Voice Episode 7 Recap

Voice Episode 7 – Chapter 4: The Secret of the Trash House

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) listens to the man’s story. He tells the police that he was fired because of the elderly woman. She tried to kick him out of his apartment but he wouldn’t go.

We see that the elderly woman has indeed been messing with the man’s head. Making noises that give a similar effect to nails on a chalkboard. Threatening him. Staring at him through windows. Yep, she would drive anyone crazy.

The man yells that she doesn’t have dementia. He yells she’s the evil one that kicks out poor people. The police start to take him away. They tell the elderly woman she must come too. She refuses.

Jin Hyuk asks his partner Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) to smell the old woman. He smells chlorine. Dae Sik concurs. Jin Hyuk asks Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) to get more information on the elderly woman. Wow, he tasked her!  Kwon Joo tasks Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) who is ready for the inquiry.

Kwon Joo reports back to Jin Hyuk (gotta love how the elderly woman can hear Kwon Joo) that the elderly woman will donate the building when she dies, doesn’t have dementia (as claimed), and isn’t as physically ill as she claims.

The man breaks away and finds a dead body in the closet. Jin Hyuk opens the closet door and the body falls forward. The body is wrapped in plastic. They all stare at the elderly woman.

They inform Kwon Joo the dead body looks just like the elderly woman. Jin Hyuk checks the dead body and the elderly woman and declares she’s not who she claims to be. Dae Sik finds the murder weapon. Jin Hyuk finds evidence of a struggle on the dead body. Jin Hyuk looks for a lurking man. I missed that. He takes off after the lurking man.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo that the elderly woman lived in the apartment with her brother who has a criminal record. Hyun Ho finds a picture of the lurking man (the elderly woman’s brother).

voice_ep7_1202 voice_ep7_1200voice_ep7_1201 Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik chase the elderly woman’s brother. Kwon Joo reports who the man is and sends a picture of him. The man is fast and almost eludes them but they find him when he hides behind a low wall. The elderly woman’s brother claims he’s not who they think. He hits his head with a soju bottle breaking it. Kwon Joo reports a mental disability with limited impulse control. Jin Hyuk asks him about the scratch marks on his hand. The elderly woman’s brother swipes at them with the broken bottle. He runs downhill. Dae Sik pursues him. Jin Hyuk intercepts him. They arrest him. Jin Hyuk reports the elderly woman’s brother has been captured. He yells for his sister.

The man that the elderly woman drove crazy yells that he shouldn’t be arrested. He yells the elderly woman is the murderer. When the elderly woman’s brother is brought back by Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik he starts yelling for his sister. She stares at him.

OMG!!! Harbor boss watches all of this from his car. He order his lackey to begin construction “before they find out more”. He makes the sound with his mouth. I still don’t believe that he’s the murderer from the origin case.

Hyun Ho is pleased with his contribution to the case. He invites Park Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) to come watch him DJ this weekend. She shakes her head at his ego.

A serious crimes unit officer interrogates the elderly woman’s brother. He accuses him of murder and helping his sister perpetrate a real estate scam. The elderly woman’s brother gets more and more agitated and end up screaming while he bangs his head against the wall.

Another serious crimes unit officer tells Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo (who have watched the interrogation from behind the one-way mirror) that the elderly woman has cared for her brother, and not always with tender regard, for many years. They believe the elderly woman saw the real estate prices jump in the area, and saw the opportunity to impersonate the building’s owner to sell high for major cash. The real estate company that bought the building is Good Friends but they appear to be legit.

Kwon Joo asks to speak with Jin Hyuk. Outside the interrogation room, she states she believes that the elderly woman’s brother got agitated when the real estate was discussed. She thinks the real estate company may have threatened the elderly woman and/or her brother. She thinks the company GP Development (from an earlier crime) might be related to the real estate company. Jin Hyuk doesn’t see a connection but agrees to look into it.

Jin Hyuk’s informant calls him to say he’s got details on GP Development. That’s good timing and proves Jin Hyuk suspected GP Development too. Kwon Joo wants to speak with the informant too. Jin Hyuk tells her to stay at the emergency call center. He asks her to check out why the elderly woman’s brother hands shook and appeared to have a limited grip. Kwon Joo warns Jin Hyuk this is dangerous digging around in these companies if they are nefarious. He walks away. Kwon Joo turns and finds Kyung Hak standing there and it’s obvious he overheard part of what they said. He strides past Kwon Joo without saying a word.

Dae Sik doesn’t believe GP Development and the real estate company could be connected. They have different last names. Good grief, that is a smack your head moment at the stupidity of that statement. Jin Hyuk says Kwon Joo is suspicious. Dae Sik wants to go with Jin Hyk to talk to the information. Jin Hyuk grabs his walkie talkie and assures Dae Sik he’ll call to let him know how it goes.

Kwon Joo asks Eun Soo and Hyun Ho to check out the elder woman’s brother medical / hand issues. Hyun Ho says the serious crimes unit already has the information. Kwon Joo asks them to check it out further.

The informant tells Jin Hyuk that he’ll drive him to his informant. He says the informant told him the boss walked with limp and made a crackling sound with his mouth. Jin Hyuk tells him to drive him to his informant.

Eun Soo shows Kwon Joo the elderly woman’s brother had a hand fracture from several months ago. She guesses he couldn’t have hit the woman they found dead in the apartment with that injured hand. Hyun Ho brings additional information.

Jin Hyuk tells his son, Dong Woo, he’ll see him soon. His son doesn’t believe him and asks if he just left the police station. Jin Hyuk asks how his son knows that. The boy says he put a tracking app on his father’s phone. Jin Hyuk says he’s enroute to catch a bad guy. Dong Woo isn’t happy his father will miss today’s puppet show. Jin Hyuk promises to make the next one. He seals it with a kiss. The informant forgot the Jin Hyuk had a son. Jin Hyuk tell him to mind his own business.

voice_ep7_3160 voice_ep7_3159 The elderly woman claims she did everything by herself. She refuses to implicate her brother. She doesn’t see the need to continue the interrogation. Kwon Joo shows her the evidence her brother had an injured hand and likely could not have killed anyone. Kwon Joo says the elderly woman is getting upset just like her brother did when the real estate company is discussed. Kwon Joo urges her to trust the police and let them help. Kyung Hak joins the two officers from the serious crimes unit watching the interrogation. The elderly woman refuses to trust the police. She’s sure the only way to survive is to keep her mouth shut. Kwon Joo tells her not to kid herself. The dead woman in her apartment needs her killer found. The elderly woman asks if Kwon Joo can promise safety for herself and her brother. Kwon Joo nods yes. We know that’s a promise she can’t keep.

voice_ep7_3157voice_ep7_3158The elderly woman says she was scared. The dead woman was nice and well liked. We see the scene where is looked like she wasn’t nice to her brother was actually the dead woman getting the brother to spit out glass he ate. We see the dead woman giving kimchi to the brother and his sister (before her facial surgery to look like the dead woman).

The elderly woman says the dead woman refused to sell the apartments to the real estate company. We see the elderly woman’s brother come to her with his hands covered in blood. He takes her to the dead woman apartment where men move the body on top of the plastic they wrapped her in. The men tell her that her brother killed the woman. They warn her to cooperate or else. OMG, they lead her to a room with a plastic surgeon! The woman tells Kwon Joo she felt her and her brother’s lives depended on her silence. Kwon Joo asks the real estate company’s name. The woman doesn’t know. She claims not to remember the men’s faces. She does recall smelling a strong spice. Kwon Joo urges her to remember. The woman recalls the men came to her apartment last night. We see the men hassled her about not getting rid of the man. They threaten her brother. She promises to get rid of the man. There was a man in the van that she heard having a conversation with another man begging for his life. They spoke of Park Tabloid and eliminating a detective. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That Jin Hyuk is walking into a trap?

Jin Hyuk’s informant stops in an alley. He calls his informant who doesn’t pick up. He tells Jin Hyuk he’ll go get the guy. He exits the car leaving Jin Hyuk alone. A truck blocks the entrance to the alley.

Kwon Joo realizes that Park Tabloid is likely the informant Jin Hyuk was going to meet. The woman says that Park Tabloid was begging for his life from the man in the van (harbor boss that makes the cracking sound). More and more people know what harbor boss looks like. Shouldn’t they employ a sketch artist while these witnesses are alive? The woman doesn’t know the name of the targeted detective but remember them talking about a crazy dog. Kwon Joo doesn’t seem to be physically 100%.

Jin Hyuk sees the truck that blocks the alley entrance.

voice_ep7_4003 voice_ep7_4002 voice_ep7_4001 voice_ep7_4000
Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk. He tells her to wait. He stares at the truck behind him. But there’s a truck in front of him that smashes into his car and pushes it towards the truck. Jin Hyuk applies the brakes and the car stops. Men get out and bash in the car windows. Kwon Joo is hearing all this through his cell phone. The harbor boss watches on CCTV and smiles.

Jin Hyuk gets out of the car and takes on the gang of thugs. Eventually he is overcome. The men beat him. They drag him to the truck. There’s a man on a motorcycle watching. One of them men finds Jin Hyuk’s cell phone and removes the sim card ending cell service.

Kwon Joo calls Hyung Ho to track Jin Hyuk’s cell phone. He reports the phone isn’t trackable and wonders if someone removed the sim card. Kwon Joo tells Eun Soo to investigate the real estate company. She rushes out of the interrogation room. Kyung Hak wonders if Jin Hyuk is in trouble. Kyung Hak stops Kwon Joo in the hallway. She refuses to talk to him. Reap what you sow, Kyung Hak!

Kwon Joo issues the alert about Jin Hyuk. Dae Sik calls Kwon Joo. She asks if he knows the informant’s cell phone number. Dae Sik does not. He’s upset and rightly concerned.

One of the thugs tasks the man on the motorcycle (who happens to be one of the men the harbor boss picked out from the shipping container with men and women victims of human trafficking). A tow truck pulls Jin Hyuk’s car away. Hyun Ho sees Jin Hyuk’s phone is on. He tracks the GPS.

voice_ep7_4301 voice_ep7_4300
Dae Sik tell Kwon Joo he’s heading to the GPS location. Before he rushes out of the office Kyung Hak stops him. He tells him Jin Hyuk is in trouble after meeting an informant. He does not ask for help. He runs out. Kyunk Hak can’t believe it. Reap what you sow, Kyung Hak!

Dae Sik tells the other patrol officers enroute he’s on an intercept course. Hyun Ho wonders if the vehicle their tracking is a motorcycle. The GPS route weaves through parks and narrow alleys.

Kwon Joo tells Dae Sik that a motorcyclist has Jin Hyuk’s phone. He spots the motorcycle. The man goes down. He’s trapped by the police. The man runs. Dae Sik chases the man (Dae Sik is getting his exercise today) and informs Kwon Joo that something bad has happened to Jin Hyuk. The man drops Jin Hyuk’s cell phone before getting away. Dae Sik reports this has been a ruse.

voice_ep7_4801 voice_ep7_4800
Jin Hyuk wakes hanging from in a meat packing company. The informant apologizes for betraying him. He tries to leave but the men stop him. The men beat him. This show does NOT sugar coat violence!

Kwon Joo recalls what she heard. A truck hitting the car. The sounds of the car being beaten. AND…the sounds from a nightclub. The Wolverine hearing is back! She asks Hyun Ho to check the nightclub and the cars parked around it when Jin Hyuk was abducted. Hyun Ho finds the CCTV footage of the car that Jin Hyuk was in. Kwon Joo reports the nightclub area near Jin Hyuk’s abduction.

Dae Sik and the patrol officers lose the motorcycle man. Dae Sik has them split up to find him.

Kyung Hak, who has listened to the Golden Time Team chatter, knows Jin Hyuk is in serious trouble. He orders his team to mobilize to support the Golden Time Team. Holy Smokes! I lived to see the day!

voice_ep7_5201voice_ep7_5202 Harbor boss arrives. He tells Jin Hyuk that he looks terrible. He tells Jin Hyuk that he knows he’s desperate to find the man that murdered his wife. His mouth makes the cracking sound. Jin Hyuk asks if he’s the murderer. The man strikes Jin Hyuk. Jin Hyuk asks again if he’s the murderer. Harbor boss says he is the murderer! I still don’t believe it. You’ll have to give me more. This is Episode 7, the origin crime won’t be solved.

voice_ep7_5203voice_ep7_5204Jin Hyuk asks why he killed his wife. Harbor boss says nothing will bring back Jin Hyuk’s wife. Jin Hyuk tells Harbor Boss he better run or he’ll learn why he has the nickname ‘crazy dog’. Recall the informant using that phrase when he begged harbor boss for his life in the van. Harbor boss says he has police officers that will cover up his death. He tells Jin Hyuk he’s worthless in the scheme of things. He tells his men to take car of Jin Hyuk.

voice_ep7_5300Jin Hyuk stares daggers at the exiting harbor boss. If looks could kill!

My Thoughts

Chapter 3 – Kwon Joo is in danger. Chapter 4 – Jin Hyuk is in danger. This chapter was more of a “mess with your head” than a “catch the psycho trying to kill a woman” the other chapters have been. I’ve wondered if Writer Ma could keep up the tension. For the bulk of this episode, the answer was no. But once Jin Hyuk was abducted that went out the window.

There have been times in the series where I’ve had to turn my brain off and accept what Writer Ma gave us. I shook my head when Jin Hyuk went with his informant solo, without backup from his partner. I shook my head when the bad guys had a plastic surgeon IN THE ROOM NEXT DOOR after they threatened the woman to keep quiet.

Before the cases centered on abusing women. This case centers on…real estate? Wanting to buy up apartment building to redo a neighborhood? What? Talk about a shift! I can’t believe it. I must give Writer Ma credit for revealing MORE details of a scene later. This wasn’t done in previous episodes but it was useful in this one.

I don’t believe harbor boss is the origin crime murderer. He’s the guy that stands behind his men and let’s them do the dirty work. I may be wrong. We’ll see.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) walked into a trap. He trusted his informant who sold him out to harbor boss. He believes harbor boss admitted to being his wife’s murderer. I LOVED the ‘crazy dog’ look that was a promise of vengeance. We saw his cute son who we had not seen since episode 2.

Was Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) struggling physically in the interrogation room? Her hearing went back to Wolverine status after taking a nose dive last episode when she couldn’t recognize the kidnapper being choked on the other side of the door. Writer Ma, you lessen the strength of a “power” if you use it inconsistently.

Tell me you didn’t love it when Kwon Joo ignored Kyung Hak. Tell me you didn’t love it when Dae Sik ran out without requesting Kyung Hak’s team’s aide. Tell me you weren’t a little surprised when Kyung Hak decided to support the Golden Time Team.

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32 comments on “Voice Episode 7 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Yayyyy the most anticipated recap in the history of recaps! Well, I wouldn’t say the case is just about real state. Following your original train of thought that the first cases were about women being abused, we could see it as “abuse of power” the victims are in majority, the most vulnerable, women, a child, a challenged man, an elder,etc.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur, but I say what I think at the moment of the recap and I don’t alter it. I’m sometimes surprised how my own thoughts evolve in the retrospect. When I join in the comment sections conversations sometimes I wonder “what was KJT thinking”? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lady G. says:

      Yes, I agree, there’s a variety of different cases here dealing with abuse. I wonder what will come next. 8 episodes is a lot to spend on just catching one serial killer.

      Maybe the next topic will be the abuse of foreigners working and living in Korea. Which they tackled in “Pied Piper” and that reminds me I have to get back to that drama.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lady G. says:

    I have a hard time buying that the police didn’t smell “death” in that house. Even with the chlorine and bleach scent around. Unless they figured it was a dead mouse, which can really stink up a place. Hoarders have been known to have dead cats trapped, feces spread around, ughhhhhh. Sorry, anyway, you get the picture. They need the girl who sees smells on this case! LOL. Loved that drama and character.

    Well, since they had a plastic surgeon on hand, maybe he gave the body some embalming fluid. Doubt it though.

    “The informant forgot that Jin Hyuk had a son. Jin Hyuk tell him to mind his own business.”

    LOL. DIdn’t we ALL forget he had a son? Including the writer.

    You might as well make your funeral plans when drama cops PROMISE they will keep you Safe. Seriously!

    Good question about the Sketch artist. You’d think they’d post his clickety click mug all over the city. They should! It might’ve saved a few lives if he’s forced into hiding sooner than later.

    I have to say 7 and 8 are particularly violent episodes. Like an American crime show. And maybe Asian Dramas have more so because there’s way more martial arts fighting. Nothing like you’d see in American shows.

    I think the special effects team was like “naahh, man, just forget the knife blur, I can’t keep up.”

    I didn’t believe Harbor Boss was the main killer either. And I have to eat crow and give props to Writernim for keeping me guessing and guessing! Lol

    Dae…Jin Hyuk’s (I swear I almost wrote Daegil!) look of vengeance gave me the shivers. It’s been a while, Jang Hyuk, thank you!! I was completely reminded of Chuno. And even more so in the next episode, but we’ll get to that soon in the next recaps. 😀

    I wonder if Writernim decided that he was relying TOO MUCH on Kwon Joo’s super hearing and decided to give Jin Hyuk some due attention. Because this episode and next belong solely to him and his skills as a mad dog.

    I love when Kwon Joo ignores everybody and does the right thing. Everything would be overlooked and swept under the rug if she left it in their hands. She’s awesome. I just want to see more facets of her personal life. We discussed in comments on the last recap that she barely has one. Just an intense drive to avenge her father.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Holly Moon says:

    Thanks @Lady G for backing me up on the dead smell. Even a dead mouse can drive you out for fresh air. A dead body, which was there long enough for the imposter to get plastic surgery, no way that didn’t reek!

    I loved Ep.7 for the action and the acting by Jang Hyuk. YES it was more DaeGil like than we have seen in some time now. I love those eyes when he gives what I call your “death notice”. And the count! Yes! You just have to know that something big is coming next.
    Since I have seen 8, I will stop here for fear of spoiling it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady G. says:

      Those eyes have it. They truly reach down and grab you by the heart, creating fear or desire!

      I think 7 & 8 definitely focused more on him. But we’ll continue that discussion next time.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Drama Fan says:

    Ok Guyssss I’m so excited! But yes I’ll try to stick to talking about only this episode. What I do wonder is, why keep the dead body in the closet? Was it to have something to keep the old lady intimidated? I’m also really really interested on getting to know our main characters more. That’s why I cherish any moment where we get to know something about their personal life. Even that time KJW shared her nickname gave her a little more dimension. This time, the scene of MJH talking with his son gave me so much life! He was so sweet. I did not forget about the cute kid, cause I loved him from the first time we saw him and I was waiting for him to show up again. We need to remember that not a lot of time has actually passed since the Golden Time Team formed (I think) Seeing MJH trying his best to be a father despite the circumstances, was really heartwarming. Well, thats also the fan in me really loving Jang Hyuk’s sweet face but it was also some sort of relief of seeing MJH a little more relaxed. This drama and characters are always so tense that I forget to breathe. About the violent scenes, I read that the Korean Censorship Commission is evaluating the drama due to alleged complains about the graphic scenes. And yes, I loved MJH in Daegil mode but I still prefer MJH in daddy mode.


    • Lady G. says:

      @Drama Fan

      I think your guess about intimidating the old lady is right. Imagine being stuck and knowing all that happened in that house and constantly seeing that dead face (now HER face too) staring out at you as it decays? Sick!!

      And it would also implicate her and her brother if the body was ever discovered.

      Yeah, MJH’s son is a real cutie, i thought so too and now keeping tabs on his dad. Somehow that GPS he has will come in handy. We rarely see Jang Hyuk in daddy mode so this is a treat. Next drama I’d like to see him with a young daughter. Though we all know he has a great rapport with the little girls – Robbers, Thank You…

      And true, it’s probably been less than a month since the Golden Time Team formed, or just 1 month. I forget that.

      No wonder they get “artistic” in the next ep. the KCC is on their backs.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      @DF I concur with your sentiment “I loved MJH in Daegil mode but I still prefer MJH in daddy mode”.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. prettysup says:

    I will keep my comments for ep 8 hehe..

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Drama Fan says:

    @prettysup @LadyG I feel you both on Ep8! My heart was racing the whole hour! But ok ok I’ll shut up lol


  7. Lady G. says:

    Don’t throw eggs at me, but did anyone else roll their eyes when they saw who played the mentally challenged brother? I’m sorry, I did. You can’t have a Jang Hyuk drama without him. lol

    Shin Seung Hwan looks good actually. I saw him in Monster not too long ago in an ample role.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Drama Fan says:

    @LadyG LOL yes! He is always in his dramas. The blonde guy is also JHs friend. The three of them went on a trip to Croatia for a show (thats where they met the blond guy) It was really fun.


    • prettysup says:

      Yeah the blonde guy is Choi Ki Sub. The 3 of them filmed “Friends in Croatia” together.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      I watched that and totally did not recognize the two friends in the Voice. *eyes too dazzled by Hyuck*, I guess

      Liked by 1 person

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez Oh but you know who is also in these episodes and I didn’t recognize? Eun Chun! Wang So’s right hand man and bromantic bestie in SoGC. Did you watch that? It’s Kim Roe Ha, who played Eun Chun and was the mafia boss here. He looks and sounds so different!


        • Beez says:

          @DramaFan – I did watch SOGC! Is the character you’re talking about, the one who JH’s character stroked his cheek to see if it would provoke the same response as Oh Yeon-Seo’s boy impersonating character? JH was hilarious in that scene. And then he never explained to his bodyguard the reason why he was getting in his space. lol

          Of so, I can’t picture who he is in this drama. The guy Jin Hyuk is calling “Clickety-clack” seems to old to be that guy (even though, I paid little attention to whomever the actor was in SOGC. He was on screen at the same time as Jang Hyuk) \_(ツ)_/¯ 

          Liked by 1 person

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez Yes, Eun Chan is the guy that was “molested” by WangSo lol! And yes he is also Clickety clack aka Tak Tak gae (or something like that lol) And yes I’m still schocked they are the same guy, but they are both played by actor Kim Roe Ha. I think he lost weight and according to asianwiki he is not that old. http://asianwiki.com/Kim_Roe-Ha


            • Beez says:

              1965! Oh my! Poor thing. It’s gotta be a trip to be amongst a group of people who don’t show their age until 50. Oh. Solved my own mystery. In SOGC, he was probably just shy of 50. That supports my observation that, in general, 50 is the number for S. Koreans. Never age and then – boom. Similar to my people. 😆

              Liked by 1 person

        • Beez says:

          Ok, I looked at every character listed in the Voice on AsianWiki. After ruling out Clickety-Clack because I thought he looked to old to be the guard from SOGC,I finally looked at his profile and it is him! Of course, when I came back here to write this, I see your post totally identified him by name but since I didn’t recognize the name at the time (or remember you’d said it once I started looking)…could’ve saved myself a lot of searching. lol

          Liked by 1 person

  9. Beez says:

    @DramaFan – Shout out to The Girl Who Sees Smells! Cutest thing EvvvvvvV…ER!

    I found the plastic surgery thing a bit far- fetched too. If you’re a crook and you’ve got that much money (not sure if we’re talking millions or billions here) at stake to be made and already have those kinds of resources (this isn’t just double eyelid or nose work, we’re talking whole scale face change – (which I don’t even think is possible to do to the point where others who know the person wouldn’t realize you’re a different person)) – where was I? Oh! If you were dealing with that large a scale of profit/crookedy-ness, you’d hire another crook to have the surgery who’d be less likely to crack under pressure from police and who has no mentally challenged dosaeng who might blow the lid off everything.

    Errrrr, kjtamuser – I, er, don’t think Wolverine has any super hearing powers. lol *consults inner comic book hero nerd* *nope* lol

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Beez says:

    Oops – I owe you an apology, kjtamuser. I just read your Ep 6 recap and you did your homework on Wolverine.

    But I gotta say,I began reading Xmen in 1979 and have never once seen Wolverine using any super hearing. Interesting to know that’s part of his repetoire.


  11. Drama Fan says:

    @Beez Yeah! That’s what I keep thinking, these bad guys complicate their lives too much. For example, if I wanted to kill MJH, I would just poison his soju. Gosh! I’d be such a practical boring villain :p I guess the drama does many things for the sake of …drama, precisely and other things are workaround to avoid censorship like, Jin Hyuk stabbing the guy’s hand when we all know he would’ve preferred to poke his eyes out. But anyway, something happened with me during these episodes because despite my questioning the logic in almost everything, I can officially say, Im kind of obsessed with this drama. I’m no longer just liking the thrills but actually caring for the characters, especially the two leads. It’s like instead of feeling they are “flat” I feel they are “real people” but we don’t know them well. And I’m not sure if its the writers making that happen or if its the actors. Whichever it is, I’m pleased right now but looking forward for more.


  12. Jane Tilly says:

    EWWW, THAT SMELL – I would think the death smell could be passed off as a dead rodent or cat in the hoarder-ish apartment. Kwon Joo mentioned something about wax; did the old lady cover the corpse in wax in attempts to cover the smell? I thought I saw blue eyes on the corpse last episode. I’m going to caulk that up to cloudy corneas due to dried out eyes on the corpse.

    MASTERMIND/KETTLEBELL KILLER CANDIDATES –The Harbor Boss has the clicky-clack jaw like the kettlebell killer, but then so did Hwang Kyung, I’m not quite persuaded he is the kettlebell killer, but I haven’t fully ruled him out either. The Harbor Boss does not seem to be the mastermind; what if the mastermind is already on the police force?

    I even started to wonder if Dae Sik could be a mole or the mastermind, since he seems the least likely to the one within the police department. I hope it is not him, as he is MJH’s friend and he is very easy to look at.

    Chief Jang is a dirty cop, but I’m not convinced he is the mastermind or kettlebell killer. The mastermind seems to be particularly adept at identifying disadvantaged or malevolent people to carry out the dirty work.

    Liked by 1 person

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