Voice Episode 5 Recap

Voice Episode 5 – Chapter 3: Sound Heard in the Dark – The Secret of the Chocolate Box

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) is in a bag and gagged in the back of the sport truck. She hears her own grave being dug. That would mess with your head!

The kidnapper tells his bulky accomplice to dig the grave and he’ll handle the rest. The kidnapper is happy to see the number of guys that want to watch his latest rape video. The kidnapper sees a message someone else warning him the police are getting closer. The kidnapper orders bulky accomplice to get her.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) drives to a barrier on the hidden road. But it’s not a barrier. It’s a tunnel. His contact told him this hidden road was used for sudden u turns but people used it to avoid tolls so it was closed. His contact told him a forest and reservoir are at the end of the road. He warns that it is unpaved and difficult terrain. Jin Hyuk gets in his car and drive through the tunnel. He finds car track. He calls for backup. The serious crime unit hears the request for backup. Jang Kyung Hak orders them to go to Jin Hyuk.

The opening quote “life is like a bowl of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get” (from Forrest Gump, which is the DVD kidnapped girl received from the kidnapper) is referenced in the chapter title.

Jin Hyuk makes his way through a field on an intercept course.

Once they remove Kwon Joo’s gag, she begs for the sister’s life not hers. The kidnapper is impressed. Kwon Joo tells him she knows he’s not the murderer. His voice is different.  The kidnapper says the rape video with the sister will be made at 10pm tonight. He shrugs and says that some girls have bad fates. Kwon Joo tells the kidnapper that he is scum. That hits a nerve. But the kidnapper shrugs and says their time together is now over. They throw her in the grave. They start to fill in the grave.

Jin Hyuk approaches. He raises his gun to shoot the bulky accomplice. Jin Hyuk doesn’t see the kidnapper who is walking towards the truck. He doesn’t do the physical labor.

voice_ep5_1003 voice_ep5_1000
Jin Hyuk’s walkie talkie goes off! Argh! NOT AGAIN! The kidnapper hears the serious crimes unit ask Jin Hyuk for his exact location. Ah, he’s got a police scanner and is hearing the chatter through that. He calls to the bulky accomplice they have to leave immediately; the police are on their way. The kidnapper starts the car, the bulky accomplice gets in, Jin Hyuk runs after them and orders them to stop. The car pulls away. Jin Hyuk fires and hits the tail lights. They pull out of his gun’s range. They don’t understand how Jin Hyuk figured out their location. What’s it like NOT being the smartest guy around, you evil scum woman-hating kidnapper? Bulky guy worries they’ll get caught. The kidnapper tells him not to worry.

voice_ep5_1200voice_ep5_1201voice_ep5_1202  Jin Hyuk runs to the open grave where Kwon Joo is buried. He digs with his hands. He yells asking if she can hear him. She does hear him! She makes as much noise as her gagged mouth allows. He hears her! He locates the yellow bag and unties it. Kwon Joo is revealed. He pulls her to him and removes the gag. He asks if she’s okay. She says the kidnapped girl is in trouble. He tells her they’ll find her. She says a rape video will be made a 10pm and the kidnapped girl will be the unwilling participant. He stares at her in shocked disbelief. Don’t you love that Kwon Joo is consistent in putting the kidnap victim first? She has a driving need to save her, that supersedes her own needs.

Jin Hyuk reports that Kwon Joo is safe. A cheer goes up at the emergency call center. The grandmother wails that the police put saving their own member before saving her granddaughter. Well that puts a damper on the celebration. The grandmother yells at Park Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) that being a police officer hasn’t helped her kidnapped sister. The grandmother sits on a bench moans that she wishes the sister’s father had never met that woman. Eun Soo doesn’t understand why her grandmother is talking about her father. Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) exits the emergency call center and asks if grandmother is okay. Eun Soo tells him to return to his post, maybe her sister will call again.

Kwon Joo calls Hyun Ho. He’s relieved to hear her voice. She wants more info on the kidnapper, something is bothering her.

At the police station Jin Hyuk gives Kwon Joo coffee. The series crimes unit bursts in. Kyung Hak is not happy to learn that the kidnappers listened to every word the police said through a police scanner. Jin Hyuk berates them for calling him on the walkie talkie when he was on a stake out. Thank you for stating this! Kyung Hak claims it was mistake. Kyung Hak turns the tables and berates Kwon Joo for getting kidnapped herself. Kyung Hak believe the kidnappers will return to the harbor. Jin Hyuk tells him they have to actively look. The kidnap victim will be in a video at 10pm. Kyung Hak is tired of Jin Hyuk making his team feel bad. Egos first, victims second.

voice_ep5_1601voice_ep5_1602Kwon Joo tells Kyung Hak that the video will be made at 10pm. Kyung Hak tells her to see a doctor. Kwon Joo stands and states Kyung Hak excluded her team during the investigation, now will do the same. Go Girl! Kyung Hak asks what she means. Kwon Joo states she stepped back and let him take lead without results. She needs a competent team working this case. Bam! Kyung Hak can’t believe her moxy. His ego is taking a beating and I’m loving it. Kwon Joo you are my hero with your straight talk ways! A call from the harbor has the serious crime unit leaving. Kyung Hak warns Kwon Joo that talk like that will get her in trouble, more than she faced when she was kidnapped. He strides away. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo to ignore Kyung Hak.

Jin Hyuk’s wiretapping buddy arrives. Jin Hyuk explains he needs the kidnappers found. His buddy infers cash will need to be forthcoming. Jin Hyuk smacks his head and warns him pain will follow if help is withheld. That inspires his buddy to start to locate the kidnappers.

Meanwhile at an abandoned middle school, the kidnapper is not happy that they can no longer tap into the police scanner system. Bulky guy guesses the police knows they were listening to their conversations and blocked access.

The kidnapping victim wakes to find herself on a bed in a room with candles and a disco ball. That’s a tacky touch.

The bulky accomplice looks at the kidnapping victim. He tells the kidnapper they are in this mess because he had to have her. The kidnapper declares they’ll start the video 20 minutes earlier. The bulky accomplice posts the time change online.

Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk about the time change. She believes there is more to the story. She thinks the kidnappers are hiding something. Jin Hyuk says they are probably trying to raise serious bitcoin with this video because their other accounts have been blocked. Kwon Joo shares that Hyun Ho determined the primary kidnapper’s mother had a bad reputation in school.

voice_ep5_2202 voice_ep5_2201
Flashback to the primary kidnapper’s mother selling life insurance to keep food on the table. His father wasn’t able to work. Primary kidnapper learns that his mother has a bad reputation. He confronts his mother who denies flirting with customers. He believes her. But one days he caught her with another man and overheard her say taking her of her husband and child was a drain. Kwon Joo says this made him hate women and after his father died, the primary kidnapper set fire to the house and his mother died. Jin Hyuk makes a succinct assessment, they are dealing with a psychopath. He asks Kwon Joo what is bothering her. Kwon Joo recalls that the primary kidnapper spoke under his breath that she was the trash when she called him trash. Kwon Joo guesses that he has a personal grudge against the victim. Jin Hyuk is surprised that a past relationship may be at play. Kwon Joo admits she’s got a bad feeling. She further surprises Jin Hyuk when she says the primary kidnapper knew about the case that killed his wife and her father. Jin Hyuk asks if she’s serious. I’m digging his acceptance of her analysis. Faith and trust is building between them!

The primary kidnapper unties the victim and tells her not to make trouble or he’ll kill her. The victim says this isn’t who he is. She asks him to let her go. He tells her to consider this night her acting debut. Horrified she promises him money or her complete obedience after he lets her go. He says women aren’t humans. They always revert to flirting to get what they want, then toss the man away after they get it. He tells the bulky accomplice the time has come. The victim scrambles off the bed and knocks over a light. He orders the bulky accomplice to get the spare light out of the car.

Jin Hyuk urges his wiretapping buddy to hurry up. His wiretapping buddy declares this is tricky, difficult, and hard to do.

The bulky accomplice gets a call from “the boss” on his walkie talkie. Bulky accomplice tells the boss that primary kidnapper won’t leave until he’s made the rape video. The boss warns him that the police are searching for them. He further warns that the boat will leave the harbor for Hong Kong tonight. Bulky accomplice assures him they’ll be there. The boss asks for money. The bulky accomplice states that the primary kidnapper controls the money accounts. The boss warns bulky accomplice that he may need to turn on his partner to save himself. I’m surprised (though I guess I shouldn’t be) that the criminals at the harbor are connected to these two criminals. I’d imagined them as a single duo.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk can hear their conversation as his buddy tunes into it! They realize this is one of the kidnappers. Jin Hyuk orders his buddy to get the coordinates for the location ASAP. His buddy isn’t able to get an exact location but knows it is just south of the police station. Jin Hyuk calls Hyun Ho to search for potential locations the kidnappers could use.

voice_ep5_2702 voice_ep5_2701
Kwon Joo declares she’s going with Jin Hyuk. He tells her to stay at the emergency call center. She tells him she won’t slow him down or make mistakes. He agrees but warns her if she can’t keep up, he’ll leave her behind. Hyun Ho calls and says there’s an abandoned middle school nearby. Immediately Jin Hyuk asks what middle school did the kidnapper graduate from. Smart! Hyun Ho looks it up and realizes the kidnapper went to that middle school! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Jin Hyuk and Kwon Jo exchange knowing glances and head out.

Unbeknownst to Hyun Ho, Eun Soo has overhead what middle school the kidnapper went to. She wants to know if her sister is there.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk ponder why the location is the middle school. Jin Hyuk references the quote. He declares he has a bad feeling and speeds up.

The bulky accomplice returns without the light. The kidnapper asks where it is. The bulky accomplice asks how much money is in the bitcoin account. The kidnapper takes offense and tells him stop thinking and let him handle everything. Bulky guy whips out a knife and says making the video when the police are breathing down their neck is foolish. He wants his half of the money so he can leave. Angry words are exchanged. Bulky guy tries to stab the kidnapper but the kidnapper manages to put the knife into bulky accomplice’s leg. They fight more. Unfortunately for the kidnap victim, the bulky accomplice loses.

voice_ep5_3202 voice_ep5_3201Eun Soo calls Jin Hyuk and declares that the kidnapper planned retribution on her sister from the beginning. She says her father was the kidnapper’s homeroom teacher who had an affair with his mother. Her parents divorced. Her father’s house was torched. Eun Soo remembers her sister calling for help but she said she was too busy. She weeps that her sister has always been an afterthought. Jin Hyuk assures her they will catch him. Kwon Joo assures her they will catch him. Eun Soo asks her to save her sister.

The kidnap victim screams at the kidnapper to stay away and calls him a psycho. With an eerie calm the kidnapper says his mother and her father were the psychos. He puts a handkerchief over her mouth. She stops struggling. I’m assuming there’s chloroform. Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk arrive. The kidnapper hears their car drive up. Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk park behind his sport truck. Jin Hyuk reports they’ve found the sport truck. He says they will enter the school. The kidnapper drags the kidnap victim down the hall.

Hyun Ho calls the serious crimes unit (on stakeout at the harbor) and reports the kidnapper is at the middle school with a motive of revenge. Hyun Ho reports Jin Hyuk found the kidnapper’s car. Kyung Hak orders his team to get to the school. They take off. But the 20-minute estimated time to arrival for backup leaves our duo short on backup for the immediate future.

Hyun Ho warns Jin Hyuk it will be difficult to search all the rooms. Jin Hyuk declares they can’t wait for backup. They enter. Jin Hyuk asks Kwon Joo if she can hear anything. He notices the blood running down her face. She’s fine and want to stay focused. Jin Hyuk agrees and tells her to follow him. Right there, I’m digging the ease that they communicate. Trust is building!

voice_ep5_3702 voice_ep5_3701
They find the lair where the rape video would have been shot. They find the bulky accomplice…dead. Jin Hyuk reports they’ve found the accomplice dead. He tells Hyun Ho to send an investigator. Hyun Ho calls for one. Eun Soo worries for her sister. Hyun Hoo reassures her.

Kwon Joo hears a sound. She realizes someone is dragging someone upstairs. She believes the kidnapper is dragging the victim upstairs. Jin Hyuk asks if she’s sure. She is sure.

As the ascend the stairs, the kidnapper hits a fire extinguisher from the wall. He’s stopped dragging the kidnap victim. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk the sound is gone. She believes the kidnapper knows they are following him. The fire extinguisher rolls towards them. Jin Hyuk thinks that what Kwon Joo heard. She assures him it wasn’t. He suggests they split up. What? You doubt her AGAIN? You SPLIT UP?

Kwon Joo hears something. She enters an old science room. She’s irked that she’s not hearing things like she wants. She hears something again. She approaches a closed door. Let me say the visual as she walks down the hallway into the darkness was effective. I’m tense!

One floor up, Jin Hyuk searches and finds a cat.

voice_ep5_4300voice_ep5_4301 Kwon Joo goes through the door, hears a sound, and opens a closet door and finds the kidnap victim. She freaks out and only calms down when Kwon Joo tells her she is a police officer. The emergency call center hears all of this.

But then they hear footsteps. The door opens. The kidnapper manages to knock the gun out of Kwon Joo’s hand! The emergency call center is riveted. I am too! I take exception with Kwon Joo NOT hearing his footsteps and him knocking the gun out of her hand.

The kidnapper simultaneously tries to stab and chloroforms Kwon Joo. She fights but falls backwards. She loses her walkie talkie. He hits her several times. Honey, ratchet up your hand to hand fighting skills if you are going be on the scene!

Jin Hyuk calls Kwon Joo. When she doesn’t answer, he knows she’s in trouble. He runs.

The kidnapper raises the knife to Kwon Joo. The kidnap victim grabs him from behind and tells him he wasn’t the only one that suffered from their parent’s affair and subsequent scandal. Empower yourself with righteous rage! He flips her over the table. She screams as she lands hard. Kwon Joo rushes to her side.

voice_ep5_4602 voice_ep5_4601
Kwon Joo realizes that he loses his control when he has to face his weakness. She tells the kidnapper she KNOWS he killed the ex-boyfriend this morning. She KNOWS this is all about his pathetic need for revenge for something where the principal players are all dead. He yells it’s all their fall. Kwon Joo snaps even though he suffered, he is twisted if revenge rape is his answer for that pain. She says he’ll rot in jail. He bellows in range. Kwon Joo runs for a weapon. He knocks her down. He sees what she lunged for. He yells that all women are liars. He holds up a detonator. He says chemicals all around the school are wired. Wow, he’s going to give us the Towering Inferno Korea!

Jin Hyuk enters the room with his gun on the kidnapper. He orders the knife dropped. The kidnapper steps away. Jin Hyuk motions Kwon Joo to the kidnap victim. He glances down and asks if she’s okay. In that instance, the kidnapper grabs a bottle and throws it at Jin Hyuk. He ducks. The kidnapper runs out of the room. Jin Hyuk pursues him.

Jin Hyuk reports the kidnapper has a detonator and is headed for the roof. They wonder if he’s going to set the school on fire. The roof door is blocked. Jin Hyuk throws his body against it to break it down.

Kwon Joo helps the kidnap victim to her feet. Eun Soo calls to her sister on the walkie talkie. Kwon Joo grabs the walkie talkie and the kidnap victim cries out her sister’s name. She apologizes for not listening to Eun Soo. Weeping Eun Soo tells her the ambulance will be there soon.

voice_ep5_5201 voice_ep5_5200
The rooftop fight and confrontation is intense. Jin Hyuk is forced to drop his gun. The kidnapper picks it up. In a sweet move, Jin Hyuk knocks the detonator out of his hands. The kidnapper declares he’ll shot Jin Hyuk. He laughs and calls him a coward. He taunts him that the bullets have all been used, the gun is empty. Jin Hyuk sneers that the kidnapper is not a victim, he’s a coward. Engaged the kidnapper is ripe for the picking and Jin Hyuk takes him down. He hits him again and again. He says the night view from the roof is awesome. He stares at the kidnapper and declares he’s the most pathetic person in the world. He points out that Eun Soo and her sister suffered the same humiliation but didn’t let it define them and trash their lives. Jin Hyuk declares the kidnapper must offer his life for those women he’s killed. He drags the kidnapper to the edge of the roof. He puts the gun to his head. The kidnapper shivers in fear. Jin Hyuk pulls the gun away. He tells the kidnapper that once something is ruined, it’s hard to fix, just like he is. He orders the kidnapper to beg forgiveness for all the wrongs he has done.

Flashback to the kidnapper setting his mother’s home and fire. He mother stared at him in horror knowing he set the fire. He calmly walked away to his mother’s screams.

Jin Hyuk throws him to the concrete. He reports he’s arrested the kidnapper.

Eun Soo breathes a sigh of relief. Hyun Ho breathes a sigh of relief. He tells Eun Soo to get to the hospital and be there for her sister. She thanks him and rushes away. Hyun Ho is energized with the successful capture.

Kwon Joo leds the kidnap victim out of the school. (It’s daylight, let’s ignore that). The serious crime unit rushes up. The paramedics take the kidnap victim to the ambulance. Jin Hyuk comes to the ambulance to check on the kidnap victim. She is beyond grateful. He chides her to consider him an older brother. The kidnap victim promises to give him extra food when he comes to her Grandmother’s eatery. Jin Hyuk jokes that he’s a cool guy. The kidnap victim thanks Kwon Joo who in turn thanks her for saving her. Jin Hyuk tells her to head to the hospital where her Grandmother is waiting. The kidnap victim asks how Kwon Joo found her. Kwon Joo has no answer ready so Jin Hyuk interrupts and tells the kidnap victim to get going.

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk watch the serious crimes unit bring the kidnapper out of the school. Jin Hyuk comments that the kidnapper isn’t the only bad guy. The higher ups need to pay too. Kwon Joo wonders if they’d met him 16 years ago, would he have turned out different. Jin Hyuk muses that he might have chosen a different chocolate. I’m digging the reference!

Kyung Hak approaches and tells Jin Hyuk they need to speak privately. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo to wait in the car for him. Kwon Joo nods to Kyung Hak and leaves. Kyung Hak asks Jin Hyuk to join the serious crimes unit. He promises him a team leader role.

Other members of the serious crime unit worry how effective the Golden Time Team is becoming.

As the kidnapper is led away, he spots Kwon Joo and says UNDER HIS BREATH “If I die, my daughter will be left alone in this world.” She KNOWS those are the words her father said before he died. She stares at the kidnapper. He stares at her. She rushes to the kidnapper. She demands answers. She orders the serious crime unit officers to back off.

voice_ep5_5903 Kyung Hak asks if Jin Hyuk can start with his team tomorrow. Jin Hyuk declines the offer. He likes working the Golden Time Team. Kyung Hak says his partner confided that Jin Hyuk is hiding something about working with Kwon Joo. Jin Hyuk waves goodbye. He spots Kwon Joo holding the kidnapper. Kyung Hak spots Kwon Joo holding the kidnapper. They run to her.

Kwon Joo demands that the kidnapper repeat what he said. He chuckles that he can hear her agitated heart. She demands to know how he knew about those words. She demands to know if he knows the murderer’s face.

My Thoughts

Writer Ma keeps the tension ratcheted up! I’m surprised at the level of intensity each chapter has. Can Writer Ma keep it going for the entire series?

What surprised me this episode?
* The kidnapper and his accomplice worked for or was associated with the harbor crime boss. Is this the same crime boss we saw in episode 1? I thought that the kidnapper was a solo criminal that used his bulky accomplice for the physical labor. But to learn they were part of a bigger team…
* The kidnapper does have some connection to the murders of Kwon Joo’s father and Jin Hyuk’s wife.  He has inside knowledge that either the murderer told him or he heard the tape of Kwon Joo’s father’s words for himself. He knew about Kwon Joo’s hearing. The kidnapper enjoyed messing with Kwon Joo’s head.
* The serious crimes unit did come to Jin Hyuk’s aide. They hate the Golden Time Team but when push came to shove they provided backup.

Should they throw all the walkie talkies in the river as they consistently squawk at inappropriate moments?

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) was once again tempted to rid the planet of the captured criminal. He hasn’t been able to see a redeeming quality about these low life guys, so the desire to eradicate can be understood. He is building his trust with Kwon Joo. Yet he left her alone to search when he doubted her hearing. That made me shake my head. It was good to see Jin Hyuk reject joining the serious crime unit. Once again, Jin Hyuk had opportunities to shine with his deductive abilities, his fighting abilities, his communication abilities, etc. Does he see that the pain that the kidnapper nursed into a vile path of rape videos lurks in him too?

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) doubted her hearing again. What is the connection between the kidnapper and the murderer? Kwon Joo shouldn’t trust anything he tells her. She MUST increase her fighting skills if she’s going to join Jin Hyuk in the field. She was too easily disarmed and neutralized by the kidnapper. Kwon Joo’s gives everyone respect though they don’t offer the same respect. Bear with on this…isn’t the hatred that the serious crime unit and all the other men levy on Kwon Joo similar to the hatred the kidnapper bestowed on his female victims? Aren’t all these victims and Kwon Joo battling oppression of women by men?

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21 comments on “Voice Episode 5 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    Thanks for the recap! One question though, didn’t the kidnapper and his side-kick drive through the same hidden road as Jin-Hyuk? Then why is that road blocked when Jin-hyuk came to it ?

    • Drama Fan says:

      Haha! That’s a good question. It looked like it was blocked from outside right? I asked myself the same. This and many other questions :p

    • Jane Tilly says:

      There were two baddies, couldn’t one of them have blocked the road after they passed through to cover their tracks? Clearly there’s a mastermind, couldn’t the mastermind have sent someone to cover their tracks? My guess is the kettlebell killer is the mastermind. There was mention in a couple of episodes the kettlebell killer has a connection and/or protector within the police department. My guess is the mole is someone we have already been introduced to.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I was a bit incredulous about the science room of a deserted school still having so much stuff in it, especially the chemicals. In the U.S. schools chemicals have to be accounted for, whether used chemicals are stored in waste jars until they are picked up for hazardous waste ☣ disposal or an incident report report indicating spills or container breakage. There is no way chemicals would be left in an abandoned school.

      Another thought about the mastermind – it seems the mastermind was trying to clean up loose ends by planting doubt about Hwang Kyung Il in the mind of the bulky accomplice. I’m sure the mastermind thought he could get rid of at least one of the kidnappers or both of them if lucky. I would guess Hwang Kyung IL doesn’t have much time left.

      • Beez says:

        @JT – maybe Freakazoid stocked the chemicals himself. Apparently that’s been his base of operations for posting his rape-kill videos.

  2. Holly Moon says:

    Kang Kwon Joo’s hearing is almost super power level. To hear what he said outdoors from that distance, leaves me shaking my head in wonderment.

    I am pleased to see Jin Hyuk actually solving the cases, with some assistance from Kwon Joo, but also with his own ability. I like a smart detective. And a detective that uses his group of “Baker Street Boys” to assist him as well.

  3. Drama Fan says:

    Kjtamuser! Your comments are the best! And I really liked your final thought on this ep, the paralell between the way the other cops treat KJW and the rapist treated women. Also, the paralell pains between MJH and this criminal (or rather how pain can destroy people, fill them with anger etc). I felt MJH stopped himself from killing him because he felt “some” compassion in the end and he actually stated that later right? When he said he was also pitiful.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate the positive feedback on the comments. This show makes me think.

      I felt MJH stopped himself from killing him because he felt “some” compassion in the end and he actually stated that later right? When he said he was also pitiful.
      Good point.

  4. Drama Fan says:

    Guys, I have a question, how did KWJ realize the crazy boy found the key on the car floor?

    • kjtamuser says:

      The dramafever subs has Kwon Joo state that there is inside help and she cites the handcuff key found on the bathroom floor (22:53 mark).
      The dramacool subs has Kwon Joo stated there is an inside accomplice within the police. She cites a key to the handcuffs placed on the restroom floor (22:33 mark)

      If this is the reference, then Kwon Joo isn’t stating the kidnapper found the key on the car floor but rather the handcuff key was found in the bathroom implying someone provided the key to the kidnapper.

      If this isn’t the reference, let me know.

      • Beez says:

        Interesting. Viki subs say the someone (dirty cop) planted the handcuff keys on the floor of the van. Which I tend to think is accurate because that is where we see the FreakShow get the key.

      • Drama Fan says:

        @kjtamuser That’s it! I probably read the subs wrong 🙂 Yayyy one less doubt. Thank you my friend.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Color me confused, is the comment about inside help and/or a handcuff key from episode 5? I went to the 22:00 mark and watched for a minute or so and found nothing related to a key or floor.

  5. Beez says:

    Here just for Hyuk.

  6. Holly Moon says:

    She already suspects (or really believes someone or several in the police force) are helping the killer, and this fits neatly into her way of thinking. So for her to say it was found in the bathroom and therefore a part of the plot by the police, is no stretch.

  7. Lady G. says:

    Cool recaps. I have some serious issues with the “serious” crime unit. They’re dumb, and as you brought out, sexist, and definitely corrupt to the core. And to think, Jin Hyuk was one of them all this time. Joining the Golden Time team elevated him, awakened that skilled Detective instinct in him and now he’s back to fighting and actually CARING again. Jang Hyuk is marvelous, playing him “on the edge.” He’s ready to snap, and to kill a perpetrator, but his inherent good side holds him back. He’s still a cop, and he’s scared to lower himself to the level of the one who killed his wife. You can see that agonizing mini-drama play out in JH’s eyes every time he has a criminal in his grasp. It’s amazing. And as you noted, maybe he does see the pain that nurtured a lot of these guys into a vile life.

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