Tomorrow With You Episode 3 Recap

He remembers, will she?

Tomorrow With You Episode 3 Recap

twy_ep3_0502 twy_ep3_0501
Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is still stunned the Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) is the woman that he argued with on the Subway 7 years ago. The woman that got him off the subway 1 stop before it exploded. He pulls her from the reporter she spent the evening. She’s not happy. She wants So Joon out of her life. She’s not interested in what he has to say. He cut her out of his life. So Joon demands to know if she planned to get off 1 stop before the subway exploded. She snaps it wasn’t planned it just happened. So Joon shakes his head, he sees their fate and destiny is intertwined.

So Joon realizes that he and Ma Rin met on 3/25/09 (day of the subway explosion) and they will die on 3/25/19. That’s ten years. He realizes Doo Sik knew about this and didn’t tell him. He goes to confront Doo Sik.

March 2019…

Wow, So Joon did not go to confront Doo Sik. He’s confronting his FUTURE self! He can’t come into the house (disappear if past/future selves meet) so they talk via intercom. So Joon demands to know why his future self didn’t tell him. His future self says that knowing won’t change anything. He can’t change anything. So Joon demands to know why trying to change things is futile. Future self tells him there’s nothing else to say and ends the conversation. Future self sits alone in his living room. It looks like he’s bummed but resigned that he cannot avoid dying.


twy_ep3_1001 twy_ep3_1000
Ma Rin’s friend, Bit Na, and the designer are impressed that she’s a survivor of the subway explosion 7 years ago. The designer wants Ma Rin to bring So Joon for another modeling session. Everything he wore at the last photo shoot sold out. The police come and seize everything and everyone at the studio.

So Joon gets a call to come to the police station. Instead he sends his lawyer and his assistant.

It looks like there was trademark infringement. When reporters arrive, Ma Rin decides to hide in the bathroom. She literally runs into So Joon’s assistant, Ki Doong, and begs him not to tell Ma Rin that she was at the police station.

So Joon finds Doo Sik in his apartment. Once again, Doo Sik won’t So Joon enter his apartment. What’s that about? Doo Sik believes that Ma Rin and So Joon thwarted death and death will come for them in 10 years. Doo Sik shocks Ma Rin with the advice to have a baby. Doo Sik reminds So Joon that as time travelers they cannot chance the fate of the newly born and those who are dying. Doo Sik says he helped a woman thwarts her fate by hooking her up with someone and they started a family. Doo Sik believes the child saved the woman from dying. He says the couple is on their second and third child. Is Doo Sik talking about So Joon and Ma Rin? Did he just reveal their future? Doo Sik says the woman that thwarted fate was his daughter. So Joon doesn’t want to marry Ma Rin and have children. Doo Sik says it is the only way to stop the future. So Joon strides away not happy with this advice.

Ma Rin hides in the bathroom much to the chagrin of the female police officer that wants her to finish making her statement.

When So Joon returns home Ki Doong is there. He quickly hears that Ma Rin was at the police station and didn’t want him to know about it.

So Joon arrives at the police station but turns away when he sees Ma Rin, her mother, and friend exiting the police station. Ma Rin’s mother isn’t happy about the potential scandal. Ma Rin says as long has her mother stays quiet there won’t be any scandal.

twy_ep3_2247 twy_ep3_2246
Ma Rin walks home and sees So Joon waiting to speak with her. Ma Rin apologizes for involving So Joon. She didn’t know the designer was a rip off artist. So Joon suggest they make up. Ma Rin isn’t interested.  She got hurt and So Joon didn’t. What kind of relationship was that? Why would she want another round? She repeats the words he told her when he cut her out of his life. She not interested. She goes into the house.

So Joon remembers Doo Sik telling him to find the woman that saved him from the explosion. So Joon reveals that if he’d let her get hts by the truck, she’d end up in a wheel chair with an early death. So Joon didn’t want her to suffer that fate, so he saved her.

Shin Se Young calls So Joon and asks him to come. He finds her father soliciting for donations for the homes they build. He pulls him away. As So Joon drives Se Young and her father home, he hears that his parents wanted a charitable organization like what they run. Se Young apologizes for her drunk father’s ramblings. She puts on music to cover the awkward silence.

twy_ep3_3001 twy_ep3_3000
The bride, Gun Sook (Kim Ye Won) calls Ma Rin and lies that she’s having a wonderful time on her honeymoon. When she hangs up she berates her new husband Director Kim (he works for So Joon) for cancelling their honeymoon to conduct business. He doesn’t care. He bribes Gun Sook with an unlimited credit card. That gets her attention. He leaves to head to the office.

So Joon can’t get Doo Sik’s recommendation to have a child out of his head. He imagines Bap Soon and then Ma Rin in the bathrobe. He’s caught between two versions of the same woman!

Ma Rin gets a loan from her friend who points out that So Joon is wealthier than she is. So Joon calls. Ma Rin won’t pick up and leaves the room. But her friend picks up and says she is Ma Rin’s friend. She tells him that Ma Rin is visiting her that the piano store.

twy_ep3_3602 twy_ep3_3601twy_ep3_3603
So Joon watches Ma Rin exit the piano store surrounded by children. So Joon can’t help but think about Doo Sik urging him to have a child with Ma Rin. She spots him and is none too pleased. She approaches and asks how he knew she was there. Her friend exits and confirms she called So Joon.

Ma Rin watches So Joon eat the noodles. She leaves him, stepping into the street. He catches up with her. He asks if she knows where the man that saved her is. She tells him no, but she hopes he’s living well. Can’t help it. It still bugs me that neither one of them remembered each other from that fateful day. Glad he remembered last episode. Will she remember this episode? She shares that she has survivor’s guilt and hopes he avoided that. She wants to meet him one day. So Joon says nothing. He tells her he’ll think of her when he goes home. She’s flattered. Why didn’t he tell her, he’s the man from that fateful day? It would draw her to him. Isn’t that what he wants?

So Joon meets Se Young and Ki Doong for drinks. Ki Doong hands over a professional grade camera. So Joon says he’s considering getting married. His friends joke that they’d feel sorry for the girl, but wouldn’t he need to date someone first?

Ma Rin stops at the shrine to those that died in the subway accident. She sees a picture of So Joon’s parents, though she doesn’t know who they are. So, that’s what she’s stopped and honored every time she’s passed it. Nice!

The next morning Ma Rin finds the camera from So Joon. She reads the simple note from him. She texts him that she likes the camera but cannot accept it. She asks where he is so she can return it. He texts back that he’s at work and she should accept the camera.

Ma Rin arrives at his work. She almost keeps the camera, but decides to enter and return it. She spots So Joon leaving the building. Ma Rin takes off after him. She tries to return the camera but he won’t take it. So Joon gets into his car. He notices Director Kim staring at them. He tells her to take the camera. Ma Rin throws her purse into the car and runs away. So Joon doesn’t understand why she handed over her purse. He drives away. Ma Rin is surprised that she didn’t throw the camera in his car but rather her purse. She grabs a cab and takes off after him. Director Kim and his assistant wonder what that was about. The assistant identifies Ma Rin from Director Kim’s wedding party.

twy_ep3_5045 twy_ep3_5044
Ma Rin follows him into the subway. Ah…will she time travel with him or see him time travel? She spots him on the subway and starts to make her way towards him. So Joon stands there smiling to himself. He looks up and sees Ma Rin walking towards him. SHE REMEMBERS! Ma Rin recalls that So Joon is the man from the subway. He stares at her. Does he realize that she remembers? She stares at him in shock. She turns away. Ma Rin turns around but he’s gone! Ah, he time traveled when her back was turned. She looks for him but he’s gone. We see him standing on a crowded subway in another time.

Dr. Kim’s assistant stops by to see Gun Sook. He’s dismayed to learn that she called him to fix the kitchen sink. Ha! Gun Sook calls Ma Rin’s friend and claims she’s having a wonderful time on her honeymoon. Ma Rin’s friend doesn’t understand why Gun Sook keeps calling if she’s having a wonderful time. Ma Rin’s friend tells her that Ma Rin is dating the chairman of the company her husband works for. Gun Sook doesn’t believe her and hangs up. The assistant interjects that he saw Ma Rin meet the company chairman earlier today. That stuns Gun Sook.

Ma Rin stares at a picture of So Joon in shock and wonders why she didn’t know it was him.

In the future…March, 2019…

So Joon picks up a cell phone he left under a beverage dispenser. He sees the date. It’s 3/25/19! The day he and Ma Rin die! He can’t believe he’s traveled to this date. He calls his future self. He’s driving. He asks if his future self has found a way NOT to die. His future self says there is no way to avoid his fate. So Joon yells at his future self to stop driving. His future self tells him to leave. Once he dies, So Joon will be in jeopardy. So Joon orders his future self to flee from the accident site. His future self tells him that he won’t waste his last moment on earth talking with him. So Joon is riled up. His future self says he’s headed to the subway to see if he can time travel one last time. So Joon is not happy that his future self is resigned to his fate and not fighting. He claims he’d never stop fighting for his life.

twy_ep3_5624 twy_ep3_5623
His future self stops at an intersection. Ma Rin is waiting to cross the street. He sees her. He starts to cry. So Joon hears him. His future self asks why he didn’t try and make things work out with Ma Rin.

Ma Rin gets bumped into the street but a man. She gets hit by a car! Other cars swerve to avoid her body. It’s a chain reaction! A car collides with So Joon’s future self’s car!

So Joon rushes to the accident sight. The police and ambulance pass him. When he gets there, he sees himself taken away on the stretcher. He rushes to the stretcher with Ma Rin. She takes his hand, tells him she’s scared and asks him not to leave her. So Joon tells her that once he saved her from living a life in a wheelchair. He tells her not to worry. The EMTs put her in the ambulance.

So Joon stares after her and declares “I will save you.” He strides away from the scene.

Present day…

Ma Rin stares at her phone in the subway station. She texts So Joon and tells him she finally remembers him from the fateful day of the subway accident. She asks if he wants to meet. She tells him she’s at the subway station waiting for him.

March 25, 2019…

So Joon rushes to the subway.

We hear present day Ma Rin intone “I’m in a good mood now. Because no matter who you are, I’m happy you are alive.”

twy_ep3_5936twy_ep3_5937twy_ep3_5938 So Joon rushes through the subway station. He misses the subway. He stares at the clock in that station. It’s 9:14pm!! He recalls that he dies at 9:15pm!! He recalls Doo Sik’s words of warning of uncertainty of what will happen to So Joon when his future self dies. He starts to fade away!!!

We hear Ma Rin intone “Because you survived with me that day I was always thankful. I wasn’t the only one that survived. I am happy to meet you again.”

Present day…

Ma Rin waits for the subway to arrive and hopes So Joon will be on it.

My Thoughts

Slow episode with a pay off at the end. Time travel can get confusing. So Joon was surprised that he time traveled to the day he died. But in episode 1, we saw him in the future at the accident site. Doo Sik pulled him away from the scene of the accident. There must be something I’m missing.

Ma Rin finally remembers So Joon is the man that survived the subway explosion too. He remembered last episode and she remembered this episode. I said it last time, and it bears repeating…the fact that they didn’t remember each other from that day did not ring true to me, so I’m glad Writer Heo Sung Hye has eliminated this by having both of them remember.

So Joon tried to reengage with Ma Rin but she would have nothing to do with him. Bully for her. She liked him. He rejected her. Why should she reverse herself? Yes, I know he’s cute. Yes, I know he’s rich. Yes, I know he’s her fate. But he didn’t treat her well. He needs to make amends.

So Joon couldn’t believe his future self was resigned to die. His future self was sad that So Joon didn’t fight harder to make things work with Ma Rin. By the way, was Doo Sik describing Ma Rin when he mentioned his daughter who he helped escape her fated future? Is that why So Joon can’t come into Doo Sik’s home. He’d see the memorabilia of Ma Rin?

So Joon fades away in the future when he’s trapped as his future self dies. That was an effective moment when So Joon stares at the subway station clock in horror as he starts to dissolve. This actor does shock looks well.

Now that they both know who they were in the past, I’m ready for them to build a relationship in the present, to eradicate their future. I’m guessing present day So Joon dissolving isn’t final or this series would be over at the end of this episode! We’ll find out tomorrow how Writer Heo gets our couple out of this.


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8 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 3 Recap
  1. foreversuju says:

    I’m so happy that I found you! I love the thoughts and opinions you add at the end. I agree that the time traveling sunbae is giving me a weird vibe. I’ll look forward to your recaps for every episode now! 🙂

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Doo Sik is hiding something; is he possibly the future offspring of Mi Ran and So Joon come back to set things right (OK, I know that’s a stretch) or how is he related to So Joon? Why is he pushing them to have a baby👶? Was he telling the truth about his daughter?

    So Joon missed his train 🚈 to hold future Mi Ran’s hand; he isn’t just being selfish; he really wants to save Mi Ran. Surely So Joon isn’t going to disappear with episode 3.

    I find it curious So Joon was communicating with his future self. How disappointing to see your future self give up on living without trying to change his “fate”.

    • kjtamuser says:

      How disappointing to see your future self give up on living without trying to change his “fate”.
      Concur. I’d hate to jump forward in time and find my future self just going through the motions of living.

  3. ilmare says:

    thanks for the recap! ive been scouring the web for this after watching the current 2 eps…

    it’s bugging me on why he time traveled to the day of his death. i think he wanted to go to 2019, however meeting Ma Rin in the train probably messed up something (maybe he needs to focus on the date he wants to go), hence, he goes to his deadline.

    cant wait for ep 5!!!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you found me. The writer has not used the time travel as much as I expect or in the way I expected. I like that. I’m looking forward to future episodes too!

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I also wondered if Mi Ran would time travel with So Joon, I was a little disappointed it did not happen.

    I also wondered if Doo Sik was Mi Ran’s dad – wasn’t it mentioned her dad left her family.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I think we are on to something with that. And yes, Ma Rin said her father left her mother. Frankly, her mother isn’t someone I’d want to live with. But back to Doo Sik, if he is connected to Ma Rin, he’d be an advocate for Ma Rin and willing to use So Joon to keep her alive.

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