Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 Recap

It’s decision time for our couple.

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 Recap

As Seo Hee is dragged away by the police, Chi Hyeon realizes that Joon Jae betrayed them. Sim Chung and Tae O arrive and are surprised to see Detective Hong thanking Nam Doo for his help. When Joon Jae walks out, fine and obviously poison free, Chi Hyeon gapes. Nam Doo winks at Joon Jae who smiles. As Seo Hee is placed in the police car, Chi Hyeon snaps. He takes Detective Hong’s gun and points it at Joon Jae. Sim Chung remembers that the past incarnation of Chi Hyeon threw the fatal spear at Dam Ryung. Sim Chung starts to run to Joon Jae. With a crazed look in his eyes, Chi Hyeon pulls the trigger just as Sim Chung flings her body in front of Joon Jae. It’s a full circle moment, only this time Sim Chung makes the move to save Joon Jae, where in the past Dam Ryung made the move to save Se Hwa.

Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) feels the bullet hold in Sim Chung’s jacket. His hand comes away with blood on it. He pulls away from her so he can see her face. Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) THINKS “I was scared you would protect me again. I so happy I could protect you this time.” She passes out. Joon Jae won’t accept it yells no, no, no. Sim Chung THINKS “Even if I’m not by your side, I’ll keep on loving you. Be happy in all the moment’s I’m not in. Laugh and receive love. Live for a long time. I don’t want to become your scar or nightmare.”

The ambulance comes. Joon Jae begs her not to leave him. She THINKS “I love you.” Joon Jae answer verbally “I love you.”

I’m pleased the Sim Chung took the bullet. I’m pleased that IF she dies (which I doubt) that Joon Jae would have to try to go on without her which he counseled her to do should he die first. I’m pleased that all pretense is gone between them and their love is acknowledged.

News reports fill the airways with the Seo Hee’s poisoning of Heo Il Joong (Joon Jae’s father) and Chi Hyeon’s arrest for attempted murder. Joon Jae’s mother, Ahn Jin Joo and her husband see the news report on TV. Dae Young watches the same news report on TV and hears that police are searching for the other accomplice (Dae Young.

Chi Hyeon sits in the back of the police car and recalls giving Nam Doo the poison to inject in Joon Jae. He realizes he has a spare vile of poison. He gets the police to stop at a restroom. Does he drop the poison in the trash or ingest it?

Joon Jae runs next to Sim Chung has she’s taken into the hospital. He tells her she’ll be okay.

Chi Hyeon isn’t listening to the Detective Hong’s partner interrogating him. Instead he thinks of his father, Dae Young, telling him he hoped he’d have a better life. The irony is that Dae Young no longer knows the Chi Hyeon is his son because Sim Chung semi-erased his memory. Chi Heyon doubles over in pain. I believe that means he ingested the poison.

lbs_ep19_1001 lbs_ep19_1000
Seo Hee is belligerent with Detective Hong claiming she was entrapped and the charges won’t hold against her. Detective Hong’s partner interrupts and tells him that Chi Hyeon ingested poison. She rushes to his side. He weeps that having her for a mother has been a curse. He dies. Seo Hee isn’t play acting anymore. Her wails are real. WOW, that was a major slam by Chi Hyeon!! Seo Hee won’t soon forget that. Chi Hyeon only spoke the truth and Seo Hee deserves so much more.

While waiting for Sim Chung to come out of surgery, Nam Doo tells Joon Jae that Chi Hyeon has died. Nam Doo says that Chi Hyeon took the remaining vile of poison. Joon Jae can’t believe it.

Sim Chung is transferred to a hospital room. The doctor can’t believe how Sim Chung survived the bullet hole, the surgery, etc. He can’t believe her vitals are so strong. They must wait for her to regain conspicuousness. Joon Jae, Nam Doo and Tae O surround her bed and support Sim Chung.

Cha Si A dreams of the past when she was young Dam Ryung’s wife and he left her on his wedding night. Is there anyone left that hasn’t remembered their past life in this series? I know the answer is yes but the majority seem to have remembered! In her sleep she murmurs who are you going to? She wakes on the couch disoriented.

lbs_ep19_1502 lbs_ep19_1501
Ahn Jin Joo asks her husband if he’d take a bullet for her. The answer is no. That’s fair because she wouldn’t take a bullet for him. Ha! Si A enters that they inform her about Joon Jae, Chi Hyeon, and Sim Chung. She’s shocked.

lbs_ep19_1843 lbs_ep19_1842
Joon Jae’s mother sits by Sim Chung’s hospital bed and wonders why she’s hasn’t regained consciousness. Joon Jae’s mother tells Joon Jae she and Sim Chung discussed the Little Mermaid who believed the mermaid was right to kill herself to save the prince. Sim Chung says the mermaid was greedy when she came from the sea to live on land. Joon Jae’s mother says that the prince and mermaid got married, had babies (some who lived on land and some who returned to the sea), became the central family of the village and lived happily ever after. Joon Jae’s mother told Sim Chung the mermaid wasn’t greedy to come from the sea but driven by love. Joon Jae’s mother wants Sim Chung to wake so she can thank her for saving her son. Joon Jae asks if the version of the mermaid story with the happy ever after ending was real. She smiles. She told him that story when he was young and couldn’t sleep. She declares it was a favorite story of him. Joon Jae hopes it will come true one day.

Joon Jae and Nam Doo visit the assistant’s wife. Joon Jae introduces Nam Doo who feels like he’s met the assistant before. Flashback to Nam Doo finding the assistant trying to flee the village. Instead of turning him in as Dae Young ordered him to, Nam Doo gave him money to flee. Nice! The assistant wakes from his coma and recognizes Nam Doo from his past life. He calls Nam Doo by his past life’s name and Joon Jae by his past life’s name. Then he recognizes Joon Jae and says he just had a long dream. Joon Jae thanks him for being his friend now and then. Nice! Glad that plot point wrapped up. I liked that Nam Doo wasn’t on team evil in the past or present.

Nam Doo admits her overheard Joon Jae and Sim Chung talking about her being a mermaid. Joon Jae tries to say they were just joking. Nam Doo tells Joon Jae he knows Sim Chung is different and he believes she’s a mermaid. Nam Doo chides Joon Jae that he won’t hurt Sim Chung. He won’t break his principles; pay back enemies and pay back debts. Nam Doo declares that Sim Chung saved “my Joon Jae” and he’s grateful. Joon Jae tells Nam Doo that sounded weird. Nam Doo admits though sincerely stated it sounded clingy even to his ears. Ha! Nice exchange. I truly am pleased Nam Doo isn’t on Team Evil.

Sim Chung wakes and tells Nam Doo that Joon Jae is hers not his. Nam Doo and Joon Jae rush to her bedside. Joon Jae call her invincible. Joon Jae promises that he would have followed her if she hadn’t woken. She reminds him he was to find a pretty woman and begin again. Joon Jae states there is no one prettier than her. Joon Jae says that love extends lifetimes and in this life, his love for her will last a long time. He thanks her for coming back to him. Nam Doo can’t take the mushy gushy words and leaves. Joon Jae kisses Sim Chung’s hand and they smile. Later Sim Chung wakes and finds Joon Jae asleep next to her. Joon Jae and Sim Chung ooze sweet gentle love. It’s kinda beautiful.

Seo Hee comes out of the police station where a crowd yells at her. She spies Joon Jae’s mother and rushes to her. She screams that Joon Jae’s mother hasn’t won. This isn’t over she yells. Joon Jae’s mother stares impassively. Seo Hee looks into the camera and begs someone not to let it end like this. Dae Young watches the new report and knows Seo Hee’s plea is for him. He calls his doctor.

The doctor calls Joon Jae. He in turns calls the police altering him where Dae Young is going.

Dae Young tells the doctor that living without his memories is driving him crazy. He doesn’t care what he learns about his past, he must know. The doctor hypnotizes Dae Young. He remembers his past life. A fortune teller tells past Dae Young he will have a confusing life and tells his girlfriend flowers will be part of her life forever. It may be better if he was never born. Nam Doo and soldiers surround Dae Young to arrest him for killing the captain. Nam Doo declares he is the captains’s son and is paying back his enemy, Dae Young, and pay back his friend, Dam Ryung. Nam Doo stabs Dae Young. Wow! Didn’t see that coming. As Dae Young dies he tells Nam Doo that he will be reborn and have everything he wants. Nam Doo tells him as Dae Young that every time he is reborn Nam Doo will be reborn to strike him down. Nam Doo approaches Dae Young’s girlfriend with poison from the same flower Seo Hee used and tells her that he is paying back the enemy that poisoned his father. She’s forced to drink it. Interesting in all the flashbacks Seo Hee never flashed back to her past as Dae Young’s girlfriend/accomplice.

Dae Young wakes and tells the doctor that he knows about his past. He says the doctor that he’s known about his fate too. Ah, the doctor is the fortune teller. Almost every present day character has a past character. Tae O doesn’t. Anyone else? The doctor says he only observes fate. He doesn’t take sides. Dae Young doesn’t believe him and chokes him. Joon Jae enters as Dae Young chokes him.

lbs_ep19_3500 lbs_ep19_3501lbs_ep19_3502lbs_ep19_3503
Dae Young turns and stares at Joon Jae. Dae Young laughs. He remembers in the past telling Dam Ryung that he beat him and the mermaid. He states if there is another round in the future fate will repeat itself. Dam Ryung tells him that before the ill-fate in the past he and the mermaid where happy and the same situation is happening present day. Interesting that the past characters are referring the future as present day.

Nam Doo leads the police to the doctor’s office. Detective Hong and his partner take the lead entering the office (Nam Doo hangs back for that). As they enter Dae Young whips out his knife. Detective Hong points his gun at Dae Young and tells him to drop it. Detective Hong declares he’s finally got Dae Young. Joon Jae quirks a smile at Dae Young. The police drag Dae Young away. Dae Young stares at Nam Doo who shies away telling Dae Young they’ve never met. Joon Jae sigh in relief.

Si A visits Sim Chung in the hospital. She brings pretty flowers. Sim Chung wakes startling Si A. Sim Chung says the visit is unexpected. She asks if Si A cares about her. Si A lies that she just wanted to see someone that got shot. Sim Chung asks if she likes her as a friend. Not willing to go that far, Si A declares while she doesn’t totally like Sim Chung but doesn’t hate her either. That’s a fine example of weasel wording. Sim Chung surprises Si A by stating she likes her. In fact Sim Chung is envious of the long time Si A will have when settles down with the man she loves. Si A says the man she loved only wants Sim Chung. Unfazed, Sim Chung states fate will deliver the right man to Si A. She scoffs that Sim Chung is no fortune teller. She’ll never be able to stop taking a bullet. She wishes Sim Chung a speedy recovery and leaves. My heart has warmed to Si A as she’s evolved during this series.

As Si A walks home from the hospital it starts to snow. It’s the first snow fall. Tae O appears with an umbrella. He asks if she’s heading home. She starts to walk away then calls him to come, if he wants. As they walk together they enjoy the moment. Tae O gets his phone out. Assuming he’ll sneak a picture of her, Si A grabs the phone and takes a picture of herself for him. LOL, her ego! Si A scrolls through Tae O’s pictures and sees they all feature Sim Chung. She stares at Tae O realizing the truth. She asks if he liked Sim Chung not her. He tries to explain but she cuts him off. She can’t believe it. She even considered liking him back. Tae O’s face tells the story, he likes for real.

Si A strides away. Someone follows her. She assumes it’s Tae O and spins and tells him to stop following her. But it’s a flasher surprising Si A. Tae O comes to her rescue and knocks the stalker down. Tae O hits the stalker several times with the umbrella and the stalker runs away.

lbs_ep19_4005 lbs_ep19_4008
Tae O rushes to the crying Si A. He takes her in his arms and holds her close. He apologizes. He pulls them apart. He wipes her tears away. They stare at each other. He kisses her! I’m so pleased. The writer slowly edged this couple together. I like them as a couple. If you had told me at the beginning of this series I’d want these two together, I wouldn’t have believed you.

The hospital staff can’t believe Sim Chung’s miraculous recovery. Her wound is fully healed. The doctor can’t wait to publish the findings. They’ve even called reporters about the case. Joon Jae is listening to their conversation.

As the doctor passes Joon Jae he deliberately bumps into him. Unbeknownst to the doctor, Joon Jae lifts his access badge. Love it!

Joon Jae adds a white coat and glasses to his outfit and access a staff only room. He deletes Sim Chung’s records. Love it! I’ve missed the cool con artist!

Joon Jae wakes Sim Chung and tells her it’s time to go home. He leaves money on the pillow.

At home, Joon Jae calls to Sim Chung in the loft. She opens the door and Joon Jae explains when his mother moves in she’ll get the bed. He wants to share Sim Chung’s bed. He suggest they need not wait until his mother moves in. He asks if he can share the bed tonight. She says no and shuts the door in his face. Joon Jae grouses alone on his bed.

Sim Chung turns the music up loud and grabs her heart. It it hardening?

lbs_ep19_4856 lbs_ep19_4857 lbs_ep19_4858
Joon Jae’s mother thanks Ahn Jin Joo for driving her to Joon Jae’s house. She goes in and shuts the door in Jin Joo’s face whose not happy there was no invitation to come in. She’s thrilled when she returns home and her husband has found a pair of shoes Joon Jae’s mother has left behind. The Viki subber notes that Jin Joo says they must visit her using a meta reference to Lee Min Ho characters’s house in series Heirs. They arrive at Joon Jae’s house. Jin Joo’s husband claims he’s thirsty. Joon Jae’s mother invites them in. Jin Joo asks if Joon Jae is home. She wants to meet him. She was disappointed they missed each other at the hospital. Recall Joon Jae, Nam Do, Sim Chung scammed Ahn Jin Joo and her husband. Once they meet face-to-face Ahn Jin Joo and her husband will realize this. As predicted when Joon Jae, Nam Do, Sim Chung enter the room they are as shocked as Jin Joo and her husband to come face-to-face. Sim Chung asks to speak to them. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yep, Sim Chung erases their memories. When Joon Jae’s mother enters the room they fawn over the threesome. Jin Joo declares they look familiar. They all laugh. Cute!

lbs_ep19_5117 lbs_ep19_5118lbs_ep19_5116
Nam Doo realizes that Sim Chung can erases memories. Nam Doo says that she erased his memory and Joon Jae’s. Not wanting this to become common knowledge, Joon Jae warns him to keep his mouth shut about this. Nam Doo declares they can become billionaires using this. Sim Chung declines. Joon Jae blocks Nam Doo from hugging Sim Chung. Sim Chung clutches her heart. They are concerned.

Joon Jae watches Sim Chung sleep. He makes her breakfast. She asks where everyone is. Joon Jae says he wanted alone time so he sent them away. He tells her they need to enjoy themselves at home. He tells her to change. She puts on the dress and jewelry she wore in Spain. She stares at her reflection in the mirror. She totally rocks that hot pink lipstick!

lbs_ep19_5544 lbs_ep19_5545
It’s a quiet dinner. Sim Chung suggests they have a drink. Joon Jae says if he drink, he’ll ask her to stay. He asks if there’s another way other than her returning to the sea. Sim Chung says nothing. Joon Jae says she’s in pain, not eating or sleeping well. He doesn’t want to watch her die. He puts the jade bracelet on her arm. He asks if she returns to the sea, will she return to good health?

As they stand by the pool, Joon Jae asks her not to erase his memories before she leaves. He reminds her that she told him that it’s better to love even when it hurts. He says because they share memories, he can let her go. She tells him she may not be able to return to him for a lifetime. He’ll have to wait without knowing if she’s alive or dead. He tells her that if she can’t come back for a lifetime, then he’ll be reborn again. He tells her to do the same. He reminds her their love lasts longer than a lifetime. She doesn’t want to leave him in pain. Joon Jae counters that if they remember each other, they’ll find their way back to each other. With all that said, Joon Jae gives Sim Chung the choice to erase his memories or keep them intact.

Sim Chung stares into Joon Jae’s eyes. She tells him she’s made her choice. She places her hand on his face. She leans in to kiss him. He kisses her. Their sweet kiss starts to sizzle.

My Thoughts

The erasing memory ability is an issue in this series. It’s been used inconsistently. It’s permanent. Then it’s not permanent. It evolved so Sim Chung could see the memories she was erasing. Then we are faced with Sim Chung wanting to erase Joon Jae’s memories of her so he won’t feel pain when she leaves him. But remember when Sim Chung told Joon Jae that she couldn’t erase his the memories of his father because he loved him deeply? If that’s true, then this is a similar situation and erasing should be off the table.

It was great to have fun again in an episode. It was good to see Joon Jae lift the badge and delete Sim Chung’s hospital records. It was fun to see Sim Chung erase Jin Joo and her husband’s memories because they got scammed by them. Si A and Sim Chung’s exchange in the hospital was cute. Nam Doo was playful with Joon Jae and called him “my Joon Jae”. Tae O made a definite move on Si A and she responded.

On the evil side of the house, Chi Hyeon died by the poison his mother extracted from the flowers. There could be no better torture for Seo Hee than knowing her poison killed her son. Even better Chi Hyeon declared her a burden. May she never forget those words. Dae Young went to the doctor to regain his memories, it was only the past memories that he saw and regained. When he went to stab Joon Jae, Detective Hong arrived and stopped him. It looks like Team Evil got wiped out in a single episode!

Dam Ryung / Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) realized that he loved Sim Chung enough to let her go. When she was shot, he didn’t want to see her die. When her heart started failing, he didn’t want to see her die and knew that she needed to return to the sea. This couple works on all levels now. They are honest with each other. They admit their love, need, and fear of separation. Their kiss evolved from longing to passion. The actors are the key to making this couple shine.

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) saved Joon Jae and stopped the ill fate from consuming them in this lifetime. I liked Sim Chung making the grand gesture and saving him. I liked their honest interaction as they pondered if they could exist together. Frankly I was surprised that Joon Jae didn’t offer to buy the biggest yacht he could and follow Sim Chung wherever she went in the ocean.

Viki lists a Director’s cut of Episode 1 and 2. Per Dramabeans, “SBS has announced that they’ll be airing a special director’s cut of the first two episodes of its mermaid-fantasy-rom-com Legend of the Blue Sea this weekend, with a full 16 extra minutes of footage (8 minutes per episode).” in this article.

One more episode to go. What’s my wish list?
1. Happily ever after for Joon Jae and Sim Chung. The crux of this series is breaking the cycle of fate and finding happily ever after. Not sure how the writer will choose to provide it, but I want a happy ending.

2. Happily ever after for the rest of the characters. I don’t ask for much. I want everyone happy at the end of this series.

If you’d like to listen to songs in the OST in a single video check out below (audio only).

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2 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    VILLIANS GOT THEIR JUST DESSERTS – I do love justice! ⚖ Seo Hee losing Chi Hyeon to suicide via her own poison had to crush her. How marvelous Dae Young recognized Nam Doo as the man who took him down in both time periods. Are we done with our villians or will one or both of them escape and wreck more havoc?

    WILL OUR OTP STAY TOGETHER? – Our OTP avoided repeating their Joseon fate 🍀; why do they feel the need to separate? Especially since they seem to have worked out their major issues.

    I thought Chung was supposed to be okay if she was genuinely 💖 loved, which JJ does. Why do they have to separate? I was thinking JJ could get an oceanside house, but I like KJT’s idea of a yacht- location, location, location.

    WISH LIST- I concur with your desire for happy endings to be handed out like Halloween candy. Here’s to 🍻 the sugar rush from all the sweet endings!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Seo Hee losing Chi Hyeon to suicide via her own poison had to crush her.
      I relished that moment.

      Our OTP avoided repeating their Joseon fate 🍀; why do they feel the need to separate?
      Seems like they didn’t explore alternatives.

      Here’s to 🍻 the sugar rush from all the sweet endings!
      We been lucky with all the final episodes lately…here’s hoping for another!


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