7 First Kisses Episode 2 Recap

7 First Kisses Episode 2 Recap

Oh good we get a replay of Lee Joon Gi’s yummy entrance and invitation to a stunned Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee)  to talk after work. Bonus, we get to watch him walk away.

Soo Jin believes she just spoke with Lee Joon Gi. Her slacker coworkers tell her that wasn’t Lee Joon Gi, but a tech billionaire. Hmm, either option works.

Soo Jin walks along the road after work. Lee Joon Gi emerges from a stunning red car that screams I’m hot and confident and calls to her. He takes her hand and leads her to the car. Oh yeah, this is pure fantasy! He says “have dinner with me and I won’t bother you any more”. No bother, honey, no bother at all. Soo Jin has a slightly different take. She can’t understand why he wants to go on a date with her. She tries to pull away from his hand. Silly girl! Lee Joon Gi promises to explain everything if she’ll only have dinner with him. He guides the uncertain Soo Jin into the car.

7kiss_ep2_512 7kiss_ep2_513
Obligatory drive over the bridge at sunset scene. They drive to his home. He invites her inside. The framed covers on the wall make it look like he’s a tech billionaire. He slips into something more comfortable and beckons her to a candlelit dinner. She’s nervous as a cat. He even eats sexy and she’s memorized. They walk beside his outdoor pool (pretty reflection from the water). He takes her hand to led her to the outdoor couch.

He admits he’s nervous being alone with her. She thinks that he can’t be as nervous as she is. That I believe! He begins a slide show of pictures of her as a kid then as a teenager. He mentions they went on a church trip together. She’s surprised and a bit taken aback. He apologizes for taking the photos without her permission. She doesn’t remember him. He says he’s just a guy from her hometown who hasn’t changed. I beg to differ. The slide show ends wishing her a Happy 25th Birthday. He brings a bouquet of red roses. He kneels, offers the flowers, and wishes her Happy Birthday. She accepts the flowers. He admits he’s wanted to take her out on her birthday for some time. He wants to confess his feelings for her. She’s reeling at this point. He sits next to her with his arm around her. He admits that he’s always loved her. Holy Smokes! Cut to the chase! He makes his move to kiss her. She watches, purses her lips and thinks she’s going to have her first kiss!

But back to reality we go…Soo Jin wakes from her fantasy. She’s at work. Soo Jin looks at the 6 cards and the first black silhouette is revealed to be Lee Joon Gi. She’s stunned.

Her slacker co-workers give her a phone so she can vote on the most popular guy at work. They titter they voted for the boss. Guess who walks up? The boss, Park Hae Jin, looking classically handsome in a dark suit. He snatches the phone from her hand, sees the survey and asks what she’s doing. Soo Jin looks stunned. He stares at her in irritation.

My Thoughts

Lee Joon Gi was a tech billionaire that had loved Soo Jin since childhood. Yep, that is a total fantasy, but it is Soo Jin’s fantasy so I have to give her full latitude. What’s wrong with a birthday fantasy starring Lee Joon Gi as a man that has loved her since childhood and wants to kiss her? Nothing at all. Because the writer made this her fantasy, it eases up on the silly factor of this series. She can fantasize whatever she wants.

Lee Cho Hee continues to deliver the stunned look consistently. Soo Jin’s fantasy ALMOST got her the first kiss, but she ended her fantasy just before the actual kiss.

The music, the reactions from Soo Jin, the dinner, everything about this is cliched fluff.

Yet it showcased Lee Joon Gi, so I was okay with it. Lee Joon Gi’s particular charm shined through. He’s cute, he’s got an intensity that is palpable, even in show like this. He even rocked the scarf inside the jacket with a turtleneck.

It’s simple for me. I’m watching for the men. The rest of the series is basic but it’s the vehicle to watch the men in. I’m there.

Episode 2 is below. If you want to see Park Hae Jin head to the 11:05 mark.


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8 comments on “7 First Kisses Episode 2 Recap
  1. Kay says:

    Lee Joon Gi goes all in know matter what he does, lol. It’s something I appreciate even in a fluff piece like this 🙂

  2. swati says:

    Lee Joon Gi… I am become obsessed with him since Moon Lovers. He draws out the feels. I can totally relate to the reaction of the Female lead. If he had dinner with me then i think i will be bundle of nerves too…

    Boy can he act. Wang So ya… U rock sweetheart. 🙂

  3. Beez says:

    “…that wasn’t Lee Joon Gi, but a tech billionaire. Hmm, either option works”

    I like the way you think, kjtamuser.

    “It’s simple for me. I’m watching for the men. The rest of the series is basic but it’s the vehicle to watch the men in. I’m there.”

    And, again…It’s simple for me, too. 😆

    • kjtamuser says:

      The fact that these are all fantasies of hers makes this series more reasonable that I imagined it would be.

      Ji Chang Wook is up next! How does he manage to rock a baseball hat that well?

    • Jane Tilly says:

      This episode was delightful…Who would not like to spend their birthday 🎂 with a handsome and considerate man. It doesn’t hurt that he is wealthy.

      Her lovely bubble was burst when she realized it was only a fantasy. 🍃

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