Voice Episode 14 Recap

Voice Episode 14

In the police commissioner’s office, Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) and Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) are berated by the commissioner for contacting CEO Mo to appear as a witness. CEO Mo stands and tells the commissioner to stop. He introduces himself to Jin Hyuk, shaking his hand. Kwon Joo reacts to the sound of his voice and rejects his handshake. In her mind, Kwon Joo correlates the Murderer’s voice and CEO Mo’s voice. CEO Mo apologizes for not talking to the police at the club. He tells them he’ll leave them to discuss important police business. CEO Mo leaves with the commissioner trailing after him.

Jin Hyuk comments they’ve finally met the CEO. Kwon Joo gets a grip and declares that CEO Mo’s voice is the same voice as the murderer. Jin Hyuk asks if she’s sure. Kwon Joo confirms it. Jin Hyuk declares “that psycho”. That’s how far we’ve come. Jin Hyuk implicitly believes Kwon Joo. There was no doubt. Remember how he loathed her in the initial episodes? Jin Hyuk makes to go after him. Kwon Joo stops him and declares that CEO Mo is toying with them and tried to frame Jin Hyuk’s wife. Jin Hyuk doesn’t care. Criminals need to be punished either by the law or his hands. Jin Hyuk rushes out.

The commissioner bids CEO Mo adieu. Jin Hyuk comes down the hall and yells “Clicker, you psycho!?” Writer Ma, thank you for that terrific line full of disdain and loathing. Jin Hyuk dispenses with CEO Mo’s bodyguards and grabs him by the tie and asks “Was it you Clicker, was it you?” Kwon Joo comes up behind Jin Hyuk. CEO comments that grabbing a citizen like that is an issue for a police officer. But Jin Hyuk doesn’t care and states “Clicker, I have a lot stacked against you. I have time. I’ll bring the evidence and rip you apart.” Now CEO Mo enters the game and tells Jin Hyuk that he’s never ripped a person apart, in real life. You know what he means and I know what he means. Kwon Joo stares at him in horror at the implication of ripping a real body apart. Jin Hyuk replies with gusto “I’ve ripped up so many like you, I’m used to it. Do you want it now?” CEO Mo’s assistant intervenes and tells Jin Hyuk to back off or he’ll be in trouble. But Jin Hyuk is in the zone and says “Clicker, when you wield that child-like toy iron ball, and pick on weaker people, do you feel a thrill? Tell me you psycho. Are you getting angry? Then act as you normally would.” CEO Mo’s face twitches. Jin Hyuk is getting him riled up. Jin Hyuk pulls out his gun. That’s the trigger for him to be grabbed. But Jin Hyuk dispatches the guard with ease. The commissioner walks up and tells Jin Hyuk to stop acting crazy. Jin Hyuk releases CEO Mo and steps back. CEO Mo assures the commissioner he is fine. He says it’s fun meeting crazy dog in person. He smiles at Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo.

CEO Mo turns and walks down the hall. Kwon Joo calls after him. He stops. She declares “I’ll see you again soon. Then you won’t be able to walk out with those two legs.” Go Girl! CEO doesn’t turn around to face her. He walks away. The commissioner asks what’s wrong with them. He reminds them that the Golden Time Team is being disbanded today. Kwon Joo tells the commissioner one day he’ll regret today’s actions. The commissioner huffs and walks away.

Wow, wow, wow!! I am blown away that Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo directly confronted CEO Mo. Writer Ma handed Jin Hyuk perfect lines and he nailed them. I can’t imagine anyone else delivering those lines with that much intensity. Then surprise, Kwon Joo jumps in and adds her declaration too. Feisty lady! And CEO Mo was affected. He twitched. Did I imagine a click? All three actors delivered a fabulous intense scene.

As CEO Mo walks away he smiles. He meets with the serious crimes unit police officer that requested he come to the station. They request CEO Mo leave his team outside the interrogation room.

CEO Mo walks into the interrogation room. We see Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo behind the mirror. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk to calm down and not blow this opportunity. Jin Hyuk can’t believe the breezy way that psycho behaved. Kwon Joo concurs saying CEO Mo’s attitude means that he’s never hidden his lust for murder. She states that he’s never even been a suspect. That means he’s under the protection of someone powerful.

   The interrogation begins. CEO Mo cuts to the chase. He asks if the police want to know if he is the murderer or if he is a witness. The police ask CEO Mo where he was at the time of the murder. CEO Mo states there was a meeting discussion bus transportation. The proprietress left after supplying them with food, drink and privacy. The police ask if he met with harbor boss. CEO Mo pretends to search his mind and then says that he met harbor boss through business a couple of times as he supplied many of their bus drivers. Jin Hyuk snaps that Father Mo covers CEO Mo’s activities. Kwon Joo says that CEO Mo acts like he’s untouchable. She calls him an authority murderer. She notes that at the villa CEO Mo relished causing Jin Hyuk pain and confusion with the bogus evidence. Jin Hyuk declares now that he’s stirred the angry dog, he’ll have to bit his neck until he dies. The police ask if CEO Mo wants to add anything else. He does not. They state they have what they need. They thank him for his cooperation.

CEO Mo walks down the hallway. Kyung Hak stares at him from the bullpen. His serious crimes unit police officer who conducted the interrogation (and I use that term loosely) declares that CEO Mo is a normal guy. Kyung Hak quips that psycho don’t write psycho on their foreheads.

CEO Mo tells his assistant that this visit was fun and he met who he hoped to meet during his visit. Father Mo calls the assistant for an update. The assistant mentions Jin Hyuk’s behavior. Father Mo asks who saw the assualt. The assistant says only the police commissioner saw it. The assistant assures Father Mo that harbor boss is the prime suspect. He states only Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo believe CEO Mo is the culprit. The assistant tells Father Mo that contacting the prosecutor was a good idea.

Father Mo calls the police commissioner and tells him he’s contacted the prosecutor. He states that Jin Hyuk’s behavior towards his son was misguided and the prosecutor needed to know. The police commissioner is not happy to hear the prosecutor is headed to the police station right now.

CEO Mo recalls his encounter with Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo. He says “one of the two. Who should I do first?” He recalls his conversation with Kwon Joo on the walkie talkie after he killed her father. He clicks! He chuckles that she can hear the sound. Shaking himself out of his revelry, he states “that one should be first.” Is he referring to Jin Hyuk or Kwon Joo? CEO Mo receives a text from Director Kwon asking for a delay in signing the Memorandum of Understanding. CEO Mo calls Director Kwon.

Kyung Hak reflects that Dae Sik heard his phone conversation per Jin Hyuk. Kyung Hak stares at Dae Sik. Interesting that Jin Hyuk told Kyung Hak but didn’t tell Dae Sik that Kyung Hak knows that he knows.

Jin Hyuk is frustrated the CEO Mo was able to walk in and out today. Kwon Joo tells him the witness interview was fluff and CEO Mo knew that when he agreed to it. Kwon Joo encourages Jin Hyuk to keep his head in the game. She states CEO Mo will use money and power to eliminate his crimes.

The prosecutor and his team arrive with the dreaded blue boxes to seize evidence. Kyung Hak barks at them for breaching the police sanctum. They state they are a special task force with a search warrant based on the violence Jin Hyuk used against CEO Mo. Jin Hyuk stalks into the room. He demands to know what’s happening. They show Jin Hyuk to search warrant. Jin Hyuk asks who ordered the search warrant. Prosecutor Park strolls in and declares that Jin Hyuk is the one in trouble. I recognize the actor, he’s a good character actor. Prosecutor Park states the place stinks. Jin Hyuk takes offense. Prosecutor Park chuckles and scold him for the informal language. Jin Hyuk doesn’t back down. Dae Sik pulls Jin Hyuk aside. Kyung Hak asks Prosecutor Park why the special task force is here. Prosecutor Park chuckles again and orders his team to wrap it up. He tells Kyung Hak that Golden Time team is disbanded. He tells Jin Hyuk to behave himself. Jin Hyuk scoffs. Prosecutor Park sees Kwon Joo and confirms who she is. He chides her for doing more than just answering phone calls. She asks Prosecutor Park what part of his job is he doing? Vandalism? Prosecutor Park steps close and tells her she better keep her mouth shut or else. He yells to his team to wrap it up.

At the Emergency Call Center, an officer rushes in and relays the special prosecutor team is there and there are charges of violence. Jin Hyuk and Eun Soo rush to the bullpen. Prosecutor Park tells Jin Hyuk that they’ll met after he’s reviewed the evidence. Jin Hyuk tells him to leave quietly. Prosecutor Park chuckles as his team strolls down the hall their arms full of blue boxes.

The police commissioner meets Prosecutor Park in the hall. Prosecutor Park sends his team on. Prosecutor Park tells the commissioner that Father Mo is angry so he had to clean up the mess the commissioner’s team made. He smiles and strides away.

Kwon Joo comes down the hallway and asks the police commissioner to reconsider. She implores him to see through the silly charges by Prosecutor Park. The commissioner reminds Kwon Joo he warned her to be circumspect. He says they blew it and this is the result. Kwon Joo says their job is to catch the bad guys. She says that’s what her father told her just behind he was murdered. Kwon Joo declares she’s embarrassed to be a police officer. She dares him to tell her to quit doing the work the uniform stands for. She stares and leaves. Nice!

Dae Sik can’t believe Father Mo called Prosecutor Park to help cover up his son’s murders. Jin Hyuk declares the CEO Mo is the single culprit for all the murders. Dae Sik tallies the murderer is free but the detectives that can bring him to justice are shut down. Jin Hyuk promises regardless of what management wants, he’ll nail CEO Mo and those that helped him. Kyung Hak asks Dae Sik to leave so he can talk to Jin Hyuk privately.

Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk to wait patiently while he works this situation. Kyung Hak names the commissioner as the internal culprit. Jin Hyuk says it’s better to be relieved of his duties so he can investigate without boundaries. Kyung Hak encourage him to show the bad guys what happens when they mess with crazy dog. Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk the phone call that Dae Sik says happened, never took place. That gets Jin Hyuk’s attention. Kyung Hak admits he did many wrong things, but in this instance, he did not make the call to his handler. Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk he took his team to the sauna at the end of a long work day. Kyung Hak offers his phone log. Jin Hyuk can’t believe Dae Sik would lie to him. Jin Hyuk doesn’t want to deal with that. Kyung Hak presses and says there’s one more thing. When he and his team came back with harbor boss’s satchel, Dae Sik was like an eager puppy to take the satchel to the evidence room. Kyung Hak remembers that Dae Sik’s father was a bus driver in the past. Kyung Hak wonders if Dae Sik’s father worked for the Mo family. Jin Hyuk puts his hand to his face. Dae Sik comes back and asks what they are talking about. Kyung Hak says he’s done and leaves. Dae Sik asks what Kyung Hak said. Jin Hyuk tells him to sit down. Jin Hyuk is direct. Kyung Hak didn’t make the phone call Dae Sik claimed he did. He asks if Dae Sik is sure. Dae Sik quickly backtracks, saying it was another day he heard the phone call. Jin Hyuk take Dae Sik’s hand. He looks intently at Dae Sik. He asks Dae Sik to watch the Mo’s transportation empire. He leaves.

CEO Mo asks his assistant to prepare a box with a ribbon that would appeal to a girl.  CEO Mo gets into his car. Jin Hyuk calls him and says “Psycho dog. Your Father brought a special prosecutor into the mix and destroyed our team.” He says his father didn’t raise his kids well if that’s the kind of stunt he’s willing to pull. CEO pretends not to understand. He apologizes on his father’s behalf. CEO Mo chuckles that Jin Hyuk is like a one-man prosecutor. Jin Hyuk chuckles that psychos like him after polite. CEO Mo chuckles. Jin Hyuk hears it. Jin Hyuk tells him to enjoy it now. He states a prison or a mental ward is too good for him. Jin Hyuk promises solitary confinement for the remainder of his life. Jin Hyuk promises to find the mole. He says that person will be in the cell next door. CEO Mo comments the Jin Hyuk’s wife liked to find things just like him. CEO Mo asks if Jin Hyuk enjoyed the evidence. Jin Hyuk vows to catch him, chew him up, and spit him out. CEO Mo smiles, thrilled with the confrontation. He says he loves Jin Hyuk’s bravado. He’d love to play but has somewhere to go. He needs to return a picture and a present. He warns Jin Hyuk that catching the culprit will only hurt him.

I’m enjoying Jin Hyuk’s direct in your face approach. There are only 2 episodes after this one. No time to dally, engage! Jang Hyuk is loving sinking his teeth into these stellar scenes. He finally has an outlet to show his talents.

Dae Sik visits his father in the nursing room. His father has weakened lungs. His father wants to meet Jin Hyuk one day. He mentions an accident that he barely escaped. He seems to credit Jin Hyuk with living in a luxurious single room. This irks Dae Sik who gives his father the money to cover the nursing home and leaves. This the perfect reason for Dae Sik to be the mole. Dae Sik gets the call that confirms his betrayal. He barks at the caller that he will call if Jin Hyuk finds evidence. Dae Sik reminds the caller that Jin Hyuk would not be harmed. Why oh why do those being blackmailed think they can trust their blackmailer? I’m sorry Dae Sik is the mole. He is Jin Hyuk’s wingman. Who is the blackmailer? Father Mo?

At home, Kwon Joo knows the only way to bring CEO Mo to justice is through solid evidence. She believes that CEO Mo murdered Gong Chul Han. She finds it odd that Gong Chul Han acted as CEO Mo’s exercise partner. She wonders if that job was related to the murders CEO Mo committed. She wonders if Gong Chul Han found out CEO Mo’s capacity for murder. She wonders if harbor boss found men like Gong Chul Han for CEO Mo to hunt and kill. She believes she must find the kettlebell CEO Mo used. She calls Hyun Ho and asks him to find the connection between GP Development and the Mo Transportation company. Hyun Ho tells her this isn’t the end of Golden Time. Kwon Joo concurs.

Jin Hyuk sits alone in the bullpen and ponders CEO Mo’s warning that catching the culprit would cause pain. He recalls Kwon Joo sharing that someone broke into her house. He recalls CEO Mo saying he had to return a photo.

CEO Mo jogs up the stairs to Kwon Joo’s apartment.

Jin Hyuk calls Kwon Joo and warns her that CEO Mo will be visiting her soon to return the picture that was stolen from her house. He tells her to flee. Kwon Joo hears footsteps in the hall. CEO Mo is carrying a box with a bow and a kettlebell. He looks like he’s wearing the hooded raincoat from episode 1.  Performing a vocal “mess with her head” CEO Mo runs the kettlebell against the railing. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that footsteps are approaching her apartment. Kwon Joo approximates the height of the person and that he’s carrying something. Jin Hyuk says he’s coming to her apartment and to stay put. I’d tell her NOT to open the door! CEO Mo enjoys his sojourn down the hall, smiling at the terror he could be striking in Kwon Joo’s heart. Kwon Joo grabs a knife and creeps to her door. CEO Mo creeps to her front door. Please don’t open the door Kwon Joo! She looks in the peephole and he’s there! She pulls back and gaps. CEO Mo chuckles in pleasure. CEO Mo plays the recording her father’s death. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk what he’s doing. Jin Hyuk tells her NOT to tell her emotions control her. That’s rich. She’s said that to him many times. Jin Hyuk isn’t the poster child for control! He tells her to wait. He’s in the car and peels out of the police parking lot. CEO Mo walks away. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk is she can be the bait, they can catch him in the act. Jin Hyuk tells her not do it.

I’m officially tense. I don’t think CEO Mo will assault her. Wishful thinking? I worry that something awful is in the box.

Kwon Joo opens the door of her apartment. She steps into the hallway carrying the knife. She walks to the railing and sees the box near the stairs. CEO Mo watches her approach the box.

Jin Hyuk AND a patrol car (that’s a miracle) arrive and rush up the stairs.

Kwon Joo approaches the box. She looks for Murderer Mo. She walks towards the door where he waits for her. Yikes!

The elevator doors open. Jin Hyuk and the patrol officers burst out and run down the hallway. Jin Hyuk yells to Kwon Joo. She turns. Murderer Mo smiles and shuts the door. Jin Hyuk reaches her. Kwon Joo says she’s fine. She’s actually disappointed she didn’t have her shot at Murderer Mo. One of the patrol officers notices the present. Jin Hyuk tells him not to touch it. Then Jin Hyuk touches it. He opens it. It’s a hair trophy. Everyone recoils. The picture of Kwon Joo and her father is also in the box. Kwon Joo picks the photo. She’s livid. She’s even more disappointed she didn’t have her shot at Murderer Mo. Jin Hyuk reports the hair trophy and plans to send it to forensics. The patrol officers leave.

Jin Hyuk is sure that CEO Mo did this. Jin Hyuk asks if she has somewhere else to stay. Kwon Joo calmly states she’ll be vigilant. She has something to tell him.

Inside Kwon Joo’s apartment, Jin Hyuk asks if the room is sound proof. Kwon Joo says the sound proofing allows her to sleep. Kwon Joo shares her theory that Murderer Mo acquired homeless men like Gong Chul Han to hunt and kill. She believes harbor boss facilitated this need for human prey. Where could they find evidence of this? Jin Hyuk guesses that somehow his wife found a location or something incriminating and was killed to keep her silent. Jin Hyuk asks if the sound recordings his wife made during her search for Gong Chul Han could provide information so they could retrace her steps. Kwon Joo grabs the spliced video recording and listens. She decides to remove the voice. She hears waves. Then she hears an echo. Kwon Joo declares the location is hollow and near the ocean. Ah, shipping containers? The human trafficking that we saw in the earlier episode? The harbor is the location? Jin Hyuk remembers the satchel harbor boss left behind had accounting ledgers with money paid for containers. Jin Hyuk guesses that if Murderer Mo kills around or in a specific shipping container, physical evidence could be gleaned.

Murderer Mo returns home. He opens his briefcase. He puts his raincoat and kettlebell in the briefcase. Talk about physical evidence! He leaves it in the trunk. He smiles. Is he framing someone? Isn’t that his car? Why would he leave that in his own trunk?

The next day CEO Mo joins his father in the car. Father Mo grouses the MOU with Director Kwon is more trouble than expected. CEO Mo smiles. Did he plant the evidence in Director Kwon’s car? Father Mo says he has the police in hand, so work should be the focus.

A bus driver (that Kwon Joo talked to?) gets flak from his supervisor for extra service on bus. His boss yells that he’s a lowly homeless driver. He strikes him. He tells the man to sign something. The man hesitates, is berated, then signs. The bus driver goes to his bus and starts it. A co-worker tells him to detour to an unpaved road for an upcoming ceremony. He doesn’t like it but can’t counter the order.

A pregnant woman and her husband as well as a mother and young child wait for the bus. It’s the berated bus driver who opens the door. Everyone gets on the bus.

Father and son Mo arrive to the event. Everyone is all smiles. The press snaps pictures while Father Mo plays to the crowd.

Hyun Ho provides Kwon Joo the contain numbers and locations for CEO Mo. She is grateful that he worked overnight to collate the data.

Jin Hyuk is searching the containers on the list. When Kwon Joo calls, he tells her he has a feeling he’ll find something.

Products placement time…
Eun Soo brings coffee from Subway and Hyun Ho drops his waterproof Samsung G7 in the sink when she calls him. He appreciates her concern. She scoffs.

The passengers aren’t happy to be on an unpaved road. The bus driver explains this route detour only occurred today. The young child gets sick in a trash bag his mother offers. The pregnant woman starts to gag. No one is happy.

Father Mo is explaining once the road is done it will belong to the people and the city. Applause ensues.

The road is very rough now. The driver dodges a big rock. The passengers exclaim in fright. The brakes don’t work, the tires blow, and the bus TILTS and topples over! Glass rains down, the passengers get bloody, this isn’t good!

Jin Hyuk searches container after container but doesn’t find anything.

Back at the bus accident, the pregnant woman sees her husband is trapped. The pregnant woman calls the Emergency Call Center. Hyun Ho takes the call. Kwon Joo then takes the call. The woman explains the bus flipped on the way to Seongwon. The woman explains they took a back road to avoid construction. The woman’s stomach hurts. Kwon Joo realizes she’s pregnant. Lickety-split Hyun Ho provides the GPS location and the phone caller’s name. Kwon Joo alerts the ambulance, fire, and police about the emergency. She urges the woman to breathe through the pain. The woman says everyone is injured. She yells that her husband is in critical condition.

Jin Hyuk enters another container and this one stinks. He finds trash, cloth, and blood. He calls Kwon Joo to report he’s found it. He provides the container number. He asks her to send an investigator. Jin Hyuk states he’s going to the press event where Father and son Mo are. He says “I’ve got you.”

At the event, Father Mo’s assistant learns one of their buses was in an accident. He alerts Father Mo. He’s not happy. He asks if there are fatalities. The assistant says the rescue is underway.

Jin Hyuk arrives at the event. He spies CEO Mo. He pushes away two men that try and block him. He calls out to CEO Mo, who looks positively pleased to see Jin Hyuk. CEO Mo tells his men that Jin Hyuk is his guest. CEO Mo states that Jin Hyuk wasn’t invited and it is rude to be there. Jin Hyuk dispenses for the pleasantries and calls him a psycho. Jin Hyuk asks if CEO Mo kills with his toy ball when he gets mad. CEO Mo suggest they step away from the event. Jin Hyuk agrees.

Kwon Joo hears something from the bus she doesn’t like. She asks Officer Cheon where the fire department is. He reports the blocked road are impeding progress and will be there in 10 minutes. The ambulance will be there in 5. Kwon Joo asks the police (who are just exiting the station) to get there in 3 minutes. The police state getting there in 3 minutes will be difficult. Kwon Joo asks Eun Soo to contact a closer police stations.

On the rooftop, Jin Hyuk asks CEO Mo where he hid his plaything. CEO Mo feigns ignorance. Jin Hyuk reminds him that he vowed to find evidence to put him away forever. CEO Mo wishes he had time to play with Jin Hyuk but he’s busy. Jin Hyuk dangles the key in front of him. Jin Hyuk states it is the container key. Jin Hyuk says this means that he’s finished.

Kwon Joo tries to identify the sound. She realizes the gas line is leaking. If a fire starts, the bus will implode. She remembers Jin Hyuk is in the area. She calls him.

Jin Hyuk takes the call from Kwon Joo. She explains the bus situation. She states the gas issue, potential fire, could be a disaster in the making.

On the bus, the passengers moan their misery. Jin Hyuk stares at CEO Mo.

My Thoughts

Excellent episode. Jin Hyuk has no limits when it comes to swagger and taunting CEO Mo. I had to laugh when Jin Hyuk urged Kwon Joo not to give into her emotions when that’s his go-to response. CEO Mo enjoys the game believing he’ll never be caught. The reveal that CEO Mo hunted people for sport makes sense. What exactly Jin Hyuk’s wife found isn’t 100% clear. Last episode we saw her across the street from GP Development. Did she see CEO Mo? Did she see CEO Mo killing Gong Chul Han and then she became the hunted?

Murderer / CEO Mo (Kim Jae Wook) loves the hunt and doesn’t mind being hunted himself. His blatant belief that he’s untouchable will makes his downfall a moment to remember. His chuckles / cackles of glee radiate his psycho status. When he approached Kwon Joo’s apartment with the kettlebell in hand and the present I was concerned for her safety. He relished watching her hunt for him. He revels in each exchange with Jin Hyuk. All this makes him more interesting.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) bravely went after Murderer Mo when he stalked her apartment. I can’t imagine looking through the peephole and seeing the guy that killed your father staring back. That would be major scream time for me. But Kwon Joo stayed cool under fire. She did get fired up when she picked up the returned picture of her father and her. Knowing that Murderer Mo breeched her home and touched a precious keepsake must have been hard to swallow. I respected Kwon Joo for reminding the police commissioner that her job was to catch criminals and she would do that no matter what he said.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) earns the name crazy dog. He embraces the edge. He called Murderer Mo every name in the book. He didn’t hesitate to label Murderer Mo as a psycho in every conversation. I was relieved when he realized Murderer Mo was on his way to Kwon Joo’s apartment. I was disappointed that their conversation after the incident was short and strictly business. That was a missed opportunity by Writer Ma. Sadly, I’m used to missed chances for our leads to have more than a professional relationship. By that, I mean only friendship. I was bummed that Dae Sik was the mole. His reasons are wrapped in his father’s health care costs. Dae Sik seemed to have a negative attitude about Jin Hyuk that I didn’t fully understand. Just like last episode, Writer Ma handed Jang Hyuk the opportunity to embody Jin Hyuk with angry, determined focus, and he made the most of it. The chains that have bound Jang Hyuk most of this series have lessened allowing him to embody Jin Hyuk with a cocky confidence with a limited verbal filter and an “in your face” aggressive stance to Murderer Mo. In their scenes together Jang Hyuk’s presence eliminates the height advantage that Kim Jae Wook has.

Two episodes to go…I look forward to the take down of Murderer Mo.

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96 comments on “Voice Episode 14 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    I agree on many of your observations and thank you for reminding me that we has seen the containers before! The confrontations between MTG and our leads have been fun to watch. I don’t find the killer too interesting but he is amusing. And even more amusing as he interacts with our leads. Lol that you pointed out the height difference between JH and KJW. I was thinking, we know JH is not tall (he is 1.74.5) but did he have to get paired with such tall guys as KJW, Oh Ji Ho or Choi Jin Hyuk? He looks like a kid next to those giants! He has a strong presence but it is kind of funny 😋 awwww. I actually liked that he asked her to keep calm. Of course she has had to say that to him many times before but I saw it as MJH recognizing that they are both equally hurt and triggered by one thing in common which is this particular killer. She might be more “cool headed” in general but this is personal! Something like that. And lastly, I wish MJH had at least once touched KGJ hand they way he touched Daesik. It was so tender😊

    • kjtamuser says:

      MJH recognizing that they are both equally hurt and triggered by one thing in common which is this particular killer.
      Thinking about it, Jin Hyuk’s mad dash to Kwon Joo’s apartment showed he does value her and did not want to see her suffer the same fate as his wife. It was almost a parallel moment with Kwon Joo and his son when he was yelling into the phone for them NOT do something (go outside the safety of her apartment or open the gift).

      I wish MJH had at least once touched KGJ hand they way he touched Daesik.
      That would have been lovely and the moment was perfect for that kind of interaction. Jin Hyuk must be grateful and relieved that Kwon Joo proved his wife was framed. As you noted, his heart is still with his wife, but Kwon Joo has proven herself worthy of a bump to friend status. Jin Hyuk can start slow…grab a drink at the Grandma’s eatery AFTER they defeat Murderer Mo.

    • Beez says:

      I clocked the height difference but I immediately thought – JH is still intimidating as he states his threats. There is no doubt in antibes mind (except Mr. Psycho’s) that JH means it and will carry it out.

      As far as JH not touching Center Leader, it’s my understanding that is a cultural thing. Men do not casually touch Korean women unless they are in a relationship or VERY close friends. Even during awards shows you’ll see co-stars who played couples standing for photos and the male uses “manner hands”. His arm is behind (sort of draped but not really “around” the actress, and his fingers do not touch nor curl around her shoulder or waist.

      You guys probably know that already but I’m just reminding us that it would probably fine into play with two professional officers who are not in a romantic relationship and only just developed mutual respect with each other, possibly on the way to becoming “work friends”.

      • Beez says:

        Excuse the auto correct, please. 😦

      • kjtamuser says:

        JH is still intimidating as he states his threats.
        Agreed. Jang Hyuk’s intensity makes those scenes pop.

        just developed mutual respect with each other, possibly on the way to becoming “work friends”.
        To that end, I’d like to see Jin Hyuk grab a drink with Kwon Joo at Grandma’s eatery AFTER they defeat Murderer Mo. That’s a low bar. Will Writer Ma grant my wish?

      • Lady G. says:

        ah yes, the Korean cultural boundaries. Good reminder. It struck me right after I posted my comment. He wouldn’t just casually take her hand, even if he wanted to. Unless maybe she was trembling and shaking and really needed that hand to hold.

    • Lady G. says:

      Great minds! I felt the same way about that keep calm line. And I just commented down below and talked about him holding her hand. She needs that too, come on, man! She’s been superwoman for years now, but everyone has limits and needs care and support.

      And YES! I was also taking note of the height differences in the hallway. lol. Oh well, he might be the shortest, but he out acts all of them put together.

    • fiesty_lady says:

      I never thought about the height difference before! My favourite Korean actors like Sol Kyun Gu and Choi Min Shik are nearly Hyukie’s height and need I say how strong their presence is. Even Lee Byung Hyun and Won Bin don’t stand tall. Hyukie looks tiny in front of celebrities but for a Korean man he is of average height. Well actually his small hands and arms make him look shorter which I find kind of cute.
      Speaking of the height, I’m thinking how wonderful it would be if he gets paired with Song Hye Kyo. Ultra feminine actress with super masculine guy. She has very sweet voice and he has very deep voice what a beautiful contrast. Their age difference is also perfect.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @fiesty_lady I love his height actually haha and he is taller than me so everything is ok lol. I mean 1.74.5 is average in Korea and other countries, including mine, true! What I like about his height is that he can go from looking badass because of his attitude to super cute in an instant. It does add a level of “cuteness”, I feel.

      • Beez says:

        @feistyLady – I never noticed Hyukie’s arms being short. They seem perfect for his body. *pout*

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez Me neither! Meh! He is perfect to me, skinny legs and all :p Even when he gets older I’m sure I’ll love his expressions. I mean he is already wrinkled and still hot! And even hotter in person. He is one of those people who definitely look better in person.

          • Beez says:

            @DF I’m trying to picture his legs. The only time I remember seeing them is in the strategically planted lamp pole in the nude scene in Fated To Love You. Them seemed like very nicely proportioned legs to me. Where did you see them skinny? You know I’ll have to go look to see for myself.

            • Drama Fan says:

              @Beez Everywhere! Even in MJH clothes. But ok the best evidence is his IG. Go check his boxing videos 😀 but now you’ll be upset at his short arms AND skinny legs. Also, when I saw him person (although my memory is fuzzy due to extreme excitement) I believe he looked super fit, as in, he looks, strong but slender. He looks more slender than what he tends to look like in dramas.

              • Beez says:

                @DramaFan JH has instagram of him boxing? Please please send me a link and I’ll set up an account right away!

                  • Beez says:

                    @DramaFan ohhhh. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so excited to see his IG account. I just assumed for some reason that he wouldn’t be a social media type celebrity. Excited that I’ll get to see those hands in action. Bluuuuurrrrrip!

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @Beez He says he wasn’t the SNS type. He only had a Weibo account that he barely updated. But once he started with IG “The camera flipped and started taking photos by itself, like magic” lol he said at some interview. I hope you are as amused as I am at his super adorkable butchering of the english language.

                  • Beez says:

                    Just visited JH’s instagram. First, I don’t find his legs skinny at all! *storms off in a huff*

                    *Back to say* they could use a little sun though. lol

                    Do you know why his screen name is “ajincome”?

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @Beez Ajincome *sigh* You know how his english is kinda “unique”? Lolol anyway his explanation was A – Actor, J – Jang Hyuk, in come…as incoming? I don’t know lol He said he opened the account on a whim and just thought of that. Some people still doubt its real because of that crazy nickname but its him, he confirmed it to fans and on a TV interview.

                    • Beez says:

                      @DramaFan Haha! I’ve seen waaay worse Konglish! I’ve seen professional signs with English vulgarities.

                      So it’s actually welcoming. Actor Jang welcomimg you in.

                      (Girrrlll, apparently I can excuse anything he does.) lol

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @Beez I’m beginning to suspect you are worse than me! Lol

    • Fiesty_lady says:

      @beez In soompi people were upset that MTG may get tragic ending but nobody give a single thought to the pain of the loved ones of the people whom he murdered. Nobody discusses sweet wife of MJH, dad of KGJ and others.
      @drama fan Actually after seeing offscreen personality of JH I sometimes find myself suppressing laugh when he acts all badass onscreen. I remember how akward,clueless and sweet he is in real life.

      • Beez says:

        Were you in a thread specific to MTG fandom?

        When I first experienced forums and fandoms, I made the mistake of posting about a ship that was legit in context to the way the characters were written and portrayed in the show (U.S. longtime series) but I made that post in the wrong thread of anti-shippers (anti for my ship anyway). Usually threads will say in their title who (which fans) they are directed to. I was spoken to do rudely,I couldn’t believe it!

        But once I’d been around forums more I began to understand. Not that I would EVER be rude to someone in the same way that I was treated, but I understand when you have a bias so you want that actor’s character to have the best possible outcome.

        For example, if Beautiful Mind had kept that dark tone that it had at the beginning throughout the series…

        I gotta admit, dark Jang Hyuk gave me chills…the bad and the good kind. *oo, ooo, oooo, you can tie me up, Oppa, but I think I can find ways to make you feel really good that are waaaay better than you stabbing me*

        And I think most of us on kjtamuser’s site have to admit, right from the start we were all *pout,pout* looking for ways to understand Oppa. If he’d had victims, we would have rationally known it was wrong but irrationally all used our high school psych101 skills to make his character not inherently evil. 😉

        Jang Huck in Empire of Lust looked sooooo good to me even though I know he was evil. Just oh-so-beautiful. *siiiiigggggh*

        I said all that to say – so you can see how crazy we fans are. I wouldn’t have given 2 thoughts to JH’s victims in Beautiful Mind (if he’d had any). Maybe 1 thought, but not 2. I’d be totally focused on him. So you got excuse fans when it comes to their biases.

        I’m still getting to get over my upset that FeistyLady said Jang Hyuck’s arms are “short”. lol

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez Hmmm I get what you mean. This made me think about how I tend to react. I think, when I’m not too inmersed in the story, I can totally root for a sexy bastard. Like, yeah I found JH disturbingly smexy in EoL but the thing is I didn’t really get into that movie. However, LYO, I saw him inmediately as a character, (not Hyukie, the actor I love and lust over 😋) so I was too creeped out by him to see him as a sexual being, at first. And I could not fathom how they would turn into a couple. I mean, howwww??? Even those first moments when the bumped into each other “romantically” were too creepy for me 😬 I was fascinated by the character, intrigued but couldn’t see him romantically during those first episodes. Similarly, JHs character in Robbers, gosh you have no idea how much I loath that guy during the first half. He makes me so mad I fantasized about kicking him where it’d hurt the most but then he turned everything around and I ended up falling madly for him (every time I rewatch though, the hate comes back lol) Daegil also scared and disturbed me at the beginning of Chuno. I believe I’m totally capable of hating a JH character 😬 and when they are intentionally written to be hated, its actually cool! It means he is doing his job right? I’m looking forward to his next villain. I hope to hate him, for the good reasons 😊

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan- yeah, I totally hated his character in the first part of Robbers.

            Loved all parts of Daegil. I never believed he became a slave hunter to bring LeeDaeHae to justice but to find her and love her to death (which is why he had that meltdown later). I watched in utter disbelief when he rounded up the first runaway slaves and while that was despicable, his rescue of the young slave girl (after taking the money for her return) SOMEWHAT redeemed him in my eyes. (Even that is my JH bias cause anything to do with enslaving anybody normally SETS ME OFF! Hellooooooo. African American here).

            But after my obsession with the Sam/Jack ship (Stargate SG-1), which is my first acquaintance with shipdom and forums, where the ship was written into the script, then allowed to stall because certain fans were adamantly against it,then the writers would try to appease the shippers with “it was all a dream” sequences but the ship was still alive because it meant the characters were dreaming/fantasizing about each other.

            But there were fandoms shipping Jack and Daniel which was written more as hyung/dosang. Even the actors were freaked when they heard about it and those were the fans that would tear you a new one for asking in their thread “how can you deny the Sam/Jack ship which is written but Daniel/Jack is not even hinted at?”

            At first I was resentful because the show was afraid of that very vocal fandom and began to downplay the Sam/Jack ship (Sam is Samantha by the way) BUT at the time, when there were no shows with gay relationships, I guess this was an outlet to talk to like-minded people. Similar to why I went looking for forums cause nobody else I knew liked or watched Stargate but me. Same with Kdrama.

            So I let folks have their fantasies whatever they are. But you better believe if I’m in a forum thread created just for a particular ship, I’m quick to inform an anti-shipper they’re not welcome and direct them to a different thread for their anti-shipping or different ship…as politely as I can.

            It really is nice to have a place to gush over a ship or actor without negativity. It’s okay to post negatives about such things in a free-for-all opinions thread. But imagine how we’d feel if we’re on Stuck on Hyuk or Holly Moon’s Hyukie sites and people come there who don’t like him and start saying negative things! (I’m still not over the short arms or skinny legs comments. lol) So there’s room for everyone but certain things should be open for every opinion and certain places are set apart for appreciation only and should be respected as such.

            • Beez says:

              I should clarify to everyone, it’s okay when someone that you know also really likes your bias says something a bit negative because you know they love them too and they’re just pointing out something for discussion or whatever. 🙂

            • Drama Fan says:

              @Beez I’m crying 😢 I loved SG1! This is just an OT but let me tell you! I was such a Sam/Jack shipper 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Ahhhh!!! I actually learned the word ship from that ship! I’m so emotional rn! I can’t believe this coincidence! I was soooooo in love with RDA from Macgyver lol so years later when I caught an episode of SG1 I was like “Look my old love has aged, still hot though” so I kept watching and got so hooked! I have all the seasons DVDs! I admit I was very amused by the Jack/Daniel bromance too, it was amazing but never got into the slash (I think that’s what they used to call those kinds of ships?) I just went with what was written in the story. OMG!!!! This is so great! I feel like hugging you! But yeah they cheated us with the whole Sam/Jack thing 😦 It was so cruel! And yes I get what you mean about respecting spaces (I did get a JH detractor posting her misplaced opinions on our blog, but that was only once) But yeah, I get that. The thing is this nast…. I mean disgusss…, repulssss… ugh ok fine “twisted ship” of our JGK and the ughhhhh killer, has invaded every place where the drama is being discussed. It was not something we, who visited those places could avoid, therefore couldn’t avoid having a reaction to it. Like I said even the Dramabeans recapper felt the need to vent on her tumblr and she is a KJW fan first and foremost.

              • Beez says:

                @DramaFan Wow! i was hoping to flush out an SG-1 fan and it turned out to be you! lol 😘😂

                I won’t get started because it would be The Chuno Fiasco all over again on kjtamuser’s blog. lololol

                But this is why we need a similar forum like Gateworld for Kdrama. We need “safe” threads dedicated to particular fandoms and free for all general discussion threads. And places where if something comes up off topic (i.e. Chuno or SG-1) we can meet over there to discuss further. (DramaFever’s forum sucks as far as finding topics and returning to them and Soompi seems to not work well for me either although perhaps if I got off my phone to use them I’d have better results.)

                Do you mind telling me your screen name at Gateworld? Mine is RamonaThePest (although I haven’t posted there in a long time).

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @Beez Lollll thats a great screen name! I think mine was something like Memento (because of a movie) but I was a total lurker. I probably posted once or twice. I had no idea Gateworld was still up awwwwww! It feels like such a long timeeee! I agree about the kdrama community. We need a much more user friendly platform.

                  • Beez says:

                    @DramaFan You’re right, I don’t recognize your screen name (although I did see the movie Momento). RamonaThePest comes from a character in a children’s book.

                    So what is the difference that made you not a lurker but a poster when it comes to Kdrama?

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @Beez I think its that, kdrama is more about feelings and psychology of characters? I’m not a super science geek and so I felt I didn’t have much to say in a sci fi forum where much of the focus was on that…Also, I became more vocal about kdrama when I started fangirling JH, before that I looked for sites and blog to get ideas on what to watch. But when I got obsessed with JH there was no space to share especifically in that so me and Gumi felt the need to create it ourselves. Later on fans have created their IG and FB communities but there wasn’t anything before our blog. At least we couldn’t find anything. Gateworld was already there and that made it easy for me to just join and lurk, I guess.

                    • Beez says:

                      @DramaFan – maybe you weren’t on the specific threads that discussed emotions at length? There was a Jack appreciation thread. An RDA appreciation thread. And the Sam/Jack thread where their relationship was discussed ad nauseum. Can you use “ad nauseum” even when it wasn’t tiring? Is there a good connotation? But there were write a few threads “Sam and Jack” then Jack and Sam” etc. But there was one thread that became the “official” thread that would periodically break Gateworld and the admins would have to close the thread and restart it.

                      Anyway, we talked it to death and that thread is still ongoing to this day! I know this because the thread sends me emails everyday but since most of the crew that I was familiar with FINALLY moved on…and I don’t know the new-to-the-show crew who are bringing up stuff we’ve already talked to death (which was fun at the time and even 2-3 years after the show ended but there comes a time…

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @Beez Lol! I don’t even remember what year I started watching. I did post my fangirling a few times but I felt others expressed my thoughts so no need to repeat. I was obsessed with the show but I guess I felt shy, with so many people already talking. I think I joined when SG1 was on Season 5. I loved the first four seasons (that I binge watched) more. Then I felt it kind of went downhill.

                    • Beez says:


                      I had pretty much the same experience with Stargate. I didn’t have cable television (still don’t. Personal philosophy “if you’re going to show commercials, then tv should be free!” Anyway, I didn’t realize that Stargaye was a cable show and that I was watching reruns one season behind. Also, it came on tv on late Sunday afternoons when nothing else was on worth watching. The problem was, I didn’t know how good the story arc was because the show was interrupted often by golf or Nascar racing. The problem was, after golf/Nascar ended, the episodes would continue wherever they were in the order being played nationwide. So if I watched episode 8, then nascar/golf preempted it for 2 weeks in a row, the next episode aired would be Ep11! I would have no continuity on the story arc because of missing key episodes. It was only after Season 4’s forced big confession by Jack that I got seriously interested. So I had the dvds of season 1-5 come by Netflix and seeing the shows uninterrupted made me not only love the forbidden-by-military-rules romance, but the sci-fi journey as well. So after that, I got cable just to watch my show. I loved all of the seasons 1-7 and tolerated 8. Once RDA left, the show no longer knew what it was or who the characters were. Everyone tried to be funny to fill the gap left by Jack. But Jack’s humor only worked because everyone else played it straight around him. I hope you watched the movie Continuium though as I thought they did that well. And if you haven’t seen Ark of [whatever I can’t think of the name], do yourself a favor and don’t. Preserve the good memories you have of SG-1.

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @Beez Oh I’m not sure I’ve watched Continuum! I’ve been wanting to watch some SG1 episodes. I hope I can get to it 😊

                    • Beez says:

                      @DramaFan – Jack is back! But it’s not centered around him. But the budget looks pretty big and it’s done well. Unlike Ark of Truth which is as bad as Continuum is good. Arc of Truth is finishing off the story arc from seasons 9 and 10.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Fiesty_lady Lol I know! He is adorkable and sweet but, I fell in love with his intensity and baddassery first (through Ddolbock) so I buy that from him. I only met his dorky side later and I was a bit shocked 😀 it was hard for me to reconcile the images but then I did and fell TOTALLY in love with his real life persona.

        • Beez says:


          There’s a 80% chance I’ve seen it but don’t recognize the Korean name.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez Ddolbock aka Kang Chae Yoon was his character in Tree With Deep Roots.

            • Beez says:

              @drama Fan – TWDR -Gotcha. Great show but not enough focus on Hyukie.

              • Drama Fan says:

                @Beez Agreed. The King was the protagonist. And he was good so I was ok with that. It was my first exposure to Hyukie but definitely liked him better in other dramas (but I have a soft spot for Ddolbock. That character moved me. I think I have a soft spot for kids who sort of become caregiver of their parents. I believe I was deeply moved by the male lead in Gapdong for the same reason)

                • Beez says:

                  Yes, Tree had too much wuxia for me. I LOVE martial arts but unrealistic wire work turns me off. To me, the wuxia took away from the very grounded in realism story.

                  Funny how the sequel uses the words “Flying Dragons” and yet it steered clear of the crazy wire feats.

                  Both shows are in my top5 of saegeuks and top 10 of all Kdramas.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Fiesty_lady I’m totally upset at some nasty KGJ and MTG ship that has popped up everywhere. Odilettante from Dramabeans wrote an excellent article on why that “ship” is totally disgusting. I try to be understanding but I detest these sexist fantasies where only the male obsession (in this case perceive by some members of the audience) is enough to “ship” a “couple” and where his “good looks” are enough. So her side of things doesn’t count? KGK is not even remotely thinking of MTG as anything but a monster or a crazy bastard at best. And its worse for me because I don’t even find him atttactive. (I’m sorry for my bad taste in men but to me he looks a bit like a praying mantis). Therefore, this “sexualization” of such a horrible character only makes me nauseous and more so when the fantasy involves a female character that I do appreciate. But whatever, I’m trying to respect (by trying to ignore) other people’s wild interpretations. To each their own.

  2. Drama Fan says:

    And I agree that MTG over confidence will be his downfall. I’m looking forward for the good guys to win the final battle.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Agreed. I think Writer Ma can make the last two episodes suspenseful and satisfying when good defeats evil.

    • Lady G. says:

      A big, but not impossible plot twist would be if his own father kills him. I can see that happening. For reasons – his son’s a monster and there’s no turning back and the bus accident ruined his reputation and business. The police are already closing in on everything. In fact, I can see the father suddenly becoming a desperate ahjumma – “Let’s die together!”

      • Beez says:

        Hmmmm. I guess I read to much into the bus accident. I thought it was planned by Gangster Chairman Mo seeing as 1) they deliberately told bus driver to changed routes; 2) in a bus they’re refusing to repair the brakes on; 3) giant rick in the road; 4) tire blew out; and 5) didn’t Chairman Mo’s meeting, that was happening concurrently with the bus accident, have something to do with roads (or something)?

        I didn’t really catch what was going on at the meeting and wasn’t that interested so I could ve waaaay off. I may assumed the bus accident would play into peerless feasts that they need whatever Chairman Mo is lobbying for.

        • Lady G. says:

          I may have it backwards. I assumed that because they were so careless about the buses, it’s a random accident, kinda like the crimes that took place in the earlier episodes. Yes, it’s most likely a set-up. But you couldn’t predict if the bus would crash or not even if it were on a bumpy road. That big rock however…

          • Beez says:

            @Lady G – if I remember correctly, the tire blew BEFORE it hit the rock. Combined with the refusal to fix the brakes when the problem was reported, AND the giant boulder in the road, it all sounds like a rigged accident to me.

            Tire rigged to blow + brakes rigged to fail + mandate to detour to rough rocky road out in boonies making it difficult for help to arrive quickly + boulder in road just in case the rocky road and faulty brakes aren’t enough…

  3. Drama Fan says:

    Off topic: Jang Hyuk posted this on his IG and its so…you guys need to see it 😂

  4. Lady G. says:

    “That’s how far we’ve come. Jin Hyuk implicitly believes Kwon Joo. There was no doubt. Remember how he loathed her in the initial episodes?” — THIS. Yes. I loved that gradual build up of trust and partnership.

    Jin Hyuk calling his iron ball a child’s toy was awesome. It really got to him. Here he thought he was being a unique serial killer. Kwon getting her digs in made me laugh a little, it was like a “YEAH! That goes for me too!” Moment after the real moment passed. Like when children finally muster up the courage to defend their friends as the bully walks away.

    “Prosecutor Park sees Kwon Joo and confirms who she is. He chides her for doing more than just answering phone calls. She asks Prosecutor Park what part of his job is he doing? Vandalism? Prosecutor Park steps close and tells her she better keep her mouth shut or else.” —

    I like that character actor too. See him everywhere! His Prosecutor was exceptionally mean, thinks he’s a big shot. I didn’t like that threat to Kwon Joo. It’s obvious he’s working under the Murderous Mo family. I don’t want to see him again, honestly.

    “Why oh why do those being blackmailed think they can trust their blackmailer? I’m sorry Dae Sik is the mole. He is Jin Hyuk’s wingman. Who is the blackmailer? Father Mo?”

    You know, I insisted Dae Shik was the mole from the beginning, but then I backtracked. But as the eps. Went by the doubt crept in again. I have to say this plot device was great writing. Is he or isn’t he? It wasn’t super obvious at all.

    The stalking scene in Kwon Joo’s building was extremely creepy, watching it with timed comments everyone was “screaming” at her to get her gun. But a few of us concluded that she doesn’t have one at home. She’s a different kind of officer, and she has to check in her gun and badge at the end of the night. So grabbing the knife made sense. If it were me I’d want a heavy metal baseball bat. Though that’d be easier for a stalker to grab. Then everyone was mad in wiki comments. I know I commented that they need to make up their minds. They want her to be brave cop she is, but then chastise her when she opens the door to investigate.

    That product placement scene was so useless it was laughable. I feel all they did with these 2 characters was provide the product placement. The characters honestly didn’t add much of anything to this drama.

    I felt so so so so bad for that bus driver I wanted to kick that boss down a staircase. He was trying to help, but they are so careless and want to cut corners they endanger lives. And now look!

    Maybe I’m wrong, but did anyone look closely at the big rock in the road? It looked like it was covered in blood? Was it already used in additional scenes to the bus wreck and then the crash was filmed later?

    “I had to laugh when Jin Hyuk urged Kwon Joo not to give into her emotions when that’s his go-to response.” —

    It was a funny comment, but then I thought about it in another context and it made me happy. I think it reveals that Jin Hyuk knows Kwon Joo so well now. He’s the emotional fire-cracker in the duo, she’s always got her head together. In essence he’s telling her — look, you’ve never broken down before, don’t start now when your life depends on it!

    Mr. Mo’ murder is definitely a creepy creepster that relishes this cat and mouse game. I certainly agree. Like the puppet master he likes seeing all these strings getting tangled as they frantically look for him.

    Kwon Joo is such a great character. She’s on a mission and she doesn’t take guff from any of these blowhards surrounding her. I love that she definitely has a soft-spot for Jin Hyuk. They’ve been through similar tragedies, and now they trust each other with their lives. She’s always voicing her concern for him and his well being. And he does it for her now too.

    At this point, for the writer to throw in any hints at something more than crime-solving and shop talk between our leads it would tilt the drama in a weird way. As much as we might want it. But that scene! I mean, there was Jin Hyuk, IN HER APARTMENT!

    Okay, why am I flipping out more about that than about Mo TG being in her apt creeping around? LOL

    I’d commented on an earlier post that I wanted him to go to her house, I wanted him to see her wall and to remark on it. Have a cup of coffee. That never happened. She still hasn’t opened up fully and kept that curtain closed. He only commented on her soundproof walls.
    He still finds her powers a little too unbelievable, but he certainly believes IN them.

    I’d hoped for a quick hug, or maybe just talking and he touches her hand in a show of support.

    I think Mad Dog Moo will wind up killing Mr Mo’ murder. How it will play out, I’m not sure. Maybe he’ll have to save Kwon Joo in the nick of time before the kettle ball comes down on her. Or maybe Kwon Joo will have to save him. I just hope that it’s a happy ending and they both survive to solve more cases and deepen their relationship. (If only in my mind.)

    • Beez says:

      I’ll try to recreate my missing post here:

      About product placement – I realize after reading Lady G’s post that I hope this is how they handle all product placement in the future – give it to the less important supporting characters.

      I never minded product placement when they would run into a Subway,place their order or just eat Subway during a scene, but now the characters have to TALK about the sandwiches. When it’s the leads, it jars me out of the story (The K2).

      We’ve all heard about the rubber mayerial in Subway’s bread, but I wonder if Subway puts more meat in their sandwiches in S. Korea?


      And notice how Subway defends against the claim regarding the amount of soy but fails to rebut the amount of actual chicken in its sandwiches.

      This is probably a bit off topic but I’m REALLY tired of the intrusive Subway dialogue.

      • kjtamuser says:

        There wasn’t an unapproved duplicate (or similar) comment, so I don’t know what happened. Sorry you had to recreate.

      • Lady G. says:

        I like the idea too, give it to the background characters. LOL. They talk about the Sandwiches. I know it happens in real life – I’m always talking about food! lol – but in a drama it throws the whole tone and tension off the scene and even the entire episode. I used to love Subway, but since I’d heard about the rubber I get a gaggy feeling every time I think about it so I avoid it now. No big loss. I’ll be getting my subs from Publix now, and they’re delicious and fresh.

      • Drama Fan says:

        Ewwwwwwwwwwwww I had no ideaaaa and actually thought subway was healthy omg ahhhhhh eeeeeekkkkkkk 😳

        • Beez says:

          @DramaFan – that means you isn’t see in the news in 2014 or 2015 that Subway’s bread contained rubber material for making gym shoes and exercise mats? I think they were supposed to be fixing that though.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez I am surprised they are still in business after that 😳 Its horrible. Suddenly I feel like we are in a kdrama. Where’s the Golden Time team to protect us? Oh wait! Busy eating Subway 🤢We are doomed!

        • Beez says:

          I was going too post the link about the Subway bread scandal but when I googled, this came up and to be fair, it’s in a LOT of famous brand products. This article talks about the details and if you scroll down, there’s an alphabetical chart listing grocery items containing the chemical.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I insisted Dae Shik was the mole from the beginning, but then I backtracked. But as the eps. Went by the doubt crept in again. I have to say this plot device was great writing. Is he or isn’t he? It wasn’t super obvious at all
      I appreciated continuing question of the moles within the department. It makes sense there would be multiple moles. I even enjoyed the subtle reveal of the truth about Dae Sik.

      The stalking scene in Kwon Joo’s building was extremely creepy
      I was totally tense. Murderer Mo was practically luring Kwon Joo to his hiding place.

      In essence he’s telling her — look, you’ve never broken down before, don’t start now when your life depends on it!
      On point analysis.

      They’ve been through similar tragedies, and now they trust each other with their lives.
      They don’t share everything (her evidence wall, his knowledge about Dae Sik) but when it comes having each other’s back tracking down Murderer Mo, at this point, trust is there.

      I mean, there was Jin Hyuk, IN HER APARTMENT!
      I guess Writer Ma couldn’t be anymore more clear…work buddies only.

  5. Drama Fan says:

    @LadyG Well, I also got excited when he entered her apartment 😊 When he asked her about the soundproof room and she said that’s the only way she can sleep and he said “Life is hard, isn’t it?” Or something like that I felt like Im given a drop of water after keeping me thirsty for three days 😩It was small, it was trivial, it was probably nothing but thats exactly what I wantttttt! A trivial conversation between then ash! But anyway, we have no time for that anymore. Hmmm about the bus accident, that rock looked so conveniently placed there! I feel like that accident was no accident, but we’ll see. And I agree, people want KGJ to be “badass” but then they want her to always ask for backup. Did Mulder and Scully ever ask for backup and did they always go places together? No, then WTH? Also, about the guns, Gumi told me that in Korea its not that easy for everyone to have guns like it is in the US. Like patrol cops won’t have them (like MJH at the beginning) etc

    • Beez says:

      @DF I posted same thing about the accident, but I’m just now reading your post.

    • Lady G. says:

      This made me laugh! It was a drop of water. I get the feeling on a good day (Though it seems Jin Hyuk hasn’t had them since his wife died) Jin Hyuk can be very sociable, interesting, and talk the ear off corn (Kinda like JANG Hyuk..heeheehee) But it’s Kwon Joo who is very reserved and cut off from everyone. Her hearing makes her an outcast, the soundproof walls are her barrier. Another woman might’ve launched into a whole rant once he asked that. haha.

      I wonder what the United States would be like with those gun laws? No doubt the black market for them would soar. It would be like prohibition for gun-toters.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @LadyG I agree! She is the weirdo lol (I love her though 😋) He can sure talk like crazy! And he has friends, mostly work related but you can tell he had some kind of life before all of this happened right? Even his way of rambling is kind of colorful (and full of expletives lolol) but despite a somehow “angry” guy, he is not totally jaded. She, it seems, has always been a loner, most likely because of her condition, like you said. It is interesting that it seems very easy for her to empathize with the victims and find ways to ease their pain but its hard for her to have trivial conversations with anyone. She is always on a case.

    • Lady G. says:

      Oh, and I would LOVE if Jin Hyuk asked her out for coffee when all was over in ep.16. I’d be on cloud nine.

  6. prettysup says:

    Can someone tell me whether Chief Jang is indeed a spy? Or had he just been blackmailed but did not give in?

    • Drama Fan says:

      @LadyG He was a spy and I believe he helped NST when he killed the stalker guy who got burned. But not anymore (I hope so).

      • Beez says:

        He killed the transvestite stalker guy? I don’t remember that!? Please refresh my memory?

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez the rapist internet video guy. I forgot his name.

          • Beez says:

            @DF – Ohhhhhhhh. if chief detective Jang did that to help Clickety-clack, then there’s no redemption for him in my book.

            • Drama Fan says:

              @Beez Well, that’s how MJH started suspecting him. Remember he saw marks on his hands? He cut himself while cutting the wires to let the gas leak on the car.

              • Beez says:

                Crap! Don’t remember. I’ll just scroll through kjtamuser’s recaps cause I don’t care enough about that character to go through so many episodes to rewatch it.

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @Beez I actually ended up liking Chief Jang above other characters, and the actor who played him. I think I’ll rewatch his and Daeshik’s scenes once more (I wasn’t planing to but got curious) to see when they acted suspicious. But anyway Chief Jang was extremely suspicious during the Video internet rapist guy case. He even gave the guy a strange look when he was left alone in the car, and I think it was established that he left the key on the car for him to “escape”. However, I don’t think Chief Jang knew he was going to get killed. I think he was just instructed to let the guy “escape”.

    • Beez says:

      @prettysup, I think they only used him for certain information, mainly Jin Hyuck’s movements (but I could be wrong). And I think he drew a line, after talking to JH,that he would accept the consequences. Maybe someone else will have a better answer.

  7. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser – 2 of my comments haven’t shown up on this episode.😢

  8. fiesty_lady says:

    Hi! kjtamuser
    I had decided to drop the series for a while partly because I found it tiring and partly because I don’t have time to breathe due to my work. But after reading your afterthoughts of the past two episodes I decided to give it a try and I found them satisfying and then I read your reviews as well as DB’s and Soompi’s. I want to recommend people to read your blog instead of going to those places if they want to maintain their sanity.
    Ewww! It’s appalling they are shipping KGJ with MTG. While watching the series I feel relieved to have KGJ in the dramaland which mostly consits of cringy, wimpy plastic dolls. She is brave, smart, resourceful and above all she has a very elegant attitude. She is a role model. Lee Ha Na plays her finely yet I’m reading a lot of negative comments about her since the show started. I liked her in ‘Alone in Love’ and I’ve watched snippets of her ‘HSKoS’ the drama which gave her negative reputation but this doesn’t mean she should be hated forever. The original choice for the drama Bae Doona was quiet irritating in ‘Master of Study’ but nobody seem to remember that.
    They are sailing this ship on the belief that MTG is fascinated by KGJ but I think MTG is equally fascinated by MJH too so what should we make out of this? MTG does not have a single quality which could qualify him as a human being and shipping KGJ with murderer of her father is hugely disrespectful. Kim Jae Wook is a very handsome man and a good actor. I like him since coffee prince days but it is pity people can’t see MTG’s shortcomings under his glossy exterior.

    • Beez says:

      People ‘ship crazy pairings. I learned the hard way not to get between who they want to ‘ship.

      I tend to be practical in my fantasy shipping and I go with whatever is shown on screen. But i’ve seen other fans pair up characters where no relationship of any kind exists AT ALL. Sometimes the characters are in the same show but haven’t even had screen time together!

      But people get *internet* violent about their ‘ships. lol

    • Drama Fan says:

      I had no read this. You have no idea how disgusted I’ve been by that horrible “ship”! It has certainly soured my watching experience even though I tried to ignore it. Some people lost all perspective as to what this drama was about. I can’t even blame the writer in this case (I only blame him or her for the lack of character development and plotholes) There’s nothing in the story suggesting KGJ would be remotely interested. It all comes from their fascination with him and its all based on his looks (or the glamorized presentation of his character for which I could blame the PD but it really is nothing new in fiction. In fact, its very cliche) I know people are super impressed by KJW acting here and ok, I can “see” why, and also Im guessing the PD wanted him
      To seem otherworldly and unreal. But to me, he lost impact. He was the least scary of the criminals and the only character who didn’t feel human (and that was probably the point) but because of that he was utterly cliche and boring to me. The funniest part is they started talking about “chemistry” with LHN when the only scenes they had had were, him killing her dad, him trying to kill her (they found him cute and charming with his perverted giggling) I will need some time to recover from all the face palming and eye rolling I went through.

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