Goblin Episode 12 Recap

There is enough story in this single episode for at least two episodes of a typical kdrama. You are in for ride!

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 12 Recap

goblin_ep12_0254 goblin_ep12_0306
Eun Tak is talking to the ghosts and someone enters the room dressed in garb from the past. We see The Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) explain that there are souls that room the earth that are not afraid of grim reapers. The man lifts his face. OMG! It’s the EVIL MINISTER!! He holds out his blackened hand for Eun Tak! He creeks creepily. He says he’s pleased to meet the Goblin’s bride. The lip lick was effectively creepy. We see a flashback of Kim Shin taking revenge. Eun Tak says it’s nice to meet him too. She asks everyone to leave. They do. She avoided an incident this time. But fate is gunning to kill Eun Tak.

At home, Eun Tak is grossed out thinking about that ghost who was one like she’s never seen before.

goblin_ep12_0450Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) drinks and recalls Wang Yeo telling her he’s a grim reaper.

Wang Yeo asks his co-worker if he ever wishes he could remember his past. Wang Yeo longs for the return of his memories. He admits he’s scared what may be revealed but he wants to know his past.

Wang Yeo surprises Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) when he says the Sunny knows he’s a grim reaper. Wang Yeo doesn’t understand where Sunny got the fresh flowered branch to hit him with. Kim Shin knows his magic did this but feigns ignorance. Kim Shin’s interested in Wang Yeo touching Sunny’s hand again to see her past one more time. Wang Yeo claims seeing the past is taxing. He wasn’t impressed by the young King. Kim Shin calls the young king an imbecile.

Eun Tak wants Wang Yeo to look at the love letter Kim Shin wrote his first love but Kim Shin intercepts it. He tells her it’s not what it seems. Eun Tak counters that Duk Hwa read her the note so she knows it’s a love letter.  Kim Shin can’t believe this. Duk Hwa can’t read what he didn’t write. We see the words what Kim Shin thought after his encounter with the lady in red who told him either he dies or Eun Tak does. Wang Yeo asks Kim Shin if he told Duk Hwa that he could erase memories. Kim Shin did not. Wang Yeo wonders how Duk Hwa knew this. Eun Tak recalls that Duk Hwa found her maple leaf that she thought she’d lost forever.

They stare at each other. Kim Shin wonders why he didn’t see the truth before. We see fascinating flashback of Duk Hwa manipulating situations and understanding more than we knew. For example he meets with the lady in red and tells her that it was fate that the Goblin and his bride met. When she asked why he put the person that was stuck with a sword (Kim Shin) with the person that stuck him with the sword (Wang Yeo) together, Duk Hwa states it was another fated encounter. Hmm, Duk Hwa has a different more manipulative definition of fate than I do.  The lady in red chides Duk Hwa for continually punishing Kim Shin. Duk Hwa calmly states that’s the weight of the life Kim Shin must bear. The lady in red scolds Duk Hwa for manipulating situations and just let things play out. But that’s boring Duk Hwa’s face says.

goblin_ep12_1433 goblin_ep12_1432 goblin_ep12_1500
Duk Hwa waits for Wang Yeo and Kim Shin in a club. He senses when they arrive.  They approach Duk Hwa. He stares at them. Kim Shin moves closer but there’s a invisible barrier. Everyone in the club freezes. Kim Shin realizes Duk Hwa is more than he realized. He asks that they introduce themselves. We see the scene of Kim Shin dying and complaining that God wasn’t listening to him. Duk Hwa repeats Kim Shin’s words to him. That gets his attention. He does the same to Wang Yeo. That gets his attention. Duk Hwa tells both of them that he’s always listened to them. Wow, the rumor that Duk Hwa is god appears to have validity. Duk Hwa tells Kim Shin that he’s even provided him with a chance to die. He asks Kim Shin why he’s still alive. Duk Hwa tells Wang Yeo he didn’t erase his memories, Wang Yeo chose to have them erased. Duk Hwa says that god always listens. He tells them their fate is their own path. He asks them to say goodbye to Eun Tak. He tells them he’s leaving. He closes his eyes and a kaleidoscope of butterflies exit his body and fly away through the ceiling. Duk Hwa’s body topples to the ground.

The freeze of the club stops. Duk Hwa wakes and asks why Kim Shin and Wang Yeo are there. Kim Shin goes to hit him but Wang Yeo holds him back. Duk Hwa doesn’t understand the hostility. Kim Shin calls him butterfly.

That was fascinating. God used Duk Hwa’s body to muck with the fate of our guys. It seemed that he had a grudge against Kim Shin for speaking ill of God when he was dying. I’m glad that our sweet Duk Hwa is really our sweet Duk Hwa though his body was used by god. Simply fascinating, the mind of this writer.

Sunny startles Eun Tak that she knows Wang Yeo is a grim reaper. Eun Tak admits that she met him as a child so she’s known this for a while. Sunny states that if Kim Shin is her brother then he must be around 1000 years old. Sunny asks if Eun Tak is the Goblin Bridge. Eun Tak admits she is though she says it is a technically. Sunny surprises Eun Tak when she says she knows that Eun Tak is going to ask her to reduce her work schedule now that she is in college.

A group of grim reapers eat at Sunny’s eatery. She knows who they are which unnerves them.

goblin_ep12_1958 goblin_ep12_1957
The female grim reaper runs into the evil minister and she’s taken aback by his lack of fear. The evil minister says he knows who she is. He encourages her to take Sunny’s hand if she wants to find out about her past life. He tells her that what she sees will involve him too. He disappears. Wow, seems like direct interference is the name of the game today. 1000 years hasn’t dissipated his evil ways.

Wang Yeo can’t stop thinking about God’s statement asking if Wang Yeo choosing to wipe his memory was God’s plan or God’s mistake. Wang Yeo wonders if God gave him a statement or a question.

Wang Yeo receives the death card for Grandfather. Eun Tak returns home to find Wang Yeo telling Kim Shin that it will happen in three hours. Kim Shim says that he won’t go to Grandfather, he’s said everything and he doesn’t want Grandfather worrying about him at the end. He tells Wang Yeo to see him off and tell him his next life he must live freely and not be tethered (like he was tethered to Kim Shin). Kim Shin asks Wang Yeo to tell Grandfather that he’s thankful. Kim Shin walks away. Eun Tak ask Wang Yeo what is happening. Wang Yeo tells her that Grandfather will die soon. He asks Eun Tak to take care of Kim Shin.

Eun Tak hears Kim Shin crying in his room. It rains.

Grandfather’s assistant fetches Duk Hwa at work.

goblin_ep12_2529 goblin_ep12_2528
Kim Shin writes the gravestone engraving for Grandfather. He cries.

We see the gravestone and the writing.

Eun Tak offers Kim Shin beautiful words of comfort.

Kim Shin offers a distraught Duk Hwa beautiful words of comfort.

Touching, beautiful, lovely.

Wang Yeo, Eun Tak, and Kim Shin try and cheer up Duk Hwa. The apples shaped as bunnies stole my heart. Duk Hwa appreciates their efforts and says he must go do something.

Kim Shin finds Duk Hwa tidying the house. He says he didn’t want his Grandfather to worry. He tells Kim Shin that Grandfather’s assistant will take over as CEO. He says he’s not ready for the responsibility yet. He promises Kim Shin that he’ll become a confidant and supportive entity just like Grandfather was. Kim Shin is touched. I’m touched too.

Grandfather’s assistant find an envelope with Duk Hwa name on it. Inside is a credit card. Perfect! He also finds an envelope addressed to him. Kim Do Young, where Grandfather wrote “If someone whose last name is Kim and first name is Shin, meaning “belief” comes and says “I’ve come to claim what is mine”, give him everything. Everything I’ve left behind is his. He will walk through the rain and disappear with a blue spark. If he does that, you will know the man is Kim Shin.”

The lady in red passes Duk Hwa on the bridge. He doesn’t recognize her. She asks if he’s left. That confuses Duk Hwa who asks if she knows him. She smiles and says his a kind young man that brightens the world. She tells him he will be blessed through his own kind heart. He asks her to have a drink with him. She declines and leaves.

Kim Shin and Wang Yeo make dinner for Duk Hwa. Kim Shin has flashes of the young king when he looks at Wang Yeo. OMG! He asks Wang Yeo how long he’s been a grim reaper. Wang Yeo says 300 years. Kim Shin says that just know he saw the face of another on Wang Yeo that he never wants to see again. He looks grim.

Wow, that is huge!

Kim Shin sees a resume of Kim Woo Shik who is applying for a position on sales. Who is that?

Eun Tak is dressed and ready for her first day of college. Kim Shin says that Duk Hwa will drive her. Kim Shin says he’s got something for her. Eun Tak assumes it is a kiss and closes her eyes and purses her lips. Kim Shin smiles and puts the necklace that he bought for her in Canada around her neck. Eun Tak is thrilled. She asks the significance. Kim Shin says it means “a fate is decided by the heavens” in french. Referencing a fate that humans cannot change. Kim Shin reminds her that men are not allowed within a certain radius of the necklace. They smile.

At college, Eun Tak admires her necklace.

Kim Shin, who looks fabulous in the blue suit with a gray double breasted trench coat, goes to the interview for sales associates. Kim Woo Shik, the man from the resume, is waiting for his interview. Kim Shin sits opposite the man. The man doesn’t recognize Kim Shin. The flashback shows he’s the warrior that put the sword in Kim Shin (with his approval). Kim Shin says to the man that he went down a different path because he’s still alive. He remarks the man must have been lonely. Tears form in his eyes. The man is called into the interview.

Kim Woo Shik is thrilled to learn he got the job. His wife and daughter are thrilled. Grandfather’s assistant (I know he’s CEO give me a minute to adjust) offers Kim Woo Shik company accommodations and a car plus a bonus.  Kim Woo Shik is gobsmacked. Kim Do Young introduces himself as Ceo. Kim Woo Shik is even more gobsmacked. The answer to why is because he saved the country in a former life. The man is stunned. From afar, Kim Shin watches, satisfied to repay the loyalty. In a perfect moment, Kim Woo Shik spots Kim Shin and with tears smiles his gratitude.

Another beautiful, touching moment in this episode. The depth of emotion this episode is evoking in me is surprising.

Eun Tak calls Kim Shin to a photo booth for some cute pictures. She asks Kim Shin to pay back her boss ASAP. She turns to leave for work and he stops her. She tells him that Tae Hee is going to the states to play ball. She gives him quick kiss and leaves. He kinda digs the photo booth.

goblin_ep12_4501 goblin_ep12_4500
When Eun Tak takes the trash out, she sees the evil minister ghost. He introduces himself as Park Joong Heon. He asks if Kim Shin told her that he killed him. He says that Kim Shin’s punishment will be lengthened by the lives he took. The evil minister says he there to share an interesting story. He says that Wang Yeo commanded Kim Shin be pierced by the sword. That’s big! He says the beginning and ending of the story is with Wang Yeo. But Eun Tak doesn’t react as expected. The evil minister asks if she knows who Wang Yeo is living with. She doesn’t. He says that Wang Yeo is living with Kim Shin. Wow! Blunt is in! Eun Tak is stunned but she doesn’t reject the information. The evil minster smiles and states the nameless grim reaper is Wang Yeo. He wonders what will happen when they figure out who the other is. He stares at Eun Tak. He understands the she has control over his death and Kim Shin’s death. He says a child controls death. Eun Tak retorts that the grim reapers name is Kim Woo Bin. She goes inside. The evil minister laughs. He vows that he wants Kim Shin and Wang Yeo to die.

Shaken, Eun Tak can’t believe what she just learned.

goblin_ep12_5001 goblin_ep12_5000
Wang Yeo visits Eun Tak and tells her that he doesn’t know the crime he committed to become a grim reaper. He admits he fears that he’s involved with Kim Shin and Sunny’s past lives. He states three people committed crimes – Wang Yeo, Kim Shin, and Park Joong Heon. Wang Yeo says he’s either Wang Yeo or Park Joong Heon. Wang Yeo says either way he’s Kim Shin’s enemy and can’t be with Sunny. Eun Tak says nothing.

The female grim reaper startles Sunny as she’s closing the eatery. Sunny tells her to come back tomorrow. The grim reaper offers her hand. Sunny takes it. The grim reaper sees that she’s a court lady that the king knocked the medicine out of her hands. She overhears the evil minister telling the king that Kim Shin is revered as a god among the people. Hmm, what was her crime that made her a grim reaper?

Wang Yeo calls Sunny and asks to meet. He’s in front of her house and she hurries to see him. She says she still wants the jade ring back. He stares at her. He tells her that he may not know who he is, or his name, believes that walking away from her is the right thing to do. He says a grim reaper’s kiss makes a person remember their past life. He says he’s afraid to know his connection to her past. He kisses her! OMG! Wow, everyone is being bold this episode! Sunny sees her past as the Queen and the King. She sees the King’s ultimatum of choosing him or her brother. Then he demands the Queen’s chest of brought and dumps it on the ground. She tells him the evil minister is his enemy. He finds the jade ring and swears he’ll kill her brother.  He shoves the ring on her finger and tells her to greet her brother with the dignity of a queen. OMG!!! We now see Sunny as the Queen!!! She sees Wang Yeo (the grim reaper) as the King!!! He demands to know if she ever loved him. She slaps him and cries. He tells her NOT to side with her brother or she’ll die. She must decide to live as his Queen or sister of a traitor. She says she’s the sister of a traitor.  The kiss ends. She’s crying. She can’t believe what she just saw. He tells her it was her past life. He asks if Kim Shin was part of her past life. She nods yes. He asks if he was past of her past life. She nod yes. Tears stream down her face. He asks her to look into his eyes. He tells her to only remember that happiness and forget the sadness in both her present and past life. Tears brim in his eyes as he tells her to forget about him. Awk! I’m crying! Tears stream down his face as he gently cups her face and wishes a happy life. Awk! I’m sobbing! He walks away. She grabs her heart and sobs.

That was a stunningly effective scene. We could end the episode there. I’m not sure I’ve got the strength for more.

goblin_ep12_10529 goblin_ep12_10501
The next day Sunny opens the eatery and Kim Shin is there. He pays her back for the sweet potatoes. She tells him that was her treat. She asks him if the King said she was ugly. He stares at her. She says you may been busy fighting but is was rude never to answer her letters. She cries. He stares. He asks if this is real. She apologizes and hugs him with tears down her face. He cries. Awk! I’m crying too! She thanks him for the gifts. He hugs her back. She pulls back and tells him to visit often. He agrees. They smile the smile of long lost relatives that have found each other again.

Another touching moving scene. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced that many in a single episode of a drama before.

Duk Hwa asks Wang Yeo to play a game with him. He grabs his heart. He recalls when he first felt the pain. Duk Hwa says it couldn’t have anything to do with Kim Shin because he was visiting the Buddhist temple. But Duk Hwa doesn’t know that Kim Shin wrote Wang Yeo’s name with vigor and hatred. Duk Hwa tells Wang Yeo that Kim Shin remembers Kim Sun and Wang Yeo every year without fail. That gets Wang Yeo’s attention.

A ghost realizes that Eun Tak can no longer see her.

As Kim Shin drives her home, he notices that she’s distracted. She says he looks happy. He shares that Sunny remembers him. She’s thrilled for him. She asks how Sunny remembered. Kim Shin doesn’t know.

She asks that he stop the car and just hear her out. She tells him that she meet Park Joong Heon as a ghost. She admits that she knew the name because she overheard Kim Shin telling Wang Yeo about Park Joong Heon. She thinks he may be the reason why Sunny remembers her past life. Kim Shin thanks her for telling him.

Kim Shin stares at the city.

Park Joong Heon is attacked by Kim Shin. The evil minister utter that he’s avoided him for 900 years, but it was all in vain. Kim Shin promises death will be quick. He asks why he’s here now. The evil minister says that Kim Shin’s enemy is right by his side while he’s enjoyed watching it unfold, he couldnt’ pass up the opportunity to tell Kim Shin the truth. Kim Shin says the minister will die by his sword now. He strikes the evil minister BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. The evil minister smiles and says that it isn’t that easy. He disappears. He appears down the street and says that just because Kim Shin has helped people, his sins aren’t erased. Kim Shin walks towards him declaring he’ll kill him. The evil minister says he died in a stupid way then he rotted in the field for 20 years before becoming a goblin. The evil minister says that Wang Yeo was a great king. The evil minister asks if he knows the real identity of the grim reaper he lives with. The evil minister says it was him that made him put down his sword, then ordered the sword plunged into him. The evil minister says the grim reaper is Wang Yeo. Kim Shin doesn’t believe him. The evil minister says that his sister fell for Wang Yeo again in her present incarnation. The evil minister smiles and says that Kim Shin will never have his revenge.

Kim Shin takes a moment and thinks it through. He recalls Wang Yeo crying over the painting of his sister. He recalls seeing the King’s face instead of Wang Yeo’s in the kitchen. He remembers the jade ring and how his sister wore it when she died. The realization comes. The evil minister leaves.

Kim Shim bursts in the house. He goes to Wang Yeo’s room but he’s not there.

Wang Yeo is at the buddist temple. He sees the markers for him and Sunny made by Kim Shin.

As Sunny leaves the eatery Kim Shin asks if the grim reaper was part of her past. She isn’t happy that he startled her. Kim Shin asks if the grim reaper is Wang Yeo. She can’t / won’t answer. He stares at her and says that just like before she’s willing to protect that idiot. He leaves. Sunny is troubled.

Wang Yeo stands at the stairs of the buddist temple. He wonders if he is really Wang Yeo.

Kim Shin goes up the steps of the temple. Just like he did in the past. The intercutting between past and present is perfect. My compliments to who ever storyboarded this episode. Wang Yeo realizes that Kim Shin can hear his thoughts. Kim Shin comes up the steps and says he can hear his voice. Wang Yeo watches Kim Shin comes. Flashback to the past. Present day Kim Shin grabs Wang Yeo’s throat and says “Your commanding General Kim Shin is here to see you, your majesty.” They stare into each other’s eyes.

My thoughts

The most jam packed episode of this series. You almost got whiplash from everything that happened in this episode. The writer must have plenty more to come because there are 4 more episodes. This episode could have ended multiple times each with stellar cliffhangers. So much to say. But I’ve said plenty in the recap and won’t repeat myself too much.

Here’s my stream of consciousness looking forward. I believe that the fate that is banded about in the series isn’t created by God (who by the way took over Duk Hwa’s body) but controlled by the individuals at play whether they are ghosts, goblins, grim reapers, special cases, or humans. Because the writer, Kim Eun Sook, revealed so much this episode that tells me that she’s working towards a non-tragic aka happy ending. The revenge and hatred will play out but friendship and love will prevail. Back to fate, Eun Tak is driver for changing fate, she’s the key. She will change tragedy into triumph. In four episodes we will know if this is correct or wrong or somewhere in between.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) learned that the Grim Reaper was the King that killed him. He tried but couldn’t kill the evil minister. That surprised me. He heard the evil minister’s declaration and didn’t want to believe it. But he examined what he knew, what he felt, and the puzzle pieces fit. The grim reaper was Wang Yeo. He went to his sister to see if she knew. And even though Sunny’s memory was wiped, she couldn’t deny the truth of his conjecture because it felt correct. What happens next? Kim Shin is mad. Wang Yeo is repentant and doesn’t look like he’ll defend himself. Then we’ve got the little matter or Kim Shin needing to die or Eun Tak will die. Yes, there’s plenty more to come.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) learned the Grim Reaper was the King that killed Kim Shin. The evil minister was the creepiest ghost yet. He told her. She didn’t want to believe. But it made sense too. Was I disappointed that she didn’t tell Kim Shin? No. I wonder if she still unconvinced what the evil minister told her was true. If so, then telling Kim Shin would be spreading rumors. Instead she offered the truth that the evil minister had appeared and she was worried that he was mucking things up. Why couldn’t Eun Tak see the female ghost anymore? Is she losing her ghost seeing abilities? She could see the evil minister. He must be in a super ghost category.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) kissed Sunny so she would remember her past and he would find out his.  I respect his bold approach to answer the question – who was I in the past? Even though he suspected he was an evil force by either being the King or the evil minister, Wang Yeo had to know. And when he found out, he kindly wiped Sunny’s memory telling her that she would only remember the good not the bad. Wang Yeo is so sweet and repentant for a past he can’t remember. In no way am I angry with him. I understand why Kim Shin is, but I’m not. In fact, when we watched the first episode, didn’t we all think that Kim Shin was stupid to approach the King knowing that he would likely die and others would too?

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) remembered her past. The most effective moment of that reveal was when the present day actors swapped into the past scene. That was perfect production.

The 10th song of the OST is titled “Wish” by Urban Zakapa. I loved it on the first listen. The Goblin OST is stellar. Reddit post states the song depicts the endless love between the lovers who have separated. It features a piano melody with many emotions as well as vocals from Urban Zakapa.

English Translation

After a tired day
When I came home
I feel strange, strange

I feel dizzy
Stuffiness, I don’t know why
Is it okay?

Time goes by
A day or two a week
I only see the sky
Like a fool

For me and myself
I’m laughing
Increasingly miserable
I’m poor without you

I want you so desperately
When you can’t expect more
In front of many feelings
What to do?

Time goes by
A day or two a week
I only see the sky
Without any thought

I miss you again
Even if you close your wet eyes
I thought of you again and again
Do you feel like I feel?

I don’t wanna love you
As much as I desire
Hopeless desire
I’ll do it again and again

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78 comments on “Goblin Episode 12 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    You are right about this episode. It felt like two episodes in one. It was an emotional roller coaster. I told my friends who hadn’t seen it yet to have a blanket, comfort food, tea, and some tissues. It was going to be a bumpy ride.

    That scene between Wang Yeo and Sunny was so heartbreaking. I was bawling my eyes out watching them. The king just couldn’t understand that she could love him and be loyal to her brother at the same time. The current incarnations of themselves shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of their previous lives, but alas that’s how it will be.

    That is interesting that Eun Tak is losing her ability to see ghosts. I wonder if it’s because her birthmark is fading, or if the evil minister is blocking her abilities.

    I was shocked when Kim Shin couldn’t kill the minister. Maybe his words will ring true that Wang Yeo will be the beginning and the end of this. I hope he does what he should have done before, which was kill that evil minister.

    In regards to Duk Hwa, I’m so glad that he is still the young kid that he was, and God was just inhabiting his body. I felt his heartache when his grandfather died, and loved when he started to mature because of it.

    Now to that end scene. Kim Shin finally put it all together. Wang Yeo was truly remorseful for his past life, and it seemed sad that most likely he was losing his best friend. I hope beyond hope that Kim Shin realizes that the man he has as his best friend is not the same person as the old king. He still needs Wang Yeo to break this curse of the Goblin and his bride. He had another death card for Eun Tak. If Kim Shin acts irrationally, he will possibly not get to her in time.

    Oh the long wait until next week. These next four episodes will be epic judging with how this writer is going.


    • kjtamuser says:

      That scene between Wang Yeo and Sunny was so heartbreaking. I was bawling my eyes out watching them.
      You weren’t alone in your reaction.

      Eun Tak is losing her ability to see ghosts. I wonder if it’s because her birthmark is fading, or if the evil minister is blocking her abilities
      I hadn’t considered the evil minister. As the Goblin’s Bride will she gain powers and lose others?

      In regards to Duk Hwa, I’m so glad that he is still the young kid that he was, and God was just inhabiting his body.
      Concur. God was rather touchy.

      I hope beyond hope that Kim Shin realizes that the man he has as his best friend is not the same person as the old king. He still needs Wang Yeo to break this curse of the Goblin and his bride. He had another death card for Eun Tak. If Kim Shin acts irrationally, he will possibly not get to her in time.
      Ever the optimist, I believe it will work out, I hope it will work out, please let it work out.

      These next four episodes will be epic judging with how this writer is going.
      I hear you. If she packs the next 4 episodes like she has so far, and produces an ending that resonates (happy or sad ending just make me believe it), she’ll have me as a loyal viewer for the rest of her career.


      • Beez says:

        She could’ve never done another thing after Secret Garden and she’d be on my all-time favs list. But then came Descendants of the Sun and now Goblin (even if it fizzles later).

        I’ve heard very good things about her Lovers series so I think I’ll check them out. (And maybe I’ll go back and finish Heirs.)


        • kjtamuser says:

          I loved Secret Garden too. Gentlemen’s Dignity was decent. I did not care for Heirs as the lead couple had zero chemistry (LMH & PSH). DOS was great and Goblin is excellent. Any network would give her carte blanche for her next series.


      • Beez says:

        I also wonder if The Goblin and The Bride becoming more like a real couple (more mature, romantic feelings, small space “photo booth” type feelings could be contributing to Eun Tak losing the ability to see ghosts? Maybe she won’t need those “friends” as she develops new friends (college girl and Sunny) and family (Kim Shin, Duk Hwa, and even Reaper). Although, I guess including Reaper kinda nullifies my theory.



  2. Beez says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but aside from that nasty tongue and decrepit rotting fingers, Evil Eunuch actually looks better than when he was alive. He was just so drawn and weasely looking before.

    Female grim reaper seemed like a bystander in the past. She did have an evil expression on her face as she stood next to Evil Eunuch but I probably would too if the King’s knocking stuff out of my hand that I worked hard to prepare and now I got a mess to clean it up. So hopefully they’ll show us what she did that was so awful.

    “Eun Tak retorts that the grim reapers name is Kim Woo Bin.” kjtamuser

    Ha! Eun Tak thought she could bluff that Reaper isn’t Wang Yeo because he had a human name but Evil Eunuch wasn’t phased by Reaper having a name. It’s as if he knew “Kim Woo Bin” is not Reaper’s real name. Evil Eunuch Corpse must stay abreast of the current celebrities and K-pop news. I guess he had to do something to kill time all these years. lol

    While Kim Shin & Grandpa did have a nice farewell evening together previously, I find his choice not to be there at the end for someone who, by Kim Shin’s own words, never lived his life for himself but for Kim Shin. I also didn’t like the choice to not let Duk Hwa be with Grandpa to hold his hand in his final moments. While I didn’t cry, I was very touched by Goblin holding and reassuring Duk Hwa that he’d be by his side. (Kdrama “East of Eden” has made me unable to cry at anything drama related anymore.)

    Way to go Reaper! ‘Cause I’m sure he could’ve restored her memory with a touch just as well (I can’t imagine Reapers going around planting kisses on men, old ladies, children, so I’m assuming Reaper saw his (last) chance and went for it with the excuse of the kiss). Or the writer just needed them to kiss. Me too, so I’m cool with that. 🙂

    I have a confession to make – I never saw what anyone could see in Lee Dong Wook. I always thought his turned up mouth looked clownish. But this episode with the facial hair and the bangs pulled off his face…Welllll, *purrrrrrrr*, hellloooO Wook.

    “A ghost realizes that Eun Tak can no longer see her.” kjtamuser

    What is up with that? Does it mean she won’t be able to see Evil Eunuch lurking around?

    “The evil minister was the creepiest ghost yet” kjtamuser

    Not to me. For me, “Eyes” still holds that title.

    “…didn’t we all think that Kim Shin was stupid to approach the King knowing that he would likely die and others would too?” kjtamuser

    Yep. Unnn-huh. *nodding*


    • kjtamuser says:

      Evil Eunuch actually looks better than when he was alive
      The makeup team had fun with him. The tongue made me shudder.

      they’ll show us what she did that was so awful
      her proximity to the Evil minister made me wonder if she was his side-kick / informant

      Goblin holding and reassuring Duk Hwa that he’d be by his side
      Yes Goblin’s choice not to be with Grandfather at the end was interesting. Was Grandfather alone at the end?

      Way to go Reaper! ‘Cause I’m sure he could’ve restored her memory with a touch … so I’m assuming Reaper saw his (last) chance and went for it with the excuse of the kiss). Or the writer just needed them to kiss. Me too, so I’m cool with that
      I loved the way he went for it. No permission, he dived in. He had to know his truth. He had to let her know her truth.

      But this episode with the facial hair and the bangs pulled off his face…Welllll, *purrrrrrrr*, hellloooO Wook
      You always make me smile Beez. He doesn’t do it for me physically but his heart does it for me emotionally.


  3. Holly Moon says:

    @Beez But this episode with the facial hair and the bangs pulled off his face…Welllll, *purrrrrrrr*, hellloooO Wook

    @kjtamuser You always make me smile Beez. He doesn’t do it for me physically but his heart does it for me emotionally.

    I have been a Wook fan for almost as long as I have been a Korean drama fan. I know I hear it over and over that he is considered so handsome. Well, no. I have not thought him a clown, but I can ignore the looks (no one cuter or handsomer that Jang Hyuk), for the talent. I think he has gotten the short end of the stick ever since he did that Fugitive of Joseon mainly because his facial hair in that was so off-putting for me. This is the first time I thought he looked great in his facial hair. Maybe he has had to grown into it.

    But I did become a fan due to some of his earlier work. Although sometimes he seemed to be cast in stuff that would have suited an older actor at times. (He began acting at 18–young for some of the sexual topics covered.) He still hit it. He can act.

    Negatives aside, I still watch him in everything he works in. I actually watched Goblin for him, rather than Gong Yoo. He is not disappointing me. And aside from Coffee Prince and Train to Busan, I had not been a fan of Gong Yoo

    And for the rest of the story, well it is still flowing over me, and has me sitting at the edge of my seat to see if I can’t see more than I am seeing. Maybe if I am a little closer I will see more, right?

    I am with you about this writer, I did not know she wrote Secret Garden, and that alone makes me her fan. But to find out she did DOS is also great. And I can’t imagine she will let this drama flop at the end.

    And why do they make the evil ghosts have those ugly black tongues in Korean dramas? ick!


    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon -I’d watched Dong Wook in My Girl which didn’t live up to the hype for me. The only other thing I watched was Bubblegum which I absolutely hated (although, it was the writing rather than the actors that I didn’t like).

      And you say he has facial hair in Fugitive of Joseon? Just added it to my watchlist.

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      • Holly Moon says:

        Don’t say I didn’t warn you. about Fugitive of Joseon
        Better to try La Dolce Vita, heartbreak Library, or Scent of a Woman.

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        • Beez says:

          Which do you recommend I watch first? (I did watch halfway through episode 1 of Hotel King, but child abuse is very difficult for me to watch. I have to get my mind set.If I’m prepared for that content, then I can sit still and watch it.)


    • kjtamuser says:

      I have been a Wook fan for almost as long as I have been a Korean drama fan. I know I hear it over and over that he is considered so handsome. Well, no. I have not thought him a clown, but I can ignore the looks (no one cuter or handsomer that Jang Hyuk), for the talent.
      This is my first time seeing this actor and I have thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Of course you are right, no one is cuter or more handsome that Jang Hyuk! But talent resonates with me. I know that’s why I’m now a fan of Lee Joon Gi after my first experience of watching him in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, he can act!

      Gong Yoo. He is not disappointing me. And aside from Coffee Prince…
      I’ve never seen Gong Yoo in anything but Coffee Prince. Goblin is another role he is hitting a home run in.

      And I can’t imagine she will let this drama flop at the end.
      I don’t see that happening either. I also don’t see it ending in tragedy based on her past works.

      And why do they make the evil ghosts have those ugly black tongues in Korean dramas? ick!
      Yes, the tongue makes you shudder!


      • Beez says:

        Gong Yoo is so good to look at in the movie Suspect. I’ve seen some amazing abs (*cou-Song Seung Heon-gh*) in Kdrama but his in this movie are just… WOW! The movie itself is pretty good (don’t expect romance though).

        His movie “Silenced” is hard to watch (physical and sexual abuse at a school for deaf children) but it’s one of those high quality true story films like Schindler’s List. It’s something everyone should see but nobody would ever want to watch it twice.


        • kjtamuser says:

          I had heard good things about Silenced. He for tackled a role that has a more limited audience. Not heard of Suspect. I don’t tend to be drawn to movies as much. Could be the time comittment.


      • Beez says:

        Having recently become a fan of Cho Jung-Seok, I just started watching Oh My Ghostess (no spoilers please). But looking at the age difference between Park Bo Young and Cho Jung-Seok, it’s almost identical to Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun. Yet I don’t recall seeing any of the same outcry and protests that I’ve seen with Goblin or with The Entertainer (Ji Sung/Yuri).

        Or maybe I just wasn’t aware of any noise about it because when I’m not watching a show, I tend to avoid articles about it so as to not be spoiled later on (our either I have no interest in every watching so I just didn’t pay attention).

        So can anybody tell me if there was discussion of “he’s to old for her” regarding Oh My Ghostess”? I’m asking because, while I did feel that way about Gong Yoo/Kim Go-Eun(at first), and I DEFINITELY felt that way about the Ji Sung/Yuri pairing, I’m not having that same gut reaction to Cho Jung-Seok/Park Bo Young. It’s almost as if Park Bo Young’s character just doesn’t feel that young since she’s not the typical perky heroine that we see so often in Kdrama. I’m only on episode 1 so if her personality becomes perky after possession by the ghost, I’ll see if that changes how I view them as a couple.


        • kjtamuser says:

          I watched OMG after the fact. I do not remember an outcry on age difference. It was a non issue for me when I watched.


          • Beez says:

            @kjtamuser – so then I wonder why Goblin created such at uproar?


            • kjtamuser says:

              Not sure. There is a 12 year difference between the actors on Goblin and a 10 year difference between the actors on OMG. Gong Yoo has a more manly presence than Cho Jung Seok, maybe that plays into the perception somehow.


              • Beez says:

                Gong Yoo. Manly. YES!

                But I gotta give it to l’il man Cho Jung Seok cause his kisses in Jealousy Incarnate made me start looking at him in a whole new light! (Plus what his acting skills and charasmatic personality brought to that role. If anyone else had starred in Jealousy Incarnate, it would’ve just been a typical boring love triangle.)


                • kjtamuser says:

                  If Cho Jung Seok was as charismatic in Jealousy Incarnate (which I have not seen) as he was in Gentleman’s Dignity (which I have seen) I get what you are saying.


                  • Beez says:

                    NOTE TO ME: Add Gentlemen’s Dignity to ever growing watchlist. Check.


                    • kjtamuser says:

                      Beez, wrong drama it is King 2 Hearts where CJS was stellar. A Gentleman’s Dignity is by our Goblin, DOS, Secret Garden writer.


                    • Beez says:

                      Oh snap! My “to watch” list is becoming a monster! I’ll have to take a deep breath and go through it and just scratch off stuff otherwise. It’s taking my kdrama fun and adding it to my list of things to stress over that I’m never going to get to.

                      But I did hear people raving over King 2 Hearts so it’ll definitely get added.


                    • kjtamuser says:

                      Sometimes I access my watch list when I’m “in the mood to binge”. Granted it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I want to devour a series and the watch list is helpful then.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Could the age difference be a issue as the character Eun Tak is still a minor in high school for the majority of the series? I thought the writer did a nice job of holding back the romance until she was legally an adult.


  4. Holly Moon says:

    I tried to respond earlier, but I had a computer issue that refused to let me finish the post..So here I am again, and it seems to be working fine.

    Beez— Hotel King is not too bad, He pairs with Lee Da Hae again, and both got Excellence award nominations. The child abuse is a constant factor in this drama, but most is the memories of stuff from their childhoods. Most of the time it is not front and center, but is background info.. Like in BM.
    La Dolce Vita is very good, and yes has a bit of facial hair. However, this is one that is totally not the usual kdrama.
    Scent of a Woman and the movie Heartbreak Library are pretty good . In the former
    he did win an Excellence Award.
    But for the angst you like–I would say try Blade Man first.

    Kjtamuser— I did watch Silenced earlier this year, and it was ok, but I did not come away thinking he was great. I will give Suspect a try. Thank You


    • Beez says:

      @Holy Moon – so what is it about La Dolce Vita that makes you say it’s unusual?

      I’ll try Blade Man based on your word (and the fact that I’m a sci-fi geek) but I had stayed away from it because I’d heard bad reviews;and at the time it came out, I didn’t care one way or another about Lee Dong Wook; and I totally disliked Shin Se-kyung (who has since won me over with Girl Who Sees Smells and Six Flying Dragons).


    • Beez says:

      As to Gong Yoo in Silenced, I think it’s a sign of good acting and lack of ego that you don’t remember anything great about him in that film. He’s playing an average guy who does a heroic thing but it’s a low key heroic thing because he’s scared for his own family’s livelihood, yet he perseveres. But his character is not meant to be the focus of the story. It’s overwhelmingly about the school and what happened to the students there and the lack of justice they received. It’s not even about any one or two students in particular. The filmmakers used a wise choice (I think) not to focus on the kids’ characters too much either as viewers were very (rightly) concerned for the child actors’ mental health (now and in the future) due to filming the more disturbing scenes.

      I admire the restraint the filmmakers (and Goo) used. They could’ve easily thrown in a shower scene and a romance to turn it into a star vehicle that made lots of money.

      Now the movie Suspect, I admit wasn’t anything special but for Goo fans like me, I enjoyed it.

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  5. Holly Moon says:

    Beez–La Dolce Vita is unusual in that 1) there is a weird mystery thing going on, while at same time, 2) A double partnered love affair that is especially complicated because of in my opinion, some mental health issues, and 3)an unsettling ending. And without spoiling it, that is all I can say.
    It is one where I felt LDW was too young to have to act in this. And I believe he was around 26 or 27 at the time. It is not that he did a poor job. Indeed, I think he was very good in this. (but I know he started working at 18 because his family needed an income–and those Korean dramas that have this as a plot line, seem to be true to life for a good number of young Koreans.) “have To act” is the key words I used, as in 2008 he had only this drama, and the Heartbreak Library for work. And he was putting his sister thru school as well as keeping the family in food and housing, etc.

    Anyway, I think you should try it, but you will need to at least go thru 2 or 3 episodes before you decide to go or stay, the plot unfolds slowly. It has to, because of the many facets involved.

    And I liked Blade Man enough to watch it a second time a year later. And I still enjoyed it.


    • Beez says:

      Thanks, Holly Moon. I’ll check them both out.

      I have a question – I remember that you are the commentator with the awesome Jang Hyuk sites. But didn’t you go by a different screen name here on kjtamuser’s blog? I’ve been trying to remember what it was and just can’t seem to recall.


      • Holly Moon says:

        I am Holly Moon, here and on Facebook, and my Instagram name is moon.holly. It is my real name. I and 3 other Jang Hyuk fans from Florida, started a Facebook Fan Group– Jang Hyuk US Fans. I did a introduction to our group on the StuckonHyuk blog. (DramaF an–is one of the bloggers, and she is one of the four.) Maybe that is who you are thinking of.

        She is the one who reposts Kjtamuser’s episode recaps of Hyuk’s dramas.

        BTW– Even though we call our group Jang Hyuk US Fans—- we have many International members. New members are very welcome. Our only rule is the posts must be about or involve Jang Hyuk in some way. No promoting of other interests allowed. It is a fangirl site in that we sometimes get a little giddy over him.


        • kjtamuser says:

          Easy to get giddy over JH!


        • Beez says:

          @HollyMoon – Ohhhhhh. And you just made me realize – for some reason I no longer receive notifications from StuckonHyuck. I hadn’t noticed it because there hadn’t been any new posts there for a while the last time I checked. But I just realized, my email notifications for kjtamuser posts have been coming directly from kjtamusings and not from StuckonHyuk like they used to. I’ll run over to SOH to re-sign up for notifications.


  6. Holly Moon says:

    Also–I forgot to mention, I did find a site to watch OCN on in real time, but there would be no subs. If you are interested, let me know. If not, I will let you know when VOICE subs are up on dramanice. Last I checked on Viki, they were still unable to get license for it.


    • Beez says:

      WHAT!!!???? You mean I pay both of these ____________ and neither will be having The Voice?????!!!!!!!

      Thanks for letting me know, Holly Moon. I can’t watch in real time because I need subs and even if I could understand, I need to rewind several times throughout my viewing. 🙂

      But I appreciate the heads up. I AM SO MAD!!!!!


  7. Kelli says:

    So kind of bad news, kind of not bad news. They will only air episode 13 next week on Friday, then air a catch up episode. An episode explaining who everyone is and their relationships. Episode 14 will air the following Friday, then 15 & 16 back to back. Honestly, they can make these all 3 hours long each, and I would be super happy.


  8. Holly Moon says:

    OH! OH! OH! Mega good news! Dramafever just posted they will be showing VOICE starting Jan.16th ! And I saw nothing on Netflix so far–so that bit of information was not true. I am so happy for so many people.


  9. Holly Moon says:

    And VIki seems to be setting up for it…but not sure yet if they got it.


  10. Holly Moon says:

    Did you get to watch him in LIFE BAR. It was broadcast this morning, our time EST at 9 am. Even though no subs it was fun to watch him. If interested, it is on again no subs(variety show) on dramanice. The show is designed to get the guest drinking and so they talk more, and JH did a good bit of drinking, but the results are he did some singing and a little bit of dancing. And you could pretty well make out what the talk was about anyway. If you are a Jang Hyuk fan, I recommend it. Ep 6 of Life Bar.

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    • Beez says:

      Omo! Omo! *Hugs, Holly Moon*

      I’m going to watch it right now!


    • Beez says:

      Holly Moon – can you give me dramanice full wen address?

      I just went to www1.dramanice.to and to http://www.dramacool.to and they both only have up to episode 5!


    • Beez says:

      I got it on OnDemandKorea. But still, if you would, I’d like the web address you use for DramaNice in case I’m looking for something in the future. Thanks.


    • Beez says:

      Hyukie’s looking better the older he gets! (Looks like he’s had his teeth done. I think he may be perfect now.)

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    • Beez says:

      In the first few minutes, what is that last (third) fighting scene from? The scene they show after the two Iris2 scenes and out sends like he’s chanelling Bruce Lee a bit. It looks like an SNL type cheap set. Is that from a drama or a variety show?

      TJ’s Project – so cuuuute!

      I love how he was showing how his nose is straight on his left profile but crooked on his right.

      Jang Hyuk talking about TaeKwonDo and martial arts (I know he studies more that TKD) – and getting tipsy. I’m in heaven.

      It was so good to see him so relaxed. He usually seems like he doesn’t really like variety or talk shows and seems somewhat introverted yet doing it because it’s required to promote his latest drama/movie.

      I will never forget his drunk dancing. So cute!

      Falling in love with him all over again!

      Thank you, Holly Moon, for the heads up!


  11. Holly Moon says:

    Beez– http://www1.dramanice.to/life-bar is the address I use. Maybe you caught it before it actually posted there. Sometimes –just like on dramafever–you have to look on homepage for new stuff and click there to see it where the post will be later. (I hope that makes sense to you.)
    Yes that was from an older Saturday Night Live Korea show but You can still see it here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9in-DmQWkFc&t=166s This is part 2 (there are 6 parts–all good) no subs, but trust me, you won’t need them. And funny as all get out! I could watch this part over 20 times and still laugh.

    Also here is a link to a soompi page https://www.soompi.com/2017/01/12/jang-hyuk-recalls-frightening-experience-made-cut-alcohol/ where someone translated a part to explain about his drinking. This is short and not so happy, so see it first before going to SNLK stuff.

    Did you notice how Seung Won Baek tried to get him to slow down on that drinking? Yes he was cute, but I am glad a friend was there to see him safe afterwards.


    • Beez says:

      So I Googled Seung Won Baek and almost nothing came up that I would think would be related to Jang Hyuk other than a small article ranking him as a boxer so I’m assuming that’s the guy? Does JH train with him?

      I cannot express how cute I found Hyukie just being himself (but a much looser version). 😀

      I’ll check out all the links you sent. Thanks for taking the time to add them. You’re DAEBOK-SOME!

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  12. Holly Moon says:

    Beez– you know he quit smoking a year ago, and when I saw how much he drank here, I was concerned he swapped one habit for another. But after hearing his story, I think he is aware of the dangers of too much drink, so I feel somewhat better about it. Still. This is a scary show in that it is pushing the drinks on the guests.
    Each episode is similar in that regard.


    • kjtamuser says:

      HM, I wondered to myself if a show that encourages drinking to get a freer exchange with a guest was the norm or unusual. As I only watch dramas, I am not as familiar with other types of programming.


      • Holly Moon says:

        I don’t think it is the norm. I was very surprised when I watched the first episode, and then checked out the following episodes. I oppose this method of interviewing, as you can see the guest become looser and more relaxed as the drinks are consumed.
        But I will say it was nice seeing Hyuk let down his guard some and become more of a person versus the star persona we usually see.
        However, by the end I was somewhat concerned because, he had really become more than a little drunk. And I know for a fact he had a major hangover the next day at work.
        I am not sure the guests are told in advance how this show would work or to what extent the drinking would be.


    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – you mentioned “his story”?

      As to the drinking, I’d hope whoever goes on the show knows it’s premise and, hopefully, will pick a different type of show to promote their upcoming project. I used to work for a firm that dealt with international clients (mostly Japanese) and, according to our Japanese exchange personnel, the proper way to conduct business was after the formal meeting held at the office, to go out and discuss over drinks because then, they could express thoughts more openly and freely but frame any borderline rudeness (questions they needed to raise but would deem impolite normally (in their culture)) on the alcohol.

      Speaking of which, do you know if there’s a reason Hyukie picks the smaller variety/talkshows to promote on? And what’s up with OCN? Are they so tiny a network that The Voice isn’t being picked up by Viki, DramaFever or OnDemandKorea?

      And why are they regulating JH to smaller projects and smaller shows to promote on? (I’m hoping that’s just what he chose and not because he has limited choices?)


  13. Holly Moon says:

    Yes, Seung Won Baek is the owner now, of a gym ( The Won Gym) in Seoul. Jang Hyuk has been working out there for several years now. JH is boxing as his main sport/exercise and has Seung Won Baek as a friend and mentor in this endeavor. JH has just started substitute High Altitude training by using a mask which restricts oxygen, forcing you to breathe deeper. He is quite serious about boxing.

    But he explains it as a way to respond quicker, and to dodge ill times blows, and he feels it keeps him younger and more focused.

    Seung Won Baek has also been in Fated To Love You as the boxer who gives JH the bloody nose, –JH probably got him the part as he had already been boxing there.

    I don’t know if he has always picked the smaller shows, but as for the recent variety show choices–it is easy to explain. In the last 4 months, there was DID YOU HAVE A MEAL? –picked because he was asked by his long time friend, Kim Su-roo (host of the show) to be a guest. Kim Su-roo was with Hyuk in Volcano High, Windstruck, S-Diary, Five Senses of Eros, as well as Real Men. Their friendship goes back to early days for Hyuk.

    And then more recent, Hyuk went to Vietnam to participate in SERENDIPITY, a SBS variety travel type show, not yet aired. SBS, as you know has ties with Hyuk’s agency, Sidus.

    LIFE BAR is a TVN show, and TVN and OCN are sisters networks under the same company ownership. TVN has done it’s part in promoting Voice, for OCN. OCN is a cable network, forging a name for itself with top notch dramas to back up it’s movies.

    The thing I am impressed most by what OCN has done, is you can’t go anywhere in Korea right now, without seeing ads promoting Voice. Airports, billboards(their style at any rate), in buses, on TV, etc. They have shown 3 JH movies back to back today, with a constant small ad on screen promoting Voice. They are also the network that put out 38 Task Force (Squad 38 on Dramafever) which was a big success in Korea. And OCN used the 2 stars of that show to promote Voice as well.

    In December, they shot the first episode. Then took a look at it, and decided 2 things. I.) they had a star in Hyuk, and were, in their words, impressed also by his worldwide fan base. Therefore, they started even more push in Korea. And 2) They wanted a top notch director. Word went out that the director they had used for the first episode was finding his schedule was going to conflict with other work. Could be true–but doesn’t seem like it, as when they hired the new director, they hired someone with “Thriller” experience. And then promptly, went out and had him reshoot Episode 1. For those of us watching what was being released in the beginning, ( sort of mediocre cop type with a hint of lightness to it) to what was released after the change (more top notch story to go with Hyuk’s acting but with a darker side) No funny business here, and it seems a bigger budget.

    They actually did a Voice Premiere in a movie theater last night, inviting fans from several major JANG HYUK Fan groups to see the first Episode, along with a chance to see the stars a bit on stage.

    As for Jang Hyuk, this is putting him back in the place he deserves to be for his hard work. After KBS shorted him not only on episodes, but with no promotion to speak of for Beautiful Mind. And they laid the blame at Hyuk’s feet. He lost many of his sponsors and ad work. And we have seen Beautiful Mind, and so we know how unfair that was.

    Sidus is taking an almost backseat in helping with his promotion, I have my own thoughts on that as well, but should not post them here.

    Oh, and “his story” referred to the story he told about his drinking in the Soompi link I gave you.

    Hope I answered all your questions. And did you see I said, Dramafever will be showing Voice starting Jan.16th. And Viki still has not received a license to show it.

    Voice’s cable debut is 10 pm Saturday evening which is 8 am Saturday morning for EST. I know you are waiting for the subs, but I am going to be watching it sub free tomorrow morning, and will watch again when subs are out. But, that’s me. If anyone is interested in watching it tomorrow morning, you can access OCN by way of this new site. http://www.sinktv.com/korea/ and pick OCN.


    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – on the Life Bar episode that I just watched them in, Seung Won Baek looks so much younger than JH. It seemed as if he might be JH’s coach or instructor but because he looked so young, I didn’t know what to think other than “JH must be training him”, but the dynamic didn’t seem like that was the case. Thanks for the clarification.

      “Seung Won Baek” has also been in Fated To Love You as the boxer who gives JH the bloody nose…”

      I love Fated, but I don’t remember a scene with a boxer giving Gunn a bloody nose or even being around a boxer. *sigh* one more thing to go back and watch for. I feel like I’ll never move forward on getting through my unWatched List cause I keep having to go back to see what I missed our forgot. *grrrrr* So irked at myself.

      “SBS, as you know has ties with Hyuk’s agency, Sidus.” Holly Moon

      Nope. Didn’t know that. I’m guilty of just ooh and ahhh-ing over the pretty, I guess.

      “And they laid the blame at Hyuk’s feet.”
      WHAT!? WHAT the..WHAT???!!!

      Yes, I saw your post that DF will have The Voice. Thanks. So now I’m wondering if we (USA) will be behind everybody else as far as – will Dramabeans and international fans be posting about the show but we’ll be trying to avoid spoilers as we wait to catch up?

      Anyway, I see I need to visit your Facebook page. I did “like” it a while back, but I never check my FB account. I just don’t like the whole concept of FaceVook. (my old-fogeyism).

      I might just try it without subs to see how much I can determine is going on. Although, I would imagine this show will have far more complex stuff to talk about than a simple rom-com which, I have watched those without subs and when the subs came out, I couldn’t be more wrong about what they were saying. lol

      I can’t thank you enough, HM. But I have to laugh when I think of how I thought of myself as a HUGE Hyuk fan just because I make sure to watch everything he’s ever been in. (Haven’t watched Tazza or the one with “ambition” in the title yet. though).

      I now see where the true fans are meeting and exchanging info. I’m still a fan though and will support him however I can in my measly little way. 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      Holly Moon, totally appreciate the inside scoop and details.

      Jang Hyuk is a phenomenal actor with a world wide fan base.

      KBS treated Jang Hyuk and the show Beautiful Mind shabbily. To hear that they laid the blame at Hyuk’s feet…He lost many of his sponsors and ad work appalls and angers me.

      I’m thrilled that OCN is treating Jang Hyuk better by heavily promoting Voice .

      I hope the story line is riveting. That is key. Jang Hyuk can elevate anything but I want to see him soar with a superb script. I like how you described they retooled more top notch story to go with Hyuk’s acting but with a darker side.

      I look forward to recapping this series. Thanks again for the details. As a Jang Hyuk fan, I want him to be treated well. I want him to enjoy a solid series with a supportive network. I hope Voice hits the mark.


  14. Holly Moon says:


    I probably should clarify that a bit more. Sidus has a history of a strong working relationship with SBS, which first began broadcasting in 1990. Hyuk did 9 out of his first 14 dramas with SBS. When these dramas were cast, many of Sidus’ actors, and actresses were cast. A few years back, Sidus lost quite a few of these actors to other agencies. Hyuk is their biggest star and has remained with them.

    So I would love to have you join in on our facebook site, we dearly need more English speakers, and indeed, if you are not into the whole facebook concept, two things I would note for you. 1) you must join facebook, but need not give any information of your page. and 2) you are in control of who and how many friends you have. I keep my friend list to a maximum of around 30-36. The majority of them are family members. I think if memory serves me right now, I only have 8 people I am fairly close with as friends, the remainder are family. It is a way of keeping in touch, as we are spread out in several states.

    But the Jang Hyuk US Fans is a group site, where the posts stay within the site, unless you put them on your site, they will not be seen elsewhere. I work hard to keep trolls from becoming members, and if I discover a suspected troll, they are blocked immediately from the group.

    The idea was to help grow a larger base of Jang Hyuk fans in the US and Canada. But truthfully, we now have members all over the world. And why not. I want to see Jang Hyuk around for years yet, and the more fans and the more vocal we are the more it can support him. If fans aren’t vocal enough, no one knows you are there. And the actors livelihood is based on those people in charge knowing that the drama, or film already has a base from which to draw viewers.

    I am going to end this post here, because it will be too long. I will do another post, recommending a second option.


  15. Holly Moon says:

    -for the second option, consider Instagram. I only joined Instagram in May of 2015 shortly after learning Hyuk had an account. Not a fan one with his name, but really him. I think I was his 326th follower. Now he has 76,000 followers.

    I spent a year not posting just following him and a group of his followers, that I added one by one, because of what they posted. I don’t have time to waste, and so, I won’t follow someone if they are not posting Hyuk. I don’t care to see pictures of food they are going to eat, or flowers that they see, or family or friends I will never know. Sorry, but I am really there to see Hyuk. If I follow someone, that mainly posts Hyuk, and then sometimes throws in one of the other kinds of pictures, I can live with that. I just don’t want to see only that from them.

    In May of 2016, I began posting myself. I only post Hyuk. So I am tighter with a group of women that are like-minded in that, that is our thrust. We can comment to each other and thereby slowly learn something about each other, and have. We are from different countries , and Hyuk is the binder that brings us together. With this core group, I have learned a lot more about Hyuk. And because one member is Korean, I was able to go to the 20th Anniversary Fan Meet. In order to buy tickets you had to be there, to order and pay.

    Keep in mind, it only takes a few minutes to set up your account. You only post if you want. You can make your account private if you want, so no one can see your pictures if they are given access by you. And by having the account you can follow others. So if you chose to try this, then, I can give you a short list of around 10 to follow, including Hyuk. . They might try to follow you in return, but if you don’t post there is nothing they can see except your online name. And only the info you chose to show. But each day you would get a feed of what they have posted, and at the very least, lovely pictures to drool over.

    What you do in the future is up to you. You can ask me anything, and I will give you the ins and outs of the informal rules we all get along with.

    So let me know if you want to try this.


    • Beez says:

      Wow, HM. I’m feeling overwhelmed with so many options. I have a disability that affects the way my brain processes information. (That’s why everybody sees me on here always saying “I missed that, or forgot that part”.)

      Most things that I learned before I got sick are intact, but learning new stuff is where I get stuck. I know it probably sounds very easy to most people but just the very idea of instagram and whatever else you mentioned makes my brain freeze.

      I do have a Facebook account and my son is always on me that I should use it but I can never figure out how crap works on it.

      It’s frustrating because I used to be the first person to learn and embrace new technology.

      I’ve seen your instagram account before and while there are great pictures of Hyuckie, I get overwhelmed at the sheer number of them.

      Part of why I frequent recap sites is because if I didn’t, I’d constantly have to re-watch the last episode before I could move on to the next. The recaps help me cement in my brain what’s happening on a show (and so the farther into a show we go, I lose what happened in the earlier episodes. But I do know how a show makes me feel about it, even if, later, I can’t remember anything specific. What makes it so difficult is I used to have a memory that remembered every tiny detail of EVERYTHING and I am not exaggerating with that. So where other people might be able to continue without it upsetting them so much that they don’t remember something, is almost traumatic for me because remembering EVERYTHING was just part of who I am. (I could tell my sister what color eyeshadow and socks she wore on her first date 47 years ago.) No joke. 🙂

      Sorry for whining you guys. I just wanted Holy Moon to know why I probably won’t be much of a presence on those sites. Just once in a while when JH isn’t doing a project, I might stop by during the gap to drool over some pics.


      • kjtamuser says:

        Thank you for sharing Beez. You impress the heck out of me with your comments and insights. My reference point is who you are now, so I don’t see any reduced capacity, I only enjoy who you are today. I hope that makes sense and came across okay.

        Holly Moon, I enjoy your Instagram presence and relish your single minded Jang Hyuk focus. I’m not a Facebook fan, never liked that social platform.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez, I concur with KJT about enjoying your thoughtful, insightful comments and do not see any diminished capacity. I ❤ your keen wit!

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Holly Moon says:

    BTW—Goblin episode 13 is up on Dramafever.


  17. Holly Moon says:

    Beez– No apologies or explanations needed. I have no expectations from you or from anyone else.
    My husband had a stroke in 2012. At 61. And he too has issues which I accommodate as best I can. so let it go at that.

    I offer the help or knowledge when I can, but do not insist on any part of it. I will still enjoy your comments here.

    And if you have questions for me, feel free to ask. I think though I will not try to cover all the bases on each questions, so as to limit the amount you have to struggle with.

    Will that suit you better?

    And I watched Voice this morning, It will be a hit for Hyuk.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I watched Voice this morning, It will be a hit for Hyuk
      I look forward to seeing it soon!


    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon, I REALLY DO appreciate the info and facts about JH. Please don’t limit things that people might want to know (especially me). I just felt overwhelmed with all the places to go that intimidate my stupid brain. But I can follow links to videos and articles and really want to know facts about JH. Its just all the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler stuff that sends me reeling.

      Please do continue to mention stuff for others who can benefit. I really wish I could participate on all those different type forums. I just wanted you to know why I wouldn’t be (at least not often).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Holly Moon says:

        Oh Beez–
        Please don’t misunderstand me. I will not treat you as incapable of comprehension. I am like kjtamuser in that if you hadn’t said anything, I would never have noticed.

        I long ago learned that what bothers me the most about any limitations I may have, other people don’t seem to find fault with, or even notice. We are all much more sensitive to our own faults or failures than the rest of humanity is.

        And I am no different in that I also need to go back and check out facts or review parts of dramas or films if I am presenting an idea.

        And there was a time when purchasing for a home construction development corporation, I had the entire Inventory (quantities needed as well as in stock, where the best places were to get bids, what the current prices were, etc.) for over 4000 items in my head. Now I couldn’t do that if I tried my best.

        Forgetfulness comes with age, whether we want it or not.

        Throw in some other complication to the mix, like my husband’s stroke, and a person is bound to have some new issues to deal with.

        Now in regards to Seung Won Baek and his appearance in Fated– it is not really worth the time or effort for you to go back to find it as it is only a minute long in duration, and you never get to see his face. They do a bit of sparring and they are wearing those padded helmets. SWB is in blue, Gunn in red. It is in Episode 3 just over 30 minutes in, and the scene is basically there to let you know Gunn isn’t taking SeRa’s phone calls because of the deep hurt he feels over her failure to come to Macau. Still, as I said before, I think Hyuk got him the bit part, probably in an effort to help his friend get his name out there for other potential work. SWB was in the early stages of building business with his gym, and getting more boxers to use it and use him as a trainer. Since then I read he has also worked on a few other dramas and or films as advisor or action designer concerning boxing. Hyuk is always loyal to his friends.

        And I don’t know if that part was already in the script, or was written in after an idea was thrown out there by Hyuk, as Hyuk was also working as a action designer for some scenes, such as the wild and wacky stunt run from the waiting room to the surgery room where, Mi Young was about to have the abortion.


        • Beez says:

          Holly Moon, you are awesome! I actually would’ve gone back looking for that scene because I’m a tad OCD. But your description makes me feel like I saw it (and also, the way this new brain of mine works, I can remember noting about a movie or show I’ve seen, but the minute I rewatch it,I go “ohhhhhh yeah” and it’s there. And I do recall Gunn being tired of SeRa’s mess for a minute there and I vividly recall the “cop action show-like” clinic run. (I think) Haha!


        • kjtamuser says:

          I also need to go back and check out facts or review parts of dramas or films if I am presenting an idea
          Absolutely, I use my own recaps as a resource for that.
          Forgetfulness comes with age, whether we want it or not.
          That’s a fact.


          • Beez says:

            Yes, I know. But it goes far, far, far beyond what’s normal for me. I won’t bore you guys with the details.


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