7 First Kisses Extra Endings

7 First Kisses Extra Endings 

Recall at the end of episode 7, fairy godmother told Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) to choose one celebrity and she’d be put back right where they left off. When episode 7 ended, there was no preview of the final celebrity, Lee Min Ho. That episode is due next week.

To tide us over, uploaded Extra Endings reveal what happened after each “almost kiss”, the moment when the celebrity goes in for the kiss…and the fantasy ends.

Extra Endings – What happened after the “almost kiss”?

1. Lee Joon Gi – Soo Jin sneezed in his face. He got the raw end of the deal. He is gracious (of course). Video is cued.

2. Ji Chang Wook – Alarm went off indicating intruders broke into the building. They went into spy mode. Witness the intruders interruption (video is cued to that moment).

3. Taecyeon – Secrets were revealed. Taecyeon tried to steal a kiss. But Soo Jin wanted to wait until after the press conference (video is cued).

4. Park Hae Jin – Police interrupted their almost kiss. Soo Jin is willing to tell the police to wait but Hae Jin wants to deal with the police straight away. They end up laughing at the absurdity of the situation. (video is cued).

5. Lee Jong Suk – Director called cut. Soo Jin is bummed a real kiss wasn’t achieved which Lee Jong Suk finds cute. As he leaves the shoot, Lee Jong Suk motions for Soo Jin to call him. Video is cued.

6. Kai – the other dancers interrupted their almost kiss. They laugh it off and dance too. Video is cued.

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5 comments on “7 First Kisses Extra Endings
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The reveal in the Taec Yeon ending was the best surprise ever! All of endings enhanced the story. Hmm who will she chose?


  2. TEIN says:

    Lee Joon Gi and Park Hae Jin stories are interesting for me. I would love to know how it will evolve. It makes me curious of what would happen if the story continues. It makes me think of many struggles they will go through

    Lee Jong Suk’s story is like a fairy tale, but if the story continues like she choose him, she will have to deal with the fans. I am one of them hehehehe.

    Ji Chang Wook’s story is so awesome, however it doesn’t suit her to be an agent type of girl. Not recommended.. Hehehe

    Taecyeon’s story is like every Cinderella story with a wicked stepmother and wicked stepsisters kind of thing. Even if secrets are revealed, I don’t think it’s a great plot to continue.

    Kai’s story is not so amusing. He left her so I don’t like to continue that.

    I love watching them all in one drama. I hope there could be more like this in the future.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I’d be interested what happened if she chooses Lee Joon Gi because he had the double edge of star to her and rich home town boy too. I loved how Taecyeon played his part perfectly letting everyone else be crazy. He seemed to have loads of fun.
      This series was better than I expected. It was fluffy fun that showcased most of the male stars well. Thanks for the comment!


  3. HI thank you for all your recaps and comments on 7kisses. I also did enjoy every episode of this cute, funny, short, web drama. A sure pretty way to end and start the old and new year in my drama watching.

    Happy New Year and hope for a more drama watching in 2017.


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