Tomorrow With You Episode 9 Recap

Our couple is happy. Will it last?

Tomorrow With You Episode 9 Recap

Our couple wakes up adorably giddy and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Cute, cute, cute!

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) wants to know when and why Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) decided to marry her. He sidesteps answering claiming he fell for her. Ma Rin want to know if So Joon would have stayed in the guest bedroom forever if she hadn’t initiated their reconciliation. So Joon admits he wasn’t sure what Ma Rin was feeling. So Joon admits he’ll likely never know everything Ma Rin feels. She appreciates his consideration but thinks a bit of a wild edge would be fun. So Joon claims she couldn’t handle his animal side. They giggle. Ma Rin admits that she wants to confirm that he wants her, likes her, and wants to be with her. So Joon tells her never to change and he’ll stay with her.

Ma Rin’s mother (asleep in the upstairs bedroom) wakes and sees the old family photo she dropped last night. She hides it from Ma Rin. She returns it back to her wallet. Ma Rin’s mother asks if she remembers what her father looked like. Surprised, Ma Rin reminds her mother that she removed all traces of her father and it was the right thing to do. Ma Rin admits she doesn’t remember her father and she’s not interested. Ma Rin’s mother suggests they try and find them. Ma Rin reminds her mother he only left debt behind and never contacted them again.

Director Wang tells Ki Doong that rumors are rampant that Director Kim has a side project that is stealing the company’s investors. Ki Doong doesn’t believe it.

So Joon watches the CCTV footage from the Ki Doong’s apartment before he flees. It’s a boring task.

twy_ep9_1231 twy_ep9_1230
Ma Rin is at the construction site taking pictures. So Joon arrives not happy to see her interacting with other men. He worries a man could misinterpret kindness for romantic interest. She’s flattered. Later he’s not happy to see her interact with everyone. She loves his jealousy! She gives him a back hug. Se Young’s father sees them is bummed because Se Young is going to Japan. He snaps that So Joon should have stopped his daughter. Ma Rin is surprised Se Young is moving out of the country.

Se Young calls Ki Doong as he’s leaving work and asks him to meet her. Ki Doong lies and says he’s already home and too tired to go out. Little does he know that she sees him leave work as they speak. She decides to let him slip away none the wiser. She has a sad face. She has no clue that Ki Doong likes her. Too bad. He’d be worth staying for.

Ma Rin and So Joon talk about a getaway. So Joon invites Ki Doong and Se Young but they decline. Ma Rin and So Joon are thrilled they both prefer the sea.  Ma Rin can’t believe that So Joon doesn’t understand that she wants alone time with him. He cajoles her to wait.

By the sea, Ma Rin and So Joon are joined by Ki Doong and Se Young. They are giddy. The boys step away to handle the luggage. Ma Rin asks Se Young to let bygones be bygones. Se Young is willing if she can call Ma Rin older sis. Ma Rin doesn’t like that.

twy_ep9_2311While they explore the seaside, So Joon finds a drop box that promises to mail a letter up to 50 years in the future. Intrigued So Joon writes this to future Ma Rin “to my future Ma Rin. It’s Oct 2016. We are on a trip before Se Young leaves for Japan. Right now, you sent me a picture of your pretty self.  You don’t know I’m a time traveler yet. We are really happy. I wish I had the ability to freeze time rather than time travel. I hope you aren’t angry at me when you receive this letter. ” I like his idea of freezing time versus time travel. It would certainly help them avoid their future deaths.

Ki Doong asks Se Young to confirm she’s moving to Japan because of So Joon. She confirms it. She admits that she feels awkward around Ki Doong. She wants to know what changed between them. Ki Doong comments he tends to be a pushover and does whatever she wants. He admits he’s a fool for her. She admits that she worked at the charity to be near So Joon. But now she has to leave because of So Joon. Little do they know that Ma Rin has overheard their conversation. Ma Rin leaves. Ki Doong sings a sweet song to Se Young. She bops he head to make him stop.

Doo Sik can’t believe that Director Kim took his money but won’t keep his part of the bargain and start his own business. Director Kim asks for more time to cultivate the faith and strong relationships to make this development work. Doo Sik shakes his head and tells Director Kim that the bold live life fully. He declares himself out of the deal. Future financing will not be forthcoming. Doo Sik chuckles that Director Kim just made a ton of cash by welshing on a deal without repercussions. Director Kim can’t believe Doo Sik is walking away. Doo Sik snaps that he can’t trust a liar. Doo Sik says that Director Kim will live the life that fate has given him. Doo Sik says that he needs to stop something but Director Kim isn’t the only person that can facilitate. In the end, Doo Sik literally throws Director Kim out. You could feel the desperation and betrayal the Doo Sik felt in that scene.

While they take an evening stroll, So Joon tells Ma Rin that he lived with Se Young’s family after the subway explosion. Ma Rin asks if there was ever a romantic spark between So Joon and Se Young. He denies seeing Se Young romantically. Ma Rin asks how many relationships So Joon has had. He admits she’s the first one. He claims telling the truth isn’t as easy for him. Ma Rin jokes that’s why he’s so dense around her. Ma Rin suggests that So Joon must be sad his dating days are over. So Joon counters that he’ll date his wife forever. She’s charmed with the suggestion. As they stroll into the night he asks if she’s willing to date him. She laughs and says she can’t deny her husband. They agree to date. Another sweet scene between them.

Ki Doong wakes to find Se Young in the bed with him. He’s stunned. She wakes to find Ki Doong in the bed with her. She freaks out. Ki Doong makes the point they are in his room. He warns her not to pull the blanket away or risk exposing their naked bodies. They wonder what happened last night. Flashback…Se Young cries that she saved herself for So Joon and now she considers herself stupid. Ki Doong recalls how he and Se Young shared a kiss in college, his first kiss. Se Young kisses him again lightly. Present…Ki Doong says that Se Young is the one that started thing last night. He offers take responsibility. Se Young doesn’t want that. She wants him to erase last night from his memory. She leaves.

So Joon and Ma Rin are surprised when Ki Doong and Se Young declare they are ready to return to the city. Once again, So Joon proves his lack of emotional intelligence when he’s all smiles about the fun trip that ended too soon.

Ma Rin’s mother goes to the bank to find out where Doo Sik deposits his money every month. She learns that he deposits at the bank near the subway station. She waits for him to arrive at the bank on the day of the month he makes his deposit. He sees her and ducks into an alcove. The actor that portrays Doo Sik does physical comedy well.

Director Kim calls Doo Sik and tells him without his second cash infusion, the deal falls apart. The penalty Director Kim has to pay wipes him out. Needless to say, Director Kim is upset bordering on hysterical. Financial ruin wasn’t his plan. Doo Sik hangs up. Director Kim is livid. Doo Sik tells himself that he gave Director Kim every opportunity to leave the company with a bright future. He mutters all the matters is getting Director Kim out of So Joon’s company. Director Kim literally freaks out and has a meltdown in his office.

When Ki Doong wakes and shuffles into the living room, So Joon is there looking at the future CCTV footage. Ki Doong encourages him to live in the present. So Joon is startled to see Doo Sik in the house.

Future October 27…
Doo Sik rifles through Ki Doong’s apartment. He’s looking for So Joon’s journal. He spies to the ladder to the vent. Bingo!

So Joon rushes out of the subway thinking that Doo Sik steals his journal today. He runs to the apartment.

Doo Sik finds the journal. He leaves the apartment with the journal. He shreds certain pages as he rides in the taxi. Doo Sik thinks to himself “it’s important that So Joon doesn’t know that Director Kim is the culprit behind Se Young’s father accident.”

So Joon urges his taxi not to lose Doo Sik’s taxi. He exits the taxi. He hears a woman screaming. It’s Ma Rin! She has blood on her shirt. He rushes towards her but Doo Sik intercepts him and holds him back. He says the past and present cannot meet like this. So Joon struggles to free himself.  Doo Sik says the ambulance is called and So Joon cannot engage his wife at this time. Doo Sik manages to force So Joon away from the construction site.

Ma Rin waits for So Joon to return home.

Is this a dream? Ma Rin and So Joon walk the train tracks hand in hand. Ma Rin tells So Joon she did the right thing in marrying him. He doesn’t speak and looks serious. He disappears! Yes, that was a dream. Ma Rin wakes when the phone rings. So Joon tells her he won’t be able to come home tonight. He claims to be on a business trip. She asks if everything is okay. She admits she had a bad dream. She tells him to be careful. So Joon promises to take car. He wishes his wife goodnight.

Future October 27…
twy_ep9_4902 twy_ep9_4901
Doo Sik tells So Joon that Se Young’s father dies in an accident and Ma Rin finds him. So Joon doesn’t understand why Doo Sik is here. Doo Sik asks if So Joon is suspicious of him. He came to stop the accident. So Joon doesn’t understand why Doo Sik is helping his inner circle. Doo Sik doesn’t have an answer. He reiterates that he did not cause the accident. So Joon tells him to leave. He can’t believe him. Doo Sik continues to try and explain. So Joon leaves to find answers on his own. He goes to an internet cafe and reads the articles about Se Young’s father’s death. He wonders if it was an accident.

So Joon asks Se Young when she departs for Japan. She tells him it’s October 27. OMG! So Joon can’t believe the day she leaves is the day her father is killed. So Joon offers to pay for her parents to come and live with her in Japan. Se Young scoffs she’ll be too busy starting her new job to have time for her parents. So Joon presses her to take them so they can assure themselves she’ll be okay in Japan. Se Young doesn’t understand why So Joon is making a fuss. He asks again for her to accept his gift of tickets for her parents.

Director Kim meets an investor. He has his assistant to wait outside while they eat a meal. Director Kim isn’t happy when the investor asks him to sell him a rental property So Joon’s company owns. The investor is interested when Director Kim discloses that So Joon’s company will be selling many of their smaller properties. As the two men leave the private dining room, the investor greets Se Young’s father (an old friend from school). The investor introduces Director Kim and Se Young’s father. They greet each other. Se Young’s father comments that Director Kim works for a good company.

Ma Rin is surprised when So Joon wants her to stop working. He tells her a new career path would be wise. Ma Rin realizes that So Joon is serious. She wants to know why. She likes taking photos for the charity. So Joon claims her presence makes him uncomfortable. She asks if it’s because of his parents. Grasping to find a reason that will get her to agree, So Joon claims this is about his parents.

Later Ma Rin wonders why So Joon wants her to quit. She tells So Joon that she wants to finish the project with the charity. So Joon says he’ll help her find another job. Ma Rin admits that she might not have been as sensitive to his feelings by having him move furniture for the charity the other day. She frets that she was thoughtless. She promises to be more sensitive AFTER she finishes the project. So Joon doesn’t agree and walks away.

So Joon recalls future Ma Rin screaming at him after finding Se Young’s body at the construction site. He wants to shield Ma Rin from that pain.

When So Joon goes to bed he asks Ma Rin if she could know the future, would she? Ma Rin claims she would want to know the future. So Joon says not knowing might be better. She wants to know why he asks. He pretends it’s nothing and holds her in bed.

twy_ep9_5826 twy_ep9_5827
The next evening So Joon drives Ma Rin to an unknown destination. They end up at the photographer (from episode 1 who Ma Rin tried and failed to get a job with). The photographer offers them congratulations on their marriage. So Joon tells Ma Rin that he showed the photographer her portfolio. The photographer tells Ma Rin her photos have improved. Ma Rin breaks her silence and tells So Joon that the photographer hates people that use connections. She tells him this is a mistake. She leaves.

So Joon catches Ma Rin outside the building. She’s not happy. She can’t believe he knew she wanted to work for that photographer. She’s impressed that he has those kinds of connections. So Joon urges to see it for what it is, a great opportunity. Ma Rin counters that she never asked So Joon to get her a new job. She doesn’t like his high-handed ways. She doubts that he’s doing this for her because she’s not happy with his action. She confesses that everything has been wonderful at work and home that’s she’s wondered when the bubble would burst. She asks him not to be the one that breaks the bubble. But So Joon won’t drop it. He is adamant her happiness is what matters. It’s why he must insist she leave the charity. She asks what he means. So Joon says something bad will happen. She asks what he means. He takes her arm and says he’ll show her what he means.

He takes her to a spot and asks if she sees the electronic billboard behind him. She does. He tells her that a bus accident that everyone survived will be the next news story on the billboard. She looks at the billboard. He’s right. So Joon continues that the next story will be about a terrorist incident in the US. He’s right again. Ma Rin stares at So Joon. He continues and tells her the bus in front of them will suddenly stop because a passenger forgot something. He’s right. So Joon continues that the passenger will get off the bus and kneel before his girlfriend. He’s right. Ma Rin stares in disbelief. She asks So Joon how he knows all this. He tells her he was at his very spot earlier in the day. Ma Rin asks why he’s saying this. It’s scaring her. She tells him they should leave and talk at home. He takes her hand. He says “I can travel to the future”. She stares at him. He repeats himself.  “I can travel to the future”. She stares at him.

My Thoughts

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) knew one this day would come. Time travel has taken a back seat to our couple’s relationship but that all changed this episode. For So Joon, it’s all simple. His imperative is clear. Save Ma Rin. He’s done this from the beginning episode. He saved her from getting hit by the truck. He’s desperately worked to save her from being killed on 3/25/19. And now he’s trying to save her from finding Se Young’s body. So Joon’s single minded focus has been unwavering. But his methodology of evasion failed him. He was forced to reveal his secret, that he was a time traveler. How will Ma Rin respond?

Doo Sik has a similar mission. Save Ma Rin. Save So Joon to save Ma Rin. He played a dangerous game when he walked about from the deal with Director Kim, who is turning out to be volatile. Director Kim’s rampage in the office was a bit unnerving. Director Kim feels inferior to So Joon. Director Kim saw a chance to best So Joon with the deal that Doo Sik offered. Now he faces financial ruin. What’s interesting is that Doo Sik knew walking away from the deal would ruin Director Kim. Isn’t that poking the bear? Moreover, Doo Sik knows Director Kim kills Se Young’s father. Doo Sik knows Ma Rin finds Se Young’s father. So why did he allow this series of events to continue? Did you find Doo Sik’s adamance that past So Joon not comfort future Ma Rin after finding Se Young’s father’s body reasonable? Where you surprised to learn that Doo Sik sends money to Ma Rin’s every month?

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) didn’t want her bubble of happiness to burst, but it did. She relished her marriage. She loved her job. She finally found a sweet spot of joy. But her dream of So Joon disappearing in front of her was the inkling that their train of happiness would derail. I enjoyed our couple savoring their happiness together. This couple has chemistry, but they are built on lies and therefore fragile. So Joon’s reveal will change everything. Now we understand why future Ma Rin told past So Joon (last episode) to leave her and convince Se Young not to go to Japan.

Here we are. The secret is revealed. What’s next? Will Ma Rin believe him? Will she reject him and order him to leave? Will she accept his ability to time travel? I tend to think the wimpier Ma Rin from the initial episodes might have but the current Ma Rin has more self-worth and is willing to pursue her needs too. So Joon continues to be low scoring on emotional intelligence. He doesn’t help his cause with that liability. Will the letter that So Joon wrote impact their future?

Cute interview video of our leading actors is below. Their ease with each other is apparent.

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8 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 9 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    I am sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense, some things changed up in my life and I am physically and mentally quite ‘out of it’ so to say.

    But now back to what’s important – Tomorrow with You!

    That start!! It’s such a lovely mirroring of Ma Rin’s giddy joy on first morning as a wife. But it is also a lovely expresion of So Joon’s character, his word choice and even the embarassment of being caught. (Also, you cannot be so loud and expect her not to wake, my dear So Joon. You were asking for her to hear.)

    I loved the ‘how can she be so lovely?’, which to me is something someone who can’t believe they’re in love would say, and that to me is exactly So Joon. He never expected these rosy glasses to pop up, but they did, despite all the misgivings he had about Ma Rin. And now he doesn’t mind it at all, the happiness is overflowing.

    The after title conversation made me smile because they’re being cozy, happy AND openly talking about things. This is what I dream of for them. She opens about needing confirmation constantly, which is the cornerstone of her insecurities and what shapes so much of her reactions, and he assures her that he falls for her more and more each day. His fear of her changing is definitely because of the future!Ma Rin, and again we’re reminded how deeply that meeting shook him, probably the contrast making him realize his feelings even more.

    I think, stability is what he craves the most in relationship now. After all the years of never having to worry for present, suddenly both it and future is unknown to So Joon when it comes to Ma Rin. And even in past, what he knew and loved was suddenly ripped away from him with the train accident. So, stability and security is probably what he unconsciously wants the most, but doesn’t know how to earn, whenever the situation goes out of his known frames.

    I love to see more of Ma Rin outside her relationship with So Joon. Even when she hangs out with her friend, the conversation topic is mostly her husband, but this time, we got to see Ma Rin discussing her father and talking about her camera fear, just being herself around the people on Happiness building site. Even with Se Young, though that’s still So Joon’s ‘tinted’.

    So Joon’s jealousy was incredibly cute, we could see Ma Rin totally thought so, too. Honestly, he turns into such a whiny, cute little puppy around her sometime. At least he admits it!! I grinned like Ma Rin when he did, because how many steps forward is that? MANY!! And she was honest in response. Though he protested, we could see he didn’t really mind her cuteness-cling overload, haha.

    More of honesty, I love it!! She doesn’t let him be ‘dense’ and ignore what she means about deserted island and he uses his adorable cuteness to get his way, but with what seems to be a honest promise (and also explains why he wants to drag friends along). The dense child description made me chuckle and I thought ‘oh, is she slowly accepting thought of having a child together with him?’.

    Ki Doong and Ma Rin totally hit it off, as I thought they would when all the dating rumors and So Joon trying to not let Ma Rin in his life is done with. So Joon gets jelly AGAIN, haha. (How happy he is to get spend time with Ma Rin alone while friends deal with barbeque, omg.)

    Again with the dog-name! But how casually and easily he uses it now, makes me grin so wide. And that letter! I feel like it will definitely play an important role somehow, eventually. Preparing for soul-healing or heartache, or both because of it. I wonder what date did he write on it?

    I feel bad for Ki Doong. I really like him. Why are the three all such a circle of ‘I like you so I am pushover for you’, except for So Joon? While also each of them being SO DENSE? Dammit. Ki Doong’s song made me all )): because the lyrics hit right in the feels for us, watchers. Also he’s good singer. Se Young, wake up and see what’s right in front of you!

    (When I said wake up, I didn’t quite mean how they did wake up next morning, though… That doesn’t help anyone, omg. More like the opposite. Omg, kind of poor Se Young to have her first night like that… They were both so drunk tho, heck. And somehow, I still end up feeling sorry for Ki Doong who is just too Awkward TM to get across that he wants to date her properly, faced with her Denial.)

    Ma Rin’s father/Mister is very good actor, the scene with the director really convinced me of the character’s struggles to find the right way in confusing maze of choices.

    We got confirmation So Joong has NO experience dating at all. I love how writer got that across in all the episodes before with just some hints from Ki Doong. He’s learning fast and well, good man. I love how they agree to date. I believe these are some of the keys to good relationships – the trust and always putting in effort in relationship, instead of thinking ‘well, I can disappear in my routine because they can’t go anywhere anymore’.

    Besides, they are obviously still so much in cutesy love phase and he’s experiencing it for the first time, so dating makes so much sense, haha.

    On more serious note, it looks like Mister might have made the future he didn’t want to come true reality with his backing out, judging by preview. Or it was just unchangable anyway. I feel like this could be a piece of puzzle we’re trying to put together for So Joon’s and Ma Rin’s sake.

    Talking about puzzle pieces… The dream felt like another one. Somehow, Ma Rin’s subconscious seems to be picking up hints her mind cannot really process, as with her Spy So Joon dream and all the times she felt ‘strange’ when touching things from future. Either it is just what all humans could do or it has to do something with her, or her close relationship with So Joon (and blood relation to time traveller). Who knows!

    And here comes future-forced dishonesty again, with why he wants her to quit Happiness. Sigh. But you can see how he tries to be gentle about it and genuinely feels bad, instead of just insisting and maybe shouting when she keeps saying no. So, there’s still improvement.

    I do understand her hurt feelings, especially since the lady is someone who treated her so harshly and now is all smiles because of Ma Rin’s husband. But they confront it head on, even if it, of course, isn’t easy or problem solving on its own.

    I was really impressed by the lighting this episode again, especially during the time travelling reveal. The square has a lot of shifting lights and they could be seen on our main couple, as the fear and anxiety, and uncertainty settled in, blinking and flickering as their hearts did. Music in the scene was on point, too.

    Overall, another amazing episode that answers some questions, but sets up plenty of new ones.


    • kjtamuser says:

      So Joon…never expected…rosy glasses to pop up, but they did, despite all the misgivings …now he doesn’t mind it at all, the happiness is overflowing
      I enjoyed their mutual joy in each other. Before they weren’t in sync, but now they are, and both are treating each other with an open heart.

      stability and security is probably what he unconsciously wants the most, but doesn’t know how to earn, whenever the situation goes out of his known frames
      I like your thinking. Often we want what is difficult to achieve. So Joon wants a happy forever with Ma Jin but he knows it will be difficult to earn because of his understanding of their future. What I’ve liked about So Joon from the get go is his belief that he can save Ma Rin and change the future. It’s not as easy as he hoped, which is a testament to good writing. This is a complicated situation and Writer Heo isn’t offering the brush stroke that makes everything in the future ok…yet.

      I feel bad for Ki Doong. I really like him. Why are the three all such a circle of ‘I like you so I am pushover for you’, except for So Joon?
      So true, So Joon had the power of not caring before but know he’s in the pit of caring and not being able to stop it too. You can’t control who you love, how deeply you love, or how long you love. That being sad, a character’s power is reduced with unrequited love.

      The square has a lot of shifting lights and they could be seen on our main couple, as the fear and anxiety, and uncertainty settled in, blinking and flickering as their hearts did.
      Beautifully stated.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Meies says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, and find myself mesmerized by how each character’s actions remain true to who they are across all timelines.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I ❤ the reconnect Ma Rin and So Joon had in their relationship, it gave me hope for their future. I especially ❤ the moments Ma Rin caught So Joon talking about his Flower, unaware of her observation of him adoring her. I concur with @imberreader about So Joon craving a stability in their marriage to bring more permanency to his time traveling life.

    I wish Se Young could see Ki Doong’s affection or her and realize what a great guy he is. No need to run away missy.

    A desperate and volatile Director Kim, seems to be a dangerous man. Did Doo Sik instigate or enflame the unstable Director Kim in regards to the issue with that he was trying to mitigate when he withdrew his support of Director Kim?

    Darn that Doo Sik and his secrecy! While Doo Sik is trying to protect his daughter, Ma Rin, and her husband, So Joon, Doo Sik’s clandestineness made him look the perpetrator of Mr. Shin’s accident. So Joon is making some of the same mistakes being mysterious with Ma Rin. Will Si Joon’s his time travel confession be credible or too little too late? Why can’t Doo Sik reveal himself as being Ma Rin’s dad—at least to So Joon? 


    • kjtamuser says:

      I especially ❤ the moments Ma Rin caught So Joon talking about his Flower, unaware of her observation of him adoring her.
      She deserves to see his adoration. She gave her heart first. Now she can see him reciprocate.

      Darn that Doo Sik and his secrecy…So Joon is making some of the same mistakes being mysterious with Ma Rin
      Lies never work (hiding the truth counts). You know what they say “For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth”.


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