Goblin Episode 8 Recap

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Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 8 Recap

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is in pain. Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) believes the sword is the source. She grabs the hilt! She starts to pull out the sword! Kim Shin isn’t ready and pushes her away, flinging her high into the air. He catches her and protects her from the chain reaction of car hitting each other. He realizes that she is “the one”. She can end his immortality. His vision of the future was correct. But now he doesn’t want that. He wants more time with her. Overcome by the events, Eun Tak passes out. Couldn’t the future vision of the President Eun Tak meets be Kim Shin? Didn’t Duk Hwa say that Kim Shin was CEO of the company?

goblin_ep7_0501 goblin_ep7_0500
Kim Shin brings Eun Tak back to her room and tenderly lays her on the bed. She wakes and tells him she’s okay. She’s pleased that she’s proven she is the Goblin Bride. She tells Kim Shin that she was surprised the blade was able to be pulled. She promises to take care of the sword. Kim Shin smiles and looks at her with a sad longing. He has the woman his loves in his sights but her fate to extract the sword will end his life. I am a bit surprised that since Eun Tak knows if she extracts the sword Kim Shin will go far away, she isn’t addressing this. She’s only focused on removing the sword.

Duk Hwa (waiting to return the scroll Kim Shin gave his Grandfather) sees the car chaos on his phone and realizes Kim Shin is behind this. When Kim Shin comes down the stairs he tells Duk Hwa to take care of the mess he made. Duk Hwa calls for his Grandfather’s assistant and his Grandfather for help in nipping the news coverage, but it isn’t forthcoming. In fact, everyone suspects Duk Hwa of causing the issue. Desperate Duk Hwa goes to Wang Yeo for help.

Grandfather’s assistant rallies his computer savvy team to eliminate web coverage of the car chaos.

Meanwhile Duk Hwa and Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) handle dealing with the car chaos drivers. They get cash from Duk Hwa and their memory wiped by Wang Yeo. To complete the cleanup Duk Hwa and Wang Yeo eliminate the CCTV video of the car chaos.

goblin_ep7_0957goblin_ep7_1017  goblin_ep7_1012
The triple bromance meet and discuss the car chaos cleanup. Wang Yeo is drained. Kim Shin says having the sword pulled out only a little drained him. He takes medicine. Wang Yeo is irked that Kim Shin’s issues take priority. They both flounce to their rooms. Duk Hwa can’t believe they are being childish.

Eun Tak is pleased she won’t have to leave the house now that she’s proven she is the Goblin’s bride. She hears a crash and finds Kim Shin on the floor with Wang Yeo cleaning up broken dishes. She wants Kim Shin moved to his room. Wang Yeo wishes her luck moving him. She worries that Kim Shin took too much medicine.

Wang Yeo stares at the scroll with the painting of the Queen. He doesn’t understand why looking at the picture unsettles him.

Eun Tak sets candles around Kim Shin while he sleeps. She maneuvers a pillow underneath his head and drapes and blanket over him. Then she lays on the floor and watches him sleep. It is a quiet caring moment. Kim Shin tells Eun Tak that he’s hurting but pleased she’s there. She says that thinking about his first love irritates her. She doesn’t realize that she’s his first love. Once again this solidifies the theory that the Queen and Kim Shin were not in a romantic relationship.

goblin_ep7_2001 goblin_ep7_2000
Time for Subway product placement…
Eun Tak buys Duk Hwa a sandwich in exchange for his reading Kim Shin’s love letter in his journal. Duk Hwa reads it and confirms it is a love letter to his “first love”. Irritated Eun Tak pulls the journal away. She doesn’t realize that she’s the referenced “first love.” She worries the Kim Shin will have a hard time recovering with the sword in his chest. Duk Hwa didn’t know that Kim Shin had a sword in his chest. I like that Kim Shin has kept that on a “need to know” basis. Duk Hwa suggests they trade information and help each other.

After Duk Hwa tells Kim Shin that Eun Tak cried over the scroll painting, Kim Shin confronts Eun Tak about looking at his scroll painting without his permission. It’s cute the way Duk Hwa hides behind Kim Shin so Wang Yeo can’t do anything to him. Wang Yeo says the woman in the scroll is familiar. Kim Shin says that woman is his younger sister. Duk Hwa is surprised. His sister is another “need to know” item. Wang Yeo wonders if he’s escorted Kim Shin’s sister to the other side. Kim Shin is surprised that his sister could be reincarnated. Wang Yeo can’t guarantee this, he’s helped so many transition to the other side, but he has feelings for the woman and felt sad in his heart. Duk Hwa suggests that Wang Yeo is Eun Tak’s reincarnated sister. Neither man likes that suggestion.

Wang Yeo and his fellow grim reaper discuss the latest company gossip. One reaper realized that he was helping his former wife to the other side and ran off with her. They both wonder about the terrible action they took in their former life that got them the sentence of becoming a grim reaper. Wang Yeo references the amount of drinking his co-worker is doing and tells him to lessen it. Is he reference the juice boxes / fruit juices we always see him drinking?

Wang Yeo pours “heaven” tea for a mother and young daughter.

goblin_ep8_2501 goblin_ep8_2500
Eun Tak sees Kim Shin walking purposefully down the street and follows him. When he knocks on a door she startles him by asking what he’s doing. The door opens and a man asks who Kim Shin is. Kim Shin lifts his hand the incinerates the noose hanging from the ceiling. Kim Shin hands the man a subway sandwich and tells him to keep on living. The theme music, which I adore, plays as Kim Shin walks away from another human being he helped save. He walks away. Eun Tak falls into step with him. That’s cool!  The man’s little girl rushes up to him. He asks how he managed to travel to him. The little girl informs him that she gave the address to a taxi driver who drove her there. We see the taxi driver is granny / lady in red. That’s cool! The father gives the little girl the sandwich and hugs her tears falling down his face. Eun Tak watches and smiles. How intriguing was that? Granny / lady in red has done “nice” things for 2 episodes in row. Last episode she considered that Sunny and Wang Yeo were unfairly punished for their former life’s actions. Who is she? What is her connection? Is she a low-key fairy godmother?

Eun Tak tells Kim Shin he is cool. Kim Shin says he only offered the man a sandwich it was actually the man’s daughter that saved him. She wonders why she was able to grasp the sword and move it. Kim Shin recalls Wang Yeo suggesting that maybe with true love Eun Tak could remove the sword. Kim Shin eye’s Eun Tak speculatively. He asks if there’s any she needs to confess. He moves closer to hear it. But she only asks about his employment history. We are treated to a progression of the sucko jobs Kim Shin has held. Eun Tak reveals her jealousy over Kim Shin’s first love. She says it doesn’t always work out with a first love. Kim Shin smiles indulgently at her knowing that she doesn’t realize his first love is her not a mythical woman from his past. As she walks away Kim Shin says that he refuses to believe that a first love can’t work out. Atta boy, decide to fight for love!

Eun Tak meets with a ghost that recently died. It’s interesting that the mirror revealed that injured girl from the car accident while Eun Tak’s mind supplied a neat and tidy girl.

Eun Tak is surprised when Wang Yeo comes to the eatery. She accuses him of following her. Wang Yeo turns the tables and declares of all the chicken eateries why does she have to work there. Eun Tak tells him that Kim Shin got her the job. Wang Yeo shakes his head at Kim Shin’s interference. When Eun Tak and Wang Yeo spot Tae Hee and his baseball buddies coming to the eatery she shoves Eun Tak’s hat on his head (it makes him invisible to humans) and tells him to stand in the corner. Wang Yeo is upset that she dared to touch his hat.

goblin_ep8_3501 goblin_ep8_3500
Wang Yeo brings home chicken for dinner repeatedly. Eun Tak asks to see him in private. He assures her that he won’t tell about Tae Hee if she doesn’t tell about him stopping by to see Sunny. Eagle ears Kim Shin hears Eun Tak mention Tae Hee and he’s not happy. She’s not happy he’s interfering with her friendship with Tae Hee. She infers Tae Hee might be her first love. She walks away. Irked Kim Shin asks Eun Tak how he can erase a memory from human quietly. Wang Yeo isn’t interested in helping Kim Shin. Angered, Kim Shin makes the piano reappear in Tae Hee’s mother’s home. Ha!

A fellow student asks Eun Tak if she can learn from her ghost friend whether or not she passed that recent tests. Eun Tak tells the girl while she appreciates her candor in the information she wants, Eun Tak cannot help her.

goblin_ep8_3901 goblin_ep8_3900
Eun Tak is surprised to see Kim Shin waiting for her. She’s upset when she realized that she forgot to put on the red scarf her mother gave her. Kim Shin reveals he brought the scarf and carefully wraps it around her. Swoon! Eun Tak is touched. She grouses that he must be thrilled that she’s jealous of his first love. Kim Shin admits it made him happy whenever he thought about it.

Eun Tak gets on the bus to go to her interview. The biker from the previous episode speeds past Kim Shin who hears people calling the biker a thief. Kim Shin sees a future vision of the biker getting into an accident and struck by a car (which we saw in the previous episode) but now we also see the larger scope of the accident. Multiple cars are involved and the bus Eun Tak is on is tipped over on its side. Wait a minute, when the bloodied bus occupants are scanned I don’t see Eun Tak. What? Back to the moment, Kim Shin looks at the bus occupants and realizes that Eun Tak was NOT in his vision of the accident. He’s confused. Join the club Kim Shin, I don’t get it either. He watches the bus pull away.

On the bus Eun Tak smiles at a woman and her infant baby.

A larger grouping of grim reapers, including Wang Yeo, gather at the accident site. Wang Yeo reviews the cards of two he’ll be escorting to the other side. It is the mother and her baby. Wang Yeo sighs that he’ll need to prepare another “heaven” tea.

Kim Shin is freaked out and dashes through multiple portals to try and stop the accident. He decides to stop the initial accident with the biker thief. He does this by literally sticking out his leg and making the biker fall over. The biker is livid and goes to yell at Kim Shin but he’s not there. But then he turns and sees Kim Shin. This is just like the bus stop encounter from the last episode. The biker recalls Kim Shin from the bus stop. He draws a knife on Kim Shin who sighs and states he wishes he didn’t have to spare his miserable life, but the situation requires it. Kim Shin warns the man that escaped today, but he will be punished again when he dies. Kim Shin breaks the man’s hand. The bus drives by as the man writhes in pain. Kim Shin smiles in satisfaction.

goblin_ep8_5001 goblin_ep8_5000
Now the grim reaper contingency prepares to service those that will die. They see the bus. It pulls up next to them. Eun Tak sees Wang Yeo and waves. Automatically he waves back. His coworkers are surprised she can see him but reason sometimes before death humans do see them. Wang Yeo is concerned that Eun Tak will die and looks to see if she’s on the master list of victims. She’s not. They don’t understand how someone on the bus doesn’t die. Wang Yeo looks grim (pun intended). He declares there won’t be an accident today. The bus pulls away. Kim Shin stares at them from across the road. Wang Yeo and Kim Shin lock eyes. His coworkers can’t believe the accident didn’t happen. They wonder how Wang Yeo knew it wouldn’t happen. Wang Yeo looks across the street but Kim Shin isn’t there. He turns and Kim Shin is behind him. His coworkers realize Kim Shin is a Goblin. Kim Shin tells Wang Yeo they need to talk.

At the tea house, Kim Shin demands to know why Wang Yeo didn’t tell him that Eun Tak was going to die. Wang Yeo can’t interfere with fate. Kim Shin declares he can and will integer as he sees fit. Kim Shin shares that something was wrong about today’s almost accident. He had a vision of it previously but Eun Tak was not involved. Wang Yeo reasons that Kim Shin’s aide to Eun Tak removed her from his vision. Wang Yeo grouses that Kim Shin has created a ton of paperwork for his team to process all the people that did not die. Kim Shin asks if he wants chicken as a snack. Ha! Wang Yeo quips that Kim Shin should reconsider dying. When Kim Shin looks hurt, Wang Yeo apologizes and says it was only a joke, he didn’t mean it. Kim Shin reveals that Eun Tak was able to grab the sword and even moved it but he flung her away almost killing her. Kim Shin admits the pain was terrible, like nothing he’d ever felt. Wang Yeo recommends that Kim Shin tell Eun Tak the truth about what happens when she removes the sword. Kim Shin declares he wants to keep hiding the truth for another 80 years. Wang Yeo sees the Kim Shin wants to live Eun Tak’s lifespan with her. Kim Shin asks if it will work out as he hopes. Wang Yeo looks pensive.

I wanted to let that entire sequence play out before commenting. I loved the tender care Kim Shin gave Eun Tak when he wrapped her mother’s gifted scarf around her.  loved, loved, loved, that Eun Tak wasn’t in Kim Shin’s previous vision of the accident but was in mortal danger today. I don’t think most writers would have thought of that fascinating twist. I loved how Kim Shin stopped the accident by tripping the biker. I loved that Kim Shin didn’t let the biker off without a consequence. I loved how Wang Yeo and Kim Shin locked eyes when the accident did not occur. I loved that Kim Shin admitted that he wanted to continue to live while Eun Tak was alive. These scenes were the best of the episode so far.

After the exam, Kim Shin picks Eun Tak up at the bus station. She notices the socks. He jokes he bought them to protect her. She makes him laugh. Wow, Gong Yoo’s smile is amazing!

Eun Tak works on strengthening her arms so she can pull the sword out. Kim Shin tells her to take it easy. Kim Shin spots a butterfly. He asks Eun Tak to step out so he can talk to someone. He talks to the butterfly. It isn’t that effective of a scene. He returns inside and tells Eun Tak that he hates the part of him that likes her. He wonders if he could be anymore stupid. She watches him walk away.

Later she wonders if Kim Shin just confessed his feeling to her.

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) drinks alone. Wang Yeo shows up. She sees that he called her 10 times. She’s stunned and happy. They talk a walk together. He reveals he is an atheist. She declares him cute. He’s surprised. He shares there isn’t another woman. She warns him not to get one. She wonders if he’s playing her. Sunny reveals she doesn’t like her given name Kim Sun. Flashback to her past self who was named Kim Sun. We see Kim Shin visiting a temple and offering a prayer for his long-lost sister Kim Sun. She asks Wang Yeo what his real name is.

goblin_ep8_10001 goblin_ep8_10000
Flashback to Kim Shin receiving the sword from Wang Yeo who tells him that he’s giving him the sword with the mixed emotions of rage and fear. Wang Yeo asks Kim Shin to go far away and not return. Kim Shin can’t believe it. He’s been protecting the King not working against him. His sister is in the kingdom and he can’t leave her. The King tells him to leave and send him a message that he’s dead. In fact, the King decrees that Kim Shin follow this order.

goblin_ep8_10004 goblin_ep8_10002goblin_ep8_10003
Present day Kim Shin writes Wang Yeo’s name with grim purpose (pun intended). Wang Yeo grasps his heart at the pain. Every stroke of Kim Shin’s pen, causes Wang Yeo pain. We see that Kim Shin has written Wang Yeo. Sunny tries to reach out to Wang Yeo but he pulls away. He asks her to look into his eyes and tells her that they did not meet today. She turns and walks away. He grimaces in pain.

Grandfather tells Duk Hwa that Kim Shin prayers are for those he’s had in his heart for a long time. Duk Hwa asks if it’s true that Kim Shin has a sword stuck in him. Grandfather snaps that Duk Hwa can never speak of this with Kim Shin.

Kim Shin put the papers with the names Kim Sun and Wang Yeo on a memory lantern and watches it lift into the night sky.

Grandfather’s voiceover intones “the sword is Kim Shin’s punishment and blessing. It is the symbol for his existence and the fact that one day he will disappear. ”

Kim Shin’s voiceover intones “the person that is my life and my death is someone I like. I must ask the heaven to grant me permission to keep my secret from her during her lifetime. ”

goblin_ep8_10051 goblin_ep8_10050
As Kim Shin makes a move to exit the library the bookshelves block him and he hears footsteps. It’s the lady in red. She says she wants to talk to him. He wants her to cut to the chase. He doesn’t want to dally with a god today. That’s bold!

Wang Yeo stares at the Queen’s picture and says something is wrong and he thinks it started with her.

Eun Tak wonders where Kim Shin is.

Eun Tak asks Wang Yeo what will happen when she pulls the sword out. Excellent, I’ve been waiting for her to ask. She asks where Kim Shin will go. Wang Yeo stares at her.

The lady in red tells Kim Shin to get the sword removed ASAP. Kim Shin chides her for appearing and then asking him to die. The lady in red says Kim Shin has lived long enough. But Eun Tak is another matter. She says “I was quite happy when I formed that child”. Isn’t that fascinating? Kim Shin believes the lady in red created him long ago. He asks if he matters to her. The lady in red snaps that because she did create him, she’s here now to communicate directly with him. She says it is clear “if you live, then Eun Tak dies.” That gets his attention.

Eun Tak asks Wang Yeo to confirm that Kim Shin wants to die and her pulling out the sword is the way he’ll achieve that goal. He stares at her. She cries at the cruel fate she has been dealt.

The lady in red tells Kim Shin that Eun Tak was born to remove the sword. She amends that saying Kim Shin made Eun Tak be born to that fate. We see the flashback of Kim Shin saving Eun Tak’s mother long ago. The lady in red states if Eun Tak cannot fulfill her destiny to remove the sword, her right to live disappears. She tells Kim Shin that if Eun Tak doesn’t remove the sword, death will find her. Kim Shin realizes that he’s saved Eun Tak from death multiple times. The lady in red states Eun Tak will face even greater peril from now on. It will be frequent and dangerous for Eun Tak. She reminds Kim Shin that he almost killed Eun Tak too.

Kim Shin voiceover intones “one day I will finally tell Eun Tak…that she was my first love.”

He stares at the lady in red. What will he do?

My thoughts

This episode simmered but went to a boil from the bus accident forward. My hat’s off to the writer for creating the vice grip of circumstances that control Kim Shin. What did we learn? Kim Shin’s interference with Eun Tak’s mother’s intended death allowed Eun Tak to be born and fated with the task of pulling out the sword and ending his immortal life. Kim Shin decided NOT to die and live with Eun Tak during her lifespan. But the lady in red clearly told Kim Shin that wasn’t possible. Kim Shin has two options – he dies or Eun Tak dies. What will he choose?

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) had me swooning when he brought the red scarf for Eun Tak. He shows Eun Tak that he loves her, even though he won’t say the words. Gong Yoo looked incredibly handsome in the all black ensemble he ended the episode in. Kim Shin went to Wang Yeo about his issues like a friend would. I loved the way Kim Shin took care of the biker and saved the bus. But now we know accidents will embroil Eun Tak going forward. I don’t see a way for Kim Shin to get out of this mess. One option would be that Wang Yeo wipes Eun Tak’s memory and Kim Shin can start over with her in the future. I love how Kim Shin desperately wants to save Eun Tak’s life. He was willing to remain immortal to spend her lifetime together. But as before he won’t be able to have his cake and eat it do. He’s at a crossroad, his life or Eun Tak’s life.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) finally realized that pulling the sword meant Kim Shin had to die. You had to wonder why she didn’t question what Kim Shin meant by leaving this world as the after effect of pulling the sword earlier. But she finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. She was genuinely distraught. That a great word to describe Eun Tak, genuine. She draws you to her.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) realized that Kim Shin changed the fate of the bus to save Eun Tak. I love the friendship between Kim Shin and Wang Yeo. They talk to each other in times of trouble. They snipe at each other when things are good. I liked that we finally saw a bit more of the past that shaped Wang Yeo and Kim Shun’s former relationship. King Wang Yeo asked Kim Shin to leave the kingdom and never return. That’s harsh. His realization that he needed to wipe Sunny’s memory was difficult. We finally had more context to put his background in perspective. I liked that he recommended that Kim Shin tell Eun Tak the truth. In the end, he was the one that had to confirm her fears.

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) got closer to Wang Yeo but then it stopped and she got her first taste of Wang Yeo’s ability to wipe a human’s memories. I love that she’s fascinated by Wang Yeo.

The 6th song of the OST is the lovely “Who Are You” by Sam Kim.

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6 comments on “Goblin Episode 8 Recap
  1. Holly Moon says:

    The roller coaster thrill ride continues with twists and turns a plenty.

    I thought the Reaper’s rushing to Sunny to tell her he has no religion,which was followed by Sunny’s confession of her true name, and her request that he give his true name rather surprising. I know we knew this info (at least we surmised it) but it seems we are getting down to the bone here rather quickly. Even though several here have wanted more from this couple for awhile now, I was content for this relationship to amble along at a slower pace. I really enjoyed seeing this couple in small bits and pieces.

    The bus incident was clever and shows again how clever this writer is. She ties in any loose strings left dangling in a purpose driven way, which means we will be well satisfied with the ending of this drama. I look forward to it.


  2. kjtamuser says:

    I agree that Wang Yeo sharing his beliefs with Sunny was unexpected. This writer followed a similar pattern on DOTS keeping the seconding couple under a slower story line. It worked there. It’s working here.

    That writer is clever. I appreciate it. Even if the outcome isn’t a happy one, I hope I’m satisfied with the writer’s choices crossing the finish line.


    • Beez says:

      Goood recap for a goood episode.

      I think Reaper said he’s an atheist for the same reason he said his name is Woo Bin. He’s referred to God (or a Higher Being) who’s in charge several times before. He was given a list of questions that women want to know and I think saying he’s an atheist means less questions he has to answer.


  3. I think, when Eun Tak forget the red scarf when she should go to her interview, the truth, she should go back to the house to pick it up. And Shin house opposite direction to the interview place. But Kim Shin came, bring scarves and give it to Euntak. Future events change. And soon, the deadly bus arrived, and Eun Tak climbed on the bus. A few days earlier, Kim Shin did not see the vision of Euntak in the deadly bus. Just my thoughts. Sorry if my writing is not good


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