7 First Kisses Episode 7 Recap

7 First Kisses Episode 7 Recap “How to Fall in Love with an A List Celebrity” 

Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) can’t stop staring at Lee Jong Suk. This is a dream shooting a commercial with Lee Jong Suk. The director doesn’t like Soo Jin’s star struck attitude and considers replacing her. Lee Jong Suk intercedes saying it is understandable that Soo Jin would be nervous. The director agrees to give her a try.

7kiss_ep7_0135 7kiss_ep7_0140
Soo Jin can’t stop being nervous and flubs every take much to the irritation of the director. She can’t walk normal? That is ridiculous considering all the stars she’s interacted with and was able to function.

Lee Jong Suk has a private conversation with her. Soo Jin tells herself to stop being timid and clumsy. She berates herself for acting dumb around the other men. That’s harsh and untrue. Lee Jong Suk leans close and says they need to get to know each other. Soo Jin is thrilled that he’s hitting on her, just like all the other stars did. She wants to date him. She startles him when she declares there won’t be any kissing between them. He’s surprised and graciously agrees they should know each other better. Nervously she puts her phone number in his phone declaring they are friends now. He smiles, charmed by her nervous energy.

After their discussion, Soo Jin is able to act natural in front of the camera. The director is pleased. He wants to add in the deleted scene, the one Lee Jong Suk removed because he felt it was forced. Lee Jong Suk considers then agrees to add the scene back. Soo Jin is surprised that she’s going to be doing a kissing scene. Lee Jong Suk says they won’t really kiss, they will act like they will kiss. That makes Soo Jin feel better.

The kiss scene setup is simple. They walk, she trips, he grabs her, tips her back and makes to kiss her. With Lee Jong Suk staring into her eyes, Soo Jin asks if he’s acting. He tells her the best actors are sincere. He drops the shopping bags, caresses her face, and slowly moves in for the kiss. The camera work on that kiss was nice.

But back to reality we go…Soo Jin wakes from her fantasy. She’s at work. Soo Jin watches the last silhouette become Lee Jong Suk. She’s bummed it’s over. She got zero kisses. She tells herself they were all out of her league.

Her fairy godmother (aka “Goddess of multiple fates”) Choi Ji Woo appears and assures her it’s not over yet. She tells Soo Jin, pick one celebrity, and she’ll be put back in time where they left over. Then what happens next is up to Soo Jin. Thrilled, Soo Jin does confirm she can only pick one celebrity. Ha!

Now comes the hard part, which celebrity does Soo Jin choose?  She declares she can’t choose. Soo Jin, look at my list below if you need help!

My Thoughts

Weak episode. It didn’t follow the formula. Lee Jong Suk wasn’t showcased as effectively as others have been. That being said, Lee Jong Suk has a terrific smile and sweet charm.

The story of the episode was minimal to include a segment so Soo Jin could ponder the big choice. She need only look at my list, and her answer is clear.

How did my list about Soo Jin fantasies hold up this episode?
* She likes to watch her men eat – She mooned over Lee Jong Suk a bit when they first met
* She likes her men to secretly like her – Did not happen
* She likes her men to want to date her –  Did not happen
* She likes her men to kiss her after confessing they like her – Did not happen

My ranking of the men so far:
1. Lee Joon Gi
2. Ji Chang Wook
3. Taecyeon
4. Park Hae Jin
5. Lee Jong Suk
6. Kai

Episode 7 is below.

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9 comments on “7 First Kisses Episode 7 Recap
  1. mhryu says:

    My choice: Ji Chang Wook… Trills are amazing 😉


  2. swati says:

    I love the consistency of ur list… Well considering lee joon gi is on the top.

    Wang So ya u will always be my number one well until I hav to consider u n song joong ki in same list… Then I m switching to song joong ki.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    @KJT you nailed it right on the head. “Lee Jong Suk wasn’t showcased as effectively as others”. Lotte Duty-free was the showcased star of this episode. I know Lotte is the sponsor, all of the episodes start off in the store, but seriously ENOUGH of featuring their goods and services! We are watching for the eye candy–sorry (sort of) to objectify you gorgeous men!


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