Voice Episode 13 Recap

Voice Episode 13 – Chapter 7: The Birth of the Devil

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) explains to Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) that his wife Heo Ji Hye was kind and couldn’t help but reach out to those in need. Kwon Joo states his wife’s relationship with Gong Chul Han was based on more than kindness. Jin Hyuk asks if his wife’s curiosity about Gong Chul Han led to her murder. He demands to know what Kwon Joo is holding back. Kwon Joo states that Gong Chul Han left his wife a note before he left the Welfare Facility. That note spurred his wife search relentlessly for Gong Chul Han. Jin Hyuk asks if she’s implying there was a romantic relationship. Kwon Joo shows Jin Hyuk the untraceable text she received yesterday. “Do you know a wolf under the sheep skin. Jin Hyuk’s wife was that kind of woman. She was an underground broker for GP Development”. Jin Hyuk knows his wife would never do that. Kwon Joo doubts the text too but she’s convinced Jin Hyuk’s wife had a special interest in Gong Chul Han. There was also a secret file for people that needed protection. Finally, there are those that knew she was involved with GP Development. Kwon Joo confesses she’s known this from the beginning. Kwon Joo is adamant the murderer is no ordinary man. He’s willing to do anything to mess with them. Kwon Joo confesses someone breached the sanctity of her home. Yes! She told him! That person took a picture of Kwon Joo and her father. Kwon Joo knows that searching for Jin Hyuk’s wife truth must wear on him. Kwon Joo counsels Jin Hyuk to stay intellectually engaged and not let his emotions overtake him. Jin Hyuk steps away from the table.

Once again, I appreciated the full scene versus the partial scene from the previous episode. Here I saw that Kwon Joo was open with Jin Hyuk. She was considerate to his sensitivity about his wife. She did not make accusations or unfounded assumptions. This was Kwon Joo the way I like her. Smart, sensitive, and honest.

As Jin Hyuk steps outside for a smoke, harbor boss calls him and suggests they meet. He promises that he has valuable information. He wants to make a deal. Jin Hyuk sighs and tells harbor boss the only deal he can offer is the end of his freedom once they meet.

Murderer Mo continues his plan by texting Kwon Joo. He asks if she has time to meet with him. Kwon Joo is startled CEO Mo knows her name.

Harbor boss dangles the bait Murderer Mo told him to. He promises Jin Hyuk that he can provide the evidence to nail the man that murdered Jin Hyuk’s wife and others too. But Jin Hyuk has to promise his freedom. Jin Hyuk asks what happens if he doesn’t agree. Harbor boss promises that Jin Hyuk will have unanswered questions about his wife’s murder for the rest of his life. Jin Hyuk asks how he can trust him. Harbor boss asks if he remembers the villa where he vacationed with his wife. He suggests they meet there. Jin Hyuk is started harbor boss knows that personal of a detail.

Kwon Joo flashes back…At the police station, Kwon Joo asks a serious crimes unit police detective if the VIPs from the gentleman’s club were called as witnesses. He was just about to make the request but believes they’ll decline his request. Kwon Joo asks him to do so anyway.

Back in the eatery, Kwon Joo’s super hearing detects Jin Hyuk telling someone that his claims are meant to trick him. He promises to kill him. Kwon Joo wonders if Jin Hyuk is talking to the murderer. She decides he must have spoken to harbor boss.

Kwon Joo approaches Jin Hyuk. He doesn’t offer the same level of disclosure Kwon Joo did and tells her to leave that he has things to do. Kwon Joo asks if one of those things is meeting harbor boss. Jin Hyuk lies and says it is a personal matter. Kwon Joo asks Jin Hyuk to confirm his phone call was from harbor boss. Finally, Jin Hyuk admits that harbor boss called and wanted a deal. In exchange for freedom, harbor boss will identify the man that killed his wife and provide evidence. Kwon Joo says she’ll request backup. Jin Hyuk stops her reminding her that there is a mole in the police department. He says he’ll handle harbor boss. Kwon Joo can’t believe that Jin Hyuk would meet harbor boss alone and without backup. Jin Hyuk counters that harbor boss called him and needs his help. He believes he’s been cut loose from whatever organization he served. Kwon Joo reminds him that harbor boss is dangerous. She asks how Jin Hyuk can trust this murderer. Jin Hyuk counters he doesn’t trust him, but he must meet with him. His family was ravaged by murder. Jin Hyuk is adamant he must learn the truth why his wife was killed. He stares at Kwon Joo and dares her to say she wouldn’t do the same. He strides away and into a taxi where he directs the driver to the villa. Kwon Joo runs after him but can’t catch him. She gets in her car and follows.

Desperate, Kwon Joo calls Dae Sik stating Jin Hyuk is in jeopardy. She explains harbor boss lured him to meet with the promise of evidence and the killer’s identity. She notes that Jin Hyuk was drinking. Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) asks where Jin Hyuk went to meet harbor boss. Kwon Joo plays back the phone call between harbor boss and Jin Hyuk like a recorder. She hears the suggested meeting location. She asks Dae Sik if he knows the villa. Dae Sik googles it and reads her the address. She asks Dae Sik to go there. She starts driving there.

Kwon Joo wonders how harbor boss knew about the villa. Kwon Joo calls Hyun Ho and asks him to track Jin Hyuk’s GPS location and identify the phone number of his last caller. Lickety-split Hyun Ho provides Jin Hyuk’s direction and notes the phone number was untraceable. He notes there is resort complex nearby. Kwon Joo asks Hyun Ho to confirm that Jin Hyuk and his wife stayed at the resort 3 years ago. Seconds later, Hyun Ho confirms that Jin Hyuk and his wife stayed at the resort (room 203) 3 years ago. Kwon Joo asks Hyun Ho to continue tracking. Kwon Joo tells Dae Sik that Jin Hyuk is heading to the resort and provides the potential room number. Dae Sik gets in his car and takes off and vows to aide Jin Hyuk.

Eun Soo asks Hyun Ho why they are tracking Jin Hyuk. Hyun Ho tells her this is unofficial tracking and they need to keep it between them.

Murderer Mo receives a phone call indicating that harbor boss took his deal that will save his life. Murderer Mo hangs up and chuckles that harbor boss values his life that much. He promises that harbor boss’s death won’t be peaceful. As expected, Murderer Mo will double cross harbor boss. There is no honor among thieves.

Father Mo speaks with Director Kwon who believes that harbor boss may not be the person that murdered the proprietress of Fantasia (the gentleman’s club). He stuns Father Mo when he hangs up first. Father Mo recalls the night of the murder and the manager telling his meeting attendees they best leave the club. Father Mo recalls asking his son who texted him during the meeting the prompted him to leave. His son (Murderer Mo) told his father that harbor boss texted and he met with him at the club. Father Mo asks his driver if his son is at home. The driver states that his son had plans for the evening. He instructs the driver to take him to his son’s apartment. The driver states he doesn’t have a key. Father Mo says security will allow them into the apartment.

Hmm, does Father Mo suspect his son? Will they find the body of the proprietress of Fantasia? Recall she was wrapped in plastic in plain sight in Murderer Mo’s apartment.

While waiting at the resort for Jin Hyuk, Harbor boss recalls his dealings with Murderer Mo that belittled him. He promises that Murderer Mo will no longer treat him like a dog. Murderer Mo calls him. Is Murderer Mo at the resort too? Harbor boss claims to be too busy to talk. We see footsteps enter through a door. Is Murderer Mo entering the room? We see Murderer Mo’s face reflected in the window. Yep, he is there! And with Jin Hyuk on his way to that very room! Murderer Mo notes the door was unlocked. He asks if Jin Hyuk is meeting him here.

Jin Hyuk arrives at the resort. He enters the room, his gun drawn. He calls for harbor boss to reveal himself. He searches the room. He hears someone say she misses Gong Chul Han. I’m guessing that’s his wife’s voice. The voice says she’ll get punished one day, she’s suffering, it’s her fault, and she’ll go to hell. The voice says Jin Hyuk I’m sorry. She apologizes. Is this the last message his wife left on his phone? Recall she called him when he was on stakeout at the harbor and just about to spring into an arrest action. Jin Hyuk calls to his wife. The voice says again she misses Gong Chul Han and will be punished. Jin Hyuk finds evidence on the floor. He picks up the phone or voice recorder playing his wife’s words. With tears in his eyes, he presses the stop button. Nice moment! He calls harbor boss scum. Jin Hyuk flips through the evidence. It would belong to someone was an underground broker for GP Development, just like the text Kwon Joo got. Now the pain sears Jin Hyuk. Excellent moment, I saw the horror on Jin Hyuk’s face as he considered the possibility that his wife was an underground broker for GP Development. Jin Hyuk stands and draws back the curtain. Through the window, he sees harbor boss hanging from a tree with blood on his lower torso. The subtitle states that at 9:10pm harbor boss committed suicide. That’s a leap to label it suicide.

Dae Sik and Kwon Joo arrive at the resort simultaneously. They agree that if Jin Hyuk is in the room they’ll shoot to kill anyone that threatens him.

The superb second (and I’m assuming last) song of the OST plays while Jin Hyuk staggers outside to the tree where harbor boss hangs. He asks harbor boss why he brought him here. Where was the evidence to nail the man that murdered Jin Hyuk’s wife and others too? He yells at harbor boss to tell him. Then he stares at him and quietly tells him go to hell. Kwon Joo and Dae Sik burst into the room and see harbor boss hanging on the tree through the window. Kwon Joo crouches down to examine the evidence. Dae Sik sees Jin Hyuk raise his gun at harbor boss’s body and rushes out of the room to stop his partner. Kwon Joo sees Jin Hyuk a split second later and rushes out of the room too. The rage and pain on Jin Hyuk’s face says it all. This cowardly scum took the key to finding my wife’s murderer with him to hell and he called me here to rub it in my face that I’d never know the truth. Just as Jin Hyuk is about to fire (his hand is shaking with rage), Dae Sik grabs his arm the shots go into the night sky. Kwon Joo is right behind Dae Sik and hears Jin Hyuk’s screams of pain. Tears come and she closes her eyes as his screams of pain ripple through her body.

Excellent scene. That was raw and felt authentic.

Murderer Mo washes the blood from his hands and recalls the last moments with harbor boss. He tells him “your fate was set when you were born. You were born to sacrifice for others and going against that will cause your death”. Harbor boss chided Murderer Mo to grow up. He told Murderer Mo that he protected him. Murderer Mo chuckled that harbor boss’s perspective was different from his. He counters that he offered harbor boss a second chance that he threw away. Harbor boss called him crazy and evil. Murderer Mo held the rope. Harbor boss told him to check himself into a mental ward and get help. Murderer Mo strangles harbor boss. He says this was his fault. Harbor boss claimed he lived his life in servitude. He cursed Murderer Mo to hell. As harbor boss’s body relaxed, Murderer Mo took the knife, bid adieu, and plunged the knife into his body. Harbor boss dies. Murderer Mo sets the scene for Jin Hyuk to find. Ah, he’s in his apartment. Murderer Mo notices a door is ajar. He peers in then shuts it. Is it where the body was?

What I liked about harbor boss is that he didn’t kowtow to Murderer Mo. He considered him a young reckless man with too much power and a heavy dose of crazy. He worked for the devil, he made a deal with the devil, and he died by the devil’s hands.

In his car, Father Mo listens to the news reports state that the suspected murderer in the elderly woman’s case and the proprietress of Fantasia case was found dead by apparent suicide. He sighs and recalls harbor boss telling him that his son wasn’t normal and out of control. To which Father Mo pledged the law would never touch his son, not while he was alive. Father Mo told harbor boss he’d handle his son.

Flashback to the past…Father Mo recalls harbor boss’s father introducing his son to his fellow gang members stating that he was a trouble maker and could join them one day. A young Murderer Mo watched the introduction and heard the click of young harbor boss’s mouth.  Harbor boss’s father explained the sound was due to a lesson he taught his son. The young Murderer Mo emulates the sound. Father Mo asked the young harbor boss if he could become his son’s protector and thereby become his adopted son.

After the flashback is complete, Father Mo puts his head in his hands. Interesting the harbor boss had the clicking sound when they first met him. I’d thought that was a punishment Murderer Mo inflicted on him.

Father Mo looks through his son’s apartment. He leans against the closet door which opens. He goes to shut it and finds the proprietress of Fantasia body. He jumps back in surprise and horror.

Next flashback to the past…
Father Mo hears from the servants that his son holed up in his room upset at the scolding he gave him the previous day. Father Mo gets angry that his son is so easily upset. He decides to teach his son a lesson. He finds his young son with blood on his face. It looks like he’s gutted his animal. Young Murderer Mo says that the animal bit him and needed to be taught a lesson. He hacks the animal with a hatchet IN FRONT OF HIS FATHER. Holy smokes! Talk about a red flag that your son is a psycho!!

Kyung Hak asks the CSI team member if harbor boss committed suicide. The lack of defensive marks has led the CSI team member to believe that stabbed himself then hung himself. Excuse me, but isn’t that redundant? The knife had harbor boss’s fingerprints. The CSI team member notes that back in the day, gang members committed suicide by slashing their stomachs. But they didn’t hang themselves afterwards right? The CSI member references the documents left on the floor and asks if Jin Hyuk’s wife was connected to the gang. Kyung Hak barks that nothing is definite. Kyung Hak tells his team member to keep rumors at the police station to a minimum.

Kwon Joo asks Jin Hyuk if he’s okay. She’s confident the investigation will reveal that his wife was set up. Kyung Hak approaches and asks to speak with Jin Hyuk alone. He tells Jin Hyuk to stay strong. He says this is an attack on them too.

Kwon Joo asks the CSI team member if she can see the voice recording. He promises to send her a copy after he processes it for the serious crimes unit.

Jin Hyuk tells Kyung Hak that he put the job first so he could provide the money for his family. He cites not answering his wife’s last phone call to him. Jin Hyuk says he was drinking with his police buddies after the raid. Jin Hyuk says he’s called crazy dog because he goes crazy catching criminals. Jin Hyuk says after his wife was killed, every criminal was a dog to get revenge upon by catching. Kyung Hak tells him the team will handle everything tonight. Dae Sik approaches and says he’ll take Jin Hyuk to the hospital. Jin Hyuk agrees he needs to visit his son. Nice moment between Jin Hyuk and Kyung Hak. They’ve mended their fences. Jin Hyuk also realized his priorities put his breadwinner status and job before his family.

Father Mo reminisces to the minister about how long they’ve known each other. Father Mo compliments the police commissioner (I’ve called him minister and police chief in past recaps) on his position and power. Then he reminds the police commissioner that he was the one that gave him that position on a silver platter. Father Mo can take it all away. Father Mo isn’t happy. Harbor boss is dead. It was the police commissioner’s job to take care of him. But the police pushed harbor boss until he committed suicide. Father Mo says one police officer in particular is to blame and he’s part of the Golden Time team. Father Mo says either take care of it or you are out of a job. The police commissioner promises to take care of it. We should get an interesting loyalty test if he requests Kyung Hak to help dispatch Jin Hyuk.

Dae Sik assures Jin Hyuk that the investigation will clear his wife. Dae Sik suggest they get a drink together. I can’t believe anyone believes the police investigation will clear Jin Hyuk’s wife. These guys can’t get anything right.

Jin Hyuk gets out of the car. He walks to the spot where his wife was killed. He remembers her body and the note she wrote him.

Kwon Joo walks to the spot where her father was killed. She tells her father she’s come.

Jin Hyuk recalls falling down drunk next to his wife’s dead body. He recalls realizing it was her. He sees a blood stain on the ground.

Kwon Joo recalls the sounds of her father’s fight with Murderer Mo and his death by bludgeoning.

Jin Hyuk crouches and tells his wife it was an odd day. He lays on the ground where her body was. He feels the ground. Awk! Tears!

Kwon Joo thinks that harbor boss isn’t the man the killed her father. She wonders who the real murderer is. How can someone be that cruel and gruesome? Is he a monster? Awk! Tears! She vows that she won’t back down. She vows to catch the murderer and make him begs for forgiveness. She cries that her father needs to wait for her to accomplish this.

Terrific scene. Excellent emotional content from both of our leads. Finally, Writer Ma allows our leads to take a break and reflect. This show has set a relentless pace for our leads, not allowing much time to process. This scene was sorely needed.

What did I tell you about bathtubs and classical music? Cue the psycho
Murderer Mo reads the responding text from Kwon Joo who states she’ll look into matters further. He stares at the stolen photo of Kwon Joo and her father. Egad, he sits in her apartment. He must be recalling his visit. He touches her pillow. That makes me uncomfortable! He finds the evidence wall. He studies it and becomes excited. He’s practically giddy. Then he calms himself. He turns and sees the photo of Kwon Joo and her father. Done with the memory, he submerges himself under the water.

Got to say, that was the most effective scene yet for Murderer Mo. The giddy happy feet at the evidence board worked on me. The pillow fondle…yuck.

Kwon Joo thinks over the message from Jin Hyuk’s wife. She realizes her voice wasn’t natural. She listens to the recording again. Kwon Joo realizes the recording has been spliced together. She gets a phone call that the bus guy wants to meet her.

Eun Soo and Hyun Ho discuss yesterday’s revelations and the mood in the police station. Hyun Ho wishes he could do field work.

The police commissioner tells his leaders that he’s disbanding the Golden Time team. His leaders disagree. He gets mad and makes his reasoning clear. His leaders cave to his opinion.

Jin Hyuk is with Ghost in the interrogation room. Jin Hyuk plays the recording of harbor boss’s phone call to Jin Hyuk where he offered evidence to Jin Hyuk for in exchange for his freedom. Jin Hyuk asks Ghost to identify the murderer harbor boss referenced. Ghost claims not to know. Jin Hyuk shames Ghost for letting his former boss go like that. He shows him the picture of harbor boss hanging from the tree. Ghost points out that the knife wound was made with a left hand, the hand harbor boss did not use. Jin Hyuk presses Ghost to tell him who harbor boss met at the club. He promises to get the man the murdered harbor boss. Ghost identifies the Mo family as sponsors of the gang. He notes that harbor boss and the son, CEO Mo, had a special relationship. Jin Hyuk recalls Kwon Joo telling him about the VIP visitors at the club, and that those visitors included Father Mo and his son, the CEO. He recalls his informant talking about the Father Mo and his son. Kyung Hak interrupts asking to speak with Jin Hyuk.

Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk that harbor boss didn’t threaten him but another CEO at the club did. He speculates someone in the police is aiding the murderer. Dae Sik overhears and asks who the mole is. Kyung Hak leaves. Dae Sik questions Jin Hyuk’s closeness to Kyung Hak who they both suspect. Jin Hyuk says they must continue to search for the mole. Dae Sik’s father calls him and he assures his father he’s taking care of himself. After he hangs up, Jin Hyuk asks how his father is doing. Dae Sik says his father in doing well at the nursing home. Oh no, don’t tell me that Dae Sik has a hand in this to cover the costs of an expensive nursing home. Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik to take care of his father while he is alive. Kwon Joo texts Jin Hyuk asking to meet. He tells Dae Sik he’s off to meet Kwon Joo.

Father Mo watches his son play with his food. Father Mo mentions the police contacted him about being a witness. He assures his son the lawyers will handle the situation. Murderer Mo asks if his father visited his apartment. Father Mo answers that with a question. Why would I go to your apartment if you weren’t there? Doesn’t that confirm he went there? Father Mo mentions harbor boss committed suicide. His son knows about it. Father Mo says harbor boss suffered. Tired with dancing around the issue, Father Mo tells his son that long ago when they drained land they found many bodies. He asks his son why he doesn’t think before he acts. Murderer Mo tells his father his old age is catching up with him and he’s worrying too much. He tells his father he must live a long time, because he’d be bored without him. He tells his father he will go to the police station and handle the request to be a witness. He leaves. Father Mo slams his spoon down upset that he has no control over his son. That was a not so veiled threat that Murderer Mo made to Father Mo. That guy has no boundaries.

Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that she spoke with the bus driver that said that Gong Chul Han was involved in something strange.

Flashback to Kwon Joo’s conversation with the bus driver. The bus driver says Gong Chul Han had a hard time adjusting to the facility. But later Gong Chul Han shared his was enamored with head of the center (Jin Hyuk’s wife). Then Gong Chul Han said he was hired by GP Development. Then bus driver was hired too. When Kwon Joo shows the photo of harbor boss the bus driver says that isn’t who Gong Chul Han dealt with, it was the CEO. Harbor boss did stop by for a long discussion with Gong Chul Han. After that Gong Chul Han was a guard to the CEO (Murderer Mo). The bus driver said it bothered Gong Chul Han that he would be assigned to be the CEO’s guard, after all, he was a homeless guy. Kwon Joo asks if the bus driver knows who the CEO was that Gong Chul Han guarded. The bus driver did not.

Back to the present. Jin Hyuk states that CEO could be the culprit. Kwon Joo then shares the big news. She tells Jin Hyuk she analyzed the voice recording of his wife. She believes his wife was framed. She tells him that his wife never spoke that order of words. She was recorded at the facility but the recording is a splice of an interview. She knows the phrasing wasn’t made in the same breath. She shows him the empirical evidence. Jin Hyuk listens to the full interview. He hears his wife praise her husband and son. Ah, lovely! Jin Hyuk cries to hear his wife’s words of love. Kwon Joo is adamant that his wife never strayed or did anything shameful.

We see a flashback of Jin Hyuk’s wife searching for Gong Chul Han. She even went to GP Development but they turned her away. Did she meet Murderer Mo? Did he hear about her visit?

Kwon Joo states that his wife found out something that got her murdered. Jin Hyuk nods his head.

The police commissioner tells Murderer Mo there was no need to come to the police station. Murderer Mo says he wanted to visit the commissioner. He shows him the request for him to be a witness. Murderer Mo wonders who is in charge. The commissioner wonders who dared to send this text. He says it was a mistake.

Officer Cheon rushes into the room where Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk are talking. He shows them the official notification that the Golden Time team is disbanded. Kwon Joo stands up angry. Jin Hyuk smiles the smile of a man that just figured out who the mole is. That may be wishful thinking on my part.

Murderer Mo tells the police commissioner he must have received the text because of the murder of the proprietress of the club. The police commissioner assures him he’ll take care of everything. Murderer Mo assures the police commissioner he didn’t want to avoid his civic duty just because of his station in life.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk burst into the outer office. The officer tells them the police commissioner is in an important meeting. Jin Hyuk states they will wait. The police officer alerts the police commissioner Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk are waiting to speak with him.

The police commissioner turns to Murderer Mo and informs him that the police that have dared to disturb him are here. He asks if he should firmly discipline them. He tells the officer to let Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk in. Murderer Mo smiles.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk enter the office. Murderer Mo is sitting in a guest chair. They stare at him. The police commissioner is not happy that CEO Mo was called as a witness in the murder of the proprietress of the club. He yells at them. Murderer Mo speaks. He tells the police commissioner to stop. Kwon Joo’s spidey senses tingle as she listens to CEO Mo’s voice. She almost has a physical reaction to his voice. CEO Mo stands and turns to them. He stares at Jin Hyuk first. He offers his hand. Jin Hyuk shakes his hand and introduces himself. Does Jin Hyuk notice that he knew his name? CEO Mo turns towards Kwon Joo and introduces himself. He offers his hand. Kwon Joo is gripped by a physical reaction to him. She clenches her fist. CEO Mo says she must not like handshakes. He notes he was contacted because she was curious. He urges her to ask him her questions. Kwon Joo’s mind spins back to the origin Murderer’s voice. Her fist clenches tighter. CEO Mo says again he was contacted because they were curious. He stares at Jin Hyuk. Finally, Kwon Joo looks at CEO Mo. Does she realize she’s staring at the man that murdered her father and Jin Hyuk’s wife?

My Thoughts

Finally, an episode with emotional punch moment for both of our leads. Independently walking the alley where their respective loved ones died was visually and emotionally satisfying. Thank you Writer Ma for providing our leads a moment to reflect and be quiet.

Kwon Joo is honest with Jin Hyuk and he eventually offers her the same. I was pleased that Kwon Joo told Jin Hyuk her apartment was breached. After Kwon Joo pressed him, Jin Hyuk admitted harbor boss called him. Of course, he dodged Kwon Joo’s efforts to join him, instead heading to the rendezvous point alone.

Harbor boss is dead and Murderer Mo killed him. Trusting a psycho was a stupid thing for harbor boss to do. I liked getting the background scene of a young harbor boss being introduced to the gang with a young Murderer Mo at the meeting. I was surprised when harbor boss’s father said he’d punished his son and that was the reason for the clicking sound his mouth made. I thought that Murderer Mo had done that to harbor boss. The staged scene with the evidence, faked recording of Jin Hyuk’s wife, and harbor boss hanging from the tree spurred another emotional outburst from Jin Hyuk. He wanted to kill harbor boss again for taking the secret of who killed his wife to the grave with him. That was another excellent moment. Jang Hyuk sold the rage and pain. Ha Na sold the empathy that Kwon Joo felt.

As the title of the chapter “Birth of the Devil” indicates we learned the origin of Murderer Mo. He was dreadful from an early age.  He is the classic psychopath – no inner sense of right and wrong, can’t seem to understand or share another person’s feelings, doesn’t have a conscience. The hacking the animal in front of his father was shocking. While I was glad to learn more about Murderer Mo, I actually found harbor boss’ backstory more interesting. I was glad to see Father Mo admit the possibility that his son was up to no good, investigate it and confirm it for himself. But he didn’t do anything about it. It proved the point, he is not in control, his son is. Will Murderer Mo kill his own father before this series ends?

Kwon Joo came face-to-face with her father’s murderer. She had a physical reaction to Murderer’s voice. It was bold of Murderer Mo to visit the police station. It yielded the unexpected bonus of being able to meet his next targets. But back to Kwon Joo. She devised that the recording of Jin Hyuk’s wife was false. She told him straight away. I like her. I hope she gets the moment of triumph over Murderer Mo she richly deserves.

Jin Hyuk admitted his wife and son were a lower priority in his life. Tough to admit even though it’s the norm for men. Jang Hyuk had several moments where you didn’t have to squint to see emotion from him. Writer Ma provided Jin Hyuk a moment to reflect on the loss of his wife and a moment to bellow in rage when harbor boss was found dead without revealing the evidence on his wife’s murder. I even liked how Jin Hyuk interacted with harbor boss during the phone call. I was relieved that Kwon Joo provided the empirical evidence that the voice recording that implicated Jin Hyuk’s wife was spliced together. Jin Hyuk Will Jin Hyuk’s gut instinct identify CEO Mo as his wife’s murderer?

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30 comments on “Voice Episode 13 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    My gripe this time: JH gave the cab driver the location “Solyun resort”. Yet Center Leader goes to all the trouble of trying to remember what she overheard Clickety-clack say over the other side of JH’s phone conversation that took place at least 70 feet away outside the restaurant when it should’ve been easier to hear what JH told the cab driver since he was 2 feet away albiet on the other side of the cab door.

    Like you, kjtamer, I was surprised that Clicket-Clack already clicked before he met Handsome Mo. They didn’t tell us what C-C’s Gangster Dad did to his jaw and it feels like a cop out to me because that click has a metallic almost mechanical sound, not the type of click from a past broken jaw or TMJ. Didn’t Handsome Mo talk about “tightening up that screw in your chin”?

    It feels like more lazy writing to introduce something that makes the killer’s identity unique but then not brainstorm enough to come up with a reason. I’m ok that Handsome Mo imitates the sound, but the original sound by Clicket-Clack should be explained.

    My other frustration was from the moment the guy the wife was supposedly obsessed with was mentioned, I kept thinking “investigate him”. Thank goodness the idea finally occurred to them.

    On the bright side,Jang Hyuk did have some good emotional scenes that I could enjoy.

    • kjtamuser says:

      On the bright side,Jang Hyuk did have some good emotional scenes that I could enjoy
      Yes, Jang Hyuk got some scenes he was able to sink his teeth into!

  2. Drama Fan says:

    @JKT Just two additional notes. NST said to MTG that he saw him as a little brother. I believe this is why, despite everything, he put his guard down to a certain extent. Their relationship was complex but believable, I think. At first I thought NST was foolish in “trusting” MTG but later I realized the foolish one is MTG for killing one of his protectors. If he attacks his father he will be done for. He is not in control, and he does not hold the power, since he is a lunatic who loves the spotlight. He thinks he is almighty and he will learn he is not, once his father is taken down and unable to cover his mess. I’m looking forward to see this demonic and deluded spoiled brat to get a reality check. It will be the greatest humiliation and its the only kind of “pain” a psychopath can feel. My other observation is, I believe MJH wife recording came from her own recordings, not an interview. She apparently recorded her activities at work and possibly some personal thoughts. My favorite scene this episode was MJH quiet tears and palpable relief, when he was shown by KGJ that his wife was as good as he believed.

    • Holly Moon says:

      Drama F an I 100% agree with you on these thoughts.

      And my heart broke when Jin Hyuk lay there and reached out for his wife. I love the simple, understated grief and sense of loss he was feeling, shown in such a simplistic way, that spoke volumes.

      Altogether, I am loving this character, as Jang Hyuk is building him. JH always does the best he can with what is given, and to me –even though there is not a “love duo” between the two leads, we are still graced with his past love for his wife showing every so often, as it did here.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @HollyMoon Yes, and now that I think of it, the fact that he is not even thinking of anyone romantically, is both sad and “romantic” (thinking of him and his wife) We have learned that she was indeed a great woman, and totally understanding even if he wasn’t always with her. I prefer to ship MJH and his wife even if it is a sad sad ship (And I swear I just made myself cry just thinking of this) 😢

      • kjtamuser says:

        we are still graced with his past love for his wife showing every so often, as it did here
        I appreciated that Jin Hyuk felt guilt about his less than perfect treatment of his wife. That made his pain over her loss even deeper. Their relationship was shown to have tender moments but wasn’t without hiccups.

      • Lady G. says:

        Maybe we can get a sequel where a love duo actually does build up? Right now everyone is too raw in their emotions to even think straight, let alone start a romance.

    • kjtamuser says:

      NST said to MTG that he saw him as a little brother. I believe this is why, despite everything, he put his guard down to a certain extent. Their relationship was complex but believable
      I agree that the relationship harbor boss had with CEO Mo was finally explained to satisfaction. Harbor boss was a long standing protector and had watched him grow from boy to man (albeit a disturbed boy and psycho man).

      I believe MJH wife recording came from her own recordings, not an interview. She apparently recorded her activities at work and possibly some personal thoughts.

      My favorite scene this episode was MJH quiet tears and palpable relief, when he was shown by KGJ that his wife was as good as he believed
      That was a stellar moment. I loved that Kwon Joo gave Jin Hyuk that gift in empirical and emphatic terms. She’s a gem of a co-worker.

  3. prettysup says:

    Off topic, btw did you guys see the interview our Hyukie did on Magazine M?

  4. Lady G. says:

    I noticed after ep. 13 so many viewers were dropping this drama. I’m not, I thought yes! We will finally get some answers here. And just like I’d imagined, MTG is really a bad-seed child.

    “She was considerate to his sensitivity about his wife. She did not make accusations or unfounded assumptions. This was Kwon Joo the way I like her. Smart, sensitive, and honest.” —

    That’s how I like her too. She’s been a very consistent character throughout the drama, mistakes or not. She comes off as Utilitarian and cold, like her apartment, her entire BUILDING looks like a cold prison in ways, but she’s really not. She’s the warmest hearted character in this show.

    “What I liked about harbor boss is that he didn’t kowtow to Murderer Mo. He considered him a young reckless man with too much power and a heavy dose of crazy. He worked for the devil, he made a deal with the devil, and he died by the devil’s hands.” —

    Yes, this was very good character development right before the end. I think he knew he was going to be killed. And as DF said, he put down his guard because they have a brother relationship, however twisted it is.

    “Nice moment between Jin Hyuk and Kyung Hak. They’ve mended their fences. Jin Hyuk also realized his priorities put his breadwinner status and job before his family.” —

    I agree it was so nice, it was too nice and I’m afraid for Kyung Hak’s life now. :/ I’m glad Jin Hyuk finally acknowledged his skewed priorities. I did have to laugh (especially at the comments on Viki.) Like, AHA! Lightbulb…I have a son! Almost forgot there…

    That scene where Kwon Joo and jin Hyuk both remember the murders by going back to the scene was fantastic and emotional. I need to get that song!

    “Got to say, that was the most effective scene yet for Murderer Mo. The giddy happy feet at the evidence board worked on me. The pillow fondle…yuck.” —

    It was a very effective scene for Mr. Mo’ Mo’ Mo’ Murder! I really didn’t notice the pillow fondle. It didn’t bother me anyway, it just goes with the crazy territory. I l really like how he found her wall o’suspects and got ecstatic. As if he were thinking, “I love this woman! She’s as crazy obsessed as I am.” lol. But I know it’s not about that. He’s overjoyed with the obsession as something HE created in her. He knows he’s pulling everybody’s strings, and the big red strings on the board signify that.

    Jin Hyuk didn’t flinch when Ghost said that Kyung Tak was left-handed. I believed he already knew the suicide call was utter baloney.

    Murder Mo’s father is just as sick and twisted as he is, by allowing his son to carry on when he knew what he was capable of all these years. He needs to go down as an accomplice too.

    Jang Hyuk gave a stellar emotionally packed performance in this episode, his character might be a crazy dog, but he has a big heart.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you decided to stay with the series. I couldn’t turn away from Jang Hyuk 💓! But that’s only part of the story. For all the flaws, Writer Ma has provided a compelling story. I want to see Murderer Mo pay. I want Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo to have justice served. They’ve waited 3 years, now they will finally see evil cornered and caught.

      She comes off as Utilitarian and cold…her entire BUILDING looks like a cold prison in ways, but she’s…the warmest hearted character in this show.
      Love your observation on the building. She is the warmest person on this show. I want her to get some warm in return. The love from the victims she’s helped save seems to be her only source of kindness.

      That scene where Kwon Joo and jin Hyuk both remember the murders by going back to the scene was fantastic and emotional. I need to get that song!
      That scene elicited tears from me, first tears of the series I believe. That song is fabulous!

      I l really like how he found her wall o’suspects and got ecstatic. As if he were thinking, “I love this woman! She’s as crazy obsessed as I am.” lol. But I know it’s not about that. He’s overjoyed with the obsession as something HE created in her. He knows he’s pulling everybody’s strings, and the big red strings on the board signify that.
      More top notch analysis! I hadn’t thought that his excitement could be centered knowing he’s pushing other’s buttons. Your pulling the string statement was on-point.

      Jang Hyuk gave a stellar emotionally packed performance in this episode, his character might be a crazy dog, but he has a big heart
      I’m hoping we’ll see even more as the series closes out.

      • Lady G. says:

        Thanks for the comment back. I love trying to decipher themes and nuances in TV shows and movies. Some are obvious, some aren’t. I’m also staying for Jang Hyuk. ❤ But I'm captivated by the story too. We've come to far to not see justice done, you're absolutely right. I was particularly touched by Kwon Joo in the alley, i put myself in her shoes and if it were my beloved father. But Jang Hyuk is just as emotional. You can see the relief and anger deflate out of him when he learns the truth about his wife. I give it up for the writer, he handled all that very well, it was a good twist. A bit of a red herring throwing that other homeless guy's name around for 2 episodes too.

        I would love to see a time skip by the end, and maybe, just maybe a hint of something more between our leads. I'd hate to see her so alone and lonely. She's very isolated with that hearing. I hope there's no shocking ending, like a character death.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I echo your soft spot for Kwon Joo. She does deserve a hint of warmth in her future.
          I agree that a shocking ending for one or both of our leads, is unnecessary. I’d assume Kwon Joo would be the lead sacrificed if that were to happen. They’ve both suffered, they both deserve to see Murderer Mo go down.

        • Drama Fan says:

          The only character death should be MTGs!!!! I’ll seriously flip if they tough our leads! 😠

    • Beez says:

      @Lady G
      “He knows he’s pulling everybody’s strings, and the big red strings on the board signify that.”


      • Lady G. says:

        haha! Thanks! There needs to be like buttons on the comment section. 🙂

        • Drama Fan says:

          Wait! You guys don’t see the like buttons? 😳 I’ve been liking all your comments and…now this is a plot twist…

          • Lady G. says:

            Oh wait. lol. I see it when I open my sidebar! haha. But I’m thinking Twitter style right underneath on the blog page.

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan – do you get kjtamusings on Facebook or something?

            • Drama Fan says:

              @Beez No, but there are like buttons for every comment here on WP. I just liked this comment of yours 😊

              • Beez says:

                I’m always on my phone. My computer died and I bought a Chromebook (thinking it was a real computer – LOL and SMH) but I’ll get on the Chromebook later and see if it shows these elusive “LIKE” buttons of which you speak.

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @Beez I see them on the WP app on the iphone. And I do believe they are visible on the web version as well.

                  • Beez says:

                    My phone can’t handle any more apps. I had to delete PowerPoint to make room for what I’ve got already.

                    I asked my phone for the desktop version of kjtamusings but still don’t see the like buttons so I’ll pull out the Chromebook later.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @LadyG The beautiful sad song is on itunes! Search for Kim Yuna and you’ll find it 🙂

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