Voice Episode 2 Recap

The team is formed. Not everyone is happy to receive an invitation to join.

Voice Episode 2 Recap “Chapter 2: Two Faced Healer”

After a recap of episode 1 we begin episode 2 with Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) telling police detective Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) that the kidnap victim is being held in a barber shop. He doesn’t trust her…yet, but she urges him to. Jin Hyuk realizes that Kwon Joo has been right about other things. He believes the barber shop is strong possibility that matches the kidnap victim’s description of something with color. So, he goes with it and starts to run to the barber shop.

The clock is ticking for our kidnap victim. The 17-year-old girl, who used a dating app and found a psycho, wakes and sees the kidnapper welding a knife.

Jin Hyuk arrives outside the barber shop.

The kidnap victim begs the kidnapper not to kill her. He smiles and asks how she wants to die.

Jin Hyuk requests backup.

The kidnap victim pleads for mercy. The kidnapper tells her he has to go home soon. He promises to make it quick. He raises the hammer. He hits the ground beside her to terrorize her. The victim fights back throwing what she can to slow the kidnapper down. The kidnapper grasps her and slaps her.

Jin Hyuk breaks in the barber shop door. He races up the stairs.

The kidnapper raises the hammer. This time he intends to kill her. Jin Hyuk races into the room and kicks the kidnapper to the ground. Yes, yes, yes!! I am so relieved at this moment. Jin Hyuk asks the kidnap victim if she’s okay. She can only sob in response. The kidnapper lunges for Jin Hyuk. They grapple. Jin Hyuk shoves the kidnapper into a mirror. He orders the kidnap victim to run. When he stares at the kidnap victim he sees his wife imagining what she looked like as her murder terrorized her. Again, he orders the kidnap victim to run. She runs.

Kwon Joo calls for all officers in the vicinity to converge and help Jin Hyuk who is fighting with the kidnapper. She gives the barber shop address.

It’s not a pretty fight.

The kidnap victim runs outside the barber shop. She’s tackled as she runs. It’s the other police officers. Really? They choose to TACKLE a traumatized kidnap victim? She cries the kidnapper is trying to kill Jin Hyuk. His partner informs the emergency call center that he’s heading into the barber shop.

It’s still not a pretty fight. Jin Hyuk ends up submerging the kidnapper in the bathtub of water. He finds bloody items in kidnapper’s bag. He takes the hammer the kidnapper would have used to murder the victim and grabs his head. He tells the kidnapper that he is scum and worthless. His intent is clear, death is the only option for this predator. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk not to kill the kidnapper. She states the dead will never come back. Jin Hyuk stares at the kidnapper. He imagines his wife being bludgeoned by the kettlebell. He raises the hammer. He strikes the tile next to the kidnapper. He drops the hammer. He slides to the ground. His partner rushes into the room followed by the other 2 officers. They radio they’ve captured the kidnapper and Jin Hyuk is okay.

voice_ep2_1000 voice_ep2_1001

Kwon Joo removes her headset. The police chief and his officer, Jang Kyung Hak, sigh in relief. The kidnapper was captured within “golden time”. Kwon Joo spins and asks if they understand. If the victim dies, they’ve failed. She boldly proclaims her initial case of the Golden Time Team a success. She states she’ll select the other team members on her own. The police chief gives her the latitude to pick her team and 6 months to prove the unit’s worth.  The police chief asks how she determined the barber shop was the kidnapper’s location. Kwon Joo states the correlated case file helped and her voice profiling (that she spent 3 years sharpening in the United States). The police chief wishes her success. He and his team leave.

Jin Hyuk’s partner wonders how Kwon Joo determined the barber shop was the kidnapper’s location. Jin Hyuk finds the victim’s phone on the ground. He sees the open line to the emergency call center. Jin Hyuk remembers Kwon Joo’s references to sounds. He wonders “does she hear things we can’t?”

The police chief and his team discuss Kwon Joo. They admit she has tenacity. They note her father died in a hit and run around the same time Jin Hyuk’s wife was killed. They state Kwon Joo maintained that the same man killed her father and Jin Hyuk’s wife. They note the rumor that the defendant’s sponsor paid for her training in the United States.  The police chief tells Kyung Hak that because he couldn’t capture the kidnapper in the related case, he’s stuck with granting Kwon Joo what she wants. Kyung Hak apologizes. The police chief orders Kyung Hak to learn why Kwon Joo wants the Golden Time Team and who she wants on her team. He and his team leave. Kyung Hak calls someone.

A reporter details the events of the day. Kyung Hak details the police side of the story to the gaggle of reporters. A reporter asks if the emergency call center played a part when the victim called. Kyung Hak confirms this. He shuts down further questions and puts the kidnapper in the police van for transport.  Jin Hyuk and his partner arrive at the police station. The reporters swarm him. He pushes through ignoring their questions.

Jin Hyuk strides through the hallway. Shim Dae Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) catches up and congratulates him on capturing the kidnapper. Jin Hyuk stops and asks Dae Sik if there was a barber shop sign at the end of the hallway, could he hear it? Dae Sik doesn’t understand why he’s asking. Jin Hyuk answers his own question and says he could not hear it either. He strides away. Dae Sik wonders what Kwon Joo said to upset Jin Hyuk.

Jin Hyuk strides to the emergency call center and learns Kwon Joo has gone to the hospital to visit the kidnap victim.

voice_ep2_1501 voice_ep2_1502

The kidnap victim’s mother thanks Kwon Joo for her help.  Kwon Joo says it was the victim’s fortitude that made the difference. The mother sobs that she was too busy working to pay attention to her daughter. The daughter (kidnap victim) chides her mother for coming in her work clothes. Her mother tells Kwon Joo if her daughter had died, she would have been devastated. Kwon Joo tells both women she must return to work. Both women thank her. Kwon Joo gives the victim and meaningful look. The victim, young, scared, but alive due to Kwon Joo’s faith and Jin Hyuk’s apprehension of the kidnapper thanks Kwon Joo. It’s heartfelt and touching. The victim thanks Kwon Joo for believing in her. The kidnap victim hopes whatever Kwon Joo’s mistake was (that Kwon Joo referenced during their exchange during the ordeal) that it gets resolved so she can move on. Kwon Joo thanks her and leaves. Kwon Joo looks good cleaned up. She was kind and relatable with the mother and daughter. I like it.

Kwon Joo waits for the elevator. The doors open and Jin Hyuk is there. She assumes he’s there to see the kidnap victim and starts to tell him where her room is. He looks at her and orders her to follow him. He strides away. After a pause, Kwon Joo follows Jin Hyuk.


Outside Jin Hyuk’s asks Kwon Joo how she determined the barber shop sign was the key to identify the kidnapper’s location. He asks what her magic was. She repeats what she told him, she has hypersensitive hearing. He barks he wants the truth, not her ridiculous claims. Kwon Joo calmly explains she heard the barber pole just like 3 years ago when she heard the killer’s voice and knew it wasn’t the defendant on trial. Dae Sik calls and warns Jin Hyuk not to believe anything Kwon Joo says. He says Kwon Joo knew the location because of the correlated case file which stated the kidnapper was a wanderer. Someone tells me how that indicates the kidnapper’s lair was a barber shop. Jin Hyuk hangs up and laughs in Kwon Joo’s face. He tells her that she solved the crime off the backs of other officers’ work when she read the case file. He asks why she insists the key was hearing the barber shop pole. She tries to explain but he cuts her off. He says if she’s ever felt guilt about him being a single father raising his son, then she must stop pursuing the Golden Time Team. He says her father died while working a hit and run investigation. Jin Hyuk feels bad for her dead father having a daughter that lies.  He strides away. Kwon Joo sighs. It’s annoying when someone demands an explanation, the proceeds to cut the explanation short because they think they know the truth. A fine example of anger blowing out the candle of Jin Hyuk’s mind (anger overrides clear thinking).

voice_ep2_2100 voice_ep2_2101Dae Sik and Jin Hyuk drink after work and bad mouth the liar Kwon Joo. But then Dae Sik wonders if Kwon Joo is telling the truth. Jin Hyuk tells him to be quiet. Dae Sik says he saw a documentary that if the frontal lobe of the brain is injured, supernatural powers could be developed.  I don’t know if that’s a shout out to Beautiful Mind or not. Recall in that series, Jang Hyuk’s character had an injured front lobe which allegedly limited his emotions. Remember that Kwon Joo stated her childhood eye injury caused her to hear the world differently. Jin Hyuk tells Dae Sik not to joke about the possibility. He strides away. Dae Sik pays the checks and goes after Jin Hyuk.

Kwon Joo returns home. She pulls back the curtain and reveal an evidence board that graphically details her father’s accident and Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murder. The reminds me of the evidence board in Remember and also the board of nonverbal correlations in Beautiful Mind. She thinks about Jin Hyuk’s doubt. She sits in a chair and listens to the audio of Jin Hyuk’s wife pleading for her life and the murder’s voice “you shouldn’t have acted up.” She puts her face in her hands and stares at a picture of her and her father. She promises her father she’ll get the culprit and make them pay. With tears in her eyes she asks for her father’s support.  Nice moment. Kwon Joo is becoming more human and less machine.

voice_ep2_2600 voice_ep2_2601

Jin Hyuk thinks about what Kwon Joo told him and Dae Sik’s suggestion that it could be true. He shakes his head denying the possibility. He exits the hospital elevator. From his hospital bed, his son, Dong Woo, watches the reporter identify his father as the police officer that apprehended the kidnapper. He smiles. Jin Hyuk enters the room and smiles at his adorable son. He sits down next to his son’s bed and hears Dong Woo’s praise at how cool he looked on TV. Dong Woo is worried that facial bruise was from the kidnapper. Jin Hyuk downplays it and says it was a scratch from the arrest. He reminds his son that he’s strong. He gives his son a desired toy. Dong Woo declares his father is on a roll. Jin Hyuk boasts that the police can’t do anything without him. Jin Hyuk tells Dong Woo that his birthday is soon. He asks what he wants. Dong Woo says he knows his father is working hard to pay the hospital bills. Dong Woo tells his father he’d like to eat his mother’s cooking. He says he dreamed about her last night and she looked sad. Jin Hyuk reminds his son that he’ll catch the man that hurt his mother. Jin Hyuk gets a call saying he’s been transferred to the Golden Time Team. He’s shocked. I loved the exchange between Jin Hyuk and his son. I’ve noticed in past series that Jang Hyuk gentles around children and looks at them with kindness. I wonder why his son is in the hospital.

Kwon Joo meets with the sweet faced Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) who claims he can’t join Golden Time Team because he can’t work indoors for long stretches. A cute female officer, Park Eun Soo (Son Eun Seo) sits next to him and apologizes for being late. Kwon Joo tells Hyun Ho that she needs a hacker like him on her team. She tells him he’ll start immediately. Taken aback the Kwon Joo knows about his hacking abilities, he starts to decline. Kwon Joo turns to Eun Soo and tells her that her ability to speak many languages will be utilized at the emergency call center. Eun Soo states she’s not interested as she’s studying to join another team. Kwon Joo says that Eun Soo has the responsibility for her grandmother and sister. She assures both of them that emergency call center is vital. She tells Eun Soo she’ll wait for her acceptance call tomorrow. She tells Hyun Ho he joins the team today. She indicates Officer Cheon will fill him in on the details. The small wave Officer Cheon gives Hyun Ho is cute. As Kwon Joo leaves, Hyun Ho asks if he has a choice. Kwon Joo says it’s either emergency call center or the civil service team. Hyun Ho mutters that he folds easily in the face of aggressive women. He turns to Eun Soo and says she’s beautiful. He asks how to say “you are hot” in Russian. That line is so bad, it’s good! Eun Soo stares at him and warns him to leave her alone before she sues him for harassment. Eun Soo strides away. Officer Cheon asks Kwon Joo if she thinks Eun Soo will join the team. Kwon Joo says it’s up to Eun Soo.

Jin Hyuk calls and demands to know why he’s been transferred to the Golden Time Team. He tells her he’s not interested. He says to stay where she’s at because they are going to talk this out. Kwon Joo says she outranks him and he needs to speak to her with respect. She tells him his desk is now at the serious crime unit. She hangs up on him. Jin Hyuk stares at his phone in disbelief. Dae Sik comes into the hallway and points to the sign above their desks. The sign reads “Golden Time Team, Emergency Dispatcher”. Both men are horrified. Jin Hyuk tries to rip the sign down. Dae Sik informs him that HR states they are stuck on the Golden Time Team for the next 6 months. The serious crime unit team strides in. One of them congratulates them on their new team. Jin Hyuk warns him not to push it, he’s in a bad mood. But the man won’t stop. He says Jin Hyuk’s wife would be livid to learn that he’s working for the woman that let her attacker go free. Jin Hyuk won’t take that and a fight breaks out. Kyung Hak (he must be the serious crime unit’s leader) enters the room and yells at them to break it up. He orders Jin Hyuk to follow him.  Jin Hyuk tells Kyung Hak that he wasn’t offered a choice, he must join the Golden Time Team. They yell at each other, neither of them happy with the new situation.

The emergency call center gets a call from a 7-year-old boy claiming to be stabbed. They wonder if it’s a prank. Kwon Joo has the call transferred to her. We see the boy is stabbed. He tells Kwon Joo that his mother tried to kill him by stabbing him. Kwon Joo confirms they haven’t received any prank calls from this number. She sounds the alarm for police support. Jin Hyuk gets on the walk-talkie and tells Kwon Joo his job situation is in a royal mess and she’s got explain why he must be on her team. Impassively Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk he either responds to the alarm or he loses his badge. I like her iron grip control! Jin Hyuk tells her to take his badge. Kwon Joo asks if he wants to continue this conversation in this vain while a child potentially dies. Dae Sik tells Jin Hyuk they have to dispatch. Jin Hyuk tries to talk to Kwon Joo but she cuts him off. Frustrated he leaves. Kyung Hak mocks him as he goes. Sarcasm on…what a supportive team the serious crime unit is!

voice_ep2_3700 voice_ep2_3701

The little boy tells Kwon Joo he can hear his mother searching for him. The mother, with a knife in her hand, calls to her son to come out. The blood drips from the child who admits he’s hiding in the washing machine. Kwon Joo tasks Hyun Ho and Officer Cheon to track the child’s cell phone. She tells the boy to press on the wound. She asks where he lives. He doesn’t know but says he lives in a block of red brick houses. Hyun Ho determines the housing division the boy must live in. Kwon Joo asks the boy if the building or short or tall. The boy answers and says he’s getting sleepy. Kwon Joo tells the boy he can’t fall asleep.

Kwon Joo calls Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik. She informs them the boy’s housing division has been confirms and but he doesn’t know the particulars of where he lives. Dae Sik comments the boy is younger than Dong Woo. The mother searches for her son outside. Her neighbors see her and ask why she doesn’t answer her phone. Realizing her son has the phone she offers a lame excuse. The neighbors say there is a rumor that the mother in 104 beats her son every night. They show her the garbage with bloody clothes. They don’t report this? The mother flees. The enters the apartment and searches for her phone. She calls it but the line is busy. She calls her husband and claims the boy left with the cell phone. She worries they’ll be reported to the police. The boy tells Kwon Joo he needs help.

voice_ep2_4400 voice_ep2_4401

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik arrive along with other officers. They don’t know where the boy lives so they divide up to search the group of buildings. Is this like finding a needle in a haystack? Kwon Joo asks the boy if he knows the floor he lives one. He doesn’t. He tells Kwon Joo that the apartment is normally dark and his former friend Jin Gu was nice to him. He says Jin Gu lives with his Grandmother now and doesn’t want to come back. Are these abusive foster parents that take in kids for the money? The boy describes how his mother stabbed him and he pushed her down. He ran into the laundry room with her cell phone. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik that multiple children have been abused at the apartment.

Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik talk to the complex’s security officer. The neighbors tell them that the child in apartment 104, building 5, reported his mother as an abuser. They show them the trash of bloody items. The security officer says he’s heard children screaming before.  And he didn’t report this? Jin Hyuk gets the apartment owners name and tells Kwon Joo the pertinent details. They run to the building.

Kwon Joo tells the boy the officers will be there soon. The boy says he hears the sound of a xylophone when his father comes home. The mother hears the sirens. She sees Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik running near the building. The phone rings. It’s her husband. She tells him the police are searching for her. She freaks out. The boy drops the cell phone. The mother hears the noise. She hangs up. She picks up the bloody knife. She croons to the boy that everything will be fine. The boy cries that his mother knows he is in the apartment. Kwon Joo calls to Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik that mother is approaching. The police data indicates that the mother in 104 building 5 has an 8-year-old son that goes to school. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo realize that differs from what the boy on the phone has said. Kwon Joo wonders where he could be. She thinks about the xylophone sound. We see that it is 5 minutes after the incident has been reported.

voice_ep2_5300 voice_ep2_5301

The police run to the building. Jin Hyuk approaches 104. Kwon Joo wonders what the xylophone sound means. Kwon Joo tells Jin Hyuk that she thinks 104 isn’t the right number. Jin Hyuk tells her they will check out 104. The mother searches for the boy. She enters the laundry room. The boy tenses. She approaches the washing machine. She leaves. Jin Hyuk bursts into 104 and finds a mother disciplining her child. But it’s not the right mother.

The mother returns to the laundry room. She sees the blood dripping from the pipe from the washing machine. Yuck! The mother realizes the boy is there. She croons to him. Creepy! Kwon Joo knows the boy’s time is limited. Jin Hyuk and the police search. The mother opens the washer. She sees the boy. She laughs. Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik stare at the buildings. Which one is the right building? The mother grabs the boy. Yikes!

My Thoughts

The second episode was solid. I’m on board with this series. I typically do not like procedural “crime of the week” shows. But the two cases have gripped me. My heart races as they try and find the victim. Kwon Joo seemed less magical and more managerial this time. It was made clear that she correlated the other case prior to engaging in this one. That helps mitigate a complaint I made after the first episode that Kwon Joo’s putting the pieces together in real time was a stretch. We’ll see how this “real time realization” plays out for this case and future ones. While Jin Hyuk and Dae Sik were not happy to be on the team, Dae Sik was the one that told Jin Hyuk to engage and stop arguing with Kwon Joo. Now I’m wondering if Kyung Hak is the right police officer to be suspicious about. Dae Sik seems to have proved his openness to Kwon Joo’s claims and the team. I also enjoyed the touches of humor the writer sprinkled in the episode. The politics, the personal angst, the cases are all so grim, that any moment of humor is a welcomed break. Isn’t Golden Time Team the worst name ever? It sounds like a team of geriatric officers.

Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) decided that he didn’t believe Kwon Joo’s claim of superhuman hearing. He looks like an idiot for deciding that but anger is controlling him. He is seething at Kwon Joo’s interference with his career and the fact that she’s the reason why his wife’s killer went free. He can’t get over the anger that he’s nursed for 3 years. You can see why he cannot open to Kwon Joo. In Jin Hyuk’s mind, Kwon Joo is the cause his wife’s killer got off free and clear. Who would be open to that person, that single point failure that you’ve blamed for 3 years? Jin Hyuk is smart. If Dae Sik can see the possibility (and that surprised me) then Jin Hyuk must see the possibility eventually. Either that or Kwon Joo will convince him empirically with each case she solves by intuiting sound in a way no other human could. I liked Jin Hyuk’s son. I liked Jin Hyuk’s interaction with his son. Jin Hyuk lives with perpetual anger in his gut. I look forward to him focusing that anger on the right people. My money is on Kyung Hak as a possibility. I still want Jin Hyuk to be more than Kwon Joo’s lackey as she directs him. This episode Jin Hyuk did independent police work on the scene when he talked to the security guard and the neighbors.

Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) created a team that no one wanted to join. I loved the way she calmly and succinctly told Hyun Ho he was on her team. She offered Eun Soo latitude. Why? I look forward to learning Eun Soo’s story. Kwon Joo’s impassive no nonsense manner with Jin Hyuk is impressive. She’s unflappable no matter what he says or how he says it. Her comment in the first episode has stuck with me. She stated Jin Hyuk isn’t ready for her apology. Kwon Joo’s got an apology to give, but she’s right, he’s not ready to hear it. Kwon Joo was sensitive to the kidnap victim and her mother. Kwon Joo was sensitive to the boy. In fact, anyone that hears her interact with the victims must register that Kwon Joo has empathy for the victims. That counts in my book. It must count with others too. If it doesn’t, she has to win them over with actions not words. I am loving Kwon Joo’s impassive straight forward communication style.

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37 comments on “Voice Episode 2 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    I am sure Jin-Hyuk will rise to contribute to solving the crimes later rather than be Kwon-joo’s lackey all the time. I am hooked on this too, looking forward to more chilling and exciting scenes!

  2. Drama Fan says:

    Knetizens were reninded of this real life case while watching #Voice. The killer looks like the one who attacked the 17 year old girl. Warning, it’s a sad case. https://www.koreabang.com/2012/stories/incompetent-police-fail-to-prevent-horrific-murder-of-woman.html

  3. Holly Moon says:

    At the foot of the son’s bed is a sign that said chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia. It is a bleeding disorder, due to low count of platelets in the blood. It is life threatening in children especially.

  4. Beez says:

    “…Someone tells me how that indicates the kidnapper’s lair was a barber shop.” kjtamuser

    And while someone who has an explanation for that bit of illogical nonsense is answering kjtamuser, please explain to me why the idea of trying to STOP a murder before it happens seems like a novel idea to these 21st century S. Korean police?

    “Kwon Joo wonders what the xylophone sound means.”

    Kwon Joo was thinking out loud and saying “it can’t be a xylophone because [something about] the metal…”
    But she hasn’t heard the sound, only the boy’s description. I was okay with the “round axe head” in the teenaged girls kidnapping, but she actually heard it and matched it to the victim’s description, combined with knowing the murder weapon from ongoing investigations of murders and the sound she, herself, heard. But this xylophone thing…hopefully they can tie it together better next episode.

    I can go along with her almost “super hearing” because of how sensitive a blind person’s hearing can be and she mentioned after ensuring an eye condition she developed this “power”. And I’ve heard of people gaining amazing abilities after brain injuries.

    But the wife being bludgeoned and the kid being hurt…

    If I’m going to watch something this dark and gritty, I hope the writing becomes much tighter.

    I’m watching because Jang Hyuk is here but I hope it is a show worthy of his talents and that I can say “I watched because of Jang Hyuk but it was also a really solid, good show on its own”. (I don’t want a repeat of that Merchant fiasco.)

    • Drama Fan says:

      There are many things to “question” and maybe together we can find some answers, but fortunately, those things don’t ruin a show for me. All shows have flaws. Its ok to nitpick, its actually even fun, but if we expect absolute perfection we are doomed. These dramas always struggle with editing issues etc. For example, why did MJH confront the hammer killer without a gun? Does that make sense? Did an explanatory scene where he loses his gun get cut? Does this make me laugh? YES, cause I actually didn’t notice until someone else pointed it out. Does it ruin the entire show for me? Thankfully no. I mean if we get too many holes like this yeah it probably will but so far I can overlook them because there are other aspects of the show that are appealing.

      • Beez says:

        I admit, things that make no logical sense can ruin a show for me. I’m okay with people doing illogical things when it comes to emotions and actions cause that’s how people are – unpredictable. But things like this – Cops:”Why would we want to rescue people during their ongoing attack? You are being ridiculous!” Stand around some more and only go into action upon hearing the screaming victim being too be saved – makes no sense to me because we’re dealing with a very sophisticated and civilized country when it comes to technology, morals, etc. (IMO) So, for me, that’s like watching a show that’s not fantasy genre defying the laws of physics. As I mentioned before, if they take away things that point to modern times (i.e. cell phones) and tell me this is taking place in 1965 (totally random date I picked out the air), before a call center was set up, then I’m down with it.

        I didn’t think it strange about not having a gun because I watch so many Korean shows and movies where the cops never carry guns unless they’re detectives dealing with the type of high level drug dealers or gangsters that have guns.

        So I’ve just assumed that’s how it really is in S. Korea as to cops and guns. But, please, anyone who knows the real deal, please let me know.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez We definitely miss a lot by relying on subs and not knowing korean culture and society. I know this because many times I discuss think I don’t get with my friend Gumi and she clarifies a few things that were implied but totally missed by the subs. Also, all sites sub differently and chance the nuance. This really frustrates me especially with rich complex shows like Chuno. Just from random scenes that we discussed, we’ve seen how much international fans missed for not actually understanding the language. For example, the fact that Daegil behaved in a vulgar or rude manner sometimes but spoke with fancy language that only a man with an education would use. I don’t think that was obvious to us, was it? Mind you that drama is hard to grasp fully, even to the average korean because they actually spoke in old korean.

          • Beez says:

            Ahhhhh. I didn’t know that about Dae gil’s manner of speaking. Thanks for telling me.

            I have watched it with different subs. I liked the ones WITHS did best but I’ve been hesitant to buy the boxed set on Amazon because I can’t be sure those are the subs I’ll get. Although, the subs version of Chuno on Amazon Instant Video is by WITHS. But no one can confirm that the box set Amazon is selling is the one they’re getting their streaming from. 😦

            I liked that WITHS translated the word used to describe the young “gypsy” girl as “wench” where other subs use “b*tch”. I think given the time period and the fact that she refers to herself that way, and the fact that many times the term is used when no one is angry at her, makes “wench” a better choice.

            Then there’s the instance of the innkeeper ladies talking and it seemed out of the blue that “monkey boy” says something about her breasts. But WITHS has what she actually said that made him comment on her breasts. I’m so into the English language that I notice little things that don’t add up but many people might write off as just bsd subs and I go looking for other subs. (Can’t get away from myself being overly, overly me.) 🙂

            Oops. Didn’t mean to stay in on Chuno…here…yet. *wink, wink; nudge, nudge*

            • Drama Fan says:

              @Beez We always go back to Chuno 😋

            • kjtamuser says:

              What is WITHS?

              • Beez says:

                They were an awesome subbing team. Written in The Heavens (I’m not sure what the “S” at the end of their name stood for. I think there may have been a team before them that was WITH and they morphed into WITHS. I can’t remember where I got that info from though.

                But you’ll see them credited at the beginning of a lot of the classic Kdramas (Secret Garden,Chuno, Samsoon) if you’re lucky enough to find the right version. But I read on their site that they disbanded. The reason given was that because they spent a lot of time on the subs, making sure they were completely accurate and including explanations for cultural things – they couldn’t keep up with the quick-fix everyone wanted of SUBS RIGHT NOW! So they abandoned their site that used to make subs available for fans to add the subs themselves to the drama. (Not sure exactly how that worked.)

                For some reason, I think I contacted somebody at Stuck on Hyuk who used to be part of the team but I could totally be remembering that wrong. Maybe DramaFan or Gumi can help me on this?

                With the WITHS team, you didn’t see all the typos you see now in subs. Nor the way we’ll see subs that you know is the complete opposite of what the characters were talking about because if an added/misplaced apostrope in “can’t” when you know, based on context, they meant “can” – easily correctable things like that. I can’t believe that subs aren’t proofed (and you can tell they’re not) but I guess that’s in answer to us fans who want it quickly. “Bali! Bali! Bali!” I know I’m guilty. (But I’d still rather have accurate rather than fast.)

                • kjtamuser says:

                  Appreciate the detail Beez. Certainly I’ve been guilty of wanting fast subs. I’ve wondered why dramas don’t release transcripts to selected companies so their dramas are properly subbed. If the drama is in live action mode, it may not be possible. But the script is electronic.

                  Bottom line – I agree that better quality subs means a better viewing experience.

                  • Beez says:

                    Ha! Can you imagine how marked up those scripts would be?

                    I can just see entire pages crossed out (or not matching what’s actually happening on screen at all) because a producer just read on forums how the majority of fans want the second lead to get the girl or they don’t like the macho way the hero told the girl she belonged to him (this was a real thing during Oh My Venus). And so the rush to change to give fans more of what they THINK they want.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez These cops not wanting to embrace her idea is machismo combined with power struggle. They simply don’t want their department to report to hers. Its a hierarchy thing and yes, people do this, unfortunately.

      • Gumi says:

        Running without a gun,as Beez already pointed out, totally makes sense in S.Korean context. Ppl don’t carry guns around, period. Police can use guns but not all of them, and MJH is not even in the high rank team that prob can use weapon freely…he has been downgraded to some patrol team or whatever, and what they usually do is take drunk people to home, so he is not equipped with a gun. And I don’t think he had time or went thru process to re-equip himself…which actually makes it a pretty brave move that he did go out in search. That’s just my theory. Also even if he had a gun he prob couldn’t have used it in the girl’s presence and after the girl ran out..well they were already fighting.

        Anyways to answer a little more to Beez question about how ridiculous it seams that this Golden Time Team thing seems so new and unwelcomed in Korea….well you feel like it is unrealistic fantasy, but (sadly) I’ve never seen a single Korean netizen pointing out that as unrealistic. In fact they were saying it is too realistic that it’s suffocating and depressing, they hope the show turns into a fantasy cuz it’s a drama. I think that answers your question :p The drama is pretty well reflecting the situation and/or people’s image on Korean police. We’ve seen way too many news that sounds like ‘but the late response of police has resulted in tragic…’ blahblah.

        Also the cops aren’t ‘against’ the idea of ‘saving people’…they are against the idea of creating this team which breaks the whole hierarhcy. Cuz I guess the serious crime team is way up the hierarchy ladder, where as 112 call center is not. In current system, serious crime team is THE badass cops while 112 call center is considered just some tedious boring desk job, that’s why everybody weren’t so happy with the invitation. KKJ sees the importance of call center and tries to make the Golden Time Team work, but to old fashioned cops that’s just a nonsense cuz it’s making “real” cop work under some lame call center’s control.

        • Beez says:

          Thanks for the info…but….Wow. I am mind blown. Although I shouldn’t be. My ex and my son are firefighters and bureaucracy is a trip but it’s with things regarding public safety that are less obvious to the public than what’s being depicted here.

          But it reminds me of another question – why did his wife dial 112 instead of 119?

          I was under the impression that 112 was to report non-urgent stuff like car theft and 119 for urgent, serious stuff like medical emergency, fire or ongoing crime?

        • kjtamuser says:

          Appreciate the insights.

    • Drama Fan says:

      On the barber shop, I “assumed” either all korean barber shops use a similar neon swirly sign thing or she had seen that particular one before. She and MJH must be very familiar with the area since that’s where his wife got killed. Regarding the novelty of the Golden Team, whats new is having an actual rescue team report to the department that receives the call, so there’s no waste of time in “who do we direct this to, the FBI? The Fire Deparment? Since Korea seems to be somewhat bureaucratic this is probably a big deal there (and who knows? Maybe in the US too?) Its the matter of who handles the cases and how much importance they give it. The Special Crimes Unit might not tend to all the cases as fast as the Golden Team since they didn’t receive the call themselves therefore they need to reassess its priority, meanwhile, they waste precious minutes. At least, that is how I understood this.

      • Beez says:

        I get you on that part, Dramafan. But what kjtamuser was talking about is not Kwon Joo’s ability to pick out the barbershop thingee, it was the reasoning her colleagues gave JH which caused him to doubt she’s telling the truth that she could hear the sign thingee. The fact that she looked at the case files of this killer’s other murders would not have helped her locate where he and his latest victim are holed up – the barbershop. So JH hearing she looked at the case files and so that’s why she knew where they were, and therefore is lying about her ability, makes no sense.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez Ah ok. MJH does not make a lot sense. He seems brain fogged maybe due to deppression and anger. He starts to see the light but then someone gives him an excuse to mistrust her. Yes, it seems absurd but humans do this. And he is much more emotional than rational, at least for now.

      • Gumi says:

        ” The fact that she looked at the case files of this killer’s other murders would not have helped her locate where he and his latest victim are holed up – the barbershop. So JH hearing she looked at the case files and so that’s why she knew where they were, and therefore is lying about her ability, makes no sense.”

        I actually disagree. MJH did not know what was on that case file, so he could’ve very easily thought that the case file indicated some clues about the criminal’s hiding place. The suspect’s habit maybe, or places he’s done previous crimes in, his preference, his anything that could’ve been clues for profiling. In fact that’s what DS told him too, and actually that’s what KKJ told people too. Just like MJH, people find it hard to trust her superpower of hearing things, so she found an easier way of explaining things. When she was asked how she figured out the hiding place, she said she analyzed the case files….and her voice profiling helped a little. She downplayed her voice profiling part cuz she knew it wouldn’t be easy to convince people with that.

        So it made perfect sense for MJH to think that she figured out by analyzing case files. She could’ve been on the case for a long time, figured out some things about the criminal that would narrow down possible places for the hideout, and thus ended up figuring out.

    • Gumi says:

      I think the xylophone part could be translation error. She didnt speak as if she heard the metal sound. She said, ‘he says it is xylophone but it could be something else..something metalic..’ she of course didnt hear the xylophone sound yet, she is trying to guess from the boys words.

      And yes its kinda sad that trying to save someone before they get murdered seems so novel in korean police lol…im sure policeman as individuals all do intend to save people, but it is true that the system has been criticized for being inefficient in saving people before the worst scenario happens. Thus the drama Voice was made, i guess, to remind people of the importance. Many of its episodes have real incident motive i think.

    • Gumi says:

      @Beez I cant find the proper reply button anymore so i’ll answer wherever :p
      119 is for fire/medical emergency, 112 is for police which includes crime related emergency.

      • Beez says:

        Thanks,Gumi. Always good to have more info so I can better understand my beloved Kdrama addiction.

  5. Holly Moon says:

    Beez–“So JH hearing she looked at the case files and so that’s why she knew where they were, and therefore is lying about her ability, makes no sense”

    Plus, Barber poles do make that noise. I have heard it myself. But, obviously I was a lot closer than she was. SO I think that her hearing it over the phone is an important point to take notice of.

    Which leads me to this–I think we will be seeing that the “xylophone” noise that she is hearing will be the wind chimes that we hear and see every time the woman opened the sliding door.

    True– the child tells her about the noise, but I think once they are out of the laundry room, the louder sound of the chimes will get her attention. Even through the closed door.

    Anyway– it’s only a couple of days and we will see what happens.

    AS to the police not having guns, when dressed like MJH is I can assure you, after being in Seoul, routine police on the streets, do not have guns hanging from their belts, like they do here

    And it is somewhat surprising to me to see that the knives are uncovered.

    Also– kjtamuser– the items in the bag did not seem bloody to me, but they looked to be tassels, and trinkets, which used to hang off of cell phones. And it makes me think that these are his souvenirs from his kills. The guy was supposed to be a serial killer.

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – yep. I’m totally on board that she could have a highly developed sense of hearing. And I know the barbershop thingee makes a sound. You may be confusing me with someone else or you didn’t catch the five points of what we were debating about the barbershop thingee.

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    What a great clarifying discussion. I love the discussions KJT’s recaps bring.

    Holy smokes, how creepy where the mom’s eyes as she peered into the washing machine and found Ah Ram?

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