Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 12 Recap

Joon Jae clarifies things with Sim Chung.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 12 Recap 

In the past…just as Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) is about to strike Dae Young with a sword, a government official reads a royal decree sentencing Dam Ryung to house arrest for being mesmerized and under the control of a mermaid. Dae Young smiles with glee.

In the present… Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) is arrested by Detective Hong who was searching for Dae Young but found Joon Jae instead. Joon Jae agrees to go quietly with Detective Hong. I do take issue with the murkiness of that choice. Leaving Sim Chung waiting and alone isn’t the choice of someone putting her needs first. If he did it so as not to involve the police and Sim Chung, then that works for me. Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) waits for Joon Jae and wonders where he is. Dae Young is in the taxi watching Sim Chung, but she doesn’t know this. Sim Chung spots the stuffed pink octopus on the ground. She picks it up wondering where Joon Jae is.

Detective Hong refuses to let Joon Jae answer his phone when Sim Chung calls. Joon Jae makes the excellent point that Detective Hong does not have an arrest warrant and he’s cooperating so the handcuffs are unnecessary. That argument falls on deaf ears. Sim Chung doesn’t understand why Joon Jae isn’t answering his phone. She wonders where he is.

When Detective Hong’s partner gets in the car, he’s surprised to see Joon Jae. Weren’t they there to catch Dae Young? That gets Joon Jae’s attention. He tells them Dae Young is there to find him. He convinces them to allow him to call Sim Chung. While Detective Hong holds the phone, Joon Jae asks Sim Chung where she is. She explains that she’s still there waiting. Relieved, Joon Jae tells Sim Chung to go home, something came up and he can’t join her. Sim Chung will take a taxi as she spots the taxi that unbeknownst to her, Dae Young is in. She and Joon Jae keep talking as she gets in the taxi. Immediately she recognizes Dae Young’s eyes and says to Dae Young he’s wearing a hat today. Joon Jae realizes that last time Sim Chung saw Dae Young he was wearing a hat. He asks where she is. Sim Chung gives him the clue should make him think of Namsan Tower. The phone call ends and she doesn’t pick up when he calls back. Joon Jae makes the connection they heading to Namsan Tower. Detective Hong directs his partner to drive. Joon Jae declares if something happens to Sim Chung he’ll make Detective Hong pay.

To his credit, Detective Hong believes him and removes his handcuffs. Detective Hong calls for roadblocks. We see that Dae Young has injected Sim Chung with a drug and she’s passed out. Joon Jae realizes that to avoid the roadblocks, Dae Young took a road that exits Seoul. He tells the police to take the road. They comply.

lbs_ep12_1157 When Sim Chung wakes, she sees Dae Young filling a barrel with water. He informs her she can’t move. He says he’s had weird dreams and he’s going to confirm something. Wanna bet he’s going to put her in the barrel or soak her with water? It’s still bugging me that evil Dae Young has the dreams too. I wish the dreams had only been for Joon Jae. That plot device feels tainted. Dae Young says in his dream she was a mermaid in the water and human on land. He’s wondering if he put her in the barrel, would she change into a mermaid?

The police realize that Dae Young could be at the abandoned hospital. They split up and search.

The barrel is full of water. Dae Young goes to lift Sim Chung. She warns him if she were a mermaid she could erase his memory. Dae Young flashes back to the past and recalls everything about Sim Chung, Dam Ryung, and himself. He stares at her. She outstretches her hand and dares him to touch her. Nice move! He runs away.

Sim Chung calls to Joon Jae. He hears her. He finds her, hugs her, and apologizes for being late. Dae Young drives away and avoids being caught. You knew that would happen.

Joon Jae and Sim Chung arrive home. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O tell them that Dae Young is on the loose and the idiot police are looking for them now. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are stunned when Detective Hong and his partner walk in the house. Joon Jae takes Sim Chung to the bedroom. It’s awkward in the living room between the four men.

lbs_ep12_2001 lbs_ep12_2000
Joon Jae settles Sim Chung in his bed. She wants to talk about Dae Young but he tells her they’ll talk about it tomorrow. Joon Jae tells her when his lease is up in 2 years, she’ll move to his next house with him. Sweet! She’s surprised that he’s thinking they’ll be together in the future. Joon Jae strokes her hair and tells her to sleep. He says he has to talk to the men in the living room.

Detective Hong wants to know why Dae Young took Sim Chung to the hospital. Joon Jae tries to convince him it was because of him. Tae O shows them the CCTV footage of Dae Young lurking around their house on the day their neighbor was killed. Joon Jae shows them the text message that Dae Young sent using Joon Jae’s father’s assistant’s phone. Jo Nam Doo confirms that Joon Jae was almost killed when he met Dae Young that day. Why Dae Young is targeting Joon Jae isn’t explained. Joon Jae states he’s never conned Dae Young. He offers to help the police catch Dae Young. He promises to cooperate after Dae Young has been caught. Joon Jae says he’s got something to protect and he can’t run away anymore. He asks the police to believe him and leave for the night.

Sim Chung thinks of Joon Jae hugging her when he found her. She thinks of him saying she’ll be with him. She wonders about moving, the deposit, and doesn’t understand the details. Joon Jae listens to her in the loft bed and chuckles over her confusion. When she wonders if he might be falling for her – the hair fluffing, the tucking in bed, she gets giddy, maybe this is romantic love. She can’t turn her brain off and Joon Jae opens the loft door and implore her to sleep. He reminds her favorite TV shows are on in the early morning. She bids him good night. He goes back to bed and her incessant analysis drives him crazy. The writer totally pegged how women obsess of details and replay what a guy said again and again.

The next day Ahn Jin Joo calls Jo Nam Doo (recall he is pretending to be an investment banker with Kim Jae as his client) but he doesn’t answer. Abandoning contacting Jo Nam Doo, Ahn Jin Joo calls Seo Hee instead. She suggests they get together. Seo Hee agrees to a 7pm meeting. Unbeknownst to Seo Hee, Chi Hyeon watches her replace his father’s pills. When she steps away he takes the replacement pills. Chi Hyeon is in a difficult spot. He loves his mother. He loves his father. He suspects his mother of hurting he father. What does he do now?

lbs_ep12_3001 lbs_ep12_3000
Sim Chung and Joon Jae are bleary eyed the next morning. Joon Jae says that Sim Chung tossed and turned last night. Sim Chung wonders if he’s angry with her. Wait a minute? Doesn’t she know that he can hear her thoughts? I guess not, but for a second I thought back to her reveal that she was mermaid and thought she knew he could hear her thoughts when she confessed this. That’s obviously wrong. Joon Jae assures her he’s not mad. Realizing that Sim Chung would enjoy a dip in the pool to get her mermaid on, he suggests Jo Nam Doo and Tae O join him to buy a Christmas tree. He tells Sim Chung she has to stay home. She doesn’t understand why she can’t go. Joon Jae wishes Sim Chung could hear him think that she need time in the water. Joon Jae tells her to relax and enjoy her time in the house like she owned it. She still doesn’t get it.

lbs_ep12_3102 lbs_ep12_3101
When she goes to pinch his cheeks like he did to her, he pushes her against a wall and tells her to do whatever she wants while she is alone. Racked with questions and insecurities, Sim Chung’ thoughts race and Joon Jae exits the room to protect himself the overload of her thoughts. I’d go crazy listening to nervous and unsure incessant chatter inside Sim Chung’s head.

Chi Hyeon listens to his father tell his lawyer that he wants to revise his will to leave everything he can legally to Joon Jae. The lawyer warns him that certain assets must be available for his wife and Chi Hyeon. Father understands as long as Joon Jae gets the bulk of his estate. Now Chi Hyeon has heard his father favor Joon Jae over him, will this change his stance of wanting a relationship with Joon Jae?

lbs_ep12_3501 lbs_ep12_3500
Ahn Jin Joo is solicitous with Seo Hee. They drink rice wine together. Just as Ahn Jin Joo brings up the possibility of co-investing Seo Hee gets a call from her lawyer which she takes effectively shutting down Ahn Jin Joo’s request. Irritated Ahn Jin Joo starts drinking more than her share of the rice and gets drunk. She ends up insulting Seo Hee by calling her old. Seo Hee calls to be picked up. She leaves the room telling Ahn Jin Joo to sober up and consider her words more carefully in the future. When Ahn Jin Joo mumbles about Seo Hee stealing her best friend’s man and marrying him, that gets Seo Hee’s attention. She listens surprised at the dirt Ahn Jin Joo knows about her.

As the boys prepare Christmas dinner as Cha Si A watches, Sim Chung thinks and frets over her wardrobe choices. Joon Jae gets a kick out of Sim Chung’s desire to look better than Cha Si A. When Sim Chung appears, she looks lovely and all the boys notice. Tae O snaps a photo on his phone and Joon Jae chases him reminding him that Tae O promised not to take any more pictures of Sim Chung. Cha Si A smiles a little smile. Does she think Tae O took a picture of her? When Sim Chung entered the room? Delusional, thy name is Cha Si A. Our ladies, Cha Si A and Sim Chung glare at each other. Yep, they both want to be the alpha female in the room.

It’s humorous when Sim Chung is able to mimic Joon Jae’s ability to pop a snack into the air and into his mouth. She’s does it effortlessly. Cha Si A tries put cannot. She whines for Joon Jae to teach her. This irks Sim Chung who isn’t getting Joon Jae’s attention but more importantly she can’t stop eating the yummy snack. Joon Jae chuckles and asks Sim Chung if the snack is tasty.

Later the two women glare and chat. Sim Chung informs Cha Si A that she’ll be moving to wherever Joon Jae moves to when his lease is up. Cha Si A is startled but recover quickly planting doubt in Sim Chung’s head by mimicking the incessant worrying thoughts Sim Chung has about Joon Jae. I’m sure Cha Si A has had all those thoughts herself. Ladies, we’ve got to stop obsessing over men. They don’t obsess over us (unless it’s a kdrama). Cha Si A taunts Sim Chung that Joon Jae was her hook line and sinker. Cha Si A brags that her aloof status keeps Joon Jae near her. She tells Sim Chung to return to where she came from.

lbs_ep12_4001 lbs_ep12_4000
Dae Young ignores the phone calls from Seo Hee which irritates her. Chi Hyeon asks Seo Hee the right question “who is my father”? Seo Hee says he’s asleep in the upstairs bedroom. Chi Hyeon clarifies. Who is his biological father? OMG, is it Dae Young? Wow, talk about losing the parent lottery if Chi Hyeon’s father is Dae Young! Seo Hee says his biological father will never seek him out because he knows that’s best for Chi Hyeon. Seo Hee tells her son that they are team and will fight the world together. Chi Hyeon is upset.

Cha Si A drinks alone until Tae O comes and joins her. She slides a photo of herself across the table. Tae O is confused. Cha Si A tells him he doesn’t have to take picture of her in secret, he knows has one. LOL! She did think he secretly took a picture. Tae O tries to tell her, but she won’t listen. She tells him to own up to the pain of unrequited love. She goes into a long explanation of her unrequited love for Joon Jae. Annoyed and trapped, Tae O stares at her in disgust and eats the snacks on the table. Ah, but Cha Si A’s superiority is destroyed when she’s rip roaring drunk and dials up Joon Jae demanding to know why he doesn’t have a plan with her. Tae O has the patience of a saint to listen to Cha Si A’s ramblings. Gosh, I hope Joon Jae isn’t really listening to her. Yes, he is. Now I feel sorry for both men. Joon Jae tells Cha Si A to ask Tae O to take her home. Jo Nam Doo can’t believe he lived to see the day that Cha Si A drunk dialed Joon Jae. She’s always so composed.

Tired from that encounter with Cha Si A, Joon Jae enters his bedroom to find Sim Chung unsure of his feelings for her. He hears her concern and tells her to sleep in the bed and he’ll sleep in the loft. He begs her to stop thinking and let sleep wash away all her concerns. Poor guy, I feel his pain. First Cha Si A then another round of Sim Chung’s insecurity. Of course, the obvious thing would be for him to be crystal clear about his feelings for Sim Chung. He’s not solving a problem that he could easily solve. Cha Si A lays on the bed and wishes for sleep.

Ahn Jin Joo wakes and recalls the rude things she said to Seo Hee. She moans to her husband that she blew it.

Cha Si A checks her phone logs and confirms her fears, she did indeed drunk dial Joon Jae. She screams in embarrassment.

JJ’s mother heads to hospital for medicine.

Ahn Jin Joo rushes to Seo Hee and begs her forgiveness. She claims that what she said yesterday was an aberration.

Sim Chung watches Tae O play video games. He gets nervous. She asks if his face is normally that red. He shakes his head in the negative. Sim Chung asks if Tae O can help her look up things on the computer. Things like if a guy likes you or he’s just flirting with you. Joon Jae isn’t happy to see their heads together. He tells her he’ll help her. She thinks she must find out if he likes her or he’s just flirting with her. Joon Jae barks asking if he has to say it out loud. The answer is yes, Joon Jae, you should see this clearly. Sim Chung looks at him in confusion. Joon Jae manages to play it off.

The doctor doesn’t understand why Joon Jae’s father’s sight is deteriorating. Surgery seems to be the only option now. Seo Hee pretends to be the understanding supportive wife. She sits him down in and tells him she’ll wrap up the paperwork. Joon Jae’s father sits and sees a blurry version of his first wife. It is Joon Jae’s mother at the hospital for her medicine. She stares at her first husband in horror. But he doesn’t react. He wonders if he sees what he thinks he sees. Joon Jae’s mother spins around. Seo Hee returns and leads her husband away. She doesn’t see Joon Jae’s mother.

Flashback to a young Seo Hee imposing on Joon Jae’s mother who is flush with a happy marriage to a wealthy man. Seo Hee whines that raising her son after her husband’s death is difficult. Joon Jae’s mother unknowingly encouraged Seo Hee to meet with her husband to sell him insurance.

lbs_ep12_5501 lbs_ep12_5500
Chi Hyeon calls Joon Jae. He hesitates but decides to answer the call. Oh no, it’s another drunk on the other end of the line. Chi Hyeon slurs that he’s the fake son and Joon Jae is the real son. Chi Hyeon tells Joon Jae that he can’t protect Joon Jae’s father, that’s up to Joon Jae now. He urges him to protect his father. He’ll protect his mother. He says it’s his last warning on the subject.

lbs_ep12_5802 lbs_ep12_5801lbs_ep12_5803lbs_ep12_5804
Joon Jae finds Sim Chung waiting for him on his bed. He listens to her thoughts about her insecurity about him. He urges her to ask him directly. She says she’s not ready and has to think about it all night. Joon Jae sighs a heavy sigh. He stops her from going up the ladder to the loft. At his touch, she stops thinking about her insecurities. He stares at her. He tells her it’s better when her thoughts are quiet. She stares at him. He leans over and kisses her. Folks, we have mutual kissing with lip movement! That’s a real kiss!

My thoughts

Finally, Joon Jae took control of the situation and dashed Sim Chung’s doubts with action. It’s true that actions speak louder than words. He banished her concerns with a kiss. Now do I think she won’t fret again? Maybe not, but I was getting tired of her incessant worrying about their relationship too. I know that women do that to themselves. I didn’t realize it could that irksome.

On the evil side of the house, Dae Young recalled the entirety of the past and realized that Sim Chung’s words of memory erasure was a strong possibility. He fled. Then he ignored Seo Hee’s calls. I am wondering one thing – is Dae Young Chi Hyeon’s father? If so, I pity Chi Hyeon. Seo Hee didn’t reassure him in a way that worked. Now she’s full on intent on making Joon Jae’s father blind or dead with her fake medicine and actions. Is there anything redeeming about Seo Hee? I don’t think so. I pity Chi Hyeon.

Dam Ryung / Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) delighted in Sim Chung liking him but disliked Sim Chung doubting him. He didn’t want to clearly state his feelings. But that’s exactly what he had to do to quiet her fears. I appreciated that it was a decent kiss with some oomph behind it. I think about all the angles the actors have to endure for those kiss scenes. The production of a kiss must render it unenjoyable at times. Though thinking about it, with the right actor, I’d probably enjoy every angle. But then I wouldn’t like the crew filming, so count me out. But back to Joon Jae. The other thing I liked was how he was honest (as he could be) with Detective Hong and was able to redirect the focus to Dae Young who was the crucial criminal to catch. Joon Jae even brought Detective Hong to his house. Last but not least, Joon Jae got not one but two drunk calls. He was gracious with Cha Si A and cool to Chi Hyeon. With Chi Hyeon making that call to Joon Jae, does that mean he’s no longer going to help Joon Jae’s father escape his mother’s machinations?

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) carried the flag of obsessive worrier most of the episode. She fretted about Joon Jae’s feeling for him many times and with a rush of concerns and questions. While I understand why she did it, and cannot claim I haven’t done the same thing, I was glad when Joon Jae finally and directly let her know she mattered to him. He wasn’t flirting. He liked her. The snack eating was pretty cool. I must say that Cha Si A and Sim Chung are fun to watch. While each woman want to best the other, they aren’t mean or hateful, so they are fun to watch. Sim Chung was cool under fire when she freaked Dam Young out with the possibility that she could erase his memory. Loved it when she reached out to him and he fled.

Check out the another instrumental song “Memories” .

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9 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 12 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    For the police to know Dae Young is a dangerous murderer and that he has kidnapped an innocent woman, they don’t seem to be hurrying at all!

    While morally I’m appalled at JaeJoon for keeping secret from Chung that he can hear her thoughts, I am thoroughly entertained by it. 😆

    Chi Hyeon taking the fake/poison pills is a nice gesture but unless he replaces them with the legit pills, EW will just replace the replacements. And I’ll never understand protecting a loved one when they’re a murdering psychopath. I’ll support you all the way but I draw the line at that kind of crazy.

    JJ’s father is second from the top on my brown stain list. (First is Evil Whore, of course) . He threw away his first wife and now is disloyal to his current wife and step son, to whom he pretends he’s adoptive father of the year. Why not leave JJ the bulk but leave them something too? I felt so sorry for Chi Hyeon. I believe he would’ve tried to be fair to JJ and to save his stepdad, but now, it’s not the money but the depth of the betrayal. (The subs I watched made it sound like Stupid Worthless Dad is trying to leave his new family next to nothing if he could get away with it.)

    “Who is his biological father? OMG, is it Dae Young? Wow, talk about losing the parent lottery if Chi Hyeon’s father is Dae Young!”

    I knooow. Poor Chi Hyeon.

    I feel JJ is wrong not to make sure Si ah knows she has no chance. When Nam Doo says “let’s include Si Ah”, JJ could have said “that’s not a good idea”. Or JJ should make it plain to Si ah that he’s already chosen Chung. That might stop Si Ah’s feeling like she has a right to warn off Chung.

    “Jo Nam Doo can’t believe he lived to see the day that Cha Si A drunk dialed Joon Jae. She’s always so composed.”
    My subs say she is usually composed but drunk calls him once a year during the holidays. That’s why I don’t like JJ allowing it to go on because he is obviously aware of her feelings.

    I know if I was JJ’s partners in crime, I’d be pissed. At least call me before you bring cops to the house! That’s JJ’s choice to go straight but not his compadres. I hate people making life choices for other people.

    Still loving the show though.


    • kjtamuser says:

      While morally I’m appalled at JaeJoon for keeping secret from Chung that he can hear her thoughts, I am thoroughly entertained by it
      I keep wondering if one day Sim Chung will hear Joon Jae’s thoughts.

      As you brought up in your other comments Joon Jae doesn’t always do what is best for others and puts what is best for him front and center. e.g. allowing Si Ah believe she has a chance, bringing the police to their home blindsiding Nam Doo and Tae O.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Chung hearing Joon Jae’s thoughts is an interesting concept; I hope it happens.

        JJ may me keeping quiet on the Si Ah front to avoid hurting his feelings; some guys think that way. As for blindsiding the gang, JJ may be selfish or maybe he didn’t have a choice–the police had his phone; I’m hoping he is not selfish.. JJ did mention no one had filed charges against them, so the worst the police could do is fine JJ for impersonating an officer.


        • kjtamuser says:

          Joon Jae is evolving, look where he was episode 1 to where he is at episode 12, in caring for someone other than himself. Sim Chung is opening his heart up and it’s great to see. Joon Jae can still puts his needs first though he’s factoring in other’s feelings and needs more and more. He’s following the trajectory we all want to see. Fallible man becoming a better person through the love of a wonderful woman (who just happens to be a mermaid and he can hear her thoughts).


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    COUNTERFEIT CRUSH – A misguided Si A, keeps interacting the Tae O as if he is still crushing on her, even though he claims the crush is over. Tae O is also crushing on Chung. Si A trying to compete with Chung over Joon Jae is almost laughable — you got no chance girl! I agree with Beez, Joon Jae should let her know Si A know it will never go anywhere. Time to say goodbye.

    FRIEND OR FOE? – Chi Hyeon knows the EW is switching out “dad’s” medication. Is Chi Hyeon aware of the eye issues that killed his mother’s previous husbands, or was he too young? “Now Chi Hyeon has heard his father favor Joon Jae over him, will this change his stance of wanting a relationship with Joon Jae?” I am appalled JJ’s dad is not planning on leaving anything to his wife and stepson. Does dad have his wife’s number already? Will it change how Chi Hyeon feels about his fake dad?

    I have mixed feeling about Chi Hyeon. He has been watching out for Chung and at least notifying Joon Jae to watch out for his dad, since CH was going to watch out for his mom. Chi Hyeon’s mother has put him in a pitiable position. The indications are that Dae Young is his bio dad. Poor Chi Hyeon! 😦

    EVIL WITCH – Jin Joo was foolish to drink so much while trying to make a business deal with EW. It was a great example of why alcohol should not be present when discussing business. Good luck smoothing that one over Jin Joo!

    This episode showed EW changed her name from high school, which was the name used when marrying the first two husbands. Then the EW starting with selling insurance to Joon Jae’s mom, EW’s high school “friend”, when she discovered the wealth, EW made Joon Jae’s dad her target. The police are onto EW original name, but don’t know her new name…yet. Why hasn’t Dae Young been helping her out with these to change up the MO?

    The captions on Drama Cool gave clarification this episode that Joon Jae’s dad has macular degeneration. That is an eye disease that seems more realistic, explains pain, and permanent blindness. I’m not sure oral medication is used for macular degeneration.

    JOON JAE’S EYE OPENER – It was an awesome moment with Joon Jae realized he was his own competition! Hearing Chung’s voice is somewhat beneficial to Joon Jae to figure out what she thinks, but the second guessing is driving him crazy. “The writer totally pegged how women obsess of details and replay what a guy said again and again”—I am reminded of the movie “What Women Want”

    You are right @KJT, all Joon Jae has to be “crystal clear about his feelings for Sim Chung”. He could do that without revealing he can hear her mermaid voice. I am not “appalled at Joon Jae for keeping secret from Chung that he can hear her thoughts”, but I do think he should fess up before too long. Joon Jae made good headway with kissing Chung. “Folks, we have mutual kissing with lip 💋 movement! That’s a real kiss!” Woot 💋 woot!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Could Tae O and Si A develop feelings for each other?

      I don’t envy Chi Hyeon in any way. Evil mother, step father that doesn’t view him as a tier 1 son, and potentially evil father. When he told Joon Jae that he could no longer protect his father, that was fair warning. But Joon Jae has his hands full with keeping Sim Chung safe.

      I thought of the movie, What Woman Want too!

      It was a relief to see a real kiss. While I like cute couples, I like some heat between them too!🔥


      • Beez says:

        Ewwwwww – at the thought of Si A and Tae O.
        (Even though I LURVE the actress playing Si A.)

        Si A is too old for Tae O (imo). Were we shown/told how Tae O became wrapped up in this life of crime at such a tender age?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I do not see Tae O and Si A together, but it is not the age difference. She is not nice enough for our quiet but sweet Tae O.


        • kjtamuser says:

          She certainly does not deserve him. I’m relieved Tae O isn’t overly fixated on Sim Chung. He likes her but he doesn’t hate Joon Jae for being the one.


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