Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 11 Recap

Joon Jae is pulled away from Sim Chung.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 11 Recap 

Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) realizes he’s the boy that could hear a mermaid’s voice. Joon Jae realizes that Sim Chung is the mermaid with the special ability to wipe his memory with a kiss. Joon Jae realizes that he needs to save Sim Chung.

Joon Jae runs the streets asking people if they’ve seen Sim Chung but no one has. He hears that the black moon is having and often brings bad tidings.

lbs_ep11_0348 lbs_ep11_0346In the past… Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) learns that Dae Young has petitioned the King for wrongful imprisonment and has villagers fishing to capture the mermaid. Angry, Dam Ryung strides to Dae Young’s cell, puts a sword to his neck and declares that he never be born again.

In the present…Dae Young wakes from the past flashback. He wonders why he’s dreaming like this. Now more past flashbacks come to him. He realizes that Joon Jae is Dam Ryung and Sim Chung is the mermaid from the past. Wow, that was a little too easy for him to put the pieces together like that and believe it so easily. That is a glaring “went for the easy fix” moment for the writer.

lbs_ep11_0500 lbs_ep11_0515
Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) goes to a department store to return sacks of clothing for money.

Joon Jae asks Jo Nam Doo and Tae O if they’ve located Sim Chung. Tae O knows she went into a department store. Jo Nam Doo asks why Joon Jae can’t track Sim Chung with her phone. Joon Jae snipes that Sim Chung turned her phone off.

As Sim Chung waits in the department store, she gets on a hanging swing. Chi Hyeon spots her and smiles.

At home, Joon Jae looks to the loft and remembers Sim Chung exiting the loft. He finds the jar of pearls on Sim Chung’s nightstand. He remembers her confession that she’s a mermaid and her fear that he’ll leave her. Joon Jae wonders how he fell into a real-life fairy tale and how did a mermaid enter his life?

lbs_ep11_1107 lbs_ep11_1045
Sim Chung remembers Joon Jae (as Kim Jae) declaring that he is a con artist and that’s his secret. Chi Hyeon introduces himself to Sim Chung (she recognizes him as Joon Jae’s family). She tells him that she’s living in Joon Jae’s loft. He offers to drive her home. She asks him to drive her to a spa. She accidently goes into the men’s side but Chi Hyeon points her to the women’s side. She watches another woman putting her things in a locker and follows suit. Little does she know the mean girls she once reprimanded are watching her.

At home Jo Nam Doo wonders what was going on between Joon Jae and Sim Chung earlier, when things were tense. Joon Jae asks Jo Nam Doo if he knows the story the little mermaid. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O tell him that the mermaid dies. Joon Jae isn’t happy with that. He urges Tae O for find Sim Chung.

At the spa, Sim Chung is edged out of spots for her sleeping mat.

At home, Joon Jae continues to search for Sim Chung while Jo Nam Doo and Tae O sleep. The next morning Joon Jae has had no luck and decides to hit the streets again. Joon Jae finds the homeless woman and asks if she knows where Sim Chung is. She schools Joon Jae that if had treated Sim Chung well, then he wouldn’t be searching for her now. She’s got a point! Sim Chung’s phone is still off, so Joon Jae cannot track her.

lbs_ep11_1855 lbs_ep11_1800
The mean girls have stolen Sim Chung’s bag from the locker and are thrilled at the bundle of money they’ve. They turn on her cell phone. The tracking software alerts Joon Jae and he drives to the location. He finds the mean girls dividing Sim Chung’s money. He gets them to tell him where Sim Chung is. He takes the money back. He does have smooth moves! The girls are impressed.

lbs_ep11_2140 lbs_ep11_2139
When Joon Jae spots Sim Chung in the spa, he walks directly to her and pulls into a hug. He chides her for staying out all night in a spa. Sim Chung tells him that Chi Hyeon brought her here. Chi Hyeon says that he was taking care of Sim Chung. Joon Jae send Chi Hyeon away and takes Sim Chung to have a conversation.

Joon Jae returns her money and phone. He tells her to be careful of mean people. He tempts her with delicious food at the house. He enjoys hearing her thoughts longing for the food. But her verbal response is that she won’t return home with him. He asks why. She THINKS because Joon Jae is a con artist who lies to people for money. She’s disappointed in herself for falling for a bad guy. Joon Jae tells her to stay the spa. He tells her he’s leaving. She says good bye. He can’t believe she doesn’t ask him to say. Cute moment when he mimics her voice asking him to stay as he hoped she would.

As he exits Chi Hyeon tells him that their father’s eyesight is declining. Joon Jae tells Chi Hyeon he must care for their father. Chi Hyeon is sincere when he expresses his love and concern about their father. But Joon Jae doesn’t feel the same. His relationship with father in the past. Chi Hyeon must care for their father. Joon Jae’s father is just another thing in his past he had and lost.

Detective Hong and his partner investigate the woman in Dae Young’s past. They learn that she was married twice with both her husband’s dying a mysterious death shortly into the marriage. After interviewing neighbors a disturbing pattern occurs. Her husbands developed an eye disease. Just like Joon Jae’s father!

Seo Hee tells Joon Jae’s father that she spoke to his doctor about his condition. That’s likely a lie. She says the doctor recommended that he continue on the medicine (which she swapped with placebos) and rest at home (this gives her complete control over her husband).

Ahn Jin Joo and her husband wonder why Kim Jae (Joon Jae operating as a rich financial broker) left dinner early and quickly. Joon Jae’s mother suggests that Ahn Jin Joo’s husband pushed too hard and that was the reason Kim Jae left. Ahn Jin Joo is not happy about this. Bummer for the husband, perception earned him a trip to the dog house.

Joon Jae returns home without Sim Chung. Jo Nam Doo wants to know why Sim Chung didn’t return home. Joon Jae can’t believe that Sim Chung ran away and doesn’t want to return home. He’s especially not happy that Chi Hyeon is with her. He has a flash of realization that the man Sim Chung said she cared for was him from their encounter in Spain. He can’t believe he was mystery man. There is an irony about that. The mystery man could be found by looking in the mirror, but Joon Jae never would have known until he suffered his present situation. Even more annoying are the string of disparaging things he said about mystery man. Joon Jae grabs his head knowing he insulted and warned Sim Chung to stay away from himself! Jo Nam Doo stares at him not understanding. But then Joon Jae realizes that there isn’t another man more important to Sim Chung. He’s it. He’s the man she loves. Suddenly he’s giddy. I love the joy that infuses him. His competition is a non-issue. He’s relieved to say the least. Jo Nam Doo leaves the smiling Joon Jae.

Joon Jae drives to the spa smiling to himself knowing he’s the one for Sim Chung. He switches into the spa outfit and finds Sim Chung asleep on a what. He watches another man move towards the sleeping Sim Chung. Joon Jae walks on the man (literally), then put his mat next to Sim Chung. He watches her sleep. I’m a sucker for that well used plot device. Something about the purity of sleep rendering someone to be endearing.

Joon Jae and the boys enjoy the food Cha Si A brought them (that Joon Jae’s mother cooked). That must have been the request Cha Si A made of Joon Jae’s mother. Things get a bit awkward between Cha Si A and Tae O. She draws him to another room. She chides him to be more subtle with his unrequited love. Tae O can’t believe it. He claims he’s over it. She doesn’t believe it. Ha! She even puts her phone number in his cell phone, so should he ever need to talk about it, Tae O can call her.

Back at the spa, Joon Jae stops Sim Chung from falling into water after hearing her thoughts that her tail will appear if she gets wet. I like that she doesn’t realize he can hear her thoughts. It allows him to be her protector, something he wishes he had done more frequently in the past. Joon Jae protects Sim Chung from all forms of water. The other ladies notice and ask Sim Chung to make up with her man.

Ahn Jin Joo picks up her daughter Elizabeth and spots the little girl, Yoo Na. She’s nice to her hoping to run into Sim Chung (Kim Jae’s finance). But Yoo Na doesn’t seem to know where Sim Chung is. LOL, when Yoo No comments that Ahn Jin Joo is being strangely nice to her! Later we see Yoo Na telling Sim Chung at the spa that Ahn Jin Joo was looking for her. They discuss Yoo Na’s sadness that no one watched her perform their last year at the Christmas pageant. When Santa arrives at the spa, Yoo Na isn’t excited but Sim Chung is wide eyed.

Yoo Na approaches Santa who tells her to write what she wants on the Christmas tree. When Sim Chung approaches Santa, he promises to help convey her wish to Santa. Of course, her phone number would help. He gets her phone number while she writes her wish. Yoo Na wishes her parents would attend the Christmas pageant.

At school, the Elizabeth is dressed in a Santa cape and hat and Ahn Jin Joo snaps photos on her phone. When Yoo Na arrives, Elizabeth says something snide about Yoo Na’s mother never attending, which Ahn Jin Joo chides her for. A big smile spreads across Yoo Na’s face when Sim Chung strides toward her. She offers to be her substitute mother for a day. Ahn Jin Joo is thrilled that the elusive Kim Jae’s finance is there. But wait, there’s more. Kim Jae and his entourage (Jo Nam Doo and Tae O) stride towards Sim Chung. He offers stand in as father for Yoo Na, which thrills the little girl. I’m quite pleased about it too. What woman doesn’t melt for a man that shows kindness to children they like? Ahn Jin Joo is pleased to see Jo Nam Doo too.

lbs_ep11_5155 lbs_ep11_5150
The Christmas pageant goes well. Joon Jae and Sim Chung enjoy watching the little ones sing their seasonal songs. Yoo Na has a happy moment having people in the audience for her. Recall her mother is constantly working to be able to afford to send her daughter to a school like that. Joon Jae takes pictures of Yoo Na. She takes the cell phone from Joon Jae and says she’ll take a picture of Joon Jae and Sim Chung. They stand next to each other. She chides them to look friendlier. Joon Jae puts his arms around Sim Chung and draw her to him. Sim Chung is affected by Joon Jae’s nearness. Joon Jae realizes this as he hears her thoughts. They smile at each other. Gosh this is an attractive couple! They enjoy just being together.

Well, you knew the bliss couldn’t last…Dae Young watches the happy group exit the school. He’s driving a taxi and follows them.

lbs_ep11_5330 lbs_ep11_5328lbs_ep11_5329 Jo Nam Doo, Tae O, Joon Jae and Sim Chung share a drink together. She comments their lies can hurt. Sim Chung asks Joon Jae to confirm he’ll only tell good lies. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O smile at each other. Joon Jae looks uncomfortable in front of his friends. But he’s learned that pretending when it matters isn’t worth it. He promises to tell only good lies. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O look on in surprise. Joon Jae spies the claw machine.

Joon Jae and Sim Chung enjoy the pretty Christmas lights together. He tells her he’s going to get something and to wait.

Detective Hong and his partner arrive. They’ve had a report that Dae Young is in the area.

lbs_ep11_5528lbs_ep11_5529 Sim Chung waits for Joon Jae. He watches her from a distance, the pink octopus from the claw machine in his hands. Sweet! Joon Jae listens to Sim Chung think. Traveling to be with him was hard, but the payoff is in her hands, can she trust this moment? Can she openly love Joon Jae?

lbs_ep11_5547 lbs_ep11_5546As Joon Jae picks up the pace to join Sim Chung, a man grabs his shoulder. It’s Detective Hong thrilled to have the elusive Joon Jae in his sights. He handcuffs Joon Jae who drops the pink octopus. Joon Jae stares at Sim Chung. He tells Detective Hong he’ll go quietly with him. The detective leads him away.

Sim Chung thinks “Joon Jae come quickly. ”

lbs_ep11_5715 lbs_ep11_5714
Joon Jae thinks “The boy loved the mermaid, so he heard her voice. Even if she erased and re-erased his memories, even if he was reborn in another time, it was fate that he’d love the mermaid again. And he’d hear the mermaid’s voice again. It was me.”

She can’t hear his thoughts (what a bummer that is in this moment). Joon Jae can’t go to the woman he loves. He can’t protect the woman he loves. He’s helpless.

Meanwhile a taxi pulls up. Inside the taxi, Dae Young observes Sim Chung standing alone. This isn’t good!

Present epilogue: As Sim Chung talks to Santa with Yoo Na, Santa convince Sim Chung to hand over her phone number so he can communicate her wish directly to Santa. Joon Jae observes this. As Santa leaves, Joon Jae is waiting. He tells Santa that was his girlfriend. Joon Jae has some words for the real Santa. Fake Santa is apologetic. Joon Jae snatches the phone number from his hands. He asks if Santa memorized the number. Ha! On the tree, we see Yoo Na’s Christmas wish for a her parents to attend the Christmas pageant. Sim Chung’s Christmas wish to have a date with Joon Jae this year, and next year, and the next.

My thoughts

Joon Jae secretly relished being able to hear Sim Chung’s thoughts. Sim Chung wanted more from Joon Jae than his con artist ways. Even though that is his profession, Sim Chung had to acknowledge that Joon Jae is a sweet and kind guy. The way he swept up Yoo Na and they enjoyed the Christmas play together, that was a “measure of the man” moment. Joon Jae has a bit of bluster, but underneath he is a sweetie. Sim Chung sees this, you see this, and I see it too.

My primary gripe the episode was Dae Young’s ability to dream the past and think nothing of it and focus his efforts for revenge against Joon Jae and Sim Chung. Dae Young has been laying low for several episodes as Seo Hee has done the heavy lifting as the evil one. I did like the reveal that she’s killed multiple husbands and drugging them so they lose their eyesight. But Dae Young’s past dreams allow him to work not only to please Seo Hee but also achieve his own revenge. Dae Young has been used more as muscle to hurt in the present, while the past incarnation used his brains for evil. He matched wits with Dam Ryung and they out dueled each other. Dae Young managed to still cause trouble for Dam Ryung  while in prison. Even though I don’t like this character, he had much more depth in the past, his present persona has been muscle and lackey. The dreams tip the balance. I wish the writer had come up with a better mechanism to have Dae Young seek revenge against Joon Jae and Sim Chung.

Dam Ryung / Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) were desperate to protect Sim Chung. When Joon Jae remembered he was the boy that loved Sim Chung in the past, the he fell for her in Spain, and both times his memory was erased, he vowed that this time he would get it right. This time he would protect her. But fate inserted Detective Hong into his path and left Sim Chung ripe for the picking with Dae Young watching and waiting. I enjoyed all the scenes when Joon Jae listened to Sim Chung’s thoughts. He relished hearing her thoughts, concerns, and declarations about him. It must be powerful to know the inner thought of the woman you love. We all wear masks and filter our words with each other. Joon Jae and Sim Chung do this. But Sim Chung’s private thoughts offered Joon Jae the real, raw, truth about her feelings. He didn’t use or abuse this, he soaked it up and wrapped it around himself like a warm cloak. Joon Jae’s desire to protect her, find her, and intercept evil was wonderful to watch. He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are fated to love. But will it last or end in tragedy once again?

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) wanted more for Joon Jae than a con artist life. She was firm stating that she needed more from him. Sim Chung is charming and Chi Hyeon couldn’t help but be drawn to her (though not in a romantic way thank goodness). Who among us isn’t charmed by Sim Chung? She had me from the get-go and hasn’t lessened her grip since. The chemistry between Gianna Jun and Shin Rin Ah (the little girl Yoo Na) is lovely to watch. The age gap between these two doesn’t matter. They offer advice and support to each other. When Sim Chung went to the school looking like a million bucks to watch Yoo Na at the Christmas pageant in lieu of her mother, you saw that Sim Chung is equally protective of those she loves. The chemistry between Gianna Jun and Lee Min Ho continues to be sweet, endearing, and full of charm. This is a solid couple that I thoroughly enjoy watching.

Check out the 7th song “Fool” by Ken.


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4 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 11 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    “The way he swept up Yoo Na and they enjoyed the Christmas play together, that was a “measure of the man” moment.”

    I’m sure that scene had ovaries exploding all over the place! (Even mine quivered for a brief second as old as they are…sorry, TMI 😀)

    Like you, kjtamuser, the crook having figured out so quickly that his dreams are more than just dreams (with no intervention from the past the way Jaejoon had) is a little bothersome. I’m also irked that the writer didn’t have Evil Whore switch up her black widow methods. I think any idiot would know the same method 3 times in a row would be hanging a red flag to the police.

    Joonjae’s mom – even when she’s completely in the right, I want to kick her in the shins.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Oh Beez, you do make me smile! I don’t know if my ovaries were exploding but it was a lovely moment that I responded to.

      Glad to know I’m not alone in being irked that Dae Young figured out the past with ease.

      You make an excellent point that going to the well three times with blindness for your husbands makes the black widow spider unimaginative. But often evil never believes they will be caught.

      I’m not fond of Joon Jae’s mother either. Joon Jae has got such a sweet gooey center, it would be nice if his mother was the basis for that, because his father isn’t.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I am also annoyed the murderer caught on to the dreams being a harbinger…so quickly—I did not want this bad guy to have these dreams, let alone grasp the meaning. JJ had to have it practically beat into him to comprehend. JJ had no choice but to abandon Chung at the end of the episode—it looks likely Dae Young will get her—most likely with her hailing a cab when she realizes JJ is not returning. We know Dae Young will patiently await our mermaid.

    I ❤ seeing JJ connect the dots to his forgotten past that gave context to all the odd things (mermaid voice & odd situations) and confirm Chung is a mermaid.

    I thought JJ was going to hypnotize the bad girls to straighten them out; I suppose a good talking to is better than nothing. I was glad to see Chi Hyeon is looking out for our Chung….me thinks he is crushing.

    I like the side story of Tae O telling Si A he liked her as deflection for their scam. I wonder how much she is starting to like Tae O on her own. Too bad Tae O doesn’t really like her; he could remove her from JJ’s sight while softening the blow.

    EW is an idiot for using the same MO to knock off her husbands. Why hasn’t Dae Young been helping her out with these to change up the MO?

    I concur JJ's mom is just not likable; I want her to be, but it just isn't happening.

  3. kjtamuser says:

    Good point that the writer practically beat the truth of the past life into present Joon Jae yet Dae Young comprehends and is unfazed in a single episode.

    Tae O is so quiet, his sidebar story is welcome. In many ways I like Tae O more than Nam Doo.

    JJ’s step mother can’t conceive that she will be caught. I hope she is caught.

    JJ’s mother has limited allure. Will she soften once JJ is back in her life?

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