Tomorrow With You Episode 2 Recap

Our leading couple connect and disconnect.

Tomorrow With You Episode 2 Recap

March 2009…

twy_ep2_0100 twy_ep2_0200
Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) has returned from his 2-year stint in the army and hasn’t gotten a job yet much to the annoyance of his parents. On the subway with his parents, his father’s nagging irks him, so he steps away from them and near a young Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A). She’s looking at her phone and sees unflattering pictures recently uploaded. Recall she was famous at 6 years old for the role of Bap Soon. So Joon looks at his phone. Ma Rin thinks she hears a click. Ma Rin believes So Joon has taken a picture of her with his cell phone. She asks to see his phone. Someone recognizes her. She tells So Joon they’ll get off at the next stop and settle this. So Joon motions to his parents that he’ll call them as they stare at him as he exits the subway.

twy_ep2_0251 twy_ep2_0250 twy_ep2_0347
On the platform, Ma Rin demands So Joon give her his cell phone. He won’t. She won’t let him leave. The subway enter a tunnel and explodes. OMG! So Joon is the stranger that Ma Rin mentioned in the first episode that saved her life. This is their origin story! Unfortunately, So Joon probably just lost his parents. He rushes to the subway and thinks “because of that woman, I alone survived”.

49 days later…

So Joon visits the site of the explosion. He lays flowers on the subway tracks. Then it happens. He clutches his head, sinks to his knees, and appears on a moving subway. His first time travel!

Outside of the subway station he staggers trying to understand how he’s in 2015. Doo Sik walks up to him and comments what he just went through is disorienting. Doo Sik chides him for not having warm clothes. He says time travelers have to be prepared for any kind of weather. So Joon can’t believe he’s met a time traveler. Doo Sik tells him initially So Joon won’t be able to control where he will travel to. So Joon pushes Doo Sik away and demands to know how Doo Sik knows who he is. Doo Sik smiles and tells him to consider him his teacher. He beckons So Joon to follow him.

So Joon intones that Doo Sik taught him about time travel. So Joon goes one direction on the subway to travel to the future and the other direction to travel to the past. If he sees himself then he starts to dissolve and Doo Sik intervenes to help him retreat. When So Joon and Doo Sik see the car accident location of his death, Doo Sik tells So Joon he has 3 years left to live.

3 Months in the Future…

twy_ep2_1001 twy_ep2_1000
So Joon returns home to find Ma Rin coming out of the bathroom clad only in a robe. Large wedding pictures of them are on the walls. He stares at them then her in disbelief. She flirts with him but he can’t respond in kind. He tells her he has to go. She wonders what’s wrong with him. They just got back from their honeymoon 2 days ago.

June 2016 (the Present)…

Ma Rin tells her girlfriend about meeting So Joon for the first time and how touchy he was. She states they met again and had drinks. Immediately her girlfriend says that probably destroyed any hope of a relationship. She scolds Ma Rin saying alcohol is her fatal flaw. Ha! Ma Rin can only agree. Ha! Ma Rin admits she was stunned when he stopped by where she lived the next day.

So Joon is riled up as he explains to Kang Ki Doong the horror of learning he’ll marry Ma Rin in three months. He wasn’t supposed to get married. Ki Doong asks why So Joon saved Ma Rin’s life. So Joon declines to give details.

Ma Rin and her girlfriend agree Ma Rin’s drinking will likely scare off So Joon. But guess who calls and asks to see Ma Rin immediately?

twy_ep2_1502 twy_ep2_1501
Ma Rin and So Joon stare at each other at the cafe. She wonders if he’s in love with her. He wonders how he could get roped into marrying her. He asks if she has a boyfriend or anyone she’s interested in marrying. She thinks he wants to know if he has competition. He claims he’s willing to help any other man get close to her. Ha! She believes he’s totally into her. He claims he only wants to be friends. She doesn’t believe in friendships between men and women. She assures him she understands that he’s shy and uncomfortable making advances. He admonishes her not to like her now or in the future. She smiles knowingly. She gets a call from her friend saying a photo shoot is in need of a photographer. She rushes out of the cafe and he follows. She asks him to drive her.

So Joon drives Ma Rin to the photoshoot. Her friend Bit Na is thrilled to see her. The designer is thrilled to see how well So Joon fills out his clothes and suggests he model. He scoffs and strides away. He tells himself to never accept a call from Ma Rin again.

Shin Se Young’s concerns are ignored at a construction site. Her father says their funds are dwindling and want her to ask Soo Joon for money.

After the photoshoot, the designer tells Ma Rin to bring So Joon by soon. She needs her to do this before she can consider a long term professional relationship. Bit Na agrees with Ma Rin that the designer is practically blackmailing her. Ma Rin declares she’s only concerned about involving So Joon when it’s obvious that he likes her.

So Joon meets his friend Sung Min and Ki Doong for drinks. Sung Min is complaining about the pain of breaking up with his girlfriend. So Joon has no sympathy because he knows their future. He stalks away only to have Ki Doong follows him. So Joon tells Ki Doong that only he knows that in the future Sung Min will get back together with his girlfriend. Ki Doong says that regular people can only concentrate on the now. He reminds So Joon to stop focusing on the future and live in the present.

So Joon dreams of the car accident that will take his life. He sees Ma Rin being taken away on a stretcher.

The next day Ma Rin texts him to meet her at a coffee shop. He tells himself he won’t continue to be involved with her. We all know that can’t last long.

Ma Rin waits for So Joon at the coffee shop. She practices how to ask him to be a model. Should she be honest that she won’t get another job with this designer unless he agrees? Someone recognizes her and comments to their friend that there was an article in the paper about Bap Soon. Ma Rin checks the article out on her phone. Irritated, she calls Reporter Choi and asks if he has an article already written in case he doesn’t have a real story. She clarifies she isn’t acting because she can’t act and she knows it. She tells him his articles make other people pathetic because they read his garbage then make snide remarks about her when she can clearly hear them. She stares at the couple who commented about her. She hangs up. She approaches the gossipy couple. She asks if they have anything to say to her. They bluster. Straightforwardly she states they can talk behind her back, but don’t have the guts to say it to her face. She strides out of the coffee shop. Go Girl!

twy_ep2_3001 twy_ep2_3000
So Joon is at work knowing he missed the coffee date with Ma Rin. When Ki Doong comments about the article about her, he feels guilty. When Ma Rin calls, he’s surprised when she apologizes to him for not being at the coffee shop. Of course, she’s drinking. To his credit, So Joon admits he did not go to the coffee shop. She doesn’t believe him thinking he’s being chivalrous to let her off the hook. So Joon can’t believe that she doesn’t understand he stood her up and says so. It still glides over her head. She admits she feels lonely by the river. When he doesn’t answer, she sees he’s hung up. She muses that he must be upset that she stood him up. She is blind to what he says to her. She’s got this idea that he likes her, and nothing will dissuade her.

So Joon rages in his office complaining to Ki Doong that she just doesn’t listen. He leaves in frustration. So Joon goes to visit Doo Sik. He bangs on the door but Doo Sik doesn’t answer. Interestingly, Doo Sik is in the apartment. There’s a calendar with x’s marking off the dates. There are several circled dates. What’s this about? So Joon leaves a note. Doo Sik reads the note and instead of calling So Joon, instead he speaks into his voice recorder that So Joon came by with a date and time designation. Hmm, is Doo Sik the time traveler guardian/police?

A drunk Ma Rin calls So Joon. He won’t pick up as he drives. Disappointed So Joon stumbles backward when a man bumps her causing her food to fall to the ground. Ma Rin appears. Ah, he did take the call from her. Ma Rin mutters that he’s following her now. So Joon snipes she’s the one that call him asking for guidance home. Embarrassed, Ma Rin confesses that she arranged the coffee shop date to ask him to be a model so she could get another job with the designer. She cries that people are right. Bap Soon does have a pathetic life.

As So Joon guides Ma Rin home, she shares she’s going to save money like crazy for the next 5 years so she can emigrate to a country with a small number of Koreans that will recognize her as Bap Soon. Knowing she’ll be dead in 3 years, So Joon tells her not to worry about the future and enjoy the present.  Ma Rin’s mother is outside waiting. She accuses So Joon of getting Ma Rin drunk. Ma Rin shoos her mother into the house. So Joon can’t believe it, Ma Rin’s mother is as delusional as Ma Rin is.

Inside the house, Ma Rin’s mother complains that Ma Rin is a mess and an embarrassment. She’s arranged a date with a reporter. Ma Rin doesn’t want to meet a reporter who likely only wants a story. Ma Rin retorts that while she might be an embarrassment to her mother, it was her mother that dragged her to the casting call even though she didn’t want to go.

twy_ep2_4001 twy_ep2_4000
Outside the house, So Joon listens to Ma Rin and her mother argue. Ma Rin’s mother gets fed-up with arguing and exits the room. Ma Rin breaks down in tears. So Joon walks home.

The next day So Joon meets Se Young who says the birthday gift he gave her doesn’t fit. She wants to return it. Recall So Joon got it in the future. So Joon claims not to remember where he bought it. She asks him to donate money to the construction job she’s working to help others displaced. He readily agrees. So Joon claims he’s got someplace to go. He leaves her wondering why he’s so distracted.

Ma Rin is thrilled when Bit Na calls her and states So Joon is at the photo shoot. Ma Rin arrives and the designer says she’s impressed that Ma Rin met her conditions for the next job. When So Joon comes out of the dressing room, Ma Rin is grateful that he’s there. He downplays what he did and asks her to start the session as he has limited time. He’s a little stiff but she gets him to relax. He’s cute!

After the session, Ma Rin gets into So Joon’s car. He hangs his head. I chuckle that she assumes he’ll take her home or whatever. Her vision of him matters more than reality. So Joon tells Ma Rin to get out of the car that he’s not taking her anywhere. Ma Rin exits and tries to pretend it doesn’t matter. She thanks him for coming saying it touched her that he cared. So Joon decides he must be blunt. He tells her he’s never liked her. She needs to stop thinking he cares. Ma Rin laughs pretending that she was only joking with him. So Joon states they should not contact each other again. Ma Rin sees he’s serious. So Joon says he’ll leave first. Ma Rin asks if he doesn’t like her, why did he come to the photoshoot? He admits he pitied her and wanted to help her one last time. Ouch! Ma Rin asks his name. She says their goodbye is intense for someone whose name she doesn’t know. She says he’s overreacting to the situation. He gets in his car and drives away. She watches then turns and walks in the opposite direction. Good scene. I like that he was brutally honest. It was the only way to stop her delusions. But Ma Rin knows there’s something between them as evidenced by his attendance at the photoshoot. But So Joon shot her down claiming this was a response to pitying her. You can feel something between them. He’s pulling away from it. She realizes her fantasy of him is wrong. BTW, how are high-waist jeans in between ankle and crop length flattering?

So Joon meets with Doo Sik and tells him it’s over with Ma Rin. Doo Sik encourages him to find out more about Ma Rin, she’s key to his fate. So Joon scoffs he’s going to change his own fate. He asks Doo Sik to find out more about the day he dies. Doo Sik blusters that he’s not his servant. So Joon complains that Doo Sik is the one that told him when he’d die, so he has to help. Doo Sik calms down. So Joon calms down. They agree to eat a meal together, their equilibrium restored. What is Doo Sik’s angle in this?

Ma Rin takes pictures and muses that So Joon was true to his word. It’s been a month and he hasn’t contacted her. She goes on the arranged date. She chuckles when the man thinks she studied photography. She set him straight. She’s self-taught and works for a website. She offers to end the date and cover the costs because her mother misled him. The man is polite and says he’ll pay. He admits he was surprised she agreed to meet considering how poorly most reporters treat her.

Ki Doong arrives and cajoles So Joon to attend Director Kim’s wedding. So Joon doesn’t want to go. Ki Doong reminds him that Director Kim is an important employee. So Joon doesn’t want to run into someone. We know who. Adorably Ki Doong chases So Joon around the house claiming he must attend. So Joon chuckles during the pursuit.

The bride, Gun Sook (Kim Ye Won), is a sobbing mess. The bridesmaids, who really aren’t dear friends, chuckle. Gun Sook claims they wouldn’t understand the stress and sacrifices she’s made to get to this point. The bridesmaid’s roll their eyes but gather to support her. Ma Rin offer a drink and congratulates the bride on this momentous day. Gun Sook sobs her gratitude at the congratulations. Then she spills the drink on her white dress. She blames Ma Rin and sobs anew. Ma Rin tells her to get out of the dress so she can remove the stain.

twy_ep2_5301 twy_ep2_5300
Ma Rin and her friend run down the hall with the dress. Ma Rin trips and falls down. Ki Doong helps her up. As she stands she sees So Joon. They stare at each other. Ki Doong asks if they know each other. Director Kim Yong Jin approaches So Joon and thanks him for attending his wedding. A CEO from another company arrives. Director Kim introduces the two CEOs. Ma Rin listens wide eyed. She now knows So Joon’s name and that he’s a successful businessman. So Joon walks by Ma Rin without acknowledging her. Ouch! Ki Doong realizes that Ma Rin is Bap Soon. He wonders why she was staring at So Joon. So Joon offers no response.

At the wedding ceremony, Ma Rin sits at her table feeling the rejection. So Joon sits at his table and doesn’t look happy either. So, the bridge between them is there. Which one of them will try and walk across it?

After the ceremony So Joon moodily muses. Ma Rin moodily muses. The mirror image of their poses was a nice touch.

Ma Rin asks her reporter friend about So Joon’s company. She learns it’s well known and successful. The reporter admits he wants to write an article about the real Ma Rin, not the normal fluff all the other reporters write. She’s flustered thinking no one would want to know about her real life. He presses thinking it would clear the air and let people move on from their fixed image of her.

So Joon paces in his house. There’s no wedding picture and time has elapsed. He wonders if he’s changed his fate from being connected to Ma Rin.

Ma Rin tells the reporter she survived the subway explosion 7 years ago. She says an argument with a stranger saved her life because they exited the subway one stop before the explosion.

So Joon reads the internet article about Ma Rin. He now knows she survived the subway explosion too.

While we hear Ma Rin tell the reporter “I want to live life because I’m still alive”.

So Joon realizes that Ma Rin is the girl he argued with on the subway. So Joon realizes Ma Rin is the girl that saved him from being killed in the explosion.

So Joon strides towards a subway thinking “Ma Rin lived on the same day I lived. Ma Rin dies on the same day I die. What is this? What is our connection?”

Ma Rin and the reporter walk to her house. She admits she hopes the article will help other people to see her a normal person. The reporter tells her she should date. He asks her to a movie. So Joon strides up to Ma Rin, grabs her arm, and pulls her away. LOVE IT!! Ma Rin tells the reporter she’ll call him later.

Ma Rin finally pulls out of So Joon’s grasp. She asks why he’s there. He pretended not to know her at the wedding. She reminds him of his statement they shouldn’t meet again. He stares at her. He remembers her asking his name after the photo shoot. He says “my name”. She tells him not to bother. With emotion, he says “I am So Joon. Who are you?” She stares at him.

My Thoughts

I am hooked! The writer pulled many of the dangling threads from episode 1 and revealed their connections.

Questions: Who is Doo Sik? Why did he dodge So Joon’s visit? Why did he record the time/date of the meeting? Why did he encourage So Joon not to give up on Ma Rin? Why does the costume designer put Shin Min A in dreadfully unflattering pants? Does the night scene lighting strike you as dark?

So Joon is brutally honest with Ma Rin and then cuts her out of his life. He wants to see if he can change their fate of being married in 3 months. Little did he know; their fates were entwined years earlier when So Joon accused him of photographing her on the subway and they got off the train one stop before the explosion. I was relieved that So Joon realized the connection in episode 2. I wasn’t 100% on board with the idea that though they’d argued that day, they didn’t remember each other. Now that issue is mitigated.

So Joon felt pity for Ma Rin when he listened to her mother berate her for having a mess of a life. So Joon felt frustration with Ma Rin when she just wouldn’t hear his words that he didn’t like her and clung to her fantasy. But even though he doesn’t want it, So Joon is connected to Ma Rin. Now he realizes that ignoring Ma Rin won’t undo the fate that tied them together years earlier on the day of the subway explosion. 

Ma Rin is positive but pessimistic too. She has self-loathing, hence the drinking. I love the flushed cheeks the makeup department adds when Ma Rin drinks. Details like that are typically overlooked. Ma Rin wants to rid herself of the chain of her childhood fame but the public has a long memory (in this case) and consistently recognizes her. Reporters feed the flames with unflattering “where is she now” articles. I was surprised she agreed to the arranged date knowing her date was a reporter. I was relieved the reporter didn’t use her to write an expose but rather he was upfront that an article that showed the real her could only help garner empathy and understanding from the public. 

I like the potential of this couple. Shin Min A and Lee Je Hoon click and have chemistry. Shin Min A’s portrayal of Ma Rin is spot on. Lee Je Hoon has me drawn to So Joon. The time traveling is not prominent, yet. Now that Ma Rin sees things more realistically will she be willing to reengage with So Joon? Now that So Joon realizes that Ma Rin was the woman that saved his life will he be willing to reengage with Ma Rin?


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9 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 2 Recap
  1. I’ll have my first impression thoughts up on my blog pretty soon, but I like your perspective on things. I also liked your recap, as I honestly wasn’t giving it my 100% attention at the time, and got a little turned around with which timeline he was in at any given moment, lol. I’m going to give this one a few more episodes before I really make any big statements about it! Like you, I’m intrigued.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Good writing gets me every time. The constant question is…does the writer have the story that fills the entire series? I look forward to your thoughts when you post them.

  2. DimpledLover says:

    Just started watching this and am in LOVE…the writing is so good & the cinematography is georgous

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I also want to know who Doo Sik is and what his agenda is. Is the calendar 📅 countdown for himself or So Joon?

    So Joon was brutally honest with Mi Ran when he broke off their relationship. I much prefer brutal honesty to stringing someone along because you don’t have the cajones to be honest. Knowing Mi Ran not only lived through the train 🚈 accident, but dies the same day has peaked his interest in finding the connection between them. I am already invested in these characters.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Doo Sik is indeed a mystery.

      So Joon and Ma Ran have a shared fate that they cannot avoid. They need to mine it and make it strengthen them.

  4. kb says:

    i really want to know about the connection between ma ran and so joon

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