Voice Episode 11 Recap

Voice Episode 11 – Chapter 5 – Devil’s Whisper

We’re back at the crime scene (what’s in the ice bucket is NOT blurred out). Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) hears and analyzes the footsteps. Thank goodness, on the spot critical thinking! She realizes the culprit may still be in the building. She heads to where the VIP customers were but are no longer. She demands answers. No one was to leave. The manager claims the VIP customers had urgent business. She can’t believe his benign claim that the VIPs could not be involved. She tries to follow the VIP customers but her path is blocked. She’s forced to call Kyung Hak and report the situation. When Kyung Hak arrives, he orders the path unblocked. The VIPs get into their cars and flee. Father Mo hears the police. He leaves. Murderer Mo hears the police. He stares at Kwon Joo in his rear-view mirror. He smiles and leaves. Kwon Joo runs after his car but it’s no use. She sees the CCTV and realizes they might have more information than they know.

The manager tells Kyung Hak that the VIP customers could not be involved in the proprietress’s disappearance. Kyung Hak doesn’t like the manager’s dismissal of the VIP customers as suspects. Kwon Joo clarifies that money doesn’t affect culpability. Kwon Joo tells Kyung Hak the Golden Time team will aid the investigation until the culprit is found. She states the proprietress called and reported that harbor boss was at the club. She glares at the manager and leaves. Kyung Hak tells his men to check the CCTV. They leave.

Kwon Joo calls Hyun Ho who is off duty but willing to help. She asks him to check out the significance of the bible verse and the VIPs. Hyun Ho assures her he’ll call once he has information.

Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) runs into the yard where Jin Hyuk and Ghost fought but they aren’t there. First run of the episode for Dae Sik! Kwon Joo calls wanting to know if Jin Hyuk has been located. Dae Sik states he’s looking but hasn’t found him.  He hears the fighting and heads that way.

Ghost holds a knife at Jin Hyuk’s throat. Dae Sik spies them and realizes he’s too far away to shoot Ghost. Instead he fires into the air, which startles Ghost, and Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) pounces shoving Ghost away from him. Kwon Joo listens as Dae Sik runs up and aims his gun at Ghost. He warns that he’ll shoot to kill. Ghost doesn’t move. Dae Sik orders him to put the knife down. Ghost doesn’t move. Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik this man touched his son and only he should catch him. Dae Sik puts his gun down. Jin Hyuk stares at Ghost. Kwon Joo is still listening. These guys need body cameras so she can see what happens too. That could be an interesting element in a police kdrama.

Jin Hyuk and Ghost square off one last time. They are evenly matched. Jin Hyuk pulls a superb spin move and knocks Ghost to the ground. Jin Hyuk stares at the downed man and is anger when he sees the man laughing. He pummels him. Dae Sik pulls him off saying that the club’s proprietress is missing and presumed dead and harbor boss is the prime suspect. That clears the blood lust from Jin Hyuk. Dae Sik states the proprietress’ body hasn’t been found (I wonder how she’ll be posed). Dae Sik states Kwon Joo received a call from the proprietress that harbor boss was at the club. Dae Sik believes harbor boss sent Ghost to harm Jin Hyuk’s son and then killed the proprietress. Dae Sik reports the Jin Hyuk is okay. Kwon Joo slumps in relief. Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik to handle Ghost. He runs off.

vep10_1023 vep10_1024 vep10_1025
As Murderer Mo drive he recalls watching Kwon Joo call for backup after seeing the situation. We hear his footsteps as he walks so he can peer at her. He chuckles, covering his mouth at the delicious moment of triumph. I don’t hear clicking. As Kwon Joo spins and flashes her light, Murderer Mo walks unhurriedly away. He’s awfully sure of himself.  He recalls Kwon Joo struggling to break through to reach his car. He watched in his rear-view mirror. He smiles and says “Finally, we meet!” He chuckles.

Murderer Mo decides to tweak harbor boss with a test stating that the police came to club and he assumes he took care of the proprietress. He tells harbor boss to handle the rest. Harbor boss flips out enraged by the younger man’s text. He yells that Murderer Mo is a jerk. He demands to know if Ghost succeeded. His assistant doesn’t think so because Ghost isn’t answering his phone.  Angry, frustrated he hits his assistant and bangs on the car. Don’t you love it when evil guys have bad days? His assistant tells him to get a grip. He asks why Murderer Mo drives him crazy. Clicking sound in full force, harbor boss explains that his father was in a gang but was dispensed by Father Mo. His father tried to protect his gang which including attempting to kill Murderer Mo but instead he was killed. To avoid his father’s fate, harbor boss has been the Mo family’s faithful dog for 20 years.  Harbor boss declares that Murderer Mo may look human but he’s not. Now that Father Mo is expelling harbor boss to Japan, the pent-up anger and desire for revenge against them rages.

Jin Hyuk’s son, Dong Woo, clutches his father and exclaims that he was scared. The woman that cares for his son enters and apologizes for stepping out to speak with her daughter. Jin Hyuk tells her it’s all okay now. He assures his son that he caught the bad guy and he is no longer in danger. Not a promise you can keep Jin Hyuk! His son soothes Jin Hyuk by telling him mother told him that his father was needed to fight and defeat the bad guys. She promised his father would catch all the bad guys. I’m surprised Jin Hyuk didn’t show more of a reaction to that touching statement. His son says if he weren’t sick, then he wouldn’t be an easy target. Jin Hyuk reminds his son to be strong and confident that bad man will never bother them again. He apologizes for not being there. They hug.

The hospital security manager speaks with Jin Hyuk outside the room. He apologizes for not protecting his son. He states the gift isn’t booby trapped. The charity didn’t deliver the robot. The CCTV did not catch anyone entering but admits there are blind spots the person could have used.  Jin Hyuk asks about the injured security guard. The manager states the man is on the mend and assures him of 24-hour surveillance. Jin Hyuk thanks him.

Kwon Joo calls him and asks if Dong Woo is okay. Jin Hyuk confirms this. He asks if the proprietress was murdered. Kwon Joo states she needs to speak with him and she’s in the hospital lobby right now. Kwon Joo says that the man who killed the elderly woman killed the proprietress. It was a cross last time, this time he laughed on the phone. Another bible verse which references sight and sin. Jin Hyuk declares the murderer crazy. He asks what the proprietress saw that made her a target for murder. Kwon Joo says that the proprietress called her and confided that harbor boss was at the club and requested that she come immediately. Kwon Joo heard footsteps as the proprietress spoke. Jin Hyuk believes the murderer overheard the phone call. Kwon Joo states the footsteps went to the second floor when she was at the club. She wonders about the VIPs. Jin Hyuk asks about the VIPs. Kwon Joo lists the minister, Father Mo and his son (Murderer Mo) and Director Kwon. Jin Hyuk realizes the power of these men. Jin Hyuk states they are being targeted, the attack on his son is proof. He says harbor boss sent a hired guy to hurt his son. He swears he’ll catch harbor boss and make him pay. Crazy dog alert!

Kyung Hak is surprised to learn that Ghost went after Jin Hyuk’s sick son in the hospital. His team tells him that Jin Hyuk must be stunned, first his wife is killed and now his son is targeted. They don’t understand the timing of Kwon Joo’s report that the proprietress spotted harbor boss at the club. They mention a girl that works at the bar that knew harbor boss that has been missing. Kyung Hak reacts to the name. Is this the girl that came on to him leading to his blackmail? He leaves thoroughly irritated. His men comment that Kyung Hak gets riled up whenever Jin Hyuk is involved.

Kyung Hak calls someone but they don’t pick up. He worries about the missing girl. He worries that he was used like a puppet when his daughter was threatened. He wishes his blackmailer were dead.

vep11_2001vep11_2002vep11_2003  When Murderer Mo gets home, his father calls and states he must tell him the truth. Father Mo asks where he went after he got the text during the meeting. Murderer Mo states he met harbor boss who was at the club. That surprises Father Mo. He wonders if harbor boss killed the proprietress. Murderer Mo claims not to know, stating that harbor boss only wanted money from him. Father Mo sputters that harbor boss better keep his mouth shut if he’s caught. Murderer Mo tells his father goodnight. He puts on rubber gloves. He pulls out trophy hair from a victim. Murderer Mo combs the hair and mutters it’s been three years since he met her. Classical music blazes and the hair combing is creepy. He says that she still hears exceptionally well. He’s talking about Kwon Joo!

vep11_2004 vep11_2005
He turns and we see the proprietress wrapped in plastic in the room with him. Yep, an eye is missing.  We see there are nine trophy bags. One is empty because he’s holding the hair. Is the other one for Kwon Joo? We know he didn’t take hair from Kwon Joo’s father so he’s killed more than nine times. The briefcase, the call phone, the murder weapons are all on display. There’s no doubt that Murderer Mo is a psycho and Kwon Joo is the ultimate prize.

vep11_2402 vep11_2401 vep11_2400
Kwon Joo gets home bone tired. She stares at the wall of evidence. She feels the pain of the deaths. She notices her picture frame is on the floor. She picks it up. It’s empty!! Someone has been in her apartment! She looks around startled. She gets a text. She dials the number of the person that sent the text but the phone is off. Wow, that must be horrifying to know your safe sanctuary has been breached.

Jin Hyuk watches his son sleep. He wonders about the VIPs Kwon Joo listed. He gets a call from his informant who tells him Father Mo and the Minister are in an organization that focus on building the city of Seong Woon. Father Mo owns a plethora of real estate. Jin Hyuk asks about the son. The informant says the son is clean and without scandal. Jin Hyuk retorts they may only be unaware of the scandals. Jin Hyuk recalls what the man told his son. He wonders who is the man that is toying with him. He promises that he’ll make the man pay with his blood. I want Kwon Joo to share her apartment was breached with Jin Hyuk. He needs to know he’s not the only one being targeted.

The next morning at the police station, Dae Sik tells Jin Hyuk that the location of harbor boss is known and the serious crimes unit will be making the arrest without including them.

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik manage to stop the serious crimes unit van from leaving the parking lot. Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk he thought he’d be too busy with his son to join them. He orders his team to provide details. They’ve located harbor boss’s assistant on a Japanese ship in the harbor. The ship is set to sail in one to two days. They found a large sum of Korean currency was swapped for Japanese currency. Jin Hyuk gets in the van to make the arrest with the serious crimes unit. He tells Dae Sik to stay behind and support the Golden Time team. Dae Sik can’t believe it and tries to get in the van. Jin Hyuk shuts the door in Dae Sik’s face. The van drives off leaving Dae Sik behind.

Kwon Joo reviews Heo Ji Hye’s file. She worked in a charity. She got off work at 7pm along with Jin Hyuk’s wife. She had been looking for as missing person named Kong Cheol Han for a month.  She looks at the text message “I’m Ji Hye’s friend. I have something to tell you about Jin Hyuk. “ Kwon Joo recalls Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) telling her the phone that sent the text was a burner phone.

Hyun Ho tells Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) that these cases are interconnected. He feels badly telling Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo because of the mirror at the elderly woman’s murder site, they were the next victims. Hyun Ho and Eun Soo agree to do whatever it takes to help.

Jin Hyuk and the serious crimes unit wait outside the currency exchange building. They believe harbor boss will exchange the Korean currency for Japanese currency just before he flees the country. The head into the office and pressures the worker (who knows Jin Hyuk) into confirming harbor boss and his assistant will be exchanging currency at 1pm today. Jin Hyuk and the serious crimes unit wait for them to show. Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk to behave or he won’t be able to cover for him. Jin Hyuk states he has a different reason for being a cop.  Harbor boss and his assistant arrive. Harbor boss looks down the hallway where Jin Hyuk and Kyung Hak are waiting. He senses them. The assistant goes into the office and is arrested. Harbor boss gets away. Yes, I’m shaking my head at how this was handled, you must be too. If the show wants to make the point the police are inept, congratulations, point made. Jin Hyuk runs to find harbor boss. He senses him run by. He follows and searches for him.  He finds harbor boss’s satchel. He asks if anyone has seen harbor boss. No response. Inside the satchel, he finds notebooks and computer storage.

vep11_3802 vep11_3801
Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk and asks for an update. He explains that harbor boss escaped. Without a reaction, she tells Jin Hyuk that he worked hard and asks about his health.  Jin Hyuk states they should have caught harbor boss. Kwon Joo tells him the bag will give them evidence that will led to harbor boss. She starts to tell him something but stops. He hangs up. Wow, what an annoying scene between our leads. Kwon Joo doesn’t ask how harbor boss escaped instead she quickly gives the “you are a winner for trying” card to Jin Hyuk. Then she hesitates but doesn’t tell Jin Hyuk something. Was that something about her apartment being breached? Why didn’t Jin Hyuk’s impressive gut instinct sense she was withholding information?

Harbor boss’s assistant says nothing in the police van. Dae Sik calls Jin Hyuk and is not happy that harbor boss escaped. He notes if he’d been there, harbor boss would have been captured. Dae Sik is pleased that Jin Hyuk got the satchel of evidence. Jin Hyuk thinks they will catch harbor boss. He hangs up. Jin Hyuk tells Kyung Hak that only once they catch harbor boss, can he rest.

Eun Soo takes a call. A man holds a knife to another while teetering on the rooftop. He accuses others of poisoning his food. The man with the knife to his throat begs for help. The man screams he didn’t want the medication. Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo that the man with a knife is a teacher at the welfare facility. The man with the knife to his throat begs for help. Kwon Joo puts the situation at code red. Dae Sik listens to the details. Jin Hyuk listens to the details. Dae Sik responds that he’s dispatching. Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik he’ll dispatch from the van. He tells the serious crimes unit that he’s dispatching and to stop the van. Kyung Hak tells the van driver to take Jin Hyuk to the welfare facility. Jin Hyuk tells the serious crime unit to interrogate harbor boss’s assistant properly.

The welfare facility director listens to a little girl read a story. Kwon Joo calls for details on the man on the roof. A worker rushes in and tells the welfare facility director about the man on the roof. The welfare facility director tells Kwon Joo he’s heading for the roof. She asks him to call her back to provide information about the man. The little girl looks at her book which is titled “The Little Match Girl”.

The welfare facility director calls Kwon Joo as he makes his way to the roof. He tells Kwon Joo the man is schizophrenic. Kwon Joo tells herself the key in dealing with the schizophrenic man is to ease his mind.  The man yells that the people at the facility tortured him. Kwon Joo begins to talk to the man. She asks if the man he is holding a knife to was a problem. The man states he was the meanest one.  The man inches to the roof’s edge. He claims the special forces police will catch him if he falls.

The welfare facility director tells Kwon Joo that the man was homeless for an extended period. He states the man’s schizophrenia has made him difficult to deal with.  Once 4 workers carried him to his room thinking he would be calmed by the medicine. But he didn’t take the medicine. One man found him on the stairwell drinking his own blood. The man takes the worker hostage.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo that communicating with nouns and understanding the man believes the world is against him should help.

vep11_5000vep11_5003 vep11_5002 vep11_5001
Dae Sik and the serious crimes unit van arrives simultaneously. Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk report to Kwon Joo and want to know the situation as they watch the man teeter on the roof. She details the man’s condition. The man tells Kwon Joo she’s against him too. Officer Cheon tells Kwon Joo that fire department is delayed. The welfare facility director tells the man to calm down. The man goes backwards. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive and tell the man they are the police and to step down. Jin Hyuk tells a worker to be quiet and let him handle it. He shows his badge to the man. The welfare facility director and some of the workers strategize how to grab the man. Kwon Joo realizes that the word police agitate the man. She tries to reconcile that the man claims he’ll commit suicide but call the Emergency Call center for help. The man sees everyone getting closer. He makes his move to jump but Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik pull him and his hostage off the roof’s edge. The men beg Jin Hyuk not to let the workers take him. He yells they will try and kill him again. Jin Hyuk barks at the man that the workers are there to help him. Jin Hyuk, where is your awesome instinct? Are you tired from the missed capture of harbor boss? The welfare facility director thanks Jin Hyuk for his help. He states he’ll transport the man to the mental hospital. The man starts yelling no. Jin Hyuk watches the workers drag the man away.  Dae Sik asks Jin Hyuk if the man will be alright. Jin Hyuk says the hospital is the right place for the man. Jin Hyuk reports to Kwon Joo the case is closed and the man is being transported to the mental hospital.

vep11_5501 vep11_5500
Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik sees the screaming man put in an ambulance. The welfare facility director thanks them for their help. Jin Hyuk notices all the patients in the food line have pain patches. The welfare facility director claims they all are severely ill so pain patches are needed. The little girl who read the book walks by. The welfare facility director asks if she’s going to eat. She looks scared of him but concurs. He promises they’ll read together later. Jin Hyuk notices there are many children. The welfare facility director claims they take children orphanages won’t take. Jin Hyuk tries to engage the girl, but she puts up her hands to ward off him hitting her. Jin Hyuk assures her he’s not a bad man. Dae Sik tries to engage the girl. She stares at him and says nothing. The welfare facility director tells her to go eat. She turns and heads to the food line. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik say goodbye and leave. The welfare facility director watches them go.

vep11_5802 vep11_5801
Kwon Joo wonders what is bothering her about the situation. What was the sound she heard? She hears the man call out. His cell phone is still on inside the ambulance. The workers tell the man he almost got them in trouble. They tell him to be quiet. One of the workers says he’ll get a bonus for this. Kwon Joo wonders what the sound is. She asks Hyun Ho to get a GPS location on the man’s cellphone. The workers prepare to inject the man. He yells no. They inject him. They tell him he’ll die. The man stops struggling. Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo the GPS is blocked. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that what she heard inside the ambulance wasn’t normal. She states the workers said that the man escaped because of a drug during a surgery and called the surgery “repair”. Jin Hyuk doesn’t understand, what surgery room? Something clicks in Kwon Joo’s head, she tells Jin Hyuk they have to stop the ambulance before it gets to the hospital. Jin Hyuk is perplexed at her adamancy.

My Thoughts

Murderer Mo is the focal point of the episode even though many other things happened. What did we learn about Murderer Mo? He keeps a briefcase with the cell phone he uses to make calls, the knife he uses to kill and sample of hair (trophies) from the murder victims. The creepy combing of the trophy hair confirmed he is psycho. He broke into Kwon Joo’s apartment and stole the picture of her father & her. He watched Kwon Joo and crooned about her. Kwon Joo is clearly a prize he wants to have. Did the empty bag for the trophy hair have Kwon Joo’s name on it? Murderer Mo is also fixated on Jin Hyuk’s son as evidenced by the gift in the previous episode, but his primary focus was Kwon Joo. This was the first time I’ve watched on Viki and was surprised the eyeball in the ice bucket wasn’t blurred out. Sometimes Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo remind me of rats running in a maze, a maze Murderer Mo has constructed for them.

Harbor boss has good reason to hate Father Mo and Murderer Mo. They crushed and killed his father. He’s lived in subservience to them to avoid being killed. But now that they are expelling him from the country, he’s almost gone rouge, trying to kill Jin Hyuk and his son. My question is this – why does harbor boss want Jin Hyuk and his son dead? It is solely based on Jin Hyuk taunting harbor boss in the meat factory then hammering his hand with the knife? Is there more?

Could the police have been any more inept in trying to capture harbor boss at the currency exchange building?

I’m facing facts. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo are strictly coworkers. Nothing more. They trust each other to a point. Jin Hyuk isn’t 100% open with her and Kwon Joo isn’t 100% open with him.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) defeated Ghost but will that didn’t help find harbor boss. You had to be impressed that the serious crimes unit actually found out that harbor boss’s assistant was exchanging currency. But alas, they bungled the capture and Jin Hyuk was part of the poor execution. Why wasn’t Jin Hyuk’s gut instinct picking up on the creepy vibe at the welfare center? The fact that every patient had a similar patch screamed “there is a problem here” but Jin Hyuk blithely walked away. Dae Sik seemed to have more insight than Jin Hyuk did.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) realized that the murderer breeched her home. Her safe haven is no longer safe. That’s upsetting for a structured person like Kwon Joo. Were you surprised that there was only limited focus on the VIPs and the possibility that they were suspects? I though Kwon Joo would be all over that. She’s sure that harbor boss killed the elderly lady. As a complete aside, I just watched a video (embedded below) featuring Lee Ha Na from the cute series High School King of Savvy. In that series, Ha Na stars with the yummy Seo Inguk. She was meek in that series. A far cry from Kwon Joo.

We wait for another song from the OST to be released. I watched Seo Inguk’s “Flower” video from the series Tomorrow With You. After that, the video “Finding Myself” from High School King of Savvy auto played. Check out Lee Ha Na (Kwon Joo) circa 2014. She’s in the opening scenes and throughout the video.

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39 comments on “Voice Episode 11 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Hi. Despite the fact they couldn’t capture NST I wasn’t frustrated this episode. I knew it was too early for him to be captured anyway. A few observations: JGK and MJH are absolutely certain NST did not kill the old lady. This has been clear since MJH noticed that MST MO was to always hide the bodies, not show them off. They are only adamantly chasing after NST because he can lead them to the actual killer. Also, MJH knows NST only sent the hired killer but he knows it was someone else who brought the gift. I’m not (as opposed to apparently the majority of viewers) too interested in the killer or his motivations. He is a pretty cliche fictional serial killer to me. What I’m interested in, is why MJH’s wife was targeted. So I liked that they brought the subject back on this episode. I found the MJH and DW moment to be both touching and subtle. I actually did see a reaction in MJH, but it was subtle. It gave me a glimpse of an idea of why MJH might be almost irrationally adamant at catching the bad guys himself. It’s almost like he desperately needs to keep this “strong” protective image to his son. Like he feels extra responsible or something. Later, I was also surprised at how his observation skills were completely off at the welfare center. The little girl’s dark circles were enough sign that there was something really wrong with that place. (I think they overdid it with that makeup).

    • Drama Fan says:

      Btw I meant Kang GJ not JKG lol. Also, I appreciate Chief Jang’s actor (Lee Hae Young) his performance is nuanced and I appreciate his conflicted relationship with MJH. Also, I believe NST hates MJH solely based on the latest incident. NST has an inferiority complex and is hot tempered, and his hot temperedness caused him to fail and therefore get rejected by Mo father. His life is practically destroyed now and he blames MJH. But he hates MTG also, and possibly more. Another observation, MTG has two plastic trophy bags ready and according to the subs I saw, each has KGJ and MJH name. He seems to “respect” KGJ in his crazy deluded way. Since he thinks of himself as some kind of god maybe he finds her to be “virtous” and yet he plans to toy with her and kill her (who knows what psycho is thinking?) and why toy with MJH and DW? I guess that’s yet to be seen. The eye was probably not blurred anymore because the drama rating is now 19 (Rated R)

    • Beez says:

      She looked like Wednesday Adams if Wednesday had been abandoned in the woods with no sleep for a week.

      But seriously, the back of her little hands and every single patient with a wrist/hand bandage was screaming EVIDENCE OF ABUSE/EXPERIMENTS!

    • Lady G. says:

      I noted that a while back too about Jin Hyuk and his son, he wants to keep the big hero image for him. I loved JH’s scene when he comforted him, but I’m sorry to say the kid’s acting was stiff. He’s a little precocious, and i’d think a real child would have more emotions than he portrayed.

      I’m just not sold on this child being in the story at all. But anyway,

      i was very frustrated that Jin Hyuk didn’t take action immediately when he saw the place, especially seeing that little girl, with her skin, scars, cuts, and dark eyes. She looked starved and abused. What happened to his radar? It’s only focused now on the serial killer I guess, after the scare with his son too. I’ll just say it’s that.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @LadyG JH radar was totally off and it is really frustrating. I hear you on MJH son. I blame the writer again. I dunno, this drama is just, its like a good horror flick but it fails on the emotional engagement in general, don’t you think? I miss Robbers, Chuno, Beautiful Mind! I need to rewatch!

        • Lady G. says:

          I find that with a alot of the OCN dramas, they are excellent, but they lack that emotional punch that other dramas have. Although other dramas can really turn up the hamminess too. My good ship lollipop seems sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

          I haven’t had as much time to watch more dramas, I’d love to rewatch Robbers. Well, I might FFwd a bit with the gangster and the MIL. lol. I get it.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @LadyG Notice how he used the same argument to convince and comfort the little girl. Poor MJH is a little “simple” and he doesn’t know another way to handle things apparently. I guess it’s either lazy writing or he is “supposed” to be like this, but either way it’s gotta be frustrating for JH who can certainly handle smarter, more complex characters.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @LadyG Sooooryyyyyy I thought we were talking about Ep12!!! I might’ve spoiled you 😁

  2. Fiesty_lady says:

    Hi kjtamuser,
    I’ve turned off my critical thinking part of the brain and I’m watching this drama solely for emotional reasons. Why on the earth JH and DS didn’t find those sheltered people odd and make-up artists went overboard with that little girl.she ended up looking a scary ghost.
    I find MTG very boring I prefer NST’s character over him because he has more dimensions. If there were six kids in place of six detectives even they could have caught NST successfully.
    I think JH’s reaction on DW’s statement was befitting the situation and his personality. To be honest I’m emotionally datached to the personal lives of the characters and only think I care about them to catch the criminal. I would also like to see Hyukkie use his sleek moves on MTG and NST.
    Maybe it’s only me but I think Hyukkie is looking fairly tired and in immidiate need of shower.
    I think I liked episode 12 better (Again for emotional reasons). So I’ll talk about it later.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady I sooo agree with you on every aspect of this episode. I also think MTG is boring and cliche. I’m only super curious as to what was the reason he killed MJH wife (but we can talk more about that on the next Ep which I agree with you was more enjoyable than Ep11) NST is more human. I also agree on feeling somewhat dettached to all the characters. I’m not bored at all, but not engaged either. OTOH I do get appalled by some of the cases, especially those that involve the vulnerable being abused. I have a soft spot for DW and MJH wife (and MJH in relation to his wife) Ocassionally I feel for KGJ but my feelings are not strong for anyone.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady And yessss I was complaining about MJH needing a shower and also a change of jacket. Hyukie agrees! He just posted on his IG that MJH will finally change his jacket 😀 Hyukie himself is looking great though! Looks for the pics for the Ordinary Person press conference 🙂 I think you will approve!

      • prettysup says:

        Haha actually he did changed his jacket, even though all looked the same with the green color. If you looked closely at the details, he at least wore 3 different green jackets in the show.

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        @Drama Fan
        Ha ha ha I approve Hyukkie in every kind of clothing but I was just wondering that maybe people who cast him in their dramas choose him because he is most cost-efficient lead actor. He can adopt the austerity of using same clothing for length of 16 episodes like in BM, Voice and even remaining without clothes like in TSH.
        By the way even KES will approve of Hyukkie’s press-conference looks and may cast him in her new drama which surely will be treat for the eyes but threat for the brain.
        He has round face so when his hair cover his forhead it makes his face look plump. His hair combined with his green coat made a lot of people think that he is fat while he is very skinny. Well I can do nothing with people and their brains but I think Hyukkie’s IG update is really funny.

      • Lady G. says:

        LOL. That poor man has been non-stop running and fighting for days on end. He hasn’t even been home, just kicks his feet up at his desk or maybe stays in the Hospital. He’s running on pure adrenaline.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Thanks for adding your thoughts to the mix Fiesty_lady (I like that name)!

      This is an interesting show in that it alternates between riveting me with the crimes and repelling me with the flat characters. It’s all in Writer Ma’s hands.

      What must be coming is connecting the dots that will led us back to origin murder of Jin Hyuk’s wife and why she was killed. I have wondered about this from episode 1. I look forward to that reveal.

  3. Beez says:

    Besides Handsome Murderer and Clickety Clack, somebody else must be helping Handsome Murderer (or its more bad writing) because, how could he kill the Club Hostess Proprietor, hide her body to go back to his meeting WITHOUT A SPECK OF BLOOD on his clothes? And then her body appears at his home (or office or wherever) and he’s still not bloody (plus, he certainly didn’t have her corpse with him when he exited the club or maybe we’ve all got this wrong and this is not a crime procedural show – it’s some kind of fantasy-horror show with bodies moving about and bags of HCL appearing magically when needed).

    Maybe it is just more of the bad writing because I THINK that there’s always a lot of blood splatter unless it is a planned murder and measures are put in place first. I THINK (from no real source other than based on watching tv. lol)

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez The killer is a ninja vampire (I roll my eyes as I say this) However, I do think there has to be one more accomplice among the police. But I think they allude to this on Ep12 so we can comment on that later. I just hope it’s not Daeshik, who was for the longest time, many people’s suspect.

      • Beez says:

        I heard that about Daesik as well because people said how the murderer’s mouth looked. Even though we now have young Handsome Murderer’s mouth which is much closer to how the mouth of wife’s murderer looked than Clicket-Clack,I agree Daesik’s mouth looks more like the murderer we saw hovering over JH’s wife.

        We shall see.

      • Lady G. says:

        Back to Daeshik! I’m still not 100% with him. I’ll be watching 12 tonight and see what I pick up from the clues. They really don’t focus on any of the other dumb cops on the team for us to care if one of them was a corrupt traitor.

    • Lady G. says:

      I’m still wondering about how he pulled that off. Movie Magic I guess. NOBODY saw him dragging a corpse to his car trunk? If that’s how he did it.

      And I’m surprised that the poor Proprietress didn’t scream her head off or at least try to. Unless he had her mouth covered. We never saw the actual attack. Did he just remove her eye but killer her in a less bloody way? Then it doesn’t make sense that there’s a trail all over the floor. I don’t believe he planned to kill her, he just overheard her and went into destroy mode. That’s so terrible how he can just turn it on and off like a light switch.

      I was very creeped out when they showed her wrapped in his closet behind him for those few seconds though.

  4. prettysup says:

    About the empty trophy bags, 2 of them have Jin-hyuk and Kwon-joo’s names on them.

    And I think Kwon-joo was deliberating whether to tell Jin-hyuk about the text message she received about someone who knew his wife.

    • Beez says:

      @prettysup – Thanks for letting us know that. Nothing irritates me more than when Korean writing is shown on screen and no subtitle appears. Obviously if the camera zooms in, it’s revealing something to the viewer that we need to know.

      There have been a couple of times where I sat through a movie and right at the end, they zoom in on some writing in a letter/note or graffitti on a wall that a character left before he died or something and … no sub. And you can tell that if you only knew what that said, you’d probably understand the whole thing or that character’s actions throughout the film but I was left going “WHAT DID IT SAY?!!!” And…dud.

      • Lady G. says:

        I’m so with you there about the subtitling of text, Beez!! It really bothers me too. It’s just laziness. And it’s not only with Fan subbers. The so-called professionals on these big movie releases do it too. And I know enough Korean words and phrases to know when they are completely leaving out chunks of dialogue in a movie too.

        I love in Japanese dramas the subbers take care to even subtitle the store-fronts in creative ways.

        • Beez says:

          I notice Korean dramas will subtitle signs at parks, random buildings, mottos on the police station walls, but then some CRUCIAL information held up to the screen…

    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate that clarification prettysup!👍

  5. Fiesty_lady says:

    I know he changed a couple of jackets on this drama but most of the viewers failed to notice this.

  6. Drama Fan says:

    I’m not sure how many of you guys visit Soompi but two members, Dahkra and 40somethingahjumma started a comparison between Voice’s world and Gotham and its kind of fascinating.

    • Beez says:

      When I go on Soompi, I get overwhelmed by so much there. Although maybe it’s cause I do most stuff on my phone and can never seem to get the search results back of what I’m looking for.

      I see Jane Tilly left a comment on Ep9 about wishing the leads would have some type of relatinship. I started to reply through the email but realized she’s only on Ep9 so I’m posting it here so as not to spoil her or anyone else that is behind:

      I see something [relationship] developing although mostly on Center Leader’s part. Have you guys noticed that, almost in desperation, she asks Jin Hyuk “Are you okay? Are you injured”, before she can move on to whatever else she wants to tell him. For now, he always breezes past it and never answers her. I’m not sure if he’s oblivious or purposely doesn’t want that connection yet.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez Yes, I noticed it, and I’m also bothered that he doesn’t seem to notice it :/ Also, have you noticed she seems to touch her head as if she has a headache? Hopefully it doesn’t mean she is getting sick or something.

  7. Fiesty_lady says:

    The slave hunters

  8. kjtamuser says:

    Was anyone else surprised that Murderer Mo had the proprietress’ body in his apartment? I thought he’d create another dramatic staged scene with the body like he did with the elderly lady.

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