

So Joon gets ready to leave the office. Ki Doong asks where he’s going. He states his “gal pal” (darling reference to Ma Rin) asked him to keep an eye on him. So Joon wants to know who So Joon’s “gal pal” is.  Ki Doong freely admits that it’s Ma Rin who sent him texts with worry-face emoji. Ha! So Joon pretends to pout that Ma Rin and Ki Doong freely text each other. Ki Doong asks again where So Joon is going. So Joon turns and tells him he can’t leave things alone. He’s going to the future one last time to see what he can find. Ki Doong asks where he’ll search. So Joon states the police station seems logical.

The future: 2 years from now…

So Joon runs into the police detective he and Ki Doong argued with about Se Young’s death. He surprises the police detective when he identifies himself and when they met in the past. He asks the police detective if there was anything strange about Se Young’s father death they unearthed later. The detective realizes that So Joon went missing around the time of Se Young’s father’s death. He says another detective has been looking for So Joon for 2 years. So Joon decides to exit quickly.

The police detective tells the detective assigned to So Joon’s missing person case that he just saw So Joon in front of the building. The case detective asks if So Joon was wearing winter clothing in summer or acting weird. The police detective says no, So Joon seemed normal. They both run to the front of the building. They run past So Joon, who was around the corner and eavesdropping. So Joon realizes that he didn’t leave voluntarily, he went missing! That points the finger at Director Kim, doesn’t it?

So Joon surprises Ki Doong outside the office. Ki Doong stares into a past version of his friend. So Joon says they need to talk. Ki Doong walks around the corner and presses So Joon to eat with him, it’s been so long. So Joon demands to know why he went missing. He notes that Ki Doong’s claim that something went wrong with his relationship with Ma Rin doesn’t ring true. Ki Doong sighs and tells So Joon that he went to the future and never came back. Is Director Kim going to see So Joon and kill him in this time jump? So Joon wants details but Ki Doong doesn’t have any. Again, So Joon demands to know why Ki Doong lied that he had relationship issues with Ma Rin. Ki Doong states that Ma Rin asked him to say that. I’m loving the ramification of telling Ma Rin he’s a time traveler. She’s altering the future too. Double butterfly effect! So Joon can’t believe it. Ki Doong says that So Joon disappeared one morning and never came back. This points to this time jump. Ki Doong says Ma Rin can’t forget him, their past haunts her. She waits in vain for him to return to her. So Joon can’t believe what he’s hearing. He tells Ki Doong he can’t trust him anymore. He turns to leave. Ki Doong yells this shouldn’t have happened. That gets So Joon’s attention. Ki Doong states if they’ve never met, it wouldn’t have happened. That’s why he lied. So Joon starts to walk away. But Ki Doong can’t let him go. He grabs his arm. He demands to know if in So Joon’s original future vision, did he disappear? Ki Doong knows the answer. So Joon didn’t disappear in the original future vision. Ki Doong yells that So Joon changed his future with his actions. He declares that So Joon wasn’t supposed to marry Ma Rin. He states their marriage changed the future. So Joon demands to know if he was to live his life the way the future dictated. Both men are upset. Ki Doong pleads, for So Joon’s sake, for Ma Rin’s sake, put things back to their original state. Is that the original state where Ma Rin is hit by the truck?

Wow! Terrific scene. Over this series, Writer Heo has subtly tightened the net of time travel around these characters making it something that restricts their future and doesn’t free them.

Ki Doong calls Ma Rin to let her know that he met So Joon from the past after Se Young’s father’s death but now aware that he goes missing. Ma Rin asks if Ki Doong told him the truth. Ki Doong confirms he kept the truth about Director Kim from So Joon per her request. Ki Doong tells Ma Rin that So Joon should be told the truth about Director Kim. Ma Rin disagrees stating So Joon’s awareness of Director Kim wouldn’t have changed anything. Ma Rin’s voice quavers as she states that So Joon never should have met her. If So Joon broke up with her, then he could have avoided the bad consequences. Ma Rin believes she was the catalyst for everything that went wrong in So Joon’s life. Ki Doong doesn’t know if they’ve helped things or made them worse. He struggles with their choices. He murmurs that he must hang up as Se Young has arrived.

Wow! Ma Rin is doing exactly what Doo Sik is doing, metering out “the truth” to So Joon. She’s as determined to save So Joon as he is to save her. In this regard, they are mirror images of each other. Only he has the advantage of time travel to ferret out nuggets of the truth.

Se Young places the wedding invitation on the table. She’s thrilled. He’s thrilled. At least these two find their way to each other in this future.

Ma Rin tells herself she did the right thing in trying to save So Joon. She cries. Her lonely life isn’t much solace.


So Joon recalls the remainder of what Ki Doong told him. Ma Rin will wait at the subway station for him to return but he never will. They only have one month of happiness left. Ki Doong asks if one more month of happiness is worth a lifetime of misery for Ma Rin. He tells So Joon to break up with Ma Rin.

Good coda to that scene. The emotion is there. Ki Doong cares about So Joon and Ma Rin, and the trio of caring is there among all of them. They all desperately want stop our couple’s bleak future. Is it possible?

So Joon sees Ma Rin drive up to him. His heart heavy from what he learned in the future, he smiles love into her eyes. Ma Rin boasts that in 3 months she’ll be the best driver in Korea. He smiles knowing they don’t have 3 months together. He gives her a sweet passionate kiss. He stares in the eyes of the woman he loves. She smiles not realizing how close to So Joon’s heart is to breaking. They kiss passionately. Awk! Tears! Copious tears! That ripped me up.

Let me also compliment the camera work. Ma Rin is happily chattering away and we see So Joon looking at her intently, then he moves in for the kiss. The camera stays on him, so we saw the love on his face and his need to act upon it with the kiss. Lovely!

So Joon takes Ma Rin driving. She grouses he’s driving technique isn’t as romantic as the movies. She brightens and says his kissing is awesome. So Joon blushes and sternly tells her to obey his directions. She has success. He is thrilled. She is thrilled. They are simply darling! So Joon states when he’s happy with her, that’s all that matters.

They park. She tells him she loves him. She asks if he’ll share how he began time traveling. He finally details that on the subway line that passes the accident site, he travels to the future. She’s surprised subway is the travel mechanism. So Joon says he goes where he wants based on his whims. Ma Rin can’t believe it. So Joon admits when he first time traveled he was in denial.

Flash to So Joon’s first time travel…So Joon is beyond excited to be in 2015. Doo Sik tells him to calm down people are watching. So Joon declares he’s going to be rich.

Ma Rin grouses that it’s unfair that he became the time traveler. She has a survivor of the subway accident too. So Joon doesn’t know why it happened to him. Ma Rin suggests since she can drive so well, So Joon can avoid public transportation. She asks him not to time travel. She says this has been so hard. Why can’t they live fully in the present? So Joon asks if she’s curious what their future is. Ma Rin says time travel takes him away from her. She worries one day he won’t return. She knows she’s be alone and desolate. But So Joon says he must time travel. Ma Rin wants to know why. So Joon tries to joke that he has to time travel so they can live a luxurious life. Irked, she asks why he can do what he wants and ignore her requests.

You knew she would try this…
Ma Rin stares at the subway station and recalls So Joon’s explanation how he time travels. She declares she will follow him into the future, live or die. But it doesn’t work, she doesn’t time travel. She gets on the next subway. But it doesn’t work. She tries again and again but to no avail. Exhausted she decides it won’t work for her.

She sits on the bench at the station and sees So Joon walking towards the subway. She dashes onto the subway. He’s stunned to see her. He maneuvers them between the two subway cars. He warns her he’s going to disappear shortly. She tells him not to go. He says he can’t control it. He disappears even though she was holding tight. She cries.

Future: 3/24/19, 1 day before the accident…

So Joon gets off the subway unhappy that he left Ma Rin in lurch when he time traveled. He thinks he came to the last day in the future he could time travel to by himself. He watches Ma Rin leave the house and drive away. He smiles that she’s a good driver.

He enters their house. Everything is the same. He sits on their bed. He recalls Ki Doong’s words that Ma Rin waits for him to return and can’t move in with her life. He sees a brochure of an upcoming photo exhibition off Ma Rin’s work.

He stands outside the building that houses the exhibition. Inside Ma Rin stares at a photo of So Joon. So Ri chides her to give up on So Joon and concentrate on her future. Ma Rin says she doesn’t know where So Joon is. Is he dead? Is he alive? She can’t forget him. They leave the building. So Ri and Ma Rin go their separate directions. So Joon follows Ma Rin. He sees her go to the subway station and wait for him just like Ki Doong said. Awk! Tears! So Joon thinks to himself that Ma Rin doesn’t know that tomorrow is her last day and she’s wasting time waiting for him. He walks away.

So Joon bangs on Doo Sik’s door. He demands to know if Ma Rin will wait for him and therefore things end for her. He recants his wish that Doo Sik not interfere in his life. He begs for his help. A woman with a child asks who he is. She says she lives at the apartment. So Joon apologizes and leaves.


So Joon returns to the present on the subway. He cries, no sobs, knowing he can’t stop the future. He goes down the steps and Ma Rin is waiting for him. He asks if she was waiting for him. She confirms this. He asks why she was foolish enough to wait not knowing when he’d return. Taken aback, Ma Rin says she was worried. So Joon snaps that her worry is a burden to him. Upset with his words, she walks away.

She passes the subway accident memorial without stopping. He follows her. She spins and chokes out that he disappeared right in front of her even though she held his hand tightly. She can’t believe that he doesn’t understand how upsetting that was. Of course, she had to wait for him to return. So Joon is firm – no matter what happens to him, she must live her life. He tells her not to get stuck on this. She reminds him she just recently found out he was a time traveler. They just went through a bad time that made her worry about him. She couldn’t even consider how to live their life. She can’t believe he doesn’t realize all of this is unsettling. So Joon asks what he should do. How can he appease her? Ma Rin asks him not to time travel again. It frightens and worries her. He agrees. She stares. He says that marrying her may have been his mistake. He suggests they reevaluate their marriage. She stares in him in complete disbelief.

My Thoughts

What an emotional filled episode that forces us to believe their future is hopeless. In the early episodes of this series, the time travel was minimal. The focus was our couples’ relationship. But Writer Heo has woven in time travel more and more each episode. And it’s not the frequency of the time travel that matters, but the consequences. So Joon is desperate to change the future. Doo Sik is desperate to change the future. Ma Rin is desperate to change the future (that she’s aware of). Each of them are keeping nuggets of “the truth” about the future as they know it from each other. Poor Ki Doong is dragged into this mess being a good friend to So Joon and now Ma Rin. Frankly, I was pleased to see in the current version of the future, Ki Doong is happy with Se Young. Time travel no longer can be viewed through So Joon’s giddy joy from his first-time travel with Doo Sik as his guide. Time travel has captured all our characters into ever-tightening net of consequences they are struggling to change. But the more they struggle, the worse it gets. How they can hit reset?

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) finally learned the mechanics of So Joon’s time travel. You’d likely wondered, as I did, could Ma Rin time travel too? She survived the accident. Could she also be a time traveler? The answer was no. It was clever of Writer Heo to answer the question we’d been wondering about. Ma Rin is in a tough spot. She loves So Joon. She loves their life together. Yet her future self has decided that So Joon must breakup with her to survive. Like her father, she’s decided that saving the person she loves most in the world, is the priority. Speaking of Doo Sik, has he run out of options to save his daughter and his son-in-law? What was the significance of him not living in the apartment when So Joon visited the day before they die? When Gun Sook made her plea for her husband, Ma Rin was gracious and kind. More gracious and kind that Gun Sook has ever treated Ma Rin. I did enjoy the moment on the dance floor when Gun Sook realized in horror that she was gyrating in front of her husband’s assistant. Our Ma Rin waits in vain for So Joon to return from his final time travel. That’s a bleak future. One that will end on 3/25/19. Did you notice that this series ends on 3/25/17? Coincidence? I think not.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is passionate about saving Ma Rin but he’s running out of ideas. Full disclosure, I’m now crushing on Lee Je Hoon. This is my first series with this actor (no, I haven’t seen Signal). His soulful kiss he planted on Mar Rin when he returned from the future knowing their future was bleak, ripped me up. He was overwhelmed with the knowledge that they only had 1 more month of happiness. He couldn’t help himself, he had to reach out and express his love through a passionate yet sweet kiss. They were ridiculously cute in the car during the driving instruction. So Joon was even a fairly cute drunk when he was a bit amorous with Ma Rin when he returned home, even surprising his mother-in-law who he didn’t see when he blearily stumbled through the door of their home. So Joon learned that he didn’t leave Ma Rin, he disappeared. Big difference. I felt all indicators signaled that he would be snatched by Director Kim while he made the sojourn to the future. But it didn’t happen during that time travel. Will it happen during another time travel?

Our couple has clicked in my heart. They are a unique pairing that works well. I refuse to believe that on 3/25/17, when the last episode of this series finishes, that I’ll be sobbing with sadness. Not going to happen. Am I right Writer Heo?

Finally, the third song of the OST has been released. Check out the pretty, moody but optimistically titled “What a Relief” by Lee Se Ra:

Here’s the lyrics from Sleepless Aliana’s Blog (link)

As if time stopped
As if this moment stopped
We are messily scattered about

Past the wall of time
Between the moments
How are we? Are we doing ok?

Even if seasons change and time passes
And an unknown tomorrow comes

I can rest comfortably today
Because I’m holding your hand and we’re together
What a relief

Even if seasons change and time passes
And an unknown tomorrow comes

I can rest comfortably today
Because I’m holding your hand and we’re together
What a relief

What a relief

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5 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 11 Recap
  1. Jasmin says:

    hi, i like your thoughts and the narrative. more than anything else, (since it’s pretty much obvious that director kim will be the culprit when so joon becomes missing and we just need to wait when and how but maybe he would find a way to know for himself because the preview of ep 12 shows us that so joon will speak with director kim and there’s something about punishments) (also, everyone’s hiding the truth from so joon and we dont know why. i hurt for him huhu) i was wondering why ma rin would ask so joon, “is it me or her? choose between us.” who is this “her”? it got me so confused! love reading your blog! thank you for being a blessing to us other fans!


  2. imberreader says:

    I liked that Ma Rin and Ki Doong had someone to share their helplessness and concerns with, when So Joon is out of their reach in many ways. As you well put it: “I’m so glad they’ve got each other to lean on during this and because they are the only two that know that So Joon is a time traveler.”

    The scene between Mister and So Joon felt powerful, both of them accusing each other of playing god and So Joon’s suffering over just letting future happen vs trying to change it. And when he talked about saving Ma Rin, I teared up just like him. The way he has went from seeing her as nuisance to this… What a hard road it’s been. And it will be. But still she is his one and only family, one and only woman. Even Mister had nothing to say to that, for essentially, his goal is the same. The hug really ripped into my heart. It’s also one between a family, even if So Joon is not aware who Mister is.

    The drunk scene, for me, felt very telling. So Joon is the type who focuses on only one thing. Just as he ignored Ma Rin’s mother now that he was drunk, he is used to ignoring everything aside from the Future when he’s sober. But now his focus has shifted to his sexy, poor Ma Rin. (And then to her mother, this scene made me both cringe and laugh.)

    Ma Rin using his lack of memory of last night against him was genius in its own right and made me laugh. I love when she’s bossy in a loving way and tries to whip him in shape, time and time again. (She’s really bad driving, omg. Ahaha.)

    So Joon being a little jealous of Ki Doong having gal pal that sends him emoticons made me laugh, too. How petty and adorable can he be?

    It was interesting to see the reason why one of the future!people, Ki Doong, was so cryptic. Though I am still not sure it did any good that he was… Or that Ma Rin is. Dammit. To wait for a husband that’s lost in the future, it must hurt Ma Rin a lot… Man. Her guilt seems beyond measure. … And does that mean So Joon died? Is that the danger Mister is trying to prevent? Oh God.

    Little does she know that it’s already months too late to return everything to it’s natural state… God.

    Wait, so did Ki Doong and Se Young get together? Or is it Se Young’s wedding invitation with someone else? He is so shook up by recent conversation with Ma Rin, I couldn’t tell.

    Honestly, the car conversation breaks my heart, as does his tender, loving eyes. And those kisses! All the bows to both of them as actors. My heart is falling apart in this episode.

    I feel like the I amma teach you to drive scene is again parallel to their relationship overall, the way he asks her to trust him and she does so the only way she can – blindly.

    I loved that she brought up the question – why does he get to travel to future and back, and she not, when they have the same ‘not alive nor dead’ circumstances about them, due to the accident?

    I found it interesting she had a sort of premonition about So Joon’s time traveling and disappearance. Again, I feel as if she does ‘sense’ things beforehand quite a few times and it’s more than just over-thinking of all possibilities.

    He denied her request, though tried so playfully, while hinting at the real reason ‘so we can live well’. Oh, So Joon.

    Her “I’ll fight for you and our future” speech was lovely, especially with that encouraging music. Ma Rin who doesn’t mope is always epic Ma Rin. Too bad her time travel gift was passed onto her father, it seems.

    His ‘sorry, I will disappear’ felt two-meaning to me and for that, all the more painful.

    Seeing him inspect their home, I feel a bit of discrepancy – when Ki Doong said he had left, lying about the truth of So Joon’s disappearance, the house was abandoned. In fact, the house was abandoned most of the time, even when So Joon took Mister to wait things out on Se Young’s father’s death day. Now, though the future is seemingly unchanged, the house is once more lived in. Did she abandon it and then return to it, to wait for him? It seems so. That must have been hard.

    Thinking about it, I realized ANOTHER point that everything they do is already counted into future. When Ki Doong said Ma Rin waits for So Joon at station, he hadn’t told her yet, he could’ve not told her in that month. But he did. And so she waits.

    Poor Ma Rin who waits and poor So Joon who saw her waiting too much and too long. The ending breaks my heart, just as I thought.

    Your recap was always on point and after-thoughts, too. I’m never going to feel the same about 25th March again, probably.


    • kjtamuser says:

      he is used to ignoring everything aside from the Future when he’s sober. But now his focus has shifted to his sexy, poor Ma Rin. (And then to her mother, this scene made me both cringe and laugh.)
      Concur on the analysis and the cringe factor.

      so did Ki Doong and Se Young get together?
      That’s what I saw.

      the car conversation breaks my heart, as does his tender, loving eyes. And those kisses! All the bows to both of them as actors. My heart is falling apart in this episode.
      Simply superb scene between these two actors. Their connection and trust in each other seems real. Gotta say his soul look, that searing kiss…oh my! This episode got my emotions going more than another other. I 💗 this couple.

      Too bad her time travel gift was passed onto her father, it seems.
      Good point. I’d forgotten it could run in the family.

      I’m never going to feel the same about 25th March again
      I hope we are both happy on that day as we watch the satisfying ending of this lovely series.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I surprised Director Volcano hasn’t gone after Doo Sik, yet. Maybe he doesn’t know where to find him or Vesuvius doesn’t want to bite the hand that gave him a billion won. Nah…Vesuvius will go after Doo Sik if he gets the opportunity.

    Gun Sook has no idea the ire in store for her, if her husband finds out she has been out clubbing, with his assistant no less! Vesuvius could cause multiple casualties in the wake of his aftermath… 😡

    When Ma Rin saw So Joon disappear in front of her eyes, it had to be the terrible realization of her dream with him disappearing. I thought Ma Rin might have had the ability to time travel. I can’t help but wonder how long Doo Sik has been traveling? Was it around the time he abandoned his family, possibly 3/25/99 or 3/25/89? I got the impression Doo Sik was already a seasoned time traveler when So Joon stated his time traveling. What was the catalyst that enabled Doo Sik’s ability to time travel? Was the subway accident the catalyst for So Joon’s ability or was Doo Sik the catalyst to enlist So Joon to protect Ma Rin?

    I was also glad to see Se Young and Ki Doong getting married in the future. I wonder if So Joon was really dead in the future. If Director Kim didn’t do anything to him, could it be Doo Sik restraining So Joon from further affecting the timeline?

    Now that Ma Rin and Ki Doong are trying to manipulate the future along with So Joon and Doo Sik, there are butterflies flitting all over place; what will be their effect? Will future Ki Doong and Ma Rin’s strategy to have So Joon breakup with Ma Rin work? I agree with @imberreader’s comment about Ma Rin no realizing “it’s already months too late to return everything to its natural state…” Will there still be a fatal accident in store for Ma Rin and So Joon, provided he is still alive?


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