Tomorrow With You Episode 7 Recap

Our couple struggles to overcome communication issues.

Tomorrow With You Episode 7 Recap

Anyone else wonder why So Joon is taking all the pictures in the opening credits when Ma Rin is the photographer?

twy_ep7_0126 twy_ep7_0142twy_ep7_0143

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) meets Doo Sik outside. So Joon wants Doo Sik to confirm that getting married would reset his future. Doo Sik confirms this. So Joon states that marriage has only made things more complicated. Unbeknownst to either of them, Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) is watching. But can she hear what they are saying? Doo Sik glances over and sees her. She freezes, he freezes, she turns and heads into the house, and Doo Sik turns and runs away saying he’ll call later. Doo Sik’s reaction screams father that abandoned his daughter.

So Joon chases Doo Sik down. He asks if it’s a blessing to now the future. So Joon ponders and says it would be terrifying NOT to know. Doo Sik wonders if they are destroying the present to preserve the future. So Joon states he’s going to disappear in 2 month. He doesn’t know if he’ll even be there in the future. Doo Sik yells that maybe he’s making it worse for both of them.  So Joon is shocked at the inclusion of Ma Rin. Doo Sik grabs So Joon’s hands and tells him not to travel to the future for 30 days. He promises So Joon that no matter what he sees in the future, he’s on So Joon’s side. He implores So Joon to trust to. So Joon pulls away. He declares he doesn’t know Doo Sik’s motives. He won’t trust him blindly. In fact, he won’t ask for Doo Sik’s help again. So Joon can’t believe the Doo Sik doesn’t believe he won’t be able to protect Ma Rin. He walks away not heeding Doo Sik’s calls to talk to him. Doo Sik is frustrated how their exchange went. Everything about that scene was good. Doo Sik reveals he is considering Ma Rin too. So Joon realizes that Doo Sik has hidden motives. What surprised me was So Joon irritation that Doo Sik doubted that he could protect Ma Rin.


Ma Rin wonders who the strange man was. When So Joon returns home, he claims he was alone. Ma Rin gives him the opportunity to confess but So Joon won’t admit to anything. So Joon asks if they are sleeping alone. Ma Rin says there needs to be a foundation of trust before they can make up. That goes over So Joon’s head. He tells Ma Rin she needs to let her anger subside. He walks to their bedroom. Ma Rin can’t believe he’s so dense. She follows him to the bedroom. They discuss who should sleep in the guest bedroom.

Ma Rin ends up in the spare bedroom. She tells herself something isn’t right and it’s serious. So Joon’s level of lying isn’t normal, she tells herself. Ma Rin has a dream that So Joon is a north Korean spy who tries to kill her. Then she dreams that he zips to her bed. She screams. This time she wakes for real. She hears So Joon scream. She wonders if she’s still dreaming.

twy_ep7_1018 twy_ep7_1017

So Joon dreams and yells “you can’t die”. Ma Rin enters the bedroom and whispers who dies. He wakes and doesn’t tell her. Ma Rin goes back to the spare bedroom.


Gun Sook asks her husband’s assistant what So Joon’s faults are. He says that he doesn’t work and only plays. Gun Sook considers that a plus. She asks if So Joon has other relationships. The assistant hesitates then explains that So Joon and his assistant are too close. He shares he heard So Joon tell Ki Doong that he lived at his house part of the time. He shows Gun Sook a video he took of their argument on the rooftop. Gun Sook interrupts the video just like her husband’s assistant did. There is a close passionate relationship that So Joon and Ki Doong strive to hide. Gun Sook believes So Joon’s marriage to Ma Rin is a farce to cover up his homosexuality. Wanna bet Gun Sook can’t wait to dump this in Ma Rin’s lap?

Gun Sook calls Ma Rin to meet. At their meeting location Gun Sook texts Ma Rin Ki Doong’s address and tells her that her husband lives with Ki Doong too. Gun Sook laughs that So Joon only married Ma Rin to cover up his homosexuality. Gun Sook feigns sympathy that Ma Rin’s rival isn’t another woman, but a man. Gun Sook declares the scandal will be difficult. Ma Rin sneers and wonders if Gun Sook spends all her time thinking about destroying her. Ma Rin tells Gun Sook to get a life. Ma Rin snaps that Gun Sook should leave her and her family alone. She leaves. Gun Sook calls after her to check her text for the address of her husband’s lover. Gun Sook is the typical “mean girl” without any redeeming qualities. I believe I said that last recap. It’s still true.

twy_ep7_2050 twy_ep7_2049

But Ma Rin can’t resist and she makes her way to Ki Doong’s apartment. Inside So Joon eats rice cakes in the bed. Ki Doong isn’t excited about the crumbs. They wrestle a bit. Ki Doong stares into So Joon’s eyes. So Joon tells Ki Doong he’s heavy. Ki Doong rolls off. What? Does Ki Doong have feelings for So Joon? Ma Rin texts So Joon and asks where he is. So Joon lies and says he’s at work. Ma Rin feels ashamed of doubting him. So Joon tells her that he’ll be out late working. As Ma Rin walks away from the apartment, So Joon and Ki Doong exit the apartment declaring they should go play pool. They walk past Ma Rin. They all do a double take. Busted! Ma Rin gushes over So Joon and takes his arm playfully. Ki Doong says it was a coincidence that he and So Joon met. Ma Rin’s doubt radiates. Feeling uncomfortable, Ki Doong rushes back into his apartment.


So Joon asks if Ma Rin was following him. Ma Rin asks why So Joon texted that he was at work. Ma Rin stuns So Joon when she asks if So Joon and Ki Doong are dating. He’s even more shocked to hear that he supposedly lives with Ki Doong. Then Ma Rin asks So Joon if he prefers men to woman. Is their marriage a scam to cover up his real preference? So Joon laughs at her absurd accusations. He wants to go home. But Ma Rin stands her ground and says they are talking here and now. She asks who the man was in front of their house the other night. Surprised again, So Joon says he’s just a guy. Ma Rin asks why So Joon ran after the man. So Joon says it’s nothing. Ma Rin holds her head and declares they have to look at the facts. #1 So Joon is a lazy CEO. #2 So Joon meets men at night. #3 They have weird appliances and clothing in their home. #4 The magazine with the cover about a presidential election result when the presidential election hasn’t even started.  #5 Why does So Joon lie about all these things? Ma Rin says that only if So Joon is a spy, do these things makes sense. Ma Rin asks if So Joon has multiple personalities. So Joon smiles at the absurdity of the suggestion. So Joon looks into her eyes and quietly states “I’m a time traveler”. OMG!! Ma Rin asks what he said. So Joon looks into her eyes and quietly restates “I’m a time traveler”. She stares at him. She laughs then cries. So Joon doesn’t understand her response. Ma Rin declares he’s immature. She sobs he’s gone too far. With tear in his eyes, So Joon tries to comfort her.

When they get home, So Joon wants to talk but Ma Rin waves him away. He’s frustrated that the truth only made matters worse. Is this what makes Ma Rin leave So Joon?

Se Young’s father is in a good mood. They got 30 homes for the poor built. He shares that he invited Ki Doong to join them to inspect the houses. Se Young slinks low in the car remembering her embarrassing confrontation of Ki Doong who she thought was So Joon.


At the build site, Se Young is awkward with Ki Doong. When Ma Rin arrives, she’s awkward with Se Young (the woman she fought with) and Ki Doong (the man she thinks is involved with her husband).  Ma Rin breaks the tension by moving away from both of them.

The home dedication ceremony is lovely as Se Young’s father turns over the symbolic key to an elderly couple.

Se Young admits that she’s embarrassed that Ki Doong knows that she likes So Joon. Ki Doong tells her to get over it. Se Young grouses that if he were a gentleman he’d pretend not to know. Ki Doong says that Se Young made a mistake in letting him know because he won’t drop it. Now it appears that Ki Doong likes Se Young, which is what I’d thought in a previous episode.

So Joon photobombs a picture Ma Rin takes of the elderly couple. She asks why he’s here. So Joon admits he was bored at home. He tweaks her for following him last night. She strides towards the elderly couple. So Joon follows and introduces himself as Ma Rin’s husband.

Se Young isn’t excited to see So Joon with Ma Rin. Se Young tells Ma Rin she can leave now the event is done. When the moving van with the elderly couple’s belongings, Ma Rin tells So Joon he should help move the furniture into the house. So Joon tells her he doesn’t do manual labor. Ma Rin muses that maybe he should go play pool or time travel inside. She strides to the moves. So Joon follows. Ki Doong warns Se Young to be less obvious that she’s jealous of Ma Rin.

twy_ep7_3643 twy_ep7_3644

In spite of his misgivings, So Joon does a decent job helping move the furniture. He’s deferential to Ma Rin. She’s pleased that he made to the effort to help.

Director Kim orders his assistant to get together the paperwork for the project he recently proposed. His assistant reminds him that the So Joon nixed the deal. Director Kim barks that he may another way to make this project happen.

Director Kim shows Doo Sik the plans. He guarantees this is a money-making project regardless of So Joon’s opinion to not proceed. Doo Sik asks Director Kim if he’s ready to start his own business. Director Kim declines stating he’ll stay where he’s at. Doo Sik is surprised that Director Kim isn’t seizing the opportunity to strike out alone. Director Kim declares Doo Sik isn’t the only investor he’ll garner. He says there are plenty of customers in the So Joon’s company that would jump at the chance to invest. Doo Sik doesn’t seem as excited as Director Kim is about stealing So Joon’s customers. But he agrees to think about it.


So Joon, Ma Rin, Ki Doong and Se Young eat together after the moving it complete. So Joon complains about being sore. Ma Rin leaves the table to get water. As she returns to the table, Se Young is telling So Joon that Ma Rin doesn’t know that she and Ki Doong know that he’s the head of the charity. So Joon doesn’t get why that matters. Se Young points out that not telling Ma Rin is lying to her. Frustrated, So Joon asks why women want to know everything about their men. Ki Doong tells him not to keep secrets. Se Young doesn’t want to admit it but Ma Rin has a right to know and she feels awkward that Ma Rin is kept clueless. Ki Doong agrees. So Joon doesn’t understand how Ma Rin should know everything in span of their short marriage that he’s share over a lifetime with Ki Doong and Se Young. Having overheard, Ma Rin returns to the table and comments that it sounded like they were talking about her. She states she’s going home. So Joon can’t believe it. Ki Doong chides him to go after Ma Rin.

twy_ep7_4501 twy_ep7_4500

So Joon stops Ma Rin in the parking lot. He doesn’t understand why she’s upset that she learned about something his friends knew long before they got involved. So Joon says Ma Rin is being a pain. Stunned that he’s calling her out for wanting to know the truth about his life and lies, she stares at him. So Joon claims that Ma Rin doesn’t give him any credit for the effort he puts into their relationship. He wonders if Ma Rin sees their marriage as a profit or loss. Stung to have their marriage equated in empirical terms, Ma Rin says she doesn’t view their marriage like that. Ma Rin wonders if So Joon thinks that she’s the one that has profited from the marriage while he has suffered a loss. Ma Rin puts it simply. She wanted to be the most important person in So Joon’s life. She doesn’t need anything else but him. She asks isn’t that the way love is? She walks away. He tries to stop her but she won’t be deterred and leaves. Ma Rin couldn’t have been clearer. So Joon truly does not see things from her perspective.

As Ma Rin goes home she calls So Joon’s words to the man outside their home. The words that said their marriage has complicated his life. Meanwhile as So Joon drives home he thinks about the same conversation. Ma Rin cries. Her marriage isn’t going as she’d hoped. Ma Rin rubs his face in frustration. His marriage isn’t going as he’d hoped.

Se Young drinks with Ki Doong. She admits that So Joon truly cares about Ma Rin and it hurts. Ki Doong listens with a sympathetic ear.

The bus driver wakes Ma Rin at the end of the line. She faints into a seat as she tries to walk down the aisle.

So Joon returns home. He looks for Ma Rin in her room. But she’s not there.

So Ri comes to the hospital and doesn’t tell So Joon per Ma Rin’s orders. The nurse says that Ma Rin has a lymph node issue and must be hospitalized for 2-3 days. After the nurse leaves, Ma Rin tells So Ri not to call So Joon or her mother. She wants to know why. Ma Rin doesn’t provide the answer.


So Joon goes outside to wait for Ma Rin. He recalls future Ki Doong’s words that he and Ma Rin should break up.

Fishing for Ma Rin’s location, So Joon calls her mother. But she says she’s at the hairdresser and doesn’t realize that So Joon is looking for Ma Rin. So Joon promises to visit soon.

So Joon completely ignores the sales pitch that Director Wang’s makes during a meeting. He misses Director Kim telling Director Wang that the idea has no merit, just like his previous ideas that turned out to be duds. When So Joon gets a text from So Ri that Ma Rin is in the hospital, he leaves the meeting abruptly without an explanation.

twy_ep7_5437 twy_ep7_5438

So Joon arrives at the hospital and finds Ma Rin in bed. So Ri leaves to give them privacy. So Joon demands to know how ill she is. Ma Rin says she’ll be released in a day or two. So Joon scolds her for not calling. Ma Rin retorts the So Joon didn’t call her when he stayed out all night. So Joon says the hospital is a different situation. Ma Rin says that So Joon doesn’t feel like family. Ma Rin says that So Joon makes her feel that hiding things is the normal thing to do in their marriage. Ma Rin says she doesn’t know him and she doesn’t feel like he’s hers. A tear falls down So Joon’s face. So Joon asks if Ma Rin doesn’t think he’s trustworthy. Ma Rin says she doesn’t know what she’s done wrong to make their marriage bad. She wonders if they married too quickly. She wonders if they made a mistake marrying. So Joon wipes away the tear and says it’s not her fault. Ma Rin isn’t so sure. She asks him to leave. So Joon stares at her. Ma Rin doesn’t look him in the eye. He turns and leaves.

Ki Doong calls So Joon to learn what happened. So Joon strides through the subway station and declares he’s going to time travel. The 30-day moratorium Doo Sik asked for is being ignored. He tells Ki Doong he has to find something out. He asks Ki Doong if he’s pathetic. Ki Doong says he knows the answer. So Joon agrees.

So Ri tells Ma Rin that she felt bad for So Joon when he declared he’s the source of stress for Ma Rin. She scoffs that So Joon is only trying to garner sympathy. So Ri wants to know what So Joon did. Ma Rin says she doesn’t need to know. Ma Rin declares she’s going to get better. She’s surprised when So Joon shows up. He sees her startled face and steps out into the hall. 


Ma Rin meets him in the hallway. She tells him not to come back. He asks if he can bring her a particular kind of food. She asks him for mountain berries. He says he’ll get them. She scoffs that mountain berries are only available in the fall. She states their issues can’t be resolved by food. So Joon promises to get the mountain berries. Ma Rin shakes her head. He runs down the hall.

He brings her the mountain berries. She’s surprised. He asks if there’s anything else. She asks for a fresh fish stew. He says he’ll get it. She says the stew is only available in the spring. So Joon promises to get the stew.

So Joon brings the stew. He brings freesia. He brings tulips. He tells her there’s nothing he can’t get her.

He stops at the subway explosion memorial marker. He stares at it.


Ma Rin stares at the spring flowers. So Joon calls and chides her for asking for something obscure. She admits she looked it up on the internet. He reminds her of when they first met. He says he was on the subway with his parents because they forced him to go with them to charity event. Ma Rin admits she know his parents ran the charity when they were alive. So Joon confirms that. He admits he hated helping with the charity. He admits he left the train with her to avoid the charity work. As So Joon stares at his parent’s picture on the memorial wall, he continues the story. His parents called after him, but he got off the subway anyhow. Ma Rin tells him it isn’t his fault. With tears in his eyes, So Joon says it’s was the last thing his parents saw him do. Ma Rin tells him isn’t okay and he doesn’t have to talk about it anymore. Visibly upset So Joon’s voice breaks when he says that his parents died being disappointed in him. He says he doesn’t like to remember that day. He says much as happened to him after the day his parents died. Ma Rin wipes a tear from her face. So Joon asks if he can see her. Ma Rin cries that he should come to her quickly.

So Joon admits he can’t say it to her face, so he’s saying over the phone…long ago when she said she was glad they survived the subway explosion together, he was grateful to hear that. He hangs up. He stares at his parents and smiles.

Ma Rin cries in her room.

So Joon runs to the hospital.

Ma Rin washes her face.

twy_ep7_100704 twy_ep7_100703

She waits in the lobby for So Joon. He sees her. She sees him. He strides over. She smiles. He smiles with tears in his eyes. He hugs her…with feeling. She returns the hug…with feeling.

My Thoughts

Finally, our couple has a break through and communicates effectively. The majority of this mess was on So Joon’s plate. He didn’t see he had the culpability which frustrated Ma Rin (and me too). Only when he stripped the veneer away and was vulnerable and honest could Ma Rin trust her heart and reach out to him again. It boils down to this: Lies break down relationships, truth builds them.

Do Sik is still a mystery though we might have learned two things. He might very well be the father that abandoned Ma Rin when she was two years old considering the total shock he displayed when she spied him talking to So Joon. He implored So Joon to trust him even if his actions were difficult to understand. Does that mean that all secretive actions to get Director Kim to invest are being done to help So Joon? Was Do Sik trying to get Director Kim to spin off into his own company so he wouldn’t hurt Do Sik in the future?

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) showed an inability to recognize his lies (outright or omission) were the source of their issues. In desperation, he admitted he was a time traveler. But at that point, Ma Rin didn’t believe anything he said. Only when Ma Rin ended up in the hospital, did the spotlight illuminate the truth for So Joon. He needs Ma Rin. He couldn’t let her go. He proved his commitment by time traveling and getting her out of season goods. Does he love her? Or has his need for Ma Rin not yet blossomed into love?

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) drew the line with So Joon and became unable to accept his lies. She couldn’t help but her charmed by his efforts to get back in her good graces by moving furniture. But the warmth was stripped away when she heard So Joon complain to Se Young and Ki Doong about her need for him to share everything. When she got sick, she elected to call So Ri and not call her mother and So Joon. At that point, it was understandable why she preferred So Ri over either of them. Thank goodness So Ri took matters into her own hands, and called So Joon because she knew that Ma Rin loves him. But Ma Rin stood strong until she was inundated with out of seasons gifts. She started to cave to So Joon’s earnest efforts to make amends. Only when So Joon barred his soul and shared his pain did Ma Rin ask him to return to her side.

If our couple goes forward building their relationship on truth, and that assumes that So Joon agrees that Ma Rin has the right to know about the real him, they proved they have a chance. Can they change their fate with this new beginning?

The second song of the OST is released. Check out “With You” by Kim Feel.

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16 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 7 Recap
  1. Lia says:

    “Ki Doong calls So Joon to learn what happened. So Joon strides through the subway station and declares he’s going to time travel. The 30-day moratorium Doo Sik asked for is being ignored.”

    Just a small detail, but I thought that it was important to mention that So Joon actually doesn’t get on the subway in this instance, which I thought was important because it was the first time he chose to fix things with Ma Rin in the present instead of trying to go to the future to look for an easy way out.


    • imberreader says:

      Well, ktjamuser probably added that in the moment it seemed like he was going to leave. But yes, his choice to fix it in the present made me sigh in relief and for first time, his time traveling was made endearing. Especially considering that it’s physically hard for him, he kept going back and forth to give her presents. And I love that he DID know her favorite flowers. Like, it wasn’t a fact lost in their half-fake dating phase, something he would forget.


      • kjtamuser says:

        his time traveling was made endearing
        So true

        I love that he DID know her favorite flowers. Like, it wasn’t a fact lost in their half-fake dating phase, something he would forget
        Good point. So Joon earns a brownie point for that!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Good point. I agree that was a subtle moment in the script but a turning point for So Joon.


  2. studiomarie says:

    I couldn’t watch episode 7 and it bothered me because I like both actors. I loved Signal and Oh my Venus. The lead actors have good chemistry. But I find the husband selfish and immature. I should have watched this before Goblin because both dealt with fantasy interwoven with time travel and death. However even though the Goblin was immature at times he was endearing. I want to yell at the main lead and say grow up. Reading your recap gives me hope. I’m going to watch it to the end. ( I hope….)


    • kjtamuser says:

      This episode was important for our emotionally guarded So Joon. When faced with losing Ma Rin due to illness, he could no longer deny that he cared. He exposed his personal fears with the touching phone call in front of the subway explosion memorial. Their eagerness and joy in the hospital lobby was lovely. This couple is on a better path now. How long will it last?


  3. imberreader says:

    I rushed to watch this episode SO FAST, stayed way beyond what I planned to stay up to watch it. Between this and binging It’s Okay, That’s Love ending episodes yesterday, I am such an emotional mess.

    Somehow, first part of episode felt very lighthearted and smile inducing for the most part, despite dealing with some very heavy things. I am going to put it on So Joon’s puppy face and Ki Doong. (More about both below.)

    For one thing, the Mister. Oh man. He literally said you’re messing up the present because you’re thinking too much of future. And So Joon’s expression of unknown future being terrifying is such a wonderful callback to the time he was careless about his friend’s breakup.

    The dreams really took it to the level of inception and subconsciousness’ revelations at the start. It was so bittersweet how even in dreams Ma Rin trusted So Joon wouldn’t be someone who’d hurt her. And So Joon calling her his girl with Mister and then his desperate dream… Wreck my heart again, will you, drama.

    The way they both don’t have relationship experience and don’t know how to make up even when they’re already over their anger is just heartbreaking, too.

    The bit about So Joon possibly orientation, twisting that rooftop conversation. I mean, I had no idea they hit it so well they’re just best buds from like, childhood. Honestly, I thought of all kind of things that I could expect from the drama, but not THIS being turned against So Joon. This drama really doesn’t waste ANY screen time.

    This drama can’t enforce my belief that lies are bad any further because I am already obsessive about it, but dude. Every little thing he lies about backfires on So Joon SO BADLY. At least the male lover thing was confronted immediately by his own messup/meetup.

    (Honestly, Ki Doong running off was one of the funnies things in this episode. Though music really did wonderful job to accentuate EVERYTHING, too. Added: Actually I love Ki Doong so much. SO SO MUCH. He’s cute, adorable and best friend you could ask for (plus, we know he cares a lot about his family, too). I want a man like that in my life, even if as a friend.)

    Her not wanting to tell So Joon about her being in hospital made me sigh deeply, too. I understand where she’s coming from, I really do, but even if this is perfect revenge for that night she waited for him, this shouldn’t happen. I was very relieved that her friend didn’t let it last.

    Also, on brighter note, So Joon has a wonderful scolded puppy face. And that slouch after she scolded him for not wanting to move things! Perfect. Actually, when I think about it, the relationship REALLY benefits when Ma Rin is more than dutiful wife and shows her spunk, bossing him around. It’s obvious even her small, set distance makes his heart grow wonder, heheh. Besides, it does good for their overall power balance in relationship.

    The honesty of his revelation that her actions are causing him distress was good, if not presented as it was. I want them to be more honest with each other, SO MUCH. Ugh. He has a point, she has a point. But it all gets lost in the bad emotions.

    The way he run to the hospital, though. That’s not just concern for your possible savior. Honestly, the hospital scene wrecked me. His honest tears and reassuring that she’s not at fault for their breaking relationship, retreat when he honestly does not know what to do anymore… Ugh. He cares for her so much he probably doesn’t even realize. I think it’s true that 3rd observer can see most clearly, even if they don’t know all details, and that his friends are right with thinking he loves her. In a flawed way, because he is so inexperienced, but still so.

    And then, when he came back… IT WRECKED ME AGAIN IN ANOTHER WAY. Honestly, all ending of the episode did. It was beautiful and perfect for their imperfect relationship. (I felt so pained when he voiced what I thought immediately had when the Station accident was revealed, that he’d feel as if his parents died being upset/disappointed with him.)

    Ma Rin and So Joon have such an emotional chemistry, not just physical, as characters. If they could overcome these many bumps in the road, they could show each other something they’ve never experienced or even thought possible. That middle road would be such a beautiful, beautiful love. His presents are just one of such examples, still childish, as he has little experience, but he is so EAGER I feel like crying.

    And yet, I am very much prepared this drama will end in tragedy. As such, they make me cry, honestly. That preview, too…


    • kjtamuser says:

      bittersweet how even in dreams Ma Rin trusted So Joon wouldn’t be someone who’d hurt her. And So Joon calling her his girl with Mister and then his desperate dream
      Agreed that Ma Rin trusts So Joon but his lying forces her to doubt and pull back. So Joon proves again he cares for Ma Rin but be willing to open up to her wasn’t what he wanted to do.

      the relationship REALLY benefits when Ma Rin is more than dutiful wife and shows her spunk, bossing him around. It’s obvious even her small, set distance makes his heart grow wonder, heheh. Besides, it does good for their overall power balance in relationship
      Well said. So Joon initially had all the power in the relationship. But as he has grown to care for Ma Rin, her wants and desires have mattered more. That power shift was perfectly shown in this episode.

      He cares for her so much he probably doesn’t even realize.
      Agreed. Whether or not it’s love at this point or not is moot. The fact is he was willing to open himself to her, that’s the big change.

      ending of the episode did. It was beautiful and perfect for their imperfect relationship…Ma Rin and So Joon have such an emotional chemistry…If they could overcome these many bumps in the road, they could show each other something they’ve never experienced or even thought possible. That middle road would be such a beautiful, beautiful love…he is so EAGER I feel like crying.
      Beautiful observations. I agree. Ma Rin desperately wants acceptance for who she is (not what she was). So Joon needs tangible love which he has denied himself ever since his parent’s death. This actors click and this the couple can click as proven in this episode.

      I am very much prepared this drama will end in tragedy. As such, they make me cry, honestly. That preview, too
      Living fully in the present will change their future. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      I don’t watch previews. I want each episode to reveal itself as I watch it. Looking forward to the next episode!

      Liked by 1 person

      • imberreader says:

        Ahh, your replies always make me smile, as do your recaps. Thank you for taking your time. time traveler revelation.) But he finds the keyhole and gets through it, to open up to her. Her words about what love is and that she feels she can’t rely on him have truly shaken him, it’s obvious. He even openly cries/is on verge of tears in front of her, both scenes at the hospital.

        Ma Rin desperately wants acceptance for who she is (not what she was). So Joon needs tangible love which he has denied himself ever since his parent’s death. This actors click and this the couple can click as proven in this episode.

        This is SO true I can’t stress it enough!! It’s even worse because at first So Joon was rather withdrawn from physical touches (a guilty subconsciousness plus awkwardness), but now that he really craves them from her, she denies them. And for her, each his lie and not letting her close is refusing to accept HER. For me, their faults and good sides, their relationship is so psychologically well portrayed, I am just amazed.

        Also, I think one of the underrated moments in this episode was how she got the patches for him and I was so hoping for an honest conversation over those, because when he said she doesn’t appreciate his efforts, it and her smile when he was pulled away to do more moving, said the exactly opposite.


        • kjtamuser says:

          When she got him the heat pack for his shoulder, that was a sweet action by her. They both proved they cared for each other by their actions this episode. Her smile watching him move the furniture was a smile of pleasure not because he was doing what she wanted but because he was giving of himself and enjoying it too. Who wouldn’t smile watching the man they love help others?

          Liked by 1 person

  4. humbledaisy1 says:

    I think this drama would have done better being set pre-internet in Korea. After all, you really can get anything in or out of season vis a vis the Internet. My own grocery store has tulips right now and fresh fish in the deli case. These kind of points made me wonder if the writer changed parts of the plot to sell this show.


    • kjtamuser says:

      That’s an interesting thought. I know little of the hoops a writer jumps through to get a drama produced. Thanks for the comment.


    • imberreader says:

      That’s something I thought of, too. Any flower shop I can go to would have flowers of any season. Though fresh-caught wild fish that can be fished only in spring could be a bigger problem, haha. Still, it was beautiful touch.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Don’t forget the mountain berries. 🍓

        It did look like So Joon might not have take a time slip; but I wondered if he did go forward and get advice from future Ma Rin. Regardless, he persevered in seeking her forgiveness. Luckily for So Joon his efforts paid off. I hope he will be honest as they move forward.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    I’ve been wondering if Doo Sik is setting up Gun Sook’s husband, to mitigate his plans – that may be what is needed to secure So Joon and Ma Rin’s safety, especially if Doo Sik is her dad.


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