Tomorrow With You Episode 10 Recap

Can the future be changed?

Tomorrow With You Episode 10 Recap

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) repeats So Joon claim that he’s a time traveler. She doesn’t believe him. The proof of knowing the news and what passerby would do doesn’t impress. She asks if he knows the future, what will she say next? Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) states he brought her here, she wasn’t here in the past, so that part of the future was altered. Ma Rin tells him he’s scaring her. She asks him what their future is like. So Joon says nothing. Ma Rin shakes her head in frustration and walks away.

twy_ep10_0343 twy_ep10_0342
Driving home together, Ma Rin asks So Joon if he time travelers like Back to the Future (movie) or Nine (kdrama). She wants to know why he only travels to the future. So Joon asks why she’s upset if she doesn’t believe him. She asks “I’m the wife of a time traveler”?

At home, Ma Rin ponders the magazine with a future date, the self-tying shows, the ramen brand that isn’t available for purchase, do they corroborate So Joon’s story?

Ma Rin tells So Joon she’ll try and accept what he tells her. But he needs to disappear in front of her eyes. She counts to three. So Joon tells her he doesn’t time travel like that. She wonders if they should go to a hospital. She asks for the winning lottery numbers. So Joon states he doesn’t play the lottery anymore, he’s already won it three times. She gets up and walk away from the couch. He walks up behind her and gives her a back hug. He murmurs that he’s always been different. She knows that. He spins her to face him. He asks how could he have the success he enjoys? He says many of the items in their home are from the future. Ma Rin asks if he’s totally serious. So Joon confirms this. She can’t believe it. She sits down trying to take it in. She asks who else knows. So Joon says Ki Doong knows. Ma Rin realizes that’s why So Joon visits Ki Doong frequently. She asks why he’s telling her now. She asks if he told her so she’ll quit working at the charity. So Joon says he told her to keep her safe. He confirms she needs to quit the charity. She asks if something bad will happen to her. She wonders if anything could be worse than finding out that he was a time traveler. So Joon sits next to her, takes her hand, and states there will be an accident at the charity. He says the details don’t matter. He asks her to quit. She agrees to think about it. He presses. She pushes back declaring she’s trying to believe him but it isn’t easy. She admits she doesn’t believe him at this point.

Good scene. So Joon was calm, serious, and sincere. Ma Rin couldn’t believe him. Who among us would believe that kind of declaration from someone we loved? Will So Joon need to take her to the subway so she can see him fade away?

At work So Joon thinks about Se Young’s father’s death on the 27th. He’s distracted and doesn’t notice when Ki Doong enters the office. Ki Doong confirms the arrangements for a group trip for the charity workers has been arranged for the 27th. Ki Doong confirms he spoke with Se Young’s father about the group trip. Ki Doong asks what So Joon saw in the future world that created the need for this group trip. So Joon defers an explanation for later at his apartment. Then So Joon drops the big news…he told Ma Rin the truth.

Outside the office building Ki Doong tells So Joon he did the right thing confessing his time travel ways to Ma Rin. But Ki Doong knows Ma Rin might consider So Joon an alien like creature and maybe the government will want to dissect his brain. So Joon asks if learning his secret was upsetting. Ki Doong confirms that he couldn’t believe it initially. Then the idea that the future is set so why try in the present, nearly drove him crazy. So Joon scoffs that Ma Rin is accepting the truth better than Ki Doong did.

Ma Rin strolls the street struggling to come to terms with what So Joon told her. She looks great in that green coat and outfit. The costume designer hasn’t always been kind to her but this one is a winner.

The charity employees learn there is a group trip on the 27th. They are stoked. Why doesn’t So Joon send them out of town the day before to gain a 1 day cushion? Ma Rin arrives and learns about the trip. When she learns, their anonymous benefactor is funding the trip for the 27th she knows that So Joon is the instigator of the trip. Se Young asks Ma Rin to join her for coffee.

twy_ep10_1358 twy_ep10_1357
Ma Rin asks Se Young if she’s leaving for Japan on the 27th. Se Young confirms this. Se Young wonders what So Joon is doing. He bought her parents tickets to Japan for that day and is sending employees on a group trip on that day too.  Ma Rin suggests that maybe So Joon is doing it to distract the employees from her departure. Ma Rin states she knows that Se Young’s family was So Joon’s support after his parent died. Se Young says having So Joon share that with Ma Rin feels weird. Ma Rin assures her there’s no harm in her knowing plus those memories between Se Young and So Joon will forever be theirs. Se Young asks Ma Rin to take care of her father while she’s gone. Ma Rin smiles her answer. She confirms that Se Young is leaving on the 27th.

Nice scene between the two women. They have evolved to a positive place. Se Young leaving the country is a good move for her. A mixture of time and distance is a good plan to get over her feelings for So Joon. Because Ma Rin knows So Joon loves her, she is comfortable with Se Young’s feelings for So Joon, knowing they’ll never be returned.

Ma Rin calls So Ri telling her they need to visit the fortune teller. But the fortune teller doesn’t see any issues on the 27th. Ma Rin asks the fortune teller if time travel is a possibility. The fortune teller states anyone that claims this is nuts and an attention seeker. Ma Rin retorts “he” isn’t an attention seeker. Later the fortune teller tells her assistant to reschedule her appointments. She need to pray. Ma Rin and her husband don’t seem alive or dead to her. She’s never sensed this before.

The fact the Ma Rin pressed the fortune teller about the 27th proves that she does believe that something will happen on that day. That doesn’t mean she accepts the time traveler claim, but she isn’t dismissing So Joon’s claim that something will happen at the charity.

Director Kim speaks with an investor on the phone shooing away his assistant. Worried that his boss is doing something illegal he speaks with Director Wang who informs him that building sales take time and the unscrupulous sometimes flee with the contract deposit. That doesn’t make Director Kim’s assistant feel better.

Ki Doong asks So Joon if he can NOT learn the future this time. So Joon shakes his head, he needs Ki Doong’s help this time. Director Kim rides down in the elevator with him. So Joon comments that he knows that Director Kim is working hard but he still needs to attend the meetings. Director Kim counters that So Joon never attends the meetings. So Joon counters that Director Kim isn’t him.

Ki Doong is not happy to learn Se Young’s father is in danger. He gets upset. So Joon tells him that sending Se Young’s father to Japan should bypass the danger. Ki Doong isn’t happy to hear that Se Young’s father’s accident could be murder. So Joon remembers Doo Sik’s claim that he wants to stop the accident that kills Se Young’s father. So Joon says he knows a guy that could be involved. That doesn’t help Ki Doong feel any better. So Joon tells Ki Doong to be at the construction site on the 27th. Isn’t that sending Ki Doong into danger? Ki Doong asks So Joon to travel to the future to confirms this. So Joon admits that the man he suspects is a time traveler. That shakes Ki Doong up. So Joon implores him to do as he says to save Se Young’s father. On information overload, Ki Doong agrees, but he’s shaken. The knock at the door and Ma Rin’s voice surprise both men.

She enters and finds the two men. Ki Doong departs giving them time to talk. Ma Rin stares at all the future devices. She quips she’d rather find porn. With a sigh, she says she believes him.

As they walk home, Ma Rin shares that a psychic told her that have a positive future. So Joon asks how ghosts would know the future. Ma Rin counters that time travelers can’t be the only ones to know the future. She gives So Joon a talisman to protect him. He accepts it. She admits the talisman is how she shows her concern. He’s grateful. Ma Rin admits this feels like a dream and she no longer feels rooted. She doesn’t like that So Joon has a separate life. Ma Rin admits she’s struggling with this. So Joon assures her he’s still the man she loves and they will live a happy married life. He pretends to interview her. He asks if she likes being a time traveler’s wife. She states it blows. He jokes that her husband at least is charming. They smile. Ma Rin asks if the incident will happen on the 27th. So Joon is forced to confirm the date. Ma Rin asks what the incident is. So Joon pauses then states that Se Young’s father will be injured on the 2th. He promises that they can stop it from happening.  He admits that’s why he asked her to stop working at the charity. Ma Rin asks if the incident will happen at the construction site. So Joon tells her they can stop it. He wonders if he should give Se Young’s father the talisman. Ma Rin stares at him. He says he’ll keep it. She wants assurance they can stop the incident.

Director Kim asks for more of the deposit money for the secret sale of the building he’s conducting without So Joon’s knowledge.  The investor agrees. Director Kim asks the investor to keep quiet about the sale for 1 year. The investor agrees.

twy_ep10_3201 twy_ep10_3200
At home, Director Kim tells Gun Sook to get ready for a 3-month trip to Vietnam. She’s surprised and not happy. She says she won’t come. Director Kim tells her she doesn’t have a choice. He says he’s under too much stress. Gun Sook barks she’ll go to Vietnam with him.

So Joon tells Ma Rin that he saved her from being hit by a truck the first day (after the subway explosion) they met. She’s not impressed. So Joon tells her that example proves that he knew the future and stopped an accident from happening. Ma Rin stares at him. She asks if he really saved her life. So Joon confirms this. She smiles and says he’s amazing. They joke about So Joon being an alien. Ma Rin asks if that’s So Joon’s only super power. He confirms this.

Se Young is leaving the charity office with her personal belonging. Ki Doong arrives and offers to carry the boxes. Se Young states she has many things to do. Ki Doong chides her for treating him badly after they slept together. Se Young hangs her head. Ki Doong admits that he stopped by to say his goodbye. He wishes her well. He admits that not seeing each other will benefit both of them. Se Young chides Ki Doong for being emotionally. When her father calls, Ki Doong holds the phone to her ear (her hands are full with the boxes). Se Young’s father tells Se Young he’s going to thank So Joon for his support. Se Young’s father walks past Director Kim. As he stares, Director Kim remembers that he met Se Young’s father at the end of the secret meeting with the investor. He watches Se Young’s father enter his workplace.

So Joon is happy that Se Young’s father, mother and Se Young will be traveling to Japan together to settle Se Young into her new life. Se Young’s father says his wife is taking the trip with the employees because traveling with Se Young would be too upsetting. Se Young’s father tells So Joon to have many children. He takes his hand and thanks So Joon for his support of the charity and his family. So Joon thanks Se Young’s father for his support. They both smile. Sweet scene between these two men.

Director Kim watches both men walk out of So Joon’s office. Se Young’s father tells So Joon that he met an old classmate who claimed he was buying one of So Joon’s buildings. Director Kim cringes. So Joon doesn’t understand the claim because he’s not selling the identified building. Director Kim can’t believe what he just heard.

As So Joon and Se Young’s father exit the building, they say goodbye with warmth. Ki Doong walks up. So Joon tells him he just missed Se Young’s father. Ki Doong admits he feels uncomfortable knowing what he knows. So Joon says knowledge of the future can be a burden. He tells Ki Doong they only need to get through this next bit and they can rest easy knowing they prevented the accident. Ki Doong agrees to watch the construction site.

It’s 10/27 and Ki Doong is at the construction site, video camera in hand.

Ma Rin tells So Joon she’s going to the airport to make sure Se Young’s father gets on the plane and is safe. She promises to come home after that.

Se Young’s father tells Se Young he’s going to stop by the charity and give the employees beer money for their vacation. Then he’ll come to the airport. No, no, no! Se Young chides her father that the trip is paid for the employees don’t need beer money. Se Young’s father promises he’ll be at the airport after that. She’s not happy, but what can she do?

Se Young is surprised to see Ma Rin at the airport. Ma Rin is surprised Se Young’s father isn’t’ with her. Se Young says her father had an errand to run.

twy_ep10_4257 twy_ep10_4256
Se Young’s employees are thrilled with the beer money. His wife chides him to get to the airport. Director Kim watches Se Young’s father wave goodbye to the employees on their tour bus. He remembers learning that Se Young’s father was close to So Joon.  He gets out of his car and approaches Se Young’s father. He reminds Se Young’s father where they met. Director Kim claims he planned to make a donation to the charity but seeing him in person is good timing. Se Young’s father says he’s on his way to the airport.

Doo Sik sneaks into Ki Doong’s apartment to steal So Joon’s journal. He’s startled when So Joon is there and confronts him about hiding his future from him. So Joon says he knows about the accident at the construction site. Doo Sik counters that So Joon shouldn’t be angry with him for things he hasn’t done yet. So Joon is firm that Doo Sik needs to come him now. Doo Sik realizes So Joon thinks he is the cause of the accident. So Joon says that he can only suspect Doo Sik with what he knows. Doo Sik reminds him that he told So Joon to trust him no matter what he did that would appear suspicious. So Joon demands to know why Doo Sik hid the accident. So Joon doesn’t want Doo Sik to the be culprit. Doo Sik promises he’s not the culprit. He tries to leave. So Joon tells him that Se Young’s father was sent to Japan. Doo Sik asks if So Joon is positive. So Joon assures Doo Sik that Se Young’s father won’t be near the construction site today. There will be no accident that kills Se Young’s father. Doo Sik wants to believe him. So Joon wants to believe Doo Sik but needs him to stay with him so he can eliminate the possibility that Doo Sik is the culprit.

On the subway, Doo Sik tells So Joon that sending him to the future is one way to deal with this. He’s startled when So Joon handcuff their wrists together. So Joon tells Doo Sik once he eliminates him as a suspect, they can talk. Doo Sik tells himself to go along with So Joon. All that matters are that So Joon doesn’t learn that Director Kim is the culprit. They both disappear into the future.

Se Young waits for her father to arrive at the airport. Ma Rin tells her to call her father. Se Young calls her father.

Se Young’s father is in Director Kim’s car. When the phone rings, Director Kim tells Se Young’s father not to answer it because they need to talk. Director Kim misses the airport exit. Director Kim doesn’t like what Se Young’s father told So Joon. Se Young’s father tells him to stop the car. Director Kim refuses. He dangles money in exchange for Se Young’s father’s silence. Se Young’s father asks Director Kim to confirm he swindled So Joon. Director Kim confirms it and asks how much money he’ll need to keep his mouth shut. Se Young’s father tells him to stop the car. Director Kim starts yelling that he won’t have his life derailed. Director Kim’s volcano temper is stress related.

Ma Rin tells Se Young she’ll go look for her father. Se Young is grateful. Ma Rin calls So Joon but he doesn’t pick up or rather he can’t pick up the phone because he’s in the future with Doo Sik. Frustrated Ma Rin leaves a message that Se Young’s father is missing and she’s going to the construction site. She’s upset and scared but won’t stop trying to save Se Young’s father.

Future Winter 2016…

twy_ep10_5216 twy_ep10_5215
So Joon asks Doo Sik why he went to the construction site.  Doo Sik tells So Joon that he wanted to stop the accident too. He counsels So Joon that trying to change the future can make things worse.  So Joon says he’ll live his life the way he wants. He doesn’t understand why Doo Sik is interjecting himself. Doo Sik barks that he thinks of So Joon like a son. So Joon is surprised. So Joon reminds Doo Sik to take care of his daughter. Doo Sik asks if So Joon really thinks he could kill Se Young’s father. So Joon admits he doesn’t believe it. So Joon logs onto the computer and stares at the article about Se Young’s father’s death. He tells Doo Sik that when the past is changed the article will disappear.

Present October 27, 2016…
Ma Rin exits the cab at the construction site.  Director Kim’s car pulls away from the construction site. He can’t believe Ma Rin is there. He hears pounding from the trunk and yells at the person in the trunk to stay still.

Ma Rin runs to the construction site calling for Se Young’s father. Ki Doong sees her and calls to her. He tells her to leave. Ma Rin asks if Se Young’s father has been there. She explains Se Young’s father never came to the airport. That stuns Ki Doong.

So Joon watches the article about Se Young’s father death disappear. Doo Sik is surprised. They both smile. But the smile is wiped from their face when a new article appears identifying Se Young’s father’s death occurred at a house. They are stunned. So Joon starts to leave. Doo Sik grabs him. Doo Sik says nothing can be done now, the murder will occur. So Joon declares there is still time and he can stop the murder. He runs out.

twy_ep10_5630 twy_ep10_5629
Director Kim opens the trunk. Se Young’s father promises he won’t say anything. Director Kim yells at Se Young’s father that he blew his chance to make a deal.

Back in the present, So Joon calls Ki Doong to let him know about the change in the accident site. He says he’s heading there right now. He asks Ki Doong to come too. Ki Doong hangs up shaken. Ma Rin asks if the accident location changed.  Ki Doong relays the new location. Ma Rin realizes that the charity is building houses at the location too.

When Ki Doong and Ma Rin arrive, they find Se Young’s father on the ground blood around his head. They are upset.

So Joon arrives to hear their cries for help. He sees them. He flashes back to the original vision of Ma Rin crying to him and someone to help. This time she sees him and rushes into his arms. She sobs. So Joon holds his sobbing wife.

Gun Sook is startled when Director Kim arrives home without saying a word to her. She notices the dirt on his shoes.

Doo Sik talks into a voice recorder. He states that Director Kim was destined to kill Se Young’s father who realized that Director Kim embezzled from So Joon’s company. Doo Sik says he tried to get Director Kim to leave So Joon’s company, but he failed. He says the circumstances changed, but Director Kim still became a murderer. Doo Sik says he cannot let So Joon find this out. Doo Sik says if So Joon finds out that Director Kim is the murderer then So Joon and Ma Rin will be in danger.

At the funeral Se Young cries in front of her father’ memorial marker. So Joon sits alone and remembers happy times with Se Young’s father. Ma Rin brings him a cup of water. So Joon urges her to go home and rest. She doesn’t want to leave him. He apologizes for making her worry. Ma Rin says he needs to stop apologizing. So Joon steps outside. Ma Rin follows.

Ma Rin finds him alone on a bench. So Joon asks her to sit next to him. Ma Rin asks what time traveling felt like, the first time. So Joon wants to know why she’s asking. Ma Rin says she’s curious. So Joon says initially it was a thrill. Ma Rin guesses it is harder now. So Joon regrets sending the employees on the trip. Then the construction site would not have been deserted. Ma Rin tells him to not talk like that. So Joon wonders if it’s his fault. Ma Rin urges him to not think like that. Logically, Ma Rin points out that she and Ki Doong weren’t able to change the outcome either. So Joon rejects the idea that he couldn’t have done anything. He cries that he knew the future. Ma Rin cries that she can’t let him take the blame like this. His self-flagellation is breaking her heart. She stares at her husband. She hugs her husband. She tells him they have to accept they couldn’t change anything. So Joon doesn’t want to agree. He thinks to himself, if he agrees that nothing could be changed, then his marriage is doomed too. Awk tears! Ma Rin hugs So Joon.

My Thoughts

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) bears the burden of time travel providing knowledge but the agony of not finding a way to alter what he wants. I’m loving Je Hoon’s portrayal of So Joon. It’s nuanced. So Joon has a depth of feeling for his friends and family now that he avoided previously. But Ma Rin opened his heart to everyone he loves but kept at a distance. So Joon desperately wanted to save Se Young’s father. His plan failed. The guilt and the knowledge that he blew the chance to save Se Young’s father will haunt him. But the one thing that he’s even more desperate to save is Ma Rin, the woman he loves, the woman he’s shared his secret with, the woman that loves him regardless. Their relationship seemed stronger as they held each other on the bench than at any other moment in time. But we know something will change this, something will gut their relationship and put them in a place without joy or hope. I said before I believe they can overcome their future. Writer Heo makes me wonder if that’s wistful thinking on my part. But I’m an optimist, so I won’t stop hoping that this quirky couple, who are surprisingly well suited for each other can find a future that isn’t bleak.

Doo Sik revealed that keeping So Joon from finding out the Director Kim was the culprit was his main goal. He looked genuinely surprised when So Joon suspected him of being the culprit. When the computer article about Se Young’s father’s death disappeared, he looks surprised too. But when the replacement article with the different construction site appeared, he wasn’t as surprised as So Joon. Doo Sik’s goal is simple, save his daughter Ma Rin and save his son-in-law So Joon. He rails against the future just like So Joon. He deals with the cruel reality that he may not be able to change the future or their fate. But he won’t stop trying to save them.

Shout out to Ki Doong for being a supportive friend to So Joon. He must have been relieved on some level that Ma Rin knows the truth too. Now he’s not alone carrying that secret.

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) struggled with believing or rejecting So Joon’s claim he was a time traveler. She wanted to believe the man she loved, but the claim was so wild, that logic dictated she reject it. But when she thought about it, she realized the potential was there. Bully for her, she went to Ki Doong’s apartment. There she found Ki Doong, So Joon, and the future products that provided the tangible evidence of products from the future. Folks, it still was hard to accept the notion that So Joon was a time traveler. Lace up shoes is one thing, but your husband time traveling to the future is another. Ma Rin’s eventually willingness to help ensure Se Young’s father was saved proved her love for So Joon and that she cared for Se Young’s father too. The scene on the bench was strong for Ma Rin. She saw her husband’s pain. She listened to So Joon blame himself. But she couldn’t let him wallow without reminding him that he tried his best, but the outcome could not be altered. Her tender touching of So Joon’s face and hugs offered her love and support in a tangible way. She’s all in with So Joon.

I like this couple. They have evolved so both of them care for each other. They’ve come a long way in 10 episodes. I’m pleased with the path Writer Heo has taken. I hope that I’ll continue to be pleased with the direction Writer Heo takes us. Until next week…

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8 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 10 Recap
  1. Thurs says:

    I was so angry So-Joon let the director die so easily! Why couldn’t he just escort the man himself and made sure he got to the airport in one piece or just spend the entire day with him?! Arghhh so much went wrong when it could’ve been prevented so easily!


    • kjtamuser says:

      So Joon’s plan had holes. Not ensuring Se Young’s father went to the airport was a fatal flaw. But to So Joon’s credit, he not only tried to protect Se Young’s father he also planned for her mother and all the charity’s employees with the group trip. So Joon did not plan for every contingency. So Joon made the assumption that Se Young’s father would walk the path he lit for him. But Se Young’s father veered of the lit path and Director Kim was waiting for him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. imberreader says:

    I am still feeling out of it, so I’ll try to keep it short for once.

    The episode starts off with Ma Rin not believing, like any average/normal person would not. One sentence that caught my attention was about ‘then, is the future set in stone? How does that make sense?’ which I think might be a play on the whole concept of this show, perhaps even foreshadowing.

    I am a bit surprised So Joon keeps tripping over his words/explanation like this, but then again she barely lets him talk at all. How did he do this with Ki Doong? Is their doomed future what makes him so insecure about talking?

    The more I watch, the more I come to conclusion that the more you try to push the rock up the mountain, the more you create the situation where it will roll back down. Such as with sending all the workers away on a trip, to create the deserted construction site we all saw.

    The fortune teller scene enforces my Grim Reaper of Goblin issue with Missing People sense about So Joon and Ma Rin, for sure.

    I liked that she openly said the talisman is her concern for him, when he was being dense/confused by it, but judging by expression, also hopeful for it to be so.

    When they walked under streetlamp and joked for a moment about his time travelling, especially he was in the light, and I was again reminded how genius this drama is for light and aesthethic aspects.

    Somehow, when Se Young’s dad was saying thank you to So Joon, I thought, well, at least one person he (So Joon) won’t have to think as ashamed of him when they pass over. And it wrecked me. It really hurt my soul to see them both so earnest and So Joon on edge of tears. As did the funeral scenes.

    It was very very hard to watch the scenes after that because of the emotional impact they had on me. Perhaps I am too sensitive, it really probably is so. But the knowledge of what will happen made everything resonate quite deeply in me. So, I won’t go tearfully rambling about each scene’s significance here and instead say I think they were masterfully crafted and gave a sense of reality and real struggle unfurling before my eyes.

    His suffering over knowing, but being unable to change and her need to reassure that there was nothing they could’ve done was especially poignant. Reminder of one final wall between his world and hers, one that could break everything. One that, in a way, is bound to break everything.

    The preview, though, is a killer…. And I, too, am preparing for an ending that will murder my heart. This drama that promised half-lighthearted story of time’s instability is proving to be exactly the opposite and yet, I love it, and will drink this bittersweet cup to the last drop.


    • kjtamuser says:

      One sentence that caught my attention was about ‘then, is the future set in stone? How does that make sense?’ which I think might be a play on the whole concept of this show, perhaps even foreshadowing
      Well said. We all know that life is a series of decisions and we can alter our lives by our decisions, though typically our decisions keep us in the box we’ve woven for ourselves. In that regard, the struggle to alter their future seems ludicrous but Writer Heo has woven their box in a way that I accept their struggle.

      The fortune teller scene enforces my Grim Reaper of Goblin issue with Missing People sense about So Joon and Ma Rin
      Funny, I had the same thought.

      when Se Young’s dad was saying thank you to So Joon, I thought, well, at least one person he (So Joon) won’t have to think as ashamed of him when they pass over. And it wrecked me. It really hurt my soul to see them both so earnest and So Joon on edge of tears.
      That was a subtle and powerful scene. The emotional connection between these two men, a surrogate father and son, was lovely and felt touchingly real.

      His suffering over knowing, but being unable to change and her need to reassure that there was nothing they could’ve done was especially poignant. Reminder of one final wall between his world and hers, one that could break everything. One that, in a way, is bound to break everything.
      Writer Heo crafted this episode to show us the fragility of physical life and the emotional life we take for granted every day. We assume our friends and family will be there tomorrow – physically and emotionally. We have to believe that or we’d cripple ourselves with worry. That’s why this show’s secondary message – live fully in the present – is powerful and appropriate beyond each 1 hour episode of this series.

      Hope you feel better soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. imberreader says:

    I have just started another drama series by Dragon Studio, Another Miss Oh, which seems to also touch upon the future’s changeability though in different manner and it has different plot value, but I look forward to things that it may make me think also in regard of TWY. Some say this drama is slow, but I feel Writer has done a wonderful job, as even 24 hours in the characters’ days can be filled with so much that changes, that the dramaland time seems to move slowly.

    There really are a lot of subtle, but powerful scenes in TWY. For me, this drama is climbing to stand near Goblin with cinematographic and velvet-gloved punches.

    I am still not quite well, darn these meds, hence the long times between responses, but quite anxiously waiting for the new episode release this week. I can’t believe that we only have 6 more episodes to go. What will I fret over after? How long it will take me to heal my soul after finale?


    • kjtamuser says:

      Another Miss Oh…touch upon the future’s changeability though in different manner and it has different plot valueI hope you dive into Another Miss Oh, which I blogged an enjoyed. Fascinating story, couple I rooted for, and Eric.

      You’ll find another drama to love. I often wonder what I’ll blog next as I come to a close of a series. I have no idea what I’ll blog once TWY completes.

      Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to watching the next episode of TWY tonight.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Great call out — I had not made the connection of changing the future between TWY and Another Miss Oh. Here’s hoping our time travelers have success in altering their early demise as seen in the future.

      I’m a great believer of taking charge of our own lives to make them what we want future of themselves. Taking that belief to action is the real challenge… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Like most human beings, Ma Rin didn’t initially buy into So Joon’s time traveling confession. I also wondered if So Joon disappearing in front of Ma Rin’s eyes 👀 would have convinced her of his abilities. Despite Ma Rin’s initial disbelief, I was relieved So Joon confessed his 👂 secret to Ma Rin and enlisted her and Ki Doong’s support to protect Mr. Shin from being hurt. 😔

    Why did Mr. Shin run errands on the way to the airport❓ That is a recipe for missing your plane. 🛩. How did Mr. Shin go from the front seat of the car 🚗 to being bound up in the trunk❓ Didn’t anyone observe this suspicious activity on broad daylight❓. I would have fought tooth 😬 and nail💅to escape the grasp of cray cray Director Kim once I realized he was not taking me to my destination and denied my my 📱. Let’s face it – I would NOT have gone with someone I had only been briefly introduced to once. Killing Mr. Shin for not making a deal or even divulging to So Joon the rumor of the sale of a Myriets building 🌃, potentially revealing Director Kim’s embezzlement, does not make sense to me. The cat is out of the bag and was apparently not significant to So Joon at this point in time ⏰. Is the blabbermouth buyer at fault?

    Despite So Joon and Doo Sik’s best laid plans, they couldn’t thwart Mr. Shin’s death. So Joon now knows Doo Sik is not the culprit. Did any of you wonder if Doo Sik’s audio recorder might end up in Director 🌋’s hands down the road? I wonder if audio notes hold revealing information. My gut tells me Doo Sik will not survive the series; he will either die at the hands of Director Volcano or by sacrificing himself to protect Ma Rin.

    My heart 💔 wrenched at the despair So Joon felt at Ma Rin and Ki Doong’s “reassurance” there was nothing So Joon could have done to change Mr. Shin’s lethal “fate”. After all, Ma Rin and Ki Doong are not aware of our OTP’s 2019 deaths. If “nothing can be done” to change our OTP’s “fate”, then our OTP are doomed to perish on the 10th anniversary of the subway 🚋 accident.


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