Goblin Episode 10 Recap

Happy New Year!!

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 10 Recap

The Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) has called to Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) “Kim Sun”. They go outside the eatery to discuss it.

Sunny asks how he knew her real name “Kim Sun”. Wang Yeo tries to claim he called her “Kim Sunny”. He spins away. She grabs his hand to stop him. She’s wearing the jade ring! Wang Yeo feels the power of her touch. He turns and looks at her hand. He sees the jade ring. He has a flashback of the past with the Queen lying on the ground wearing the ring. Wang Yeo flashes to the King shoves the ring on the Queen’s finger.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) stares at them in blissful ignorance.

Flashback of the King watching the Queen balance and walk this time the broken dishes reassemble themselves. That is interesting. Wang Yeo stares at Sunny. Flashback of the Queen smiling at the King. Sunny stares at Wang Yeo. Wang Yeo seems to recognize her. He utters “how on earth…” Sunny asks if he’s okay, he’s pale as a ghost. Wang Yeo recalls Kim Shin telling him that the woman on the scroll, the Queen, was his sister. I don’t know about you, but this is riveting.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) tell Kim Shin that he’s staring a hole through Wang Yeo and Sunny. Kim Shin asks what kind of person Sunny is. Eun Tak says that Wang Yeo asked her the same question.

goblin_ep10_0513 goblin_ep10_0507
Sunny asks Wang Yeo if he’s married. He denies this. Sunny asks if Wang Yeo is a spy. He denies this. Sunny asks if Wang Yeo is a grim reaper. Bulls eye! What will he say? He says nothing. Sunny says that was a joke. She’s satisfied that he’s not married or a spy. She goes inside. Wang Yeo wonders who she is.

Sunny grabs a beer. Kim Shin remarks he’s interested in how her name is a familiar one to him. She says her name is Sunny. Kim Shin comments that Sunny doesn’t realize who Wang Yeo really is. Both Eun Tak and Wang Yeo stare daggers at Kim Shin. Wang Yeo asks Sunny to return the jade ring to him. She wants to know why.

Flashback to Wang Yeo thinking that scroll woman looks like who Sunny has in her former life. Scroll woman is Kim Shin’s sister. He asks himself if Sunny is the reincarnation of scroll woman. Wang Yeo realizes he cried when he saw scroll woman and Sunny for the first time. He asks himself if this is related to his erased memories of his former life. Good logical thinking!

goblin_ep10_1037 goblin_ep10_1036
Eun Tak and Kim Shin banter about him focusing her search for a job and how Sunny is pretty. Eun Tak states Kim Shin still needs to come through her two wishes – getting a part time job and a boyfriend. Irritated, Kim Shin snaps he’s her boyfriend and he’s getting tired of repeating himself. Kim Shin calms down, rubs her head and tells her he liked seeing her a work. She melts.

Kim Shin stares the scroll woman (his sister).

Wang Yeo meets Sunny and asks for the ring back. He says he needs it for research. Sunny puts the ring on the table (per Wang Yeo’s gesture, he avoids touching her hand) and Wang Yeo takes it. He thanks her and promises to return it. Sunny is interested in learning what he finds out. She leaves.

Kim Shin asks if Sunny was a mortal enemy from Wang Yeo’s past. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin this is a private matter. Kim Shin brings up the fact that his sister’s name was Kim Sun. He can’t get it out of his head. He wonders if Sunny is his reincarnated sister. He tells Wang Yeo while his sister wouldn’t recognize him, he’d care out her happiness and whether she was loved.

goblin_ep10_1538 goblin_ep10_1537
Eun Tak enters the house and overhears Wang Yeo ask Kim Shin about his background. Kim Shin says he was a general. He says he died by the sword of the man he protected.

Flashback…The King took the throne when he was a boy. Many died around him from poisoning. Wang Yeo, the King’s brother, was kept safe by his adviser. When the King was dying he asked Kim Shin to marry his sister to the new King, his brother Wang Yeo. He begged Kim Shin to protect Wang Yeo. Kim Shin agreed to the dying King’s request.

When Wang Yeo became king while a child, his adviser relished that he was the power behind the throne.

10 years later Wang Yeo is told that Kim Shin’s sister is the bride his brother selected for him. The adviser isn’t excited about the selection and doesn’t like hearing about how trustworthy Kim Shin is.

goblin_ep10_2119 goblin_ep10_2118 goblin_ep10_2117Wang Yeo is drawn to Kim Sun as we watch an extended version of the balancing bowls scene. Kim Shin watches the King watch his sister.

In the procession to get married, Kim Sun asks Kim Shin what the King looks like. That’s interesting that she didn’t realize the man watching her balance the bowls was the King. Kim Shin quips that she should care about his character more than his looks. Kim Shin tells her the King is good looking and has already seen her. She flashes back to the bowl balancing and realizes that was the King. Kim Shin says he’ll be off for long stretches for his military duties. Kim Sun assures him that she can handle her marriage.


There is chemistry between the King and Kim Sun. Sweet!

The King’s adviser suggests his bride is not high born and not worthy. He says people are talking behind his back.

Kim Sun asks the adviser to stop bad mouthing her. The adviser is brutal with his words. She’s nothing, she’s a distraction, and he’s the power behind the King. The adviser states the her brother Kim Shin has illusions of grandeur and wants the throne for himself. The adviser states there can only be one King. He’s super creepy as he rants, then stuffs his emotions, regaining control over himself.

The King gives Kim Shin the fated sword. He tells Kim Shin that he is to leave and never return. Kim Shin can’t believe that he’s being exiled for doing as the King asked. The King orders him to leave and never return.

goblin_ep10_3020goblin_ep10_3021  goblin_ep10_3019
When Kim Sun asks the King to allow her brother to return AND jettison his adviser, he gets angry and accuses her lowly origins of wanting to grab power that is not hers to grab. The King tells Kim Sun that her brother, the conquering war hero, it making his way back to the palace against strict orders. The King says that Kim Shin is too popular and has betrayed the King by edging him out of the hearts of the people. The adviser demands that the King cut of Kim Shin’s head to prove the King’s power. Now the King is between a rock and a hard place.

When Kim Shin returns to the palace, the King has Kim Sun shot in the heart with an arrow per his adviser’s recommendation.

Present day…Kim Shin says that is the last time he saw his sister. Kim Shin explains that even though he knew it was futile he kept pressing forward to the King. He knew he would die trying to get to the King. He says he didn’t realize that the King’s jealousy and fear of him would be his undoing. He took a vow to protect the King. His sister died because of the King.

Wang Yeo shows Kim Shin the jade ring and asks if he recognizes it. Kim Shin quips he’s not interested in Wang Yeo romantically. At Wang Yeo’s urging he stares at the ring but it doesn’t ring a bell (pun intended). Kim Shin implies Wang Yeo might be his reincarnated sister which creeps him out. Eun Tak interrupts and says she’s heading out. Kim Shin offers to go with her.

goblin_ep10_3532goblin_ep10_3533 Eun Tak piles on unsolicited compliments which surprises Kim Shin. He asks why she likes him. She says he’s strange and beautiful. He smiles. She smiles.

They visit the memorial maker of Eun Tak’s friend. She’s startled to see her mother in a picture with the friend.

Eun Tak implores Kim Shin to open the portal to the library so she can talk to her friend’s spirit. Her friend confirms she was good friends with Eun Tak’s mother. The spirit says she protected her mother’s insurance money for Eun Tak. She points to a locker and tells her the combination. Inside the locker at the bank books with the insurance money. The friend says it is time for her to leave and go be with Eun Tak’s mother. Eun Tak tearfully thanks her. The spirit disappears. Kim Shin watches with a tender look on his face.

goblin_ep10_4051 goblin_ep10_4050
At the pier of rocks before the ocean, Eun Tak tells her mother that her friend was true and kind. Eun Tak thanks her mother for taking care of her. Eun Tak thanks Kim Shin for opening the library portal. Sweet moment between them.

Kim Shin asks Grandfather’s assistant to put the insurance money in Eun Tak’s hands legally so she can pay for college. The assistant promises to make it happen. He thanks Kim Shin for helping him. Sweet.

Grandfather’s assistant visits Eun Tak’s aunt in prision and recording her admitting to hiding the insurance money. He offers her two choices: 1. Return the stolen money to Eun Tak and get out of jail. 2. Claim the money has hers and suffer a long battle. He asks which it will be. She threatens him. He threatens her back. Touche!

Grandfather’s assistant creates an entry level sales job for Duk Hwa. When the manager tells Duk Hwa to memorize the products, Duk Hwa infers he has connections. The manager confirms she knows that he’s the Chairman’s grandson and has strict orders to treat him like any new employee. Ha! At least Duk Hwa swiftly caved.

goblin_ep10_4640 goblin_ep10_4639
Wang Yeo can’t get the past images out of his head. When Sunny calls, he tells her he’s not done with the ring yet. He wonders if he should hold her hand one more time. Sunny preens thinking he’s flirting and suggests they meet in the afternoon.

Kim Shin sees Wang Yeo’s encounter with Sunny doesn’t end well. He tells his friend to wear comfortable shoes because it will be a long walk home.

When Wang Yeo meets Sunny (at the same fountain location just used in Legend of the Blue Sea) he asks to hold her hand. Sunny takes his request in stride and admits she’d like to hold his hand and hug him too. But first, she needs to know who he is. He says nothing. Then he apologizes. Sunny says that they should stop meeting. She asks him not to contact her again. She walks away. Wang Yeo looks forlorn.

Eun Tak is thrilled at the stroke of midnight that she’s a legal adult (20 years old). She finds Kim Shin waiting to celebrate with her. She wants to drink together. She’s taken aback at the bitterness of soju but gets the hang of it. Thugs that Kim Shin has encountered previously show up and challenge him to settle their differences. Kim Shin agrees and says they need to do this outside. He disappears. The thugs follow. Eun Tak continues to pound the soju.

Kim Shin deftly dispatches the thugs.

goblin_ep10_5704goblin_ep10_5811 goblin_ep10_5810 When he returns to Eun Tak she’s pleasantly buzzed. She suggests a kiss would amp the romance to the right level. She approaches him and leans towards him with her lips pursed. He freezes everyone around them. She scoffs that he can’t freeze her. He smiles and puts his hands on her face. He leans down and kisses her sweetly. She smiles a lovely smile. He smiles a lovely smile. She kisses him. She declares it a perfect moment. That was a lovely moment. So much more than a kiss. It was a fusing of their joy in being together.

Wang Yeo tries to decide if he got dumped.

The next morning Eun Tak announces she’s making breakfast to Kim Shin and Wang Yeo. She says it seems like only yesterday they were strutting like cool models down a dark road. The boys split to get leeks.

goblin_ep10_10000goblin_ep10_10001 They strut like cool models down a dark road while holding bags of leeks. I’m guessing you are smiling like I am right now. But the moment is ruined when a motorcyclist chew them out for being in the road. Kim Shin interprets this as concern for their well being that they weren’t using the sidewalk. HA! Wang Yeo and Kim Shin yell that they wish the motorcyclist a happy new year “because we are cool dudes”. I’m guessing you are laughing like I am right now.

They sit down for breakfast and Wang Yeo admits he was dumped by Sunny. He says she demanded to know his real identity. Eun Tak suggests instead of saying he is a grim reaper to call himself an angel. She notes it is two sides of the same coin. Kim Shin offers support. He gently pats Wang Yeo’s wrist. Wang Yeo stares at Kim Shin and says he must get closer to the truth. He grabs Kim Shin’s hand which completely freaks out Kim Shin. Wang Yeo calmly states he cannot see Kim Shin’s life through his touch. He thanks Eun Tak for breakfast and leaves. Kim Shin acts like his hands have cooties. Eun Tak blows on his hand, immediately distracting Kim Shin.

goblin_ep10_10006 goblin_ep10_10005 goblin_ep10_10004
Kim Shin and Eun Tak arrange for Wang Yeo and Sunny to meet while they are out and about. It’s cool between our estranged couple. Kim Shin tries to lighten the mood by declaring that the girls look like an egg (Eun Tak is in white and Sunny is in yellow). Ouch! That’s painfully bad. His second suggestion of bean sprouts works no better.

Eun Tak tells Kim Shin he ruined everything. While Wang Yeo is bummed, he at least got to see Sunny. He goes to his room. Eun Tak berates Kim Shin for not having cash on him. She declares they failed today. Wang Yeo comes out of his room in his grim reaper suit. He tells them his concept for his white outfit today was “Angel”. I love this writer’s sense of humor!

Kim Shin flashes back to seeing the 28 year old Eun Tak fingering her necklace while waiting for the president. He realizes she bought the necklace when they were in Quebec together. He realizes HE bought her the necklace.

Kim Shin goes through the time portal to Quebec.

Wang Yeo frets about being bummed because he was dumped. A doctor (who is making the journey to the other side) tells him to focus on something else. Wang Yeo asks the doctor drink the tea which he does.

When Kim Shin returns home with the necklace, Grandfather is there a suggests a game of baduk. They play. Kim Shin states that Grandfather is winning all the time now, even though he taught him how to play long ago. As Kim Shin is about to place a piece, it slips out is his hand giving Grandfather the win. Kim Shin stares at Grandfather in surprise. What just happened?

goblin_ep10_11008 goblin_ep10_11007Kim Shin sees Grandfather getting a hair cut. Does he realize that Grandfather is going to die soon? Wang Yeo joins him. Kim Shin tells him that a death card is coming soon. Kim Shin says it is for Grandfather. Wang Yeo wonders if it would be better for Grandfather and/or Duk Hwa to know. Kim Shin says that Grandfather inquired about Wang Yeo.

goblin_ep10_11308goblin_ep10_11307 Kim Shin asks if Wang Yeo contacted Sunny. Wang Yeo says he could not. He can’t tell her he’s a grim reaper. Kim Shin says that Sunny seems a little dumb. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin to say what he really thinks about Sunny. Kim Shin says that she has a wonderful name but doesn’t deserve it. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin to simmer down with the negative statements about Sunny. Wang Yeo calmly tells Kim Shin that Sunny is the reincarnation of his sister. OMG!!! Kim Shin plays it off. Wang Yeo calmly tells him that Sunny’s past face is the same face of the woman from the scroll. OMG!! That gets Kim Sun’s attention. He asks Wang Yeo to describe what he saw. Wang Yeo describes the Queen, the arrow, her death, etc. Kim Shin realizes certain details he did not tell Wang Yeo. He asks if Wang Yeo remembers anything else. Wang Yeo describes the wedding procession. He accurately details the dialog between Kim Sun and Kim Shin. Both men stare at each other. Wang Yeo asks if the woman was his sister. Kim Shin confirms this.

The episode ends with Wang Yeo dressed in historical clothing and a top knot. He’s not the King. Who is he?

My thoughts

The ending of this episode kicked it up a notch. We’ve been starved for more historical backstory and today our wish was granted. Kim Sun was in a no win situation. She could never compete with the crazy adviser. The King was never going to choose her wishes over the adviser that raised him like a father. Then when Wang Yeo put it together that Sunny was the reincarnated Kim Sun, he did the thing a real friend would do, he told Kim Shin about his suspicions. At first Kim Shin resisted the possibility, but Wang Yeo’s details (that Kim Shin had never provided) convinced him. This was another good episode that dovetailed perfectly with the superior episode prior. What’s up with the freeze image of Wang Yeo? Is he someone other than the King?

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) has a sister! He didn’t want to believe it but Wang Yeo’s dialog details of the wedding procession cinched it for him. Wang Yeo and Kim Shin are a terrific pair. They are as important as Eun Tak and Kim Shin. This writer, Kim Eun Sook, had a similarly superior bromance in Descendants of the Sun. Speaking of Eun Tak and Kim Shin didn’t you love their drinking date? Didn’t you love that Eun Tak knew Kim Shin would easily dispatch those thugs? Didn’t you love her demand for a kiss was unfazed by the freeze effect? Didn’t you love Kim Shin’s careful holding of Eun Tak’s face as he gently leaned in a kissed her? Her reciprocal kiss was awesome too! Kim Shin went to Quebec to buy the necklace for Eun Tak. I was a bit surprised that he saw he bought the necklace but doesn’t see the possibility that Eun Tak is meeting him.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) got a kiss from and gave a kiss to Kim Shin. She was darling as she got tipsy. I loved her complete unconcern over Kim Shin taking on a gaggle of thugs. She knew he’d manage with ease, and she was right. Eun Tak’s relationship with Wang Yeo is friendship. When Wang Yeo, Kim Shin and Eun Tak hang out it feels natural and easy. The failed double date was darling. I loved Eun Tak’s “do something” look she gave Kim Shin. Unfortunately, he wasn’t up to the challenge, but in an amusing way.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) told Kim Shin that Sunny was his sister. I respect his forthright manner of telling Kim Shin. He knew details that convinced Kim Shin. I felt bad when Sunny kicked Wang Yeo to the curb for not being honest with her about who he was. Wang Yeo amused me by his implementation of Eun Tak’s advice to claim he’s an angel manifested in a white outfit he dubbed “Angel”. Finally, the strut down the street holding grocery bags was superb. You could argue that you shouldn’t repeat a successful scene but this one was perfect. The cat walk of our model gods was followed by their unrealistic belief that motorcyclist was concerned for their welfare. Did I mention I love this writer’s sense of humor?

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) is Kim Shin’s sister. Will he tell her? What’s next for Sunny and Wang Yeo? They are cute together and the small doses of this couple have left me wanting more.

The 8th song of the OST is the pretty “The First Snow” by Jung Joon Il.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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16 comments on “Goblin Episode 10 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    Happy New Years to you as well!

    Few things right off the bat. One, I believe Kim Shin was referring to Wang Yeo and Sunny’s outfits when he made the comment about egg and bean sprouts. He even made a comment about Wang Yeo liking bean sprouts. Two, Wang Yeo is the king. The last frame shot was him older I believe. He bares a striking resemblance to a Wang Yo from Scarlet Heart Ryeo when it first came up to me.

    That scene with the leeks, OMG. I was rolling with laughter through the whole thing. The timing of it was great too because the fashion trends in Asia, and especially Korea have been greatly influenced by these two. Over sized coats are making a comeback. I heard a few of these coats are selling for insane prices now.

    The only scene that beats that is the New Years date. That kiss was great along with her quip about he can’t escape her.

    Oh furthering the Duk Hwa theory. I found this through another site, but he may be Elder Wol Ha. He is a Korean legend who oversees couplings of people. He connects them through red and blue strings. Eun Tak has the red scarf, and Kim Shin has blue flames. Also, whenever he is seen next to the lady in red, he is wearing blue. Along with that, she only speaks formally to Duk Hwa, no one else. He could be God entirely, which would be hysterical since he’s working as a sales person.

    We finally got the meat of the back story in Goryeo. It was all so beautifully shot, and that minister guy. Ugh what a creep. It was sad to think the king was so played by him, that he couldn’t trust the woman he loved. I do say loved because they had a real connection. Maybe present day Wang Yeo will be able to articulate what he failed to say back then.

    Sunny and Wang Yeo need to make up for a little bit of happiness. They are super adorable together.

    I cried at the time I realized that Kim Shin and Grandpa realized he was dying. He such a lovely character.


    • kjtamuser says:

      That scene with the leeks, OMG. I was rolling with laughter through the whole thing.
      With the popularity of cooking shows, I can see Iron Chef stealing that scene for the two battling chefs to walk into the kitchen.

      That kiss was great
      Their mutual joy in each other’s company is wonderful to watch.

      furthering the Duk Hwa theory…
      We shall see. You have top notch intel/theories.

      It was sad to think the king was so played by him, that he couldn’t trust the woman he loved.
      The King had no choice but trust the man he trusted implicitly. The Queen made a mistake going head to head with the evil minister.

      I cried at the time I realized that Kim Shin and Grandpa realized he was dying. He such a lovely character
      Grandfather had a wonderful dignity. He was “old school” and I loved him for it.


  2. Holly Moon says:

    Almost every main or supporting character here, seems to have a double role in this drama. Am I wrong, but isn’t the King’s advisor and Grandfather’s assistant the same guy? It strikes me as something to watch for, because in the here and now, Kim Shin picks the guy to be someone who he can rely on after Grandfather’s death.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I had the same thought about the evil advisor and grandfather’s assistant. Good observation about every character having a double role, incarnate and reincarnate.


      • Beez says:

        Is Grandfather’s assistant someone Goblin helped as a child? It seemed that as the characters were talking they alluded to that but of all times for Kdrama not to provide a backflash! *grumbling because my pet peeve is kdrama flashbacks within the same episode, sometimes literally, 20 seconds later because we couldn’t possibly deduct that the reason a character is sad/happy/mad is because of the scene that just happened 20 seconds ago. But then when I NEED a backflash…* lol


        • kjtamuser says:

          The inference is that Goblin helped Grandfather’s assistant in the past. But as you stated, we haven’t seen a flashback of it. This series has been a bit stingy with flashbacks.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        The king’s Machiavellian adviser is played by Kim Byung Chul, who was the annoying Lieutenant Colonel Park in DOTS, while Grandpa’s secretary us played by Jo Woo Jin – I had not noticed him in any dramas before — I think Shin would have recognized him if he had the same face.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Beez says:

    “…(at the same fountain location just used in Legend of the Blue Sea)…”
    It never ceases to amaze me how observant you are. Sometimes I miss entire character physical interactions or facial expressions because of trying to keep up with the subtitles (and I’m considered a fast reader). Thank goodness I have your recaps to clue me in that I need to go back and watch a scene sometimes.


    • kjtamuser says:

      There have been multiple times these two shows have used the same location. Another example is both shows used the same movie theater in episode 7 of Goblin and episode 14 of Legend of the Blue Sea.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I am reminded of some similarities between this series and The Legend of the Blue Sea:
        • Supernatural beings
        • Erasing memories
        • Reading thoughts
        • Summoning treasure (Goblin > gold; Chung > pearls)
        • Locations, including the fountain


  4. Beez says:

    What a perfect first kiss for a 19 year old. Nothing overtly sexual about it, yet it had a totally sweet and romantic vibe of promises to come. And it was given by (pick your choice) A) a being of infinite power being ever so gentle B) Gong Yoo. *either way I’m melting into a slow puddle of Goo”


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    GUARDIAN OF THE BANK BOOKS – How lovely that Eun Tak’s guardian of the bank books turned out to be the ghost of her mother’s high school friend.

    STRUTTIN’ WITH SWAG! – Our bromance boys took the opportunity to recreate the swagger moment when they rescued Eun Tak from the loan sharks when they brought home the leeks. This scene was priceless! I was rolling on the floor laughing!

    EGG OR BEANSPROUT? – Eun Tak tried to get the Reaper and Sunny together, to have Shin throw a wrench in the works. Shin may have lived for 939 years, but he hasn’t spent any time developing courtship skills. The Reaper got busted by Sunny for knowing her name, but erasing her memory of giving it to him. There are consequences for actions dude, erasing memories may not be the fix-all you think it is.

    I was glad we got a bit more of the Goryeo backstory of Wang Yeo being brain washed and manipulated by his creepy adviser. I do not look forward to the day the Goblin and the Reaper discovers the Reaper is King Wag Yeo…it won’t be pretty for the bromance.

    THE GOBLIN AND HIS BRIDE – I concur with @KJT about Shin buying the necklace, but not grasping he could be the “president” he heard Eun Tak calling to. Who else would it be? The only other character it could be would Duk Hwa, but that just doesn’t feel right.

    I ❤ Eun Tak’s first date with Shin as an adult. It was awesome to see Shin dispatch the bicycling riding thief and his gang. I ❤ the rapport that has been built between our OTP. Their kiss was 💋 PERFECTION! Eun Tak/Go Eun did hit the jackpot!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Our bromance boys took the opportunity to recreate the swagger moment when they rescued Eun Tak from the loan sharks when they brought home the leeks. This scene was priceless! I was rolling on the floor laughing!
      I was laughing out loud too! That was tricky to tap another rendition of the perfect first scene, but the writer, the production team, and the actor did it. And we all loved it!

      There are consequences for actions dude, erasing memories may not be the fix-all you think it is.
      So true, so true.

      Shin buying the necklace, but not grasping he could be the “president” he heard Eun Tak calling to. Who else would it be?
      Shin is blinded by jealousy to what is the obvious conclusion to us.

      I ❤ the rapport that has been built between our OTP. Their kiss was 💋 PERFECTION! Eun Tak/Go Eun did hit the jackpot!
      They are superb. They sparkle. They infuse joy in their scenes together. I love this couple!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        This writer had excellent insight in building the plot and dialog. The chemistry 🎉 between all the principle actors has been amazing! Eun Tak and Shin do sparkle ✨!

        The writing coupled with the production team and actors is an unstoppable combination! Oh that we can experience many more such collaborations 🕯!

        Liked by 1 person

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