Voice Episode 3 Recap

Background details are revealed.

Voice Episode 3 Recap

We start episode three with police officers Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) and Shim Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) expecting to apprehend the abusive mother but going into the wrong apartment.

The mother approaches the washing machine after seeing the blood dripping from the drain pipe. The mother croons to the little boy. It’s creepy and tense! The mother opens the washer and pulls the boy out of the washing. The boy begs the mother for mercy. The mother throws the boy on the couch.

Jin Hyuk tells Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) to give him something to go on to find the boy. He prompts her about the xylophone sound. He urges her to concentrate. He swears he’ll find the boy if she gives him what he needs. Whether its necessity or Jin Hyuk’s subconscious faith in Kwon Joo, I like him urging her to use her ability.

Kwon Joo concentrates but she doesn’t have enough to go on. She is frustrated. Jin Hyuk tells her to stall the mother to buy some time for the boy.

The mother tells the boy it’s too late. Kwon Joo blurts that it’s not too late. The mother hears Kwon Joo and is stunned that the phone the boy clutches is an open line to someone. That’s a real risk. Hanging up is a possible move the mother might make. The mother demands to know who is on the line. Kwon Joo identifies herself. She tells the mother police are on their way. The mother shoots a look at the boy is pure hatred. Kwon Joo urges the mother to turn herself in.

voice_ep3_0501 voice_ep3_0500
Interestingly, Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik focus on the xylophone sound. They try and determine what could make that sound. Jin Hyuk remembers confusing a wind chime and a xylophone in the past. He sees a wind chime hanging from an open window. They run to the security guard’s hut to get assistance entering the apartment but he’s gone. Dae Sik asks the gathered neighbors if a boy lives in apartment Q. The neighbors say only a daughter lives there. But the little girl is in the hospital. Jin Hyuk remembers the boy telling Kwon Joo that before he came to live there his friend (who also lived there, in secrecy it appears) said there was a sister there.

The police have the cell phone information. It’s husband’s phone. He and his wife have three children. One is dead, one is in the hospital, and an adopted child lives with them now. They have an address! Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) finds a picture he googled. Kwon Joo has him send it to the police on the scene. Technology can be a powerful tool!

Jin Hyuk gets the photo. He gathers the police and they begin to run to the apartment. He asks Kwon Joo to buy him time.

Kwon Joo tells the mother to calm down and talk to her. Kwon Joo tells the mother she’s been cruel to the boy. Wrong tactic, the mother takes offense screaming that Kwon Joo has no right to judge. Hmm, let’s see. Your adopted child is bleeding to death for a wound you gave him with the knife in your hand. That is a judgeable offense. Good grief, the mother puts her hands around the boy’s throat and begins to choke him. The boy tells her it hurts.

Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo NOT to irritate the mother. Kwon Joo shifts gears and asks her if she was hurt in her past. The mother yells at Kwon Joo not to pretend she knows her. Kwon Joo asks Hyun Ho to looks up all details about the mother. Kwon Joo tells the mother that the boy told her she was in pain after her husband came home and the xylophone sound began. The mother howls that children are noisy, dirty, and a bother.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo that the mother is adopted and lived in many cities along with a hospital stay. Kwon Joo tries to convey understanding for the hard life the mother has lived. The mother does not want to hear it. Kwon Joo notices the mother’s voice is low. Her confidence is fading. Kwon Joo tries again, telling the mother that the boy said he couldn’t live even if the door was open. Kwon Joo asks the mother if she experienced something similar in her childhood.

Flashback to the mother as a child, seeing an open door but not rushing through it for fear of reprisal. Her father sees her and beats her.

voice_ep3_1000voice_ep3_1001 voice_ep3_1002
Kwon Joo tells the mother the boy is feeling the same pain she felt. Kwon Joo says the police will be there soon and not to hurt the boy or she’ll be in prison for life. Kwon Joo urges her to let the boy live.

The mother looks at the boy and sees him as a person. She cries “help me”. Kwon Joo is pleased and tells her that she will help her.

But isn’t not over yet. Daddy’s home. The xylophone wind chimes sound.

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive. They enter the apartment but the boy is gone. Jin Hyuk demands the mother tell him where the boy is. She’s unresponsive muttering the “geezer” got the boy. Kwon Joo can’t believe the boy was taken before the police arrive. Jin Hyuk identifies the father as a top suspect. They run to their car.

voice_ep3_1501 voice_ep3_1500
Kwon Joo interrupts. Something isn’t right. The mother referred to her husband as old but the googled pictures was of a young man. Kwon Joo says the shuffling footsteps were not one of the younger man. Jin Hyuk brushes her off. The police are taking the case from her hands. Kwon Joo reminds him she’s the one that heard the husband’s footsteps. Fed up with the conversation, Jin Hyuk yells she can do what she wants but he’s going to catch the husband. He hangs up on Kwon Joo. Considering she hung up on him last time, that’s tit-for-tat.

Hyun Ho tells Kwon Joo that the mother’s adoptive father was a dentist. When the adoption agency found out the mother was adopted they closed the record. I shake my head at that. Is there anyone that doesn’t cover up mistakes on this show? Kwon Joo wonders about the mother’s adoptive father. She asks to speak with the mother who has been transferred to the back of a police car. She tells the mother that the man that came to the apartment couldn’t have been her husband. He shuffled when he walked. She asks if the man was her adoptive father. The mother denies it. Kwon Joo presses the mother to tell what she knows. The mother looks out the police car’s window and freezes in terror. She tells Kwon Joo she knows nothing. Is the adoptive father looking at the mother? Kwon Joo recognizes the terror in the mother’s voice. She guesses that the mother is looking at someone that frightens her. Kwon Joo asks Hyun Ho to look up the mother’s adoptive parent’s address. The police drive the mother away.

Dae Sik tells Jin Hyuk according to his information, the mother’s adoptive father got into debt and started abusing adopted child to get insurance money. Ah, so the mother is directed by her abusive adoptive father into abusing/killing for the insurance money. Dae Sik says the adoptive father disappeared. Ah, that explains the wind chime with the teeth. Jin Hyuk thinks about what he saw in the apartment. He gets an idea. He has Dae Sik stop the car and continue pursuing the suspect. He has to do something else. Dae Sik can’t believe it when Jin Hyuk gets out of the car and starts running the opposite direction.

Kwon Joo continues trying to get the mother to give up her adoptive father but she refuses screaming at Kwon Joo to stop questioning her. Finally, the other mother admits some of her horrific past. Kwon Joo seizes on that and tells the mother her adoptive father is a criminal that must be stopped. Kwon Joo says “this is you only chance to punish him.” I would find that motivating!

Jin Hyuk returns to the security guard’s hut. Things are tidier. The security guard returns and asks if the boy was saved. Jin Hyuk tells him not yet. Jin Hyuk asks if the mother’s father ever visited her. The security guard says there are too many visitors. Are you thinking what I’m thinking about the security guard? Jin Hyuk asks what the guard was doing earlier. The guard says it was a hobby. The guard offers Jin Hyuk something to drink. Jin Hyuk asks where the guard was. The guard states he was in the equipment room. Jin Hyuk asks if the boy could be hiding in the equipment room. The guard says no. Jin Hyuk asks to see the equipment room. The guard agrees and urges Jin Hyuk to drink what he gave him first. Jin Hyuk takes a drink and follows the security guard.

Kwon Joo finally gets information from the mother. She calls Jin Hyuk but he doesn’t answer. Dae Sik sighs and responds to Kwon Joo saying Jin Hyuk returned to the apartment building following a hunch. Kwon Joo tells Dae Sik that the security guard is the mother’s abusive adoptive father. With his emotional power over the mother, he directed the mother to bring him the adoptive children who he abused to get the insurance money. Kwon Joo says refusal wasn’t possible for the mother. Dae Sik immediately calls the police team and tells them that the security guard is the culprit and he drugs his victims. He orders everyone to return to the apartment building.

voice_ep3_2502 voice_ep3_2501
The security guard leads Jin Hyuk to the equipment room which is in the basement. Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk and tries to tell him his in danger but the radio breaks up because the basement interferes with the signal which has degraded accordingly. The security guard tells Jin Hyuk there’s no signal down here of the boy. He says that parents give children too much latitude in the modern world. As Jin Hyuk searches he comments that sometimes children in their innocence are better than jaded adults. The security guard says his daughter only causes him trouble. Jin Hyuk asks about his daughter. He starts to get woozy. He falls to the ground. The guard tells him he should not accept drinks from strangers. Jin Hyuk clutches his heart. The security guard / adoptive abusive father doesn’t see the problem with killing unwanted kids. He fills a syringe and says Jin Hyuk will go quickly. He doesn’t answer Jin Hyuk’s question about how many kids he killed instead saying that adopting the children allowed them to have a better life, if only for a little while. Jin Hyuk gasps and manages to ask why he forced the mother / adopted daughter to help him. It’s simple, she reported him as an abuser. She had to pay for that. Jin Hyuk manages to grit out asking if the security guard / adoptive abusive father killed the mother / adopted daughter’s husband. He chuckles and says the husband had to be silenced. He tells Jin Hyuk it’s time for him to be silenced too. The syringe moves toward Jin Hyuk. Oh no, this isn’t looking good.

Jin Hyuk manages to grasp the wrist with the syringe. He then pulls out his cell phone which is recording the conversation. Jin Hyuk springs to his feet and knocks the security guard / abusive father down. Jin Hyuk swaggers over to him and says he let him blather to incriminate himself. Jin Hyuk asks if his acting skills were good. I know the answer to that! Jin Hyuk says he hated the kind of drink offered. Flashback to Jin Hyuk taking a drink but seeing an empty bottle in the trash. He spits it out and did not swallow.

The security guard demands a lawyer. Jin Hyuk is disgusted with the child abusers and takes a wrench and hits his knee. He asks where the boy is. The security guard blusters that he won’t tell. Jin Hyuk hits his knee with the wrench again. He warns him that if he doesn’t tell him where the boy is he’ll hit the knee again and again. The security guard refuses to talk. Jin Hyuk raises the wrench to strike him again. Like magic, Kwon Joo’s radio connection to Jin Hyuk is restored. She urges him not to waste time on the security guard. She tells him she might have heard the boy. She asks Jin Hyuk to increase the volume so she can hear more sounds. Jin Hyuk realizes the priority is the boy and tosses the wrench aside. He holds the radio up and tells her to direct him.

Kwon Joo recalls telling the boy to tap the cell phone and she’ll hear him. She hears the boy tapping on metal. She directs Jin Hyuk to a wall. He tells her he can’t go further. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk the boy is behind the wall. Jin Hyuk taps the wall. He breaks through the wall. Egad, there’s a body and a series of cages! He sees the boy in a cage tapping on the cage. Like a man possessed, Jin Hyuk breaks a big enough hole to crawl though.

voice_ep3_3402 voice_ep3_3401
Jin Hyuk opens the cage door. He gets the boy out of the cage. The boy asks about Kwon Joo. Jin Hyuk holds the radio to the boy. Jin Hyuk tells Kwon Joo the boy wants to talk to her. The boy says he kept tapping because she told him she could hear the smallest sound. Kwon Joo tells him he’s right and did well. She thanks him. The boy passes out. Jin Hyuk calls for paramedics.

Thirty minutes have passed. Apprehension within Golden time happened again.

Hyun Ho is amazed by Kwon Joo’s abilities. Officer Cheon tells Hyun Ho the rumor is that she studied voice profiling while in the United States.

Kwon Joo calls the mother and tells her the boy is safe and her abusive father has been arrested. The mother believes with the trauma the boy survived he is destined to live a long life. Kwon Joo asks what she should tell the boy. The mother wants the boy told she abandoned him. She’d never be allowed to see him again, so this is best. The mother hangs up. The mother throws away the string of teeth her abusive father gave her. She smiles.

Jin Hyuk takes the boy to the paramedics. The ambulance whisks the boy away. Dae Sik arrives and sees the security guard taken away by police. Dae Sik asks Jin Hyuk how he guessed it was the security guard. Jin Hyuk stares at him.

Kwon Joo washes her face. She remembers the boys’ blind faith in her abilities. She smiles.

Jin Hyuk approaches Kwon Joo. She braces herself then congratulates him. He cuts her off. He looks around. He asks when she started hearing sounds that no one else can. He asks who else knows about her ability. They stare at each other. She tells him when she was 12 she had an accident that left her blind for 2 years. During that time, her hearing sharpened beyond the norm. Kwon Joo says her father and now Jin Hyuk know about her ability. Dae Sik has an idea about this too. Jin Hyuk considers and makes the valid point that he couldn’t simply take her word for it. He cuts to the chase and asks what was missing from the voice recording from his wife’s murder. Why does she want to solve the case?

Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk are alone in the break room.

Flashback to the fateful night three years ago…

1 week after starting work at the emergency call center, it was a busy Friday, and she’d argued with her father that morning. There was a call that a robber was in a congressman’s house. The emergency call center was tense because that was a high-profile case. When the call from Jin Hyuk’s wife came in, Kwon Joo picked it up never knowing how her life and Jin Hyuk’s life would forever be changed.

Jin Hyuk’s wife told Kwon Joo someone was trying to kill her. She did not know where she was and described stairs. A senior police officer took over the call. He asked for an address. Jin Hyuk’s wife identified the church sign. The call got cut off. The senior directed her to call back. Kwon Joo hesitated. The senior police officer came over and pushed the redial button. The ring alerted the murderer to Jin Hyuk’s wife’s location. Jin Hyuk’s wife identifies the church again. She sees the murderer walk near her. She moves down the alley. The murderer strikes her down. The phone falls to the ground. Kwon Joo is startled and keyed up. She calls to Jin Hyuk’s wife. She hears Jin Hyuk’s wife tell the murderer she has a child at home. The murderer says “so why did you make me upset”? The murderer bludgeons Jin Hyuk’s wife. Kwon Joo cringes with each blow. She calls to the woman. The senior police officer takes her headphone and realizes the woman is under attack. He tells the police the woman is under attack by a man with a weapon.

Meanwhile the police learn the congressman’s house has not been broken into, the dog chewed through a wire that tripped the alarm. The police officer in charge shakes his head at sending his team out for a false alarm. The senior police officer from the emergency call center approaches and explains the situation.

Kwon Joo’s father calls her on the walkie talkie system. He explains he’s near the scene of the crime with the victim under attack. He was nearby and was called to investigate. Her father heard her call with the victim and he’s heading to the spot the call was made. Kwon Joo is concerned and asks where her father’s partner is. Her father says his partner is at a birthday party. Kwon Joo tells her father backup police will be there soon. She asks her father to stay where he’s at.

Kwon Joo’s father continues toward the crime scene and literally runs into the murderer fleeing the scene. He’s knocked to the ground. He starts to pursue the fleeing murderer. He yells stop but is not heeded. Kwon Joo asks her father to wait for backup. Her father says the murderer is in his sights and he has to catch him now. The murderer disappears down an alleyway. Her father follows. He tells Kwon Joo he’s tired. He asks if she remembers the murderer’s voice. He hears a sound. It’s the footsteps of the murderer approaches. But the man that passes him is no longer in the black hooded raincoat but an expensive looking suit. Kwon Joo’s father stops the man, looks at his bloody hand and both men realize the gig is up. The murderer and Kwon Joo’s father grapple. Surprisingly, Kwon Joo’s father throws the murderer to the ground. As he retrieves the handcuffs he tells the murderer he was once a top wrestler. Kwon Joo’s father asks the murderer why he’s laughing. The murderer knocks him to the ground. The murderer kicks him viciously. Kwon Joo’s father looks up in time to see the kettlebell poised to strike him. And his fate is the same as Jin Hyuk’s wife. Kwon Joo’s father is bludgeoned to death with the kettlebell. Once again, Kwon Joo listens to the murderer kill someone, this time on the walkie talkie that lies next to her father. It is gruesome listening to those sounds. A car beeps at the end of the alley. Someone is picking up the murderer?

The murderer’s foot hits the walkie talkie. He hears Kwon Joo calling to her father.
Murderer: “What is this? His daughter is a cop?”
Kwon Joo: “Who are you? Are you the culprit? I heard a cracking sound whenever you spoke. Turn yourself in.”
Murderer: laughs, “This funny. You heard that sound?”
Kwon Joo’s father murmurs.
Murderer: “What is this? He is still alive.”
Kwon Joo: begging, “Please save him. He’s going to retire soon. He’s just an old man. “
Murderer: “It’s too late. He saw my face.”
Kwon Joo: screams, “Do you think I will let this slide? If you hurt my father, I will find you and kill you!”
The murderer raises the kettlebell again and strikes her father dead. Kwon Joo screams as she hears each blow. Tears are streaming down her face.

The senior police officer is chastised for calling the victim back before finding her. His boss says that call could have given her location away. The senior police officer tells his boss that Kwon Joo called the victim back, not him. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Kwon Joo sits alone at her father’s funeral. On the TV, she hears a suspect has been arrested. She watches the news report as the suspect is brought in. She listens to his voice. She remembers the voice of the murderer. She realizes it isn’t the same voice. The new reports claim her father was investigating a hit and run case. Holy smokes! I smell cover-up! Kwon Joo stares at the TV screen in shock.

Back to the room with Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo…Kwon Joo says she told police her father was murdered by the same man that murdered Jin Hyuk’s wife. No one believed her.

Now we see the flashback of Kwon Joo saying there was more to the recording in court and saying she heard the murderers voice.

Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk after the court room, Secretary General Cha Myung Chul called her. Jin Hyuk recognizes the name. Kwon Joo says he’s the current station chief and worked at Sungwoon station three years ago.

Flashback to Kwon Joo meeting with Cha Myung Chul. She asks if he is requesting she change her testimony. Cha Myung Chul states she could have been upset by the murder of her father. Kwon Joo says she heard the murderer. Cha Myung Chul doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her this incident is causing trouble for the police. Cha Myung Chul threatens her not to cause problems or she may no longer work there. If she wants to bury her father, she should reconsider. Kwon Joo stares at him in horror. Tears flow down her face.

voice_ep3_5501 voice_ep3_5500
Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that she realized the ones trying to hide the murderer were also police. This is not a simple murder case. Kwon Joo says people are using power to stop justice. She went to the United States to gain knowledge so she could come back and find the murderer. Jin Hyuk closes his eyes absorbing what she’s said. Jin Hyuk asks her to confirm that the murderer killed his wife and her father and that recording was erased. Jin Hyuk tells her to listen carefully to what he’s about to say. She only has speculations at this point. The former suspect is still the man that killed Jin Hyuk’s wife and he will prove it. Jin Hyuk gets up to leave. Kwon Joo says the real murderer and the former suspect must have made a deal. The bloody black raincoat was placed in the former suspect’s home. The former suspect went free because of her testimony. She thinks the murderer may have fled the country. Jin Hyuk tells her evidence is what he needs to believe her. Kwon Joo says the murderer is a monster. He was unfazed before and during the murder evidenced by his steady breathing. If he’s powerful and rich she guesses. Once again, Jin Hyuk tells her to bring him proof. He yells “Evidence. Bring me proof!” Kwon Joo stands and declares the murders and the former suspect are in Sungwoon now. Jin Hyuk stares at her and asks her to repeat what she just said.

At Sungwoon Industrial complex the murderer holds the kettlebell and demands his victim tell him where he put “it”. He strikes the man and he falls to the ground. The police stop nearby with their lights flashing.

Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk she believes the arrangement between the murderer and the former suspect went awry. She believes the former suspect met with the murderer. A call comes in stating someone just fell from Sungwoon Bridge. It’s the former suspect! Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk are stunned. Kwon Joo asks for a repeat of the information. She’s told that the former suspect of Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murder three years ago, is dead.

My Thoughts

The episodes are getting better. The balance between the crime of the episode and the “real story”, finding Kwon Joo’s father and Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murderer, was more even. During the crime Jin Hyuk had more to do and directly impacted the apprehension of the criminal. The focus on sound is working on me. I cringed listening to the murderer use the kettlebell to bludgeon his victims. The sound made me shudder. I didn’t have the same reaction in the first episode.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) has more trust in Kwon Joo but not enough to believe everything she claims is true. He was less of a hot head that didn’t even listen to her. He used his brain cells. I especially liked when he was recording the security guard confessing to abusing children while pretending to be affected by the poison. When Jin Hyuk jumped up and asked the guard if he was good actor, there was only one response – you are a good actor! Jin Hyuk got the background connection between his wife’s murder and Kwon Joo’s father’s murder. He wasn’t willing to believe the former suspect was paid by the murderer to confess. Will the fact that the former suspect is now dead change his mind?

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) gave us the background to what happened and what she heard three years ago. The walkie talkie exchange between her father and Kwon Joo seemed realistic. She didn’t want him to investigate the crime scene without backup. But her father knew the longer he waited, the more likely that the trail would go cold. The murderer didn’t seem in much of a hurry to escape her father. That gives you insight that “playing” with people is fun for him. Her father’s fate was sealed once he saw the murderer’s face. What is the connection between the murderer and the police? At this point I don’t think the murderer is a police officer but rather someone rich and powerful that the police helped cover up the crime. Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk took two steps forward this episode. Kwon Joo is a straight shooter. I like her.

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28 comments on “Voice Episode 3 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    Super intense episode! Kept my eyes glued the whole time!

  2. Holly Moon says:

    I am thinking you may be right about that he is someone rich, or powerful, or both. And that makes me wonder, how Jin Hyuk’s wife got involved with him (the murderer) in the first place

    I can see that the first two cases handled by the call center really were perfect on reeling Jin Hyuk in. First the woman who reminded him of his wife, and than, a boy, who had to remind him of his son. I suspect this third case is the final hook. Although they are beginning to work together already.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Good point about the boy reminding him of his son. I thought it but do not think I typed it. I think they could make a great team. They both lost a crucial person to same muderer. Talk about common ground.

  3. Holly Moon says:

    And I learned that episodes 5 and 6 will be held back this coming weekend, OCN will show movies instead. They want to save them until the following weekend, during the Lunar New Year.
    Ratings for Voice went up for this episode, but down again the next. Even though they are supposed to be fairly good ratings for cable, I would hope they continue to go up. Maybe OCN wants to tweak the presentation, or story some

    I am crossing my fingers for success of this drama.

  4. Beez says:

    I’m sorry to be Negative Nelly, but this pushback of episodes leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It reminds me too much of the delays to start Beautiful Mind, which if they hadn’t delayed… well, we all know what happened there.

    • Drama Fan says:

      Don’t worry. Voice is actually doing well. They are live shooting though. New PD re-shot some scenes prior to the premiere. But all the work has had good results so far.

      • kjtamuser says:

        Good to hear. I want to see all the episodes of this series. I’m hoping Writer Ma has the story laid out (if not completely written) and wouldn’t want important things to get dropped if the series was cut short like Beautiful Mind.

  5. Kathy Kefalas says:

    This show started off with a bang and has proved to be a very well written drama. I admit I watched the pilot episode only because of Jang Hyuk. (I would pay big money just to watch him stare at a barren desert for two hours.)
    I can’t get enough of this show even though I avoid violence of any kind. It’s utterly compelling. There is a kind of subdued chemistry between the leads.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I would pay big money just to watch him stare at a barren desert for two hours.
      Just so you know, you wouldn’t be alone in that desert.

      It’s utterly compelling. There is a kind of subdued chemistry between the leads.
      I agree this show has a compelling factor. I WANT our leads to find and catch the kettlebell killer. I WANT our leads to work through the pain of the loss of their loved ones as they work to catch the killer. I WANT our leads to learn to trust and rely on each other as the series progress. I enjoy Kwon Joo’s no–nonsense ways . She is a good match intellectually for Jin Hyuk. Her calm manner is a contrast to Jin Hyuk’s anger, though both are rooted in a similar grief.

      • Beez says:

        “I would pay big money just to watch him stare at a barren desert for two hours.”

        Hmmmmm “big money”. Is his hair long or short? Are we talkin’ street clothes or minimal clothing a la Chuno? Depending on the answers, I’d be willing to pay big money, or just the cost of pay per view movie tickets… 😉

        • kjtamuser says:

          Hmm, have you just defined a new celebrity money making venture. CCTV, pay-per-view, watch them sit in a house, eat lunch, stare at a desert?

          • Beez says:

            To be honest, I do just that anyway. How many episodes was “Smile Again, Donghae”? 119? Something like that. All so I could see more Ji Chang Wook (after watching Healer). Sat through some pretty long ones for Sung Hoon, too. And, of course, there was “Merchant” for Hyukie. I caught many classics just from trying to see all of Jang Hyuk, Song Seung hoon, So Ji sub, Hyun Bin, etc.’s work. Sometimes watching just to see my bias is just that – paying (with my time and Viki and DF subscriptions) just to see more of them. But many times it has paid off with a enjoyable shows and performances that got them noticed to go on to the bigger projects that made them popular.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “I would pay big money just to watch him stare at a barren desert for two hours.
        Just so you know, you wouldn’t be alone in that desert.” LOL I think I would find my way there too.

        This is a compelling story, but the kettlebell killing is so gruesome, even if we just hear the audio. I can’t wait to peel more layers off of the story as we get more backstory. The wait for the delay in airing the episodes is MURDER! Please send Jin Hyuk to resolve this crime! My address is …

        • kjtamuser says:

          What “kills” me is the sound of the kettlebell bothers me as much as the visual. I think I’m channeling Kwon Joo!

          • Beez says:

            You guys know I like the lighter stuff to watch so this show is killing me, along with The Defendant. But I’m watching because I don’t want to miss out on two of the best actors in Dramaland giving what will probably turn out amazing performances.

            • kjtamuser says:

              With your comment “two of the best actors” in Defendant, I’ve eyed that drama because Ji Sung is the lead actor. I may watch it on the side. I have found Ji Sung versatile in the series I’ve watched (broody/revenge-oriented in Secret Love (2011) and fun/focusing in Protect the Boss (2013)). A downside of blogging is that I only have time to watch of subset of the available dramas, so I haven’t seen Ji Sung in Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) or Entertainer (2016). I’m assuming Ji Sung is one of “two of the best actors”. Who is the other?

              • Beez says:

                @kjtamuser – “other best actor?” – I’m talking about Huckie, of course! I probably wasn’t clear but I’m watching The Voice and The Defendant because of those two leads in each.

                You should absolutely, definitely watch Heal Me, Kill Me but, take my advice, The Entertainer will be a waste of your time. It’s a classic case of the previews building up a character a certain way and then nothing about the show or the character fulfils the premise.

                It had a few nice moments as you get to know the band members and they Nevins “family”, but I felt that for a show centered around a band and the entertainment industry, they only had one song featured in their repertoire. Then that’s not even redeemed by making up for it with a good romance. The OTP is so OFF with zero chemistry between Ji Sung and Yuri (I think that’s her name). And frankly, the age difference is so obvious – not because of the actual ages (although there is write a gap), but because of the lack of experience the young actress has.

                I know we talked about the age gaps in the leads for Goblin and Oh My Ghostess before, but the young female characters (actresses) were able to make you feel like “yes, they’re young but they are (became) legal age and able to handle a grown up relationship. The one good thing about The Entertainer is, they never wrote any skinship (or even any real communication) for the characters and I think that was for the best. I don’t even remember a peck on the cheek or forehead. As it was, it felt weird even as an unspoken unmaterialized thing (except, I think the show actually said they were a couple by the end).

                It’s a mess and there are too many really good shows to catch up on to bother with that one in IMHO.

                • kjtamuser says:

                  Now I get it. I thought you were saying two great actors in Defendant. When I looked at the Defendant cast, I only saw one actor Ji Sung, that could be considered “great”. Now Jang Hyuk, he’s sublime!

                  Thanks for the feedback on Entertainer. That series does sound like it had issues. Sounds likes they made the right choice to avoid skinship.

                  I’ll never catch up on all the shows in my list, at least, not while I’m blogging, and I have no plans to stop blogging just to watch more kdramas!

              • Drama Fan says:

                Kill me heal me, I didn’t love everything in the drama but absolutely enjoyed JiSung. I haven’t seen him in anything else but since he plays 7 roles, that was enough for me to know he is super versatile. Great actor indeed.

      • Drama Fan says:

        Yuppppp I’m right there with you guys at the desert and YES on the subdued chemistry. It’s not romantic chenistry but there’s something that makes me want to see more of them interacting and bonding.

        • kjtamuser says:

          Agree. Frankly I don’t need romance between these two. Trust and respect will work for me (along with the killer caught and brought to justice).

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