7 First Kisses Episode 4 Recap

7 First Kisses Episode 4 Recap “Till the End of the World” 

Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) looks at the sealed note her bald boss gave her. Inside it has a USB flashdrive and the note reads “keep this safe and I’ll be back for it”. She puts the flashdrive in her purse and heads to the underground parking garage.

Ji Chang Wook pulls her aside and asks where “it” is. She’s stunned and utters his name, Ji Chang Wook.  I love how she sees these men first as actors then the character they play. Isn’t that the way we are all watching these episodes? First for the actor, then to see the character they portray?

Soo Jin hands over the flashdrive. He thanks her and promises not to involve her again. As he walks away someone puts a gun to his head.  Soo Jin reveals herself with her hands up and hears the man with the gun call Ji Chang Wook a secret agent.  She widens her eyes in surprise. The man with the guns says Ji Chang Wook is meeting another secret agent. Realizing she’s the identified other secret agent, Soo Jin widens her eyes in surprise. Ji Chang Wook pushes her back and begins to fight. Because this is a fantasy, Soo Jin kicks a gun (and it was a solid high kick) out that ends up shooting the man. I’m actually digging this, Soo Jin does several solid kicks, spins to disable several of the bad guys. Ji Chang Wook watches impressed. After she’s disabled the other men, she strides over to Ji Chang Wook, looks at the big boss, who whines that he’s been shot, and kicks him where it hurts. LOL, go Soo Jin! She snaps out of it and stares stunned at the carnage. Ji Chang Wook smiles and says she’s got skills. He says they need to go to the safe house ASAP.

He brings her to the safe house. He apologizes for putting her in danger. He says he’ll go. He walks away but doubles over in pain. She runs to him, she sees he has a gun wound, and tends to it. He looks at the contents of the flashdrive. She stares at him. Ah, this is her standard moon over the man scene she usually does over food. Loving the cheesy music!

Ji Chang Wook apologizes for putting her in danger. She starts to leave but he pulls her to the couch. She asks why he’s doing a dangerous job. He reminds her he said the same words to her long ago. He remembers she said it was a sense of duty. Soo Jin asks if she was brave. Ji Chang Wook says she was reckless. Ji Chang Wook says if he hadn’t fallen in love with her, they might still be working together. She manages NOT to look stunned. He apologizes for firing her from the agency. But today he was in a tight spot and needed someone he could trust.

7kiss_ep4_0826 7kiss_ep4_0817
He gets up from the couch and leaves. She takes off after him. She asks him not to go. He turns and stares. She says he needs to rest until the wound heals. He steps towards her. He says he was stupid to leave her before but now he’s going to stay and protect her. She stares at him thinking “he’ll love me and protect me.” He pledges to do what ever it takes to be with her.

He comes close. He stares in her eyes. He tilts his head for the kiss….and the fantasy ends.

When her fantasy ends and she’s back at the work counter. She sees another card turn from silhouette to a picture of Ji Chang Wook. Irked, she internally frets that she can’t seem to get a kiss or a boyfriend. Girlfriend, your prospects have improved since I’ve known you!

The bald boss asks her ask to help some VIP clients.

Her phone rings, she doesn’t answer, and EXO’s Kai wonders why she doesn’t pick up.

My Thoughts

Lee Cho Hee only had a couple of stunned looks! I loved that in her fantasy she was a capable secret agent. In fact, she did more fighting than Ji Chang Wook did. That endeared me to the writer. Apparently Ji Chang Wook fell in love with her back when they were both secret agents. That’s a good fantasy. He regretted letting her go and pledge to love and protect going forward. That’s a good fantasy. Then he almost kissed but as before the fantasy ended just before the actual kiss. That’s a bad fantasy. Soo Jin, honey, this is your fantasy, seal the deal, get the kiss!

Why I liked this episode was that Ji Chang Wook, looking mysterious and hot, graced this episode. Ji Chang Wook has a twinkle in his eye and subtle darling smile that gets me every time.

I’m loving the cheesy music, it reminds me of Boys Over Flowers cheesy music. And yes, there are several songs from the BOF soundtrack I love but there was cheesy music in that series.

How did my list about Soo Jin fantasies hold up this episode?
* She likes to watch her men eat – She watched  Ji Chang Wook work instead
* She likes her men to secretly like her – Yes,  Ji Chang Wook loved her
* She likes her men to want to date her –  Yes, Ji Chang Wook promised to protect her
* She likes her men to kiss her after confessing they like her – Yes, Ji Chang Wook bent in for kiss after confessing

My ranking of the men so far:
1. Lee Joon Gi
2. Ji Chang Wook
3. Park Hae Jin

Episode 4 is below. If you want to see EXO’s Ka head to the 10:38 mark.


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12 comments on “7 First Kisses Episode 4 Recap
  1. Thank you for this and I just loved how you recapped the episode with JiChangWook in it! Yeah I agree with you JCW is some kind of hot and mysterious here and yes the stare before the kiss is sooooo mind blowing to me! But sad again, it was a fantasy for the girl!
    Looking forward again to your next writing for the next actor.

  2. Kay says:

    I completely agree with your rankings thus far. Although Lee Joon Gi will stay number one all the way through, hehe. But Ji Chang Wook is seriously great. Lots of fun 🙂

    • kjtamuser says:

      Now Kay, I can’t guarantee that Lee Joon Gi will be number one until I see all the men. I’m keeping an open mind. Do you believe me?

      • Kay says:

        Yeah, yeah, I believe you. I’m keeping an open mind too, really…(goes off to rewatch Lee Joon Gi’s episode 10 more times) 🙂 🙂

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    It was fun to see Soon Jin show some skills! 😎

    I concur JCW’s stare increased my anticipation of the kiss. 💋 I am wishing I was Soo Jin, except I want follow through on those kisses – who cares if it is a first kiss?

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Did you know Ji Chang Wook sings the theme song?

  5. Gift says:

    Ya I knew he sang the theme song

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