Voice Episode 6 Recap

Voice Episode 6 – Chapter 4: The Secret of the Trash House

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) demands the kidnapper tell her how he knew her father’s dying words. The kidnapper explains that on a snowy night he was walking hoping to film a secret video when he saw a man in a fancy suit beating an old cop. The man had a brutal kettlebell. Kwon Joo asks if he saw the man’s face. Yes, is the kidnapper’s response. She tells him to describe him. But she’s cut off when Kyung Hak orders her to stop hurting the kidnapper. Jin Hyuk pulls her away. Kyung Hak could care less when she tells him it’s important she talk to the kidnapper. Jin Hyuk can barely get Kwon Joo’s attention as he admonishes her to get a grip. They don’t know who the inside man is. Jin Hyuk believe the kidnapper is messing with her. Kwon Joo tells Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) that the kidnapper knew her father’s lasts words; words only she knew. Jin Hyuk realizes the kidnapper could help find Kwon Joo’s father’s and his wife’s murderer. They both stare at the kidnapper who stares right back. I thought the missing video recorded the conversation between Kwon Joo and her father.

Kyung Hak learns that the kidnapper claimed to see the murderer and it drove Kwon Joo crazy. Kyung Hak stares at the kidnapper. Does he see someone that need to be eliminated?

voice_ep6_0501 voice_ep6_0500
Harbor boss tells someone on the phone he’ll get rid of the dangling problem. He’s lead to a container that reveals people. Wow, human trafficking. This show doesn’t shy away from issues! The boss picks 2 of the 4 men offered. He’s told one of them knows martial arts.

It’s a tearful reunion at the hospital between Eun Soo, the kidnap victim, her grandmother and her sister, Park Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo). They all apologize and come together for a group hug. Eun Soo tells Eun Soo that having Kwon Joo talk to her through her cell phone when she was locked in the trunk kept her believing she could survive. Eun Soo remembers Kwon Joo telling her that Golden Time Team was an important mechanism to save people. Eun Soo knows Golden Time saved her sister. She must be and thinking about joining Golden Time Team.
Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo follow the police car taking the kidnapper to the police station. Kwon Joo says the kidnapper is their only remaining link to the murderer. They must talk to him ASAP.

voice_ep6_1001 voice_ep6_1000
Inside the van transporting the kidnapper, the serious crime unit learns they are almost out of gas. The kidnapper sees an opportunity and claims to have a stomach ache. They pull over to get gas. There are 4 police officers and only ONE escorts the kidnapper to the restroom. Unbelievable! Kyung Hak calls the police chief to let him know they are on their way. He explains the kidnapper was escorted to the restroom by one of his men. The police chief asks if the kidnapper was faking feeling bad. Kyung Hak assures the police chief his man can handle this. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo drive into the gas station and watch.

The police officer escorts the kidnapper to the restroom. He gets a phone call. He tells the kidnapper he has 5 minutes. A man peers out of the stall. Kwon Joo walks by the chatting police officer and washes her hands in the sink outside the restroom. The man rushes the kidnapper and throws him on the ground. It’s the harbor boss! He pulls out a metal line to strangle the kidnapper with. He chokes the kidnapper. Kwon Joo hears the sound.

The officer outside the restroom finishes his phone call. Kwon Joo tries to recognize the sound. Jin Hyuk sees gas dripping from the police van. Ah, the gas tank has a leak or was punctured to have a leak. Why doesn’t Kwon Joo immediately know what a choking sound is? Kwon Joo tries the bathroom door, but it’s locked. The man is done choking the kidnapper. Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk on the walkie talkie and says there’s someone in the bathroom with the kidnapper. Jin Hyuk shakes his head and rushes to the restroom.

! The harbor boss put a pack of liquid on the kidnapper then pours an accelerant on him. That’s hard core! He lights the kidnapper up. He goes out the window. Jin Hyuk and the police officer see the smoke. The bang the door open. They beat the flames out on the kidnapper. They pour water on him. The police officer reports the incident to Kyung Hak.

The kidnapper tries to tell Kwon Joo “Proo…”. She tells him to say it again. The kidnapper says again “Proo…” She begs him to say it again. The kidnapper dies. Kwon Joo can’t believe it. Kyung Hak gets to the restroom and can’t believe what he sees.

voice_ep6_1504 voice_ep6_1505
Jin Hyuk runs to search the area around the gas station. Little does he know harbor boss watches him from a window. Jin Hyuk is notified the kidnapper is dead. Jin Hyuk runs back to the gas station.

If Writer Ma is trying to make the case that the police are ego driven and often incompetent…point taken!

Chapter Four: The Secret of the Trash House

Bring it Writer Ma! What’s next for our dynamic duo?

Quote “The day Lot left fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all.” Luke 17:29

I’m digging these quotes and chapter titles. Soon enough we’ll understand what this means.

Kwon Joo tells Kyung Hak that someone was tailgating them. That someone was waiting in the bathroom for the kidnapper. That someone murdered the kidnapper. Kyung Hak says it was suicide. The kidnapper found an accelerant pack just like what was planted at the middle school. Kyung Hak demands to know if she’s trying to make his team get into even more trouble. Kwon Joo could care less about the serious crime team’s image and barks that murder can be guised as suicide. One of the police officers says that the kidnapper posted he’d kill himself if the police ever caught him. Kyung Hak says that Kwon Joo is the trouble maker among them. Kwon Joo smiles and says that the police chief’s opinions are more important than hers. She’ll get him to override the family’s wishes and get an autopsy. Jin Hyuk pulls Kwon Joo away.

voice_ep6_2058 voice_ep6_2057
Kwon Joo can’t believe this. She tells Jin Hyuk that the kidnapper told her he saw the murderer that killed her father and his wife. Jin Hyuk says the evidence points to suicide. Kwon Joo says the man that killed the kidnapper made the same cracking sound that the murderer made. Jin Hyuk asks her if she’s sure. Kwon Joo says she’s sure. She’s heard that sound when her father was killed, when the original suspect was killed, and now when the kidnapper was killed. She says the original suspect boasted he was waiting for big money one day before he “committed suicide”.

Flashback to the night before the original suspect died…
He’s drunk in a bar and unable to pay the bar tab. The harbor boss and his men extract him. The harbor boss makes the clicking sound with his mouth. The waiter was unable to describe the harbor boss because it was too dark.

voice_ep6_2502 voice_ep6_2501
Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk this is a pattern. Original suspect was killed and it was made to look like suicide. The kidnapper was killed and it was made to look like suicide. Kwon Joo is certain the culprit has inside help. The kidnapper had the handcuff key. The police van ran out of gas. Jin Hyuk asks if she’s accusing the police chief, Kyung Hak and the other officer of working with the murderer. But then he considers what he knows, maybe, just maybe his police buddies aren’t squeaky clean. They search the local area. Jin Hyuk tells her they need to be stealthy. Jin Hyuk calls Dae Sik and asks for help checking out the local businesses. Dae Sik, who is sporting a new buzz cut, gets an earful when he questions why. He’s surprised when Jin Hyuk asks him to track the activities of the police chief. Kwon Joo is frustrated she can’t understand what the kidnapper was trying to say before he died. Jin Hyuk realizes that the reflection of the kidnapper’s killer might have been captured on a car’s black box. I do love it when Jin Hyuk flashes his detective skills!

The police chief berates Kyung Hak for allowing the kidnapper to commit suicide when there were 5 police officers at the scene. The police chief orders Kyung Hak to claim that the kidnapper was weak minded. The police chief asks why Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo are bringing up the old murder case. Kyung Hak claims not to know. The police chief wants this embarrassing incident wrapped up and ignored ASAP.

Kyung Hak gets a phone call. He tells the caller he’s done everything he could. He tells the call not to call him again. Has the inside man just been identified?

Hyun Ho is told by OC his shift is over. Hyun Ho looks at Kwon Joo’s empty chair and hopes she’s okay.

voice_ep6_3001 voice_ep6_3000
Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo notice the altered gate of the kidnapper’s killer. Kwon Joo wants to go the police chief. Jin Hyuk says they don’t know who they can trust. He wants to talk to the waiter that saw the original suspect taken away. He’s adamant they need proof.

voice_ep6_3502 voice_ep6_3501voice_ep6_3503
They arrive at the gentleman’s club. They know from one of Jin Hyuk’s informants this is a high-powered club. He dished gossip on the proprietress. Jin Hyuk demands to talk to the proprietress. She agrees to speak with them. Jin Hyuk asks who is the man that booked the room for the original suspect who makes a crackling sound when he talks. She claims not to now. Jin Hyuk tells her lying to him isn’t wise. Kwon Joo tries but the proprietress won’t talk to her either. As the proprietress turns to leave, Kwon Joo tells her they have proof her son is NOT fathered by the man she claims. Hardball between the ladies! The proprietress suggests Kwon Joo work for her! Can you imagine Kwon Joo handling drunk dudes? Kwon Joo ignores that and tells her to help their investigation not obstruct it.  The proprietress says that she can handle Kwon Joo without breaking a sweat. She turns to leave. Jin Hyuk gives her an earful concerning his willingness to send her to jail for 60 years for aiding a murderer. He dares her to see if he’ll keep his word. She stares at him. He stares at her.

The proprietress remembers when a group of bulky guys came to the bar including the crackling sound guy. He sent the women away. She overheard him say something about the GP Development. She remembers his stare was creepy. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo leave. He tells her that he and Dae Sik will investigate. He tells her to get some sleep. She thanks him for saving her. She gets out of his car. He sighs and drives away.

voice_ep6_4001 voice_ep6_4000
Kwon Joo stares at her evidence wall. She adds the former suspect’s picture and marks his face with an X. She promises her father she’ll get justice for him. She asks him to wait for her.

The harbor boss reports to someone that thinks will be wrapped up soon. That someone tells him Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk went to the gentleman’s club. That someone texts Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk’s personal information. He recalls seeing their faces when he hid after killing the kidnapper.

Shim Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) complains about the amount of work he and Jin Hyuk are doing. Dae Sik demands to know what’s going on. He’s heard Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo are working their origin case. Dae Sik tells Jin Hyuk he’s not stupid and their partners. Jin Hyuk takes Dae Sik into an interrogation room and shares that the original suspect met someone just before he died. That someone killed the original suspect. That someone is likely the man that killed his wife. Dae Sik asks if the police chief is involved. Jin Hyuk says he doesn’t know, but he plans to find out.

voice_ep6_4501voice_ep6_4502 voice_ep6_4503Eun Soo is all smiles as she joins the emergency call center team. It’s like she’s Kwon Joo’s mini-me! Kwon Joo tells the team Eun Soo’s language skills will come in handy. Hyun Ho is stoked to learn Eun Soo has the desk next to him. Kwon Joo asks Officer Cheon tell show Eun Soo the ropes. Hyun Ho reminds her he predicted that she’d sit next to him one day. Coolly, Eun Soo tells Hyun Ho while they are at work, they work. Hyun Ho tells her if you don’t trust anyone, no one will trust her. Writer Ma digs quotes! Hyun Ho feels bad for Kwon Joo who did not have an uplifting visit with the police chief who threatened to shut down Golden Time Team if Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo continue to investigate the origin case. He berates her for putting Dae Sik in the hospital. He complains that the Serious Crimes Unit has lodged several issues about her. Kwon Joo wonders what the connection between the police chief and Kyung Hak is.

And the Trash House case begins…

A woman calls the emergency call center reporting a man threatening an elderly woman with dementia with a knife. This woman hoards trash. Kwon Joo asks Hyun Ho to confirm the GPS location, which he does.

Flashback…The woman visits the elderly woman and demands she clean up the pig sty she lives in. The elderly woman hit her repeatedly and she scurries into a side room to escape the blows. Then the man with the knife arrives.

Kwon Joo tells Hyun Ho to find out who lives next to the elderly woman. The woman reports that the man sliced his own arm. Yikes! Kwon Joo calls code red. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik head out.

Jin Hyuk wonders why this poor area is being developed. Another police patrol report they are at the scene. They tell Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik not to come, they’ve got it covered. Jin Hyuk says they are on their way.

Kwon Joo asks the woman to turn her phone to the conversation between the elderly woman and the man with a knife.

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive on the scene. Jin Hyuk directs the officers while he and Dae Sik head towards the confrontation. The officers come with a bag of bloody items and a bottle of something red they got from the man’s trash. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik remove the iron bars from the room where the woman that called the emergency call center is trapped. Jin Hyuk goes in and hands the woman over.

Jin Hyuk peeks into the room where the man with the knife has chased the elderly woman into a separate room demanding to know where it is. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that the suspect’s voice is full of fear. The man searches. The elderly woman attacks him. The man yells that he’ll kill her.

voice_ep6_5801 voice_ep6_5802 voice_ep6_5800
Jin Hyuk intervenes and tackles the man. He puts him under arrest. He looks at the man’s knife strangely and tosses it away. He touches the man’s wound and realizes it’s fake blood. He reports the case is closed. Dae Sik enters and starts to call for an ambulance but Jin Hyuk tells him not to bother. They drag the man away. He demands they listen to him. He tells them that he was fired because of the elderly woman. She tried to kick him out of his apartment but he wouldn’t go. He yells that she doesn’t have dementia. He yells she’s the evil one that kicks out poor people. The police start to take him away. They tell the elderly woman she must come too. She refuses.

The man breaks away and finds a dead body in the closet. Jin Hyuk opens the closet door and the body falls forward. The body is wrapped in plastic. They all stare at the elderly woman. Houston – we have a body!

My Thoughts

The police look like idiots for allowing the kidnapper to be killed. But we know this was part of the plan by someone to eliminate the kidnapper. It looks like Kyung Hak helped the kidnapper to be killed. What’s with the harbor boss with the crackling sound? I know he’s not the murderer. But he makes the same noise as the murderer. What’s the connection? I was glad to see Dae Sik return. Jin Hyuk needs a sidekick and Kwon Joo should only fill that role sparingly in the field. Nice to see Eun Soo join the Golden Time Team. Poor Hyun Ho got shot down by her. She wants a professional relationship. We don’t know enough of the new “Trash House” case to make any kind of assessment.

Jin Hyuk didn’t want to believe his fellow officers could be controlled by the murderer. He suspects Kyung Hak and the police chief. He sees the disdain Kyung Hak delivers to Kwon Joo. He tries to protect her by removing her from situations where she shows no fear and won’t back down.

Oh, the irony of Kwon Joo not being able to hear the kidnapper’s final words as he struggled to utter them. Her hearing is now elevated to Wolverine status (Marvel’s mutant universe comic book character). Check out a description of Wolverine’s hearing “enhanced sight, smell, and hearing. He can hear at much greater distances than regular humans. In fact, his hearing is so acute that he can use it as a lie detector, hearing changes in someone’s heartbeat when the person tells a lie (he can also catch the scent of their increased perspiration during a lie). His super hearing abilities allow him to react more quickly and gain knowledge before others”. Did Writer Ma base Kwon Joo on Wolverine with the brain injury from Beautiful Mind as the explanation?

The first song of the OST has been released. Check out “Word Up” by Kim Young Geun

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  2. Beez says:

    Ok.Show had me know on its own merits.

    Body in the closet – Looks like somebody else also came looking for their deposit back. Or, just don’t be late on your rent with Halmoni!

  3. prettysup says:

    Hwang’s death left many things untied – eg why did his jaw make that cackling sound? And I think the video he was taking 3 years ago will come up as evidence later.

    • Beez says:

      @prettusup – it seemed as if Hwang had some type of device in his mouth (like a retainer or something) that when he loosened it, dropped down from the top and made the clicking noise. (That’s how it looked to me.) BUT that would be farfeteched cause it would indicate he knew he would be alone with Center Chief to have gone to such elaborate lengths…

  4. Holly Moon says:

    How did the police not recognize the dead smell when they first came into the apartment. That, I hate to say is the most serious flaw to date for me. I am sure Jin Hyuk must have come across dead bodies before. I am not talking fresh dead, but day old dead.
    Heck I remember once I was at a store, and there was a terrible smell, enough for me to tell my Mom I wanted to leave. I asked her if she knew what it was, and she said, there must be a dead mouse in the wall. It was an older building home to an antique store. And to this day I know dead when I smell it. Since then, I recognized the smell near a pond we had in the backyard, and looked for the cause. I found a dead snake. Same smell. Another time, a dead field mouse. Same smell. Dead is dead, and dead smells like nothing else. And as the time goes by, it takes weeks for the smell to stop for a little animal. How much worse for a human body.
    Each person that came in the room, smelled something bad, yet there were 4 police there and not one knew dead. Heck, even if there was just a dead cat somewhere in that room, it would have driven most people out.
    Sorry, but that just gets me.

    The other thing that is troubling is the time frame. They go to the old school at night because, nut case is going to rape the girl at 10 pm. When they call for backup, the idiots at the dock, say they will be there is 20 minutes. Granted I can give the hunt through the building for nut case a hour or so ( I am being generous) since the police idiots have not come yet to backup Jin Hyuk. But then it is morning when Kwan Joo and the girl walk out to the ambulance. And the police are bringing out the dead body of the accomplice as well as the nut case. So for some reason, they kept the poor girl from getting medical help for what? at least 5 or 6 hours?
    And if that isn’t bad enough, now they are driving to the police station, and (remember when Kwan Joo and Jin Hyuk were looking for nut case and the girl, one of the “Baker street boys” helping, located them not far from the station in the old school. To me not far means what ? maybe 30 minutes or less, certainly not 6 hours away. and yet they give nut case’s death as at 2:30 pm.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but that is some serious screw up by the writer? or editing? . At any case, it does flaw this drama for me. Good thing I love Jang Hyuk, because, I can ignore almost anything as I watch him. Except the dead smell, hmm, nope. That I can’t ignore.

    • prettysup says:

      About the dead smell, apparently the grandma kept a lot of garbage in her house to conceal the smell. My guess is she has a lot of rotten food and whatever smelly stuffs in her house, or maybe some dead rats among her pile too. So the corpse’s smell may not be so discernable.

      And the timeline thing, I remember Hwang said he was going to bring forward the timing of the video taking. So maybe everything happened before sunset?

      • Beez says:

        @prettysup I think Hwang only moved it up to 9:30 but I definitely could be wrong because subs will say a different time or dollar amount within the same sentence while talking about the same amount sometimes!

      • Drama Fan says:

        So they never got to nightime? I thought it was night when things were happening. I didn’t even notice myself but I saw many people commenting on this. The fact that they are live shooting might be affecting the drama too.

    • Drama Fan says:

      At one point or another everyone is getting annoyed at some detail with the drama. Crime thrillers need to be super tight. I’m still ok with things but the coincidences are starting to worry me. I feel like I’m watching a horror movie, the thrills and surprises make the ride very exciting but if they defy logic way too much, we feel cheated. I really hope they have a good explanation for all the killers making a crackling noise with the jaw.

      • Beez says:

        @DramaFan – what you said. Exactly.

        And I’m so glad that Hyukie has toned it down from the first few episodes. In Eps 1-4, I was seriously thinking “maybe he needs to only do saegeuks?”

        But I get chills (the bgood kind) when he talks the way he’s doing in Eps 5-6.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez I absolutely loved him in Beautiful Mind and not so much in Gaekju. So I don’t agree with the “just sageuk” comment but I do prefer him when his character is calm. These characters are still not too developed though. I’m hoping they get more fleshed out. I miss the character development and extraordinary nuanced performance in Beautiful Mind.

          • Beez says:

            @DF yup. The “just saegeuk” is just a random thought I had and quickly dismissed. I suppose it was fitting to portray Jin Hyuk as an over-the-top personality given he’s 1) a “mad dog” cop; 2) he was drunk for much of Ep1; 3) his grief and outrage over the murder of his wife, etc.

            But, as much as I LOVED his maniacal laugh in Fated To Love You, it’s similar to his saegeuk laugh (which is just perfect in saegeuks) but every now and then, I hear a smidgen of it in his current day roles and I cringe a bit. But thankfully, he usually pulls back before it goes full on Lee Gunn. lol

            • Drama Fan says:

              Yup! I’m not a fan of the laugh myself. I guess JH always had a “weird” laugh, but I feel it got weirder after Lee Gun and It’s not my favorite thing about him :p And yeah I hear you on the MJH being a bit much to handle during first episodes. I do love me some energetic JH though, it was the first thing that I loved about him in TWDR, the intensity, the force, but I guess it needs proper context and measure as well.

            • Drama Fan says:

              @Beez on the other hand, when we watch the same actor in many roles, we may tend to find the flaws, the similarities between roles and gestures and even grow tired of some. It’s only natural. I love JH and watch him in everything but I surely love him in some roles better than others. I was super grateful for Beautiful Mind because he showed us yet another side. He surprised me again. MJH is not too challenging or nuanced. At least not yet, and given the drama’s focus on thrills, he may never be. But he is now likable enough. I’m ok with him. Still, Ive rarely seen an actor that has AMAZED me in more than one role, like Jang Hyuk. Usually its one great role and a bunch of meh. Jang Huk has had above average awesome performances so despite his “bad” monents, he’ll always be way up there in my all time favorites list along with Ethan Hawke and…no one else lol

              • Beez says:

                @DF Oh-so-true about actors changing their personae to make each role unique. Hyukie’s one of the best of a handful.

                I have a bias against Ethan Hawk and without one good rational reason. He’s one of a handful that I just don’t like and don’t know why. John Cusack is another one. Not one good reason just…

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @HollyMoon He did have really good scenes in Gaekju, like the ones you described. In fact, the drama itself had good moments, but overall, It was kind of draining, although I loved sharing the experience of watching, ranting and trying to make sense of it with most of you guys.

                • Drama Fan says:

                  I have a creepy story about the “dead smell”. I moved months ago to the apartment I currently live in. A few days after I moved in, a poor neighbor passed away 😦 and he wasn’t found until a few days later. Some neighbors asked me, you didn’t smell anything strange? Honestly I did smell something weird as soon as I moved, but it wasn’t super strong to me, just very persistent and distinct. I honestly thought it was garbage or something on the AC. I was very puzzled cause the neighbors did smell it and I supposedly have a strong sense of smell otherwise.

                  • Beez says:

                    @DramaFan – by you living there, night & day, your olfactory whatchamacallit probably just adjusted to it daily.

                    My acquaintance with dead things has been in the dead mouse category and dissecting in science class back in high school. After a few days, the worm we were dissecting was putrid.

                    Also, my father’s hobby was fishing. His car became foul and he found one small dead minnow (bait) was the cause.

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @Beez I did watch Bad Guys and I liked it very much, but maybe it had holes that I didn’t notice.

                  • Beez says:

                    Bad Guys didn’t have any HUGE plot holes. I mentioned it because of the dark,gritty, realism of it. Nothing was sugar coated and there’s no TYPICAL happy ending although it left me feeling good about the general redemption message.

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @HollyMoon The PD did re film the first episodes so they were probably a little more tight but, now they are live shooting. They are probably having issues re the crazy timeline situation.

                • Drama Fan says:

                  @AD.DO I admit to thinking this way sometimes or at least desiring it. Jang Hyuk is sexy and part of me (selfishly perhaps) want him to always play sexy or romantic roles. And I get your point about him not getting any younger. However, there’s this other side of me that admires his acting skills. He is super sexy but he can so much more than that. I mean, in kdrama especially there’s plenty of hot young actors that can play a sexy hunk. And also being a sexy hunk is probably not very exciting or challenging as an actor. I’m not in JH head obviously, but I guess that the way he chooses his characters must be based in his own curiosity and interest in exploring new grounds. Sometimes it might be money (he belongs to an agency, and I know sometimes they have to compromise) Being typecast as sexy hunk could be dangerous especially since, like you mentioned, he won’t be able to play those roles forever. Also, Im sure there aren’t many romantic role offers for 40 something year olds in Korea, unfortunately.

  5. Holly Moon says:

    First off I would like to say that “dead”” is not comparable to rotting garbage. That’s why I said it was a serious fault in this drama. It may be the writer knows “dead” smells, but has not smelled it himself. As obviously most of you haven’t

    Second, it was nighttime when we saw JK and KJ arrive at the school, and all during the hunt for nut case in the building and the eventual takedown on the roof. And they did not show the backup arriving during that time… and even if they had to do crime scene investigation before moving the dead body, why did they keep the victim there that long, or for that matter, the suspect. That alone is out of normal police behavior.

    I have been really pleased with this drama so far, but something went awry these two episodes. I hope it does not continue.

    And even though I felt Merchant went on way too long, and for the most part, Jang Hyuk was good, but not great, he still managed to pull off some really top of the line acting in parts. Like for instance, when he was dying in front of our eyes in the jail . He truly seemed to shrink his body into nothing, and the scene where he couldn’t feed himself. Wonderfully done. Or when near the end and he drank the drugged wine and then got up to go to meet the hangman, and instead “hit the wall” as the drug took effect. Brilliant!

    • Beez says:

      Yeah, dead has a unique smell. But I’ll try to compensate for the poor investigating/research by the writer by saying, the body didn’t seem too decomposed yet (what we could see of it), it was in a bag, then add her garbage on top (which really only looked like trash and not garbage, but…) Trying to make it fit reality.

      Did anybody here watch Bad Guys?

    • kjtamuser says:

      The capture of the kidnapper was indeed at night. The removal of the kidnapper from the school was indeed during the day. I elected to turn my brain off and ignore this conspicuous production or timeline issue.

      @Holly Moon, the body smell bothered you. Granted I don’t know what dead smells like, but I get your irritation with this issue. Another turn your brain off moment.

      The glaring issue of the episode for me was when Kwon Joo did not realize the kidnapper was being choked when she was right next to the bathroom when it happened. She heard the choking sound but she DID NOT RECOGNIZE it. I just can’t buy that. I wish the writer had her recognize the choking sound, try and open the door, then call for Jin Hyuk letting him know someone was choking the kidnapper. Jin Hyuk and other cop would arrive and call to the kidnapper. Meanwhile killer incinerates the kidnapper and when they burst through the door, the kidnapper is toast and the killer has escaped.

  6. A.D. DO! says:

    Personally, I haven’t loved his last three roles. With his super gorgeous face , his remarkable body, to die lips, eyes, deep voice, etc,.. he should be wowing us with sexy, romantic swoon parts..(like my favorite first scene in FATED where he rips off his white shirt and the snotty model counts his abs, 1,2,3…)Sadly, he won’t be in this great shape forever (although for a long time to come for sure), so he should play that up to the hilt while he can! I want a stockpile of heart throbbing moments to carry me through old age and he’s the only actor to do it…for me, that is.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You made me smile with your phrasing “want a stockpile of heart throbbing moments to carry me through old age”. Jang Hyuk is prolific. I don’t think his sexy role days are over. I agree with Drama Fan that he’s looking for variety to flex his muscles (acting and body).

      Off the top of my head I would have loved to see him star in My Love Eun Dong. Joo Jin Mo had amazing intensity in that role but to see Jang Hyuk own that role and elevate the series would have been awesome.

      • Beez says:

        Joo Jin Mo! Another one of my favs. I really thought he fit My Love Eun Dong. That character was kind of whiny and immature and because I see Jang Hyuk as the macho-ist thing on two legs, I have a hard time imagining him in that role.

    • Beez says:

      I’m STILL waiting on subs for Empire of Lust aka Age of Innocence (talk about stretching the gamut titles for the same movie). Anyway, Hyukie looks so very very good in his kingly gear and facial hair. I’ve watched the movie and get the gist of what’s going on but would really like to watch it and get the nuance of it. It is regretful that although he’s the king, his role/screen time doesn’t seem near large enough.

  7. Drama Fan says:

    @Beez I found Empire of Lust to be boring but I did watch it with so so subs. Or did I even watch it with subs? I forgot. Still, I’m not compelled to watch it even though Jang Hyuk looks absolutely scrumptious. I’m curious, can you share which JH movies you’ve watched? Im wondering if I can recommend something that might give you a more complete idea of his range. I actually see Joo Jin Mo as more macho than JH :p but I’ve only seen JJM in two roles, both very macho. I guess I’ll have to check out My love Eung Dong one day. My dream role for Jang Hyuk is for him to play a nerdy sweet teacher, like the guy he played in Windstruck but a more adult version. I feel that’s closest to JH irl. He really is much more dork than macho and truly a movie nerd. He is shy and talks in a low voice but talks a lot when he feels comfortable. Laughs at his own bad ahjussi jokes with a dorky laugh. Gosh, I just want him to play his adorable self.

    • Beez says:

      It’s shorter to list what I haven’t seen –

      His first movie called “Zzang” and the new 2017 movies.

      The only dramas that I haven’t seen yet are Tazza and Anchor Beauty.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez Oh so you’ve even watched Public Toilet? Lol (I refuse to watch that one :p) so you watched Maybe aka Rabbit and Lizzard? That one was slow but he was so beautiful in it. I loved how natural he was there. I was trying to think which was his softer, least macho character, and the first one I come up with is his character in the drama Daemang. I loved that one, although I skipped many scenes of other characters :p I loved Tazza, although its classic mercurial extremely manic and energetic JH 🙂

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – I’ve seen almost all of Joo Jin Mo’s films & dramas too. I do like the manly men best. But Hyuk is my ultimate manly man. When I used “macho” before,that was probably a misnomer because “macho” can bring to mind swaggering, overconfident, in-your-face type of guys. I didn’t mean that. It’s just Hyukie exhudes…something. Haha! I can’t put it into words but I am truly turned off by effeminate men who aren’t gay. If you’re gay, being effeminate or not doesn’t register with me one way or the other. But the “flower boys” really irk me.

      In fact, I am LOVING Ji Sung’s look in Defendant right now – sans lipstick & thick BB cream. Even his hair is an untreated short bristly cut. *shivers* lol

      As to Jang Hyuk, he tends to take on challenges that *sigh* just get to me. Like him chopping down that tree on that variety show years back. The rest of the wusses (actually perfectly normal guys) gave up on the tree and …nevermind. I’m getting out of hand. I could gush on and on about Jang Hyuk for…ev…er.

  8. Holly Moon says:

    As far as Jang Hyuk is concerned, I will watch him in anything, even if all it is, is a clip of him tying his shoes. But like everyone else, I have favorites. And the more I watched him, the more I would like to see him be the real life Jang Hyuk. I have enormous respect for him, due to the way I have seen him live his life.

    And on that note, I will let you know that it seems his role in the “Blind Swordsman” (I think the working title) is confirmed. So that will be the next role he plays after Voice. It is a story that takes place in the earlier Korean days, in the mountainous region between China and Korea. ( I wouldn’t mind seeing his hair a little longer again, and a little more wild.)

    That movie is supposed to begin filming in April. And Ordinary Person should be released around then as well. Still nothing about China releasing the Xinhai drama. Things aren’t going very smooth between these two countries right now.

    • Beez says:

      I can’t wait to see him in Blind Swordsman!

      I re-looked at his filmography and realized there’s one other film I haven’t seen – Public Toilet.

      • Holly Moon says:

        Unfortunately, I have not found a link for you where you can watch this movie. I had to buy it on a DVD. You can see a small clip of it on youtube, but it isn’t very good at showing Jang Hyuk. This is a Chinese made film but with a good director Fruit Chan. The film did get a Special Mention at the Venice Film Festival.

  9. Holly Moon says:

    Ok– more good news regarding Jang Hyuk sightings.
    His cameo appearance in Because I love You is now viewable with subs on www1.dramanice.to
    He is a fortune teller, in the movie staring his good friend and dragon brother Cha Tae-hyun.

    And his episode on My House Appearing will be shown on JBTC next Friday morning at 9 pm KST, so adjust your time accordingly. It is at 7 am EST, Friday the 17th viewable on http://www.sinktv.com

  10. Lady G. says:

    The glaring mistakes in this episode irritated me, I can’t say it any better than all these comments here. I had issues with the so-called “back-up” and ambulance not arriving until the sun came up. Seriously? Then the whole gas-station bathroom scene was ridiculous and plot-convenient. She heard a boy tapping/clanging through steel doors and walls in a basement but she’s right next door in a bathroom and can’t tell the guy is choking to death. I guess the power comes on stronger when she’s truly focused, like she was with the boy. Otherwise it just hits her and she has to struggle to guess. (I’ll stick with that if i want it to make sense to me.) But a person choking should’ve been recognizable. And then the big dumb cop with her doesn’t bother to kick in the door at all and they have to wait for Jin Hyuk to run in and do it.

    I love Wolverine and your comparisons of her powers to his.

    And It is true, there isn’t too much character development with our leads, perhaps the writer has chosen action in favor of that. They’re both battered and broken people, with no seemingly outside lives, who’s only goal is to catch a killer that destroyed their lives. But I’m still tickled with Jang Hyuk’s performance. It reminds me of his earlier action dramas and Chuno. I haven’t been this excited or impressed about a Jang Hyuk role since The Flu. I know, I sound like a terrible fan.

    And the body, that was the Landlady’s twin! Looked just like her. But by now you’ve probably seen ep. 7. I will today.

    And another thing. Did the writer forget that he gave Jin Hyuk a sick son in the hospital? It’s like they brought him in so we could all pity Jin Hyuk at the outset, but then dropped that storyline. I’m sure they’ll bring the son back into play, but there’s a hinderance with that because it doesn’t feel like a natural part of the plot.

    It would’ve been better to have scrapped that idea. Make them a childless couple that love each other, but perhaps have a little strain on the marriage because of it.

    • Beez says:

      @Lady G -since I don’t remember anyone saying the body was the land lady’s twin, I can only assume you’re referring to the next episode. We do all try to only talk about the current episode that’s the subject of the recap so as not to spoil for people who have not seen the next episode. Whether they’re watching while a series is airing or reading these later as they binge a series and come to blogs to see what others thought while it was airing.

      Please be considerate of people who don’t like to even watch previews because they don’t want to know what’s about to happen until it happens.

      • Lady G. says:

        Hi Beeze, i still haven’t even watched episode 7 or saw a preview. So I’m saying based on what the body looked like at the end of 6. When they showed a close-up of the body in 6, that was the first thought in my head. I’m sorry if my comment wasn’t clear. I really don’t know who it is. 😮

      • Jane Tilly says:

        When we first saw the corpse’s eyes 👀 I could have sworn they looked blue, but looked brown when the body tumbled out of the closet. It will be interesting to see who the victim is.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with your analysis. Both Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk haven’t evolved at a rapid pace the last 2 episodes. Now that I think about it, didn’t the writer miss an opportunity to have them connect on a more personal level (and I don’t mean romantic) when he saved her from being buried alive? But your point “battered and broken people… who’s only goal is to catch a killer that destroyed their lives” is really what the writer is offering these two characters. The writer’s focus has seemed to shift to the cases more than the characters in these last 2 episodes. I didn’t feel it was that way for the first 4 episodes.
      I had to chuckle because I was thinking about Jin Hyuk’s son in the hospital recently. Having him in the hospital is actually convenient as Jin Hyuk can ignore him and he is still cared for. I’m hoping as Jin Hyuk finds the killer and releases the anger & pain that he’s been immersed in the last 3 years, we’ll see more of his humanity and his son could be the conduit for this.

      • Lady G. says:

        Yes, there was definitely a missed opportunity. I think writer-nim snuck something in when Jin Hyuk drove her home and she thanked him for saving her. Just a slight passing glance and smile. I was hoping he’d somehow go in her house and see her crazy wall of killer connections! Then he’d truly know how obsessed and serious she was and look at her as even more of a kindred spirit. She’s the only one in their circle that understands his pain.

        Yes, the son’s plot is very convenient to the story. ;> But i hope nothing happens to him. I can’t even remember what’s wrong with the child.

        • Drama Fan says:

          I’ve seen some people living on those tiny glances lol! They remind me of american shows when they only “suggest” a thing and people go nuts and run with it and just ship ship ship even if the show gives them nothing lol I actually kind of love that phenomenon although its very painful to ship in one’s imagination haha! But it provides inspiration for good fan fiction and such.

          • Lady G. says:

            Yes! It’s like The Good ship lollipop. Everyone’s a captain.
            Kdramas have conditioned me to expect romance. So this drama is refreshing, but a teeny part of me is hoping to see this ship set sail somehow. Doesn’t have to be any grand gestures or carousel kisses. Just a little confirmation that everything will be alright. Maybe just, “Let’s go out for coffee.” But if not, it’s okay by me. They both have a ton of bad baggage to work through and may not want to dump it on each other.

            • Beez says:

              Since JH’s wife was so recently murdered, I could only get on board a sloooooow ship – as in, we’re told so much time has passed as they go about their investigations.

              • Drama Fan says:

                I’m desperately craving for bonding though! They both need a true friend! She is so lonely and he has Daeshik but he doesn’t really open up to anyone. He is either too macho to do that with another guy or he can’t really trust them. He even has a hard time talking about his kid. So I want to talk, open up to each other at least slightly or even a comforting gesture will do for me. They both need it. And ahhhh I really need to discuss and dissect the following eps with you guys but I’ll be a good girl and wait for the recaps 🙂

              • Lady G. says:

                Yes, I mean, it IS 3 years. But it was a horrible, senseless murder….unless there’s some secrets about his wife we don’t know yet. hmmmm….

                and no doubt he feels a lot of guilt for not taking her call, or even just taking the lunch to work, so she wouldn’t have to go out and find him.

                • Beez says:

                  Ahhhhhh. That’s right. I’d forgotten. 3 years. Oh yeah. Center Leader has trained in America, etc.

                  Ok. Let the becommming awarrrrrre of each other commence!

          • Lady G. says:

            You’re right, i feel bad seeing them both so lonely. Especially her. I’d like a scene where she gets to meet his son, and maybe she is so good with him, that will get Jin Hyuk’s gears turning. (I’m sounding so desperate, right? LOL)

            • Drama Fan says:

              @LadyG It’s ok! Keep going! Lol. They both seem so focused on their target that their personal life has been forgotten. I mean, it’s already hard enough being in that line of work. Yes, her loneliness is so palpable. I was touched by that scene (forgot the Ep) where she crossed off GDJ picture and once again promised her dad that she’ll find the killer. They played that sad song from the OST too and that’s when it struck me, Gosh, this tough woman is so lonely! And her focus or goal is a sad one 😦 At least he has his son, as a “reason to live”. But what does she have? Just her super tough job and her mission. I want more for her.

              • kjtamuser says:

                She also said once she caught the murderer she’d join her father soon. That’s an admission that finding the murderer is her reason for living. Doesn’t it also imply once accomplished, she’d want to die to be with her father?

              • Lady G. says:

                LOL. My eyes are peeled for more shippy moments. I like your insights! I agree. I felt sad for her at that scene. Nobody but her father knew of her special hearing ability, until now. She was laughed out of court and they still don’t take her seriously and berate her leadership skills even though they’ve saved a bunch of lives already with her new team. I know nobody likes pity or sympathy, but she really got none, only scorn. She has nobody on her side, except Jin Hyuk. He’s only just warming up to her. She certainly deserves more.

  11. Drama Fan says:

    @LadyG I think KJW hearing improves when she focuses on something specific. I mean, I agree with your theory and I believe I’ve read this somewhere else. So you didn’t get into BM either? Gosh I loved that one. It renewed my love for Jang Hyuk as an actor completely. I mean I could always remember FTLY (which I know you didn’t watch) or Chuno etc, but its always awesome to be able to fall in love again with a new character. Having said that, I finally got hooked on Voice (even if our leads are still not too developed, they still feel like humans) but it wasn’t this episode that did it for me so let’s talk in future recaps 🙂

    • Lady G. says:

      I watched BM, but I wasn’t too into it. But i agree it showed his range as an actor. It was a fascinating role to play.

      Believe it or not, it’s THIS role that’s renewing my love for him. 🙂 Okay, I’ll look out for future recaps.

  12. Lady G. says:

    Oh no! She is in a depression, I really hope she doesn’t die at the end. Perhaps Jin Hyuk will help her, or talk her out of it. Their team is doing so much good, that’s a reason to live now. Her father would want it that way, he was a cop to the very end.

  13. Jane Tilly says:

    Being burned 🔥 to death is a horrible way to die, even for the freakazoid!

    It seems there could be more than one mole in the police department. Chief Jang seems to be the most likely mole candidate on the Violent Crimes Team, although Kwon Joo also suspects Kwang Jo and Joint Gi. Commissioner Bae is another mole candidate or maybe he is simply a misogynist.

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