Voice Episode 4 Recap

Voice Episode 4 – Chapter 3: Sound Heard in the Dark – The Secret of the Chocolate Box

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) tries to convince Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) that the former suspect made a deal with the real murderer. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo get a shock when they learn the former suspect in Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murder just landed with a thud after being dropped from a bridge. Jin Hyuk can’t believe it. This is the man he has fixated on for 3 years, the man he believes killed his wife.

The serious crimes unit has swarmed the crime scene. The former suspect died instantly and has gambling debts in his pocket. Hmm, I smell false evidence so the assumption of suicide can be made. Jang Kyung Hak tells his team keep quiet about the gambling debt, he doesn’t want Jin Hyuk complicate things. On cue, Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo arrive. Jin Hyuk demands to see the body for himself. Kyung Hak won’t let Jin Hyuk near the body. He assures Jin Hyuk it’s suicide. Kwon Joo steps forward and states the Golden Time Team received the call about the incident so she has purview. Irritated that she should have access, Kyung Hak tells them 5 minutes is all they get with the body. Yes, Kyung Hak hates that Kwon Joo’s authority allows her to interject what she wants as a priority.

Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo examine the body. Kwon Joo says that the bashed skull clearly indicates the former suspect was bludgeoned with the signature kettlebell before being thrown from the bridge to make it appear to be suicide. She notes the murdered enjoys the power of the kill. She points out the feet are shredded (recall Jin Hyuk’s wife’s feet were also bruised though not to the same extent). We see the murderer slowly approaching for the former suspect who back up over glass already battered from the first round of abuse from the murderer. OMG he bashes the former suspect’s feet! He bashes the former suspect. Kwon Joo calmly states the murder takes pleasure (as evidenced by his smile while he kills) in the act. They are making a solid case the murderer is a sick violent power crazy awful person. Jin Hyuk lifts the former suspect’s body and tells the dead man he knows who the real murderer is but now he’ll burn in eternity with that knowledge. Tears roll down his face. Faced with the realization that his wife’s murderer is no longer a known entity, Jin Hyuk must mourn her again. The closure he’d hoped for is replaced with the anguish of an unknown murderer who enjoyed killing his wife.

Kwon Joo proposes she and Jin Hyuk team up to secretly find proof. She believes the murderer is aided by the police (as evidenced by quickly ruling the former suspect’s murder a suicide) so they must investigate on the down low. Kwon Joo assigns herself finding proof about the murderer’s weapon. Kwon Joo asks Jin Hyuk to learn all of the former suspect’s activities (which included interchanges with the murderer) over the last three years.

Jin Hyuk drinks and thinks about the last day with his wife. It was his birthday. She let him sleep in and he rushed out of the house before eating the seaweed soup and other items. Unbeknownst to him, she packed him a food box and was bringing it to him when she was murdered. We see the note near the food from his wife wishing him a Happy Birthday. Jin Hyuk vows that he will find his wife’s murderer.

Shim Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) arrives. He’s not happy that Jin Hyuk is staying with the Golden Time team. Why he demands. Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murderer is dead. Kwon Joo is only using him. Jin Hyuk asks for more alcohol. The eatery owner’s granddaughter, who is cute and young, brings the booze. Her grandmother directs her to clean tables. The grandmother asks if Jin Hyuk is relieved that his wife’s murderer is dead.

voice_ep4_1300voice_ep4_1301 The granddaughter sees a male friend outside and scampers out to talk to him. The male friend is a school teacher and gives her a Forrest Gump DVD and perfume. She’s flattered. The grandmother grouses that the granddaughter is newly single. She goes outside and asks the who the man is. He is polite and quickly exits. The granddaughter get a text and sighs. Little does she know someone is watching her.

Clever that the title of the episode references the opening quote “life is like a bowl of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”, from Forrest Gump, which is the DVD the girl received.

voice_ep4_1501 voice_ep4_1500
Kwon Joo brings an old cop / medical examiner to see the former suspect’s body to confirm that he was killed by a similar weapon that killed her father. He looks at the wounds and the picture of the wounds from Kwon Joo’s father. He confirms that the same item, used at a full swing, killed both victims. He notes that serial murderers want to been seen as “rock stars” of the murderer’s club. Kwon Joo tells him know that she knows the same murderer committed the crimes, she’ll try and find the murder weapon. He warns her the murderer believes his actions are justified so she should be careful. Kwon Joo vows to herself she will find the murderer.

Park Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) texts Kwon Joo and declines the offer to work with the Golden Time team.

Eun Soo returns a wallet to a thankful English speaking woman. Recall Eun Soo’s ability to speak many languages was what drew Kwon Joo to want her on the Golden Time team.

Eun Soo gets a call from her younger sister who is walking to her car in a parking garage to buy a gift before going to a friend’s birthday party. Little does she know a man is watching her from the shadows. The younger sister bumps into a purse on the ground. Eun Soo tells her to leave the purse alone. But the younger sister can’t resist and looks in the purse. She finds a note and flashdrive. The note says “I know what dirty things you did yesterday.” She drops the purse like a hot potato. Eun Soo asks her sister what is going on. Her sister says it’s a crazy man. Eun Soo wants to know what her sister is talking about. The sister looks around aware and afraid that she’s not alone. A man in a mask comes out and grabs her. She screams. Eun Soo yells to her sister but there is no verbal answer. Only the squeal of tires and then the phone connection between the sisters is cut.

voice_ep4_2001 voice_ep4_2000voice_ep4_2002
Eun Soo calls the emergency call center. Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) answers. Eun Soo explains that she works for the airport police (Hyun Ho recognizes her name) and her sister has been taken from the New Wave Shopping Center parking lot. She says her sister was abducted moments ago. Hyun Ho presses the code red button, calls Kwon Joo and explains the situation. Kwon Joo orders him to call the police and check the CCTV footage of car exiting the parking garage.

voice_ep4_2003 voice_ep4_2004
Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk hear the call for police support. Dae Sik asks Jin Hyuk if the girl is their eatery owner’s granddaughter. Ah, I didn’t notice that. Jin Hyuk grabs his gun. Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk grab their walkie talkies and head out.

Kwon Joo calls Eun Soo for details. But Eun Soo doesn’t know the details of her sister’s life and can’t provide anyone that would kidnap her sister. She recalls the purse her sister found in the parking garage.

Meanwhile the sister is bound and gagged in the trunk of the car. Her phone rings. She struggles to extract it from her pocket. When she does, it gets away from her. She manages to accept the phone call but cannot talk due to the gag. Hyun Ho realizes they are connected to the victim. Kwon Joo has him patch her in. She tells the victim that the police are searching for her. The sister can only moan her frustration. Kwon Joo listens intently. Hyun Ho tells the Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk they are close to the kidnapper’s car. Jin Hyuk calls Hyun Ho Santa and prompts him for clues. Hyun Ho says the victim’s mouth is gagged and can’t talk.

Jin Hyuk asks to speak with Kwon Joo and learns she not in the office. He doesn’t like that. Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk on his cell phone and says she was working the former’s suspect’s autopsy. Jin Hyuk asks if she heard anything with the current case. He says they are in a sea of cars and he needs something to narrow down the field. Kwon Joo believes the victim is in a mid to large sedan.

Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik to go around the sedans in traffic. While Dae Sik weaves around the sedans, Jin Hyuk honks the horn hoping the victim’s phone will pick up the honk and identify the kidnapper’s car. That is clever. Dae Sik is the recipient of every sedan driver’s ire. Jin Hyuk tells him if needed he’ll write the apology note. Jin Hyuk relays license plates for Hyun Ho to look up. Nothing stands out when the drivers are identified. The sister starts pounding on the top of the trunk with her feet. I like her active participation. Jin Hyuk sees the top of a trunk move on a sport truck. He points it out to Dae Sik who sees the movement too. Jin Hyuk calls in the license plate. Kwon Joo tells him it isn’t a sport truck, it is a van. Jin Hyuk tells her this time she’s wrong. They have to pursue what’s in front of them.

They stop the truck. Jin Hyuk approaches the driver and Dae Sik approaches the trunk. Hyun Ho tells them the driver name. He sees on social media the driver used to date the sister. Jin Hyuk pulls his gun and orders the driver out of the truck. The sister pounds on the trunk. Dae Sik calls to Jin Hyuk that someone is in the trunk. The driver realizes it’s flight or get arrested. He drives away. Jin Hyuk clings to the side of the car but eventually falls off. Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk run back to their car to pursue the sport truck.

The pursuit is tricky as the sport truck weaves through traffic leaving collisions behind him. Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk stay with him until they are blocked in the middle of an intersection. OMG! They are hit on the side by a truck. Their car rolls. Everyone in the call center and Kwon Joo in her cars hears them get hit and tumble. Then Jin Hyuk calls in the last location of the suspect. He calls for paramedics. Dae Sik is unconscious with blood running down his face. Jang Kyung Hak tells his boss the police chief that this time Kwon Joo identified the wrong car and Jin Hyuk made a mess of the chase. His boss is livid that Golden Time Team screwed up but functional because his hand was forced to initially support them. He demands to see Kwon Joo as soon as she returns to the emergency call center. Kyung Hak assures his boss that the serious crime unit will clean up the mess and capture the kidnapper.

voice_ep4_3101 voice_ep4_3100
Eun Soo tells Jin Hyuk she feels responsible for her sister’s kidnapping because of their phone call. Jin Hyuk tells her to not blame herself. The eatery’s owner, the sister’s grandmother arrives with the guy that stopped by the eatery the previous evening in tow. What? Eun Soo asks her grandmother who the guy is. Grandmother explains that he was looking for sister so she brought him with her. Something isn’t right with this guy. He looks nervous. Grandmother begs Jin Hyuk to help find her granddaughter.

The serious crime unit discuss the kidnapper. He dated the victim for a year, they found videos of the victim in his house, he returned the sport truck that morning but he also cancelled his credit cards. The police wonder if he is planning on suicide. The victim’s friends tell the police that the kidnapper stalked the victim after they broke up. With Jin Hyuk’s office in the room, he hears everything they say.

Jin Hyuk questions the guy Grandmother brought. The guy says the kidnapper knew he and the victim were dating. Jin Hyuk asks if he ever fought with the kidnapper. The guy back pedals and states they just started dating. Jin Hyuk asks if the victim was dating someone else too. The guy doesn’t know about that. Kwon Joo hears their voices as she passes the interrogation room. She pauses and listens.

The guy leaves to return to school after Jin Hyuk is finished talking with him. Kwon Joo is in the hallway and watches Jin Hyuk watch the guy walk away. When Jin Hyuk sees her she apologizes for her mistake. He tells her not to worry, humans make mistakes, now they need to find the victim. Kwon Joo asks Jin Hyuk if he suspects another man (admitting she overheard Jin Hyuk questioning the guy). He shows her the image from the rental car company. The guy renting the truck is bigger.

The serious crime unit clears the guy saying he was teaching at the time of the kidnapping. Jin Hyuk tells them they are searching for the wrong suspect. He shows Kyung Hak the copy of the rental car image of the man who rented the sport truck. Jin Hyuk points out this man is tall and bulky. Kyung Hak conjectures that the boyfriend had a bulky friend rent the car for him. Jin Hyuk says he saw the driver. He was big and bulky not slender like the victim’s ex-boyfriend. Kyung Hak tells Jin Hyuk he couldn’t see clearly because of the tinted window. Jin Hyuk raises his voice and yells that he knows the kidnapper was big and bulky. He got a good view as he was holding onto the truck. Kyung Hak doesn’t believe him. Once again, Kwon Joo uses her authority to make the case hers for the next 12 hours. A guy on Kyung Hak’s team says the victim’s phone has been GPS’d to a playground.

Kwon Joo runs to the emergency call center. Hyun Ho gives her the recording of her interchange with the victim. Kwon Joo listens to the recording. She realizes that the metal sound was a shovel. She recalls the guy walking away with dirt all over his shoes. She’s able to parse Jin Hyuk’s words with what the guy said on his cell phone “you got caught.” She calls the victim’s grandmother and asks if there was a shovel in the car when the guy drove her to the police station. The grandmother can’t recall. Kwon Joo thanks her and hangs up. She asks Hyun Ho to look up information on the guy. She leaves.

The serious crimes unit arrives at the playground.

Kwon Joo calls the guy and asks him to take something to the victim’s grandmother. She asks if she can drop it off. The guy agrees.

The serious crimes unit open the sport truck’s door. Their guns are drawn.

Hyun Ho checks out the guy’s social media. Everything is benign until he finds video. I’m guessing it’s the victim’s sex tape with her former boyfriend.

Kwon Joo brings boxes to the guy’s car which happens to be a SPORTS TRUCK.  She asks if the school playground is dirty. The guy doesn’t understand the question. Kwon Joo mentions his shoes are dirty and since he came directly from school she assumed the playground was the culprit. She asks to put the boxes in the trunk. He suggests the front seat. She insists on the trunk. He chuckles. She asks why he’s laughing.

The serious crimes unit find the driver dead in sports truck, and he’s been dead for some time. Jin Hyuk shows and sees the dead driver. They open the trunk. It is clean. They fan out to search for the victim.

Kwon Joo scans the guy’s trunk. It’s relatively clean but there is dirt. She pretends that she forgot an item for Grandmother. She asks that he wait while she get the item. He agrees. She starts to walk away. Hyun Ho calls her and asks if she’s with the guy. Duh! This is via walkie talkie so the guy can hear! Kwon Joo tells Hyun Ho she’ll talk to him later. Hyun Ho blurts out that the guy is crazy and she’s got to get out of there. The guy extracts a knife from his pocket. This doesn’t look good for Kwon Joo.

Jin Hyuk examines the dead driver’s car. Kyung Hak comes up behind him.

Kwon Joo listens to the guy walk toward her. He puts the knife at her throat. He complains that she’s made a mess of things for them. He takes out his retainer and makes a sound with his mouth. He asks if he recognizes his voice. OMG!! We hear the murderer’s voice. Really? Kwon Joo eyes open wide.

Jin Hyuk tells Kyung Hak that the dead driver was murdered. Kyung Hak doesn’t want to believe what the clues indicate.

Kwon Joo spins and knocks the guy to the ground. Go girl! She draws her gun. The guy puts his hands up. Kwon Joo calls Hyun Ho and tells them to call Jin Hyuk. A guy runs from the shadows with a metal bat and whacks her in the back of the head. Down goes Goodman!

Hyun Ho hears the blow. Kwon Joo doesn’t respond.

Kwon Joo is put in the trunk. The bulky guy and the guy get into the truck.

Hyun Ho tells Officer Cheon that Kwon Joo said the kidnapper was the guy and now she’s missing. Officer Cheon orders a trace on Kwon Joo’s phone.

Officer Cheon announces that Kwon Joo is in danger. Jin Hyuk and Kyung Hak hear the announcement via the ear pieces.

Kwon Joo’s phone cannot be traced. Officer Cheon goes to red alert.

voice_ep4_4501 voice_ep4_4500voice_ep4_4502
Jin Hyuk tells Hyun Ho to open another channel. Jin Hyuk and Kyung Hak hear that Kwon Joo was suspicious of the guy and went to see him. Hyun Ho investigated the guy as Kwon Joo told him to. He found the line from Forrest Gump. Ah, tie in to the opening quote. Nice writer! Hyun Ho hesitates to say what else he found. Jin Hyuk tells him to spill it. Hyun Ho admits there was a rape video that he downloaded and watched, in the line of duty. Kyung Hak scoffs. Hyun Ho continues that whenever the rape video was uploaded the line was posted by the guy. Hyun Ho believes that the guy makes rape videos and uploads them. Hyun Ho believes that he kidnapped the sister to make another rape video. Holy smokes! The seedy side of life can stun me. That’s what the guy does to make money!  A guy on Kyung Hak’s team comes up with evidence that the dead man was killed by the guy. Kyung Hak orders road blocks to catch the guy. The serious crime guys get into the van to pursue the guy. They literally throw Jin Hyuk on the ground declaring he’ll screw things up for them. Semper Fi is not their motto!

Hyun Ho contacts Jin Hyuk and tells him other sorted details of the guy’s past – hated his mother, burned down the house, made a video of a girl taking a shower, in general he hates women. Jin Hyuk tells Eun Soo he’s searching for Kyung Hak.

The sport truck avoids the road blocks. Jin Hyuk realizes the guy took the outer road to avoid detection.  He calls someone and pressure him to tells him where the “hidden road” near the road block is. The guy caves and gives the location. Jin Hyuk drives on the hidden road.

Kwon Joo is in a bag and gagged. She hears the guys digging a grave.

The guy tells his bulky partner to dig the grave and he’ll handle the rest. The guy is happy to see the number of guys that want to watch his latest rape video. Disgusting! The guy sees a message someone else warning him the police are getting closer. The guy orders bulky partner to get her.

Jin Hyuk runs into a barrier on the hidden road. But it’s not a barrier. It’s a tunnel. His contact told him this hidden road was used for sudden u turns but people used it to avoid tolls so it was closed. His contact told him a forest and reservoir are at the end of the road. He warns that it is unpaved and difficult terrain. Jin Hyuk gets in his car and drive through the tunnel. He finds car track. He calls for backup. The serious crime unit hears the request for backup and starting driving to Jin Hyuk.

voice_ep4_5201 voice_ep4_5200
The bulky guy pulls the bag with Kwon Joo out of the trunk. He plops her in front of the grave. The guy orders bulky guy to let Kwon Joo out so she can say her last words.

Jin Hyuk makes his way through a field.

Once they remove Kwon Joo’s gag, she begs for the sister’s life not hers. The guy is impressed. Kwon Joo tells him she knows he’s not the murderer. His voice is different. Excellent, that would have been too easy not to mention disappointing if this guy was the murderer. Glad that was nipped in the bud quickly. The guy says the rape video with the sister will be made at 10pm tonight. He shrugs and says that some girls have bad fates. Kwon Joo tells the guy that he is scum. The guy shrugs and says their time together is now over. They throw her in the grave. They start to fill in the grave.

Jin Hyuk approaches. He raises his gun.

We see the sister’s case has been ongoing for 3:45 and Kwon Joo’s case has been ongoing for 45 minutes.

My Thoughts

Jin Hyuk took the spotlight this episode. The balance has been in Kwon Joo’s favor for the first three episodes but it switched to Jin Hyuk in episode 4. And rightly so, this episode was heavily laden with “feet on the ground” police work. The serious crimes unit may be the club that just expelled Jin Hyuk but they aren’t complete idiots either. When push came to shove (pun intended) they heaved Jin Hyuk out of their van but went to his aide when he called for backup. I was surprised when Jin Hyuk’s car got hit and it rolled. Jin Hyuk walked away but Dae Sik is in the hospital. Wasn’t the van hit on the driver’s side? The case of the week will be the mechanism to get Eun Soo to join the Golden Time team. We saw her get recruited in episode 2. This episode she declines Kwon Joo’s job offer but her sister’s kidnapping put her in direct contact with the Golden Time team. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I predict that Eun Soo’s sister will be saved before the vile video is made. It has to go down that way to get Eun Soo on the team. Believe me, that’s the outcome I want. I liked that Chapter 2 stretched over episode 2 and 3 and Chapter 3 began this episode. I’m sucker for titled episodes. A clever title can engage you from the get go. The Forrest Gump quote, followed by the DVD, followed by the Forrest Gump quote being used every time a rape video was uploaded, utilized the quote effectively multiple times. Good attention to detail Writer Ma!

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) followed his gut. Thank goodness. He thought the sports truck was the kidnapper’s car and he was right. Jin Hyuk followed his own instincts (which he’s done all along) even though Kwon Joo was adamant the kidnapper was driving a sedan NOT a sports truck. He was gracious when Kwon Joo apologized for misleading him. Things were decidedly less hostile between Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo, which I was ready to see. I loved it when Kwon Joo called him and Jin Hyuk asked if she heard anything. That tells you he sees her ability as a positive. Jin Hyuk maintain his cool with his “your no longer in the club” serious crime unit former co-workers. With Dae Sik out of action, Jin Hyuk needed someone to play opposite him.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) Kwon Joo made an error. Thank goodness. No one is perfect. I was glad to see she can be wrong just like everyone else. The inference that “the guy” was the murder was a decent red herring. Why did he mention his voice to Kwon Joo?

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17 comments on “Voice Episode 4 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    I think there must be a reason why KJ identified the wrong car this time. With her ability, she should be able to get it right… there must be a reason for it…

    • Drama Fan says:

      Someone said it was because she wasn’t wearing the riight equipment. I think it’s to show that she can make mistakes. It makes the drama more interesting that way.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You are probably right on that. She certainly looked confused about getting it wrong. Plus it seemed like in the opening shots of the kidnapping the victim had less room in the trunk and it was darker. I could be projecting for KJ, but that’s the way it seemed.

  2. A.D.DO! says:

    Thought I was so clever tagging Dae Sik as ‘the hooded one’,but looks like some of you think so too! So it MUST be a red herring!
    Frankly, I was hoping for more with this one than just grisly murders, several kidnappings, and a tense cliffhanger every episode! And why doesn’t the killer just trash the cell phones so he can’t be traced? Lots of really stupid stuff here!

    • Drama Fan says:

      It could be that this psychopath likes to play games with the police. He kills for his own enjoyment and there have been cases of psychopaths who have left traces to be found. They are so proud of their deeds that part of them wants to be found. Or maybe he is a sloppy killer who relies on part of the police force to cover up for him.

      • kjtamuser says:

        I’m guessing the kettleball killer believes himself invincible and that the police could never catch him. I agree that toying with KJ/JH could be a bonus for the kettleball killer.

    • prettysup says:

      This drama series is based on victims who get a chance to call 112 using their cellphones. For the other group of victims who did not get a chance to do so, their stories would be told on a separate drama series.

  3. Beez says:

    So, I have been suspecting that Jin Hyuk’s wife and KJ’s dad’s killer is two people (not counting all of the behind the scenes help he’s (they’re) getting.

    In watching KJ recount her story to JH, the killer’s sleeves seem to change with every other blow during her father’s murder. Sometimes he has the sleeve of a business suit jacket with the white dress shirt cuff showing and other times there’s no white cuff as if it’s the person in the casual hoody we saw during JH’s wife’s murder. Also, KJ’s dad’s killer had on dress shoes and a suit. The impression that I had of KJ’s wife’s killer and of the guy in the hoody that fitst bumped into KJ’s dad, is that he had on black jeans (or casual pants) and probably gym shoes (although that’s just my impression based on no sound from his footsteps, non-restrictive way he moved etc. “Impression”, because I never saw a close up of anything except the hoody).

    So then this video pervert comes along and fits my theory by having a partner. BUT…if they’re not the kettleball killer(s) (and which they don’t fit the silhouettes), then how did video perv know that KJ is looking for a clicking talker unless he knows the murderer or is on the police force? Are the killers a big group?

    I’m confused, but in a good way where you wouldn’t want the mystery to be too easy.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You made me check. In episode 4, they describe the murderer as wearing a black raincoat with hood. In episode 1, at the 6:27 mark on DramaFever, the shoes are definitely dress shoes. The pants are not as clear (casual or suit pants). The murderer was wearing a black raincoat with hood. My initial impression was the murderer was wearing casual clothes with a black hoodie, but I’ve revised that to suit. That strengthens the thought that he’s wealthy and well connected.

      So then this video pervert comes along and fits my theory by having a partner. BUT…if they’re not the kettleball killer(s) (and which they don’t fit the silhouettes), then how did video perv know that KJ is looking for a clicking talker unless he knows the murderer or is on the police force? Are the killers a big group?
      The clicking talker surprised me and made me initially think the inference was that the rape video pervert was the kettleball killer (good name). But he can’t be. His partner is merely the dumb muscle. I have no explanation for why rape video pervert knows the KJ is looking for a clicking talker. Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

      And to the idea of a group of killers…I think he’s solo. At this point the kettleball killer believes he is superior and cannot be caught. I do think that his connections lead will reveal a cover-up by the police. We shall see.

      • Beez says:

        Hmmmm. But the front of his face (smile, jawline) doesn’t match the back of his head. (I know I’m weird like that but I’m really good at silhouettes and how people walk & move).

        Of course, we’ll find out eventually if I’m totally off (or if they used a stand-in/stunt double for some scenes).

  4. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser Why does this sound so familiar? “Down goes Goodman!” Reference please?

    • kjtamuser says:

      Per IMDB…In the climactic scene of the final Dodgeball match, TV announcer Cotton McKnight uses the term “Down goes Goodman! Down goes Goodman!” This is a reference to Howard Cosell’s famous call from the Heavyweight 1973 championship fight between George Foreman and Joe Frazier, in which he yelled, “Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!”

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