Goblin Episode 6 Recap

The moment of truth finally comes. 

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 6 Recap

I really love the opening theme music in this series, it sets the mood perfectly.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) and Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) return to their restaurant in Quebec. Kim Shin has a flash forward of Eun Tak at 28. She’s happy. Kim Shin takes that to mean he decided to end his immortal life. Kim Shin also takes that to mean that Eun Tak will forget about him and have a terrific life without him by her side. That’s a bit of a leap. Kim Shin is insecure in her feelings for him at this point.

goblin_ep5_0518 goblin_ep5_0517
The Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook), and Duk Hwa (thank goodness, he recommends driving versus walking to a clueless Wang Yeo) drive to meet Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) and her friend. Sunny spies them getting out of the car, and is pleased know these two good looking men are there for her.

goblin_ep5_1044 goblin_ep5_1043
Back home, Kim Shin grapples with his decision. He finds Eun Tak and tells her that he wants her to pull the sword out. Eun Tak declines saying she’s not done researching him yet. She hasn’t found what he did that he claimed will make him hate her. In fact, most of the records about him seem to have been wiped from the internet. She knows he said the person he least suspected put the sword in him. He said the sword was a punishment. What was his crime? Did he try and kill the King? Kim Shin flashes back and says that he tried to live an honorable life but did not have an honorable death. He selfishly chooses to approach the King even though innocent people died. The sword is his punishment but 900 years is enough. Eun Tak doesn’t believe he’s that bad. Why was a Goblin Bride option provided if not to save him? A tear rolls down his check (and hers too). She wipes his tear. She tells him that if he’s been missing love, he’s got it now, because she loves him. He stares at her relishing the gift of love. She apologizes for thinking that he conspired against the King. She had been thinking that maybe he loved the Queen and conspired against the King to end up with her. But the tables turn on Kim Shin when Eun Tak announces he needs to buck up and reach for something positive in his life instead of wallowing in self-pity. She says he can think about this, she’s got to get to work. Kim Shin sputters what is that she needs? Why has she switched topics? She scoffs that in some ways he’s more pitiful than she is. He should know what she wants, is his memory that bad?

Kim Shun can’t believe that Eun Tak won’t pull the sword out. Kim Shun is jealous of the man future Eun Tak was meeting in their restaurant in Quebec. Ah, jealously, it is ageless!

goblin_ep5_1549 goblin_ep5_1548
Duk Hwa offers his card with a flourish informing the ladies that he’s a 3rd generation heir. Sunny asks Wang Yeo his name. He proudly declares himself to be Kim Woo Bin. Ha! Sunny asks what he does for a living. Wang Yeo hedges and says he’s in the service industry. Sunny asks for his business card. Wang Yeo says he’ll have some made and provided. Then Sunny gushes over Duk Hwa. Wang Yeo gets irked. Ah, jealously, it is ageless! He sends Duk Hwa and Sunny’s friend away. He also wipes Sunny’s memory that he sent them away. He gives Sunny the jade ring saying it suits her better. Sunny wants Duk Hwa’s contact information. He owns the building her eatery is in and she’s got plenty to say to him. Wang Yeo looks up the contact information on his phone in an unsure manner. Sunny offers to help reaching out for his phone. Wang Yeo drops the phone like a hot potato. Is he afraid of her touch? Sunny is charmed by his contact name for her. She wonders what the person named Goblin in his contact list does. She jokes that Wang Yeo is an interesting man. Not exactly the praise Wang Yeo wanted.

Wang Yeo finds Kim Shin treating his melancholy with medicine. Wang Yeo counters his medicine is alcohol. He bemoans that Sunny found him strange. Kim Shin praises Wang Yeo for fooling Sunny that he’s a human. Kim Shin says that living among humans is taxing. He admits the sword is hurting now. He admits he shared tears with Eun Tak but she refuses to pull the sword out. Wang Yeo offers to “hug it out”. Kim Shin instead draws a sword on Wang Yeo. Their bantering is superb. You have to experience the scene to appreciate the dialogue and the superb execution of these two actors.

Sunny is admiring her ring when Eun Tak comes into the eatery. She’s excited that Sunny met the “strange man” for drinks. The ghost posse shows pleading with Eun Tak to get the Goblin to help them, suggesting the winning lottery numbers would be great. That gives Eun Tak an idea.

Eun Tak dashes home and suggests knowing the winning lottery number would help her feel better about pulling out the sword. He provides the numbers.

Eun Tak gives the winning lottery number to the ghost. As she turns to leave she’s surprised that Kim Shin is there. He asks why a ghost would need the winning lottery numbers. Eun Tak says the ghost will whisper them to her children while they sleep. She claims she must study at the library and dashes off. I think this may be my favorite coat. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t he handsome?

Eun Tak tries to buy the lottery tickets but she’s underage. She pleads with the convenience store manager but to no available. She offers the winning numbers asking him to buy the ticket for her. He shoes her away. Kim Shin notes that she’s not at the library as she said. Eun
Tak claims to be buying mild before the library. He doesn’t believe her. She caves and says that the ghost’s son couldn’t’ hear the lottery number before the drawing so she was trying to buy him the winning ticket. Kim Shun agrees to extend the offer 1 week. Eun Tak is thrilled and declares him the coolest!

Eun Tak later tells the ghost that the she’s got another week to help her son. The ghost is grateful. Eun Tak asks about the other ghost. The woman says that Eun Tak’s help (cleaning her dorm room and stocking the fridge) allowed the ghost to transfer to heaven. The woman tells Eun Tak to live a happy life with the Goblin.

goblin_ep5_3051 goblin_ep5_3050
Eun Tak tells Wang Yeo that she’s decided to pull out the sword for Kim Shin. She loves the idea that after the sword is gone, he’ll be released from the chains that bind him. She’s happy that Wang Yeo is their friend. Wang Yeo doesn’t correct her misconceptions and he looks uncomfortable doing so.

Wang Yeo watching a blind man cross the street. He must be there for his death. The granny / lady in red walks by. She visits a sick boy in the hospital and tells him it’s time to stop suffering. What is her deal? Wang Yeo gives the blind man the tea. When the blind man leave for the afterlife he’s thrilled that his seeing eye dog is there waiting for him. Wang Yeo tells the man the dog will guide his way. Sweet action, sweet moment!

On the bridge, Wang Yeo is unnerved to see Sunny striding his way. We get a mini hair flip! As the Grim Reaper, he is invisible to her. He hears her grouse about him not calling her. She can’t believe she can’t get him out of her mind. When she slips, he makes sure she doesn’t fall. Unnerved, she dashes away.

Sunny bursts into the eatery shaken by the incident on the bridge. She asks if Eun Tak believes in ghosts. Eun Tak claim ghosts aren’t real, as she stares at 2 ghosts in the room. Sunny orders Eun Tak to concentrate on her upcoming exams.

Kim Shin tries to discern what Eun Tak wants. He watches her walk towards him and thinks “Life is walking towards me. Death is walking towards me. You are both life and death and walk towards me unconcerned. I have to say, I’m not sad”. Eun Tak sees him. They talk about how Kim Shin cannot see her fortune, though he typically can see other’s fortunes. She jokes that she’s accepted her fate to be the bride of an unreasonable Goblin. She asks how he chooses those he helps. Kim Shin says it’s all by what he’s feeling in the moment. He helps more children than adults. Eun Tak asks why he saved her mother. Kim Shin says the request was not to save her mother, but to save her unborn child, Eun Tak. Who couldn’t be touched by that? Grateful, Eun Tak gently touches his head like he touches hers. She cries as she tells him stroking gently is the way to do it. He’s mesmerized by her gently ways, the love shining in her eyes. It’s too much and he pulls away and leaves.

At home, Eun Tak tells Kim Shin that she’s decided to remove the sword. She asks if he wants it removed in front of the Christmas tree. Taken aback, and not ready for an immediate removal, he pretends to get a phone call and dashes out.

Kim Shin goes to the only person he can, Wang Yeo. Kim Shin states Eun Tak is ready to remove the sword. Wang Yeo asks if Eun Tak is unaware of the ramifications of removing the sword. Kim Shin worries about Eun Tak’s life after he leaves this world. Wang Yeo assures him that Eun Tak will have a good life after he’s gone. LOL, when he told Kim Shin that he shouldn’t round his age down to 900 as he was 939 years old. Kim Shin counters that he was born early so his age can be decremented by one. Kim Shin wonders if he should pull away from Eun Tak again. Wang Yeo tells him he was fine before Eun Tak came into his life. Kim Shin says he can’t remember his life before Eun Tak.

Kim Shin thinks about Eun Tak. He wishes she’d stop calling to him, intruding in his life, worming her way into his heart.

Eun Tak stands outside Kim Shin’s door. He stands against the door inside. The longing is palatable. The camera loves Gong Yoo. Could he look more handsome?

The loan sharks approach Eun Tak but seem to forget her as they argue with one another. Grandfather’s assistant approaches Eun Tak. He admits he was once a loan shark. He offers his car so she can drive home. She’s impressed.

The police officer doesn’t understand why the loan sharks keep fighting with each other. Ha, it is just like Kim Shin told them it would be.

Eun Tak tries to come up with nice things Duk Hwa has done for her but she can’t. Grandfather’s assistant has to smile at her effort.

When she gets home, Kim Shin is back to ignoring her. At dinner, it’s more of the same. LOL when Wang Yeo proudly tells Eun Tak that he taught Kim Shin to ignore women. Not surprisingly Eun Tak isn’t pleased. Eun Tak asks Wang Yeo what’s troubling Kim Shin. Wang Yeo says that Kim Shin is remembers the past. He tells Eun Tak that Kim Shin was born early. He says that’s all he will say. He looks at her. So, this is an important tidbit, but what does it mean? Eun Tak notes they meet when she was 9 and 19. She wonders if at 9 her intended to take her as a bonus when he took her mother. Wang Yeo notes that the thing below perfection is the most dangerous. I don’t understand that, at all. She wants to know too. He offers to tell her a secret. He THINKS “you’ll meet a Grim Reaper at 29. It may not be me. You are a special case as you know. Nine is the closest incomplete number to the perfect number of ten. Try your best.” Eun Tak asks when he’s going to share the secret.

Eun Tak asks Kim Shin why he’s treating her this way. He feigns ignorance. He asks why she won’t pull the sword out, that’s all she’s good for. Hurt, Eun Tak says she’ll pull the sword out but thought he was waiting for the first snowfall (he was) just like they promised each other. He says tomorrow, pull the sword out.

We see multiple times of Kim Shin telling Eun Tak to pull the sword out tomorrow. He asks for just one more day.

goblin_ep6_10000 goblin_ep6_10001
Preparing to die, Kim Shin gives Grandfather the painting to burn. He asks him to take care of his bride. He says this is his final command. Grandfather agrees to comply. He cries.

Kim Shin gives Duk Hwa a credit card. That makes Duk Hwa’s day. Kim Shin tells him not to be shackled to a card and to live freely.

Kim Shin leaves the house to Wang Yeo. He asks him to remove Eun Tak’s birthmark. The solemnity of the moment is dispelled when we see the bromance boys are having the conversation via video chat. That’s a bold accented coat Wang Yeo is sporting!

goblin_ep6_10005 goblin_ep6_10006
Eun Tak recalls the moments that Kim Shin has noted being with her is nice. He appears and she asks for his hand. She reads his hand. She asks about the character she sees. He says it is Chong which means to listen to. She smiles and wishes him good night.

In her room, she looks at her notebook. She needs to figure out what all this means. But she can’t. Kim Shin brings her the $5M and some gifts. She asks for her to remove that sword right now. She tells him in 5 minutes she will. She asks if there’s love in the gifts he gave her. He denies this.

He takes her through a time portal to the place he died. She’s excited. She realizes that this is where he got her flowers. He tells her this place is the beginning of the end for him. She shows him the contract she drafted between them. There is an ending clause stating that he’ll have to grant her one wish on the first snowfall of each year for the remainder of their days. Kim Shin remembers telling Wang Yeo that he wanted to die before the first snowfall, so that wouldn’t be ruined for her. He signs the contract. It SNOWS! Lovely touch from our romantic Goblin. She’s thrilled. He smiles. He says he wanted to create a memory for her.

She says it’s time to remove the sword. She asks if he has any last words. “All the time I spent with you was blindingly bright. Because the weather was and wasn’t nice. I enjoyed every day. No matter what happens, it isn’t your fault”. She asks if he’ll turn into a broomstick. He smiles and says he won’t. She states she’ll pull out the sword. When she goes to grab it, she can’t touch it, she can’t pull it out. She tries again. He tells her to try again. She does but she can’t pull the sword. He can’t believe it. He demands the contract back.

She declares this must be like the fairy tales. She need to do something. She kisses him.

My thoughts

Finally, we stopped dancing around pulling out the sword. While I know it was a big decision for Kim Shin to make, I was getting tired of the flip flop on pulling the sword or not. How perfect that when Eun Tak went to pull the sword she could not. It appeared that she saw the sword but could not grasp it. I’m taking that to mean she could see the sword which previously I had doubted. Kim Shin’s stunned face when she wasn’t able to pull the sword out was perfect. All that agonized decision making and preparations to die went up in a puff of smoke.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) was ready to die. He got his affairs in order, said his goodbyes, and took Eun Tak to where it all begin for him, the spot where he died. But the surprise was his when Eun Tak couldn’t pull the sword from his chest. He felt cheated and upset. Is Kim Shin now wondering if she was able to see the sword? Is he wondering whether she scammed him? Let me just fangirl for a moment. Gong Yoo is a beautiful man, not a boy, but a man. So many kdramas are filled with boys masquerading as men, but Gong Yoo is the real deal. The camera loves him, the clothes the costume designer outfits him in stylish clothes that fit like a glove, but it’s the inner light, the sadness, the hope, the desire for love that Gong Yoo brings to life in Kim Shin that makes this character compelling, watchable, and someone I’m rooting for. I don’t know if a happy ending is possible, but I’d love to see one.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) agreed to remove the sword. She was ready to remove it but had to wait as Kim Shin delayed the inevitable moment again and again. You can’t blame him, deciding to die isn’t a casual choice. But Eun Tak couldn’t grasp the sword. She didn’t look overly surprised or upset. I love her growing relationship with Wang Yeo.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) allowed Kim Shin to vent his concerns about dying. He’s a good friend and delivers the perfectly written one-liner zingers with perfect aplomb. Wang Yeo sparkles more each episode. Our lead couple has been in a limbo of sorts. Wang Yeo has been the character that has grown before our eyes. This writer did the same slow start with the secondary characters in DOTS as the lead couple established their relationship. She appears to have taken a similar path her too. I loved it when he banished the double dates to get one on one time with Sunny.

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) can’t get Wang Yeo out of her mind. I enjoyed their flirting at the double date. I need more information about Sunny.

Here’s a short video showing the first script reading.



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32 comments on “Goblin Episode 6 Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    Let me join you as another fan girl. Something that is new for me. Gong Yoo’s character is a sexy man. I am sucker for a man that quotes poetry. What I really like is that I can feel from his acting all the fears, doubts and anxiety that one would expect from someone who has outlived love ones. I loved when he said isn’t 900 years long enough. Then he says something so human like she has forgotten me. This show has me bouncing between laughing aloud and weeping. I love it. M

    • kjtamuser says:

      If you aren’t normally a fangirl and you begin with Gong Yoo, you are off to a strong start! You are right – he quotes poetry, he’s vulnerable, and he’s appealing. Plus he rocks his wardrobe.

  2. Beez says:

    Another great recap, kjtamuser.

    “he said the person he least suspected put the sword in him”.

    I don’t understand because Gen. Kim Shin asked his loyal subordinate fellow soldier to run him through (unless he means figuratively, as in – he never suspected the king would cause his death?). But that’s the second thing I think the show is failing at – in order for me to really feel Goblin’s betrayal at the hands of someone he trusted, I need a backflash (or at least a narrative) telling me what the heck was going on back in ye olde Goreyo. (The first fail is too little Sunny.) Don’t get me wrong…loving this show.

    “Wang Yeo drops the phone like a hot potato. Is he afraid of her touch? ”

    While the show hasn’t outright said so, I think if someone touches him, they have to go with him…if ya get my drift… lol (This is the first time I’m loving Lee Dong Wook in anything. The video chat…killin’ me. lol)

    “Wang Yeo offers to ‘hug it out’.”

    Hilarious scene. lol. But it makes me wonder…when I first began with Kdramas, I thought a lot of the male characters “acted gay” with their body language toward each other. Then, after watching discussions on talk shows, I became a tad less ignorant and decided “if that’s their culture, I should stop adding my own cultural judgments to it.” But I notice that I NEVER see that type of behavior with the older male stars, neither in roles or in their real life friendships when shown on talk shows or real-life clips. Stars like So Ji sub, Song Seung heon, Joo Jin mo, Jang Hyuk, Ji Sung, Kwon sang woo – the guys born in the late 1970’s. Also, I can’t imagine some of the really older Ahjusshis that portray fathers and grandfather’s walking holding hands or arm in arm or giggle-wrestling (just thinking about it causes me to *😆*).

    While they don’t seem as homophobic as western culture can be about physically embracing their male friends, they don’t cuddle-wrassel like I see the younger actor’s and kpop stars doing either.

    I’m just commenting on what I’ve observed. If anybody has any real experience or knowledge about the culture, please inform me more. I’m curious about it all because it influences how I perceive what’s going on in my dramas. 🙂

    “I think this may be my favorite coat. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t he handsome?
    Yes. And yes. Never thought I could get so excited about men’s overcoats before. BTW, for Eun tak to be as poor as a church mouse, I’ve counted three beautiful overcoats on her as well. There may have been more but I’ve only just started noticing hers. I won’t even harp on “who pays her cell phone bill?” Just observing \_(ツ)_/¯ 

    LOL – as Eun tak calls out to the convenience store ahjusshi if he’s okay upon finding out those were the winning numbers and he could’ve been rich had he taken her up on her offer…I can just imagine him pounding his head against the counter. lol

    There are a lot of questions we need answered, but my burning question is – just how does Sunny sustain a chicken restaurant and pay an employee when we’ve yet to see a single customer?

    “The camera loves Gong Yoo. Could he look more handsome?”
    Nope. Uh-un. Unless we get an obligatory shower/shirtless scene. Hey! Just thinking about it…where’s our shower/shirtless scene?! (We’re past episode 2 so I doubt we’ll get one if my theory on that Kdrama Alottment of Kiss & Abs manual is correct). 😦

    “I’m taking that to mean she could see the sword which previously I had doubted.”
    I was dubious, too.

    kjtamuser, you sum up exactly how I feel about Gong Yoo!

    I was also a little dubious about Eun Tak being 19, but the fact that the show has shined a light on their age gap (including Reaper’s protective objection to Goblin’s “intentions”), it’s working for me. Maybe there will be a time jump and it’s just not time for Eun tak to pull the sword yet. I hope “President” in the future turns out to be Goblin or maybe she’s greeting the Duk hwa who’s taken over the family business.

    As I was reading the recap, it hit me – can Euntak go through portals without Goblin? If not, she’d have been stuck wherever that field is in Korea. And it might be North Korea now! Thank goodness he didn’t die in Canada or somewhere.

    • kjtamuser says:

      “the person he least suspected put the sword in him”…I don’t understand because Gen. Kim Shin asked his loyal subordinate fellow soldier to run him through
      I had a similar reaction because the flashback shows him approving his subordinate could kill him. I’m wondering if something happened in the field, when they left him to die. Otherwise I don’t understand his statement.

      “Wang Yeo drops the phone like a hot potato. Is he afraid of her touch? ”…While the show hasn’t outright said so, I think if someone touches him, they have to go with him
      That makes sense.

      Never thought I could get so excited about men’s overcoats before. BTW, for Eun tak ….I’ve counted three beautiful overcoats on her as well.
      I don’t know what the costume designer would have done if this show weren’t shot in fall. The overcoats and sweaters rule this series.

      I hope “President” in the future turns out to be Goblin or maybe she’s greeting the Duk hwa who’s taken over the family business.
      Yes, the Goblin immediately assumed she was meeting someone other than him, but that could be the wrong conclusion.

      an Euntak go through portals without Goblin?
      I don’t think so. If someone has an example that she’s traveled without the Goblin, please comment.

  3. Holly Moon says:

    I decided I am not picking this drama to pieces. I want it to just flow over me. And it is. Delightfully so.
    I will do my picking when I watch a second time, as I am sure I will.
    I love the couples. Both kinds. The banter. The clothes. The faces emoting. And I am so glad the reaper has a fun side, because I do like watching Lee Dong Wook. I think Gong Yoo has the perfect face for tragedy, as it seems to be an inner part of this character. And it shows even when the scene is not tragic. I think both female leads are delightful to watch.
    And I can’t think of a better drama to watch while I am waiting for Jang Hyuk’s next one.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I decided I am not picking this drama to pieces. I want it to just flow over me. And it is. Delightfully so.
      Perfectly stated. I’m going with the feeling of this series. I am willing to gloss over any issues. Why? Because it’s fantasy and that requires latitude. What’s clear to the writer but not clear to me now, will be revealed as the series progresses. So I’m willing to wait, and drink from the cup of Gong Yoo’s yumminess!

      Gong Yoo has the perfect face for tragedy, as it seems to be an inner part of this character. And it shows even when the scene is not tragic
      Well said!

      And I can’t think of a better drama to watch while I am waiting for Jang Hyuk’s next one.
      Do you know when Jang Hyuk will grace a drama again?

      • Beez says:

        Jan 17 The Voice!

      • Holly Moon says:

        Yep, VOICE is a OCN (cable TV) production. and it looks really good. But we will have to wait and see. Just recently, OCN changed directors for the production, saying that the first director had other commitments, and would not be able to stay on. However, they said he laid the ground work.
        Since then, after a few weeks of not shooting while they worked this out, shooting started again this week. And they are reshooting Episode 1. So we will have to wait and see.
        I must say though, that OCN has given us some great tidbits to chew on while we wait. Jang Hyuk plays a very successful big city detective, who loses his wife to a serial killer. After some time, he ends up in a smaller town where he is assigned to work under the very one who caused the man accused to get off. At first, he refuses, but then sees the need and so they begin to work together.

        Also, I have heard that TVN (a sister station through ownership) will be showing at least the first few episodes at same time as OCN, with the thought that if ratings are good, they might continue to show them.

        And I heard that Netflix supposedly bought the rights to show Voice in US. Which means awful subtitle placement in my opinion, as sometimes they move subs to the top, even if it means over faces.
        I am banking on my favorite place to view this series, which I believe is located off shore, and so immune to this.
        And oh yeah, Voice is set to begin January 14th in Korea. So for those of us here in the US and Canada, I think we will get the usual delay.

        • kjtamuser says:

          Wow, I appreciate all the details Holly! So the bottom line is that the show is in production and will air on both TVN and OCN. Netflix is the distributor in the US. I don’t have a subscription so I’ll look for an alternative.

        • Beez says:

          @HollyMoon “I must say though, that OCN has given us some great tidbits to chew on while we wait…”

          Where did you get all these details? I’ve only seen a few unsubbed previews. Oh. Maybe that’s why I don’t know…duh. Nevermind. 😳

    • Beez says:

      And I hope kjtamuser plans to recap The Voice! I’m so excited waiting for it and I know she’s a Hyuckabuck girl so she probably will. *hint hint, winkity wink*

      • studiomarie says:

        I agree. Please recap the voice. I discovered you on a Beautiful Mind and I like love your insights and the people who follow you. I feel like we are a community. I am almost as excited to read what everyone one has to contribute as I am to watch the shows.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I am on board recapping The Voice. You made my day saying community. That has developed in 2016 thanks to everyone that has added their thoughts to this blog. It has totally enriched my blogging experience.

      • kjtamuser says:

        I just read about The Voice. I do plan to recap this. As you stated I must recap Jang Hyuk dramas. I am powerless to resist.

  4. kwak eun seol says:

    I’m fangirling over Gong Yoo in every single scene of his!! ^___^

  5. Holly Moon says:

    I’ve been reading your reviews for sometime now, and enjoyed them. I first discovered you via StuckonHyuk’s blog, where she reposted your recaps. Needless to say, I then started to add your blog as a regular of mine.
    And you are right about the richness of the experience, with the increase in comments. I love it.

    • Holly Moon says:

      Oh BTW– I have given you the info about Netfex, and I will add that not everything I heard regarding what they bought and how it will be has been entirely truthful. So it remains to be seen how it will play out. I am sincerely hoping it will be available to us thru the usual different sources.
      However, my opinion about the terrible placement of subs, is a fact, as I have seen for myself. Very annoying.

      • kjtamuser says:

        Yes, I used to have a Netflix subscription but gave that up for DramaFever and Viki whose licensing tug of war generally covers what I want to watch.

        • Beez says:

          I have Netflix but I DON’T want them to start having Kdramas as they air. The reason I feel that way is, it’s my understanding Netflix will have the drama “NightLight” but won’t air it for a while. Meanwhile, people with access are actually watching, blogging and discussing the drama so by the time we [I] see it, there’s no community to share it with. It’s yesterday’s news, so to speak.

    • kjtamuser says:

      The community and comments have made 2016 blogging heaven for me!

      • Holly Moon says:

        @Beez You can see Night Light where I am watching it. They are somewhat behind on subs, but have currently subbed thru episode 6. I watch it at http://www1.dramanice.to
        They seem to get most everything rather quickly. And I much prefer this site over viki. I also watch dramafever. And I like Netflex for movies that don’t need subbing. But like I said earlier, to me watching a drama there with subs bouncing from bottom to top and back again, disturbs the rhythm of the action on screen.

        • Beez says:

          Thanks so much, Holly Moon!

          And I agree about the subtitles. Although sometimes when they sub the lyrics to the background music, I wish all sites would put that at the very top. On a verbose drama where it’s hard to keep up with the subs, and then they throw the song lyrics right there with the dialogue, it can be frustrating. If it were a consistent thing that all song lyrics are acrosss the very top (not over faces), then I could choose to ignore lyrics if I wish. I love Viki but I do hate that they feel the need to tell me the name of the subbing group-team during every brief lull in conversation. I need that brief moment as an eye break from reading and to just enjoy looking at the actors or scenery for a second.

        • Beez says:


          You mentioned watching http://www1.dramanice.to

          Everytime I go to certain streaming sites (and this is one of them), I get bizarre buzzing pop ups that claim I’ve won a prize. I immediately leave the site for fear of viruses. Have you experienced this?

  6. Holly Moon says:

    @kjamuser @beez I am sorry I didn’t catch your first replies to my earlier post, just realized that you were looking for an alternative to view Voice —-And even though I didn’t say it directly, but dramanice is my go to for almost everything. They showed Task Squad 38 from OCN as it was being shown in Korea, whereas dramafever didn’t show it till it was complete and well over, as you Beez mentioned about Night Light. I am not sure where you are located, but I even gave dramanice link to a fan in Thailand, and she was able to get it.

    Interesting thing is, Thailand will not show with subs on the dramas. They dub everything. Which means you are not getting to hear Jang Hyuk’s voice. I WOULD DIE if I had to listen to someone else speak his lines on every single film or drama. Anchor Beauty and InsideOutside were bad enough. And in case you didn’t see InsideOutside it is on dramanice.

    Anyway she is much happier with link.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Thanks for the tip Holly! That’s an alternative site I utilize too when DramaFever and Viki don’t have what I’m watching.

      Ditto about listening to a dubbed Jang Hyuk…no thank you!

  7. raistlin0903 says:

    I really like reading these posts after finishing the episodes. As I said before it just let’s me relive the episode again which is great. I am really wondering where the series is going to take us next. I knew there had to come a twist with her pulling out the Sword (to have him die with many episodes to come would make no sense), but now that makes you wonder: what’s next? Whatever it is, I can’t wait. As for the Voice, I totally agree with the above comments. I am currently in the middle of writing a post about 5 tv series (in general) that I am most excited about for next year, and that one is definitely there 😀 Next year will have a lot of new and great dramas heading our way!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Before I blogged I’d read recaps after I watched an episode too. There are excellent bloggers out there. I agree the recaps enhance the viewing experience, especially if the writer is like minded. It’s the interaction with others after the episode that extends the enjoyment.

      I’m looking forward to 2017 too. I can’t imagine NOT recapping a Jang Hyuk series. I must say 2016 was a superior year in dramas!

  8. Holly Moon says:

    @Beez I used to have a bit of trouble like that there, but it has been a long while without that trouble. My son told me to keep my mouse off of the ads. The worst offender is the ad directly under the circles. I had forgotten about that problem simply because I had learned to steer around any ads and when I put screen in full , I park my mouse in what I know to be white screen behind it. I have done this for so long, it is automatic and I haven’t thought about it in months.
    My son said most well known business sites screen their ads to prevent this from happening, but this site just concerns itself with keeping ads off the videos while playing. I sorry for not mentioning this earlier. I simply didn’t think of it.

    • Beez says:

      Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to see if I can keep my cursor off the ads (I never even paid any attention to that as I’m usually on my smartphone when this happens and boy dies it freak me out that I’m getting a virus).

    • Beez says:

      @HollyMoon – I can’t remember if I replied to you or not to say thanks (about the buzzing virus and ads). I figured I would try it first and then respond, but I’ve been watching mostly DF & Viki right now. But I’ll keep your advice in mind next time I want to watch something the Big2 don’t have.

      Thanks. 🙂

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