Goblin Episode 7 Recap

Kim Shin makes his choice. 

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 7 Recap

Love the opening credits, the music, the photos, the mood…

goblin_ep7_0449 goblin_ep7_0455
Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is ready to have the sword pulled. Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is ready to pull the sword. She positions herself, grabs, but her hands clasp only air not the sword. She tries again. And again. He can’t believe it. He demands the contract back. Ha! She can’t believe it. She has an idea. Maybe he’s like a cursed prince in a fairy tale. She kisses him. He stands there stunned. This does qualify as a lip press kiss not a real kiss. She slowly opens her eyes hoping the kiss worked magic. But no, nothing is different. He is not happy. She is not happy that she squandered her first kiss on this moment. Desperate she wants to kiss again but Kim Shin backs away. Eun Tak frets that he’ll reclaim all the things he’s given her. He doesn’t understand why she’s desperate. She has one other suggestion to try…true love. He backs away even quicker. He tells her to dial it down. She thanks him for the snowfall. He stops the snowfall midair impressing her. He isn’t impressed at all. She asks if he’ll kick her out of the house. He won’t. She reminds him he signed a contract with her. He sweeps through the time portal. She smiles and yells that a man’s honor is demonstrated by keeping his word. She scampers through the time portal after him. Cute ending to that scene. This two have “it”!

Duk Hwa is upset to learn from the Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) that Kim Shin has left the immortal plane and died. Wang Yeo clutches the deed to “his” house secretly pleased. Duk Hwa cries that he wants his uncle back. He throws his wallet on the table saying he’d rather have his uncle than the credit card his uncle gave him. The front door opens and Kim Shin and Eun Tak enter. Duk Hwa is thrilled. Kim Shin goes to Duk Hwa and they hug. As they embrace Kim Shin tells Duk Hwa he’ll have to return the credit card. LOL! Perfect timing, perfect delivery! Duk Hwa back pedals and quotes Wang Yeo that death is only the next step in one’s journey. He urges his uncle to continue on his path. He clutches the wallet. Ha! Wang Yeo says Duk Hwa’s concern is genuine. Kim Shin asks Wang Yeo to return the deed to the house. Eun Tak tries to sneak upstairs but the guys spot her. Kim Shin tells her to return the purse, the perfume and the $5M. Duk Hwa can’t believe Eun Tak got so much stuff. Eun Tak looks at Kim Shin and tells him she loves him (hoping he’ll relent). Kim Shin shakes his head. Eun Tak says “I love you” with feeling. Kim Shin shakes his head. Wang Yeo sidles to Kim Shin and says “I love you too”. LOL! I’ve laughed out loud twice already! Delightful!

Grandfather is the only one that doesn’t mind returning Kim Shin’s goodbye gift. He knows that Kim Shin must be embarrassed after saying goodbye that he didn’t die. Grandfather suggests Kim Shin stop thinking about dying and concentrate instead on living. The world is a better place with Kim Shin’s small miracles helping others.

Grandfather’s assistant stands outside the house and muses a man that doesn’t grow old.

Kim Shin ponders the 28-year-old Eun Tak that he’s not with. He wonders if the future changed or if Eun Tak changed. He’s happy to be back home and not dead. Yes! I’m happy too!
Wang Yeo demands details from Eun Tak. She obliges. She could see the sword but not touch it. Wang Yeo realizes that Eun Tak doesn’t know that Kim Shin will die when the sword is pulled out. He considers telling her. She wonders if she’s not the real Goblin Bride. At least, she muses they all enjoy living together and that will continue.

At supper, Kim Shin suggests they keep a ledger of Eun Tak’s expenses. She’s a strain on the budget. Ha! As he hoped, she offers to do the dishes. When he moans about laundry, she offers to do it. When he moans about cleaning, she understands he’s scamming her and continues the laundry. She tells him she knows he’s doubting if she’s the Goblin Bride. He asks why she could see but not touch the sword. She suggests they act like girlfriend and boyfriend. He’s not interested. She suggests they be friends. He’s not interested. She suggests they live in the same house. He suggests she start paying rent.

goblin_ep7_1549 goblin_ep7_1548goblin_ep7_1555
Eun Tak declares that Kim Shin is her enemy. Wang Yeo wonders if Eun Tak needs true love to pull the sword. She moans that she tried that but it didn’t work. Wang Yeo asks what she means. She relays the lovely moment in the field. Kim Shin appears upset the Eun Tak is sharing intimate details of their kiss. Eun Tak says she didn’t and wouldn’t share that detail, but he just did. Ha! Wang Yeo is surprised by the kiss. Eun Tak and Kim Shin snipe at each other about owning the kiss. They both flounce away. Wang Yeo can’t believe he can’t call Sunny without a business card but these two have kissed. Ha!

Wang Yeo confronts Kim Shin about not dying. They banter beautifully and I can’t do justice to the back and forth about being alive, kicking out Eun Tak, and Kim Shin’s secret glee that Eun Tak couldn’t pull the sword out. Wang Yeo offers to keep Eun Tak per their friendship. Kim Shin notes they are not friends. Wang Yeo is adamant the Kim Shin is stoked that he didn’t die. Kim Shin falls back on the contract claiming he must keep his word, for his honor demands it. Wang Yeo snipes that Kim Shin broke his word about the deed to the house. He stalks away. Another great scene between our bromance buddies. This sounds like an odd word to apply to them, but they “sparkle” in scenes together. They are in sync and rock the dialogue. If you ever watched the show Gilmore Girls, the two lead characters had rapid fire snappy dialogue. This scene reminded me of that.

Kim Shin reads Eun Tak’s contract terms and smiles in pleasure. He’s so in love.

Kim Shin finds Eun Tak studying in the dining room. She snipes that the snack service stopped suddenly. She suggests he provide answers for the upcoming exam she’s studying like mad for. He wants to talk about the first…but she interrupts him about the kiss. He says he wanted to talk about the first snowfall not the first kiss.

goblin_ep7_2038 goblin_ep7_2037
Kim Shin offers Eun Tak lunch but not the answers to the test. She’s irked. He knows she wants to succeed on her own. She snipes that he’d only provide the answers she already knew. Kim Shin smiles and pats her head for her astute comment. But the pat feels more intimate then either of them expected. The bus comes and goes without Eun Tak on her way to take the test. When she realizes they were in some kind of trance. Now she’s late to the test and is not happy. He says having a Goblin for a boyfriend has benefits. Let’s take a moment to relish how fabulous Gong Yoo looks in that sweater and scarf. Kim Shin and Eun Tak run hand in hand to the test center. As Kim Shin exits the test center a man on a bike almost hits him. Angry that Kim Shin stepped into his path he calls him out but it surprised to find him in front of him. He stares at Kim Shin as he peddles past him. We see the man get his by a car in a fantasy sequence. Are these Kim Shin’s thoughts? Is he wishing the man dead because he insulted him? Kim Shin’s stare had a chill “don’t mess with me” edge.

After the exam Eun Tak walks out of the school and sees all the other student greeted by her relatives. But not her because her mother is dead. She puts her hand on her touchstone, the red scarf her mother gave her. She remembers moments with her mother. She looks into the sky, smiles and waves. Lovely!

goblin_ep7_2500 goblin_ep7_2451
When Eun Tak gets home she is surprised to find Duk Hwa, Wang Yeo (holding a cake), and Kim Shin there to celebrate completing her exams. She deeply touched and cries. She has to explain that she’s crying because she’s happy. She’s so happy, she makes a wish that Kim Shin take her to a movie with popcorn. LOL, when she has the 50% discount coupon. She blows out the candle and Kim Shin ends up behind her (because she summoned him?). She scampers off to get ready for the movie. Kim Shin tells the other to return to what they were doing. Wang Yeo says Kim Shin used the exam as an excuse to get a date with Eun Tak.

In Wang Yeo’s room, he asks Duk Hwa about business card. How do you get them? He recalls Sunny saying Duk Hwa was like a god because he owned her building. Another perfect scene full of tight dialog, and excellent acting.

Wang Yeo watches Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) exit the building and walk home. He follows her. The love song drive homes the fact that he’s romantically interested. A drunk man meets her. Wang Yeo flings the man into the bushes. Sunny is startled and walks home rapidly wondering why things like this keep happening to her lately.

At the movie, Kim Shin warns her to keep her cool because this is a scary movie. She scoffs that she’s seen ghosts for her whole life, a scary movie doesn’t faze her. It may not faze Eun Tak but it frightens Kim Shin who verbally and physically yells and cowers. He even sprays popcorn over them. He does joke that he made it snow with popcorn.

It’s time for the Subway product placement…after the movie Kim Shin and Eun Tak go for a sandwich. She says she’s not hungry. Kim Shin only orders a sandwich for himself. She stares at the sandwich with longing while he eats. Then she sees the truth. She realizes the items he gave her, Duk Hwa, and Wang Yeo were farewell gifts. She asks if he was going to leave once she pulled the sword out of him. His face confirms this. She demands to know why he didn’t tell her. He reminds her that he said once the Goblin Bride appears he had to prepare to go to a faraway place. She thinks he means another country. He confirms he doesn’t want to leave. She gets choked up and tells him if he ever has to leave her to do it when she’s not around.

Duk Hwa drives Eun Tak to her second exam. She’s determined to do well. Kim Shin brings flowers for Eun Tak.

She watches guys play baseball as she walks home. A ball almost hits her but a guy catches it. She recognizes Tae Hee and he recognizes her. He tells her she’s gotten pretty. He ruffles her hair. She nervously tells him she just finished her entrance exam for this college.

Jealous watching Eun Tak interact with Tae Hee, Kim Shin drops the flowers and wonders if he was the man Eun Tak was meeting in his future vision of her. Irked he makes it rain.

At home Kim Shin laments that he should have let Tae Hee alone, then he’d never had met Eun Tak. Duk Hwa doesn’t’ understand what Kim Shin is fretting about.

When she gets home, Eun Tak recalls Tae Hee ruffling her hair and smiles. She recalls watching him at a batting cage when they were younger. Hey it’s Kim Shin in her memory. He put himself between Tae Hee and Eun Tak’s line of sight. She gets annoyed with Kim Shin when she loses her flower petal.

Eun Tak goes to eat some of her celebration cake but Kim Shin draws it to him and refuses to share. She asks why he made it rain earlier. She points out she did everything she could to pull the sword. She even said she loved him. He points out she said it without feeling. She counters that Tae Hee make her feel something. She brags at his baseball abilities. That completely irks Kim Shin. LOL, when he tries to take a picture with the speaker!

Kim Shin goes to the locker room to call out Tae Hee. He’s impressed (grudgingly) that Tae Hee is handsome. Tae Hee remembers Kim Shin from his childhood when Kim Shin flailed to hit balls next to him at the batting cage. Tae Hee offered Kim Shin tips which insulted him. Tae Hee dared Kim Shin to try and see who could hit the most with 10 tries. Loser has to grant the winner a wish. Of course, Kim Shin lost. Tae Hee was thrilled to get home and find the piano gone. LOL! Tae Hee asks Kim Shin if he’s the same man from his past. Kim Shin denies it but Tae Hee looks doubtful. Let’s take a moment to savor Kim Shin’s fabulous scarf and sweater combination. Costume designer, I salute you!

Kim Shin goes to Wang Yeo for help. Wang Yeo snipes that Kim Shin said they weren’t friends. Kim Shin tells Wang Yeo to get past that. Wang Yeo snipes that Kim Shin can’t erase memories. Irritated, Kim Shin gets up setting the bean sprouts on fire and blowing on his finger after he does so. Ah, men being petty like children, that never gets old!

Kim Shin finds Eun Tak in his room trying to take the contract he signed. He notices she forged his name to one. They snipe at each other. She flounces out.

She’s pleased when Tae Hee calls her.

Kim Shin is NOT pleased to watch Eun Tak meet Tae Hee. Cue choral music and Kim Shin trying to calm down. Jealousy, isn’t it grand?

When Kim Shin returns home, Wang Yeo is in a frenzy. He wants to answer Sunny’s call but he doesn’t have a business card, so he can’t. He also has nothing to say, so he can’t. But he wants to. He asked Kim Shin to help. Kim Shin notes they aren’t friends. Wang Yeo wonders where Eun Tak is. Kim Shin says she’s busy flirting at the ice cream parlor.

At the ice cream parlor Tae Hee and Eun Tak marvel that they met once again. Yes, they are definitely flirting. Wang Yeo appears and begs Eun Tak to answer his phone. Tae Hee asks who he is. He can see him? Tae Hee stands to introduce himself. He asks if Wang Yeo is Eun Tak’s father. LOL! That’s the third laugh out loud moment this show! The stunned looks on Wang Yeo and Eun Tak…priceless. Wang Yeo declares Tae Hee harsh. He asks his name. Afraid that Wang Yeo will take action against Tae Hee, she tells him to look away and not provide his name. Wang Yeo blackmails Eun Tak to answer his phone or Tae Hee will pay. She grimaces, grabs Wang Yeo’s phone, apologizes to Tae Hee and steps outside. Wang Yeo sits down and starts eating Eun Tak’s ice cream. He asks Tae Hee about the piano and baseball from his childhood days. Tae Hee wants to know how Wang Yeo knew about that.

Eun Tak lowers her voice and answers the call from Sunny. She pretends to be Eun Tak’s assistant. Sunny doesn’t care. She orders her to tell Eun Tak to meet her at 1pm tomorrow where they met last time or he’s dead. I like her direct manner! Eun Tak is startled to find Wang Yeo there. She informs him Sunny wants to meet 1pm tomorrow at the cafe they last met at. She wonders if she knows the woman’s voice. Wang Yeo cuts her off. He has more important things to discuss.

goblin_ep7_5501 goblin_ep7_5500
! We hear Eun Tak’s voiceover listing everything that Sunny may want to know about him. As they sit for coffee Wang Yeo provides the list of details to Sunny who is looking a bit overwhelmed at the unrequited flood of information. But when Wang Yeo blurts out that he missed her, she melts and admits she missed him to. He smiles a lovely smile. She chides him for ignoring her phone calls. He explains that without a business card, he didn’t think she’d want to see him. He asks for her business card. She leans forward and declares her face is her business card. Ha! He’s entranced by her! Sunny asks what Wang Yeo likes. He claims he likes her. She’s charmed. He tells her she’s as intriguing as kdramas. That’s a line a writer of kdramas would write! He goes on to say while he’s drawn to her he wonders if the gods won’t punish his affection for her. She’s a bit surprised at his earnest but glib words. She stares and smiles. He stares and smiles. Okay, they are adorable!! I relish seeing Wang Yeo happy. She’s the right woman for him. I’m just going enjoy this sweet moment. Sunny is disappointed when Wang Yeo says he can’t have dinner with her as he’s due at a staff dinner.

On his way to the grim reaper social dinner, the bike guy that Kim Shin saw the future for bumps into Wang Yeo. When he gets to the dinner, as senior member, he has to pay. He reaches for his wallet, but it’s not there. The bike guy lifted it when he bumped him! The other reapers put on their hats, which make them invisible (I didn’t realize that before) and leave. Kim Shin sees another Reaper has his hat, leaving him alone and visible to the eatery owner who wants the bill paid. Stuck, Wang Yeo is forced to Kim Shin.

goblin_ep7_10002 goblin_ep7_10000
At the police station, they request Kim Shin provide a reference for Wang Yeo. Kim Shin claims not to know Wang Yeo. Irked but stuck, Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin he’ll erase Tae Hee’s memories. Kim Shin immediately provides the reference and his business card. Wang Yeo is shocked Kim Shin has a business card. Ha!

As they leave the police station, Duk Hwa rushes up. Eun Tak complains that Kim Shin has a business card. Duk Hwa confirms that the company he works for is owned by Kim Shin. Irked, Eun Tak ignored the tofu that Duk Hwa offers with glee and stalks away. Duk Hwa notices that Eun Tak avoids touching people as he walks away. Duk Hwa realizes that Eun Tak can see a person’s life if he touches them. He asks Kim Shin if he has that power. Kim Shin quips being immortal is his power.

Kim Shin can’t believe Eun Tak isn’t home. Her stuff looks like it’s packed. He calls Eun Tak and demands to know why she isn’t home. She retorts it is 7pm and she’s busy. She hangs up. When Kim Shin calls back, Eun Tak has turned her phone off.

Kim Shin approaches the 4 ghosts Eun Tak hangs with and asks where she is.

Duk Hwa gives the scroll to Wang Yeo to give to Kim Shin. They are curious what it is. They find the picture of the Queen. Duk Hwa calls her a babe. Wang Yeo is mesmerized and tears come down his face. Wang Yeo grabs his heart and grieves. Wow, what an effective moment!

Sunny sits in her store wearing the jade ring.

Flashback to the young Queen in training being watched by the young King. When she sees him she’s started and drops the bowls on her shoulders.

Granny/Lady in Red muses that was a sad beginning to their fated relationship. She says that loving isn’t a sin. Maybe they didn’t commit a sin.

Eun Tak sings at a wedding and notices Kim Shin watching her and enjoying her voice. He walks her home. She tells him being a wedding singer is her newest additional part time job. Eun Tak shares she wanted to be his bride to gain a family, something she doesn’t have. She apologizes for not being able to pull the sword out. She doesn’t like that they fight all the time. She informs him she’s working to be able to move out but she can’t right now. She asks for a discount on the rent. Tears brim her eyes. He hugs her.

He tells her a discount on he rent isn’t possible. He clutches his heart in pain. She sees the sword. She grips the hilt. OMG! She’s stunned. She tells him she’ll pull the sword out. He’s stunned that she is gripping the sword. She starts to pull the sword out. He pushes her away flinging her high in the air. He catches her but a chain reaction car accident occurs.

He puts her down. He thinks “Eun Tak is the Goblin’s Bride. The vision of the future I saw was correct. By her hand the curse of my immortality was ended. I returned to nothingness. A mortal can only live 100 years. Am I trying to glimpse my immortal life or her face? I know the answer. I want to see her face.”

My thoughts

Best episode of the series. The writer produced a perfect script. The actors delivered performances that charmed me and drew me closer. The director and cinematographer continued their visual superiority. And the costume designer made every male character a “sharp dressed man”.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) realizes that he wants to live and be with Eun Tak. How perfect was it that initially Eun Tak couldn’t grip the sword and Kim Shin tweaked her about it all episode? But when she was able to grip and pull, it crystalized for him. He wants to live so he can be with her. I adore Gong Yoo in this role. I can’t imagine anyone else embodying this lonely beautiful masculine man. He is perfection.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) realized that Kim Shin would go away if she pulled out the sword. I was glad to see that she understood that piece of the puzzle. But she didn’t realize that she would kill him. Will she understand that now? Eun Tak’s alone in this world is the perfect partner for our lonely goblin. When she missed her mother after the exam, I felt her sadness. When she admitted that marrying Kim Shin meant instant family which was a strong appeal, I felt her yearning. When she admitted, she wanted to continue to live at the house, I felt her desperation not to be forced out. She doesn’t realize how much Kim Shin cares for her.

The bromance between Kim Shin and Wang Yeo continues to be one of the stellar aspects of this series. Their banter, their facial expressions, the descent in the childish behavior, charms and entertains me.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) was riveted by the scroll painting of the Queen. If the Queen is Kim Shin’s sister and the King loved her, but ordered her killed to punish Kim Shin who he was jealous of, that indeed was an act that merited grim reaper status. Wang Yeo’s unsure ways with Sunny makes me want to help him. It certainly charmed Sunny.

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) got Wang Yeo to admit he liked her and she loved it. Even though Wang Yeo isn’t the smoothest guy, his earnest desire to connect with her, hooked Sunny. When the granny/lady in red sad maybe their love wasn’t a mistake, did that open the door for a potential happy ending?

The bright and fun 5th song of the OST is “You Are Pretty” by Eddy Kim.


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12 comments on “Goblin Episode 7 Recap
  1. Rosalynn Wong says:

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! I agree that this is the best episode so far. Love your comments 😀


  2. Kelli says:

    This series keeps getting better and better. You are correct that the costume designer is doing a stellar job with the men. I’ve not seen a bad outfit yet, let alone a mediocre one.

    My theory about the Reaper and Sunny is proving more true each episode. They are just adorable together. I’d hate to see anything negative happen to them, but alas it’s most likely going to happen.

    That flashback scene Eun Tak had about Tae Hee…..I about fell out of my seat when I saw the Goblin was there. Of course, it was one of his moments of helping a child. It was interesting seeing her with a different guy. I almost didn’t like it as much as Kim Shin didn’t.

    Our favorite resident Goblin is going to spend so much time worrying about who this ‘President’ is that he won’t even consider it might be him. Why can’t he stay alive to watch her grow old, and their relationship to continue? Then when she’s ready to go, she can pull the sword, and they go together? K-drama rules say no, and we get a heart stomp out.

    The scenes between all the men are getting more stellar with time. Duk Hwa now counts in the bromance for me because he is intwined with them. He’s really standing out to be the wild card of this series.

    Now to wait for the next episode by continuing my binge watch of Princess Wei Young.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Your theory about Sunny and Wang Yeo does look spot on. They are so taken with each other in an adorably charming way.

      Good point that Goblin isn’t considering that he could be the President. With Duk Hwa’s reveal that Goblin was the president of the company he works for, it makes it even more possible Eun Tak could be meeting him. I wonder if Wang Yeo will wipe her memory so that when she meets Goblin in their eatery, it will seem like a first meeting for her.

      Duk Hwa continues to grow on me. He is part of the bromance club but Wang Yeo and Goblin are the dream pair to watch.


  3. wulan says:

    thank you for your hardwork recap this drama….i bookmark your page just to read your recap 🙂 btw, if i may add in this episode when you wrote “Someone stands outside the house and muses a man that doesn’t grow old.”, that someone is grandfather’s assistant … keep up your good work 😀


  4. Holly Moon says:

    Again, it washes over me and I get happy. Yes on all accounts, the relationships between the leads are all clicking along beautifully.

    Did anyone else notice the movie that made Kim Shin react in terror is Gong Yoo’s own TRAIN TO BUSAN ? They selectively failed to show his face. I got a laugh out of that.

    This is a great team working together — the cast and writer, director, and crew.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate you identifying the scary movie. I don’t always grasp the references so your info is welcomed.
      Yes, let this show continue to flow over you!


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    INSIGHTFUL OR VINDICTIVE? – I think Kim Shin was seeing the future of the cyclist that nearly ran him over, or at least I hope is not being vengeful. Was the cyclist the same guy who pick-pocketed Wang Yeo?

    NAÏVE AND CONTRITE WANG YEO – Wang Yeo is sooo clueless in his interactions with Sunny. He should have approached Sunny as if he were the boyfriend she was “meeting” instead of making the drunken man fly away—try to logically explain that one! Wang Yeo rattles off the bio information and for that matter everything without emotion.

    The teary regretful reaction Wang Yeo had to the young queen’s portrait makes me think he is the incarnation of the young king. If so, I wonder if Sunny isn’t the reincarnation of the young queen. What part does granny turned vamp play in this story. It makes me laugh, that she is the one who has been seeing grim reapers since the grim reaper moved in.

    RANCOROUS GUARDIAN – You gotta ❤ Eun Tak for trying a kiss to make the sword removable. Kim Shin is a reneging cheapskate to be asking his “bride” for demanding rent money and the return of the gifts he gave her for ending his life, even though he said regardless of what happens she is not at fault. Again a spiteful Shin took Eun Tak’s congratulatory cake—that is what we call being an “Indian giver”.

    I laughed my butt off at Kim Shin’s display of fear during the scary movie. Ha!

    I thought I recognized Kim Shin in the baseball flashback! Tae Hee oppa is handsome young competition for Kim Shin. Shin recanting Eun Tak and Tae Hee’s ice cream rendezvous “haha hoho hehe” cracked me up. I agree with @Kelli about Shin not considering the possibility that he might be the ‘President’ the 28 year old Eun Tak is waiting for. Kim Shin is jealous! Darn that Kim Shin, if he would just confess his feelings to Eun Tak…well…I guess the series wouldn’t need to be 16 episodes.

    I think the sword became painful to Shin and tangible to Eun Tak as Shin started to develop feelings for Eun Tak. I am annoyed that nobody has bothered to tell Eun Tak that removing the sword from the Goblin will be the end of his very long life. Shin clearly does not want to die at this point in time and Eun Tak would not remove the sword if she knew the implications. These two belong together and deserve a long and happy life!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Wang Yeo is sooo clueless in his interactions with Sunny.
      He is adorably naive and sweet. Sunny can’t help but be charmed by him.

      Kim Shin is jealous!
      That was fun to watch. It toppled his control in the relationship.

      I am annoyed that nobody has bothered to tell Eun Tak that removing the sword from the Goblin will be the end of his very long life.
      Concur. She needs to know the consequences of the removal of the sword.


  6. Ellya says:

    Do you know the ending song at episode 7?


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