Voice Episode 10 Recap

Voice Episode 10 – Chapter 5 – Devil’s Whisper

In the records room, Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) senses someone is there. It’s the suspect! She asks how he got into this restricted access room.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) recalls the man looking at Hyun Ho with adoration as they were brought in the station from the police van. She recalls the suspect’s manly then feminine voice.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) and Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) arrive at the internet café. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo they will arrest the person with the identified IP address. Jin Hyuk has the desk dude point out the cube with the IP address. Jin Hyuk strides to the cube. Anyone not love to watch Jang Hyuk swagger across a room? It makes me smile. Jin Hyuk gets the woman’s attention. But she’s not older and he asks her name. It’s not the expected name. He tells Kwon Joo a mistake has been made. Kwon Joo considers then asks Jin Hyuk to look up the SMS account.

Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) sees IP address does not match the IP address the cyber-crimes unit provided. He checks the physical location of the IP address. He realizes it’s the address where the “gentle” suspect works! He recalls the pity the suspect had for Love 8080.

Hyun Ho calls Kwon Joo and declares that Love 8080 is the suspect they just released. Kwon Joo asks him to explain. Hyun Ho realizes that Eun Soo is in danger. He insists that the man has a disorder that Eun Soo identified. He yells they must arrest the suspect again.

Kwon Joo puts the phone down and recalls the suspect’s voice. She realizes that the suspect was thrilled to share the spotlight with Hyun Ho.

Hyun Ho calls Eun Soo. He dashes out of the interrogation room and runs down the hallway.

vep10_0551vep10_0550  vep10_0552
Jin Hyuk reports the SMS account does not show what they expected. Kwon Joo reports that the IP address is incorrect and the male suspect is Love 8080. The details on Love 8080 come pouring out including genius hacker and paranoid, she reports that Eun Soo is in the archives and in trouble. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik rush back (Dae Sik’s first sprint of the episode) to their car. Jin Hyuk KNEW something was wrong. The suspect was acting during the interrogation.

Kwon Joo asks officers to go the archive room and assist Eun Soo. In a flash, Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive at the police station.

We see other officers coming to the archive room.

The suspect asks Eun Soo why she’s inserting herself. He takes the cap off the bottle of Hydrochloric acid. He doesn’t like being called a lunatic. Eun Soo turns on her walkie talkie. The suspect claims Hyun Ho likes him. Eun Soo backs up and runs into a bookshelf. The suspect lean close to Eun Soo. That surprises me. You’d think she’d avoid being that near the suspect at all costs.

Kwon Joo realizes that Eun Soo is in the blocked section of the archives. Jin Hyuk leads officers downstairs. Why hasn’t Hyun Ho arrived at the archives?

The suspect waxes poetic about the time Hyun Ho picked up a dropped tool and handed it to him. Eun Soo asks him to calm down and tells him he’s delusional. Not a good strategy Eun Soo. The suspect doesn’t like that and declare Hyun Ho wants him. Eun Soo tells him to get a grip.  The suspect does not like that either.

Jin Hyuk, Dae Sik and the other officers intercept Hyun Ho outside the archives room. It looks like there are 7 officers.  Jin Hyuk tells them the suspect is delusional. He authorizes weapons fire.

vep10_1001vep10_1003vep10_1000  vep10_1002
The suspect holds the bottle of Hydrochloric acid up to Eun Soo. He’ll only throw it on her not make her drink it like he did the other person. Jin Hyuk and the other officers enter the room. Jin Hyuk calls to the suspect. Eun Soo pushes the suspect away. The bottle of Hydrochloric acid goes flying and splatter on the floor. The suspect ends up face first in the acid. He screams in pain. Everyone exits the room. The suspect yells for Hyun Ho to help him. The officers drag the suspect away.

Kwon Joo comes downstairs and sees the suspect being led away. Jin Hyuk asks if Eun Soo is okay. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik they did well. Jin Hyuk (still giving us swagger) says “it’s what we do”. Kwon Joo comments that so many people live isolated and don’t engage in the real world. She is NOT talking about bloggers and kdrama lovers I’m sure. Jin Hyuk tells her to check in with Eun Soo. She turns and head that way.

voice_ep10_1148 voice_ep10_1149
The serious crime detectives feign concern for Jin Hyuk.  They can’t believe all the calamities that the Golden Time team has suffered. Jin Hyuk tells them to do their own jobs and the Golden Time team will take care of themselves. As he walks away, the detectives ask him to share any addition information in the elderly woman murder case. Jin Hyuk says it’s simple, catch the harbor boss before he flees the country. Dae Sik says their former co-workers are jerks. Dae Sik wonders if it’s related to working under Jang Kyung Hak.

vep10_1502vep10_1501 vep10_1500
The informant Tabloid calls Jin Hyuk, surprising him. The informant knows he’d be dead if it weren’t for Jin Hyuk. He has information that Jang Kyung Hak visits the Gentlemen’s club Fantasia often. But the damming evidence is that Jang Kyung Hak used the Harbor Boss’s card. Jin Hyuk warns him he better be telling the truth. The informant says the Jang Kyung Hak is being blackmailed for a video taken by a woman (the suspect aka Love 8080? Is that the tie-in?).  We see Kyung Hak being approached by a woman and someone filming a video. We see Kyung Hak receiving a link to the video while at work. This upsets him. The informant says the important point is that Kyung Hak has been compromised. Jin Hyuk wants the informant to find out what the blackmail details or the girl approached Kyung Hak. Hmm, I thought the information was self-explanatory except for the identity of the girl who approached Kyung Hak. Dae Sik is shocked. He wants the details on who is blackmailing Kyung Hak. Jin Hyuk strides away.

Hyun Ho is relieved Eun Soo is okay. He doesn’t understand why he had a stalker. Eun Soo suggests that his on-line presence made him a target. Kwon Joo asks both of them if they are okay. She praises Eun Soo calm reaction. Eun Soo demurs that she wasn’t able to handle the suspect as well as Kwon Joo could have, so she has much to learn.

voice_ep10_1633 voice_ep10_1634
Dae Sik can’t believe that Kyung Hak is being blackmailed. He doubts the informant. Jin Hyuk points out that Dae Sik stated Kyung Hak frequented Fantasia. Dae Sik sputters that blackmail is quite different. Jin Hyuk wants to speak with the girl that hit on Kyung Hak. Until he hears it himself, Jin Hyuk won’t believe it.

Jin Hyuk’s son calls thrilled that a friend left him a gift. We see someone drop off the gift while the child sleeps. OMG!! It’s the murderer NOT harbor boss! The child wakes and asks who it is. With his back to the child, the murderer says that his father got a shock yesterday. He tells him to be good to his father. Then he smiles a creepy smile and leaves. Jin Hyuk’s son says he did not see the man’s face. Jin Hyuk runs through his friends and says his son knows all of them. He asks to speak with the aide. His son says the aide stepped out. Jin Hyuk asks to speak with another person. His son says he’s alone. He asks if he can open the gift. Jin Hyuk flashes back to Hyun Ho stating the mirror indicated who would be targeted next. THANK GOODNESS! Jin Hyuk tells his son NOT to open the gift. He’s coming to the hospital. Dae Sik sees that Jin Hyuk is upset. He’s right, Jin Hyuk explains his son got a gift from a stranger when he was alone in his room. The stranger told his son that his father got a shock. Dae Sik realizes the seriousness of this. He wants to come with Jin Hyuk. He wants Dae Sik to stay to handle anything that comes up. Jin Hyuk implores his son not to open the gift and that he’ll be there shortly. I’m so relieved that Jin Hyuk recognized the danger. I’m relieved Dae Sik saw the danger too. I hope his son doesn’t open the gift. But the real surprise was that the murderer delivered the gift. Based on the harbor boss’s vow to get Jin Hyuk through his child, I thought he would take that action. Did he coordinate this with the murderer?


The next chapter begins! Writer Ma…do what you do best…engage and surprise me!

“The world’s trying to change itself in a new way. I can smell death. Nothing new comes without death.”  Demian by Hermann Hesse

Penguin states “Emil Sinclair-the hero and narrator of Hermann Hesse’s novel Demian moves perpetually between the temptations of the flesh and the promise of radical religious redemption.”

Per sparknotes “Demian presents the reflections of an older man on his childhood. In this book, Emil Sinclair recounts the various episodes of his childhood that led to a profound change in his worldview.”

A man gets off the elevator in the hospital. Who is this? Did harbor boss send him?

Jin Hyuk’s son wants to open the gift. Jin Hyuk wants his son to call a nurse. His son starts to open the gift. I’m TENSE!!

The man arrives outside Jin Hyuk’s son’s hospital room. Jin Hyuk’s son opens the gift and is thrilled with what he sees. The man opens the door. Jin Hyuk’s son asks the man who he is. The man enters the room and shuts the door behind him.

Another man watches his from a hospital stair well. He calls harbor boss and reports that “Ghost” has begun. He says they need to move to the next stage. He sends a text message the murderer.

vep10_1901vep10_1902 vep10_1903
Jin Hyuk’s son asks Ghost who he is. Ghost approaches the bed and says nothing. Jin Hyuk’s son yells for his father. Jin Hyuk calls to his son. I’m TENSE!! Jin Hyuk calls the nurse’s station and says a strange man is in his son’s room. She calls security. She rushes to the room.

Ghost walks towards Jin Hyuk’s son who has crawled under the bed next to his.

The security team is running towards the room.

Jin Hyuk calls Kwon Joo and reports the situation asking her to send a patrol. Jin Hyuk says whether or not harbor boss sent the stranger, someone sent him to his son. Kwon Joo calls code red and asks patrols to go to the hospital. Officer Cheon reports his review of the CCTV did not yield a harbor boss sighting.

Ghost reaches under the bed. Jin Hyuk’s son screams.

vep10_2100 vep10_2101
Jin Hyuk drives to the hospital and asks Kwon Joo for an update. She says the patrol will be there in 5 minutes.

Ghost pulls Jin Hyuk’s son out from under the bed. Two security guys and a nurse enter the room. Ghost and the security guys fight. Ghost easily dispatches them. He flees. Another security patrol pursues him.

Kwon Joo learns the patrol has arrived at the hospital. Jin Hyuk yells the room number. The patrol heads to the room.

vep10_2500 vep10_2501
The nurse calls Jin Hyuk. She tells him Dong Woo is okay. The man fled. Jin Hyuk tells her that the patrol will be there in minutes. He tells her to put the gift away. Jin Hyuk hits his horn to expedite his drive to his son.

The other woman that cares for Jin Hyuk’s son arrives. She’s horrified by the injured security guard and immediately comforts the crying child.

Ghost runs through the hospital.

Jin Hyuk arrives. He tells Kwon Joo that the man fled through an emergency exit. She starts checking the CCTV.

Ghost runs through the hospital.

Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk where the man is. Jin Hyuk rushes to his car to intercept.

Ghost exits the hospital. Jin Hyuk’s car stops in front of him. Jin Hyuk stares at the man. Ghost stares at Jin Hyuk. He runs. Jin Hyuk goes after him. Ghost tries to scale a wall. Jin Hyuk pulls him down. Jin Hyuk demands to know who sent him. He asks if it was harbor boss. They engage in a smidge of hand-to-hand fighting but Ghost eludes Jin Hyuk and runs away. Jin Hyuk runs after him yelling to Kwon Joo if he catches his guy they’ll be able to track down harbor boss.

My fingers have been flying. I am disappointed in the wimpy interaction between Ghost and Jin Hyuk. I was savoring a terrific fight but got a dodge and run instead. That was lame!

As the murderer drives home he recalls entering Jin Hyuk’s son’s room. Staring at the sleeping child. Putting the gift at the end of the bed. Bending down and touching his face with shaking fingers. He pulls away like something was gripping him. Then the son calls to him. Then telling the child his father got a shock yesterday and to be good to his father. He recalls seeing Jin Hyuk arrive at the hospital. He smiles at the pleasure of toying with his intended victims.

Wow! Kim Jae Wook is killing it as the murderer!!! Harbor boss is a creep but the murderer is creepy. The trembling hands when he touched Doo Wong. Was that the thrill of the moment or a medical issue?

The murderer arrives at a sleek house. He asks the guards if anyone is there. He’s told everyone is there. From a van across the street, harbor boss watches Mo Tae Gu (we FINALLY have a name) go inside. That’s interesting. Harbor boss spying on Murderer Mo (what I’ll call him) and most likely his father.

vep10_3301vep10_3300  vep10_3302 vep10_3303
Father Mo holds court with some influential folks. We see the proprietress of Fantasia, a minister, and Director Kwon, (we met him in episode 8 when we first met the merry Mo father & son duo) who is looking decidedly uncomfortable at the elite gathering. Father Mo claims he wants to improve with small slice of the world (Sungwun) just like Jacob (from the bible). Murderer Mo arrives. Father Mo asks what the company’s philosophy is. Murderer Mo replies “consider yourself a falling grain of wheat and look after the poor and the weak.” Father Mo asks his guests to help him. The minister states his help depends on others. Director Kwon is still uncomfortable and silent.  He gulps his alcohol. Father Mo tells Director Kwon he won’t destroy top down, he prefers bottom up. He hopes Director Kwon will help him achieve his vision of Sungwun.  Director Kwon finally speaks and pledges his support. Father Mo asks the proprietress to get more food and drink. She leaves. Murderer Mo receives a text from harbor boss. He leaves the gathering.

Murderer Mo chides harbor boss for his notoriety. Harbor boss is at Fantasia and asks if they should meet there.

I see it now, they are all at Fantasia. I didn’t recognize it when Murderer Mo pulled up.

The proprietress goes downstairs to get food and drink. She spies harbor boss when his henchman opens the stairway door.  She hears him say Murderer Mo will be there shortly. She looks alarmed and walks away quickly. The door shuts.

Murderer Mo meets harbor boss. He chides him for telling him what to do. Harbor boss says time is short and their 20-year relationship allows easing protocol sometimes. Murderer Mo insults harbor boss saying he smells and should dip into the hot springs when he flees to Japan. Harbor boss says the cash from his father is insufficient. Murderer Mo doesn’t like that “a dog is biting its master”.  Harbor boss says abandoned dogs bite. He knows about Murderer Mo’s visit to Jin Hyuk’s son at the hospital. He asks if he needs a new toy. Murderer Mo smiles.

Wow, I’m loving that Murderer Mo and Harbor Boss aren’t strictly master / slave. Harbor boss is too old and experienced to completely kowtow. He is challenging Murderer Mo while making intermittently making creepy crackling sound.

The proprietress recalls her meeting with Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo. She gets out Kwon Joo’s business card and considers reporting that she saw harbor boss. Wow, she does it! The proprietress calls Kwon Joo and tells her harbor boss is at Fantasia. She tells Kwon Joo to come quickly. Oh no, Murderer Mo overhears her phone call! The proprietress says she’ll wait in the 3rd floor office. Kwon Joo says she’ll be there shortly. Murderer Mo smiles.

Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk and reports Harbor boss is at Fantasia. Jin Hyuk says he’ll have the man from the hospital catch soon and will meet her there. Kwon Joo handles the reigns over to another officer and says she’s off to meet an informant. The officer tells police to converge at Fantasia to arrest Harbor boss.

The proprietress finishes her call, turns and finds Murderer Mo staring at her. He enters the room. She’s unnerved and babbles. He says nothing and continues to stare at her.

Jin Hyuk chases Ghost to a construction site but can’t find him.

Kwon Joo arrives at Fantasia.

Jin Hyuk calls out for the man to reveal himself. He does. They fight. The fists fly! If you don’t know (and I didn’t before) those fists are real time speed. Per the avid Jang Hyuk fans’ episode 8 comments (shout out to Beez and Drama Fan (blog Stuck on Hyuk)) Jang Hyuk has lightning fast fists. Knowing this then seeing this scene impresses the heck out of me.  Jin Hyuk’s walkie talkie drops to the ground.

Kwon Joo arrives at the meeting spot but it’s dark. She tells Jin Hyuk something feels wrong. But he can’t hear her. His walkie talkie is on the ground and he’s fighting Ghost.

The fight between Jin Hyuk and Ghost continues. They seem to be equally matched. The fact that Jang Hyuk does all his own stunts NEVER ceases to amaze me.

Kwon Joo peers around the room with her flashlight. She finds a smear of blood on the floor. She tells the Emergency Call center that her informant is nowhere to be found and there is blood on the floor. She says Jin Hyuk isn’t answering either. The Officer reports that Jin Hyuk’s radio is disconnected. He asks for police support. Dae Sik answers immediately demanding to know the situation. The Officer says they know the general location and will have an exact GPS location shortly. Dae Sik heads that way.

Kwon Joo follows the blood on the floor. She hears something. She trains her gun in the direction of the sound.

The police patrol cars arrive at Fantasia. They report they will head to the 3rd floor.

Harbor boss gets in the van. It leaves Fantasia.

Kwon Joo continues to search by following the blood on the floor. She finds blood on doorknobs. She opens the door. She enters a private room with a bar. She finds blood on a bottle and glass. She approaches the bar. She finds an ice pick in an ice bucket, a cell phone, and a verse reference in blood on the wall. She calls for backup saying she found the proprietress’s phone. She looks closer. Egad, I don’t like what I see in the ice bucket. Kwon Joo hears something behind her. It appears someone is watching her. She approaches the sound. The police and an employee burst into the room. Kwon Joo lowers her weapon. She stares into the opening she was pointing her gun at. It appears that someone is still watching her.

Jin Hyuk and Ghost continue their fight. Ghost pulls a knife out.

The employee reports what was found to the manager and that the police are in the building. The manager orders all the VIPs escorted out.

Escorts find the trail of blood and the floor and begin screaming. Kwon Joo directs the officer to calm the women. She flashes her light on the bar. I’m assuming she sees the biblical reference.

The serious crimes unit arrives.  They learn that the proprietress is missing and there is blood on the floor. Kyunk Hak orders his men into the building. He wants to see the CCTV video. He stands next to the van. His phone rings. He says nothing. We don’t hear what is said to him.

The manager finds Kwon Joo in the room. She says no one can exit Fantasia until their identity is verified. She wants to see the CCTV video. The manager leaves. Kwon Joo asks for an update on Jin Hyuk. She’s told Dae Sik is headed his way but there is still radio silence from Jin Hyuk. She stares at biblical reference John 9:41 ‘Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.”’

Murderer Mo washes his hands.

Dae Sik arrives and begins to search for Jin Hyuk. He starts running. Love it!

vep10_5000 vep10_5001
Father Mo declares they will be successful and Sungwun will florish. Murderer Mo is distracted. An employee arrives and says an accident occurred on the 3rd floor and the police are in the building. He recommends they leave. Father Mo yells at him demanding to know details. Startled the employee says the proprietress’s phone and blood were found. He reports the proprietress is nowhere to be found. Murderer Mo smiles. Father Mo doesn’t understand what happened. She was just with them. Father Mo tells everyone to leave.

In the bar area the serious crimes unit search. Kyunk Hak asks Kwon Joo what happened. She says the proprietress called the police to report Harbor boss was at Fantasia. Police officers ask for support downstairs.

Jin Hyuk and Ghost continue their fight.

The employee leads Father Mo et all out.

Kyunk Hak and his men order the patrons to calm down.

Kwon Joo continues searching one floor up. She remembers hearing someone run away. Why doesn’t she comment on the chuckling? Don’t you hear that? She sees customers fleeing. She goes after them. She finds the manager instead and demands to know why some customer were able to leave. To his credit, the manager admits they were VIP customer who would NEVER be involved with murder. Ha, ha, ha! She rips into the manager but hears the fleeing footsteps. She calls Kyunk Hak and reports the fleeing VIPs. Kyunk Hak takes two men with him. Kwon Joo tries to follow the VIPs. She’s blocked. Kyunk Hak arrives and the manager allows them to follow.

The VIPs head to their cars. Murderer Mo stops and watches the police coming after them. But the security from Fantasia impeded the police’s progress. He stares at Kwon Joo.

Ghost has Jin Hyuk pinned against a wall. He’s got the knife near Jin Hyuk who is blocking it.

Murderer Mo stares at Kwon Joo.

The knife is almost touching Jin Hyuk’s neck. Ghost says “it’s time for you to go.”

Murderer Mo stares at Kwon Joo. He gets in his car and drives away. Kwon Joo breaks through the impasse and sees a car drive away. Little does she know, her father’s murderer is driving away from her.

My Thoughts

Writer Ma gets high marks for riveting cases that weave in the overarching origin murders of Jin Hyuk’s wife and Kwon Joo’s father. Writer Ma gets low marks for the logic gaps we must swallow. One logic gap from this episode was the archive arrival timing of Hyun Ho, then Jin Hyuk & Dae Sik (who drove to the police station) and the other officers. Ridiculous. But the intensity and mystery that Writer Ma instills in each episode make these logic gaps fade to irritants not egregious errors. However, I still WANT character development. I’m not holding my breath this will happen at this point in the series. On the plus side, I was pleased that the episode was framed in a Chapter. I missed that in episode 9.

Murderer Mo was finally unveiled. We know who he is. We know who his father is. We know that he and harbor boss both targeted Jin Hyuk’s son. We know harbor boss dared to chide him. We know he killed the proprietress. We know he watched Kwon Joo as she searched the room. We know he stared at Kwon Joo as she struggled to reach the fleeing VIP clients.  Kim Jae Wook is riveting as the Murderer Mo. Harbor boss is a creep but the Murderer Mo is creepy. Writer Ma has handed Kim Jae Wook a clever, cruel, dangerous psycho that he is bringing to life.

Random items:
* Whenever Kwon Joo says she’ll protect someone, it’s the kiss of death.
* GPS locations can take 5 seconds or 5 minutes,
whatever the tension needs of the story dictates.
* The director’s pledge to reduce the violence was exemplified by the blurring out of the item in the ice bucket. Per the article“With episodes based on real-life cases, there may have been some overly excessive scenes as we tried to make them similar to the situation victims may have had to endure as much as possible,” Director Kim Hong Seon said at a media event held at a hotel in western Seoul. “We will try to come up with ways so viewers may be less disturbed while not affecting the flow of the show,” Kim said. Shout out to Prettysup (twitter) and Holly Moon (instagram) for the alert about articles on this matter and the upcoming Korean Communications Standards Commission review of Voice scheduled for Feb 22nd.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) had to deal with his son being targeted. It can’t get any more personal. His wife was killed in episode 1 and his son was targeted in episode 10. I cringed when Murderer Mo relished touching Jin Hyuk’s son. I was tense as Ghost approached his son’s room. I don’t think I could type any faster than I did during that segment. I love Jang Hyuk. I watch any series he graces. You could argue that Jin Hyuk is a basic police detective. Writer Ma hasn’t given him any special ability, sassy dialogue, or luck to win every battle. But after 10 episodes, I’m invested in Jin Hyuk’s struggle to find his wife’s killer and to find the police on the take. He does this relying on Kwon Joo , who he initially despised but has come to trust even more than his partner Dae Sik. But you ask, what about Jang Hyuk, what does he bring to this series? Intensity. Jang Hyuk is “all in” every scene. He’s no slacker actor. Whether he’s staring at Harbor boss with the eyes of crazy dog or in panic at his son in danger, I FEEL Jang Hyuk more than other actors. This series hasn’t handed anything to Jang Hyuk on a silver platter. But his acting shines through regardless.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) keeps getting left alone in dangerous situations. Last episode Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik left her alone with at the murder scene and we didn’t know if the murderer was still there (he wasn’t). This episode the police left her alone at the murder scene and we didn’t know if the murderer was still there (he was). Didn’t Murderer Mo chuckle as he was watching her? Why didn’t she hear that? Has she been having issues with her head? Over the last several episodes it appears her head has been hurting her. Anyone else notice that or am I hallucinating? Is her altered frontal lobe becoming a health issue? Why is Writer Ma marginalizing Kwon Joo’s hearing as the series progresses?

The beautiful and haunting second song of the OST “Voice” by Kim Yuna has been released. Shout out to Drama Fan for the heads up.

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98 comments on “Voice Episode 10 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Wait! I had to pause at “Jang Hyuk swagger” 😳 How did I miss that? Must rewatch!

  2. prettysup says:

    What an intense episode! Despite the loopholes, I still find myself very excited and at the edge of my seat throughout!

    About Kwon-joo being left alone.. well she is a policewoman after all, albeit a gun-wielding one as well. There is no reason why she cannot investigate a case alone since it is her job after all, she is no damsel-in-distress who needs a bodyguard all the time.

    And did Tae-gu actually save Jin-hyuk’s son this episode? Coz had he not sent the gift and caused the son to alert the police, they will all have arrived too late. And why did he has a teddy bear in his car?

    Although I love to see JH fight, I find the scene too long, I had the feeling that the director is trying to show off JH’s martial arts skills here haha… And why didn’t the knife just stab JH somewhere? That would make an excellent cliff-hanger!

    • Drama Fan says:

      The fight scene felt longer because it was edited in little pieces. It ruined what was probably already really good action scenes by a) using too much unnecessary “fancy” camera moves and editing b) the fact that many things were happening at Fantasia and then cut to the fight. The fight lost all impact imo (and this makes me mad actually. You don’t mess with Jang Hyuk action scenes or use them as convenient filler PD!) MTG might’ve “saved” MJH son, but are you suggesting he did it on purpose? Does he want to keep the toy by himself? And how did he “guess” the kid was going to call his dad? And exactly how long did MTG stay there if he got to see MJH arrive at the hospital? Hurting the hero is not such a great cliffhanger until the final episode since we all know nothing can happen to him. Finally, if the killer staged Madame Jang’s death, where did he get the blood and the eye? Did he have it handy nearby for such an occasion? Let’s hope whatever it is, they keep at least somewhat plausible.

  3. prettysup says:

    Oh and btw I think there was too much blood on the floor, way too much.. So my guess it that is not that Fantasia proprietress’s at all. And she is not dead too… All the trail and the eyeball was meant to mislead the police. Just my guess, we will see next week haha..

  4. Fiesty_lady says:

    Hi ktjamuser
    I love to read your episode reviews and I also like Jang Hyuk. Even though it is not a great role for Hyukkie but I’m still glad he is choosing better projects now. I thought he burnt out his creativity after the huge mess called Iris2 but he surprised me in BM.
    Voice even with it’s flaws is exciting. I did not like Hyukkie in first 3 episodes but after that he is just magnetic.
    I think the paper thin characterization is the main weakness of writer Ma but orignally the series was intended to be about a female cop with super hearing ability who is also great at martial arts. So if you merge the characters of KGJ & MJH in your imagination then you can see it could be a better series. Hyukkie is doing his best with his character and I love to watch him on my screen on my weekends.
    I have a feeling his new upcoming movie will be good.It is distributed by Opus Pictures and his unconfirmed swordsman movie is also produced by Opus pictures. Is it a coincidence?

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady Hi! I had thought about the concept of the female cop having super hearing and martial arts ability. I guess she would’ve been like a super hero but also, maybe not a call center leader because it’d be tough to be there and outside fighting at the same time?

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        @kjtamuser Thanks a lot for welcoming me here😊
        Only reason I’m satisfied with Hyukkie’s choice is because this drama got popularity and Hyukkie seem to be getting good reviews and also because he gets to show off his fighting skills. Although he seems to be smiling all of the time in the front of the camera but I’m sure the fate BM recieved must had been painful for him.Voice is almost finished now and I’m already hoping that somewhere a great writer would be writing a master piece for him.
        As for ‘Voice,I think it had a promising premise but the clumsy writing ruined it for me. I just want the final episodes to be good.
        I think writer Ma has the talent but it needs time and experience to flourish. I’ve heard that ‘Signal’is great and it’s written by same writer who wrote awful ‘Ghost’.

        • kjtamuser says:

          Good point on the writers. They can have hits and they can have misses. Writer Kim who wrote Goblin & Descendants of the Sun, which I adored, penned Heirs, which I didn’t like.

          I wait for Jang Hyuk to hit the trifecta – fabulous story, top notch production, accomplished cast (especially his leading lady) again. Ratings are nice to have and he deserves a hit. Maybe Writer Kim will think of Jang Hyuk for her next story.

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        @Drama Fan
        Hi! I mean it could be a call center head who uses super hearing ability during her shift and becomes lady vengeance after shift is over. She uses the skills of her team members to solve the case but never lets anybody know about her ability.
        I totally believe that someone can have keener senses than the normal people but can’t believe that a single man can beat 10000 guys after being injured. So there should be minimal use of the martial arts.
        All of the cases in ‘voice’ are hard to believe from the starting of the series. First thing any criminal would do after catching his victim is throwing his phone away and atleast he’ll disconnect the call. The golden time team’s success rate is 100% which makes me roll my eyes.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Welcome! I must agree that it isn’t the greatest role for Jang Hyuk. I agree again that Writer Ma is not providing any evolution to Jin Hyuk’s paper thin characterization of a police detective. What a shame. The greatest actor around, and his talents are only being partially utilized. I concur that Jang Hyuk is doing what he can, but he is constrained in this role. I’d love to know his thoughts on this series once it is complete.

      All that being said, this show keeps me on the engaged. Writer Ma doesn’t execute to the fullest but each chapter’s villains and situations, for the most part, have been gripping.

  5. Drama Fan says:

    I’m going to avoid over commenting cause I’m annoying myself. Hopefully I’ll remember everything I wanted to mention. First, a few rants about the stalker case just to let that one go: a) Where did the stalker get the acid at the police station? b) How did he access the archive room before Eun Soo and manage to remove the files related to the acid? c) How was he screaming one minute in pain and then leaving with the cops quietly? (That looked like an editing or continuity error possibly due to the live shooting schedule) ITA on the lack of character development and on the fact that our leads and actually all characters are flat. But yes, I feel the pain especially regarding Jang Hyuk. MJH is very basic and if he ever says anything remotely human or funny, I can’t help but wonder if its JH adlibing. BTW this was on Ep9 but I thought that MJH sort of “trashing” KJW during his negotiation with a drugged Det. Oh was funny :p on the other hand KJW has not grown much either. I think she is less exciting than she was at the beginning although I still like her and root for her. I root for both leads. The killer is intriguing and the actor is milking his role but he also has the advantage that we don’t really know what motivates him, therefore we are curious. I do hope that when we finally get to “know” this character, the writers won’t drop the ball.

  6. Drama Fan says:

    @KJT Did you see a bts about MJH jumping on a car? It was posted by JH on his instagram. It was actually him and again, no special effects needed. However, I’m not sure why he “had” to jump but ok 😋

    • prettysup says:

      He had to jump becoz the car was in his way, and you know, it wont look cool for a hero to go around the car haha..

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes I saw him do the slide over the car. I knew it him performing the stunt. It was not necessary to the chase as the editing made it seem like he could have run around the car much easier than going over. Does his wife shake her head when she sees that?

  7. Holly Moon says:

    @ Kjtamuser –Didn’t Murderer Mo chuckle as he was watching her? Why didn’t she hear that? Has she been having issues with her head——-
    I think she did hear him snicker because she turned and looked in the direction the sound came from. And again, she reacted the second time she heard him. I think the squealing sound we hear, is supposed to let us know she is hearing something or recognizing something (like the nervousness of the chief) so we don’t miss it.

    @prettysup—I find the scene too long, I had the feeling that the director is trying to show off JH’s martial arts skills here …
    I felt that this long fight was meant to show that this guy was a match or even better at this style of fighting than Jin Hyuk. Did you catch Ghost’s little quick kicks in the air early on in this fight. If not, go back to see, because I think it was a clear signal that this guy was an expert. And this fight of one on one, was 3 times the length of time it took Jin Hyuk to wipe out 15 or more of clack-clack’s guys. And it ain’t over yet.

    @ Drama Fan —-“this was on Ep9 but I thought that MJH sort of “trashing” KJW during his negotiation with a drugged Det. Oh was funny”—
    I think he was talking and using code back to Detective Oh….letting him know they got the code, and that the acid was up above, and that they were handling it–because Detective Oh’s eyes looked up and also wasn’t as wild in his talk as he was before that.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @HollyMoon I agree that the purpose of the long fight was to show the other guy was tough to beat but it still looked too long to me because of the editing. Also, I know he was speaking in code and not really trashing her (that’s why I put it in quotes) but I found it funny.

    • kjtamuser says:

      @HollyMoon I think she did hear him snicker because she turned and looked in the direction the sound came from. Yes, I agree that she heard the chuckle. My irritation is that earlier in the series that Kwon Joo would have analyzed that chuckle on the spot but it’s glossed over now and the fade in/out camera action is all we get.

      I could have used that fight to be one continuous scene to maximize the impact (I love a good fight scene, but flow is crucial) with a final cut to Ghost holding the knife to his throat.

  8. Prettysup says:

    Results of the censorship board review is out – Voice has been given a warning.

  9. Beez says:

    I had written out all my thoughts after watching this ep but had held them until the recap posted but because I can trust kjtamuser and all of you guys to point out all this ridiculousness – then I’ll just say I’m here for the bluuuurrrrrrrrip of those fists! Why oh why can’t I slow mo these scenes like we could back in the day of VHS tape?!!

    I want to slow it down and watch where each blow is landing and if his opponent is blocking each blow. Does anyone know a way for ne to see this fight slow motion?

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez Hmmm you would have to download them. Either from torrent or youtube. I don’t want to make promises but I’ll try to help with this when I get a chance. Gahhh Beez! I turned into a whiny nitpicker these past two episodes 😦 but I can’t help being disappointed in this writer. I think the PD is doing his best.

      • Beez says:

        @DramaFan Thank you SO MUCH! But, before you go to that trouble, even if I downloaded the episode, how would I be able to slow motion the scenes?

        And you are not being nit-picky! Not at all! This is a crime procedural and even if we found out today that the S. Korean police are total bumblers (which I doubt), you can’t have a suspect (that you’ve caught red handed) magically have a bag full of chemicals that the police don’t inspect/search (after the writer has said suspect chased down and arrested while having nothing in his possesion,THEN you write one of the characters saying I’ve got to go get his clothes…oh wait –

        -was Jin Hyuk back with his clothes and that’s how he had his bag? Still,the fact that he wasn’t held for collaborating with the supposed revenge killer…I can’t even go on cause these types of things are so glaring that it’s not as if I’m pointing out things that might go unnoticed.

        So instead I’ll talk about the fact that y’all know how nitpicky and vocal I get when a story doesn’t add up even in fantasy or light-hearted romcoms so you KNOW how I feel about this mess. It’s a shame too because if a story can have good intense big moments like this one has, why not put just a little more effort into the small things that make the viewer go “you’re screwing up an otherwise good story by locking my focus on the dumb sh-t!

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez LOL I think they lent him clothes? And I guessed it was because he was wearing women’s clothes. But where ooohh where did he get the acid??? BTW this case also bothered me because of the prejudice depicted against 40 something year old women! Why did Officer Oh assumed a 40 year old woman can’t be a hacker? Does he think computers were invented yesterday? His boss is precisely a smart (well, as smart as these characters can be) woman so WTF Kid? Also I was afraid they would say something similarly stupid about the cross-dressing character but I’m glad they didn’t. This case in particular was so messy that I couldn’t help but notice the HOLES when I’m usually very good at overlooking everything (I think its because the characters are not engaging enough so if there are no thrills abd suspense are we are left is…holes :s

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan – right! Writernim should totally check out Healer for the 50+ year-old most awesome female uber hacker. lol

          • kjtamuser says:

            I agree there are logic gaps in this show. But so far, I’ve been able to overlook the logic gaps because the thrills and suspense lessens the sting of the holes.
            Do you remember when we were watching Fated to Love You and I could NOT accept when Lee Gun stepped away from Mi Young. I called it a “jump into the deep end of the noble idiocy pool” You were much more accepting and sanguine than I was.

            • Drama Fan says:

              @KJT That’s because my tolerance level is higher if I already love the characters. It’s much easier for me to try to understand them. Wowww so we watched Fated to love you together? I did not remember this!

        • kjtamuser says:

          It is unfortunate that Writer Ma delivers on good intense big moments like this one and falters on character development, basic logic, and plot details. We need to get Writer Ma on speed dial!
          I know I’m repeating myself, but Writer Ma has the sublime Jang Hyuk and is only using 10% of his abilities.

  10. Beez says:

    But then again, I have to remember to always evaluate Kdramaland’s morality/cultural views through a 1950’s U.S. lens. Not saying that’s always a bad thing though; for instance when it comes to family structure and relationships.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Thanks for the update and the link prettysup!

    • Lady G. says:

      Thanks for the link to the article.

      (The chairman, Kim Sung Mook, said, “We have to be careful since the drama airs at 10 p.m.”)

      Errrr…isn’t that the time when shows like this with all their content usually air and get away with it? I could see if the show was 8 or even 9pm, to make that statement.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Lady Me too. Ep9 and 10 were weak enough for me to lose hope on the things that were keeping me watching, like, the expectation of the leads relationship to strengthen and I dunno, expectation of some logic? Crime dramas need to be extra careful with logic cause the audience likes to play detective, it’s part of the fun. But, if there are no rules! If we can’t differentiate between information that was hidden purposely to create more suspense from a mistake or plot-hole anymore, then what’s the fun? 😑

        • Lady G. says:

          Very good point. We LOVE playing Detective. That’s why Columbo was/is so popular, we get to play Detective along with him because we know who the killer is from the beginning, but where did he “mess up”? How will Columbo prove it?
          I’m trying to follow along here, and wonder how they will even find the right killer since it looks like they’re still after Clickety Clack. I guess by ep. 11 they’ll realize it’s definitely not him. But after the 12 episode mark, a 16 eps. drama needs to star wrapping up. I feel like there can be more here.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Lady I’m under the impression that MJH and KWJ know Clickety Clack is not the killer, right? However, they think he will lead them to the real killer. At least that’s one thing they got right 😁 but yes, this needs to start wrapping up next episode.

            • Lady G. says:

              You’re right, JH and KJ both strongly suspect he’s not. I need to let it play out. In this regard, I’ve been spoiled by American crime shows, which can wrap up an entire case in seemingly 45 minute episodes. (Of course you see days go by, trials, etc within that 45 minutes.)

              • Drama Fan says:

                @LadyG Yesss here, time is not even running lol! MJH is driving me nuts with his green jacket and I’m not sure he has not showered lol ewww (they need to show him showering or I won’t believe it happened lololol)

                • Lady G. says:

                  haha!! He’s been running around for 2 days straight with that big purple bruise on his jaw and stinking up the place in his green jacket. You mentioned running. All that running MJH has been doing doesn’t help matters. Lots of sweat. I don’t think we will get any Fan Services from him in this drama. Only from the killer. Everyone’s going gaga over him in comments.

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    @LadyG Yes, unfortunately for me I guess. I don’t care for the killer much. His interpretation is very similar to Shin Sung Rock in Liar Game. But that was a great character. I mean, It’s good and creepy but also cliché. And yeah I guess the guy is handsome but he has never been my type. I was annoyed by him in Bad Guy with KNG 😋 Then again, I was highly annoyed by that drama.

                    • Lady G. says:

                      Yes he’s handsome but not my type either. I can’t be “attracted” to serial killers either. Only feel bad that they are one. I haven’t seen Bad Guy. Liar Game, I was getting annoyed with that drama, but I loved Shin Sung Rock’s character. I may go back and finish it sometime.

                      Jang Hyuk is the handsomest on this show for me. ❤

                • Beez says:

                  Hmmmm. Grimy Jang Hyuk. Probably sweaty too. But you know what they say about Korean’s sweat so…I’d still jump all over that! 😉

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    @Beez What do they say? I really don’t know 😳

                    • Jue14 says:

                      Ok, this sounds crazy, but it’s a scientific fact that Koreans’ sweat does not contain/ produce whatever the bacteria is that causes odor.

                      Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

                    • Beez says:

                      @DramaFan – I see my post about Korean sweat and lack of body odor just showed up.

                      Their geneology explains why I often see foreigners living in Korea talking about not being able to easily find deodorant.

                      Must be nice. 🙂

                    • kjtamuser says:

                      I was wondering my I had to approve that comment. It’s because your typical name “Beez” was not tagged on the comment. This made you a “new” commenter to the blog. After I approve the first comment for someone, then can are comment at will. So the next time you send a comment from your phone, it should sail through.

                    • Beez says:

                      Ahhhhh. I didn’t even notice. My phone usually autofills my screenname but this time it took part of my email address and filled that in.

        • Beez says:

          Exactly. A good example is Defendant with Ji Sung. There is so much that we don’t know what’s going on yet but there are no stupid obvious lazy gaps in basic things so I have confidence that the holes are purposeful right now and not “oh, look at how sloppy the writer’s research is on little details so these things that are puzzling are probably more of the writer’s sloppiness”. Instead, so far, I feel confident that eventually all will be revealed.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez I like JiSung. I think he is my second favorite after Hyukie but I’ve been lazy and not watched other works of him besides KMHM. Let me know if Defendant is good until the end so I’ll check it out. I hope Hyukie gets a good role like that. I have hopes for Ordinary Person and The Blind Swordsman.

  11. Lady G. says:

    Aside from nearly having a heart-attack over Jin Hyuk’s son, I found this to be the weakest episode of the series yet. I’m just going to have to get it through my thick head that the writer, for the sake of creating tension, terror and mystery in this drama world, forgoes logic in a big way. When it comes to things like, police back-up, hospital staff & security, police security, proper police procedure, making private phone calls that can get you caught or killed, and timing – there is very little thought or care to make it realistic. I think we all get what I’m talking about.
    Maybe this drama should be 20 episodes instead of 16. At this point i’m sticking it out mostly for Jang Hyuk and his character, and I do like Lee Ha Na as Kwon-Joo. 2 good enough reasons. If I didn’t like the leads, I’d dropped it already I think.

  12. Fiesty_lady says:

    JH was supposed to be leading man of writer Kim in Secret Garden. I don’t think he is her type anymore. To be honest I don’t have much liking for her dramas. I disliked DOTS and haven’t watched ‘Goblin’. She has a way of presenting the male lead in a way that all ladies go crazy over them. She is surely smart but I want Hukkie to have a graet age appropriate role.
    I wish he could star in a heart wrenching melodrama where I could devour his expressive eyes. I want to see him as soft-spoken as he is in real life. I’m really waiting for a great and intellectual script for Hyukkie.
    I don’t want him to see him in a fluffy role. On a superficial note I also want him to have a good hairstyle for just once.

    • Beez says:

      I love all of JH’s haircuts except the spikey scarecrow look.(And I detested that curl flip in FTLY but I excuse it as paying hommage to one of the characters in the original Taiwan version of FTLY that had that hairstyle.)

      • Drama Fan says:

        My favorite hairstyle in him is either the Robbers one (although probably not in fashion) or the one Lee Gun had when he cut his hair. Actually his hair right now was styled nicely for the Ordinary Person press conference. He looks scrumptious. Also, they left his natural light skin color which suits him better than the mustard make up they put on him to make him look “rough” and “manly”.

        • Beez says:

          “mustard” – lololol

          I was fascinated by how natural his tan looked in Chuno yet how uber light he appeared in the flashbacks to his days as a young master who didn’t have to work in the sun. I also wondered how they could have his face look so round during the characters teenaged years, similar to his younger days in real life, but then his face would be “normal”in the next scene, or maybe I should say “thinner” as the Slave Hunter.

          But everybody in Chuno had beautiful sun-kissed abs. 😆

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez, his longish weird hair in FTLY happened because he was growing it for sageuk movie Empire of Lust. I guess his fringe is not getting cut because of his next sageuk movie.

        • Beez says:

          So if he was growing his hair during FTLY for his
          next role, then was the short cut that came to a peak on his forehead (midway through FTLY)a wig?

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez Wait! I misspoke. He was already filming the movie so he couldn’t cut his hair for LeeGun. He cut it when he finished filming the movie.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez You know JH is a workaholic, so he filmed EoL and the first part of FTLY at the same time.

            • Beez says:

              @DF – I know it’s weird since he’s a celebrity and I’ll never meet him but, because he’s so non-stop,I actually find myself adding him in my prayers now and then.

              • Drama Fan says:

                @Beez Awww that’s sweet though! But wait, are all your biases in your prayers? 😋

                • Beez says:

                  Nope. That’s why it’s so weird. I tend to fangirl on forums over them but leave it there. Never think about them past watching their shows unless I get a news blip in my email. But Hyuckie tends to be so busy that I’ll find myself sending up a quick prayer that God will keep him healthy and make time for him to spend with his family, especially his kids.I mean, look at Jackie Chan’s kid. I respect Jackie Chan as being down to earth despite his super stardom,yet his kid was apparently flailing. I would not want Hyukie to face that heartbreak once his career has showed down but his kids are older and haven’t had that connection to keep them close and grounded. You can’t do it later, once you have enough time, they’re gone.

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    @Beez I know what you mean. I had no idea about Jackie Chan’s son 😦 We don’t know much about Jang Hyuk’s private life, but I know that not so long ago he went on a trip with his parents, his wife and kids. I also saw pictures of him with his older son, and one of his youngest boy (who btw looks very much like him) and a picture of him taking photos of his boy in a school event, etc I don’t necessarily look for these btw! I’m not all that into actor’s personal lives, but my fan friends sometimes share these in private. The point is, it seems to me that he is pretty much a family man. Of course this doesn’t mean the future is certain but at least, it seems, there isn’t much to worry about.

                • Beez says:

                  @DF I think it’s because nobody else is as busy as he is so every time I hear he has a new project, I’m happy I’ll get to see his work, but that’s where the worry kicks in. It seems back to back to back.

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    @Beez True! I’ve noticed some young actors do back to back work, Seo In Guk, Park Hyunshik (I think he is finishing one and starring in another one) the actor who played MooHyuk in Six Flying Dragons and I have the feeling that LeeJunKi too, but others not do two dramas a year and 2 movies in average with some reality show or travel show here and there right? 😁

                • Beez says:

                  @DramaFan I actually sent you a link about the Korean sweat and no body odor but it says my comment is “being moderated.” I had wondered why you hadn’t commented back on the article.

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        Hi beez
        The second hairstyle he had in FLTY made him look like a sleazy old man and you are right the final haircut made him look great. Hyukkie may be the only k drama actor who looks million times better in real life than on the screen. I believe he has the one of the prettiest face among all k celebraties. So it would be nice to see his beauty captured properly on the screen for once.

        • Drama Fan says:

          Gosh YES! I saw him in person last year (I still can’t believe it) and he is definitely a beautiful doll in person. He looks so much younger and is sooo polite and sweet. His eyes and hair so shiny. For a second I swear I didn’t recognize him when I bumped onto him ( long story but it was a fan meeting and I was already impressed with him on stage but when I saw him backstage I almost fainted and then I got to take a picture with him and literally FROZE. I was pretty dumb and couldn’t utter a word lol) but anyway, yes, his pretty face is PRETTY in person. His complexion is so nice for a 40 year old (or even a 30 year old) but the best thing is his nice sweet vibe and down to earth demeanor. I swear he looked so moved and happy with the fans love. Anyway, sorry for the impromptu fangirling 😊

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Fiesty_lady Awwww I’d love for Jang Hyuk to play a soft spoken guy! I always say this! Cause he is so sweet and awkward, playing himself would make for the most lovely male lead. And I agree about KES, I simply don’t get her writing. I couldn’t get into SG and I tried with Goblin, but aside for finding all four leads to be cute I just do not understand the plot or the character’s actions. It all seems like a collection of random “designed to be cute” disjointed scenes.

      • Fiesty_lady says:

        @Drama fan
        Ha ha ha!!!
        All I’m doing is fangirling since I joined this discussion because I don’t feel like talking about ‘Voice’.
        By the way let’s pray together for a great soft-spoken role for Hyuk. Dear God! let a writer and a director incarnate who know their stuff and let Hyukkie look beautiful on the screen.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Fiesty_lady I loved Beautiful Mind. It wasn’t perfect but I’d love that team to collaborate with him again. They totally allowed him to shine acting wise. If its a rom com, then I’d FTLY PD on board. He also got along with Hyukie and were in synch creatively. And definitely loved how Chuno showcased his extraordinary talent, although I fear that PD has made weird choices in stories lately.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You should watch Goblin, it is a departure genre for Writer Kim yet has the strength of her writing skills. I liked Jang Hyuk’s hair in Beautiful Mind. The haircut was similar to the ending hairstyle in Fated to Love You.

      …star in a heart wrenching melodrama where I could devour his expressive eyes…see him as soft-spoken as he is in real life…waiting for a great and intellectual script…
      Sold, sold and sold!

  13. A.D. DO! says:

    Was so hoping this turkey was going somewhere, but I don’t give a flying f— about any of these people. Why does JANG Hyuk’s agency put him in this frustrating junk…what a waste of talent!

  14. Fiesty_lady says:

    @drama fan
    Hyukkie is most endearing when he is being himself. He is not so famous among the international fans so sometimes I get annoyed when peole make rude comments about him in the articles.
    Doesn’t matter if it is a movie or a film but whatever comes in his way should be good. He needs to be directed well.

  15. Fiesty_lady says:

    @drama fan
    No I want him to meet new people. My wish is a timeless classic . I want him to win lot of awards not just popularity because I’ve noticed popularity is extremely volatile in k-ent. But the awards can ensure better projects for the actor in future.
    I really loved his character in BM.

  16. Drama Fan says:

    Despite all my ranting I actually enjoyed some of these MJH moments. The video is called “Born to be Mad Dog” https://youtu.be/Fa4bztbhhfw

  17. Fiesty_lady says:

    I see the other side of picture. His kids get to see their energetic father working hard and they will see him as an inspiration. He is busy but I believe he can take enough time off for bonding with his children. Important thing is quality of time spend with the children not the quantity. Nurturing can be done by their mother and the dad can be the mentor.
    There are a lot of job which keep you busier as compared to an actor’s and still there kids grow up to be fine.
    As for Jackie Chan, he is a huge world star and his child was raised in different environment. Didn’t he cheat on his wife? His own parent’s history is like a movie.
    I think I should stop myself from overcommenting😂

    • Beez says:

      My personal opinion is “Quality Time” is B.S. A person may want to give “QT” but you can’t guarantee the quality of what’s going to happen on your planned QT time. Kids need parents there on a regular basis. Kids need to feel comfortable in order to, hopefully, share what’s going on with them at that exact time, not when they’re also worried about the quality of time too and not wanting to spoil a rare outing. It can already be difficult enough to get kids to talk about what’s going on with their personal lives. But I recognize this is my opinion and my view on this subject is probably jaded.

  18. A.D. DO! says:

    I agree that most KDRAMAS are pretty bad…I guess I was spoiled by breaking in withJang Hyuk at his best..THANK YOU, FATED TO LOVE YOU, SHINE OR GO CRAZY, ROBBERS, INNOCENT THING, FLU, CHUNO….GOOD STORIES ABOUT REAL PEOPLE. I’ve never had a problem with his acting..in anything..it’s just these lousy scripts and the directors that drive me nuts….especially VOICE…nothing works, and the ‘real time’ gives me bed sores to watch. But I will see every scene in anything he does because his charisma is unmatchable. And I will pray for another magical performance when everything comes together to create that lightning in a bottle.

  19. Fiesty_lady says:

    @Beez I can say from my personal life experience that the most important thing to build a great relationship is by having proper communication. Once a parent wins the trust of his offsprig,he wins 90% battle of the parenthood. Trust me it’s not that hard to win a child’s trust. Be honest with them about everything and most inmportant thing is always give them answer of their every question.
    There are a whole lot of jobs which are much more demanding than an actor’s(businessman,doctor,military,politician etc) . For example in my country chief of security planning (hyukkie’s new movie character) has to send his family away to USA and still they become succesful father.
    In my own case my both parents are working and very busy people but they still raised their kids properly and there are parents who are 24×7 with their children but they still went astry. Only because they couldn’t reach to the deapth of the heart of their children. So quality is the most important thing in every aspect of life.

    • Beez says:

      Of course I agree with some of what you’re saying but on a whole, I think a lot of people (too many) embraced the idea of Quality Time as an excuse. So…agree to semi-disagree.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez More than an excuse, working parents don’t have a choice. Jang Hyuk himself talks about seeing his father only a month out of a year when he was younger. His father was in construction and had to travel. My mom at some point had three jobs and I barely saw her in the mornings and weekends. But we did spent most of the time available, together. School also takes away most of a kid’s time. So yeah I think there are careers even more demanding than that of actors.

        • Beez says:

          Obviously,I’m not talking about people who have no choice but to work like that. But as soon as the term “Quality Time came out,I’ve seen it used far to many times as an excuse for lazy parenting. I myself HAD to work a ton of overtime. I made sure that I still supervised homework being done, etc. So I’m not talking about people who have no choice in the matter. I’m talking about people who, once they heard the phrase for making sure you are accessible to your children and make good use of the time you do have with them – Quality Time; a lot of people took that as the excuse they could use to not be a present presence when they do have plenty of time.

          I guess because I’ve seen so much of that in my community where men actually casually spew that out their mouths when called into question for LACK of parenting that the term QT is my trigger.

  20. Fiesty_lady says:

    Oh! now I got what you meant. I used the term quality time for stricly what it really means i.e. making the best use of available time and creating a win-win situation for both work and the family life.
    My context of using the term is different.
    Fortunately I live in the society where people don’t use this word as an excuse. Poor people who can’t set the priorities in their life.
    By the way isn’t it suppose to be JH’s K-drama discussion space.😁
    Good night!!! I thoroghly enjoyed my holiday. 😀😀😀

    • Beez says:

      @Feisty Lady, you’re right. And we do try to remember that (except whenever Chuno is mentioned – CHUNO!)

      But also, this is where we get to know one another as well. I actually feel like I really know some of these commenters at kjtamusers site and when I see them post somewhere else,I actually feel a bit of exhilaration that “Hey! I know them!”

  21. prettysup says:

    Latest news : Ep 11-12 will be revised to above 19 years old viewing !

  22. Jane Tilly says:

    Sorry for the late comments; I’m so far behind in my viewing.

    I agree with the general sentiment of the comments. It is a joy to watch our Hyukkie act and execute his martial 👊 arts. It is such a shame to see Writer Ma fail 🤔 to develop logic, the story, and the characters to their potential.

    Alas poor Kwon Joo is constantly being dismissed by her non-Call Center compatriots and the police 👮 commissioner. Then another person who she promised to protect was murdered. Kwon Joo’s promise IS the “the kiss 💋💀 of death”.

    I’m extremely curious ❓😕❔ about Murderer Mo’s motive for dispatching Jin Hyuk’s wife (HJH). Did Murderer Mo personally know HJH? Was Murderer Mo touching and interested in Dong Woo because he is the son of HJH, MJH, or both of them? I had a hideous fleeting thought of Murderer Mo being Dong Woo’s biological father…I shudder at the thought 😱😨😱!!!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I had a hideous fleeting thought of Murderer Mo being Dong Woo’s biological father…I shudder at the thought
      Awk! That is a horrific thought! No, no, no!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        The dreadful thought came and went. I have hope we will eventually have Murderer Mo’s motive revealed.🎱

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