Voice Episode 9 Recap

Voice Episode 9 – Chapter ?: ?

Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) tells Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) and Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) that the referenced scripture at the crime scene indicates the murderer thinks of himself as an executioner. He perceives of himself as a god who renders judgments and punishments. Hyun Ho believes the mirror on the floor in the pool of blood means the person(s) reflected in it are the next victims. Are Kwon Joo and Hyuk Jin are the next targets?

Nothing says crazy like a clawfoot bathtub by a window and classical musical blaring. I’m calling this guy the murderer until proven otherwise…

The murderer is relaxing in the bath when his father calls. He explains he missed his previous call because he was sleeping.

The murderer watches the news reports that are positive about the Golden Time team citing Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk by name.

The murderer’s father wants harbor boss found. He wants to talk to the police chief.

Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) and Hyun Ho discuss the elderly lady’s murder case. The police believe harbor boss is the murderer. Hyun Ho believes that Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk may be investigating on their own. Hyun Ho wishes he could use social media to further the investigation. Eun Soo doesn’t like that idea. He calls her old fashioned. He asks her to come watch him DJ at a club this weekend. She spies pills in his bag.
Kwon Joo sinks into chair at her house and recalls Jin Hyuk telling her that the murderer is after them just like they are after him.

Kwon Joo recalls trying to tell the elder lady’s brother that his sister wouldn’t see him again. When she cries, the brother realizes that something is wrong. He freaks out. Police officers hold him. In desperation, Kwon Joo hands him a drink that his sister used to make him. He clutches the plastic bottle like it’s a lifeline. He claims his sister would never leave him alone. I’m ready for the song that plays in the background to be released as part of the OST. It has a sad and haunting quality.

voice_ep9_0500Kwon Joo recalls the elderly woman asking if Kwon Joo would protect her and her brother. Head in her hands she knows she failed to protect as promised. She vows to arrest the murderer. I’d like a second scene that shows what Jin Hyuk is doing and what he’s thinking.

Hyun Ho and Eun Soo walk to the parking lot together. He finds a stray dog. He decides to take the stray dog home. He snaps a selfie of him with the dog. He says he’ll upload it. Anyone else have a bad feeling about Hyun Ho’s life out there for anyone (including the murderer) to follow?

I was wondering what Jin Hyuk was doing…
Jin Hyuk is still at work. His son calls wondering if he’ll stop by the hospital. Jin Hyuk says he cannot come today. He tells his son to sleep well. His son calls him a liar for breaking his promise to come see him. Jin Hyuk promises to see him tomorrow. His son takes his medicine and Jin Hyuk cheers him for doing so. Jin Hyuk says good night to his son.

Jin Hyuk stares at a picture of harbor boss. He recalls harbor boss claiming he killed Jin Hyuk’s wife. Jin Hyuk wonders if harbor boss didn’t murder his wife, why did he say he did?

voice_ep9_1001 voice_ep9_1000
The police chief apologizes for being late to the murderer’s father. He wants the loose ends tied up and cases closed. The police chief comments that harbor boss’s fingerprints at the crime scene made closure impossible for now. The murderer’s father says he owes harbor boss’s father. He doesn’t want him tried and convicted. He wants to send harbor boss to Japan. He reminds the police chief that he must be humble. Wanting justice and effective policing for citizens is fine, just not in the turf he controls. The police chief promises to do his part. The murderer’s father drives away. I was wondering what the connection between the murderer and the harbor boss was. Now we know the fathers had a long standing relationship.

Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) finds Jin Hyuk asleep at his desk the next morning. He wakes his partner telling him they need to speak in private. Dae Sik recalls overhearing Kyung Hak talking to someone on the phone and stating the Jin Hyuk won’t give up. Kyung Hak further states if the “thing about Fantasia get revealed, it will be difficult”. Is Fantasia the Gentleman’s club? Dae Sik realizes that his former boss isn’t squeaky clean. Dae Sik confirms to Jin Hyuk “Fantasia” was referenced. Jin Hyuk says they need to keep this between them for now. They’ll investigate further. Don’t you wonder if someone is listening on the other side of the one-mirror when cops have “private” chats in interrogation rooms?

Harbor boss meets murderer’s father at an eatery. The murderer’s father understands that harbor boss got caught in this mess because he tried to help him out. He offer a choice – Japan or China – as the country to flee to. Harbor boss isn’t happy to hear that he’ll be forgotten in a strange country. Murderer’s father reminds him that his temper and lack of patience created the situation. He reminds harbor boss his father went through a lot for him. He offers harbor boss a briefcase of money to ease the transition. Harbor boss fingers the passport and the cash. He declares he’ll disappear IF he can kill Jin Hyuk before he leaves the country. His plan? Send a hit man to the hospital where Jin Hyuk’s son is. Low blow! Murderer’s father declares hurting someone’s child is foolish because it always reverberates back. I agree with that. Harbor boss flatly states he has nothing to lose. Murderer’s father begrudgingly admits that harbor boss’s father would be proud of his son. Killing an enemy’s child would elicit pride? I shake my head.

Kwon Joo looks at a case file. She recalls kidnapper telling her that he witnessed a man in an expensive suit beating an old police officer (her father) with a ball. Kwon Joo realizes the murderer is amping up the cruelty with the drama of the elderly lady’s murder scene.

Eun Soo reminds a flirty caller he’s being recorded. He hangs up. Another officer comments that without Hyun Ho in the Emergency Call center, it’s quiet. He wonders what Kwon Joo is intently studying. Another officer is startled to read online that Hyun Ho is a drug addict and doesn’t deserve to wear a badge. In his youth, he was a former gang member, druggie, bully, and hacker who caused another student’s death. Officer Cheon directs the Eun Soo to have the slander removed from the online site. Officer Cheon takes a printout of the posting to Kwon Joo. He says HR will look into the allegations. Kwon Joo tells Officer Cheon to call Hyun Ho. Eun Soo recalls the offer to see him DJ and the pills in his bag. She looks up the drug which combats motion sickness with hallucinogenic side effects. That worries Eun Soo. Are we witnessing an operation to discredit Golden Time team?

Hyun Ho arrives at the club. He takes a phone call and brags about the play list he has created.

Officer Cheon gets a busy signal and shows Kwon Joo a report that doesn’t look favorable for Hyun Ho. She wants it confirmed before she believes it.

Hyun Ho enters the DJ waiting room. A fan gushes that it’s cool that he’s a cop who likes to party and DJ. The other DJ asks who he is. Hyun Ho introduces himself as DJ Black filling in for another DJ. She’s not friendly (and probably jealous too). She complains to the boss that part-time DJ aren’t real artists. She sweeps out of the room. The boss tells Hyun Ho to get a drink. Hyun Ho drinks out of a cup with his name on it but spills some of it. He heads to the bathroom to clean up and gets hit with a dizzy spell. A woman in red shoes enters the bathroom and asks what he likes. Hyun Ho struggles to see her clearly.

The boss introduces DJ Black who staggers onto the dance floor with a knife in his hand! Holy smokes – those are serious side effects from one sip! A club patron calls the Emergency Call center to report a man holding a woman with a knife at the club. The man names the dance club. Eun Soo tells Kwon Joo there’s a hostage situation at the dance club. Kwon Joo directs Eun Soo to get further details. The caller (on speaker at the Emergency Call center) details that the man is a DJ who appears to be drugged.

voice_ep9_2501voice_ep9_2502 voice_ep9_2503
Multiple calls come into the Emergency Call center. Officer Cheon receives a link to a video. The video reveals Hyun Ho as the man with the knife. Eun Soo tells Kwon Joo that Hyun Ho is a substitute DJ at the club. Kwon Joo recognizes Hyun Ho’s voice. She goes to code red. She reports a drugged man with a knife threatening others at a club. She states the man is Hyun Ho. That gets Jin Hyuk’s attention. He calls Kwon Joo on the walkie talkie and asks for details. She says there a video and Eun Soo’s statement that Hyun Ho was working at the club tonight. She also details the slanderous online post. JIn Hyuk and Dae Sik head out.

Patrol officers arrive at the club first. As Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk drive to the club, Kwon Joo requests that he try and talk Hyun Ho down. Jin Hyuk assures Kwon Joo he’ll handle his colleague properly. Dae Sik wonders if Hyung Ho will get fired. Jin Hyuk says their focus is to stop injuries.

And the bad news keeping coming…Eun Soo tells Kwon Joo that she saw a drugs in Hyun Ho’s bag. Eun Soo also has confirming information on Hyung Ho’s alleged past indiscretions that were in the slanderous post. Kwon Joo tells Eun Soo not to jump to conclusions.

Jin Hyuk reports they are 30 seconds away from the club. Kwon Joo boils the situation down; Hyun Ho was to be a substitute DJ, he’s been drugged, and the slanderous post might be true. Dae Sik doesn’t understand how Hyun Ho became a police officer with that background. Kwon Joo says that Hyun Ho’s father has influence and therefore the history was overlooked.

Hyun Ho holds the knife and the woman and tells everyone he’ll kill her if needed and wonders who would be next. Ouch!

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive the patrol officers have blocked people from entering the club. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik enter the club reporting this to Kwon Joo.

voice_ep9_3500voice_ep9_3502  voice_ep9_3501
Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik enter the circle of people. Dae Sik draws his gun and orders Hyun Ho to drop the knife. Jin Hyuk tells Hyun Ho to drop the knife. Hyun Ho yells back “High Color Laser”. What? Jin Hyuk pushes Dae Sik’s gun down. Hyun Ho keeps repeating “High Color Laser” mystifying everyone. Jin Hyuk directs Hyun Ho to put the knife down. But Hyun Ho orders them not to come closer and continues to repeat “High Color Laser”. Kwon Joo listens and tells Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik that Hyun Ho’s breathing is abnormal and he’s dragging his right foot (I’m not going to ask how she knows it’s the right versus left foot). Jin Hyuk replies that it’s obvious he’s under the influence of drugs. He tries again to get Hyun Ho to drop the knife. Hyun Ho yells that “High Color Laser” is the clue. Jin Hyuk asks Kwon Joo if she can decipher the clue that Hyun Ho is referencing. Eun Soo is the one that realizes that “High Color Laser” stands for HCL. She recalls Hyun Ho talking in acronyms. Eun Soo guesses Hyun Ho could be referencing Hydrochloric acid. Kwon Joo guesses that someone threatened Hyun Ho that they’d release Hydrochloric acid in the club. Jin Hyuk guesses that the person that threatened Hyun Ho is still in the club. Dae Sik splits off to search for the person that threatened him. Jin Hyuk starts disparaging Kwon Joo. Hyun Ho flicks his eyes to the bottle of Hydrochloric acid above the dance floor. Dae Sik finds the threatening person and reports this. Jin Hyuk reports that the Hydrochloric acid is above the dance floor. Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik they’ll move on the count of three. Jin Hyuk yells to Hyun Ho that on three he must put the knife down. But the woman with the remote control doesn’t wait. She presses the button moving the Hydrochloric acid to the edge. Dae Sik jumps over the bar to grab her. Jin Hyuk see the wobbling Hydrochloric acid and order everyone to run. For a second it appears the Hydrochloric acid will drop on top of Hyun Ho. But Jin Hyuk knocks him to the ground. The Hydrochloric acid falls and smashes onto the dance floor. The woman gets away from Dae Sik. He takes off in pursuit. Jin Hyuk calls for paramedics.

The woman (in three inch heels!) runs down the street. Once again, Dae Sik is pressed into running down a suspect. Jin Hyuk bursts out of the building and joins in. Dae Sik reports woman’s description. They lose her. They wonder if she’s Usain Bolt (fastest man on earth). Usain Bolt would struggle in heels! The woman reappears and they pursue her again. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik manage to trip her up. She goes down. Her hair (a wig) flies off. It’s a guy dressed as a woman! Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik can’t believe their eyes! They handcuff the suspect and report to Kwon Joo they have the perpetrator.

voice_ep9_4002 voice_ep9_4001 voice_ep9_4000
Kwon Joo watches the police van arrive at the station. Hyun Ho and the suspect exit with a gaggle of reporters filming their walk into the station. Hyun Ho yells he didn’t do anything. The suspect smiles.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk that he was cyber stalked for over a year. He believes his cyber stalker with the name Love 8080 did this to him. He details all the things Love 8080 has done to him. The suspect dressed as woman entered the bathroom, drew a knife, and said if Hyun Ho did not do as Love 8080 directed, people would get hurt. The suspect states that Love 8080 drugged his drink. Hyun Ho says that Love 8080 flirts but he knows she’s not young but a woman in her 40s. He shows them a picture Love 8080 sent (her face is obscured). Jin Hyuk asks why Hyun Ho didn’t track her IP address. Hyun Ho believes she was using a program to block her IP address. Hyun Ho receives a text from Love 8080 threatening to kill him. He shows it to Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk. Kwon Joo asks about the slanderous post. Hyun Ho says he was never in a gang, the kid that died was in a car accident, and he was confused with another guy with a powerful father. Hyun Ho is adamant this is all being done by Love 8080. Jin Hyuk goes to interrogate the man Love 8080 hired.

voice_ep9_4502 voice_ep9_4501 voice_ep9_4500
The suspect claims Love 8080 said it wasn’t Hydrochloric acid, it was water. Dae Sik says that doesn’t change that he could go to jail for 5 years. Jin Hyuk enters the room and yells that someone could have died. He says Love 8080 and watches the suspect’s reaction. The suspect claims that he can prove Love 8080 hired and instructed him to act as he acted. Jin Hyuk tells him that Love 8080 could be a man or a woman. The suspect confesses he went to a revenge website (that’s a thing?) where others bragged about their revenge activities. Love 8080 contacted him and sent a picture (same picture Hyung Ho has on his phone). He became enamored. When his boss denied payment him for work and he posted it on the revenge website, Love 8080 shared that she wanted revenge too. They agreed to meet outside the club. But she didn’t show, instead leaving directions and the outfit. Love 8080 even called him urging him to do as she instructed. Her voice wasn’t young as expected and echoed. The suspect realizes he was just a pawn to plant the Hydrochloric acid and claims he’s sorry. Jin Hyuk observes his non-verbal communication. Love it!

voice_ep9_5000voice_ep9_5001 Outside the interrogation room, Dae Sik reports that the suspect and Love 8080 communicated from different IP addresses. The suspect was used for access to the club. Jin Hyuk agrees and wants to monitor the suspect after he’s released.

The Police Chief yells at Kwon Joo for letting the department look like idiots. He regrets giving her full latitude for picking the Golden Time team. She promises to catch the culprit. The Police Chief yells that she’s not taking this seriously enough. He punishment is refusing her to work on the elderly lady’s murder investigation. Kwon Joo is shocked. Boy, if that doesn’t scream that the Police Chief has something to hide, I don’t know what does.

The cyber crime team calls Kwon Joo and reports they’ve found that Love 8080 is a 43 year old woman, with multiple complaints from younger men, and recently purchased Hydrochloric acid. They also note that someone is on-line right now with Love 8080’s IP address.

Kwon Joo enters the Emergency Call center and reports Love 8080’s location and details. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik head out to arrest her.

The suspect is released after promising the serious crimes unit he won’t do illegal things in the future. He asks the grabs his black bag and asks where Hyun Ho is so he can apologize. He’s told he cannot see Hyun Ho.

Kwon Joo calls Hyun Ho to report they’ve located Love 8080 and Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik are on their way to arrest her. The suspect hears Hyun Ho’s voice as he walks down the hallway. He peers in the interrogation room and smiles. He enters the room feigning meekness and apologizes. He asks if he can sit. Hyun Ho graciously agrees. The suspect titters that Hyun Ho is handsome. Hyun Ho tells the suspect that crazy woman, Love 8080, will be arrested soon. Hyun Ho calls Love 8080 annoying. The suspect smiles but you see the anger lurking just below the surface.

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik get in the car to go arrest Love 8080. Jin Hyuk admits he has a bad feeling that something isn’t right. Thee drive away.

Hyun Ho unloads all his anger at Love 8080 to the suspect . He doesn’t see the suspect’s reaction to his diatribe. The suspect admits he feels pity for Love 8080. He comments she did this because she likes him. Hyun Ho counters that sexual harassment is not normal when you like someone. The suspect backs down and agrees. Eun Soo enters the room. Hyun Ho jumps to his feet solicitous. She asks to speak with him in private. Hyun Ho asks the suspect to leave. The suspect apologizes for taking so much of Hyun Ho’s time. He reaches for his black bag. He gives Eun Soo a look filled with hate but she doesn’t see it. He leaves the room.

voice_ep9_5903 voice_ep9_5901voice_ep9_5902
Eun Soo wonders why the man got upset just because she needed to speak with Hyun Ho. Hyun Ho says the suspect is gentle. Eun Soo mentions that the cyber crime unit could not tie Hydrochloric acid crimes with Love 8080. The suspect is listening outside the door. The police need to sound proof their interrogation room. Now we know that there is no such thing as a private conversation in them. Eun Soo says she’s researched a disorder where a person believes someone with a higher status loves them and obsesses about them. Eun Soo mentions two other cases involving celebrities and Hydrochloric acid where the attacker was not caught. The suspect continues to listen while standing in the hallway. Eun Soo guesses that the woman they are going to arrest isn’t the real culprit. She slides his computer and a snack to Hyung Ho. He’s touched. She leaves. The suspect is not in the hallway anymore.

Eun Soo walks down the dark hallway and enters the records room. When she looks in a box, it’s empty.

Hyun Ho munches on his snack and uses his laptop, happy as a clam.

Kwon Joo recalls the man looking at Hyun Ho with adoration as they were brought in the station from the police van. She recalls the suspect’s manly then feminine voice.

Hyun Ho is blocked access to a particular website. He doesn’t think a woman in her 40’s could do this. He hacks into the email. But the IP address does not match the IP address the cyber crimes unit provided. He checks the physical location of the IP address. He realizes it’s the address where the “gentle” man works! He recalls the pity the suspect had for Love 8080.

In the records room, Eun Soo senses someone is there.

Hyun Ho calls Kwon Joo and tells her that Love 8080 is the suspect they just released. Kwon Joo asks him to explain. Hyun Ho realizes that Eun Soo is in danger. He insists that the man has a disorder that Eun Soo identified. He yells they must arrest the suspect again.

Kwon Joo puts the phone down and recalls the suspect’s voice. She realizes that the suspect was thrilled to share the spotlight with Hyun Ho.

Hyun Ho calls Eun Soo. He dashes out of the interrogation room and runs down the hallway.

Kwon Joo reports that the male suspect is Love 8080. She reports that Eun Soo is in the archives and in trouble. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik rush back to their car.

My Thoughts

Writer Ma is attacking the Golden Time team on multiple fronts. The murderer doesn’t feel kindly towards Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo. The harbor boss wants to kill Jin Hyuk. The police chief wants to get rid of Kwon Joo and end the team. And I could go on.

Random items:
* Was Love 8080’s move against Hyun Ho an individual crime? I don’t think Love 8080 is part of Harbor boss’s gang or the Kyung Hak’s plan to discredit the Golden Time team because of the length of time (1 year) that Love 8080 stalked him.
* Is Dae Sik getting tired of sprinting every episode?
* Dae Sik wins most improved due to a haircut
* I liked how the episode began with Eun Soo being bothered by a male caller (a typical harassment) but then centered on Hyun Ho’s harassment by a woman/man (an atypical harassment).
* Writer Ma continues to impress by creating cases and situations that surprise and engage me. I want MORE character development.
* Was there a chapter this episode? I felt adrift without the focusing theme of a chapter.
* We got a bit of a breather from the murderer. I’m guessing once harbor boss is dealt with, the murderer will begin to ratchet things up for Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo.

Jin Hyuk’s gut said something was wrong before he left the police station. Is gut instinct Jin Hyuk’s super power to match Kwon Joo’s super hearing? Jin Hyuk is not going to win father of the year by not visiting his son in the hospital. I hate it when the helpless (young, old, animals) are hurt, so I wasn’t happy to have harbor boss specify he was going after Jin Hyuk’s sick son. Ask me if I’ll be sad when crackle mouth harbor boss is eliminated. Will Jin Hyuk take care of harbor boss while in crazy dog mode? He and Dae Sik both suspect Kyunk Hak now. Good! I also like how they are committed to Golden Time team. No more shame about this assignment.

Kwon Joo’s calm nature is a positive in the crisis oriented Emergency Call center. She is the touch stone for the group. I felt bad when the elder woman’s brother wailed in pain when Kwon Joo tried to tell him his sister was dead. Writer Ma has toned down Kwon Joo’s super hearing and dominant impact on the story. I want more from this character.

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42 comments on “Voice Episode 9 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    LOL at your comment that Dae Sik wins most improved due to haircut haha…pity our Mad Dog couldn’t get one too as he is doing a saguek movie for his next project. His hair seems to be getting too long.

    And anyone else think that bespectacled Officer Cheon looks suspicious? Hmm…

    Hard to say more without spoiling ep 10, shall keep some comments for later.

  2. Was that Kim Yoon Ah as the prima donna DJ? Love her music here. Can’t wait for OST.

  3. Drama Fan says:

    Yayyy recap. I’m not too excited about this episode but I have some comments (mostly rants) I did see it as a break from the “origin” killer case and that was good. I was relieved when I saw MJH sleeping if it was in such uncomfortable position (also I think JH took the chance to rest for real) He has been running around, gotten beaten, no hospital checkup, the least he could do was take a nap :p I also liked KJW moment of reflection and guilt over not being able to save the old lady. I resent the writer for this, because it made our heroine look like a fool but I like their tiny moments of reflection in the midst of all the running around. Having said this, I think I need to give up on my desire of these characters to get more developed. This writer focuses so much on plot twists (and falling into some big plot holes too) that the characters are being left behind. Really, we can’t have one single conversation between MJH and KJW where they get to know each other as people and not talk strictly about the cases? In fact, the haven’t really sat and had a meaningful conversation about the origin case. Should we assune that they have? I want to know more about MJH wife and whether something she did or something she “was” led her to be The Kettle-bell killer’s first victim (if she was). I want them to try to figure out what the murder weapon is, they know its an iron ball with a handle, but finding out its a kettle-ball could be a lead right? Anyway, yes, I’m giving up on the non-ship. I don’t see the writer’s intention to give them at least a minimal connection and that sucks honestly. It’s a wasted opportunity as I was feeling chenistry between Jang Hyuk and Lee Hana. I’m also annoyed that Daeshik is kind of dense and the character still flat. I wanted a cute bromance between him and MJH but I’m not feeling it either. And back to the HLC killer case, the actors did a good job but this particular case had so many holes (mostly reveled on the next episode) The fact that he was let go, simply because he said the HLC was water and the fact that was left alone to roam around the police station was really annoying.

    • Beez says:

      @DramaFan Totally agree. If not a ship, then at least let us see his growing respect for her as a fellow officer who, just like him, is risking her job on what’s right, and for her wronged loved one. Sheesh.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez I know! Give us something! They are building up the younger couple who are cute, but I honestly don’t care too much about. Can’t they spare one scene for our leads? ONE is all I’m asking.

    • prettysup says:

      Erm, it is HCL, not HLC

      • Drama Fan says:

        @prettysup My phone is acting up. Anyway thanks for the correction but I can’t edit the comment and I don’t know if it makes a huge difference? By HCL guy I was referring to the stalker. Thank you.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I need to give up on my desire of these characters to get more developed. This writer focuses so much on plot twists…that the characters are being left behind. Really, we can’t have one single conversation between MJH and KJW where they get to know each other as people and not talk strictly about the cases?
      I just finished writing ep 10’s recap and I noted something similar akin to I’m not holding my breath these characters will evolve. This is a flaw in Writer Ma’s story and limits the depth this series can achieve.

      The fact that he was let go, simply because he said the HLC was water and the fact that was left alone to roam around the police station was really annoying.
      Every episode has at least one shake your head at the logic gap moment.

      • Beez says:

        @kjtamuser – Plot? What plot? I’m living off the blurrrrrripppp that is Jang Hyuk’s hands at this point. 🙂

    • Lady G. says:

      You ranted all my thoughts perfectly. And I’m really sad about the no-ship. I’m not giving up hope of at least a friendship. But, some relationships are just strictly work. What can you do? :/

      I never trust a TV cop when they tell a side character they’ll be protected. 😦

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur with DF, it seems like negligence to release a suspect without evidence to exonerate him or the alternative suspect in custody. He admitted to setting up the HCl to be dispersed. Even if he “thought” it was water, he is at least an accessory to the crime and should not be released for 72 hours.

      After questioning he would have been escorted to the public area of the station in the U.S.. How did he get access to the evidence room? Park Eun Soo used a key card to enter the evidence room.

      I concur with the general sentiment of wanting KKJ and MJH to develop at least a friendship.

  4. Drama Fan says:

    @KJT just one detail, according to the subs I read, the commissioner told KJW to stay away from the Nam Sang Tae (Tak tak or Clickety clack dude) case. If they keep interfering, he said he’ll dismantle the Golden Time Team. Also, does anybody have a theory as to why Tak tak makes the crackling jaw noise but MTG, our actual suspect, does not seem to do it? Then what was the sound that KJW heard when he was killing MJH wife and her father? Is this sound only perceptible to her?

    • Beez says:

      @DramaFan – I THINK the clicking nose was only heard during her father’s murder. I don’t recall the murderer actually speaking as he killed JH’s wife. But correct me if I’m wrong because half the time when ClicketyClack is talking I’m rewinding and rewinding and going “I don’t hear it”. I only hear it a few times but not every time he speaks. Is it only me?

      And my theory is MTG (Head Thug Junior) is the one who did something to his minions jaws?

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez I think I heard it when he killed the wife and said to her : “This is why, you shouldn’t have acted up” I do believe it’s a softer cracking sound if compared to that of Tack tack harbor boss.

        • Beez says:

          @DramaFan – ohhhh yeah. I’d forgotten he said that. But was the call still connected at that time? If so, shouldn’t Center Leader have distinguished it was two different voices at each murder?

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez She would’ve right? I actually think the two murders were commited by MTG so the fact that his jaw doesn’t seem to do the noise now, confuses me.

    • Beez says:

      Oh yeah, it’s not only perceptable to Center Leader ’cause JH heard it when he was tied up at the butcher shop. He’s the one who coined the nickname ClicketyClack.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez Yes, I’m referring to real killer. He is the one who should be making this sound. This is assuming we are all on the same page that harbor boss is not the origin killer.

        • Beez says:

          I don’t think JH’s wife’s killer (Junior) makes the sound. He causes others to make it.

          And as I said from episode 2 – Center Leader’s dad’s killer’s silhouette looked like an older Ahjusshi which fits Harbor Boss/Clickety-Clack dude. His body frame, head shape, hair as it fit around his ears – everything looked older. Whereas JH’s wife’s killers jaw line and mouth was that of a young man. But it did not seem to fit Junior to me although all things do seem to point to him being Junior.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez I know what you mean but I still the dad was killed by the same guy. Not just because of the cracking noise, which he did when he talked to MJH wife and also KJW dad, but because the voice and “teasing” psychopathic behaviour was the same. He enjoys killing way too much. Now, however, I do suspect that NST was present when MTG did his killings. The idea to make it seem like the dad was in a car accident sounds more like NST, actually. MTG loves to show off, not hide his crimes. Goshhhh I’m so curious about this! And what motivated MTG to kill MJH wife.

            • Beez says:

              Well them the silhouette of Center Leader’s dad’s killer was either a purpose misdirect or they used a stand in or stunt double.

              • Beez says:

                @Dramafan – also,I had mentioned before – Wifey’s killer wore a hoody. Assuming he didn’t go home and change because I think we’re all under the presumption that he was leaving Wifey’s murder when he ran into Police Dad, right? Police Dad’s killer had on a suit. And I may be reading too much into what may just be an editing continuity thing, but Police Dad’s killer’s sleeve sometimes had a white shirt cuff peeking out and sometimes it seemed there was no shirt underneath. But that could just be the movement of the actor from one scene to the next.

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @Beez Right, but then how do we explain her thinking she was talking to the same guy?

                  • Beez says:

                    @DF – That’s it! I’m definitely going to watch eps 1 & 2 again. Although, is it Ep2 where we see her father’s murder or is it a different ep?

              • Drama Fan says:

                @He looked “different” at moments I admit, but when he was talking on the phone with her, didn’t he look and sound exactly like the guy who killed MJH wife? Also, the whole point of KJW having super hearing is that we trust her, when she insists that both crimes were commited by the same killer, she heard the same voice and clicking sound and that’s how she made the connection between the two crimes. I heard the clicking both times they talked to her, same voice and profile. However when he was running, I got thrown off a bit. What if? NST is the person who waited in the car for MTG (people say there was someone waiting for him) and also there was a shadow when he killed the dad. Maybe the dad followed NST (hence the weird running) and it was MTG who killed him? Ah well, I think I’ll rewatch to see if this would make any sense whatsoever. However it looks like MTG is able to either choose when to make the clicking sound (as opposed to NST who does it rather often) or maybe its in such a low frequency that only KJW hears it and therefore “we” can’t unless we are hearing from her perspective. I think this is a plausible explanation because I remember him asking her almost surprised “You can hear that?” When she assured him she heard his clicking sound.

                • Beez says:

                  Cool. I’ll try to find time to rewatch eps 1 & 2, too. I want the drama to be good, but I can’t help trying to see if they “pulled a fast one” on me. lol

    • kjtamuser says:

      Thanks DF, I fixed the reference as I don’t want the recap to be flat out wrong. My opinions can be wrong but I want the recap as correct as possible.

      Then what was the sound that KJW heard when he was killing MJH wife and her father?I just listened to the murder of JH’s wife and he does make the sound (7:07 mark episode 1 DramaFever). I just listened to the murder of KJ’s father and he does make the sound (49:23 mark episode 3 DramaFever). I’m reaching but does he only make the sound while committing murder? I hope Writer Ma doesn’t drop the ball of this plot point.

  5. Beez says:

    “Nothing says crazy like a clawfoot bathtub by a window and classical musical blaring. I’m calling this guy the murderer until proven otherwise…” quote kjtamuser

    Whooo boy…because that’s my dream kit – claw foot tub by a window, classical music. Add in a Hallyu actor…psycho heaven. lol (Especially if the actor was Jang Hyuk or one of my other 4 biases)

    “Head in her hands she knows she failed to protect as promised. She vows to arrest the murderer. I’d like a second scene that shows what Jin Hyuk is doing and what he’s thinking.” quote kjtamuser

    Except JH never promised Imposter Landlord Halmoni anything so…although the police should’ve known that Fake Halmoni had nowhere else to go other than her old apartment in that same building and the crooks and psycho killer are still out there…

    “Anyone else have a bad feeling about Hyun Ho’s life out there for anyone (including the murderer) to follow?” quote kjtamuser

    I keep telling these young people…

    “Don’t you wonder if someone is listening on the other side of the one-mirror when cops have “private” chats in interrogation rooms?”

    Yup, I do. It may as well be a saeguk – you’d think with the walls literally paper thin, people would learn to whisper their plans which, the bad guys are always lurking in the right place at just the right time, to hear.

    I didn’t understand how “murderer’s (delusional) father” can caution Clickety Clack about punishment for being so low as to harm a child one minute, then turn around and click glasses over it the next. Maybe it’s a case of strange subs again. That old gangster is too chirpy chirpy rub shoulders for me anyway.

    “She recalls kidnapper telling her that he witnessed a man in an expensive suit beating an old police officer (her father) with a ball. Kwon Joo realizes the murderer is amping up the cruelty with the drama of the elderly lady’s murder scene.” quote kjtamuser

    Is this a conveniently added backflash? Because I don’t remember VideoRapeyCreep kidnapper telling Center Leader that?

    “The police need to sound proof their interrogation room. Now we know that there is no such thing as a private conversation in them. ” quote kjtamuser

    What’d I tell ya…might as well be saeguk walls.

    • Lady G. says:

      “Except JH never promised Imposter Landlord Halmoni anything so…although the police should’ve known that Fake Halmoni had nowhere else to go other than her old apartment in that same building and the crooks and psycho killer are still out there…”

      Exactly!! They should’ve made sure she had a place to go and WENT THERE. Or even put her in a safe house. So irritating.

  6. Drama Fan says:

    I have an interpretation of why MTG father first pointed out how wrong it is to attack’s an enemies “cub” and then “praise” the action in the next sentence. The subs were strange especially if you watched on Viki (I recommend Dramacool or Dramafire for subs) However, I understood as MTG Father looks down NST and his father (who btw, must be the associate who was commited for squizofrenia, remember? Well, at least that’s what I think now) He is a thug but those two are “savage” in his opinion. So when he “praised” him he was actually insulting him “You are a monster like your father. He would be proud of your actions”. I think MTG father will be surprised when he realized that his son is the most savage of the bunch. @Beez I recall VideoRapeyCreep mentioning the iron ball. Ever since then I keep thinking why don’t they try to figure out what the murder weapon is?

    • Beez says:

      @DramaFan – i was thinking that too about the weapon description. I’ve been trying to give the drama the benefit of the doubt that maybe kettleballs aren’t common exercise equipment in S.K (although they have every other modern thing made ever) lol

    • Lady G. says:

      Yes, I got the feeling it was a sarcastic form of praise for him too.

  7. Drama Fan says:

    Aha, thanks and sorry for the mistake but I believe it’s understood in context .

  8. Lady G. says:

    “Nothing says crazy like a clawfoot bathtub by a window and classical musical blaring. I’m calling this guy the murderer until proven otherwise…”

    I totally agree to this. I had the same thought. Always with the classical music.

    I felt sad for Kwon Joo sitting all alone in her apt again. She looked terribly lonely. We need more Kwon Joo – Jin Hyuk interaction. It lacked in this episode.

    I know he does his best, but Jin Hyuk has to stop breaking promises to his son. That’s going to hurt him and it may affect his health. How could he stay positive if he’s alone all day long in that room at a hospital? I feel so bad for the little guy. And that evil, vicious Harbor creep and nasty old chairman. So casually talking about killing a child. The psycho can take them all down.

    The other Psycho in red heels obviously knew what drug to give OHH to interact with his meds.

    Kwon Joo could tell which foot he was dragging from hearing, it’s a very Sherlockian trick, but could work. lol. but there is the online video too!

    This whole episode felt so random. Only picked up toward the end for me. I guess we get a breather from all the terror of the main killer. But again, it’s filled with shoddy police work. How is this psycho allowed to roam freely around the precinct? He should’ve remained in lock up until they found the “woman” and corroborated stories!! He Dropped the acid on and made the police chase him down. He’s a co-conspirator!

    OHH has little to no police instinct and just talks too much. He was the one getting everyone caught with that walkie talkie, interrupting at the worst times and making matters worse. Though they should’ve lowered or shut the walkie-talkie’s. They had ear pieces!

    That whole nightclub scene felt weird, and the Hydrochloric acid scene was something out of a 70’s crime show.

  9. Holly Moon says:

    @ Lady G –That whole nightclub scene felt weird, and the Hydrochloric acid scene was something out of a 70’s crime show.

    The Director said at the Press conference last week, that these crimes are taken from well known real life crimes. So the HCL acid scene might be odd to us, but it is probably one most Koreans would recognize.

    And I had my head shaking when they released the HCL acid guy, because Jin Hyuk had said they needed to get clothes for him from the night duty room(so he only came with the dress and heels–right?), but he bent over a took a bag from the floor as he said goodbye to the cop. And we learn that inside the bag is more HCL. If they arrest someone, wouldn’t you think they would look inside his bag? And how did the bag get there anyway? We know they arrested him after running away from the nightclub, and he didn’t have his bag then.

    And a second time I was shaking my head, when girl cop needs a key to get in records room, but somehow– acid guy doesn’t?

    Maybe they rushed to make the changes in the story to appease the complainers, with the cost of sloppy writing.

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – that’s exactly what I said too – about the cross dresser having a bag with him but no clothes and they picked him up carrying nothing. *tsk tsk*

    • Lady G. says:

      That was irritating. You’re absolutely right. He had nothing on him but his dress and heels when he was arrested. That bag should’ve been made evidence. I can’t believe the ineptitude. ARHHHH!!! Or was it evidence taken by the cops from the Club – but still, they lay it on the floor with HCL in it for anyone to pick up by mistake?

      It was shown that acid guy is a hacker, so maybe he knew how to crack the code, or saw which numbers she pressed. Since NOBODY was watching he was able to follow her in. Then again, I thought I saw her leave the door open partway.

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