Tomorrow With You Episode 5 Recap

Our couple must adjust to their change in status.

Tomorrow With You Episode 5 Recap

The show starts with a terrific recap of why Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) involved then himself distanced himself then involved himself with Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A). It puts So Joon in a more positive light. He wanted to save her from wheelchair and an early death. He believes his future self wanted him to marry her. Their marriage will change their future, but So Joon doesn’t know how. He married with the faith that both their fates will change. Let’s find out what happens next.

We see what happened before Ma Rin walked So Joon to his car to bid him to have a good day. It’s the first day back from their honeymoon. She interrupts his shower. She’s not a good cook (in So Joon’s opinion). At first, he is honest that he finds her cooking lacking but he sees she’s hurt so he lies that he was joking. Ma Rin doesn’t see the truth was his first reaction.

So Joon drives to his other home where his assistant Ki Doong is living. He tells Ki Doong that marriage is bewildering.

Director Kim (works at So Joon’s company and knows something is different about his boss) asks his wife, Gun Sook, to become friendly with Ma Rin and find out details about So Joon. Gun Sook isn’t inclined to cooperate. She and Ma Rin aren’t speaking after their hair pulling incident. Director Kim shrugs and tells his wife that if she won’t do as he asks, her unlimited credit card will be canceled. That gets her attention. But she doesn’t acquiesce. Frustrated he barks that he always gives her what she wants. If she thinks his request is petty then the same goes for his money. She yells at him. He yells at her. You get the feeling that he hasn’t yelled at Gun Sook before. She deserves it. She’s a spoiled brat of a wife/person.

Ma Rin’s friend So Ri calls and says that Gun Sook wants to make up. Ma Rin is not excited. But for the sake of So Ri she agrees. It’s like Ma Rin cast out the cockroach in her life and knows she’s inviting it back into her life. What does she get out of a relationship with Gun Sook? As they shop for men’s clothing Gun Sook recalls her husband’s request to find out details about So Joon. She asks a simple question – what is his size? Ma Rin doesn’t know. She states that her husband has a body that makes other men envious. Bam! Ma Rin tries to call So Joon but the phone drones that he’s not available.

Future 2017…
So Joon is shopping for clothes for himself. He wants to be cutting edge. Ma Rin’s voiceover to Gun Sook states she knows what’s important about her husband. They are close on matters that count. We see So Joon picking up newspapers and magazines that he’ll use to enhance his decision making in the present.

Gun Sook tells Ma Rin that isn’t not normal to not know about her husband’s family or friends. Ma Rin claims that they have separate lives in that regard. Gun Sook says that’s weird. So Ri agrees.

Ma Rin shops for supper. She’s envious of the couple shopping together. So Joon calls and asks why she called him 22 times. Ha! Ma Rin says she was clothes shopping and realized she didn’t know his size. He counters that she doesn’t have to shop for him. Ma Rin tells So Joon that she’s shopping for supper. Horrified that he might have to eat her cooking again, So Joon tells her to meet him at an eatery and hangs up to ensure she can’t say no. Ma Rin smiles thinking So Joon wants to have a date night.

Director Kim returns home and can’t believe it when Gun Sook says that Ma Rin knows nothing about So Joon. Gun Sook says that’s the way it is. Director Kim doesn’t totally believe her. He tells her to stay close to Ma Rin. She asks if he’ll reinstate her credit card. Maybe is his response. He wonders why she doesn’t get along with Ma Rin.

Ma Rin explains that Gun Sook wrong her, then she retaliated, then Gun Sook wronged her again, so they aren’t really friends anymore. Ma Rin asks So Joon if she should be a corporate wife like Gun Sook is. So Joon tells her not to bother. He says he plays all day and Ki Doong does all the work. Ma Rin doesn’t believe him. So Joon tells her that’s the way it works. Ki Doong works and he plays. He waggles his hips. Ha! Ma Rin doesn’t believe him, sure that he’ lying. So Joon gives up and lets her think what she wants. Ma Rin asks he has other friends beyond Se Young and Ki Doong. She wants to meet them. So Joon agrees pending her ability to cook better. The waiter almost teeters into Ma Rin with a hot item. So Joon makes sure Ma Rin is okay then rebukes the waiter. Ma Rin watches thrilled that he’s concerned and angry. So Joon’s concern is genuine. He’s not faking it. Ma Rin tells So Joon she’s going to go back to work. She doesn’t want to turn into an ornamental person without purpose.

As they walk home she tells So Joon that he made her feel cherished when he got angry and protective. So Joon downplays his reaction. Ma Rin takes a whiff of him and coos that he smells like a man. So Joon says that Ma Rin thinks whatever she likes, even if it doesn’t jibe with what he tells her. She jokes that he loves it. He smiles. She gushes that he smells like her husband. He smiles.

At home, Ma Rin asks him to change her contact name to Flower. She’s glowing with her newlywed status. She comments her parents got married because her mother was pregnant. Her father deserted them when she was in 2nd grade. She doesn’t even remember what her father looked like. Ma Rin says her parents were never happy and in love. Ma Rin wondered if she was the reason her parents were happy together. So Joon says that Ma Rin’s knee jerk reaction of believing she’s responsible for other’s happiness started young. So Joon tells her that her parents married to make her a loving home. Ma Rin asks So Joon to promise he’ll always she her has his woman. He agrees. Ma Rin confides that she took pre-marriage classes. So Joon is surprised. She shows him a book from her class. They chuckle over the correct way to communicate to avoid arguments. He looks at his wife chattering happily about the correct way to communicate. He kisses her. That is real emotion. He cares.

twy_ep5_3500twy_ep5_3501 He suggests they retire to the bedroom. She suggests he seduce her. He eats part of the apple peel and indicates his lack of interest. But they end of up in bed and make love. Ma Rin comments that many see marriage as a one-way street to boredom and a stagnant life. Ma Rin says she’s finding marriage fun. She tells So Joon she’s happy. He gently strokes her face. They smile. They giggle. He tells her she’s the prettiest woman he knows (up close). She asks what she looks like from far away. He jokes that she looks to Bap Soon (the role she played when she was 6 years old that gave her instant fame). Watching them you see an imbalance and that they aren’t 100% in sync. But they did marry without knowing each other. They have growing pains. It does seem that So Joon always has the advantage over Ma Rin. She wants the fantasy marriage and is willing to compromise to realize it. He doesn’t care about the fantasy marriage but her cares about her. But So Joon wouldn’t consider compromising like Ma Rin does.

Doo Sik drinks alone. He looks at a website with real estate advice from So Joon. He grimaces.

So Joon overhears Director Kim’s assistant and another employee laughing that he married Bap Soon. They are surprised when they turn and So Joon is there. So Joon calls them unprofessional.

So Joon takes Director Kim’s assistant to the roof for a little chat. He tells him not to use the term Bap instead state rice. The assistant realizes that saying Bap Soon is a no go. So Joon maneuvers him into the corner of the roof to make his point clear. So Joon asks him to help him in this matter. He leads a relieved assistant away from the roof edge.

twy_ep5_4001 twy_ep5_4000
Ma Rin’s mother chides her for not knowing more about her husband. Her mother tries to find something to eat. Ma Rin suggest they have ramen. Wanna bet the 2017 ramen is what is in the pantry? Yep, the 2017 ramen is available. LOL, mother and daughter eat with relish (complete with opera music!). Ma Rin posts about the delicious ramen even taking photos and posting them online.

Director Kim is surprised when his assistant tells him that So Joon directed him not to use the term Bap. When the other guy from the elevator incident, Director Wang, enters the office Director Kim tells him not to irk So Joon.

Later Director Kim asks So Joon why he never approves his proposals. So Joon jokes that if Director Kim could predict the future then he’d know if he’s proposals would be successful. Until that time So Joon’s gut is what the company will follow. Irritated, Director Kim snaps So Joon doesn’t know the future either. Ki Doong tells Director Kim to calm down. Doo Sik surprises So Joon when he drops by his office unannounced. So Joon quickly pulls Doo Sik out of the office without introducing him. Director Kim glares. Doo Sik notices.

Doo Sik tells So Joon that he’s going away for a break. So Joon doesn’t like that. Doo Sik urges him to see if his recent changes alter the future. So Joon counters that he doesn’t want to know the future, not while he’s adjusting to his new life. So Joon tries to talk Doo Sik into staying around. Who else can he call if there’s an emergency? Doo Sik tells him to stop being clingy. He leaves. So Joon can’t believe it.

Ma Rin calls So Joon. He asks why she’s calling during work hours. Ma Rin says he just left the house after acting weird. So Joon realizes that was his past self coming home and finding Ma Rin in her bathrobe and learning they were married. Ma Rin asks him where he got the delicious brand of ramen that’s now her favorite. So Joon is surprised the future ramen is in the house. Ma Rin brags she posted her love for the brand of ramen on-line complete with pictures. She doesn’t understand why the comments stated that brand of ramen doesn’t exist. So Joon gropes for the right thing to say to get her to drop this. He claims he friends with a researcher at the ramen company. He tells her not to post anything about the ramen because it is a product under development. He asks her to delete the post. Ma Rin is horrified she unknowingly leaked the ramen company’s secrets. Ma Rin deletes the post. She mentions it had 1200 views. So Joon hangs his head. He tells her he has another call.

Later Ma Rin notices the bags of clothes that So Joon bought (in the future though she doesn’t know that). She feels funny when she holds the clothing.

Se Young is not happy that her father wants to use Ma Rin as the company photographer. She doesn’t want to be reminded about So Joon’s new marriage by seeing his new wife. Se Young recalls when So Joon outlined his plan that her father would run the company and he’d be the financial backer. Se Young wasn’t excited. But So Joon wheedled her acquiesce with his charm and her inability to deny him (because she likes him). Se Young tells her father not to let just anyone work for them.

Ma Rin jokes with So Joon that once he signs the document registering their marriage he won’t be able to get rid of her. He hesitates. She notices. He distracts her by reminding her not to post on-line about new things she might find in the house. He claims to have many friends in product development. She asks if the self lacing shoes (Back to the Future Nike shoes) was a product under development. So Joon confirms this. Ma Rin asks why none of his product development friends came to their wedding. He claims they came but she didn’t notice. Ma Rin mutters that Gun Sook may be right that she doesn’t know her husband at all. So Joon distracts her by saying they need to file the marriage registration and then have a baby. Ma Rin is surprised that So Joon wants a baby. He confirms he wants a baby soon. She walks away from him. He proposes they have a little flower. Ma Rin wonders if they have the right to be parents. So Joon brags that he’s young, rich with top-notch genes. Ha! But Ma Rin isn’t swayed. She doesn’t want to become parents until they are ready to be good parents. So Joon asks if she doubts him. Ma Rin states that feeding and tucking a child into bed doesn’t equate to good parenting. She wonders out loud, what if they died first? What would happen to their child? That makes So Joon pause too. He agrees they’d need to consider what would happen if they died first. He agrees that would be irresponsible. He walks away. She gently tells him they just need to be ready before they have a child.

Later So Joon fills out the marriage registration form. He recalls the future Ma Rin lying on the stretcher after the auto accident and saying she was scared. He watches Ma Rin sleep. He strokes her hair and holds her.

So Joon goes to Doo Sik’s apartment but he doesn’t answer. Doo Sik walks up and avoids being spotted by Doo Sik. Ma Rin texts and asks for more of the yummy ramen. He texts back that it’s not easy to get.

January 2018…
So Joon strides through the grocery store and buys Ma Rin the ramen she loves. He tells himself not to think about the consequences.

Se Young’s father tells his co-worker that he’ll handle finding the photographer. He meets with Ma Rin.  He asks her to be the photographer at their upcoming grand opening event. Ma Rin suggests he review her portfolio before making a formal offer to her. Ma Rin decides to agree to take the pictures. Se Young’s father is pleased. He says the son (So Joon) started the charity and is happy to know his wife now joins his work furthering his parent’s vision. Ma Rin is surprised that So Joon founded the charity.

January 2018…
At his house, So Joon sees Doo Sik waiting outside. Doo Sik isn’t excited to see him. So Joon says he went to his place in the present, but he wasn’t there. Doo Sik acts like he doesn’t know So Joon. That doesn’t faze So Joon who says if it is their first meeting they should enjoy some delicious ramen. But when So Joon enters his house, something isn’t right. He turns and asks Doo Sik if something happened to him in the past. Doo Sik admits he doesn’t know. So Joon sees the apartment is abandoned. His journal is missing. He demands Doo Sik tells him what happened. Doo Sik says he couldn’t find So Joon. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. So Joon doesn’t understand why they would fall out of touch. Doo Sik says that So Joon disappeared. So Joon demands to know why he’d would disappear. He asks where Ma Rin is. Doo Sik refuses to answer. Instead he says he regrets taking So Joon under his wing. Doo Sik says he can’t stand to see him like this. He leaves. So Joon goes after him asking if he made a mistake. But Doo Sik won’t engage. So Joon yells that he doesn’t need this kind of riddle in his life.

So Joon takes the subway back the present.

Ma Rin walks from the subway recalling Se Young’s father telling her that when So Joon’s parents were alive they operated a charity. But they died in the subway explosion. Ma Rin stares at Se Young’s father in shock. She asks if So Joon’s parents died in the Namyeong Station accident. Se Young’s father is surprised that So Joon didn’t mention this to her. Ma Rin pretends she knew and entreats Se Young’s father to continue his recollection. Se Young’s father says about 1 year about So Joon’s parents were killed So Joon told him that he wanted to reestablish the charity. Se Young’s father says he handle the day-to-day operations and So Joon backs the charity financially. Se Young’s father says that So Joon does like to talk about the past and the memories. Se Young’s father doesn’t understand why Ma Rin did know. How could So Joon NOT tell her? She’s his wife.

Ma Rin stares at the subway accident shrine. She wonders if a picture of So Joon’s parents is here (it is). So Joon sees her in front of the shrine. He stares at his wife.

My Thoughts

I’m relieved that So Joon does care for Ma Rin. The last episode implied that So Joon only married Ma Rin to change the future but his emotional involvement wasn’t there. That was dispelled this episode. So Joon cares for Ma Rin. Her giddy joy over the marriage toned down a bit (as it needed to). They worked to build a relationship. But they don’t know each other well. When So Joon went to the future he found a subdued and distant Doo Sik and an abandoned apartment. When Doo Sik said So Joon disappeared, he was stunned. So Joon rightly wondered what happened to alter the future. So Joon rightly wondered what happened to Ma Rin. But Doo Sik didn’t answer his questions and left.

The writer has avoided the butterfly effect so far but it might have been invoked in this episode. What is the butterfly effect? The ripple effect that a single action has in the space time continuum. Ma Rin finding the future ramen could have altered the future. So Joon is caviler about his trips to the future. He’s not altered anything significant…so far. He got a rude shock when he found out the future could change, and maybe NOT for the better.

Our leads are forging a more balanced relationship. Ma Rin seemed more in sync with So Joon. He’s been in the driver’s seat for the bulk of their relationship due to his advantage of knowing the future. My favorite interaction was when she got out the book from the pre-marriage counseling and they were able to laugh and joke about it. You see their potential. Even though they are married, their relationship is in it’s infancy.

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) got a rude shock when he blithely traveled to the future to get the ramen. Doo Sik’s reticent was even more apparent in the future. Doo Sik dodged So Joon in the present though he didn’t know about that. Again, I wonder what’s with Doo Sik? It appears the marriage to Ma Rin, which Doo Sik pushed So Joon to do, didn’t solve his concerns. in the future, Doo Sik seemed shaken and a shadow of his former jovial self. Is Ma Rin dead in the future? Is Ma Rin Doo Sik’s daughter? Is Doo Sik just using So Joon to save Ma Rin?

Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) had to admit that Gun Sook was right that she didn’t know her new husband well. I am not a fan of Gun Sook. She has no redeeming qualities accept as a touch stone into Ma Rin’s past. But she’s selfish and only feigned friendship to get Director Kim to reinstate her credit card. I do like that Director Kim isn’t blind to his wife’s true nature. I was pleased to see Ma Rin have a scene with her mother where they seemed like normal mother and daughter. In other scenes Ma Rin’s mother was not always kind and always willing to exploit Ma Rin’s past fame for her advantage. I was glad the Ma Rin didn’t embrace getting pregnant immediately, preferring to wait until they were ready to be parents. Ma Rin got a shock when she learned So Joon’s parents died in the subway explosion. While I knew they didn’t directly discuss it, I didn’t fully comprehend Ma Rin was clueless about So Joon’s parents being on the subway too. Did you think that when Ma Rin held So Joon’s clothes (that he bought in the future) that she might time travel too? Can you see her time traveling to save So Joon one day?


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4 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 5 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur about Gun Sook not having any redeeming qualities. Ma Run, ever the peacemaker, agreed to meet with Gun Sook to placate her friend and is stepping into the relationship with her eyes 👀 wide open this time. While I don’t like Gun Sook putting doubt between Ma Rin and So Joon, even though Ma Rin needs to get to know her husband better.

    I am pleased to see the relationship between Ma Rin and So Joon grow. So Joon needs a better poker face for times like when he paused at filling out the marriage paperwork.

    It looks like the butterfly effect has become evident in So Joon’s future. What happened So Joon and Ma Rin? Why is Doo Sik tight-lipped 😐 about the future. Did So Joon and Ma Rin go into hiding to reduce the butterfly effect (which would explain the missing diary) or did something really bad happen?

    • kjtamuser says:

      Ma Run, ever the peacemaker, agreed to meet with Gun Sook to placate her friend and is stepping into the relationship with her eyes 👀 wide open this time.
      It made me wonder about So Ri. Doesn’t she know that Gun Sook isn’t worth their time? Why restart a relationship with Gun Sook?

      Why is Doo Sik tight-lipped 😐 about the future
      Doo Sik is the mystery man of the series. Writer Heo eking information on Doo Sik slowly. He’s got me wondering about this secretive character.

      I am pleased to see the relationship between Ma Rin and So Joon grow. So Joon needs a better poker face
      I see the potential of this couple. But their relationship is so new and fragile. Your are right, So Joon doesn’t have much of a poker face!

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    You would think So Joon, as a businessman, would have developed a poker 🃏 face. Maybe with his wealth he didn’t need to develop a poker face. We all need a poker face in relationships; they may not last long, if we don’t suppress at least some of our thoughts.

    For good or bad, most of the characters and their agendas are straight forward,at least to the viewers. Doo Sik is the one with the unknown agenda in this series. He is an onion 🌰 with multiple, diverse layers.

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