Voice Episode 12 Recap

Voice Episode 12 – Chapter 6: A Telephone Call from Hell

Heo Ji Hye’s file (recall Ji Hye was Jin Hyuk’s wife). She worked in a charity. She got off work at 7pm. She had been looking for as missing person named Kong Cheol Han for a month.  She looks at the text message “I’m Ji Hye’s friend. I have something to tell you about Jin Hyuk.“

Chapter 6: A Telephone Call from Hell

John 9:41 ‘Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.”’

vep12_0200vep12_0201 Murderer Mo learns from harbor boss that the police have confiscated the USB and accounting ledger. Harbor boss declares it’s all Jin Hyuk’s fault. But Murderer Mo may be implicated. Frustrated Murderer Mo holds the phone away while he gets a grip. He warns harbor boss he’ll have his other Achilles heel severed. Harbor boss is bold, “I knew you’d discard me. Come get me. I have insurance against you. Man up and come after me”. Wow and Wow! Harbor boss clicks out the taunt that will end his life by Murderer Mo’s hands. Harbor boss waved the red flag in front of the bull. Murderer Mo will relish coming after him. I actually hope Harbor boss gets a couple of good licks in. Murderer Mo has had it too easy.

Rooftop man, Jin Goo, has collapsed (from the drug the Welfare Facility workers injected) and his recent surgical wound has reopened. Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) tells Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) that something is terribly wrong. Jin Goo surgeries were called repairs. She urges Jin Hyuk to pursue the ambulance and catch it before it reaches the hospital. Jin Hyuk agrees. He and Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) rush to their car.

Kwon Joo assigns Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) and Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) to track the ambulance and find out everything about the Hospital and Welfare Facility with the same name.

Dae Sik wonders if Jin Goo needed discipline. Jin Hyuk agrees he initially thought the same but Jin Goo’s wounds tell him something is wrong. They head to the hospital.

vep12_0502 vep12_0501
The workers try and stem the blood from the wound. Kwon Joo hears the ambulance going into an underground parking lot. Thumbs up for on-the-spot super hearing analysis! Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo that owner of the hospital is a 37-year-old woman, Woo Min.  They unload Jin Goo and take him into the hospital. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive. They head upstairs to investigate.

Murderer Mo remembers harbor boss’ words. He’s disappointed the harbor boss has turned against him and is afraid of Jin Hyuk.

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik ask out Jin Goo at the front desk. They see a woman who says that Jin Goo is a frequent guest at the hospital. She urges them to wait until Jin Goo is stabilized. Jin Hyuk must agree. They see a man wearing a rosary bracelet on a table as the woman shuts the door. Dae Sik recalls Jin Goo wearing a similar bracelet. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo that Jin Goo may be in the room next to them. He says they’ll wait until Jin Goo receives treatment to speak to him. The receptionist walks away. Dae Sik notices how quiet it is. Where are the patients, their families, the hubbub of a hospital?

Hyun Ho and Eun Soo figure out that Woo Min isn’t registered and the hospital’s main source of income is the Welfare Facility.

Kwon Joo listens to Jin Goo transferred to a metal table. They grab instruments but this isn’t a typical surgery compliment of tools. It looks like torture.

Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that something is wrong. She says Jin Woo is being prepped for surgery without anesthesia and with an active cell phone on his person. The hospital owner Woo Man isn’t a doctor but a therapist.  Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik go into the treatment room. The woman is on the phone with the hospital owner. Jin Woo is not there. Jin Hyuk demands to know where Jin Woo is. The woman says nothing. Jin Hyuk requests backup.

Kwon Joo wonders what is happening. She recalls music. Eun Soo says the ambulance disappeared from CCTV. Kwon Joo realizes Jin Woo wasn’t taken to the hospital he was taken back to the Welfare Facility. She reports this to Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik who can’t find Jin Woo or any patients in the hospital. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik head to their car to return to the Welfare Facility. The police are dispatched to head there. Kwon Joo declares they must save Jin Woo. She’s determined to save all these victims as she hears their plight to compensate that she wasn’t able to save her father when she heard his plight.

vep12_1501 vep12_1500
The welfare facility director arrives to do the surgery. He gets a phone call. He tells the caller that they’ll remove the cornea and kidney. Do they sell body parts on the black market? The welfare facility director says other parts will go to the USA who pays handsomely.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo the key workers at the Welfare Facility include a butcher and a doctor who work there due to high debt.

vep12_2003 vep12_2000vep12_2001
Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive at the welfare facility. Kwon Joo tells them the welfare facility director is famous for an insurance scam at former facility. He fled the country but now he’s back. They find the ambulance in the parking lot. They search welfare facility. They break through a locked door and find a group of people sitting on the floor softly moaning. They don’t respond when Jin Hyuk talks to them. Dae Sik finds medicine, boxes and boxes of it. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo the medicine company’s name and mentions a bad smell. Jin Hyuk questions the people who finally respond and say they were given the medicine often and it made them hallucinate. Jin Hyuk urges Kwon Joo to get the backup police to the welfare facility ASAP.

Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that the surgery on Jin Goo is happening on the basement. The sound is disgusting and upsetting. They find the phone and turn it off. They hear Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik approaching. The welfare facility director calmly states sometimes you get more than you thought. He orders them to finish Jin Goo. He heads out with a scalpel in hand.

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik search the basement. They hear Jin Goo’s moans.

Finally, the police arrive and burst in the building.

vep12_2502 vep12_2501vep12_2503
Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik find Jin Goo on the operating room table and the three workers ready for a brawl. Jin Hyuk gives it to them. Dae Sik even gets some action. The welfare facility director flees. Dae Sik calls for a real ambulance. Jin Hyuk assures Jin Woo he’ll be saved. They move him to a stretcher.

Dae Sik finds a freezer full of body parts. He calls for Jin Hyuk. They can’t believe what they are seeing. This is why this show is 19+, egad! Jin Hyuk can’t believe the workers did this to human beings. One worker laughs and say their lawyers will get them off.  Jin Hyuk beats the man. Dae Sik stops Jin Hyuk. The other worker spills that they are testing an obesity medicine that has severe side effects. Subjects that don’t cooperate are sliced into parts and sold into the black market.  Jin Hyuk wants to hammer the man he beat but stops himself. Jin Hyuk wants the welfare facility director.

vep12_3201 vep12_3200vep12_3202
The welfare facility director runs through the building. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik search for him. Jin Hyuk calls Kwon Joo and explains how the welfare facility is a cover for an illegal drug testing scheme. In the director’s office, they find the little girl. Jin Hyuk promises to discipline everyone that hurt her. He promises she can play with his son. Does she know where the director is? She points to the location. Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik to take the girl out of the office.  Dae Sik tells Jin Hyuk not to lose it in one simple word.

vep12_3601 vep12_3600
Jin Hyuk opens the secret room behind the bookshelf. The welfare facility director is there and tries to stab Jin Hyuk with a scalpel. He breaks the welfare facility director’s arm. The welfare facility director says society doesn’t care about those people. They are throw away. Jin Hyuk fires his gun in the air. He puts the gun to the welfare facility director’s chest. He gives the welfare facility director a piece of his mind. He makes him believe he will shoot him but he doesn’t. Jin Hyuk promises prison will his living hell. Jin Hyuk arrests the welfare facility director. Jin Hyuk reports to Kwon Joo the arrest has been made.

Jin Goo’s wife finds him and tells him his life was more important than money. Jin Hyuk says there are crazy people in this world. Kwon Joo calls Dae Sik and asks if Gong Chul Han was in the welfare facility. Is this the first time Kwon Joo has called Dae Sik? Jin Goo recognizes the name but is not shape to communicate this. No one else knows the name. Dae Sik tells Kwon Joo there was no one in the welfare facility with that name. Jin Hyuk asks what that was about. Dae Sik explains that Kwon Joo wanted to know if Gong Chul Han was at the facility. I’m going to ignore that Dae Sik’s methodology wasn’t thorough and Kwon Joo’s accepting it was silly.

I wanted to like that story but it was too simple. It gave Jin Hyuk some moments to pontificate with passion. He had the good scene with the little girl. But it felt like filler. I’m glad there is a tie in with Gong Chul Han but the 50 minutes that case took didn’t resonate.

Kwon Joo reads the records that state Gong Chul Han was a patient at the Welfare Facility, then disappeared. Heo Ji Hye was in charge. Ah, finally we can see how Jin Hyuk’s wife could be tied into this.

Hyun Ho and Eun Soo can’t believe how close Jin Woo came to being killed. Eun Soo shudders saying listening to Jin Woo’s pleas reminded her of when her sister was dragged away by the rapist video kidnapper.  Hyun Ho suggests they get and sandwich together. She smiles.

Subway product placement scene…
Hyun Ho and Jin Hyuk eat. They laugh and joke. Nice to see two co-workers on this show have a moment of connection. Too bad it isn’t our leads.

vep12_4501 vep12_4500
Murderer Mo and harbor boss meet. Harbor boss clicks loudly. Murderer Mo asks if he’s nervous the police were called. Harbor boss says he has no escape. Harbor boss asks Murderer Mo to get him out of the country safely. Murderer Mo asks if the satchel had anything that would incriminate him. Harbor boss clicks. Murderer Mo asks if he should kill Jin Hyuk. Harbor boss seizes on that idea as capital. Murderer Mo stabs harbor boss and pins him to the table. Murderer Mo says he wants to meet the man that scares him.  He twists the knife and says if only harbor boss could divorce himself from feeling pain, he’d be able to ratchet up his cruelty to heights unknown.  Murderer Mo pulls the knife. He tells harbor boss he’ll give him two choices and his life will change forever depending on the choice he makes. Effective scene! I was surprised at the deferential tone harbor boss took considering all the bluster he spouted on the phone to Murderer Mo. No doubt an in-person encounter with Murderer Mo chilled harbor boss to the bone.

The interrogation of harbor boss’s assistant isn’t going well. Jin Hyuk enters the interrogation room. He tells the assistant he knows that harbor boss did not kill his wife. That surprises everyone watching the interrogation and in the actual room. Jin Hyuk asks who put the bull’s eye on harbor boss. Jin Hyuk says it is futile to go to jail for his boss, who will not help him. The assistant chuckles and says harbor boss told him that he has many friends in the police and more influence than Jin Hyuk knows. The serious crime unit members behind the one-way mirror wonder who in the police is dirty. Kyung Hak says the ramblings of the assistant are nonsense. Dae Sik looks at Kyung Hak as he walks out of the room.

vep12_4922 vep12_4921
Kyung Hak calls his daughter. He asks if he should come and live with her. Jin Hyuk overhears and knows that Kyung Hak might be ripe for the picking. He asks if Kyung Hak has anything to tell him. Kyung Hak feigns ignorance. Jin Hyuk tells him to follow him. Love the look Jin Hyuk gave Kyunk Hak!

Harbor boss walks the street and recalls Murderer Mo’s words about his two choices. Harbor boss told Murderer Mo that his limited power made Jin Hyuk, the crazy dog, an impossible target to kill. Murderer Mo tells harbor boss choice #1 is to use him as the bait to lure Jin Hyuk into a trap. If all goes well, harbor boss can choose the country he’ll live in as a free man, free of the servitude to the Mo family. Harbor boss asks what his other option is. Murderer Mo says choice #2 is to live and die as his father did. Murderer Mo looks at him meaningfully.

Make perfect sense that Murderer Mo wants the ultimate prize Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo. He’s right that Jin Hyuk could not resist harbor boss dangling the opporunity to know who the real killer of his wife is.

Jin Hyuk tells Kyung Hak that all the police chiefs used to be strong but now they are servants to someone else. He hands Kyung Hak the picture of the girl putting her hand on his thigh. Jin Hyuk understands how embarrassing the picture must be. Kyung Hak pounds the car. He tells Jin Hyuk to stay out of it. He knows saying sorry isn’t sufficient, but he’s sorry nonetheless.

At the hospital, Jin Goo’s wife asks her husband what is bothering him. He states the police wanted to know if anyone knew Gong Chul Han at the Welfare Facility. Jin Goo admits he knows that name. But he only knows bits and pieces about Gong Chul Han. He wonders if he should tell Kwon Joo. His wife encourages to tell the police whatever he knows, no matter how insignificant he thinks the information is. Jin Goo agrees he owes them.

Jin Goo calls Kwon Joo. He thanks Kwon Joo for saving his life. Jin Goo says that he of Gong Chul Han at the Welfare Facility. He knows someone that knows him well. Unfortunately, he only knows a partial name “Park”. But the man is a bus driver Sungwun (Father Mo’s empire). Kwon Joo thanks him.

Kwon Joo considers how Sungwun keeps coming up. She knows there is a tie in club proprietress’s murder. Hyun Ho and Eun Soo return from their break and give her a sandwich to eat. She agrees to eat it. Jin Hyuk calls and says to meet her at Grandmother’s eatery. He hangs up.

vep12_5000 vep12_5001
Jin Hyuk drinks at Grandmother’s eatery and recalls his conversation with Kyung Hak. He asks Kyung Hak to confirm he had nothing to do with the Ji Hye incident but has been threatened. Kyung Hak confirms this. He thinks there is someone in the police station that is the traitor. Kyung Hak says that man disguised his voice but knew everything about him. Kyung Hak admits he has been considering retirement. Jin Hyuk tells him to catch the traitor to make amends. Kyung Hak asks Jin Hyuk if he trusts Kwon Joo. He says the police chief asked for background on Kwon Joo. He found that Kwon Joo was snooping around Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murder as though it was a “man” problem. He tells Jin Hyuk to get the details from Kwon Joo.

vep12_10001 vep12_10000Kwon Joo arrives at Grandmother’s eatery and sits down at Jin Hyuk’s table. She asks if everything is okay. He pours her a drink. He asks why she’s been looking into Ji Hye’s background. Kwon Joo says she has something important to tell him. It’s related to the reason his wife was killed. She asks Jin Hyuk if he knew that his wife was visiting a Welfare Facility resident before she died. Jin Hyuk recalls his wife telling him that Gong Chul Han had gone missing again. Jin Hyuk told his wife Gong Chul Han has disappeared multiple times. His wife was frustrated with his lack of urgency. He remembers his wife pleading with him to find Gong Chul Han. Doesn’t this mean he knows who Gong Chul Han is?  Kwon Joo shows Jin Hyuk a picture of Gong Chul Han. She says that Ji Hye was obsessed with Gong Chul Han. Jin Hyuk laughs. He asks what Kwon Joo is trying to say. In the past, we see Gong Chul Han on the ground at the Welfare Facility. He sees Jin Hyuk’s wife. Jin Hyuk asks Kwon Joo if she’s saying that his wife’s inability not to try and help Gong Chul Han led her to murder. He asks what Kwon Joo is hiding from him. Kwon Joo says Gong Chul Han left his wife a note then left the Welfare Facility a few days before her death.  She shows Jin Hyuk a note that states that his wife had been searching for Gong Chul Han for a month. Jin Hyuk chuckles and asks if Kwon Joo thinks his wife was romantically involved with Gong Chul Han. Kwon Joo shows Jin Hyuk the text she received last night. “Do you know a wolf under a sheep skin? Ji Hye is that kind of woman. She was an underground broker”. Jin Hyuk chuckles and says his wife wasn’t like that. He excuses himself. Kwon Joo notices he’s under the influence of alcohol.

Jin Hyuk steps outside for a smoke. He gets a phone call. It’s harbor boss. He asks to speak with Jin Hyuk one on one. Harbor boss tells him not to bother tracing the phone number. He promises the information he has is more valuable. Jin Hyuk asks what he wants. Harbor boss says he wants a deal. Jin Hyuk says it’s all over once he catches him, what would he possibly offer?

Kwon Joo gets a text.

Harbor boss chuckles. He promises to help identify Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murderer. And he’ll provide evidence on every person that has been murdered. In exchange, harbor boss must be freed. Jin Hyuk wonders what happens if he doesn’t take the offer. Harbor boss states he’ll be sentenced to a lifetime of wondering but never knowing why his wife died. Harbor boss tells him where to meet him (a memory from his marriage).

The text on Kwon Joo’s phone reads “I’m Mo Tae Goo (Murderer Mo). Can we meet?” Notice the similarity to the text Jin Hyuk’s wife received?

Cue bathtub and classical music as Murderer Mo lounges knowing he’s set the trap for his big prizes, Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk.

vep12_010300Kwon Joo stands and stares at Jin Hyuk who is still on the phone.

Jin Hyuk finishes his phone call with harbor boss and stares into the night. He turns and stares at Kwon Joo.

My Thoughts

Murderer Mo has cast his bait for Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo.  Will they confide in each other about their respective communications with harbor boss and Murderer Mo?

Harbor boss decided to take the deal Murderer Mo offered that allow him to live. I was disappointed that he boosted on the phone to expose Murderer Mo but then acted subservient when he met face-to-face with Murderer Mo. How can he think Murderer Mo will really let him live?

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) defeated some of his crazy dog demons. He was on the edge when he beat the worker. He was on the edge when he almost shot the Welfare Center Director. Jin Hyuk has probably not gotten much sleep since all this happened. His body is tired and his brain struggles to process. I liked the scene between Kyung Hak and Jin Hyuk in the car. That worked. I liked the scene between Jin Hyuk and the little girl. That worked. I liked the scene between Jin Hyuk and the harbor boss. That worked. We finally have some insight why his wife was murdered. Does saving victims help him deal with his wife’s murder?

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) told Jin Hyuk his wife was looking for another man. Is Gong Chul Han Jin Hyuk’s wife’s brother? Best friend from college? She was desperate to find him. I like Kwon Joo. Saving victims helps her deal with how she was unable to save her father.

Four episodes to go. Murderer Mo most definitely will get his hands on either Jin Hyuk or Kwon Joo or both. Writer Ma is positioning this show for a climatic ending.

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52 comments on “Voice Episode 12 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    The complete phrase MJH said was :”There are many crazy bastards in this world. I am one of them”. At least MJH doesn’t have moral superiority issues. That made him appreciate him. He struggles, because if he pushed himself one inch into the dark side, he would’ve mercilessly killed those criminals. I’ve said it before, I really like the actor who plays Chief Jang. He has played a conflicted character well and I liked that scene with MJH. I also loved MJH scene with his wife, cause sleepy JH is too cute lol. The cliffhanger was great! I’m back to caring about this drama (despite all its flaws)

  2. Drama Fan says:

    Oh and because I loved Daeshik carrying the little girl I don’t want to even entertain the idea of him being the mole 😦 I want to think its just the commissioner.

    • prettysup says:

      Yeah I dont want it to be Dae Shik either ! No no no !! My mole guess is that bespectacled guy in the 112 call center, Kwon-joo’s assistant.

  3. prettysup says:

    I dont understand, whose phone is it having the message saying “I’m Ji Hye’s friend. I have something to tell you about Jin Hyuk.” . Isn’t that a message someone sent to Kwon-joo? Why does the recap say it is a message on Jin Hyuk’s wife phone??

  4. Beez says:

    I’m not sure but I think we have another flub with the heart in the locker with the other organs. I don’t think you can store a heart like that. Doesn’t it have to be transplanted within a short time span after being removed from the human body? (Again, my facts come solely from n other tv shows so I could be wrong.)

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez You must be correct but I think they sold the organs to China for research? Or so did my subs said. What kind of research? I’m not sure.

      • Beez says:

        @DramaFan Ahhhhh. Riiiight. The subs did say that. Honestly, I’ve been half reading them because they’re pretty bad on Viki anyway. (I know you told me Dramacool has better and I do go there when a show is not on the Big2, but I like Viki’s playback controls. I hate rewinding and it goes back farther than I wanted and I either play with trying to find the right spot and it takes me so long that it would’ve been better to be patient and rewatch the prior scenes that I don’t have patience to sit through again anyway. Whew! On a drama that I’m totally invested in, I hang onto every word and need the subtitles to be right so I would go to whichever site has the better subs. But in this case, where I’m only watching to continue watching/gazing/admiring Hyukie…

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez I’m also watching for Hyukie and don’t worry, I’m watching first clips, then raw, then dramacool, then Viki (so I can watch with mom) While watching on Viki I often fill the gaps to my mom because subs are not good (I think on Viki they keep correcting them so if one waits for a drama to be over, subs will most likely improve) but yes, even doing all that (which I can only do because this airs on weekends and I’m weirdly obsessed), I miss stuff because things happen too fast and the characters talk too fast as well.

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan, I do that also when a drama captivates.

            Then I will watch certain scenes across the various sites if I have the least suspicion that the subs might be wrong or not exactly conveying what I think is being said.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez Things happen so fast that it’s hard to grasp anything in this drama (they try to confuse us so we don’t question the holed you see? :p) but the only thing I grasped was that they were doing clinical research for other countries and when the patients died, they sold the body parts. According to the other smart girl at the call center, it’s “common practice” for countries to do their ilegal research in other countries in order to avoid problems in their own country until the drugs are closer to be approved and then “legal” clinical trials are conducted.

      • Beez says:

        @DF Thanks. I do remember all of that once you laid it out. I’m just living for the Hyuk-a-Buck moments (like the death stare he gave Clickety-Clack) and when he makes his hands make that sound!

  5. Fiesty_lady says:

    The scene where JH caught that savage director and then cut himself reminded me of Choi Min Shik in Oldboy.

  6. Drama Fan says:

    @KJT One more observation. On the subs I saw, MTG told NST to get rid of his fear (not pain) It seems MTG has disdain for human emotions (like classic psychopaths I guess) such as fear and he sees it as weakness. This is probably one reason he likes someone like KGJ, who seems fearless.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Murderer Mo has a respect for Kwon Joo and takes great delight in toying with her (watching her and chuckling at the club) in anticipation of getting her in his clutches for what he images to be a satisfying kill.

      How will Writer Ma reconcile the fact that Murderer Mo made the clicking sound when he killed during the origin murders but he hasn’t made the sound since? Kwon Joo hearing that sound was a strong point in the initial episodes but it seems to have faded away.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @KJT I have the same question about the clicking sound 🤔

        • Beez says:

          Half the time I can’t hear it when Clickety-Clack is talking. I’ll rewind and rewind and still don’t hear it. Sometimes after rewinding, I will catch it and I think that where I must have missed it at first listen is because I’m losing it within the soundtrack a lot of the time. I think I confused it as part of the percussion. lol

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez Could it be your audio settings? Clickety Clack does it loudly and recently he has been doing it often imo

            • Beez says:

              I do keep the sound low but I turn it up when I’m rewinding trying to hear the clicking. I have weird hearing issues cause although I’m a tad hard of hearing, I can’t stand loud volume either. The louder I turn up dialogue, the less I can hear it. So weird.

  7. Lady G. says:

    I’m so irritated I’m posting before I even finish the episode and read this blog post. Jin Hyuk told KS to call Back-up before he even returned to the welfare center. 10-15 minutes go by maybe….he finds all the pitiful people, the illegal medications…and he yells at her again to call back up. NOW she finally does? After she heard all that in the cellar before?

    • Lady G. says:

      Sorry I mean KJ- Kwon Joo

    • Drama Fan says:

      @LadyG Could it be that the backup was behind but when to the wrong place and had to turn back? They did get to the second place relatively fast righr? I mean, I dunno.

      • Lady G. says:

        Maybe, but what I heard was as they left the wrong place, MJH said to send backup ahead of them. But that never happened until he demanded it later. Again just making it by the skin of their teeth saving the people. sigh.

    • Beez says:

      Before I say what I’m about to say, just know that I LOVE Korean drama and watch waaay more of if than I do American stuff now BUT…

      … it always looks as if the editors don’t take into consideration that viewers would think “that reaction time was so unrealistic because it was so slow”. I find this true almost across all Kdramas. I’ve started to just make excuses for them by saying “live shoot system didn’t show the editors time to watch the scene and catch timing the flaws and cut out the lag time”. But with this show, I can’t even make those allowances because when Lover8080 had the female officer hemmed in the records/evidence room, they called JH and Daeshik, WHO WERE OUT DRIVING SOMEWHERE IN THEIR CAR, instead of the police who are already in the station running downstairs to help. SMH

      • Lady G. says:

        LOL. Good one, Beez. They don’t even bother calling the rest of that corrupted crew to help. I’m sure there’s a bunch of uniformed officers walking around there too. Hello!
        Then there’s the difference in languages. Koreans have to always listen carefully and wait for the other person to finish speaking because the whole subject comes at the end of a sentence. So that takes up time. That’s why our Kwon Joo talks like she’s on some kind of upper, she has spit it out super fast and doesn’t have time catch her breath. lol

        • Beez says:

          @DramaFan Ohhhhhh! Thank you! That does make sense. It would make me crazy. When I think of all the times I would be waiting, tapping my foot to my son’s explanations where at the end I’d be yelling “Just answer the question FIRST!” But he’d start out with information that just sounds condemning (No REAL trouble but he was quite rambunctious). I would always tell him if the police stopped him, he’d be thrown in jail because he doesn’t start the explanation off with “I didn’t do it” or whatever the really pertinent information is. lol

  8. Lady G. says:

    stupid hack doctors don’t even give him anesthesia! Of course he’s gonna kick and scream and knock your scalpel out. Ughh so mad at this lazy, sloppy writing right now I want to scream!

  9. Drama Fan says:

    I think the cliffhanger for this Ep has been one of the most effective because I’m still thinking about it. What do you guys think their expressions meant exactly? They looked shocked right? Do you think MJH doubted his wife? When KJG told him her suspicion that she cheated on him, did he go on denial mode? The way he reacted, by sort of laughing and then going for a smoke…felt like denial, but that can only be possible if he doubted, right? Do you think there’s any truth to this or is this simply the killer ( or the misterious corrupt cop that is supposedly helping the killer) playing mind games with our couple? Do you think they will tell each other about NST and MTG or will they fall on their trap? Ughhh I hope not! Why did MJH react so shocked when NST mentioned the resort he visited with his wife? Was it a secret that only someone close to him knew? Is he doubting his wife or maybe someone close to him like dun dun dun, Daeshik? Any theories about any of this anyone?

    • Lady G. says:

      They painted Daeshik to be a puppy in this episode. So I’m trying to hold back my doubts. But they’re still in the back of my mind.

      Maybe because MJH is finding out about his wife’s secret life here, sorta secret, he was shocked that she somehow might’ve crossed paths with NST. That’s another theory. I felt denial mode from him when he laughed and went out. He’s not thinking clearly either, he’s almost drunk.

      Denial and maybe a hint of understanding if it was an affair? Because whenever we see their scenes in flashback, he’s never there for her. He leaves her to do things on her own, or he’s always running out to work or something. Maybe it’s hitting MJH that he wasn’t as close to his wife as he should’ve been and now he lost her.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @LadyG Yeah there’s always been that guilt 😦 He called her “my other half”on the phone so he obviously loved her but he was too absorved with his work (and he still is). Hmmm I guess he is connecting the dots, homeless guy + NST (maybe, or maybe not, cause like you said he is drunk) but thinking of her crossing paths with NST shouldn’t be too shocking when he knows NST is related to the actual killer but like you said, maybe its the realization that it wasn’t a random murder.

  10. Lady G. says:

    “Jin Hyuk has probably not gotten much sleep since all this happened. His body is tired and his brain struggles to process.”

    You have that right. Sleeplessness and stress make you do some crazy things. I was upset about parts of this episode, but then all of MJH’s scenes were fantastic. The way he dealt with these scummy so-called doctors was amazing. I felt that when he held the hammer over the man’s head, you see the shift in his eyes again, he realized that what he’s about to do was no different than how his wife died. He knows he’s a crazy bastard, but he also has a sense of self-control. If he didn’t, he’d lose his job, one of the things that kept him holding on and helping to avenge his wife’s death in a way, by saving other people. And he wants to be a hero for his son.

    I hope we see little pretty Seo Beom again and he takes her to visit his son. I wonder who her parents are.

    Lee Ha Na does an excellent job at breaking through Kwon Joo’s icy exterior, the saddened, pained expressions she makes, the way her eyes are often on the brink of tears, but they don’t fall. It proves she does have feelings. Deep ones. And she has no one to share them with. Who does she talk to for comfort? God? Not sure, but she doesn’t seem to have friends. And she could really use a girl’s day out. Just like MJH could use a few days at the sauna. lol. They should all go, double date at the sauna (I mean the other 2 dispatchers) and get rejuvenated. Imagine MJH running around that huge beautiful spa from Shopping king Louie? haha!

    And speaking of those two, wasn’t that the most blatant form of Product placement you’ve ever seen? A good 5 minutes spent on deciding sandwiches and eating Subway. That was so useless. But hey, they pay for the drama.

    And that final scene with boring killer Moo. SO GROSS. I even wondered if that meat he was eating was really steak. You almost pity him, his father is a real psycho in his own way. A wicked old man who never taught his son any morals or virtues. Oh yes, false hypocritical ones, which is why he uses bible verses. I wonder if we’ll get a flashback into his childhood or something. There had to be something very, very traumatic happen in his life for him to be like this. And then again, maybe not. But they already gave something away when he went to visit MJH’s son in the hospital and left him that toy. He looked at him with some glimmer of affection somehow. He wasn’t going to hurt him, and he seemed upset that his stupid hyung even tried. Perhaps he was reminded of his own childhood.

    Aside from those large hiccups early in the episode, it picked up again and now we have a new guy thrown in the mix. I’m thinking this missing young guy is the wife’s brother. Which will be great for MJH to have a fellow relative.

    But now we don’t know what to think of his wife, and if she knew all along about the testing and organ stealing. I feel like she knew about it, worked around it, but when the man she liked was targeted she went crazy looking for him that month, because she knew what they were capable of?

  11. Drama Fan says:

    @MJH True, it’s been twice that he has been on the verge of smashing some killer’s head (remember the second case?) This time I thought it was kinda eerie the way he said “It’ll be only just one ok?” You can feel he REALLY wants to kill them, as if it would provide him relief (and should I say, “joy”?) and he wants to punish them (not so different from MTG in that sense) but he struggles greatly because he does have a conscience. I bet his son is keeping him “sane”. If they kill his son, he’ll simply set the world on fire. I can totally see MJH turn into a complete beast. Yes, Im liking LHN interpretation and how she lets her feelings show despite the toughness of her character. Btw, remembering something Beez mentioned, have you noticed how she seems to worry too much about MJH lately. She constantly asks him if he is ok, if he is not hurt anywhere, before she continues talking. I know our ship is sunk but why are they doing this then? 😦 And MTG definitely reacted strangely to DW. I hope they don’t try to make me feel sorry for him though, I’d be disgusted 😐 I want more MJH and KGJ working together! Not running around oh their own! They owe us!

    • Lady G. says:

      It may not be a romantic ship, but I think Kwon Joo is a very caring person, and she’s building a partner relationship with MJH, so she does worry about him. I’m still worried for her, that once the killers are all caught she may want to commit suicide. She’d expressed about being with her father in the early episodes. I hope if that moment comes, MJH comes in and stops her, giving her something to live for. A crushing hug would be nice. I don’t want her to die, even heroically.

      And I definitely don’t want MJH to die! That’d be terrible. Who would take care of his son? The story could twist and then Kwon Joo would step in to raise him. She hasn’t even met the kid yet.

      Good phrase. He would set the world on fire if they’d gotten his son. He’s on the edge of snapping.

      I do not feel sorry for MTG, even though I have a sense that he’d been traumatized as a child. Everyone has choices to make in life, and he chose an extremely evil dark path. I beginning to think he’s one of those rare people born without a conscience, or that chemical in the brain that makes you control Psycho impulses.

      It’s hard because she’s technically tethered to her the dispatch center, and not really supposed to be out there on the streets. We get these vague warnings from the higher ups for her to know her place, but then we haven’t seen them again.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @LadyG I did not think of suicide. But I do worry about those “headaches” she seems to have. I have no doubt that MTG is a psychopath and supposedly they are born like that (although nurture obviously plays a role on how they will deal with their condition)

  12. Beez says:

    Soooo, after seeing all you guys comments about JH & Center Leader’s conversation at the end of Ep12, I went back and watched the last 10 minutes because I may have drifted off towards the end there.

    So now I have a question: Center Leader did not have HandsomeKettleBellKiller (HKBK) on her list of suspects did she? And if not, then why is she looking so shocked by HKBK’s phone call when she turns to JH at the end of the episode?

    And, is HKBK bathing in a pool of blood or is that just a red towel? (They actually blurred from his lower torso to his knees. LOL and SMH

    • Drama Fan says:

      I think KGJ suspects everything related to Sungwun Express (the bus company, not sure if I got the correct name) and MTG introduced himself as the CEO of the company. And yes I believe it was blood and that’s why they blurred it (maybe, I don’t quite understand their censorship committee rules).

      • Beez says:

        Ohhhhhtaaaay. So, apparently the blood I was wondering about somehow slipped inside his neck collar and cuffs, enough to fill up the tub but not a drop on, or seeped through, his clothes.

        Or- horrors! – he had his accomplices drain Club Owners blood into the tub. As Drama Fan keeps saying …tres vampir-ish!

    • Lady G. says:

      It looks like they both suddenly found a huge missing piece of the puzzle. 2 missing pieces. Now they have put them together to finish the picture. He wasn’t on her suspect list, but now he’s drawing attention to himself.

  13. Fiesty_lady says:

    Hi! @kjtamuser
    While I’m not surprised to see welfare center turned out to be the organisation for organ harvesting and illegal medicine testing but still inherent truth of this case was successful in making me emotional. The moment JH and DS barged into the room where those poor people were held in captivity, I was anticipating JH to turn into the ‘mad dog’ to teach lesson to those scums.
    I don’t have any idea why director continued operating Jin Goo despite being warned by the therapist lady on the phone. Atleast he could send his minions for keeping watch. Why is operating room’s location so obvious? Shouldn’t it be more disguised considering severity of the crime they were indulging in. If I were the director then besides having a secret room in my office I would like to dig a tunnel which would take me to the safer place in case of emergency. But seeing the cerebral capacity of the police in this drama I’m happy to see the criminals who are equally dimwitted.
    I totally felt connected to ‘mad dog’ persona of JH for the first time in this show. The moment the smug butcher said that he’ll be bailed out from the situation with the help of the lawyer, I could feel the rage which encompassed MJH.
    I don’t have any idea how JH and DS found out that director is in his office. I’m almost used to ovelooking all of the details and timing errors thanks to this show. The way director let SB outside of his secret hideout made it too convenient for the police to find out his whereabout.
    I liked the scene between MJH and the director it showed some excellent and bad acting moments interwined together by Jang Hyuk.
    The case writer threw at our face must’ve somehow linked to the common pursuit of MJH and KGJ so here comes Gong Chul Han. I’ll refrain myself from asking why? Where? What? How?
    JH calling himself scum was truthful admission but really out of character because as far as my memory serves me right this is the first time JH vocalizes his internal feelings.
    @Drama Fan Chief Jang’s dillema was engaging and I agree that actor who plays him does great job. I like his complex relationship with MJH and I believe that the other mole in the police is commisioner Bae not DS because covering up at such large scale needs a person of power which offcourse DS is not. Messing up with the golden time team is not convenient for the writet at this point.
    I’m refraining myself from talking about the main villian because I still find him boring and lord Voldemortsque.
    I’m surprised that NST left the bag while fleeing. Did he do it purposedly? Why JH and KGJ are still not examining the stuff of the bag? I’ve plenty of questions which’ll never be answered unfortunately.
    By the way post is getting pretty long.
    I don’t think MJH’s wife really had affair. I also don’t think distrust is being formed between KGJ and MJH because we’ve only four more episodes to reach the end and such conflict will be time consuming.
    Shouldn’t KGJ with her superhearing ability know about the conversation between MJH and NST. It’s the hugh time that they form a real team and make a real plan to catch the criminal when MTG conveniently revealed himself to KGJ.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady If the commissioner is the only mole, KGJ already has suspicions. If only she shared them with MJH! Yes, why aren’t they examining NSTs bag? They should have Officers Oh and Park do that in the meantime (since they don’t seem to have much to do lately, but be cute and eat at Subway lol) Also, how come they didn’t check for fingerprints on DWs present? The wrapping paper should have them, right?

      • Lady G. says:

        Yes, the fingerprints on the toy! I’m sure the doctors threw the wrapping paper out already. But I think MTG wears leather gloves too. Don’t think he had them in the hospital scene though. He’s so spiffy looking and possibly charming, nobody suspects him of anything. Even those idiots in the club, knowing their manager was possibly brutally murdered, they still covered those VIP butts.

    • kjtamuser says:

      But seeing the cerebral capacity of the police in this drama I’m happy to see the criminals who are equally dimwitted.
      You made me smile with that on the mark observation.

      I’m almost used to ovelooking all of the details and timing errors thanks to this show.
      Agreed, I “turn my brain” many times an episode, it helps!

      I’ve plenty of questions which’ll never be answered unfortunately.
      Agreed, Writer Ma will not tie everything up with a bow.

      I also don’t think that Jin Hyuk’s wife had an affair. My hope is now that Kwon Joo has revealed the evidence the implies an issue, but there isn’t one because Jin Hyuk knows who Gong Chul Han is, they can form a friendship and take down Murderer Mo together. Do I think that will happen? No, I think Murderer Mo will capture Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk will have to save her or vice versa.

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        I’m dropping this series for the time being. I’ll read your reviews for the final four episodes and then’ll continue it. I’m scared that final episodes are going to crush my barely existing expectations.
        You enclose all of the focal points in your reviews finely so I’ll prepare myself for existing shock by reading them.
        Even my Hyukkie love can’t keep me going. I’ll probably do it in the last week of April.

  14. Drama Fan says:

    A fan video of our non-ship KGJ and MJH https://youtu.be/XeNYAz2oedg

    • kjtamuser says:

      I like fans making their own videos to focus on the aspect of the show that speaks to them. The video shows these two have the potential for friendship. Now that Kwon Joo has revealed the “evidence” on Jin Hyuk’s wife, maybe they’ll be able to form a friendship.

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