7 First Kisses Episode 5 Recap

7 First Kisses Episode 5 Recap “I’m Your Teacher, You’re My Student” 

Suddenly Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) is fluent in Chinese and able to help the VIP customers. She’s pleased with herself as she walks home from work.

Who appears in her path? Why it’s EXO’s Kai rocking blond hair. He teases that dating her is hard because she’s the teacher and he’s the student.

7kiss_ep5_0250 7kiss_ep5_0254 7kiss_ep5_0338Without explanation of what that means, he pulls her into a fun afternoon of shopping. Kai offers his jacket to protect them from the rain and they run through the rain smiles across their face. I love his attitude of lets have fun and run through the rain. She’s on board with that! He does have a nice smile.

7kiss_ep5_0400 7kiss_ep5_0404
They eat. She watches him for a moment. That’s it? Where’s the stare and drool scene? Don’t deny me that!  Kai asks how to say hamburger in Chinese. She recalls she was his Chinese teacher. Soo Jin doesn’t think it would be appropriate for a teacher to kiss a student. Kai thanks her for teaching him Chinese so he could go on a Chinese concert tour. He suggests since there is only a scant 5 year age difference, they could be friends. Soo Jin doesn’t agree, it is a teacher/student relationship. She wishes it were otherwise.

7kiss_ep5_0612 7kiss_ep5_0651
As they walk home they run across couples dancing. Kai coaxes her to join in. They are awful (she’s awkward) but they have fun. Soo Jin wishes that it would never end. They stop dancing and smile. Kai bows.

Kai spins to her and says she’s no longer his teacher, she is Soo Jin. Wait, you are going to make your move here? In front of dancing strangers? Kai puts a ring on her hand that matches his. She’s surprised. Kai doesn’t want her to treat him as a student. Kai says she must have known that he liked her. Soo Jin admits it. He draws her closer. She gets nervous and says they need to take it slow. He asks if she’s rejecting him. Soo Jin assures him isn’t not a rejection, it is defer this for later. He claims he can’t wait, he’s waited too long.

Kai draws her close. Cue cheesy music that I want to download! They stare at each other. Soo Jin looks at his lips. Kai tilts his head and goes in for the kiss…and the fantasy ends. I must say that was a quick kiss scene, not much lingering or longing.

Soo Jin is back at work. She sees another card turn from silhouette to a picture of Kai. She frets that there are only 2 more men to go. Her slacker co workers return. They tell her to go hang out with her boyfriend. She stares at them in confusion. They push her away.

Out of her work attire, Soo Jin goes up the escalator to find her boyfriend. Who sweeps down on her saying he’s missed all day? It’s Ok Taecyeon! She’s thrilled.

My Thoughts

This episode didn’t do much for me. I’m not a Kai fan so that didn’t help. But there wasn’t much substance. You could argue that for each episode but this one had a scant story. Former teacher/student they meet again, they eat, they dance, they almost kiss. I didn’t feel much chemistry. Their run through the rain was the moment of chemistry that I saw. But Kai was kind, had a certain amount of charm, and a nice smile.

How did my list about Soo Jin fantasies hold up this episode?
* She likes to watch her men eat – She glanced at him eating but it wasn’t the full on “moon over the man” sequence I’ve come to enjoy
* She likes her men to secretly like her – Yes, Kai liked her since their teacher/student days and she knew this
* She likes her men to want to date her –  Yes, Kai wanted to date her. She hesitated.
* She likes her men to kiss her after confessing they like her – Yes, Kai bent in for kiss saying he couldn’t wait to date her

My ranking of the men so far:
1. Lee Joon Gi
2. Ji Chang Wook
3. Park Hae Jin
4. Kai

Episode 5 is below. If you want to see Ok Taecyeon head to the 09:50 mark.

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8 comments on “7 First Kisses Episode 5 Recap
  1. I love your comments for this ep and indeed they have good chemistry while they are dancing (the background music is soooooooo good and I want to dance wih someone as well ahihi).

    Gosh …it’s Taekcyeon next ?!!!!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I don’t know Kai much at all, but I thought he was adorable! While the lead up to the kiss may have been quick, he looked very kissable💋! Isn’t that what this is all about?


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    The main problem with this episode is that is was an obvious massive product placement for the sponsor, Lotte Duty-free. 🙅


  4. Jhing says:

    Whats the title of the song in the dance of kai and soo jin?


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