Tomorrow With You Episode 4 Recap

He pushes their relationship. Will she agree with the direction?

Tomorrow With You Episode 4 Recap

It’s 9:15pm in the present, Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) waits for Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) to arrive having just recently realized he’s the man that survived the subway explosion with her.

It’s after 9:15pm in the future, So Joon has disappeared because his future self died at 9:15pm 3/25/19. He remembers future Ma Rin asking him not to go as she was whisked away by the ambulance. He’s in a limbo state. All he can recall is her request not to leave.

It’s 11:15pm in the present, Ma Rin waits in vain for So Joon. She calls. His cell phone is off.

We see So Joon in the tunnel (where the explosion took place). He’s off to the side. He’s not moving.

Ma Rin gives up waiting and gets in a bus to go home. She hears the news report of an unconscious man being found on the subway tracks. She doesn’t know it’s So Joon. She gets a call from the hospital.

She runs to the entrance just as So Joon exits. She asks if he’s okay. He says nothing.  She asks again if he’s okay. He is pleased that she was worried. Irked, she hands him the camera bag and says she’s leaving. He stops her. He read her text. He knows she knows who he is. Ma Rin admits she remembers him from 7 years ago. She had hoped that he was living well. She’s pleased that he exceeded her expectations. But the phone call from the hospital frightened her. She couldn’t believe that he was found in the subway tunnel. What is fate doing to him? He says they should live together. She thinks he means they should live life, together as friends. He repeats that they should live together. She stares at him and asks what he means. He’s interrupted when Shin Se Young and Ki Doong arrive to pick him up. Knowing Ma Rin’s wallet is in his car, he presses his wallet into her hands. He turns and heads towards his friends.

twy_ep4_0858 twy_ep4_0857
Se Young wants details of what happened. So Joon claims he passed out drunk in the subway tunnel. She can’t believe that he was alone with a girl and passed out, two things he’s not done before. She presses him for details about the subway tunnel. Ki Doong leads in into the coffee shop while So Joon heads home. Se Young presses Ki Doong for details – why did So Joon suddenly become rich after high school? Why does So Joon live alone and doesn’t allow her to come to his place? Why does Ki Doong cover up So Joon’s mystery. Ki Doong smiles and says there is no mystery. Se Young stares at him. She doesn’t believe him.

Ma Rin restrains herself from peeking inside So Joon’s wallet. When So Joon texts her, he says he wants to return her purse at lunch tomorrow. She’s got to be wondering about his about face on this.

So Joon restrains himself from peeking inside Ma Rin’s purse.

When she texts him to accept the lunch date, she warns him not to look in his bag.

Unable to resist, Ma Rin looks inside So Joon’s wallet. She finds the resume picture of her he kept unbeknownst to her. Her heart starts to flutter again feeling the pull towards him.

Unable to resist, So Joon looks inside Ma Rin’s purse. He reads through her resume. He smiles knowing that he can take care of her. He wants to take care of her. He remembers the future vision of them as newlywed. Ma Rin teases him to call her flower. So Joon tries to utter flower, but can’t Bap Soon will have to do.

twy_ep4_1001 twy_ep4_1000
When Ma Rin arrives for lunch, she doesn’t realize the Director Kim’s assistant is watching her. Lunch is an elegant affair. The table is laden with food. He stares and smiles. She’s unnerved. She asks if he brought her purse. He asks if she brought his wallet. They swap, at the same time, across the table. Cute! So Joon checks to make sure the picture of Ma Rin is still there. He holds it up and smiles. He reminds her she promised to live with him. She realizes he isn’t talking about both of the coexisting in the world. She’s shocked, then miffed that he thinks she’s the kind of girl that would move in with a man she’s never even held his hand. So Joon says he wants to marry her. Holy Smokes! He’s going from cold to hot in a blink of an eye! Ma Rin stares at him. She calls him nuts. She leaves.

So Joon takes off after her. He tries to stop her. She doesn’t want him to touch her. She can’t believe this. He doesn’t know anything about marriage or her. She can’t believe she got a marriage proposal and only feels upset. She doubts his sincerity. He’s straightforward. He has a feeling for her. He knows she’s the one he must marry. He tries to stop her. She doesn’t want him to touch her. She tells him to back off. She strides away. He follows. He stops her. He states they saved each other 7 years ago. It’s clear they are destined for each other. He convinces her to resume lunch.

Back at the dining room, Ma Rin asks if he’s being sincere. So Joon confirms it. Ma Rin asks if he loves her. So Joon stares into her eyes and declares it he doesn’t marry her, he feels he will die. He asks her to consider his proposal. He calls her flower. Ma Rin stares at him. She grabs her chest. She thinks “the lump in my heart that’s been there forever is dissolving.” She can’t believe it. He asks if she’s okay.

Gun Sook (Kim Ye Won) gets a call from her husband’s assistant. He reports that So Joon is leading Ma Rin out of the lunch with his arm around her shoulder. He reports that Ma Rin pushed So Joon’s arm off her shoulder. He reports that So Joon chased after Ma Rin. He reports this is love. Gun Sook staggers out of the dressing room.

Ma Rin can’t get So Joon calling her flower out of her head.

In the past or future (not sure which)…
So Joon tells Doo Sik that he can’t get Ma Rin out of his head. Doo Sik asks if he feels guilty for leaving her before. So Joon tells Doo Sik that he really can’t stop thinking about Ma Rin. Doo Sik guesses that his suggestion that they have children isn’t so shocking now. Doo Sik declares if they marry, their entire future will reset.

Director Kim doesn’t care when his assistant tells him his wife is asking him to spy on So Joon. He scoffs at the notion that So Joon would fall for Ma Rin. His assistant tells him those two care about each other.

So Joon gives Ki Doong a newspaper from March 2019 that shows the land they want to buy will be reclaimed. He calls off the deal they have pending for the land. Ki Doong asks why So Joon never bring future newspapers past March 2019. So Joon lies and says time traveling after that point it tiring. Director Kim interrupts. They quickly hid the future newspaper. Director Kim sees them put something out of his field of view. He asks So Joon and Ki Doong to join him for a party at his house. So Joon declines but Ki Doong counters had says they should attend. Director Kim says he’ll see them tonight.

Gun Sook asks Ma Rin if she’s dating someone. Ma Rin denies it. She gets a text from So Joon. She asks Gun Sook if marriage is fun. Gun Sook asks if someone asked Ma Rin to marry them. The door bells rings.

Director Kim and all his work colleagues arrive. Gun Sook smiles and greets them. Ma Rin, in an apron, smiles to them as well. She can’t believe it when So Joon walks in the room. So Joon can’t believe that Ma Rin is there either. Gun Sook stares at them intently. Director Kim watches too. Ma Rin tells Gun Sook she’s leaving. Gun Sook introduces her to the men. Ma Rin tells the men that she’ll let them enjoy their evening. She bids them good night. So Joon tells her to stay. Director Kim tells her to stay. Ma Rin thanks them and leaves the room. Gun Sook takes off after her.

twy_ep4_3146 twy_ep4_3143
Ma Rin tells Gun Sook the food is good. Gun Sook tells the men who Ma Rin was in her past life as a child actor. Gun Sook suggests that her husband’s assistant should date Ma Rin. She asks So Joon what he thinks of the match. He defers to say. Gun Sook continues to smile and insult Ma Rin by mentioning her online presence and her inability to get to a job. With friends like that, Ma Rin doesn’t need enemies.

twy_ep4_3427 twy_ep4_3426Ma Rin breaks an expensive dish in the kitchen forcing Gun Sook to see what is happening. Gun Sook accuses her breaking the dish on purpose. Ma Rin agrees that she did because she wanted Gun Sook to stop talking about her. Gun Sook says Ma Rin needs to know her place. She grabs her hair. Ma Rin grabs her hair and reminds her she knows where she came from. Wow! The two women do a silent hair pull and threaten each other session. If only the men knew what was happening in the kitchen.

So Joon makes his way into the kitchen and finds Gun Sook telling Ma Rin that she’s a fool when anyone shows her a smidge of affection. He interrupts. Ma Rin stares at him. Ma Rin tells Gun Sook that she now understands that she thinks she’s a fool. She tells Gun Sook she hates her. She leaves. Gun Sook asks So Joon to keep this to himself. So Joon tells her she’s mean to hurt someone because she can. He won’t forget the kind of person she is. He tells her next time they meet, he’ll be with Ma Rin. Good confrontation between the women. I prefer Ma Rin to see Gun Sook for the non-friend she is. Good set down by So Joon to Gun Sook. She deserves even more than he gave her, but he held back.

Ma Rin cries in her room and refuses to answer So Joon’s calls. So Joon waits outside her house wondering what to do. Ma Rin’s mother sees him and demands to know who he is and why he’s sniffing around her daughter. He offers his business card. She reads “CEO”. She scoffs and says she wanted her daughter to date someone in management. She leaves him in the cold and goes into the house. Ha! Ma Rin’s mother can’t believe it when Ma Rin says CEO means chairman of the company.

Ma Rin’s mother goes to So Joon’s office building. She falls down literally when she realizes it’s 5 stories high. She asks the security guard if So Joon is the CEO. He confirms this. She leaves with a spring in her step.

Ma Rin texts So Joon that she just sent him an email. So Joon sits down to his computer worried that this won’t be good news. He reads Ma Rin’s email “I wanted to call you one last time. I don’t think we suit each other. I am lacking. I am insufficient. I hope I don’t hurt you. I want to remain a beautiful memory to you. I will be like dust to you now. ” So Joon can’t believe the drama. So Joon can’t believe the email goes on for 10 pages! So Joon doesn’t know if she wants him to walk away or hold onto her. He shuts the computer.

Ma Rin drinks with her friend. That’s not good. She’s a sloppy drunk. So Ri tells Ma Rin that she only hung with Gun Sook because Ma Rin did. They agree to cut Gun Sook out of their lives. So Ri complains that So Joon had the opportunity to stand up for Ma Rin but didn’t.  Ma Rin says it’s plain she and So Joon don’t suit each other. So Ri says that So Joon made Ma Rin feel bad about herself and therefore he’s the worst kind of man. Ma Rin tells her it’s over between them. Ma Rin says that So Joon was a kind man. She cries when she admits he called her flower.

Ma Rin eats dates and thinks about So Joon. Her mother calls and says she’s going to have dinner with So Joon. Ma Rin is horrified. She begs her mother not to meet So Joon. She takes a taxi to intercept.

twy_ep4_4533 twy_ep4_4532
Ma Rin grabs So Joon before he goes into the eatery to meet her mother. She tells him to forget it. There’s no need. So Joon says her mother called him and so he’s going to meet her. So Joon looks great in a tailored suit. Ma Rin asks if he read her email. So Joon claims he didn’t read it. Ma Rin hangs her head and admits that she doesn’t want to be further exposed to him. That’s a beautiful way to put that. They hear her mother on the phone saying she has an important meeting. So Joon looks into Ma Rin’s eyes. Nice!

Then we see So Joon read Ma Rin’s email. She admits she was once the hope of her family. She says she learned that people were fickle and she was dubbed a “has been”. She admits she felt the pain of that rejection during high school. Her father left. Her mother used her formerly celebrity status to secure dates. Ma Rin admits she’s afraid to trust him.

twy_ep4_4806 twy_ep4_4805
Now we are back outside the eatery. Notice Ma Rin doesn’t flinch when So Joon puts his hands on her shoulders. So Joon stares into Ma Rin’s eyes and smiles a supportive smile. She tells him to go. He hugs her and admits he want her to tell him to stay. Sweet! He looks deep into her eyes. He tries to kiss her. She pulls back. He puts his hands on her face and kisses her. It sweet but yet passionate. She responds like her heart tells her to. Lovely first kiss. I’m a sucker for the hands on the face move. It adds tenderness and depth to a kiss.

Ma Rin waits for So Joon to meet her mother. He’s back in a flash explaining that her mother supported them going on a date tonight. He invites her for a beer at his place.

She loves his place. He tells her to make herself at home but NOT go upstairs. She tries to sneak upstairs. He hides the beer and says they’ll have to drink juice. He catches her trying to sneak upstairs. She’s not excited about juice. She’d rather drink beer. She finds futuristic shoes and puts them on. Hey it’s the self tightening shoes from Back to the Future that Nike has prototyped! Ma Rin yelps when the shoes auto tighten. So Joon declares those are his shoes. He takes them off her. He scolds her not to take pictures or tell anyone about them. Ma Rin declares she’s leaving. So Joon is surprised. Ma Rin doesn’t like that he made her feel awkward about the shoes. Ma Rin doesn’t like that she can’t see the upstairs. Ma Rin says that his family will be home soon. So Joon reminds her his parents died and that he has no other family.

As they sit on the couch, So Joon explains that he’s not a rich heir, rather he’s managed to make his business a success. He admits he doesn’t have much of a life outside work. Ma Rin asks if he’s lonely. So Joon asks if she’s lonely. Ma Rin admits she wants someone to like her for who she is. So Joon states he does and he’s perfect for her. Ma Rin grouses his inference that they should marry is irksome. So Joon states he can’t tone it down around her. He worries about her. He wants to protect her. He admits worry about someone else is unusual for him. He holds her hand and tells her they should drop the pretense and be together. He asks her to stay by his side and allow him to protect her. He asks her to put her future in his hands. She says as long as he stops pestering her about marriage, she’ll date him. He pulls her close and asks her to confirm they are dating. Adorably she puts up the okay sign. Adorably, he puts up the okay sign. They laugh together. Lovely moment. They were in sync!

Holy smokes!
So Joon suggests they take it to the next level. Ma Rin lays in his bed and stares into his eyes. She asks if they should do this. He confirms it. He stares into her eyes. He softly kisses her. She returns the kiss. He stares at her. She stares at him. They dissolve into each other and the camera fades out. I must admit, I was completely surprised they made love.

They do all the gushy “new to love” things couples do.

In a beautiful circular sequence, we see them multiple instances of them handing out wedding invitations to his friends and hers. Se Young isn’t excited but everyone else is. Even Ma Rin’s mother is thrilled.

twy_ep4_5810 twy_ep4_5815
If you thought So Joon looked great in a tailored suit
, he looks even better in a tuxedo. Ma Rin is gob smacked and takes photos with her phone.

Next, we see them taking the wedding photos that will soon adorn So Joon’s house. Her crop top dress adds a bit of an edge to her lace wedding gown.

Se Young isn’t happy that So Joon is rushing into marriage. She stares at pictures of the two of them on her phone. When So Joon calls, she tells him she’s busy and hangs up. So Joon grouses to Ki Doong that Se Young is avoiding him. So Joon declares he’s going to move into Ki Doong’s house. What? Ki Doong asks why So Joon is hiding things from Ma Rin. Ki Doong declares that marriage isn’t that big of a deal.

So Joon visits the subway shrine on the eve of the wedding. She promises all those that died that she’ll be happy. It’s starts to rain and she runs for cover.

So Joon and Ma Rin wed. It’s sunny and raining. Everyone is under an umbrella. She’s wearing a different wedding gown. More conservative. Se Young’s father officiates the ceremony. They marry. It’s real. As they stand under the umbrella looking at their gathered friends and family (also under umbrellas), Ma Rin asks how So Joon is always right with his weather predictions. He does NOT look as happy as she is.

Doo Sik watches the newlyweds. He turns and leaves.

Ma Rin is giddy with glee with her marriage. So Joon isn’t quite as excited though she doesn’t see that.

twy_ep4_10601 twy_ep4_10600
Joyous, Ma Rin walks So Joon to his car as he leaves for work. He tells her to have a good day. She calls to him and tells him to have a wonderful day and come home early. She makes the heart sign with her hands. He does the same though with less enthusiasm.

She thinks…That man and I…got married.

He thinks… That woman and I…got married.

My Thoughts

So Joon acted like it was the 100-yard dash to get married. He used his smile, his charm, his body to overcome Ma Rin’s doubts and secured her hand in marriage. You knew he wasn’t 100% into it like she was. For example when he told Ki Doong that marriage wouldn’t be that much different from being single.

Let me speak to So Joon directly…So Joon, you are an unrealistic man. Don’t you know women are programmed from birth to get married? Don’t you know that society makes a woman feel less-than if she’s not married? Ma Rin is into you but even more than that, she’s realizing a dream come true. You promised to care for and protect her. She’s going to expect you to deliver. Can you?

So Joon elected to keep his time traveler status to himself. That doesn’t surprise me. He was focused on the goal of getting married. Admitting that he was a time traveler would likely derail that. Interesting that Doo Sik watched them wed from afar. I’m still wondering if Doo Sik is Ma Rin’s father. Time will tell. There was minimal time travel in this episode as So Joon did the full court marriage press on Ma Rin.

Ma Rin found out that Gun Sook was no friend at all. She knew that but didn’t want to admit it. The hair pulling truth telling scene in the kitchen was excellent. I’m glad that Gun Sook didn’t pretend to care. She enjoyed hurting Ma Rin. She’s not a nice person.

What is next? They are married. Will she find out that he’s a time traveler next? Will the burden of their marriage drain him? Is that why he’s bummed out in the future? Director Kim saw the shuffle of papers. He must be suspicious. Se Young knows this hasty marriage is out of character for So Joon. I’m still intrigued by this show.

sigThe first song of the OST is sung by none other than the hot actor Seo In Guk. I was unaware that he sang too. Article about the song states “Actor/singer Seo In Guk released Part 1 of ‘Tomorrow With You’ OST titled “Flower.” Written and composed by the actor himself, this will also be Seo In Guk’s first time singing for a drama in which he isn’t starring in. “Flower” is filled with a beautiful melody highlighting Seo In Guk’s soft voice. Check out the pretty song “Flower”. Lyrics are below the video.

When I see your smile that has the sky in it
I get happy for no reason, moment by moment
Because of you, this world looks different
Always by your side
I’ll warmly embrace you
Without any scars

You resemble a flower
So precious
forever love
forever love
I’ll hug you so I can protect you
So we won’t forget this moment

When strong winds blow
I’m afraid it’ll take you away
Because you’re always by my side
Because we can hold hands
Because we can love

You resemble a flower
So precious
forever love
forever love
I’ll hug you so I can protect you
So we won’t forget this moment

We will remain beautiful
Always in our hearts

You resemble a flower
So precious
forever love
forever love
I hope our love is beautiful
I’ll give you my everything


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8 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 4 Recap
  1. damianna says:

    Just finished watching ep 4. Oh Yoo So joon what are you doing? He’s too hung up on saving his future that he’s disregarding his present. I see genuine affection from him to Song Ma rin at times but his expression at the end breaks my heart. Listen to your future self will you, and work things out with Ma rin.
    Thanks for the recap.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with your assessment. So Joon has taken the responsibility of saving both of them but what will this cost him (and them)? Doo Sik has put the burden on So Joon and has his own (unknown) agenda at play. Excellent advice for So Joon.

  2. foreversuju says:

    I’m so conflicted. Sometimes he shows real feelings but sometimes we can see that he isn’t sincere. I feel sorry that Ma Rin got pulled into the marriage without knowing he’s true intentions 😦 I hope he’s love for her progresses quickly in the next episodes!

    • kjtamuser says:

      His feelings need to increase. She needs to tone down the giddy. There is something there between them. Can they expand the nugget of genuine feelings?

  3. lindl says:

    I’m glad I found your blog! I follow “Tomorrow With You” recaps on a popular K-drama site, but wanted to read different perspectives as well. I like that your recaps are so pared-down. They feel personal and authentic.

    I love this drama. I hear ratings are bad, but it seems that many of the people who do watch it are utterly in love with it, as I am. I like the mellow and melancholy vibe, and I love Lee Je-hoon here. He has a gentle energy (his voice is kind of soft and sexy) while at the same time being passionate and intense. Shin Mina is a good foil to him as well.

    I was hooked after Episode 2, but the drama has really been reeling me in this week. I thought early on that it was a pretty sexy drama but it turned out I hadn’t seen anything yet.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I love Lee Je-hoon here. He has a gentle energy (his voice is kind of soft and sexy) while at the same time being passionate and intense. Shin Mina is a good foil to him as well.
      Well said. I’ve been drawn to Lee Je Hoon’s portrayal of So Joon too. He does have a sexy stance and when he focuses, you feel his intensity. Shin Min A is doing all she can with Ma Rin. I look forward to her evolution that washes the past celebrity shame away from her.
      Thanks for the compliment on the recaps, I enjoy writing them.
      Too bad the ratings aren’t stellar. But that doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of this drama.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    THE SKEPTIC – I appreciate Se Young’s skepticism towards So Joon’s sudden acquisition of wealth and his relationship with Mi Ran, particularly his precipitous decision to marry. Is she has been crushing on So Joon? I hope Se Young will influence So Joon to take pause and consider the ramifications of his actions. It is concerning So Joon has only confided in Doo Sik about Mi Ran; he has not discussed his and Mi Ran’s impending deaths with his close confidant Ki Doong.

    THE FATHER? – Doo Sik’s secrecy, reluctancy to let So Joon into his apartment, and attendance at Mi Ran and So Joon’s wedding gives credence to the hypothesis Doo Sik is Mi Ran’s dad. If not, what is Doo Sik’s agenda?

    THE FRENEMY – Mi Ran’s false friend Gun Sook is such a user, abuser and loser! While So Joon’s empathy for Mi Ran was visible, it was disappointing he didn’t stop Gun Sook from razing Mi Ran while at the table. Why didn’t So Joon and Mi Ran acknowledge each other? Ki Doong was aware they knew each other, although no one knew Gun Sook, her husband,and his secretary were aware they had been seeing each other. I was pleased Mi Ran broke the serving dish and grabbed Gun Sook’s hair to stand up for herself. At least So Joon stopped the fight and informed Gun Sook he would remember her nastiness.

    Didn’t Gun Sook’s husband, Director Kim, make a comment in passing to Gun Sook last episode about an intention to become the chairman in the last episode? I wonder what Director Kim had up his sleeve. These two will certainly be villains throughout this series.

    THE LOVER – Oh that sneaky So Joon to meet up with Mi Ran’s mom. So Joon handled being caught by Mi Ran perfectly. It was a “Lovely first kiss”. 💋 I’m also a pushover for hands on the face kissing…SQWEEE!

    WOW, So Joon came on strong with jumping to discussing marriage 💍. Mi Ran at their lunch date, especially since she didn’t even want him to touch her. So Joon had already discovered Mi Ran didn’t like being identified as Bap Soon. So Joon was wise to call Mi Ran “Flower”,🌸 the term of endearment used by him 3 months in the future.

    Color me surprised Mi Ran decided to make love with So Joon so quickly after they agreed to date, especially since she had an aversion to So Joon touching her, was reluctant to date him, and did NOT want to even discuss the possibility of marriage.

    THE HALF-HEARTED HUSBAND – While So Joon genuinely cares for Mi Ran, I am saddened he thinks being married isn’t much different than being single or feigning love for Mi Ran he doesn’t have. After the honeymoon is over, Mi Ran will start to notice if So Joon hasn’t developers deeper feelings for her.

    I know So Joon is trying to protect both of their futures; but he sees their marriage 💒 as a business transaction (with benefits) to secure a child, which Doo Sik claims will change their “fate”. However, Mi Ran has fallen in love 😍 and sees this marriage as “her dream come true”. @KJT, I appreciate your rant “So Joon, you are an unrealistic man…You promised to care for and protect her. She’s going to expect you to deliver. Can you?” So Joon is NOT currently on track to deliver and having a baby 👶 will complicate your lives.

    THE OST – SEO In Guk’s contribution to the OST was beautiful. I’m looking forward to hearing 👂 the rest of the OST!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Is she has been crushing on So Joon? …So Joon has …not discussed his and Mi Ran’s impending deaths with his close confidant Ki Doong
      She wants So Joon but his focus on Ma Rin blindsided her. She must be wondering where her conservative friend went. So Joon seems guarded so his selective sharing rings true. But it does make him lonely.

      Mi Ran’s false friend Gun Sook is such a user, abuser and loser!
      I don’t see anything redeeming about her.

      So Joon came on strong with jumping to discussing marriage
      So Joon did a successful hard sell to Ma Rin.

      SEO In Guk’s contribution to the OST was beautiful.
      I LOVE this song, it’s wildly romantic.

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