Voice Episode 8 Recap

Voice Episode 8 – Chapter 4: The Secret of the Trash House

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) is hanging in a meat packing company. The informant is hanging next to him.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) asks  Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) to find cars around the nightclub she heard. He finds the car that Jin Hyuk was in. Kwon Joo informs Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun), who is busy chasing the motorcyclist that led them on a wild goose chase that Jin Hyuk may be badly injured. Dae Sik implores the patrol team to catch the motorcyclist. I love his intensity. Coupled with the short hair cut, Dae Sik is catching my attention, and in a good way.  Kyung Hak knows Jin Hyuk is in serious trouble. He orders the Serious Crimes team to mobilize to support the Golden Time team.

Harbor boss arrives. He tells Jin Hyuk that he looks terrible. He tells Jin Hyuk that he knows he’s desperate to find the man that murdered his wife. His mouth makes the cracking sound. Jin Hyuk asks if he’s the murderer. The man strikes Jin Hyuk. Jin Hyuk asks again if he’s the murderer. Harbor boss says he is the murderer!  Jin Hyuk asks why he killed his wife. Harbor boss says nothing will bring back Jin Hyuk’s wife. Jin Hyuk tells Harbor Boss he better run or he’ll learn why he has the nickname ‘crazy dog’. Harbor boss says he has police officers that will cover up his death. He tells Jin Hyuk he’s worthless in the scheme of things. He tells his men to take car of Jin Hyuk. Jin Hyuk stares daggers at the exiting harbor boss. If looks could kill!

Officer Cheon gives Park Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) information she relays to officers engaged in this. Jin Hyuk was seen in a white car in an alley, his cell phone died shortly after that, and a tow truck took the white car away shortly after that. The serious crime unit listen and make their way to the alley.

Jin Hyuk taunts the man that struck him, declaring his punches soft. The man’s fellow thug tells him to ignore Jin Hyuk’s words. He whips out his chain saw, yes I said, chain saw! But it’s out of gas, so he exits to get more.

voice_ep8_0501 voice_ep8_0500
This gives Jin Hyuk the opportunity to further insult the remaining man. When the man delivers more blows to Jin Hyuk, he laughs. The man grabs a knife from the table and asks if Jin Hyuk wants to die. In a blink of an eye, Jin Hyuk fells the man using only his legs and feet. Awesome! Jin Hyuk gets himself off the hanging rack. The informant begs him for help promising never to lie to him again. Jin Hyuk hands him a knife so he can cut himself down. Jin Hyuk staggers forward undoubtedly willing the blood flow to return to his arms. Five thugs armed with knives enter the room, ready to rumble. Jin Hyuk demands to know where their boss is. They answer by individually fighting Jin Hyuk. Bad strategy on their part but excellent for Jin Hyuk as he eliminates each thug. Good fight scene! Best one of the series to this point.

Dae Sik implores Kwon Joo for additional details to help find Jin Hyuk. Kwon Joo recalls the elderly woman mentioning a strong spice smell. Kwon Joo recalls the word the kidnapper tried to tell her before he died. Kwon Joo utters the word and asks Hyun Ho to look it up. No need, says Park Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo), it’s a Chinese word for a strongly scented spice used in lamb meat processing. You earned your paycheck Eun Soo! Kwon Joo tells Dae Sik that Jin Hyuk may be near a lamb eatery with a strong smell. Dae Sik relays the information to the incoming series crime unit. He runs continuing to search for Jin Hyuk.

Jin Hyuk takes care of 4 other thugs. As before they make the error of fighting him individually not overpowering him. Jin Hyuk’s lighting fists cannot be stopped.

The harbor boss’s main thug tells him that Jin Hyuk has escaped. He assures harbor boss that he’ll personally dispatch Jin Hyuk promising that no one will breach this control room. Wanna bet ‘crazy dog’ will make those words a bad prediction?

I lose count of how many men Jin Hyuk overcomes and it’s not a graceful marital arts dance of a fight, there’s blood.

voice_ep8_1001 voice_ep8_1000
The police chief enters the emergency call center and asks Kwon Joo about Jin Hyuk. She tells him he was assaulted this afternoon and Dae Sik and the Serious Crimes unit are searching for him as they speak.

We see Dae Sik leading a full sprint with the Serious Crimes unit behind him. Good grief, will Dae Sik run the equivalent of a long distance race in this episode?

Jin Hyuk handles another thug stabbing him to ensure he stays down.

But a gun is put to Jin Hyuk’s head by Harbor boss’s main thug. Harbor boss says that Jin Hyuk is a nuisance. He promises that he’ll help Jin Hyuk see his wife soon. Jin Hyuk stares daggers at Harbor boss.

Dae Sik, the Serious Crimes unit and many more burst throw double doors.

voice_ep8_1301 Harbor boss tells Jin Hyuk he respects his spirit, and dying here should be a relief. Jin Hyk tells Harbor boss he’ll die by his hands. Harbor boss doesn’t believe his gall telling Jin Hyuk he’s nothing. Jin Hyuk counters that everyone Harbor boss has wronged gives him strength and the right to kill him. He calls him a scumbag. Harbor boss laughs and says that Jin Hyuk is barking in front of his own grave. He orders his thug to shoot him.

Jin Hyuk makes a move knocking down the thug. He and the harbor boss have a brief hand-to-hand fight and then Jin Hyuk pins his hand and stabs it repeatedly! Holy Smokes! Vicious! Habor boss knocks Jin Hyuk’s knee out from under him. The thug gets up and once again harbor boss order him to kill Jin Hyuk. As the thug looms over Jin Hyuk, Dae Sik and Kyung Hak step into the hallway and raise their guns and firing at the ceiling to get the thug’s attention. The harbor boss and thug flee.

Dae Sik reaches Jin Hyuk who yells at them to pursue the fleeing criminals. The bulk of the Serious Crime unit pursues them. But they end up grappling with the thugs in the hallway Jin Hyuk already neutralized. Dae Sik calls for an ambulance. Kwon Joo assures them one is on the way. Kwon Joo asks Jin Hyuk if he’s okay. Dae Sik gives Jin Hyuk his walkie talkie. Once again Jin Hyuk pushes Dae Sik to pursue which he does.

Jin Hyuk struggle to sit up, takes the walkie talkie, and answers Kwon Joo’s question “is it him?”, with “it’s him, he’s the one from the black box footage at the gas station”. Jin Hyuk says that the man admitted he is their loved one’s killer. He tells her to catch him at all costs. But the harbor boss and his thug escape in their car. Kyung Hak gets the license plate and calls in the number. Kwon Joo is informed the paramedics have arrived at the scene.

The Serious Crime unit officers tell Jin Hyuk they did not capture but did get the license plate. They ask about his leg. Jin Hyuk pulls out his notebook which blocked the knife blade.

voice_ep8_1802 voice_ep8_1801
The police chief is relieved Jin Hyuk is okay but says his choice to go solo created the situation. Kwon Joo agrees that the police work in pair. She tells the police chief that the lack of support from fellow officers forced Jin Hyuk into solo mission. He doesn’t like that. Kwon Joo shows the police chief pictures of the man from the black box and tells him there is a direct tie in with the murders of Jin Hyuk’s wife and her father. He’s not impressed with her speech about the duty of police protecting citizens. I’m impressed!

Dae Sik and Kyung Hak ask Jin Hyuk if he’s okay. Kyung Hak urges him to go the hospital. Jin Hyuk stares at Kyunk Hak and comments when something happens once, that’s a coincidence; twice, it’s inevitable; three times, it’s intentional. He tells Kyunk Hak to not do anything to put them to shame. Did he just call out his former boss?

Harbor boss is angry watching the news reports of his failed attempt to eliminate Jin Hyuk. He remembers Jin Hyuk warning him that he’d hunt him down. He throws drink in angry. He says his father told him he’d die broke and a loser and that leeching off rich people was the way to go. He vowed not to live like that. If I was supposed to feel any empathy because of what his father said, I didn’t. It’s only fair when the bad guys struggle.

voice_ep8_2301 voice_ep8_2300
Two rich guys (one old and one young, father/son?) try and pressure Director Kwon to doing their bidding. They offer to pay for an overseas education for his son. They tell him that it’s time he live like he wants to live. Is the young guy THE murderer? The actor that plays him is good.

The elderly woman tells her brother she knows he did do anything wrong. The handcuffs are driving him nuts and he weeps.

We see how the “original” elderly woman died. The men tried to force her to sign (via thumbprint) the document selling the building. She refused. The brother’s sister was threatened and he held her when she was struck in the head by the floor lamp (he didn’t know she would be struck). Harbor boss then told his thugs to get the sister.

A police officer says tells Kwon Joo they can’t let the sister go because she aided and abetted the bad guys. They can’t let the brother go because he facilitated the murder. Probation is as good as it can get for the brother. This show excels at showing bleakness.

Kwon Joo checks in on Jin Hyuk asking if he went to a doctor. Jin Hyuk says there was no need. He asks her to join the other police officer as he briefs what he knows.

At the briefing, harbor boss is revealed to be a gang leader. Kwon Joo thinks his age isn’t right to the murderer.

voice_ep8_2901 voice_ep8_2900
The elderly woman catches Kwon Joo’s attention from the hallway and she leaves the meeting to talk to her. The elderly woman thanks Kwon Joo for her help and kindness during this. She apologizes for not telling everything she knew earlier. Kwon Joo assures the woman that she was being forced to keep quiet, the police know that. The elderly woman offers to bring homemade rice wine. Kwon Joo thanks her. She offers her card to the woman if she needs any help. The woman thanks her again and leaves.

Kwon Joo is the symbol of humanity in this sea of macho egos. We’ve all noticed that she’s lonely. But does she see that her empathy matters and touches the victims in a way that the physical act of saving cannot? Does she see the healing power of kindness? Will anyone ever offer this to her? She deserves it.

After the briefing ends, Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that harbor boss is too old for the voice she heard. Jin Hyuk counters that harbor boss confessed to the murderer and his voice makes the crackling sound.

voice_ep8_3322voice_ep8_3321voice_ep8_3323 He asks to listen to the voice recording. Kwon Joo brings it and says her US friend cleaned it up as much as possible. Jin Hyuk hesitates to press play. Jin Hyuk hears his wife begging the murderer not to kill her, she has a baby. Jin Hyuk removes the headphones and regroups. Then he continues to listen. He closes his eyes, grips his fists and listens to his wife plead for her life. The wedding ring he still wears it prominent. But the murderer’s voice isn’t on the tape. Why not? Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo to wait until harbor boss is arrested.

That brief scene was beautiful. Jang Hyuk’s magic was on full display. We know Kwon Joo is right, harbor boss is not THE murderer. Jin Hyuk doesn’t discount her but cannot ignore what the harbor boss admitted to him or the crackling sound. Folks, that displays Jin Hyuk’s evolution in respect for Kwon Joo. He was gentle with her. These two are the drivers for this show. These two have me hooked.

voice_ep8_3301 voice_ep8_3300Two rich guys (one old and one young) go to the gentleman’s club. The older guy tells the younger guy that they need to disassociate themselves with harbor boss who needs to be shipped to Japan while things are hot. He wants the younger guy to assure him he’s not involved with harbor boss in a way that will cause more scrutiny. The younger guy assures him promising to take care of everything.

The police arrive to capture harbor boss. Kyunk Hak watches Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik peel off from the Serious Crime team. Harbor boss’s henchman says the police are in the parking lot. Harbor boss can’t believe it.

The younger guy calls harbor boss. He scolds harbor boss for getting caught. Harbor boss says that Jin Hyuk was more powerful than expected. He promises to kill him. He won’t fail. Younger guy wants him to take care of his own mess. He threatens to tighten the screw in his mouth. That gets a reaction from harbor boss. He assures him he’ll handle it. The younger guy promises that if he doesn’t the “special treatment” will be waiting. Harbor boss’s face reveals this would not be pleasant. Yep, younger guy is looking more and more like the origin killer.

The motel desk clerk claims not to know if harbor boss checked in.

The younger guy drives listening to classical music. A car pulls out into his lane and he brake hard to avoid hitting him. The man rolls down his window and apologizes for not paying attention. Younger guy drive in front of the man’s car and stares. OMG!!!! The man’s mouth morphs. The younger guy keeps staring. The man’s mouth is morphed. The younger guy drives away with a satisfied smile on his face. We see the man’s mouth isn’t morphed at all.

That startled me. I wondered if younger guy had a mouth morphing super power. But no, it was just the musings of a psycho, nothing to worry about. Yep, younger guy is looking more and more like the origin killer.

Eun Soo walks into the break room and overhears co-workers talking about Hyun Ho’s wealth. She doesn’t say anything. She starts to walk out and they ask what she thinks. She counters that they should talk to Hyun Ho directly not behind his back. Love it! Kwon Joo mini-me!

The elderly woman, released from jail, returns to her apartment. She makes food and offers it to the woman whose face she now wears. She apologizes. She tells her not to forgive her or her brother.

Oh no! The murderer is arrives. She tells him she won’t be long. We see the kettlebell in his hand. Wanna bet it’s younger guy? Didn’t you think something awful was going to happen when she entered the apartment? The food was only a delay.

Kwon Joo looks at the picture of harbor boss. She asks her father if this is the murderer.

The elderly woman is terrified and backs across the floor. The murderer picks up her cell phone. She asks who is. OMG!!!!!!!!!! HE CALLS THE EMERGENCY CALL CENTER!!! HE IS A SICK PSYCHO. Calming down now. Let’s watch his continued mental abuse of Kwon Joo.

Hyun Ho takes the call. He recognizes the number and asks if the elderly woman is okay. He tracks her GPS and asks if she’s at the apartment. The murderer holds the phone to her and tell her to say help me. She does. He hangs up. That’s not what I thought would happen.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo about the phone call. She doesn’t understand why the elderly woman would go back to the apartment. Then she recalls the elderly woman telling her she’d bring homemade rice wine. She grabs her phone and makes a call.

The murderer raises the kettlebell and strikes the elderly woman. The sound gets me now! 

Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk and says she’s worried about the elderly woman. She thinks the habor boss is at the trash house. Jin Hyuk tells her he’s heading there. Kwon Joo says she’ll meet him there. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik head to the trash house. Kwon Joo asks Officer Cheon to take over while she steps out.

voice_ep8_4501 voice_ep8_4500
The murderer asks the elderly woman if she’s ever seen anyone get beheaded. He’s certifiable! She refuses to beg for her life. She calls his a maniac. He yells that he gave her the opportunity to live a new life as a new person. He claims that’s more than what God gave her. She calls him a madman. She tells him he’ll pay for his sins. He laughs. He tells her he’ll decide her fate. He’s certainly chatty with this victim.

The murderer bludgeons her to death. The sound, it is upsetting!

voice_ep8_5001voice_ep8_5002voice_ep8_5003voice_ep8_5004 Jin Hyuk, Dae Sik and Kwon Joo arrive. They approach the apartment. They enter the apartment. NO lights. Jin Hyuk uses a flashlight. They search the apartment. Dae Sik shines the flashlight on the closet. They enter the bedroom. They notice a smell. They see the blood on the floor. Dae Sik opens the closet door. The woman is hanging in the closet but nailed like she’s on a cross. That’s a visual I won’t forget.  Jin Hyuk tells Hyun Ho to call an ambulance.

Eun Soo doesn’t understand why the elderly lady that was just at the police station earlier is now dead.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk realize the elderly lady’s head has been bashed just like his wife and her father. The scripture reference is written in blood on the wall. Kwon Joo looks it up on her phone “The day Lot left fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all.” Luke 17:29.

Kwon Joo thinks she was killed for cooperating with the police. At least the show has blurred the image a bit. I’m seeing her nailed to the wall in the form of a cross. Kwon Joo asks Hyun Ho to check for cases when mirror were placed in front of bodies. Kwon Joo says if harbor boss did this, then he is the origin murderer.

Jin Hyuk hears something. He and Dae Sik rush out to check.

Kwon Joo hears something. She opens a cabinet. She notices the lights are set to come back on at 9:15pm. She puts the pieces together. She calls Jin Hyuk. The murderer called the Emergency Call center. He estimated the time it would take them to arrive. The murderer is toying with them.

The forensics team gather evidence. Kyunk Hak is surprised there are no footprints other than the officers. The men call the murderer a maniac. Kyunk Hak wonders if Jin Hyuk took evidence. What? Kyunk Hak wonders why Kwon Joo leaves the Emergency Call Center so often. What? Dae Sik enters the apartment. An officer tells Kyunk Hak the fingerprints on the elderly lady’s phone match harbor boss. Dae Sik leaves the apartment.

voice_ep8_5450The police chief learns harbor boss fingerprints were on the phone. He calls someone and reports the phone was found. This does not surprise me.

voice_ep8_5601 voice_ep8_5600
Jin Hyuk is trying to grasp the time of the fuse box mean the murderer is toying with them. Kwon Joo believes the call to the Emergency Call Center was prerecorded. She listened to it. The man’s voice was muffled. No way the murderer could have committed the crime, exited the scene, in the short time it took them to get to the scene of the crime. Jin Hyuk calls him a lunatic. Kwon Joo calls him a psycho. She’s sure harbor boss is the murderder. Jin Hyuk doesn’t think so, something doesn’t feel right. Atta boy! Kwon Joo is surprised. Jin Hyuk wants to return to the station.

Dae Sik finds them and says the phone has harbor boss’s fingerprints. They are surprised. None the less Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo to come with him to the station. He tells a surprised Dae Sik to stay and look for more evidence.

Old rich guy orders him found and the commissioner notified.

At the police station, Kwon Joo asks Jin Hyuk what doesn’t feel right. He shows her the report on harbor boss’s murder methods. They all involve hiding the body. Jin Hyuk says instinct is key. The murderer is a cold hearted killer. That man isn’t harbor boss. That man knows about Kwon Joo and him.

voice_ep8_5803 voice_ep8_5801voice_ep8_5802 Hyun Ho enters and gives Kwon Joo the information she asked for. He’s thrilled to meet Jin Hyuk, acting like a fan boy. He tries to cover calling him crazy dog with he does crazy good work. Ha! Jin Hyuk stares at Hyun Ho. Then he stares at the information in Kwon Joo’s hands.

voice_ep8_5806 voice_ep8_5805 voice_ep8_5804
Hyun Ho explains with the referenced scripture the murderer thinks of himself as an executioner. He’s like god who renders judgments and punishments.

voice_ep8_5921Hyun Ho thinks the mirror means the person(s) reflected in it are the next victims. Holy smokes! Kwon Joo and Hyuk Jin are the next targets?!

My Thoughts

Writer Ma, you kicked it in high gear this episode after lulling me into a false sense of boredom last episode. I don’t give you full marks, but I am thinking you might be able keep these cases riveting.

I believe the younger guy is the origin murderer. I’m thrilled that Jin Hyuk recognizes that harbor boss isn’t the origin murderer and he trusted his gut on that. I’m pleased that Kwon Joo realizes the murderer is toying with them.

This is one of the grittiest shows I’ve seen crime-wise. If you think about the 4 chapters we’ve seen it’s amazing what Writer Ma has shown us. But today took the cake. I was spooked when the elderly woman came into the apartment. I relaxed when she cooked the food. But no, all was not well. The origin murderer came in and killed her. I fully expected origin murderer to talk to Kwon Joo and mess with her head before killing the elderly woman. But that didn’t happen. Instead he prerecorded the plea from the elderly woman so he could kill and escape without capture. Arranging the woman in a cross was a sight to see. If the mirror in the blood means what Hyun Ho speculated, get ready for “Chapter 5 – The hunters become the hunted”.

The one thing that doesn’t compute was the lights going on at 9:15. When they arrived the lights were off. I thought the lights were timed to illuminate the body and frighten them with that discovery. But that didn’t happen. Is the inference that the lights were only done to toy with them?

The murderer is a sick psycho. We are only in episode 8, so we are going to get more of this guy and his twisted ways and god-like belief in himself. The sound of the kettlebell resonates in my body when I hear it. His warning of the “special treatment” to harbor boss chilled me. He’s chattiness with the elderly woman surprised me. He is getting bolder and more confident. He thinks he cannot be caught. He thinks he’s smarter than Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo. I believe he’s wrong.

Jin Hyuk trusts his gut and doesn’t think harbor boss is the murderer. Awesome! I loved the way he took Kwon Joo aside to talk to her about the murder. I loved the way he battled all the thugs showing us why he has the reputation of crazy dog. I enjoyed the way he excluded Kyunk Hak.  Jin Hyuk is using his head rather than being ruled by his anger. I welcome the transition. Jang Hyuk slayed me in the simple scene of listening to his wife’s final words.

Kwon Joo let the evidence sway her that harbor boss was the murderer even though her gut said otherwise. I felt like she let emotion cloud her judgement while Jin Hyuk kept a cool head. She was concerned about Jin Hyuk but not in a gushy way. It was professional not personal (though I do think there is a germ of friendship between them). Kwon Joo’s hearing has taken a back seat these last two episodes. I’m okay with that. Early in the series I loved her tough no nonsense ways. I still do. But what resonates with me is that Kwon Joo is the emotional pulse of this show. In the sea of male egos, verbal abuse, and criminals that target those that cannot defend themselves,  Kwon Joo offers the victims someone that HEARS them and listens to them. She provides empathy and understanding. During the thick of the crime, she is the bastion for the victims. The police may physically save the victims but Kwon Joo emotionally saves the victims. I hope one day she can save herself.

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102 comments on “Voice Episode 8 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    Sorry let me post some news first, apparently there are some complaints about the violence in this show and they are having a press conference now to address it.

    OCN’s “Voice” Gets Submitted For Censorship Review Due To Violent Scenes”

  2. prettysup says:

    Btw I must say I love the action Jin-hyuk showcased in this episode, totally awesome! But I was kind of disappointed that the book in his pocket blocked the knife, would love to see him a little bit more injured lol..

    And that young guy, the actor name is Kim Jae Wook. Many people have been speculating he will be playing the villian role since his name appeared as a special cast from day zero. I think it is quite obvious to all he is the killer now, though the main aim of this drama is not to guess the identity of the killer, but rather it’s about the process of how he is going to get caught.

    And about the lights coming back at a pre-set timing, I was wondering about that too, what is the purpose of the killer doing so? Just to toy with the police? I was half expecting the bad guy to come up behind Kwon Joo when she was fiddling with that fuse box!!

    • Lady G. says:

      The light situation threw me off too. I didn’t get it. And yes! I thought he was going to sneak out from behind some trash or something. I couldn’t believe they left her alone up there. But she did have her gun. But HELLO, it was sticking out on her backside, he could’ve easily walked right behind her and grabbed it. Jeesh.

    • kjtamuser says:

      though the main aim of this drama is not to guess the identity of the killer, but rather it’s about the process of how he is going to get caught.
      I concur. We are at episode 8. We know who the murderer is. Kwon Joo & Jin Hyuk think it is harbor boss. How long until they figure out it isn’t harbor boss? This could turn into a cat and mouse between the murderer and Kwon Joo & Jin Hyuk, though I suspect the murderer will do more than mentally mess with them, he’ll get physical.

      In the process of catching the murderer I hope Writer Ma give Kwon Joo & Jin Hyuk the opportunity to deal with their past pain and form a friendship. At the constant pace of cases they’ve been handling the emotional reflection period for our duo has been limited.

      Glad I wasn’t alone in being stumped by the delayed light.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        While I was glad granny Shim Chun Ok was remorseful and wanted to make a meal for the deceased granny Park Bok Soon, why did the Shim Chun Ok go under the police tape with the power off? I also wondered why she didn’t turn on any lights, until it was disclosed the fuse box had been set on a timer. I’m convinced the purpose of using the timer was gaslighting the police. This well-crafted manipulation was meant to misdirect the police to either 1) give the kettlebell (KB) killer time to escape; 2) make the police think “we just missed the KB killer; 3) leave the police dazed and confused about the feasibility of the crime in the given timeframe; 4) sow more seeds of doubt in the trust between the Golden Time Team and the Violent Crime Team; or 5) all of the above.

        I was biting my fingernails when Kwon Joo was left alone in the apartment. The building was basically abandoned with lots of places for the KB killer to hide. I was relived the writer did not jump to putting her in peril, the possibility of a threat was spine tingling enough.

        • kjtamuser says:

          JT, that’s the best explanation of the delayed light possibilities.

          I too was tense when JH and DS left KJ ALONE in the apartment. Glad nothing came of it…this time.

    • Lady G. says:

      Everyone is buzzing about Kim Jae Wook. He’s always been like a second lead player. This will really change things for him. It’s just like what happened with the Girl who sees smells and that maniac, played by Namgoong Min. He was in the same boat, just a few low key dramas where he was the lead. Mostly 2nds. After TGWSS, he was getting bigger and better offers.

      • Beez says:

        Kim Jae Wook concerns me. Perhaps I’m prejudiced because he quit in the middle of Inspiring Generation and the impression from the reporting made it seem like prima dona issues. Maybe I’m just mad that, from his departure onwards,the story got left behind in the awesome action and look of the drama. But all of that glitz couldn’t hide the story jumping all over the place. Because he gave no reason for leaving (none that I ever heard), I associate his leaving with why this show’s plot began sliding into the toilet since the story was about to focus on his character but then he went poof and that’s right when the plot went schizoid. I know the behind the scenes crew changed and I think they reported that was his issue with the new director of something and maybe the story issues were due to that, but all I know is, we, the audience, were set up for his character to become the second lead love triangle (and we needed that) and then he quit.

        Whenever I hear of an actor or actress quitting (Lee Dae Hae) mid series, whenever they’re in something else, I can’t help but wonder if they’ll do it again.

        • Lady G. says:

          Never heard that story or saw that Drama. But maybe he’s being given another chance. Or learned a lesson. If he even did anything wrong. There’s no 2nd lead in Voice, it’s not that kind of drama, but he plays a crucial role to the story.

        • Drama Fan says:

          Wow! I didn’t know this story either. Well, hopefully this won’t happen. His character is important but its credited as special participation so I wonder how much we’ll actually see of him. Also, which drama did Lee Da Hae quit?

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan – Lee Dae hae quit East of Eden which caused the direction of that story to have to shift off kilter too.

            I’m sure she had legitimate gripes (involving the hard driving nature of the live shoot) and while I can respect that, I think she handled it wrong by just up and flying back to America. Meanwhile, Song Seung-heon was sacrificing his salary so other actors could be paid. I agree with her and even worry that the live shoot schedule will cause tired actors to have accidents and is detrimental to their health, but I’d rather see a joint strike that actually causes change to the industry rather than an individual just derailing a project like that.

            • Drama Fan says:

              @Beez I remembered this now. But I just read that she was offered the female lead role and was slowly disappearing from the drama in favor of another actress. It was more because of that. However another actress abandoned another drama because of live shooting. Han Ye Seul.

              • Beez says:

                You’re right! And now I remember, that made it even worse, in my opinion. In fact, as I recall, the plot actually had LDH’s character having a crush on the younger brother and she had just met SSH’s character and was becoming involved with him (without knowing they were brothers). The very nature of the live shoots with no established script says anything can happen so if you’re an actor in S. Korea, I say suck it up and finish your obligation.Look at Park Hae in and that Cheese in the Trap situation. I didn’t watch that series but I know sympathies were with him when the writer basically wrote the focus off him and onto the second lead.

                Lee Dae hae’s leaving cost at least 3 actors their jobs – Her characters mom, dad and sister had no context to be shown again without her. That’s pretty irresponsible just because you’re not being the center of attention that you think you should be in a huge ensemble cast.

  3. Lady G. says:

    ~~ “Kwon Joo is the symbol of humanity in this sea of macho egos. We’ve all noticed that she’s lonely. But does she see that her empathy matters and touches the victims in a way that the physical act of saving cannot? Does she see the healing power of kindness? Will anyone ever offer this to her? She deserves it.” ~~

    That is so sweet, I’m almost teary-eyed. I hope that these deep character traits Kwon Joo has are acknowledged or that she is somehow shown kindness. She doesn’t even seem to have girlfriends to go with to get her hair and nails done, have girl talk, see a movie, get coffee. I really hope someone…cough, cough, Jin Hyuk, cough…sees her for the remarkable woman she is. Once he allows himself to move on of course.

    I have to say this episode was probably the most violent of them all. But watching Jang Hyuk do his martial arts down the line was mesmerizing. Goosebumps! I did question though…did he kill those thugs? Or just cut them here and there without damaging any vital organs or veins? It looked like deliberate jabs at certain spots. Would that be considered self-defense? Think of the PAPERWORK! Jin Hyuk took down an entire gang single-handed, is he even going to get acknowledgement. He deserves a medal!

    I was so glad when Jin Hyuk called out the Special Team leader. Great wordplay.

    I noted the terror in harbor boss’s expression while talking to the younger man. Ever since he faced off with Jin Hyuk you can see his steely resolve disappear.

    I think they are blood brothers? He calls Harbor boss, Hyung. But I’m not sure.
    That’d interesting, because in every Kdrama the younger constantly has to defer to the older brother with upmost respect. But here the tables are turned!

    Okay, Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk need to stop going after clickety click. I mean as the original murderer. He’s not. It’s obvious his younger brother clicked his jaw in the original murders to throw them completely off the trail. Which makes me wonder…did he already know about Kwon Joo’s hearing power and was trying to toy with her?

    We know NOTHING about younger guy’s life or past. What if he knows Kwon Joo? What if he’s an ex? Or an old friend? I’m sure she had a good life before this nightmare. That would be an awesome plot twist.

    I’m going to post this thought on the Voice Facebook group.

    And that fantasy about the mouth morph was frightening! So was the poor old lady’s final scenes. It was brutal. I found myself kind of FFwd just a bit. But I really don’t understand why he’s using scripture? Does it all mean something? Is it related to his past? Or is it just some silly quirk the writer thought it’d be cool to throw in? I hope there’s more to it. I mean, I get he wants to play a god and all. But is there some past trauma in this guy’s life, is he just a psychopath all along?

    • prettysup says:

      Oh did that younger guy call the harbour guy ‘hyung’ ? I didn’t catch that part… no wonder I have been hearing many people saying they are brothers, but they have different surnames, dont they? One is Nam Sang-tae and the other is Mo Tae-gu. Well of coz they can have the same mother but different father though…

      • Lady G. says:

        Yes, he did. I didn’t pay attention to the surnames. But it could just be he’s calling him hyung because he’s like an older brother. The way the younger guy follows around the old man I wasn’t sure of the relationship there. Son? Bodyguard? Associate? Well, we know he does the dirty work. But actually, I think he kills on his own accord.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Kwon Joo…is somehow shown kindness.
      I feel compassion for this character. Tough but with a tender heart. I want her to find a life, a friend, cough, cough, Jin Hyuk, cough, that is outside the walls of the Emergency Call center.

      I was so glad when Jin Hyuk called out the Special Team leader. Great wordplay.
      It was perfect.

      And that fantasy about the mouth morph was frightening! So was the poor old lady’s final scenes…brutal…is he just a psychopath all along?
      This was a violent episode but it wasn’t overtly gory. The thudding of that kettlebell makes me flinch. The mouth morph was unexpected and disturbing. Does the murderer have a fascination with mouths? It was mentioned that he made cuts near the elderly ladies’ mouth. He put the pin or whatever it was in the harbor boss’ mouth.

      • Lady G. says:

        Maybe he does have a fixation on them, but I don’t think he did anything to JH’s wife or KJ’s dad’s mouth. Perhaps he does that because those people talked and went to the police when they’re not supposed to. So he punishes them that way.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      The GQ psychopath seems to be the kettlebell killer. What is up with the “Tighten the screw in your jaw” comment? Does that refer to keeping one’s mouth shut or is there a connotation to the clickity-clack of the jaw sound? Why was him imagining the mouth morph? Mr. GQ seems to fixated on mouths. I concur with @LadyG between the martial arts and the murder “this episode was probably the most violent of them all.” What kind of a twisted freak is this kettlebell killer? How bizarre and gruesome to find Shim Chun Ok hanging up on the wall in the closet in a room that had police tape. One of the commentators warned us last episode granny Shim Chun Ok had the kiss of death since the Kwon Joo promised to protect her.

      What happened to the blood from the spot where Shim Chun Ok was killed? Why was the only visible blood dripping from her body on the wall? Did the KB killer clean up the crime scene as part of gaslighting the police? How could Nam Sang Tae’s fingerprint be on Shim Chun Ok’s phone? Was Nam Tae Sung at the crime scene to help facilitate the cleanup? I’m pretty sure Nam Sang Tae did not commit this murder.

      According to the mirror, either Jin Hyuk or Kwon Joo will be the next victim. I’m glad there were no previews.

      • kjtamuser says:

        What is up with the “Tighten the screw in your jaw” comment? Does that refer to keeping one’s mouth shut or is there a connotation to the clickity-clack of the jaw sound? Why was him imagining the mouth morph? Mr. GQ seems to fixated on mouths.
        I took the “tighten” comment literally. I think KB Killer had the screws put in in Harbor Boss’s mouth and tightening them is a punishment. The morphing mouth was startling and does seem to underline a fixation with mouths.

        What happened to the blood from the spot where Shim Chun Ok was killed? Why was the only visible blood dripping from her body on the wall? Did the KB killer clean up the crime scene as part of gaslighting the police?
        The blood was on the floor in front of the closet. Dae Sik slipped on the pool of blood when he got near the closet door. Check the 50:28 mark on Drama Fever.

        • Beez says:

          I get what Jane Tilly is saying – KettleBellKiller first hit Granny in the head overin the area where she was offering the food but we don’t see a blood trail here he dragged or carried her over to the closet.

          • kjtamuser says:

            I take that as another detail we must overlook.

            • Drama Fan says:

              He did have enough time to clean though. He had about 30 min.

              • Beez says:

                I watched the home makeover show that Holly Moon told us Hyukie would. be on. Did anyone else watch?

                JangHyuk handling a cement drill! With MacGyver theme music!

                And Chuno theme music when he talks – thrilling!

                While I admit that this is FourBillionGaZillion times better than how this family was living, this show needs to hire interior design people STAT! Worse use of space I’ve ever seen! I thought “no way is the contractor going to base the design of this house on the Jenga tower he was playing with. This may be how he relaxes his brain for creative juices to flow.” But then I “saw” him explain it was based on JENGA!

                The exterior does not seem to fit with the two buildings on either side. It’s one tall white block. It looks like a nice office building front for something unpleasant – like a clean front for a prison or a hog butchering company.

                The bookshelf looks cool and goes up 35 feet (my guesstimation) and when asked how to reach the books, he provides a stepladder that wouldn’t even get anyone even a third of the way up.

                The stairways are far too steep to be safe. Horrible cheapie furniture choices. My face was scrunching up just like the family’s kid’s face.

                Except for how crumbling the house was before, it felt far warmer before. That’s how austere and cold and devoid of color this is. (And I’m always teased about my own love of neutrals but this is nut-house institution white.)

                The kitchen, designed by Jang Hyuk (although, he went shopping for warm color cabinets/counters but it ended up done in all white); and the bathroom are the only redeeming qualities to this building. “Building” cause it does not feel like a home.

                Did anybody else watch? What did you think?

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @Beez MacGyver is my childhood hero so I got excited at the beginning of your story. I haven’t watched this show and I doubt I’ll have thoughts since I know nothing about design. But my skeptical mind doubts these are actual designs by celebrities. It’s all probably staged. Sad they messed up the family’s house though. And I guess, it’s a good thing JH is an actor, not a designer/builder? (Or singer) p

                  • Beez says:

                    Oh no! Jang Hyuk in no way messed up this house! His ideas were the only good thing about it. (Maybe I wasn’t clear on that.) The celebrities had input (mostly for show it seems) but in no way had any major say-so.

                    Jang Hyuk consulted a chef for the best way a kitchen space should be organized – meaning efficient moving between the counters, stove, etc. Then he went shopping with the contractor but the warm colors we saw that Hyukie picked did not get incorporated into the design.

                    His arrangement of the counters was added. Very cool that the eating island counter was on casters and could be rolled to wherever you wanted it. I don’t know if that was Hyukie’s idea or not because…no subtitles.

                    Again, the end result was better but only because this family was living in walls crumbling around them. No sinks but instead had the wash bucket for bathing and washing clothes and food. So it was like watching a family being lifted from poverty. Without subtitles I don’t know if the father made a decent living but maybe they inherited this house and continued to live in it just because they owned it (or what) but that’s my guess. I was surprised that instead of remodelling, they opted for demolishing the house and starting from scratch. But then again, that’s what poor shape it was in. But being able to stay from scratch is also why I was surprised they went with such an ugly design of the space (i.e., Jenga tower. Literally.) :/

                    So while it’s MUCH MUCH MUCH better functionality-wise -aesthetically, the finished project really sucked. It’s not a matter of I didn’t like the chosen style. I can appreciate things that differ from my personal taste. I’m telling you this was hideous for a family. An office? A really blah office? It would’ve been okay.

                    Midway through the project, they brought JH in blindfolded and his underwhelmed reaction was similar to mind (although he’s an actor so was better at hiding it. lol)

                    The mom was in tears at seeing the kitchen because it means a load off her aching back: but the family’s kid really looked disappointed. He’s probably seen other home makeover shows and had expectations. Poor kid.

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      OMG! This is sadddd. Poor kid :/ but well, I was thinking, would it be worse if they painted the walls in color? With white, they can maybe add touches of color with pictures etc. Since I don’t trust my design or decoration abilities, thats how I have my apartment. The walls are all white, neutral furniture, but there’s plenty of color on ornaments and objects. My mom loved antiques so the living room is like a tiny antique store :p and my room is basically Ikea lol (Im just clueless so I’d rather go with that)

                    • Beez says:

                      This is one of those things that can’t be explained. You’d have to see it. If I knew the name of the show,I would try googling for images.

                      The furniture is cheap and eclectic. Eclectic can be nice but with so cold an environment, something more cohesive would’ve been better. Cheap is okay if it were the family’s budget. But usually when a tv show steps in, they don’t go the cheap route when decorating.

                      Again, I can only say you could only understand if you saw it.

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @Beez I just saw a clip and, did the house end up being a white cube? It looks like a mini-fridge and it has no windows @_@ Everyone looked disappointed! Even Hyukie looked like he had an awkward trying to hide disappointment :/

                    • Beez says:

                      Yes! That’s it exactly! And the house looked so bad at the start that I was wondering how the child would deal with his classmates seeing the horrible conditions he was living in. But then I supposed he’d be triumphant once his house got “the hook up”.


                    • Beez says:

                      Annnnd, I could be very wrong about this but even the walls looked to be made out of, or coated with laminate or something – they didn’t look like they would take paint well once the family decided on their own decor. lol

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yup I was referring to the blood trail cleanup like Beez said.

        I set my alarm for the home improvement show; it was 5:00 am in my time zone and I didn’t fall asleep until around 2:00 am. I watched some of the demolition and promptly dozed off. When I woke up, I saw some of the reveal, missing decor any and all nuances of facial expressions in my groggy state and then dozed off before it was over. It seemed so much better than before. I can only imagine the humiliation the kid and possibly the rest of the family members must have felt disclosing their living circumstances to the public.

  4. prettysup says:

    When Kwon Joo called the killer a psycho with anti-social personality disorder, was it a purposeful throwback to Beautiful Mind? Haha…

    • Lady G. says:

      Ahhaa, missed that reference!

    • kjtamuser says:

      That’s at least the second time a Beautiful Mind reference has been made (if Writer Ma is making that reference). Wouldn’t it be cool if Writer Ma was friends with Beautiful Mind’s Writer Kim and was using these references to support or protest that writer’s shoddy treatment (as well as everyone on that show) from KBS?

  5. Drama Fan says:

    Yesssss! Ep 8 recap is here! This episode made me realize, I can toss all expectations of realism and still enjoy this drama for what it is. The action was amazingggg!!!!! Realistic? Guess not, can a guy really beat so many thugs by himself and come out alive let alone, with no injuries? No, but do I care? Not anymore! I’m totally on board with the Mad Dog super human almost machine like powers. I don’t know if you’ve seen the BTS but Jang Hyuk was actually that fast! The shaky camera was unnecessary, the scene even recorded with an iphone was amazing. Jang Hyuk is so fast with his fists, he is almost like a machine! Anyway phew! That’s just so cool AND hot. However, just like KJT the scene that totally won me over was when MJH listened to his wive’s recording 😦 Gosh, that was painful and beautiful and it was accompanied by that sad song from the OST that I love and need to find so I can listen to it and cry at work. The way he said “I’m sorry” and recomposed himself. I kept thinking of how horrible it must be to know and hear that your loved one left this world, scared, in such horrible circumstances. Same goes for KJW. They both share this pain. I love how they are respecting each other but I wish they could reach out to each other, heal each other. Gahhh there I go with my shippy thoughts, ok, calm down DF :p

    • Lady G. says:

      I agree. We’re getting the ship ready to set sail! It’s time for healing. Working together to catch these awful criminals is part of that. They’re slowly bringing down an entire psychopathic organization. The phone scene was so touching. But it really shows how much he’s grown as a person and learned to cope with his grief. He barely cried, and didn’t lash out or slam things like in earlier episodes. Jang Hyuk gives MJH those beautiful layers and makes the character a human being.

      I forgive the writer for not making MJH get hurt (He did just a bit, one jab to the leg, but he refused medical attention.) I mean, there’s a slight fantasy element at play here. If Kwon Joo can have super hearing, why can’t he be a Martial Arts Master with Wolverine healing abilities? LOL.

      • prettysup says:

        About MJH getting hurt, well we cannot have our hero laid up in hospital coz who then is going to catch the bad guys haha.. I can live with that coz this is dramaland after all..

        • Lady G. says:

          Yes that is true. I thought they would’ve added a little levity and have him wheeled into the hospital and he sees his son. Then I thought, maybe he didn’t want to go to the hospital BECAUSE his son is there. He wants to play the big indestructable hero for him. To keep him comforted that he’s not going to die like his mom. At least, that’s the thoughts I had. They never actually said it.

          • Drama Fan says:

            @LadyG but are we assuming there’s only one hospital in Korea? Well, based on dramaland, that would be the case lol! I was a bit bummed he healed so fast. I wanted a bit of angst but I guess there was no time for that 😐

            • Lady G. says:

              LOL. True, he could’ve been sent to another hospital. No angst this time. It’d slow down the flow. Even his fighting was fast like a machine. I laughed because it was an assembly line of thugs. And it reminded me of his SNL Korea skit training the stunt fighters. It’s hysterial!

              Even Daegil was beat to a pulp in a fight with ONE guy.

              • Drama Fan says:

                @LadyG OMG! You reminded me of the SNL skit, I need to rewatch that! Waiiiittt! Remind of the scene where our Daegil was beat to a pulp by one guy! Unless it was Song TaeHa I don’t remember the scene.

                • Lady G. says:

                  I can’t get enough of that skit. I misspoke, he wasn’t beat to a pulp. I was thinking of the final sword fight in the last episode with one man. He was battered and broken and then he died.:(

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    @LadyG Gosh! You just broke my heart rn. That scene makes me cry even just thinking about it 😦

                    • Lady G. says:

                      Yes, I had to go back and rewatch it because I wasn’t sure! 😦

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      I remember, Daegil fought with the assassin (who was like a Joseon tetminator) right? He was already very hurt and then he fought a bunch of men, knowing he was badly hurt and was probably going to die anyway, in order to protect stupid Unnyun and the general right? (And their collective dream of making the world better) That’s how I remember his death.

                    • Lady G. says:

                      I didn’t see that. I saw him talking the Onion at a campfire at night, the next morning light he says he’s going to get the boat. Cut to Onion and Taeha they are ambushed by the enemy and his men. They all start fighting. Onion gets stabbed. Cut back to Daegil he’s waiting by the boat and then realizes something’s wrong. At this point he’s fine. He rushes into the fight, by then it’s just Taeha and the enemy.

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @LadyG I remember Onion leaving him behind, regretful. He fought assassin, and after that he was badly hurt right? Then he run after a bunch of guys (I thought the point was to buy time for Onion and General) Then he died in the arms of

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @LadyG btw I just realized some people might not have watched Chuno yet 😐 If thats the case, I deeply apologize. Anyway even if its late – Chuno spoiler alert – I got cut off when I was saying that I thought he died after confronting a bunch of guys. But anyway, now I have a great excuse to rewatch that scene and go to bed crying 😦

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      Alright! Last Chuno comment from me promiseeee! SPOILER ALERT! I rewatched and my heart hurts but here it goes. Assassin was figthing TaeHa, Onion and baby were there. Daegil was waiting on the boat, daydreaming and caressing the pink shoes awww when he realized something must be wrong. Daegil showed up jumping like a cat and he and Taeha were fighting Assassin. Assassin hurts them both, but Daegil asks Onion to take Taeha with her. She does, feeling sorry for her young master 😦 She is abandoning him again. Daegil was already very hurt and tired but continues fughting Assassin. They are both hurt after fighting for a while but Daegil looks like he is about to die. His last words to Assassin, shake. Daegil’s hand can barely hold the sword but he sees a horde of men running towards Assassin. Instead of running away, he rums toward them. In his mind he is saying goodbye to Onion and asking her to have a good life with her man and her boy. After he runs towards his final battle.

                    • Lady G. says:

                      Ahh, so we were both right in a way. I forgot that a horde of men came rushing in at the end. After that Daegil was nearly dead on Seoulwa’s shoulder. 😦 Poor broken man. You ever think in away that this was Daegil’s way of paying for his cowardice when she was dragged away from him? Harsh price to pay, but he must’ve felt that guilt, even though he wanted revenge. Deep down he knew it wasn’t really her fault.

                      And I cried with Seolwa too, being left all alone to bury him in the rocks. My dream ending has her making her way back to his friends to tell them what happened and they take her in. Over time Wang-Son cleans up his act because he’s fallen in love with her. They all become like a family, and eventually General Choi finds true love, because I love him and i want him to be happy!
                      Okay, no more hijacking the Voice thread! Sorry!

                    • Beez says:

                      @Lady G
                      “You ever think in away that this was Daegil’s way of paying for his cowardice when she was dragged away from him?”

                      I don’t remember this scene. Was it Daegil’s father that dragged her away or Onion’s brother dragging her away as Daegil “died” in the fire? (Another reason Onion was not worthy)

                    • Drama Fan says:

                      @LadyG Actually no. Daegil wasn’t the bravest but when Onion left him the first time he was in the middle of a fire. Maybe physical weakness would apply more than cowardice imo. I’m not sure there was a lot he could do. He was not that agile or strong physically back then. I like your ending. Also I checked and there were around four more guys with Assassin and Taeha when Daegil got there. He beat those guys and then he and Taeha fought Assassin. And yes I’ll shut up now :p

                    • Lady G. says:

                      LOL. Yes, he was just a pampered noble in those days and he looked it. Amazing transformation! Okay, so will I. Thank you for being so brave and checking it again for me.

                    • Beez says:

                      @Lady G -Hahaha! “Onion”

                    • Lady G. says:

                      I couldn’t help it, I kept forgetting how to spell it properly. She’s an onion without any layers, because unfortunately her character is so one-note. I really like Lee Da Hae, and even she said Onion wasn’t given enough to say or do.

                    • Beez says:

                      While I agree they didn’t give the character much depth, she had plenty to do and plenty enough screen time for me.

                      I admit that I liked her a lot in Robbers but not very much in anything else that I’ve seen her in.

                    • Lady G. says:

                      It seemed like she’d started being cast as the same type of character. I did love her in Hotel King. Great drama.

                    • Beez says:

                      @DramaFan and LadyG – the ending to Chuno is different in my head as is the entire story because Lee Dae hae’s character was never truly worthy of him. Ok. I’ll stop jacking the Voice thread with Chuno stuff.

                • Beez says:

                  Me either. I remember General [Oh Ji Ho] and Dae gil fighting (and Dae gil was about to get his butt handed to him in a sword fight) but they were interrupted. I remember, hilariously Daegil kept saying to his crew “You guys know I would’ve won” and his crew being silent as if “ummmmmm,I don’t think so” but knowing they couldn’t voice it because of Dae gil’s hubris. lol

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    @Beez Is this the first AWESOME beautiful fight of them?

                    • Beez says:

                      I think so. I think it’s the fight where they were interrupted by RotMouth, Daegil’s Fagenesque mentor, and his crew shooting arrows at them.

                      But it’s been so long now, I’d need a rewatch to be sure. *hint-hint* *wink-wink*

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    @Beez You DO realize we are back to talking about Chuno right? Lol

                    • Beez says:

                      @DramaFan – Chuno – the heart wants what it wants.

                      It’s hard not to bring up Chuno whenever the subject of Hyukie’s acting skills (or fighting skills, or abs, or manes of glory, or selfless bromance, or gut wrenching star crossed lovers, etc.) comes up.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur with Beez: LOL “Onion” and I thought she wasn’t worthy of Daegil. I thought it was such a shame Daegil’s sacrifice did not yield the outcome he desired, maybe that was Onion’s punishment for being greedy.

        How can we not keep going back to Chuno? With the story, fighting, manes of glory, and those ABS, is a classic!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I don’t know if you’ve seen the BTS but Jang Hyuk was actually that fast! …Jang Hyuk is so fast with his fists, he is almost like a machine! Anyway phew! That’s just so cool AND hot.
      Appreciate you sharing that Jang Hyuk’s fists of fury are real not 1.5x what was filmed. You are right…that is cool…that is HOT!

      …the scene that totally won me over was when MJH listened to his wive’s recording 😦 Gosh, that was painful and beautiful and it was accompanied by that sad song from the OST that I love and need to find so I can listen to it and cry at work. The way he said “I’m sorry” and recomposed himself. I kept thinking of how horrible it must be to know and hear that your loved one left this world, scared, in such horrible circumstances.
      DF you’d mentioned in another comment that you have to relish the moments that resonate in this show. This moment was Jang Hyuk’s stellar moment of the episode. Not that I didn’t totally dig his athletic fighting prowess but this moment tugged at my heart. Sometimes it feels like Writer Ma is pushing these cases down our throats and not taking time for quiet moments and character development. Jang Hyuk can find moments in scenes that settle the character more in my heart. I hope that song comes out as part of the OST too.

      Same goes for KJW. They both share this pain. I love how they are respecting each other but I wish they could reach out to each other, heal each other.
      I’m a fan of Kwon Joo. She speaks the truth. She treats other with respect, even when they don’t deserve it. She gives support and empathy to victims. My heart hurts that she receives so little kindness. I hope to see that gradually change. Isn’t Jin Hyuk the most likely person that could potentially be kind to her? Who else is there?

      • Drama Fan says:

        @KJT Well, on a positive side KJW has received the gratitude of the victims she saved so far. I bet that fills her heart and motivates her to keep doing her job. I want to think this way. But like you and all the other KJW fans, I want more for her. I want MJH to tell her “Your father in heaven, is proud of you”. I want this because on first eps when MJH was being angry and stupid he told her her dad would be ashamed of her actions. Also, there’s something that I’m sure is not intentional but the thought came to me. The fact that MJH is somehow, similar to her dad, in the sense that he is a cop, her dad was also kind of stubborn and tough and a drunk
        Lol and honest and committed to his job. So I feel I want her to get his acknowledgement in representation of her dad or something (although I probably just killed all the ships with this comment lol and sawwrry)

        • kjtamuser says:

          gratitude of the victims…fills her heart and motivates her to keep doing her job
          Good point. She’s had gratitude from every victim, I hope she lets it in her heart too.

          MJH is somehow, similar to her dad
          I hadn’t considered that at all, interesting perspective.

          Now you make me ponder – what do I want Jin Hyuk to give Kwon Joo? Respect and friendship. The respect is building. He no longer distrusts her. Ep 8 had her thinking that harbor boss was the murderer but Jin Hyuk countered that immediately. But he did it without negativity and simply stated the facts didn’t add up.

          JIn Hyuk has evolved from anger at her, to guarded belief in her ability, to strong belief in her ability (but it’s not blind belief, he questions her), to someone he discusses all the possibilities with. The way he took her aside after the elderly woman was killed and they discussed the case. The way he wanted her to see the case file that was nagging him and took her to the police station to get her opinion. That speaks to a partnership.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      It had to be bitter-sweet for MJH to hear with recording of his wife’s death. It would also be horrendous to recognize her fear as she was about to be murdered!

  6. Drama Fan says:

    @LadyG Yes, the killer first mocked the old lady’s belief in God and then quoted a scripture. So, what’s up with that? I’m not sure if the “hyung” meant they are indeed brothers or not but I’m leaning towards yes. I’m really curious about this killer and hope he “makes sense”. Does he actually have a pattern as a serial killer? If the Criminal Minds squad was trying to figure out this one out through their “victimology” approach they would be lost. Other than MJH wife, all the other killings have been related to covering up the first death right? So is he a serial killer with a pattern or does he just seize opportunities to kill for his gang (cleaning their mess, his own mess) and just makes it extra gruesome because he likes toying with them? Well, regardless, he is a psychopath. MJH and KJW already figured out Tak tak ssi is not the one right? But they are correct in pursuing him since he can lead them to the real killer.

    • kjtamuser says:

      The reason Jin Hyuk’s wife was killed should be a future chapter. Why she was a victim has been unanswered. Kwon Joo’s father was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’d like Writer Ma to clarify if it was the same for Jin Hyuk’s wife or if something else is at play. Was Jin Hyuk the real target to neutralize?

  7. Drama Fan says:

    Guys, during MJH briefing he mentioned a couple of things that might come back later. The subs on Viki were a bit confusing during this part but better on DC, and this is what I could grasp, that Tak tak ssi (Clickety clack) is the son of a former “gang ring leader” who is now dead. That he is acts as CEO of a company called Good Friends but that this company had had different names and therefore had been hard to track. They were involved in various shady businesses including human trafficking. And that there’s a former associate or co-founder who is currently in a mental institution due to schizophrenia. Did you guys get the same. I’m not totally confident I’m remembering everything correctly.

    • Lady G. says:

      I remember some of that, but I need to rewatch the scene. I was watching on Viki. Thanks for the info, DramaFan. I don’t remember a schizophrenic co-founder.

    • prettysup says:

      Yes you are right, that CEO of Good Friends, Nam Sang-tae has a father who has passed away, who had a former partner currently in mental hospital. My guess is the father made his partner mad in order to get his shares of the company.

  8. Holly Moon says:

    Re: @pretttysup “Sorry let me post some news first, apparently there are some complaints about the violence in this show and they are having a press conference now to address it”

    The Korean Communications Standards Commission failed to review Voice due to lack of time. It has been rescheduled for Feb 22nd.
    Meanwhile, at the Press Conference the Director said that he will tone down the offensive scenes and do them so as not to offend people. Hopefully, this change will show their intents enough to appease the commission when next they meet.
    And on a lighter note, the press quizzed Jang Hyuk about his promise to rap if the ratings went up to 8 %. (This is a lighthearted promise of Hyuk made during the Voice Live broadcast two weeks ago.)

    • kjtamuser says:

      “The Korean Communications Standards Commission…has been rescheduled for Feb 22nd…the Director said that he will tone down the offensive scenes”
      I get why there complaints can be made. The kettlebell scenes get me every time. They don’t show much, but the sound (I sound like Kwon Joo) and the bludgeoning (whose air time is limited but you don’t need to see more the mind supplies it) is intense. Then there has been the abuse factor with villains that frankly don’t see their helpless victims as worthy of respect. I’d say this episode 8 used the more bottles of fake blood than the previous ones.

      Writer Ma drives home the tension until it grips you. Some scenes could be toned down without lessening their impact.

      • Holly Moon says:

        The sound is one of the major reason for the complaints, so you are not alone there. And in the future, I think we won’t hear it as much or as bone crushing..

  9. Beez says:

    @DramaFan – what is it about Jang Hyuk’s faster- than-my-eye fists that make us go weak in the knees? You do realize that’s not normal right? lol

    I rewound that over and over for various reasons – 1) the mystery of the swoon factor; 2) admiration for the speed and technique; 3) to shake my head at the irony of the blade being blurred even as each stab produced blood splatter at each pull out of the knife from the wounds. (I haven’t even seen THAT in American gory shows. Then again, nobody has the speed Hyukie’s demonstrating. It did remind me of Steven Segal but Hyukie’s faster.

    Question: why I’d dead halmoni depicted in black & white even once the lights came back on? Not that I’ve seen it, but it reminded me of The Grudge type Halloween horror movies.

    • kjtamuser says:

      each stab produced blood splatter at each pull out of the knife from the wounds. (I haven’t even seen THAT in American gory shows. Then again, nobody has the speed Hyukie’s demonstrating
      That repeated stabbing of harbor boss’s hand shocked me. It delivered on Jin Hyuk’s name of crazy dog. It was very effective and I uttered an involuntary reaction to that scene. JH’s speed must be respected.

      why I’d dead halmoni depicted in black & white even once the lights came back on
      I took it as artist license not as overt as the morphing mouth but along those lines. The body nailed in a cross pattern and shown in black & white was more powerful than the pool of blood on the floor.

      • Beez says:

        Yeah, the repeated stabbing of the hand was great in its showing how JH feels and wishes he could be stabbing his wife’s killer in the heart. But I’m referring to all the quick jabs all over one of the goon’s body but all in non lethal places. Soooo fast and each time these little splashes of blood on the withdraw. I couldn’t help but think it was CGI (and impressive creative thought to do it since they know the knife will be blurred) because no way could anybody, even Hyukie, be that precise to hit the exact area of such a small blood bag at that speed.

        Whenever, Jang Hyuk demonstrates hand movements like that on a talk show, the movement of his arms SEEMS to make the sound effect that the sleeves made in old 1970’s Chinese martial art flicks. It has been killing me to know if the reality shows are adding the sound affect or if he’s really just that fast? I don’t know if it’s scientifically possible for a human’s arms sans sleeves can even make any sound no matter how fast they move so… (sheepish for the probably dumb question but still turned on by JH’s sexy moves)

    • Holly Moon says:

      The speed of Hyuk’s hands is a result of much training. Each person he fights with, gets one on one training with him, and each fight has a set routine. It is worked out to be very precise, in order to not let an injury happen to either participant. Once the pattern is decided, Hyuk works with the opponent to perfect the rhythm, of the fight, with a continual speed up, until it is as fast as we see it.. An error can result in a broken nose, broken teeth, split lip, or a black eye.

      When we see the fight sequence as he has it in Episode 8, with him fighting many men, one after the other, I am amazed at the training time he puts in. And his memory–since unlike the opponents, he must remember each routine. By now, I am sure he has at least 6 such routines carefully worked out and memorized. And because his hands move so fast, how would we realize that the same routine is used with 2 of the opponents in the fight sequence

      Also keep in mind, much of this action sequence would be done with action actors, and thus making it a bit easier on Hyuk.

      Still, I am like you. Knowing this does not take the thrill of his action scenes away for me. And I will watch these scenes many times, because the hand is definitely faster than the eye.

      • Drama Fan says:

        Yes! I love it every time. Also JH mentioned that the action is a little different in Voice, It’s meant to look more raw and brutal as opposed to other dramas where is sometimes a little too sleek and “beautiful”.

  10. prettysup says:

    And when the cop-in-the-car’s mouth started to distort, I was thinking like, omg is the writer turning this into a science-fic genre? Thankfully he didn’t, phew…

  11. prettysup says:

    ‘Voice’ director listens, hints at tempering down gore


  12. Lady G. says:

    Someone on the FB page made an interesting comment about the Jaw clacking. She said when the rapist did it, he took something out of his mouth, clacked his jaw to tease her, then put whatever it was back in his mouth. We know Clickety Clack is always doing it, and the psycho did it to. She thinks they’re all part of a big club or crime syndicate, where to pledge a loyalty they get their jaws broken. It’s a fascinating theory.

    • kjtamuser says:

      That is an interesting theory.

      Kidnapper. Initially I thought the kidnapper was a solo killer but when his husky henchman talked to “the boss” it was apparent the kidnapper was working for someone. I thought it was harbor boss so I was surprised when kidnapper did not recognize harbor boss in the bathroom. Maybe kidnapper never knew his face, only his voice. Were you surprised when the word the kidnapper tried to tell her before he died ended up pointing her to the meat processing location? Maybe it was the only direct tie to the harbor boss that the kidnapper knew. Kidnapper did remove a retainer and taunt Kwon Joo with the knowledge of the sound. So the kidnapper had to be told about the origin murders and the sound.

      Harbor boss. He definitely could be a “disciple” of the murderer. It was clear that the murderer put the screw in his mouth and threatened harbor boss with tightening the screw in his mouth. It makes me wonder what the “special treatment” was. Nope, I don’t want to know.

      • Drama Fan says:

        I believe kidnapper mentioned the name of a spice. I read that it was cummin. According to the old lady, Harbor boss smelled of cummin.

      • Lady G. says:

        I was very surprised at the kidnapper’s last words! Viki kept translating it as “Proof.” I got confused. Remember, the kidnapper filmed the murder of her father. On there was the “proof” needed to catch these bad guys. Or at least Clikety Clack. But that wasn’t the case.

    • Drama Fan says:

      Where is that group! Can I join?

  13. Holly Moon says:

    And just a reminder that Hyuk’s episode of MY HOUSE APPEARING is on Friday morning at 7 am EST. on http://www.sinktv.com/Korea on JBTC

    And from some stills I have seen, Beez you will get your wish, he is doing more than just putting tile on a wall.

  14. Holly Moon says:

    And thanks for the link to the Voice discussion Lady G.

  15. Beez says:

    Here is a link to allpop that has several clips from the show. There’s stuff here that wasn’t shown on the live broadcast. For instance, there’s an interview with Jang Hyuk where he talks about his father and you also get to see that the family DOES have a kitchen sink. The broadcast made it look as though the only available washing was doing the Korean squat over a wash basin.

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