Tomorrow With You Episode 8 Recap

Our couple continues to struggle to overcome communication issues.

Tomorrow With You Episode 8 Recap

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Back in Ma Rin’s hospital room, Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) explains that he is mired in guilt; guilt for leaving his parents on the subway, guilt for disappointing his parents by avoid charity work, guilt for knowing his parents’ last thoughts of him were disappointment; and guilt for surviving. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) remarks that So Joon is a victim too. She counters his guilty litany; he was only immature by getting off the subway, his parents knew that he was young and they loved him, and at the end his parents only felt relief that he wasn’t dying with them. He stares at her. His self-flagellation won’t lessen even with her support, and he cries.

Ma Rin apologizes for bringing up his painful past. So Joon states this is the only thing he can give her right now. He admits he has other secrets, but he can’t share them now. One day he’ll be able to tell her about what happened to him after his parents died. Ma Rin asks when he’ll be able to tell her. So Joon smiles and says on 3/25/19 there will be a fireworks show. He wants them to go see the fireworks and afterword, he’ll tell her everything. While he says this, he recalls the car accident that is slated to kill them on 3/25/19. Ma Rin says that date is several years away. With an earnest face, So Joon asks Ma Rin to trust him.

As they leave the hospital, Ma Rin tells So Joon they must visit that place. She places flowers at the shrine for the subway explosion victims. She makes a wish that things work out for So Joon. He chides her for not properly introducing herself to his parents or promising to love & obey their son. She smiles. He smiles. They want away hand in hand.

Lovely opening scenes for this episode. So Joon is honest that he has secrets. Ma Rin is willing to wait. What a different honesty makes! So Joon can be honest about having secrets! He sets the date to explain everything on the future date of their death. He desperately hopes they’ll be at the fireworks not in the car accident that takes their lives.

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When they get home, they are all smiles. Ma Rin announces she won’t be sleeping in the spare bedroom anymore. So Joon smiles and says he will. Ma Rin is dumbstruck. Doesn’t he know that all is well and it’s time for some make-up loving? Clueless, So Joon announces he knows she’s not over everything that was bothering her. He claims women and men are very different. Ma Rin counters two arms, two legs, not much different. Ha! So Joon declare he’ll think of her as a delicate flower that needs a gentle hand. Ma Rin quips he doesn’t know much about agriculture. Still unable to read a single nonverbal clue Ma Rin is radiating, So Joon tells her that once she’s ready to share a bed, she need only give him a sign. He tops his promise to wait with a pinkie swear! LOL! The disbelief on Ma Rin’s face is priceless. So Joon’s supreme confidence that he’s finally handling his wife properly is priceless.

So Joon retires to his bedroom and tells himself he is cool, considerate, and a love champion.

Ma Rin retires to her bedroom and tells herself this is ridiculous. She loathes the delicate flower he likened her to.

Doo Sik and Director Kim meet at the overlook to the land planned for development. Doo Sik will agree to the deal if Director Kim leaves So Joon’s company. Director Kim doesn’t understand why Doo Sik is pushing him to start his own business. Doo Sik claims he can’t abide a backdoor deal plus he wants to help Director Kim grow and succeed. Doo Sik sweetens the pot with a bag of money. He promises the second half of the investment once Director Kim agrees to his terms. Director Kim hesitates. To push him, Doo Sik pretends to walk away. Director Kim quickly stops him and agrees. Clever manipulation by Doo Sik. He is definitely angling to stop Director Kim from taking over So Joon’s company or some other future event he knows about.

But Director Kim doesn’t mean what he promised. He scoffs that Doo Sik’s interest in his growth is a joke. He tells his assistant the real game begins now and they’ll have to be stealthy in all their moves. He mutters that So Joon’s day of being at the top as come to an end. Did Doo Sik just provide Director Kim the cash he needs for a hostile takeover?

Ma Rin watches So Joon sing to himself that he must be handsome for his flower of a wife. Ma Rin decides to bring out the big guns. She dresses provocatively. So Joon doesn’t react other than to claim they need to jog together. Ma Rin steps close and suggests they “exercise” indoors. So Joon merely pushes her to the bedroom to change into her jogging gear. Ha! So Joon is blind to the obvious!

So Joon won’t listen to Ma Rin’s pleas to stop or slow down while they jog. He urges her on even though he’s struggling with the unfamiliar exercise he has just committed them to.

Ma Rin complains about the bedroom situation with So Ri. She’s stunned. She’s heard that newlyweds are lust starved. Ma Rin admits that So Joon is behaving like a pure man. She likens him to a crisp white shirt. She likens herself to a stain. So Ri urges her to be direct. Ma Rin admits she’s afraid to be direct. So Ri urges her to subtly seduce So Joon.

Se Young confirms to her co-worker that she’s quitting working for the charity.

Ki Doong asks So Joon if he’s seen Se Young lately. So Joon says he saw Se Young at the house dedication for the charity but not since. So Joon says he knows the Ki Doong cares. Flustered, Ki Doong denies it. So Joon turns his attention to the fact that Ki Doong is wearing his prized self-lacing shoes. Ki Doong says he’s keeping them clean. So Joon goes to Ki Doong’s desk and lifts his legs up. Just then Director Kim’s assistant comes in the door. From his angle, it looks like he’s interrupting them in a compromising position. He apologizes and leaves.

So Joon recalls that Ma Rin told him the rumor about his preference for men. He follows Director Kim’s assistant down the hall and asks if he is making incorrect assumptions. Flustered, the assistant claims he is only thinking about his mother. Director Kim walks up. So Joon asks him if he has the same incorrect assumptions about him. Director Kim doesn’t understand. So Joon realizes it was Director Kim’s witch of a wife that put the idea in Ma Rin’s head. He asks Director Kim and his wife to dine with him and his wife tonight.

Ma Rin meets him at the eatery. She asks who they are dining with. So Joon says they are eating with the source of the rumors about him. Ma Rin asks how he knew Gun Sook told her about the rumors. So Joon laughs and says she just confirmed his suspicions. I like that!

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At dinner Gun Sook suggests they must have conflicts are newlyweds. So Joon counters that marriage fun. Gun Sook persists that it can’t be all sunshine and roses. So Joon counters his flower is delicate. He switches his plate with the meat cut up with Ma Rin’s plate. Ma Rin looks at him in surprise and tries to play along. Director Kim gets a phone and leaves the room. Gun Sook asks how they met. So Joon waxes poetic about how Ma Rin’s beauty and charm struck him from the first moment he saw her. Ma Rin tells him to calm down. So Joon says her beauty riles him up. Smiling Ma Rin leaves for the restroom. Now it’s only So Joon and Gun Sook in the room. He looks at her and tells her to be kind to his wife and stop spreading rumors that he likes men. Gun Sook tries to act innocent, but it doesn’t ring true.

Ma Rin can’t help it, she loves the overt affection So Joon and giggles as she walks back to the private dining room. She overhears Director Kim on the phone telling another investor that this deal will prove that So Joon doesn’t have the Midas touch. Ma Rin’s cell phone rings alerting Director Kim that she’s there. He asks how long she’s been standing there. Ma Rin claims she got lost. Director Kim guides her back to the private dining room eyeing her speculatively. Do you send a smidge of danger for Ma Rin in that moment?

On the way home So Joon tells Ma Rin that Director Kim bringing in a new investor is good because they work at the same company. Ma Rin tells So Joon that Director Kim’s conversation seemed shady. She’s noticed that Director Kim wears is guarded around So Joon. But So Joon doesn’t see the obvious threat. He assures Ma Rin that Director Kim can do nothing to him. Is the theme of this episode So Joon’s rampant cluelessness?

Director Kim calls Doo Sik and says the deal should be able to be finalized tomorrow. Doo Sik reminds Director Kim he’ll need to leave So Joon’s company. Director Kim agrees to the terms.

Doo Sik recalls seeing Director Kim push Se Young’s father from a multiple story construction site. Doo Sik says that So Joon can never know.

Director Kim drinks and laughs. He calls himself a winner. Gun Sook watches her husband’s private celebration.

So Joon reads Ma Rin’s marriage journal. She’s positive on some pages but wonders if he loves her on others.

Meanwhile Ma Rin gives herself a pep talk. She needs to reverse sleeping in separate room. She tells herself to follow So Ri’s advice and seduce her husband. She tells herself to be subtle and needy.

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Ma Rin makes a valiant attempt but So Joon only backs away. He suggests beer, a massage therapist, anything but touching her. Then the light goes on. So Joon asks if Ma Rin is seducing him. Ma Rin denies it. So Joon apologizes for assuming that. He promises to temper his lust. He goes to bed. Ma Rin hits the pillows in frustration and embarrassment. She had a golden opportunity to end their stand off and she blew it. If she was willing to seduce, she should have been willing to admit it! These two need to take a communication course ASAP!

Ma Rin tries to cool her ardor while hula hooping and calling her husband dense. So Joon tries to cool his ardor while watching a video about the delicate shy flower and telling himself to be a sensitive man.

Ma Rin visits the new multiple story construction site for the charity. Se Young’s father and Se Young’s co-worker show her around.

Over ramen, Se Young tells So Joon she’s leaving the charity to work in a company in Japan. He urges caution, but she states she needs to make this change. She says she’d go even further away if she had the opportunity. She stares at So Joon considering whether or not to admit her feelings, but decides against it. She comments they’ve been friends forever but sometimes it’s like he completely ignores the past.

So Joon visits Ki Doong who complains about the CCTV system installed in the house. So Joon tells Ki Doong that in the future Ki Doong told him to break up with Ma Rin. So Joon admits he can’t do that. The camera will help him determine why Ki Doong gave him this advice. He asks Ki Doong to store the CCTV footage in a desktop folder named flower on the computer. He hugs Ki Doong outside the house thanking for his support and saying he loves his friend. Ki Doong pushes him away and they joke with each other before So Joon leaves. But So Joon stops, remembers, and tells Ki Doong that Se Young is moving to Japan for a new job. He’s stunned.

Later Ki Doong doesn’t pick up when Se Young calls him.

Se Young takes Ki Doong shoe shopping. He’s not excited. She manages to press him into accepting the shoes. Outside the store, Ki Doong turns to leave. Se Young wants to eat together. Ki Doong turns and says if the meal involves her announcing that she’s moving to Japan, he already knows. Se Young doesn’t like his attitude. Ki Doong counters that he’s supporting her choice and he’s thanked her for the shoes. What does she want from him? She stares. He stares. Is the theme of this episode everyone’s ability to NOT admit the obvious truth to those they care about?


So Joon checks the flower folder but it only has a couple of days of CCTV footage. He copies it to a USB drive. He smiles to himself as he leaves the apartment believing he’ll find the answer on the USB drive. He ducks into a shop to get something for Ma Rin. When he exits, he sees future Ma Rin and she sees him. They stare at each other in surprise. She asks if he’s a past version of So Joon. He realizes that she knows about his time traveling. She confirms it. He asks why she’s being cold. He asks what happened to them. She tells them their feeling turned cold. So Joon interrupts and apologizes for asking. He promises that her future will change and what she knows in this moment will be gone. She snaps that he’s still doing it. She says he forcefully changed the future. He asks what she knows. She tells him when he returns to the past he should break up with her. He says he doesn’t want to break up with her. He likes her. Seeing her like this scares him. He admits that he treats her like a delicate flower in the past because he doesn’t want her hurt. He admits that it’s hard having a gap between them, but being with her, even with a divide between them, makes him happy. So Joon doesn’t understand why she doesn’t remember. Ma Rin tells him she remembers. So Joon assures her he liked her in the past and will like her in the future. Ma Rin wipes a tear away. She asks if Se Young has left for Japan yet. She tells So Joon not to let Se Young leave for Japan. She says that’s all she will say. She walks away. That scene had an ominous, “we will implode no matter what”, tone.


On the subway back to the present, So Joon sighs. When he exits the subway, he sees a text from Ma Rin asking him to pick her up. Worried, he calls her and asks where she’s at. He finds her at the multiple story construction site. She’s by a fire and happy to have him there. So Joon chides her for scaring him. She says she wanted him to see the houses being built with his money. He’s not happy that she was here alone. She tells him she’ll be taking photos throughout the construction. Ma Rin tells him she’s supporting the family charity. She offers him a roasted potato. So Joon pretends it’s not good but then smiles and says it’s delicious. Ma Rin shows him the photos from the opening ceremony. He stares at the picture of the elderly couple on the bench. She notices. Ma Rin says she hopes they will grow old together. So Joon stares at her. He agrees that’s what he wants too. Ma Rin says marriage is wonderful. Once strangers, now they are planning their lives together. He smiles a sad smile. So Joon remembers what future Ma Rin just told him, that they should have never met, that he should break up with her.

Present Ma Rin smiles and wishes she could see their future through a time machine. She asks what he’d do if he went to the future. Ma Rin realizes he could know the future value of land. That would help his business. So Joon stares at her. He gently touches her face. So Joon tells her she’s pretty. He tells her she’s cute. So Joon wishes every day was like this. Ma Rin agrees. Sweet scene with the underlying sadness of So Joon knowing their time together is limited.

So Joon and Ma Rin arrive home to find Ma Rin’s mother cooking them dinner. So Joon and Ma Rin struggle through the meal. Ma Rin asks her mother to stay over. So Joon concurs saying it’s too late to go home.

Ma Rin shows her mother the upstairs guest room. She warns her mother that So Joon is a light sleeper. After Ma Rin leaves, her mother cries. She pulls an old photo out of her wallet. She tells Ma Rin’s father that they weren’t good parents but at least Ma Rin has a good husband. Nope, we don’t get to see the photo. Drat, I was hoping to see Doo Sik’s face in the photo.

Ma Rin tells So Joon they need to sleep in the same bedroom so her mother won’t worry. They both smile as they head to the bedroom. But in bed they are stiff and nervous. So Joon clasps Ma Rin’s hand then realizes he’s gone too far and turns away. Ma Rin turns towards So Joon but only sees his back. Now she turns away too. Frustrated she says she’s thirsty and leaves to get some water.

twy_ep8_10400twy_ep8_10401 Outside Ma Rin grabs her hula hoop and grouses this will be the only thing around her waist tonight. So Joon finds her during the hula hoop and doesn’t understand why. Ma Rin claims she’s working off excess energy. So Joon bids her good night. Finally snapping, Ma Rin barks that he’s dense. She says he wanted a sign from her that she’s ready to resume their marital relationship. Ma Rin tells him to grab a pen so she can sign something. So Joon pretends to do so, but smiles. Now Ma Rin realizes she’s been dense too.

twy_ep8_10501 twy_ep8_10500twy_ep8_10502
Ma Rin declares he touched her face before because he wanted her. So Joon smiles. He asks if she likes him. Irked, Ma Rin asks when she ever acted like she didn’t like him. So Joon smiles. He says he wanted to her hear say it. Now she declares “I love you”. She tells him she doesn’t care about the secret he can’t reveal. With passion, she announces “I love you no matter what. You can have me. I want to have you”. She kisses him with passion. So Joon hesitates then kisses her back. It intensifies. So Joon walks her back into the house and into their bedroom.

Now we see the old photo. Now we see what we expected. It’s Doo Sik, baby Ma Rin and her mother.

So Joon and Ma Rin kiss, smile, and let their feelings radiate around them. So Joon’s voiceover asks “will we be happy tomorrow”?

My Thoughts

I’m relieved our couple has reconnected in every way. We had to watch them struggle to be honest with each other. But finally, they had their moment. Their connection. It was worth the wait. I smiled as they came together in love and happiness. It was ironic that it came on the same day that future Ma Rin told present/past So Joon to break up with her. Does Ma Rin get pregnant? Does Ma Rin lose the baby? Is this why they break up? Is this the pain that mires them like quicksand?

Director Kim is revealed to be evil. Before I worried that he would steal So Joon’s company. Now I worry that he’ll kill more than Se Young’s father.

Se Young and Ki Doong are the other twosome that weren’t communicating clearly. You can’t blame Ki Doong for being completely irked that Se Young was running away to Japan to avoid seeing So Joon married and happy. Poor Ki Doong. He never had the right moment to declare his feelings because of Se Young’s unrequited feelings for So Joon. Ki Doong is a good friend but it doesn’t seem to garner him happiness. The scene where Director Kim’s assistant saw what he thought was So Joon and Ki Doong in a compromising position, that was amusing. But even better was Ki Doong baiting Gun Sook then ordering her to stop telling lies to his wife.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) couldn’t say he loved Ma Rin but he showed it. With So Joon’s emotional admission that his parents’ death scarred him causing him to avoid in-depth relationships, it makes sense that he can’t utter those words (I love you) to Ma Rin yet. But everything So Joon does proves he loves her. The future Ma Rin meeting present/past So Joon was a chilling glimpse to the hopeless future they faced. But So Joon couldn’t do what future Ma Rin advised. He couldn’t walk away from his wife, his love, his flower. One of the messages of this show is to live in the present and ignore the future. So Joon did that today. Bravo! What will the USB CCTV reveal?

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) couldn’t believe how dense So Joon was that she wanted him back in every sense of the word. I was a bit surprised that Ma Rin hesitated and threw away the golden opportunity to confirm that she was seducing So Joon. Ma Rin has been more upfront than So Joon, so it fell to her to “make the move”. She missed that opportunity, but created another when she got her mother to stay overnight in the house. That provided the perfect excuse for them to share a bed. But even that wasn’t enough. Ma Rin had to hula hoop her pent-up tension one more time before she dared to declare what she felt and what she wanted. Bravo! To her surprise and our delight, So Joon was like minded. The actress Min A has some decent hula hoop skills!

Now we know that Doo Sik is Ma Rin’s father. We all suspected it. Now it’s confirmed. We know that Doo Sik is doing what he can to save his daughter. Getting Director Kim out of So Joon’s company is crucial. Why? Does Director Kim try and hurt So Joon and/or Ma Rin? Does Director Kim initiate an accident that causes Ma Rin to lose Doo Sik’s grandchild?

We’re at the half way point in this series. The outlook is bleak at this point. But I’m an optimist. We all want happy endings. One of the messages of this show is to live in the present. I want to believe that if our couple lives and loves in the present, they’ll be able to overcome future problems or change their future outright. But their love is so new and fragile, I can’t be naive enough to declare they’ll be able to effectively deal with future problems. But I hope so. Even though future Ma Rin told present day So Joon that he directly altered the future, I’m betting they can change their future with their actions in the present. We’ll see.

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4 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 8 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    Oh man. The start of this episode wrecked me. The way he looked at her when she said he is victim, too. That was the first time it seemed like someone earnestly said that to him, knowing his guilt.

    And then his plea for her to wait for the time of secret reveal. That was such a step forward and so beautiful. I teared up when he said ‘we will look at fireworks all night’. It is such a beautiful, heartfelt wish. Just…

    Also that teasing, but honest moment at the memorial.

    I genuinely laughed about how they AGAIN misunderstood one another with the making-up and room issue. But what a long way has So Joon come, to think that his honesty can’t make up for all wrongdoings. (He’s obviously not taking in account how loving and kind Ma Rin is.)

    The mimosa comparison is somehow the best and cringyest thing at the same time. He still doesn’t know her well enough to know that hearing you’re overly sensitive, no matter how that’s said, is kinda… Well, not something that makes woman pleased necessarily. Especially if it involves not sharing the bedroom. (Or at in the case with Ma Rin, since she has some major Thirst for him.) Ahaha.

    Still, he is so earnest in his wish to see her happy, you can’t get mad at him. Their monologues in the bedrooms are just hilarious.

    It seems Mister really wants to protect So Joon’s company.

    Annnd then all my seriousness went out of window as I laughed out loud at So Joon’s morning antics. Her over-dressing was no better. Ahh, they’re hilarious and the cutest in their clumsy navigation of relationships. (When they’re not heartbreaking.)

    The excercise bit had me cracking up. (Also the sputter after ‘you die if you change too much suddenly’… Ma Rin, you have way with words, ololol.)

    Honestly, So Joon has NO middle ground, ahaha. He’s either in one over the top ditch, or other. And his consideration still has ways to go. But it’s gold to watch.

    The scene in the office, though. ‘Omo’. I have nothing else to say.

    Gotta love Ma Rin’s smile when So Joon said to have revenge on the ‘friend’. Though their play of happy newlyweds was actually pretty awkward, it was still endearing (“Calm down.”). Gotta love that first meeting story. Considering how she thought he was hitting on her… It works. (Though he rebuked it so much in the following months.)

    The Mister and So Joon have too much faith in people, though, thinking the Director will not cause any harm/go against what he’s said. Sigh.

    The book & seducing timing was unfortunate. That face-grab, though!! Some of most powerful cliche words from male’s mouth put in Ma Rin’s… Ahh, I squealed. Too bad they didn’t lead to desired result. Because So Joon is sometimes SO AWKWARD. He is either Smoothest Realtor ever or Most Awkward one. No-inbetween.

    Ma Rin, shoulda just said “yes, I’m seducing you hubby.” Didn’t your book tell you to be honest? 😉 At least it’s obvious it affected him appropriately. “I’m running away cause my self-preservance is at the limit.” (Teary So Joon about putting himself in doghouse is one of most hilarious things I’ve seen.)

    [[Is the theme of this episode So Joon’s rampant cluelessness?]] It truly seems so, personal and professional relationships both.

    One thing I absolutely love about this show is how it wastes NO screen time. Even the meal with So Joon’s friend enforces a thought of memories/past into his mind that he then brings up in the future. The feeling of characters really interacting and affecting one another is so real in this drama.

    Also, I was so right Ki Doong loves the friend. Dang, it was predictable and yet, not less heartfelt. I ship them. Or just ship Ki Doong with happiness. One of my favorite support characters ever, somehow. He’s like the Good and Goofy Main Lead, except sadly in supporting role. I wonder if Se Young’s departure is what causes rift between Ki Doong and So Joon, and the reason why CCTV is backed up only to October.

    I love how So Joon actually calls Ma Rin Flower even when he’s on his own. And man, that meeting in future. To think that Future Ma Rin heard his confession first, to see the pain his sincere feelings caused her – because she loves him still and the bright days are so vivid in her mind.

    “Are you still doing that?” seems to imply, again, that things go most wrong when he is actively trying to change past/present, instead of living in it. Because, despite her words, I don’t think a changing future in general is at fault, but how he goes about it.

    I teared up when he talked about his feelings and fears, of being careful, yet happy. You can see how learning to be honest with present Ma Rin just transfers to even this situation. I feel like “that moment is everything to me right now” line from So Joon is somehow a huge, emotional foreshadow.

    He’s also gotten so good at lying about the food that I have no idea if the potato was or was not yucky. I think it was, he’s just so happy about that moment he can appreciate the sentiment on its own. (I pity his eager running to wash up when Ma Rin’s mom has cooked dinner, not knowing that the anti-talent runs in family.)

    One small inconsistency was how the old couple photo sitting on the bench was on her camera, though she took the photo with her phone. Maybe she transferred the file? But honestly, it was such a moving moment, that they were both thinking the same thing.

    Honestly, the fire scene is one of my favorites because both of them were not pretending and just being themselves, while being honest. No overplayed density or coyness, just sweet and casual conversations about what’s on their minds, with great emotional depth overall.

    Also, it felt like instead of “soot” (and distracting her), he was wiping away those tears of Ma Rin’s futureself he couldn’t wipe away then. That truly made me sniffle.

    And “riding time machine myself” felt like a such a lovely callback to Oh My Venus where that’s such a prominent quote between Shin Min Ah’s character and her ex-best friend, while working itself perfectly into dialogue. Or am I overthinking things?

    “I am so thirsty.” I truly laughed at that. Writers – A+ for that double entendre. Ma Rin was so sly with getting them to share one bedroom via Mom’s presence, ahaha. At least it was not for nothing!

    Again, honesty is the best road, when she openly confronts him. That big grin he gets, ahhh. And yet, the “I want to hear you say it” bit, right in my feelings. He got more than bargained for, for once in best way, too.

    I can’t say I was surprised about the Mister-The Dad revelation as the thought was floating around for a long time. And for that, I was so apprehensive of his theory from the start and extra-annoyed with how So Joon took it as ‘it MUST work’ tool, disregarding present times. But, I suppose, no one is faultless, Mister included. We definitely saw him being panicky about things at start of Episode 7.

    In fact, I don’t know if I am excited or upset about this overall. For one, it could mean that Mister’s hopes a child could save their future could be nothing more than an idea made by him. Or, he can travel so far into future he can actually see them having those 3 kids and living happy life. But why would he disappear so early in her life and leave her struggling so? Ugh, so many questions left to answer, hopefully we will get some answers.

    In any case, I absolutely loved this episode and this recap. I feel like The Hard Road to Honesty is the theme of this whole drama.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I feel like The Hard Road to Honesty is the theme of this whole drama.
      Great line, it fits this drama.

      So Joon has NO middle ground, ahaha. He’s either in one over the top ditch, or other. And his consideration still has ways to go. But it’s gold to watch
      Well said.

      And man, that meeting in future. To think that Future Ma Rin heard his confession first, to see the pain his sincere feelings caused her – because she loves him still and the bright days are so vivid in her mind.
      That scene stayed with me. I agree she loves him still but whatever happens makes it impossible. His earnest plea in his eyes that he can’t give up, he won’t give up was lovely.

      he was wiping away those tears of Ma Rin’s future-self he couldn’t wipe away then
      That’s a nice thought.

      Ugh, so many questions left to answer, hopefully we will get some answers.
      Isn’t it great? Halfway through the series but there is much to reveal and learn.

      I loved our couple finally emotionally connecting, that was worth the wait.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought last episode So Joon might have asked future Ma Rin how to make things right; that clearly did not happen as future Ma Rin told So Joon to go back and break up with her, which he do not do.

    When our couple returned from the hospital So Joon said he would stay in the small bedroom, the “disbelief on Ma Rin’s face was priceless. So Joon’s supreme confidence that he’s finally handling his wife properly is priceless”. Ma Rin’s subtle and not so subtle “signs” to let So Joon know IF he could return to the bedroom were totally lost on So Joon. Ma Rin had to muster up the courage to be candid about wanting to be with her husband in every sense of the word. These two needed to quit holding back out of courtesy for each other, communicate, and slake their 💧💦 “thirst” for each other, much sooner! Like @KJT said “what a difference honesty makes”!

    The family photo 🖼 Ma Rin’s mom carried confirmed Doo Sik is Ma Rin’s dad. I am more convinced than ever Doo Sik is not working against So Joon, but trying to help is daughter and son-in-law. What does Director Kim do in the future to motivate Doo Sik to invest a billion won with the stipulation of Kim leaving Myriets? I do not trust Director Kim. @KJT raised good question wondering if Doo Sik just gave Director Kim needed for a hostile takeover. Doo Sik may no understand how So Joon’s business operates – I agree both of them are not taking Director Kim as a serious threat. I do have concern for Ma Rin’s safety as Director Kim knows she overhead his conversation regarding So Joon’s business.

    We got a glimpse of Doo Sik’s recollection of the future where Director Kim stands on a scaffolding 👷, which appears to be the structure Happiness is building, with someone who looks like Se Young’s dad, injured below. Does Se Young’s dad die? Is this why future Ma Rin advised So Joon to stop Se Young from going to Japan? Is this the tragedy Doo Sik is trying to mitigate or is it just the beginning of the havoc Director Kim will wreck? Will Director Kim attempt a hostile takeover of Myriets? Will he suceed? Will he take lives 💀 in the process? Inquiring minds want to know.


    • kjtamuser says:

      JT, I love the emojis you sprinkle in your comments.🌹

      I agree that Doo Sik is working so his daughter and son-in-law will live not die. He must know that Director Kim is a serious threat and he’s trying to mitigate that by having him start his own empire. Is Doo Sik making the right choice by fueling Director Kim with scads of cash?

      I too found it interesting that Ma Rin wanted Se Young not to go to Japan. I took a linear leap and assumed it was because Director Kim will kill her father. It’s likely more complicated than that.

      I find it unusual how this show skirts around and handles with a subtle hand the butterfly effect of time travel. During the initial episodes I thought the butterfly effect would not be featured but it was called into play and has been referenced multiple times (including this episode when future Ma Rin told So Joon he he forcefully changed the future) but Writer Heo really hasn’t used this mechanism prominently.


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