Tomorrow With You Episode 1 Recap

We meet our leading couple. There isn’t instant chemistry between them.

Tomorrow With You Episode 1 Recap

It’s December 2018…

Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is walking through Seoul. He wonders what to buy for a friend’s birthday. What’s with the green tinge to the film?

So Joon looks around the subway and flashes back.

Present day….

So Joon is on the subway and thinks he’s a time traveler that uses the subway.  He doesn’t care about others.

twy_ep1_0501 twy_ep1_0502 twy_ep1_0503
Song Ma Rin (Shin Min A) is a bridesmaid at a wedding photo shoot. Loving the bangs!

So Joon brings a birthday gift his friend. He tells her to be careful, it’s a prototype. That would be cool to get presents from the future. So Joon gets a message that Ma Rin will be in a car accident at 4pm. He sighs and gets in his car.

Back to the wedding photo shoot. Turns out the bridesmaids don’t like the bride Gun Sook (Kim Ye Won).

Ma Rin approaches the photographer, portfolio in hand hoping to become her assistant. The photographer recognizes her from her role Bap Soon that made her famous at 6 years old. The photographer isn’t interested hiring an assistant or looking at the portfolio but takes the portfolio when Ma Rin won’t stop pestering her.

twy_ep1_1001 twy_ep1_1002
As the wedding photos proceed So Joon arrives and thinks that today Ma Rin could become the one to save him.

20 minutes before accident…

twy_ep1_1345 twy_ep1_1346
Ma Rin is startled when So Joon approaches her. She thinks he’s strange to approach her much less touch her. He has a vision of her getting run over in the cross walk. Every kdrama viewer knows cross walks are death traps. He blurts out that she’s beautiful and he just want one cup of coffee with her. When So Joon claims he recognizes her from her Bap Soon role, that turns her off.  She starts to walk to the cross walk. So Joon sees it’s only 2 minutes until the accident and blocks her path into the cross walk. She says his pursuit makes her feel harassed. Interesting word, harassed, one I don’t hear much on kdramas. She decides she’s had enough and starts into the cross walk. So Joon pulls her back from the on-coming truck in the nick of time. She’s doesn’t care and walk away from him into the cross walk. The phone alarm tings for Ma Rin’s accident. A car’s tires squeals. Ma Rin is lying in the cross walk. The driver claims he didn’t hit her when So Joon approaches.

twy_ep1_1803 twy_ep1_1804
So Joon sits by Ma Rin in the hospital and waits for her to wake. He watches a plethora of online videos of her drunk. She wakes. So Joon tells her she wasn’t hit but fainted. She doesn’t believe him. He presses Ma Rin to the bed. Then he tells her fate will have them meet again. He lives. She’s speechless.

Ma Rin’s mother arrives at the hospital. She still calls Ma Rin Bap Soon much to her embarrassment.  Ma Rin takes a taxi away from her mother.  Then she rides a bus.

So Joon writes that today he met Ma Rin for the first time. Today he saved someone for the first time. He wonders why Ma Rin and he will die at the same time on the same day. He’s going to find out.

Ma Rin takes picture for an internet clothes catalog. Gun Sook calls her to go shopping with her. Ma Rin isn’t interested. Gun Sook dangles the allure of her fiancé putting a good word with the photographer. Ma Rin arrives at the department store and can’t believe it Gun Sook won’t guarantee her fiancé will put in a good word. She’s further irked when Gun Sook is only looking not buying. Ma Rin pulls Gun Sook to a sales clerk and asks for the items that are so expensive it’s ludicrous. Ha!

So Joon happens to be a chairman though he’s dressed casually. He manages to quietly mock his Director Kim Yong Jin for marrying a younger woman. In the meeting, he tells Director Kim the land site being proposed isn’t right. He suggests an alternative location. Director Kim wants presses for his option. So Joon reminds him that he’s got the winning track record.

In the office, So Joon’s assistant Kang Ki Doong tells Ma Rin to be nicer to Director Kim. So Joon says if he knows that a choice is wrong because of his knowledge of the future, he can’t allow it to be selected. So, Ki Doong knows about Ma Rin’s time traveling. That’s good. Every guy needs a wingman. So Joon surprises Ki Doong when he admits he broke his own rule and saved someone like a real hero would. When So Joon admits it was a pretty woman that he can’t get out of his mind, Ki Doong is amazed and teases So Joon.

Ma Rin gets a call and thinks she’s landed the assistant position with the photographer. She’s disappointed to learn that the opportunity is to take photography classes. Ma Rin tries to convince the photographer that she isn’t using photography because she’s no longer famous, she’s practicing photography because she loves it.  The photographer hates that Ma Rin used her connections to try and land a job with her.

twy_ep1_4000 twy_ep1_4001
Bummed out Ma Rin takes the subway home. She recalls how 7 years ago, someone took a picture of her on the subway and it saved her life. She got off the next stop and warned the person to delete the photos of her. The subway has an explosion.  Ma Rin wonders why she was saved. She wonders if something special awaits her. So Joon appears on the subway (his time travel mechanism). He approaches Ma Rin. He continues to touch her which bothers her. She walks away and tries to shake him but he’s persistent. She tells him she does not like his touching her without her consistent. She walks away. He invites her to dinner. She ignores him. He invites her to drink. Unable to resist, she accepts.

twy_ep1_4401 twy_ep1_4402
She doesn’t feel comfortable with him. She suggests they only have one drink. But she’s not able to only have one drink. Sloshed Ma Rin asks if he’s surprised she’s 31. He’s not. He’s 30. She thinks he’s unemployed. He says that he’s a CEO of a real estate firm. She calls him realtor and asks why he’s been hitting on her. She cites all the times he touched. He gets irked and demands to know if she liked it. She gets flirty but the alcohol limits the cute factor. She gets drunk. He can’t believe the evening is going like this. At least she thinks he’s cute when she’s drunk. Got to look for an upside if you are So Joon. Ma Rin warns him not to like her too much. So Joon claims this is a big mistake. Ma Rin claims she’s fearless. She tells warns him she could rip his heart to shreds. She warns his friends would ridicule him for dating Bap Soon.  He tells her she has delusions of grandeur. He tells her no one cares about her past. He warns her to live life in the present.

Okay, I saw the first glimmer of something between them. That’s encouraging.

So Joon takes a cab with Ma Rin to take her home. He watches the subway go by.

It’s 2019…

twy_ep1_5000 twy_ep1_5001
So Joon is at a car accident sight. He sees Ma Rin taken away on a stretcher. He sees himself taken away on a stretcher. Doo Sik grabs him and warns him to return to the present. He doesn’t know what will happen when a future self die. So Joon can’t believe he will die. Doo Sik tells him 3/25/19 at 9:15pm is when he dies. Doo Sik tells them they have to get to the subway.

While they wait for the subway So Joon tells Doo Sik that he was never able to go to 3/25/19 before today. He was never able to go beyond 3/25/19. Now he knows he couldn’t because he was dead. Doo Sik encourages him to search out the woman that died at the same time. So Joon is taken aback that they die at the same time. Doo Sik tells him that they both die in the emergency room. He urges So Joon to find her. What if she could save him? He warns So Joon he only has 3 years left.

Ma Rin berates herself for getting drunk last night. She knows she said thinks that would make her cringe. She finds pictures on her phone she took of them drinking. She is embarrassed by her own behavior.

She leaves her apartment feeling awful.

So Joon asks Doo Sik if Ma Rin really holds the key. Doo Sik can’t guarantee it, but it’s worth checking out.

So Joon gets out of the car and walks toward her. He looks good in those jeans. Embarrassed she turns away but there’s nowhere to hid. She turns and faces him. They pretend this encounter is accidental. So Joon apologizes if he was inappropriate last night. He claims he blacked out and doesn’t remember anything. She pretends to believe him. So Joon suggests they’ll meet again by chance. He strolls away. She scoffs knowing he didn’t black out as he claims. He walks back and gives her an umbrella. She tells him there is no rain in the weather forecast. He tells her there’s a chance of rain. He walks away. She walks away holding the umbrella.

He returns to the car but Doo Sik is gone.

Ma Rin takes photos of her model friend, Bit Na. She thanks Ma Rin for saving her from being fired. It begins to rain.  Ma Rin stares at the rain and wonders how So Joon knew it would rain.

Ki Doong returns to the house just as So Joon is heading out. He tells So Joon they should make a weather app, because So Joon always knows the weather. So Joon scoffs that the app would put weathermen out of business. Ha! Ki Doong doesn’t like So Joon time traveling to “the other world” So Joon tells him they’ll eat once he returns.

Three months in the future…

So Joon returns home and sees evidence that he’s married Ma Rin!

Present day…

Ma Rin removes the umbrella So Joon gave her and walk out into the rain.

Three months in the future…

twy_ep1_5900 twy_ep1_5901
So Joon stares at the huge wedding photograph. He turns and Ma Rin exits the bath in a robe. She jokes they are newlyweds. He can’t believe it.

Present day…

Ma Rin walks through the rain with a smile on her face.

My Thoughts

Color me intrigued. This first episode gave a flavor of our couple’s potential. So Joon did touch Ma Rin with more frequent ease than normal. She didn’t imagine that. The many times jumps were jarring but in a good way. The past time jumps were filmed at a wider aspect ratio just like Goblin.

What did I like about this first episode?

* So Joon’s time travel ability. That he time travels on subways. That he time travels often. That he knows when he’ll die. That he knows Ma Rin will die at the same time too. This drives him to connect with her, even if he doesn’t really want to.

*Ma Rin’s determination. She wants to escape her past. She wants to become a better photographer. She was more fun drunk and not repulsive as many characters are when drunk. Everyone thinks they are a fun drunk. Few are. She thought she was. He had a different take on it.

* Their shared destiny forces So Joon to initiate a relationship. He’s out of his comfort zone pursuing her, but does it anyway. His life depends on it. She was taken aback by his casual touches that were unwelcome. But he lured her with the offer to drink, and she couldn’t refuse. Now they’ve got a germ of a relationship. But when So Joon returned home, he found their relationship was going to be more than he imagined.

This first episode didn’t wow me, but it did intrigue me. I’m watching for Shin Min A and the lure of time travel. This can be a tricky plot device and I’m curious to see how it plays out in this series.


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11 comments on “Tomorrow With You Episode 1 Recap
  1. Kay says:

    Really looking forward to starting this one 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this first episode, and like you, find myself intrigued by its potential. It could also go horribly wrong, so I’ll reserve judgement for how they handle the time jumping!

  3. I am a Shin Min Ah fan, so I was super happy to see this. What also drew me to watch it was the time travel concept. This one really grabs my attention and I really want to see what happens! By the way, I jumped when Ma Rin got hit by a truck. Caught me off guard! I really enjoyed your recap.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    “Color me intrigued” I couldn’t have said it better. Wow 😯, being married after three months of having met her! I’ll be interested to see how that happened. Were they married in the future when they died? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. kb says:

    i’m looking forward to this movie it looks interesting

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